Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog Like an Aberdeener

I’m opening my blog to anyone in the community who wishes to write an article. Any local elected official can submit an article and it will be published as is. For everybody else, I prefer opinion pieces that are substantiated with sources and are written coherently. Special preference will always be given to opposing viewpoints. If I believe edits are warranted, the author will be able to review those edits prior to posting.

In all instances, I will require some form of contact information so that I can confirm the author’s identity. All articles can be emailed to Aberdeener@gmail.com.

There’s no secret where I get my information. Although it’s fashionable to think I have a “source” at the township, the reality is far more mundane. Sometimes I hear stories from old timers, often I read the comments on my blog for ideas, but, most of all, I read old news stories and then check if there’s a story behind the story.

Below are the request forms and sites I use the most for my research. If anyone wishes to suggest additional resources, I welcome the input.

OPRA Requests –
Township Versionsubmit to Karen Ventura
School District Versionsubmit to Sue Irons
County Version – follow county instructions
(Please note my version of the township OPRA form is slightly different from the version on the township website. My version is less confusing.)

State / County Records -
State Property Tax
County Property Tax
County Tax History
County Property Records
County Municipal Overview

Meeting Minutes –
Aberdeen Township
Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District

Google -
Scholarly Articles
Google Advanced Search

New Jersey State –
Department of Education
Election Law Enforcement Commission
Business Gateway Service (lists businesses and their officers)

Local News -
Asbury Park Press
The Courier

National News (editorial) -
Wall Street Journal
NY Sun
Washington Post
Washington Times

Local Blogs -
Matawan Advocate
Matawan Aberdeen Observer
Read All About It
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Anonymous said...

Great idea! Question I have is why elected officials do not have to substantiate statements with evidence? We know that Sobel, Drapkin, and the rest don't know the truth when they see it. There statements need fact-checking more than anyone else. Otherwise we'll just get ghost-written statements from Kauff's neighbor who is paid by the town to write press releases.

Aberdeener said...

Elected officials are free to say what they want because we'll be scrutinizing their every word and holding them accountable.

I'm more concerned that they'll be sending flunkies to speak in their place and then disown the remarks if they're challenged.

Anonymous said...

ACCOUNTABILITY is a word we question when it comes to any elected official. We put forth the following for scrutiny and discussion:

1. The sign on the old factory property on Church street has no start date or opening date for such a project.

2. Why is the sign there? Is there an agreement that the sign represents a developer who has a signed agreement with Aberdeen and has received all the necessary approvals for that site?

3. Have they taken care of the contamination that was reported to exist on that site when the republicans spent hundreds of thousands on a study?

4. Will or has CME been paid or will they be paid, just prior to Kauff needing more campaign funding, to do another study for hundreds of thousands of dollars of our money on that same site?

Now do not get us wrong the Aberdeener has the right to run his site the way he wants and we applaud his freedoms to do so. But we would ask that when a Vinci or a Sobel post something on the site, which we doubt will ever happen or even be close to informative or substantive. Who will be the lie detector?

My wife and I are not holding our breath waiting for any of them to put finger to keyboard.

We would like to see something from Councilman Perry though. Perhaps he could start with ethics training and who needs that the most. Unfortunately as a party leader our Norman Kauff does not qualify. Like McGreevey Kauff needs it the most.

Mr. and Mrs. Middlesex Jim

matawan advocate said...

Love the idea Aberdeener. It will be interesting to read if politicians write in.

Regarding the property Middlesex Jim referred to if recollection serves correctly the DEP, EPA were contacted to check the property for contamination, i.e. lead, oil, etc. Due to the closeness of the Pre-School and the Matawan Borough Offices there was concern expressed for the children and adults in the nearby location.

Anonymous said...

The news article last year indicated that the Church St. site is in the middle of a remediation plan that is approved by the DEP. There never was contamination involved with the preschool site - unfortunately that rumor was passed around by some politicians in Matawan to score some points before the election a couple of years ago.

As for the site being developed - that will never happen until Kauff and CME milk some money out of that (cash) cow some more.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Middlesex Jim has brought up a topic that the Aberdeener and Matawan Advocate should sink their teeth into.

The points brought up with the sign, prior analysis by the Republican gougers T an M, and with C.M.E. in the wings should make anyone nervous. Much less that old man Kauff ready to shake down developers, contractors and more, is very unsettling.

Let us know what you find out.

Good luck.

Anonymous said...

I agree whole heartedly with Kenny CB. On the day that Shape James gets 27 months, which in my opinion is far short of the sentence he should have received citing his over twenty years of crime. I know from personal experience he had men who were called bag men who acted on James's behalf and whom collected monies from every enterprise and endeavour possible.
One example is when they were building the NJPAC a James bag man was at the ehtrance gate and collected $50.00 from every truck entering the site. Do you have any idea how many trucks went into that site over the four years it took to build it. How about the birthday party that James through himself every year with tickets going out to anyone and everyone at $500.00 a ticket. If you could not attend it was all right. Just make sure you send the money. The average party invitation list was 1,000 annually.

Our Norman Kauff is no different than Sharp James. He takes and takes and takes from those who can least afford it. As of late that is every one of us.

Norman the writing is on the wall.

Your day is coming.

I know you read this or at least will have someone report it to you.

Try this one Norman. How many people know your secrets and will keep them. When the knock comes your secrets will be very public.

Norman turn yourself in. Do the right thing. Save yourself and your family the embarrassment. Take the deal Norman. Take the deal.

It is all about divide and conquer.

Anonymous said...

As all of us wait....... I think we should all take the advice of the Aberdeener and a poster who gave the names, addresses, and phone numbers of the Mon. Cty. Prosecutor office an article or two ago.

I hope all of you who write this stuff about NK and his counterparts are contacting this office daily and make them hear our cries !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not know enough about the topic or I would do it to.... Good Luck

Anonymous said...

mat ave blake. If you choose to sit on the sidelines and do nothing because you do not think you know enough abut the subject I have a suggestion for you. Go into your filing cabinet, strong box or ...wand get out your tax bill. Then go over and look at Vinci's intersection. Then go over and look at our beachfront. Then go over and look at the pile of rubble on Church Street. Then go over to town hall and fill out an OPRA request and ask how much money CME has been paid by the town since 2005.

Get informed. Get involved.

Anonymous said...

CME is a huge problem in this town!They are the perfect example of "pay to play".

Brian in Aberdeen

Anonymous said...


You are right- I should do something and we all should. I don't CHOOSE to do nothing - I am just not going to throw names around and make comments on things that I cannot speak of responsibly. But I will call the Mon. Cty. Prosecutor like one of the previous posters said and tell them to look into NK, Vinci, and CME.

Anonymous said...

C.M.E. is the poster company for greed, corruption, pay to play, favoritism, no bid contracts, payoffs, improper billing, redundant work processes performed and then simply changed to each town they work for, work billed and never performed, political corruption, illegal campaign contributions, illegal "Sunshine Law violating meetings, mistakes C.M.E. makes and then get paid to correct the same mistakes they made (example Gerard Ave.), and the list goes on and on.


Scudeiri must wield some payoff list in the county as well as in local politics in numerous local towns. He needs to go too.

A friend of my husband built a house in Aberdeen and had to pay C.M.E. over $12,000.00. For what?
Now we know how Norman paid C.M.E. $3,500,000.00 of our hard earned dollars in less that 3 years. That is a crime.

Away for the weekend see ya on Monday. LBI here we come.

Anonymous said...

omitting the new york times from your list of national news sources is a bit stupid, no? especially when you have the moonie paper in your list.

Anonymous said...

===CME Associates, Township Engineer – As previously detailed, CME Associates is the single largest contributor to the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee, a local political organization controlled by Norman Kauff through his wife, Judith.==

This was from a blog 2 months back. This fact alone should be investigated.

And the New York Times, for the one who questioned, has turned into one of the biggest RAGS in our country. I did not know they were now choosing sides in EVERY issue that favors Democrats. Fair and balanced does not fit here.

Anonymous said...

When one looks at the entire leadership structure all you have to do is look at the level of dorman and abusive behavior. If we know that why does not the authorities earn their pay and start checking.

If they need a hint as the old saying goes just follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Football Program

Just saw that Charlie Rogers was approved as a football coach at the High School. LAst year at a varsity football game he punched an assistant coach in the face after the game as he walked off the field. AND NOW HE IS COACHING? I DON'T CARE IF HE PLAYED INTHE NFL OR NOT, HE SHOULD NOT BE ASSOCIATED WITH THE SCHOOL.

Anonymous said...

Where is the aberdeener on this issue. If this is true, all of our children, coaches, and parents are at risk. I hope this is not the same guy who was arrested for fighting with the police a few years back. I would hope the administration would not allow this, football or not.

Anonymous said...

he is at sushi night. I give up.

Aberdeener said...

I have asked one of the school board members to look into the Charlie Rogers situation and I'll post a comment when I get a response.

Anonymous said...

Martucci will never ever learn! I wonder if he realizes what type of legacy he will leave behind? This latest move will backfire on him! Watch and see! Aberdeener, im sure that the board members were snow balled by Martucci on this one! That blog about Rogers assaulting an assistant coach is a fact! And thats just one incident of many with him!! Unbelievable!

Aberdeener said...

I saw Martucci at the last board meeting. He reminds me of the coach from "Revenge of the Nerds". Very impressive, does whatever's "best for the team", and acts with virtually zero oversight.

He's awarded assistant football coaches with multiple coaching positions, allowed them to begin working on the field before receiving authorization from the board, and then created his own "official" stationery to solicit local businesses to support the football camp.

Meanwhile, the Maroon and Steel concession stand is a black hole. No one has ever seen their books.

Don't know why the athletics program is granted such extraordinary deference.

Anonymous said...



The walking human known as Martucci gets what he wants and somehow FOOTBALL IS EVERYTHING. I still do not get it but I do understand that BIG CHANGES are happening and maybe, just maybe MARTUCCI will get the boot. FINALLY.

Rumors are rampant that some changes and an improved Pop Warner football program will be the true cause for this years improved football program.

Martucci's plan has not worked for years. But he is protected by Barbato and the rest of his idiots.


Anonymous said...

RIZZO was a true coach.

The pretender that is a Board of ed. hack has ruined this program and has cost the taxpayers an incredible amount of money. The school budget and the dlooars that go to football is broken up into many areas and hidden in every nook and cranny they can think of. the total numbers far surpasses any educational monies needed to improve our children's educational needs and abilities. but do not forget we do have a synthetic football field at $1.4 million dollars, a $500,000.00 snack bar and test scores in the basement again.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, you just hit on the tip of the iceberg with the great and powerful oz. I would hope that you could do a little research in such an important area and be able to answer your own question on why such extaordinary deference applies here. It has been that way for years and the Charlie Rogers incident is just one more example. By the way I don't know why a board member has to get back to you about that, they all know the whole story as well as the super, teachers, coaches, and some of the public. Yet they still let it happen. Good luck when you poke in this area, the holy grail.

Aberdeener said...

If anybody knows somebody who witnessed the altercation involving Charlie Rogers, I urge them to have the eyewitness contact me. I've received assurances that an eyewitness would likely be sufficient grounds to launch an investigation. However, absent an eyewitness account and any police report, the rumors and second-hand reports are insufficient grounds.

Anonymous said...

My kids went to the HS. I have heard some rumblings about that situation. This thing reaks of politics.

But let us not go into a whole anit-athletic diatribe. I know many of the coaches as the HS and MS. They are good people who put in alot of time with our kids.

=They are paid you will say.= Well divide the hours those men and women put in by the average 4000 or less dollars they are paid after taxes, and it may be minimum wage or less- for those of you with future negative comments. Do not let a negative attitude about one coach brush off on the others.

Athletics at our high school are just as important as they are AT ANY OTHER HS accross this area. Monies directed toward this budget are used by over half of the HS and MS population, maybe more.

The field, though expensive, saves money in the long run in maitenance, replacement sod, lines, man power and man hours. It is enjoyed by hundreds of our youth besides the HS football team. Soccer, field hockey, track, the HS band, and recreation programs benefit. The public fills that track on a nightly basis. Raritan, SJV, and Holmdel have a new field as well. So be careful how we word things or pool negative comments because we may sway the less informed.

Anonymous said...

The rumors, first and second hand reports are sufficient grounds to not have this person around kids. This is a (volunteer) position
and no risk should be taken. Everyone knows it happened and now all who can attest to it will bury their heads in the sand. Shame on all involved. What was his relationship with pop warner? What about the incident with police. All can be gotten with a simple google search.

Aberdeener said...

I didn't find the incident you refer to but here's another one. I wonder if he has a history.

Here's the news article.

"A second incident in the nightclub’s parking lot on Saturday morning resulted in the arrest of Buffalo Bills wide receiver Charlie Rogers, 26, of Aberdeen, and his female companion, Tayeshia Guarriello, 31, of Edgewater, Bergen County. That incident, in which at least five police officers reported being physically threatened by Rogers and one officer was injured, remains under investigation."

Anonymous said...

The sad part is he has a lot of good to say. I have heard him tell kids about the importance of not getting trouble and the importance of school, beleiving in yourself, and using himself as an example: kid from a small town, tough family life, who worked his butt off to become a success in college and some NFL success.

He talks about a no excuses approach and works his teams like no other. He is not a bad guy, just does strange things. People in town seem to like him even though they see him act in bad disposition from time to time. No criminal record.

My kid's friends liked him and respected his stories and hard work with the Pop Warner even though he had no kid of his own playing. Maybe if this is his last shot or last chance, he can tow the line. I actually hope so........

Anonymous said...

Rogers is now banned from Pop Warner after threatening a referee. I think the suspension is for a year.

Anonymous said...

The incident happened in Cranford and a police report was filed.

Anonymous said...

If that is true about someone in the youth leagues and no one from that organization steps up, let your children beware. Maybe the school district already knows it yet chooses to ignore it. It sure seems like a background check is in order, yet no one asks questions. HMM. This is not sufficient grounds to launch an investigation?

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh people! get a frickin' grip. I get it, if you are white and you have a comment you are a racist, BUT, if you are black and you have a comment you are simply stating your opinion and sticking up for your people??? you people who constantly throw around the race card whenever someone disagrees with you really need to stop. you all give aberdeen a bad reputation. take some responsability, and if you don't agree with someone, or like what the have to say then DON'T LISTEN. You do have a choice, but for god's sake stop throwing around the race card. EVERYONE IS SICK OF IT. I am an educated black woman who lives in the area and I am tired of all of this garbage. facts are facts, lies are lies and the truth will always come out in the end. This is America and everyone is aloud to have an opinion.

Anonymous said...

Dr.O'Malley's been on the job for almost 2 years.The board can approve a payraise for him,but what about the unaccounted millions of dollars? Where's the financial accountability? I believe in quality education for our youth,but it shouldn't cost a King's ransom to get it.

Anonymous said...

This has got to be the most corrupt school system in the country !!.. why would they fire teachers , aids , custodians ect. and take notice all the one's who are NOT BEING TOUCHED Are all useless administraters .. god forbid any one of them would take a small decrese in pay .. Like Mr O'mally also the vice principals that do nothing but sit around all day reading the newspaper .. and Mr David Galvao who is supposed to be the facility director over custodians .. his pay is 97000 a year and he was not laid off .. how can that be? the custodial staff was all laid off due to budget cuts .. so what will his job title be now once june 30th 2010 comes all custoidians will be gone and Mr David Galvao's Job was to be their supervisor .. now once june 30th 2010 comes he has nobody to supervise because they hired a private company .. so another words they kept him for 97,000 a year to do NOTHING Once June30th2010 is here there will be nobody for him to supervise .. and you're telling me his job at 97,000 a year to sit and do nothing what so ever is more important then keeping a teacher .. a teacher works hard to teach children and Mr. David Galvao does NOT ONE THING .. Now tell me is this system all tied up and corrupt or what ? why would they fire teachers and keep this Galvao man for 97,000 a year what happened to the budget cuts here now ?.. oh right he's Mr. O'mally's friend so they protect their friends and fire the teachers go figure .. I hope they realize what the word Karma means .. what comes around goes around .. what goes up must come down .. and then also i forgot to add they are handing out lay off letters to all employee's and the nerve on them as they hand the letter to the person they say remember vote for the budget .. yeah ok are you people on drugs ?? vote for the budget as you hand out all these lay off's letters so you can keep your own jobs ? dont count on me voting for no budget for all you corrupt sneaky people .. got forbid any of you took pay cuts let alone were being laid off .. AGAIN MOST CORRUPTED SCHOOL SYSTEM IN THE STATE OF NEW JERSEY ..MR O'MALLY HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NITE ? DAVID GALVAO HOW DO YOU SLEEP AT NITE ? WELL ALWAYS KEEP IN YOUR MINDS THE WORD KARMA .. YOU MAY BE IN THIS SITUATION SOME DAY YOURSELF FOR BEING SO GREEDY AND SELFISH .. HOW DARE YOU FIRE A TEACHER MR. OMALLY OVER YOUR FRIEND DAVID GALVAO WHO IS A FACILITY MANAGER IN CHARGE OF WHAT? THERE ARE NO CUSTODIAL STAFF LEFT AFTER JUNE 30TH 2010 SO WHO EXACTLY WILL YOU BE IN CHARGE OF MR GALVAO WHEN ALL YOUR WORKERS WILL BE GONE ? SITTING ON YOUR A$$ ALL DAY AS ALWAYS DOING NOTHING WHAT SO EVER? SHAME ON YOU MATAWN ABERDEEN SCHOOL DISTRICT SHAME ON ALL OF YOU AND STOP TRYING TO SWAY PEOPLES VOTES AS YOU HAND OUT LAY OFF NOTICES TO SAVE YOUR OWN DAMN JOBS .. I HOPE YOU ALL GET FIRED AND THERES ALWAYS SOMEONE THERE TO TAKE ANOTHER PERSONS PLACE WHO WILL BE WILLING TO BE HIRED AT A LOWER RATE .WOW I NEVER IN MY LIFE SAW SUCH A DECIETFUL CORRUPTED SCHOOL SYSTEM SUCH AS MATAWAN ABERDEEN ..FIRE SOME OF THE TOP PAID ADMINITRATORS AND THE VICE PRINCIPALS WHO READ NEWSPAPERS ALL DAY LONG AND FACILITY MANAGERS WHO DO SQUAT .. PROTECT THE TEACHERS WHO DO WORK THEY WELL DESERVE TO BE PROTECTED AND THE CORRUPTION NEEDS TO BE STOPPED AT ONCE ..OH AND BTW MR DAVID GALVEO WAS TOLD TO LAY LOW SINCE THEY HANDED OUT THE LAY OFF NOTICES AND HAS BEEN ABSENT SINCE .. HIS TRACK RECORD IS ALSO VERY BAD HE IS ABSENT MORE THEN HE IS PRESENT..HAHA WHAT A JOKE .. HE MUST BE PAYING MR. O'MALLY OFF .. TEACHERS FIGHT FOR YOUR RIGHTS !! I WISH ALL THE TEACHERS THE BEST

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Galvao is a crook, he finally got axed for doing nothing for 97,000 a year. However he pulled a few strings and set up shop in Manchester Schools. He is currently robbing them blind. I guess after $$$favors$$$ were "cashed" in to get him a job so he could finish out his time and get his huge pension, he's just sitting back, extorting his kickbacks and stealing anything that isn't nailed down until he either retires or goes to jail.

Anonymous said...

The former poster is right, Galvao is a criminal. It's a disgrace what's going on in the Manchester school district. It's just a matter of time until they arrest him and his kickback crew. They are truly ruining what was a really great school district and robbing the public blind in the process. I can only hope They all go to jail and justice gets served.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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