Friday, June 10, 2011

What Isn't Happening in Aberdeen

Workshop Meeting, May 17, 2011

Holly Reycraft stated she spoke to Dan McCarthy regarding projects, Anchor Glass is a standstill; New Jersey Transit is holding up Transit Village; an agreement is being worked on with the Senior Center; Seawall – garbage pails are ordered with Clean Community Grant money, we are restricting 100 feet for the fishermen to fish – 50 feet one end and 50 feet the other end.
Bless her soul. It’s a wonderful thing to have a competent town manager with no personal or political agenda.

Council Meeting, May 17, 2011
Mr. Weinstein asked what is going on with the old pool club.

Ms. Reycraft stated they took buildings down and is starting to get work done.

Mayor Tagliarini stated he is looking to move quickly, they are waiting for zoning board approvals, the plans are beautiful.
Did the Mayor say “waiting”? That seems like a fair use of the word. After all, those beautiful plans were drawn about three years ago.

As for the hundred acres at Aberdeen Forge in Freneau, why ask?

But there is good news. Cifelli appears well on his way towards building more unwanted housing and CME Associates is about to be awarded another $372,500. Come November, the Democrats’ war chest will be overflowing.

Yup, looks like the next decade will look a lot like the last decade.
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