Monday, August 3, 2015

Guilty by Association

“I didn’t leave the Democratic Party, the Democratic Party left me.” – Ronald Reagan

I remember when Fred Tagliarini left the Republican Party to run for Mayor of Aberdeen. At the time, he explained party affiliation at the local level was irrelevant; I presume Mayor Tagliarini still tilts right at the state and national level.

If party affiliation was ever irrelevant at the local level, that is no longer true. The Democratic Party has become hell bent on transforming America at any cost. Any person running on the Democratic ticket is promoting a party that believes:

1)      A democratic Israel is more dangerous to world peace than a nuclear and terror-sponsoring Iran
2)      Illegal aliens are more law abiding than the average American AND are less likely to report crime
3)      Hillary Clinton did not violate any laws or policies when storing and then destroying confidential government email on a private server, did not user her office for personal gain, and does not user her “charity” as a tax-free slush fund
4)       “Progressive” policies trump religious liberty
5)       “Progressive” policies trump constitutional safeguards
6)      Al Sharpton is a statesman, having been invited to the White House dozens of times and given a talk show on MSNBC (whose parent company booted Donald Trump)
7)      Teacher union interests take precedence over children’s interests
8)      Checking criminal histories of job applicants is racist and illegal but Asian quotas at top universities are appropriate to promote diversity
9)      Man-made global warming is beyond scientific debate despite rampant manipulation of data and the failure of every climate model predicting future warming
10)   More government, more regulations, and more taxes are more often the answer than not
11)   The government will never go bankrupt because we can always print more money

I am confident Mayor Tagliarini does not believe in any of the above. Sadly, I can’t say the same of his colleagues running for town council. This is the political party they’ve chosen and support. Will Aberdeen do the same?
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