Sunday, May 4, 2014

Living in Neverland

On March 4th, the residents of Freneau submitted a petition to the Aberdeen Town Council requesting sewers. Both Deputy Mayor Montone and Councilman Cannon assured the residents the town was working “very hard”. Councilman Cannon added, “We realize it is not fair that you are paying taxes and everyone gets their streets and sidewalks done and you get nothing.”

Deputy Montone twice assured the residents the council was making “progress”. How did she define “progress”? The council has made lots of plans.

Welcome to Neverland where the future is always bright and there’s a plan to solve every problem. Taxes too high? There’s a plan for a transit village and another plan for the redevelopment of Anchor Glass. Cost of housing too high? There’s a plan for a senior residence and low-income housing. Concerned about pay-to-play? The town council has a plan for that as well. Whatever problem you may have, rest assured the town council has a plan. Lots of plans. Wonderful plans. And if those plans don’t work, the town council will make new plans. Better plans. Plans that will amaze and astound.

Such is the beauty of living in Neverland where a majority of voters never grows up. >>> Read more!