Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Committed to Providing a Safe and Supportive Environment

Recent news reports of violence among the high school students are extremely troubling. Multiple arrests for aggravated assault against police officers. Two fifteen-year-olds brawled on school grounds resulting in a broken jaw as their schoolmates watched. One student was caught with a knife.

This was on the tail of a separate incident involving school athletes that’s gone unreported but resulted in the suspension of five high school football players. And these follow other reports of an uptick in school violence and bullying.

The school’s mission statement declares “We are committed to . . . providing a safe and supportive environment where educators inspire, empower, and encourage students to excel.”
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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Getting the Representation You Deserve

By all accounts, the Aberdeen Democrats are expected to retain monolithic control of the town council following this Tuesday’s election. And, since this is a democracy and the Democrats have an extensive public record, it can only be assumed the township enjoys the following:

Pay-to-Play – The township engineer gets over a million dollars a year after contributing tens of thousands of dollars to the Democrats’ election efforts. A convicted felon was appointed lead developer for the transit developer after depositing $100,000 in a township slush fund. The town’s attorneys, planners, accountants, and many of the developers are regular contributors to the Democrats’ coffers.

Full Non-Disclosure – After the Democrats’ election filings were prominently posted on this blog, including the “consulting fees” to Councilman Vinci, the Democrats engineered the campaigns and fundraising so that not a single contributor would be revealed. This year, alone, the democrats have already declared $35,000 in contributions but not a single donor who gave more than $300.
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