Friday, August 21, 2009

A School District in Transition

Large transitions, by their nature, are bumpy and unpredictable. Ideas, visions, and even personalities, must compete, negotiate, and adapt until a consensus is reached among a majority of decision makers. The Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District is going through such a transition. Whereas the prior focus was a “nourishing environment”, i.e. building a place where both students and faculty could grow according to their needs and desires, the new focus is cost effective academic achievement. Following are some of the issues we’ll be confronting in the near future.

School Psychologists
As discussed previously, Dr. O’Malley created the new position, School Psychologist II, to fill a vacancy following Ms. Rappaport’s resignation. According to the board agenda (page 15), at $65,920, the new appointment will be the only staff psychologist earning under $100,000 annually. At some point, the administration will need to justify the discrepancy in salary between two positions that, in practice, perform nearly identical functions.

Outsourcing Substitute Teachers
At the last school board meeting, Dr. O’Malley invited Source 4 Teachers to present a plan whereby the district could outsource its entire substitute staffing needs. According to the company, the district would save over $150,000, reduce its administrative burden, reduce its liability, and increase accountability. All current substitute teachers would have the opportunity to interview at Source 4 Teachers and maintain employment in a process similar to the transition when the cafeteria workers were outsourced.

Unless someone can present a convincing argument that academics will be adversely affected, I believe the board will support the change.

Data Mining
Last year, the board approved implementing Realtime, a web-based system that allows the school district to build substantial online profiles of students and faculty. Performance Matters is a company that provides web-based analytical tools for Realtime data. Over time, using the two systems, the district will be able to identify the impact of specific programs, teacher effectiveness, the benefits of masters degrees (as a whole and by institution), etc. The district will even be able to share data with neighboring districts to do more thorough analyses.

For the first time, we’d be able to see what works, what doesn’t, how much it costs, and whether it’s worth the effort and expense. Performance Matters has my strong support.

Nepotism Policy
Nepotism deals purely with the issue of governance. Due to recent events, the board will need to confront two distinct issues – appointments and work-study positions for the immediate family of sitting board members.

The first scenario involves a board member whose immediate family member is a district employee. Should that employee be barred from any expansion of responsibilities that would include a substantial rise in salary and/or benefits? In this instance we have a conflict of interests. On the one hand, opportunity for advancement is an incentive for greater performance (just as a lack of opportunity is a disincentive) and the district naturally wants to appoint the best person available. On the other hand, such an appointment creates the appearance (or worse) of an administration currying favors with a board member.

The second scenario involves a board member’s child seeking a work-study position. Should that child be barred from competing for the position? The argument here appears to be one of fairness. Is it fair to bar a child from competing for a part-time job to avoid a possible appearance of impropriety?

The two issues are plainly distinct from each other. In the first, the district has a clear interest in expanding a valued employee’s responsibilities. In the second, the district has no or little interest in filling a non-critical work-study position; the sole issue is fairness to the child.

Last year, Dr. O’Malley introduced the NWEA exams and EdSol consulting to improve test scores on the state exams. Preliminary results at most grade levels appear impressive. However, we don’t know how much of the gains are due to improved academics and how much to improved test-taking skills.

So long as we hold students and teachers accountable for test results, we need to develop exams that adequately test the skills and knowledge we wish our children to have.

What should be our self-imposed cap on tax increases, beyond which requires a second question on the ballot? Personally, I believe the cap should be set at wage growth. As a community, we need to decide what percentage of household income we’re willing to spend on our children’s education. Since we can’t calculate annual household income growth for our small community, we can rely upon state wage growth as a close approximate.

For certain, we cannot allow taxes to take an ever increasing share of household income.

As Shakespeare’s Macbeth said, a school board member is often “a poor player that struts and frets his hour upon the stage and then is heard no more. It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

Board members need to hold themselves and the administration accountable. That can only be done by establishing measurable and public goals.
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Anonymous said...

This was a very thoughtful post. It's quite sad that you get meager comments on meaningful posts about ideas that impact the future of our children.

I agree with the substance of most of what you say in this one. I do, however, have a subtle but important disagreement with your transition from education and ethics reform to discussion of a mandate to limit tax increases to wage growth.

As a whole, the property tax system to fund public education is broken -- we know that. It is broken for many reasons, such as ineffective spending, public corruption, inefficiency, parochialism in support of multiple local governing units, state income tax policies and state decisions that push the cost of "public goods" down to the property owner, etc. etc.

But arbitrary limits on local tax rates have been proven to have a disasterous effect on local services, including education. We should concentrate on fixing what is broken, as Dr. O'Malley has done and seems to be pressing forward on; however, it is likely that an arbitrary limit on a levy increase could have the result of stopping construction before the bridge is built.

Dr. O'Malley pulled a rabbit out of the hat this year because he was able to identify purposeful waste in the budget and had the temerity to present an "honest" budget. The district was rewarded with its first successful tax levy in so many years. Given the multiple losses of Quinn's dishonest budgets, it seems that we can trust residents to vote on the budget that is presented.

Some people will always vote NO. Some will always vote YES. It is obvious, however, that there is a large group of residents that make an intelligent decision when it is presented to them.

If your goal is simply to cut taxes, just say so. I really thought that your goal as a board member was to present the best education possible for our children.

Aberdeener said...


Thanks for your comments.

My obligation as a board member is to represent the interests of my constituents. That includes reducing the tax burden.

In addition to the cost savings mentioned in the above post, there's also been a small reduction in out-of-district placements for special needs students.

There's also been a virtual halt to lawsuits against the district.

So, there are more cost savings in store.

But, ultimately, you're correct. As long as we negotiate salary increases that outpace average wage growth, we'll be paying an ever larger share of household income to the schools unless we cut programs or reduce staff.

I'm advocating that all budget requests beyond wage growth be submitted to the voters on a second ballot so that we can choose whether to cut or pay.

concerned marsd parent said...

Here we go again.

Aberdeener has a purposeful post and then takes another swipe at the teachers again. I have seen it here several times on this blog.

The anon poster said nothing of salaries - you did. As far as I can see when I do the research the past few contracts have not been above and beyond the "going rate" and comparable to other districts - and if I am not mistaken, isnt that what we gave the 3 raises in July - Dr.O, JG, and the BA- comparable to their peer group?

YOU HAVE AN AGENDA SIR and it is blatantly obvious. You dont care about the teachers of this district because you dont and wont send your kids here. Teachers of MARSD : LOOK OUT. There is an agenda here and you are on the wrong side of it!!!

Anonymous said...

I was just alerted to this post by a fellow tax payer and mother of a student at Lloyd Rd.

"As long as we negotiate salary increases that outpace average wage growth, we'll be paying an ever larger share of household income to the schools unless we cut programs or reduce staff."

I am sorry but I agree with the above poster. Isn't the 7-9% raises you gave the 3 Central Office Admin. last month above the "average wage growth"??

I believe the teacher contract is up at the end of this school year. They will fight tooth and nail for around the usual 4% while people making 2x their salaries got over 7% raises. Between Dr. O, Mr. G, and Ms. Irons = $450,000 dollars in salary. 3 PEOPLE. That's alot for 3 people- not counting head of testing, the district accountant, the district lawyer, the 3 directors of accountability = well over 1,000,000 dollars and there is more.

We parents to, can do some fancy research.

My mother was a teacher. I know how hard it was. I also how much pride she took in what she did. I also know there are a FEW rotten apples out there. Don't let them spoil your attitude about the rest of the basket.

Your attitude is very anti-teacher Mr. Warren and easily seen here in this public forum and probably disheartening for those teachers of your district who read this blog.

Anonymous said...

Above poster, you are correct. It is BEYOND disheartening to the teachers who read this, as most of us work WELL beyond the fundamental job description of a teacher. However, so long as every one of those "above and beyond" results isn't measurable, the Aberdeener and his cohorts will not find value in it. Sadly, several fabulous teachers in the district are already starting to look to move elsewhere, to districts where educators are valued as more than simple expenses. In the end, it's the children who will lose. But, hey, at least the BOE (or Joey Warren) can say they cut costs.

Late night rant said...

Like it or not, Mr. Warren does represent many people in this community. I do not happen to be one of them.

It is also wrong to criticize him because he may send his children to parochial school, like many other people in Matawan and Aberdeen do. And like it or not, many of the parents who pay to send their children to parochial school, albeit Catholic, Jewish, or Lutheran, to some of the major ones, may tend to vote against school budgets simply on the basis of not wanting to pay for education twice. Other parents of parochial school students recognize both the need for public education and the fact that they have made a choice.

There are also retired residents that have seen there taxes go up for thirty years, childless couples that don't want to pay for something they don't use .... well, you get the picture.

I respect the fact that Mr. Warren, regardless of his motivation has taken his time to become involved. I think that he recognizes that he is on the board because he didn't have opposition -- but that is because so few people are willing to step up and commit the time that he has.

This is obviously a late night rant. I wholeheartedly disagree with any of Mr. Warren's ideas of limiting the budget that can be presented to voters without a second question. Such an idea would gut the positive strides that the district has made in recent years and would effectively castrate Dr. O'Malley, who is clearly on a mission to efficiently run the district while further improving the quality of education.

My disagreement with this basic premise put forth by Mr. Warren may explain why he may not get my vote if he chooses to run again. However, there is no acceptable reason, whether anonymous or not, to attack the man because of where he may send his children to school.

Regardless of whether you agree with any of his ideas, and I agree that some are far-fetched and are based on questionable logic and seem to be generally geared towards more testing and cost-cutting, at least he has taken the time to serve this community.

And while I am on this rant, to be even handed -- I'm tired of hearing that teachers are underpaid. That was very true for too many years. My grandmother retired in 1970 from teaching in a public school system in NY and struggled to support a one-parent family with two children. But that is no longer the case. New teachers make about $45,000 and tenured teachers earn in the $80's or $90's and they have two months and holidays off. They don't get paid too much, hardly -- but, they are no longer underpaid. So now I've probably pissed off everyone that reads this blog; not my intention, but fair is fair. Let's all be civil.

Aberdeener said...

The math here is pretty simple. The single largest expenditure is employee compensation. For the past decade, both taxes and employee compensation have outpaced average wage growth in every fiscal year.

That is an unsustainable path.

As for the administrator raises, I'm certain the board would happily offer any employee the same deal - For every $1 in annual savings you provide the district, we will increase your salary by 5 cents.

Anonymous said...

First of all, no one said teachers are underpaid Mr. Rant. And there was no derogatory comment about where Mr. Warren sends his kids just that it is easy for him to berate teachers in this district.

Not in the least. The point was the Mr. Warren is blatantly anti-teacher.

Mr. Warren- teachers are not paid to save money. They are paid to instruct. And your proposal is not feasible. Those who got that raise last month are paid to create a fiscally responsible budget. AND IF THE OLD BUDGET WAS SO OVER INFLATED - then is that surprising that there was money to save? All we heard for years was about the irresponsible budget, that the village idiot could have fixed it. Kudos to Dr. O for taking action but lets not act like he cured cancer here.

Teacher raises are congruent with THEIR PEERS just as the raise was given last month received the same excuse.

All of this arguing - I have no stake in this-I work in NYC, and take the train to work- Good night.

Aberdeener said...

I support performance pay for instruction as well.

Interesting that none of my critics will acknowledge I'm correct - that constantly increasing employee compensation beyond average wage growth is unsustainable unless we're willing to cut programs or reduce staff.

To use the refrain that "everybody else is doing it" (i.e. peer pay) as an argument reminds me of what my mother used to say about jumping off a bridge.

Aberdeen Whispers said...

Our staff is hearing a rumor that Mr Minutolo has resigned his position as Aberdeen Republican Committee Chairman.

Has this indeed happened?

driver8 said...

It looks like Mayor Sobel's house is for sale - Weichert MLS # 20928791 - - I wonder if he is leaving because the taxes are too high?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren you used the same argument to justify the raises you voted for last month - that their peer group made more.

Combine that with the fact the budget was over inflated in the first place - then what miracle took when this year's was less? Thus justifying a raise?

Late Night Rant .. Continued said...

Mr. Warren - the basic premise of yours that I disagree with is that either wages or programs have to be cut. That is not the choice. The choice is one of where we place our priorities. My priority is the education of our children, period.

If this means that less roads get paved or that we cut municipal professional costs for appointed positions, so be it. Dr. O'Malley seems to be doing a great job of managing the school budget while the Mayor and Council seem to use our tax dollars to pay for questionable payments to engineers and attorneys at the behest of a political hack.

Children win this game, hands down. You can't, in good conscience make this a choice of education vs. taxes. Get your head in the game. You were elected to improve the school system, not to be a slash and burn anti-tax hack.

NsectionJoe said...

Congratulations to Ms. Lori Donaghue. The fact that Ms. Donaghue has been a long time employee and did very well in her job has unfortunately been politicized, and Ms. Rubino's conduct is sadly only meant to embarrass Ms. Donaghue politically.

Your conduct Ms. Rubino in this instance is incredulous and insulting citing the fact that you were so vocal on this one situation as you have sat so silent for years as your BARZA colleagues ruined this school system with inadequate selections of leadership, patronage positions and worse. But on Ms. Lori Donaghue you had your chance to skewer a long time employee and her husband a long time school board member. The fact that she was qualified and more did not matter. You upheld the ignorance and divisiveness that was and unfortunately continues to be the BARZA type of leadership.

Be proud of yourself Ms. Rubino please enjoy the days that you have left on the school board. Your latest example of personal grudges being your priority speaks volumes as to your true intent or the intent of those you still are faithful to.

Ms. Rubino Your criticism on this one employee is to say the least questionable. This outcry from you while you sat so silent on many other questionable hiring and job placements is all too telling. Your fifteen minutes in the spotlight is almost over.

Aberdeener said...

My comments were regarding "staff", not specifically teachers but teachers are the largest contingent so it's fair to focus upon them.

However, to make sure we're all on the same page, let's clarify a few points.

1) Nobody is contemplating reducing teacher salaries
2) All teachers will continue to be eligible for raises
3) When negotiating with the union, the two parties first agree upon the topline number - how much will the district be spending total - and then work from that number to develop the salary scales. Our discussion is regarding the topline number.
4) After salary, the major expenses are health and pension
5) Over the past decade, cost increases in salary, health, and pension, have consistently outpaced average wage growth, thereby pushing tax increases to surpass wage growth as well

As an example, during the current economic crisis, both the public and private sector have taken huge hits but our teachers will continue to enjoy a 4% salary increase this year as well as full job security.

The question is how to maintain or reduce taxes as a percentage of household income. There is no way to do that without restraining increases in employee compensation.

For example, teacher compensation costs rise over a million dollars a year. Late Night suggests we partially cover those costs by cutting the municipal budget but there's not enough money in the township.

If we were to end Aberdeen's road improvement program completely, never repair another road again, that would only cover two years of increases.

Let's say we froze total municipal/school taxes as a percentage of household income and then cut from the municipality the portion from the school that went over the limit, we'd need to cut over $800,000 a year from the two municipalities at the same time their state aid is being cut.

I'm open to other ideas. How do we propose increasing staff compensation beyond average wage growth over the next decade?

Anonymous said...

The hypocrite has finally spoken. He goes after a board member who questions whether a board members wife should receive a full time job with benefits. It doesn't matter what kind of job this person has done this is wrong. Donaghue votes on the superintendents raise, her principals tenure and his wife gets a full time job. He should have abstained from those two votes and many others because of his wifes involvement in the district. He has just made himself a less effective board member then he already is for his own financial gain. If Rubino spoke up, good for her because Joe just can't see past his hate. This is simple right and wrong and I can't beleive any other board member past or present would have done this. So much for a new era of ethics.

Anonymous said...

School Board members wife gets a job. Like that has never happened before. How about town council people getting jobs for their families. This was not a new hire she was in the position a long time and deserves a shot. You call Nsec a hypocrite yet you attack him for pointing out the obvious. Rubino has failed this district repeatedly. That truth is not shocking at all to the rest of us. Attack those who do not agree is the barza way and it always has been. The game is called 'deflect the blame'. I agree Rubino is done.

Aberdeener said...

For the record, there were two nay votes and two abstentions (including Donaghue's).

Also, Ms. Donaghue was not selected over anybody else; all qualified candidates for that position received an appointment.

I do not believe anybody did anything wrong. I just think it is bad policy.

Anonymous said...

What about the ethics charge still pending in Trenton against you for improper fund raising and more Ms. Rubino? You would think you were holier than though? You are not! It goes both ways does it not Jan?

Anonymous said...

Ethics charges against board member Rubino? Next thing you will tell me is that Bruce Quinn was a lousy schools superintendent and misspent tens of millions of dollars, while the supposed angelic Jan Rubino sat silent, as a good barza soldier was told to.

Anonymous said...

Where is the rant against Mr. Warren, Nsectionblowhard? He also voted against and Gambino abstained. He must have thought something was wrong with this appointment but did not have the guts to vote against it. If any other board member had done this you would have ran your mouth for days. Good for Warren and Rubino for having guts and standing up for what is right without bias, unlike you and the rest of this make believe board of education.

An insider said...

Wow, at least in the BARZA days their peeps had to at least interview for the positions. Larry, Curly and Moe just "appoint" them.

LisaSFe said...

Jealous? At least we had a budget cut this year. What did that idiot Quinn and the Barza group give us? Try 36m spent with little oversight. Try an increase in the annual school budget of 20M in short order. Then under Quinn CME got their clutches into the school tax dollars ala Norman Kkauff the snake of Aberdeen. You overlook that Quinn was not even certified to hold the position he screwed us over from. And Zavorskas and the rest were absolute jokes in their leadership (ha) positions. You attack Big Joe M. but he tells it like it really is. Did Jan Rubino? Did Barza? Did Quinn? NO !

Anonymous said...

First you are the insider and a minute later you are anonymous? Please make up your Skitzo (sic) mind.

Late Night Rant ... said...

Bottom line is that arbitrary tax growth limits should not determine the quality of education.

Your stress is on cutting costs and it seems you only support methods and conclusions that support lower taxes. It's no problem if you're an anti-tax advocate but just say so. Everything else is just smoke and mirrors.

On the other hand you have many good points but your anti-tax bias clouds your conclusions.

I agree with your opinion and votes regarding ethical behavior on the board of ed. I'll assume for the sake of discussion that Mrs. Donaghue (and for that matter all of Quinn's hires were based on merit). That does not excuse the appearance of impropriety that occurs when an immediate relative of a board member is hired. When we turn a blind eye towards actions like this we see further loss of respect for elected officials and put those that are hired in a tainted position.

It really doesn't make a difference now if Mrs. Donaghue is the best person available for the position -- there are enough people who will assume that she slept with a board member to get the job (Statement made with sarcasm for those easily offended.)

paytoplayansweris said...

Not offended by the statement by latenightrant but the holier than though statements by Jan Rubino need review and analysis of truth. Ms. D. has been working in varying capacities in varying positions within the district for many years. Does that not deserve consideration? Don't give me that BS that she was just hired for this specific position as a favor to a sitting board member. Did not Zavorskas and Barbato and many others do the same thing for family? Did not you or your kid need help or a referral from a friend to ever get a job? How do you think our councilmen and women got their family members jobs. That is how it works you see. It is like the Corzine hypocrite talking about Christy and his loan to a friend while Corzine conveniently forgets all of the jobs and patronage not to mention giving Carla Katz 6 million dollars to keep her ugly trap shut.

Let us go back to the glass house syndrome for a second and our local Saint Jan Rubino. Let her tell us about the ethics complaint. Than she can run her mouth against others. Let the one without sin cast the first stone. Until than she is under suspicion and is just another barza casualty.

It seems Zavorskas may have been the smart one to leave before she got throttled in an election.

LisaSFe said...

Is it not amazing that some of the posters on here are so very quick to call those of us who highlight our corrupt leadership hypocrites.

Who is the real hypocrite? I say A woman like Jann Rubino is as she does not disclose the fact that she has ethics charges for improper fund raising pending against her. I go with the hypocrite being Princess Jann Rubino. Thank you very much Jann for showing us another of your faces.

Anonymous said...

Promotion of Matawan-Aberdeen board member's wife spurs debate

Bazar is still on the board - same stuff - different names.

Anonymous said...

Just facts:

1. A BOE member wife is now a paid employee with FULL BENEFITS for life if she stays a certain amount of time. HE NOW SHARES THOSE SAME BENEFITS AND PENSION FOR LIFE.

How is this not conflict of interest? It is not an after school aid job, it is MUCH more serious and lucrative....

2. Objectively look if you will at the fact that any JD vote in the past is now in question when it comes to anything related to this appointment. How it looks as if he buttered the roll of anyone with a vote who may owe him a favor in the future.

3. How can he vote objectively on a teacher contract when he will reap the benefits in the end?

I am sure Mrs. D is a good person and good worker. But this looks strange plain and simple.

Good for Rubino with AN OPINION which is what she was put there for in the first place. AN ELECTION SHE WON WITH VOTES. So Nsection many WHO VOTED for her are happy she had an opinion. How can you attack her ON THIS ISSUE when she voted with the above points in mind?

Good for Joe W. for voting no and saying here he did not agree.

Anonymous said...

Is Jan Rubino not more ethically damaged along with her decisions and blind allegiance to all things barza?

Ran Jubino said...

If Donaghue had so much power, why didn't he get his wife promoted years ago? After reading earlier articles on the Aberdeener, it looks like she would have been more than qualified to be the director of technology.

Anonymous said...


OOOPS said...


Greenwood at the beach said...

Lo and behold i met the supposed monster of Aberdeen that many ridicule today on my front lawn. I met the infamous Joe MaCaleer. He came to my home after looking at my neighbors home that has been vacant and not taken care of. He did not have two heads as he has often been described. When he finished asking me if i had seen anyone next door or if anyone gets the mail, I then tried to ask him a couple questions about this site and some of its subjects. He respectfully declined to speak to me on that subject since he was working. At first i was put off by that and then quickly realized he was right not to address such things while working. Take that all of you who throw such labels on him. My conversation with him was professional and informative. It is nice that he looks out for the neighborhood like that. Just so you all know another side of the story does exist.

Luvtohike said...

So where is BIG MOUTH RUBINO. I can hear the crickets making more noise since she became a highlight in this topic. Seems BIG MOUTH RUBINO had an awful lot to say to the news reporter, but .... So typical of people like her. I think I will call the NJDOE tomorrow and see where they are with the probe into her illegal campaign donation activities. Key word being ILLEGAL. Right BIG MOUTH?

Anonymous said...

I hope he saw the weed growth out of all the curbs and along the streets. I hope he saw the deteriorating streets in cliffwood beach. We know it would not be like that on the OTHER side of town.

All along Cliffwood Ave, Prospect and Lenox and down Greenwood there is an abundance of weeds and over growth. How the heck can you try to sell your home and have prospective buyers drive along bumpy roads and see that?

I look on the other side of town and see a new road and sidewalk every other year in a different part of Strathmore.

I am not saying it is not deserved, but could a little equality for the 2 Aberdeens at least be administered here? A general clean up for the curb side appeal and maybe some new black top would be nice in the Beach.

Our taxes went up so I think something should be warranted.

Anonymous said...

At least her Big Mouth had some guts and voted NO to something she saw as off base. I am not defending her last campaign. And Good for Joey W. as well. The rest sat there and drank the Kool Aid. Gambino did nothing.

It was a conflict of interest. JD REAPS THOSE BENEFITS for the rest of his life if she hangs around. How can he even vote on future contracts? I am sure she is a good person and worker. How can any vote in the past be looked at with any validity. Favors for down the road? I hope not.

And another thing: JD, LO, CK, and JR have been on the BOE for years. How come there is no blame toward them for how messed up the district is? THey all could have voted NO to Quinn if they disagreed. JB and CZ caught the brunt of the anger and were pushed out, and maybe rightfully so.

But where is the blame for the rest of them who have been around the block a few times. In our governement, if there is unrest, the head of state is voted out and then Congress or vice versa. It has just happened in the past 4 years.

Why not here? Why the free pass? The four above have no blame coming to them? None of them stood up and took a stand.

Aberdeener, you took a hit on the July raise vote. Now, what is your HONEST opinion?

Anonymous said...

Anti-Semitism in Aberdeen?
Hey Joe, this is your site, maybe you should clean it up a little. The recent "JUBINO" posts are an obvious reference to her ethnicity. I guess when Neanderthals have nothing else to grunt they get on this blog and knock Jews. As a matter fact it's so easy a cave man do it.
Oh, by the way, I figured out how they convert those little cave drawings to actual words. They have Ken Aitken do the interpretation

Bill@WarrenDr. said...

Anti-semitism? It was a jumbling of words you moron. How about attacking Rubino on her choices, votes or allegiances. No you want to go to something that seems to be meant to embarrass the site host. You are an idiot. Let me guess you think government controlled healthcare will be fantastic. Bet your voting for the Kauff controlled choices this election season as well? Get in line sheep.

Bill@WarrenDr. said...

I see the sheep failed to even touch on the pending ethics charges facing Jubino. So brave are you? BUt weed growth and bumpy roads are some peoples concerns. Get real. As for Mcaleer my son was on the end of his pen getting a parking ticket at the train station. How many jobs does he do in town? Granted my son did not read the sign and the ticket was deserved. How about some leeway for residents who pay the bills for the train station?

Anonymous said...

Am I naive or something. I thought the person just switched the first letters of her name. You know, it's people like you that make a mountain out of a mole hill and read too much into something. When you don't like something that's said, you throw out a race card or ethnicity card. Get a life and stop looking to make trouble. I would think thet Aberdeener is smarter than that than to think that that was an anti-semetic remark.

Anonymous said...


Weed growth and bumpy road are a concern when it is your side of town that looks shabby. You pay taxes and wanted your kid to get a break on a ticket.

Well I pay the original poster pay taxes and want our community to look respectable. LIke I said, curb side appeal is everything. What if Warren drive were bumpy and have growth all over your curbs and side walks?

That would not happen over there would it?

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to throw out there, as far as teachers "saving money on the budget" - does anyone realize how much money out of pocket that teachers put into their classrooms for supplies? Does that not save everyone else money?

Not to mention how much money parents throw into the school via the PTOs (hello AIR CONDITIONING at Cliffwood, for example) and sending in extra supplies for their kid's classrooms.

Yes, the teachers are paid well in this district, but they do their part in supporting the kids and the district, as do the parents who pay the ridiculous taxes as well.

I find it slightly insulting that someone who just voted to pass raises for administration (especially in this economy) that were already under contract for a certain wage is now discussing how we can save money.

How can we save money? But letting people work under the contract that they just signed, instead of giving them a raise because they saved the district some money. That's part of their job. Hurray for them for doing it.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Big Joe controls the roads. Call Kauff he runs Aberdeen. I know Big Joe and he is fair on both sides of town. Leave the chip on your shoulder at the door. Joe lived in most every area of town except off 516. Now you know.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you are talking about weeds in cracks and roadside. Are we that lazy that we can not help to keep our taxes down by taking care of our own area. Ever been to Europe? Everybody goes out and sweeps and cleans there own area. But here, no, it's easier to say let's get the town to pay for it and rip up the street and replace it. Rediculous! While the street down from me was reconstructed, mine was only over-paved. No problem, no worry. The street looks wonderful because the neighborhood takes care of the weeds, dirt, sand, etc. We don't need the town to come over and pull the weeds. Get a life and take some time to get your neighborhood involved and stop looking for handouts.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Warren Road, what has government controlled health care or Kauff have to do with this?
If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it's a duck. Some people should use their heads before jumbling words for the sake of their own amusement.
I bet you whistle the "Horst Wessel Lied" while mowing your lawn. That's if you even mow your own lawn. See you at next "Bund" meeting, Moron.
Joe, clean up your site, you should know better.

So Fn Fed Up said...

Leave Mac out of this. I am sure nobody would want that job. He probably gets no support and gets hung out to dry all the time by politicians seeking favor or worse. Weeds and roads people come on. O'Bama is giving our country away to people who are on generational welfare, who can't pay their bills and worse yet got money to buy a car they can't afford to pay for. And you are worried about weeds and pavement.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren,
Great analysis on what may be going on with further education for our high school graduates and once again all you get is double talk from the president and his minion. Two meetings, two ideas for improvement, and once again no action.

Anonymous said...

There is no chip. I was just saying that Joe M or anyone who reads this over at town hall should know how a certain part of town is.

The detractor to what I said probably does not have the problems I listed - so you get a life. I cannot complain about the quality of my side of town?

I know that Joe M surveys the towns who those who need to keep their property on the up and up. I said let him take a lot at what the over growth makes our town look like. CALM DOWN... I cannot complain. I SHOULD TAKE MY WEED WACKER AND ROUND UP and patrol the streets of Cliffwood Ave, Prospect, Lennox, and Greenwood and do it myself?

Whats next? I should shovel my own streets of Cliffwood Beach too? It was an observation and not good for people who are thinking of selling their homes.

Warrendrhadenough said...

Hey anonymous since you have voiced concerns over grass and weeds and even gave specific locations I took a ride and looked at all of the locations you discussed. I found some weeds at the curb line on some properties. Not an abundant amount I assure you. I then dropped off my recycling and while driving home I went through several strathmore streets and there it was WEEDS. Oh my God weeds in strathmore.

I think you need to look at the big picture and not the small amount of weeds that our own neighbors fail to take care of. Macaleer has offered his work number to all of us so call him perhaps he can explain it to you. Try going to the source before you say he fails to look at each area of our town fairly. The number for those of you who need to report a little weed growth is 583-4200.

Get real people. Weeds is your main concern while our leadership gives away millions to their close personal friends from our wallets? That is what you need to scream about not weeds. Wake up.

EmpAt said...

As a coworker of Joe M. the job is not easy. Management either complains to him when he does his job. Or they really complain to him when he does his job after a citizen or business owner complains that he actually did his job. It is all about hanging him out to dry. I am glad I do not do that job. Like police nobody wants to see them til you need them.

Jeff in the A said...

Anonymous where is the disparity between the areas of our town? In your imagination.

Waaaah! I don't have gutters or sidewalks. They never put them in on most streets in most areas all around the state in areas with that age of construction. Look at Belford, Laurence Harbor and other areas along the shore areas.

You want to be mad go over to Old Bridge and see what their beachfront looks like. Boardwalk areas with clean beaches and play areas. Look at that and that is when you will finally realize how our leadership going back years has failed us over and over again.

Weeds and roads take a drive through the A and I areas and look at roads that need work. Look at all of the water breaks in my A section that pop almost weekly. That is what my $8,500.00 in taxes gets me. Stop crying and really look around at how our leadership has failed all of us.

Jeff in the A said...

One other thing I will never vote for a Democratic again especially if Norman Kauff is involved. He has ruined this town and given away the taxpayer bank to all his cronies.

F N K said...

If you want to see what a true democrat is go turn on the funeral service for a great democrat Sen. Ted Kennedy. What we have as supposed democrats is a joke. They are little more then KAUFFOCRATS.

F U Kauff !

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeff in The A section, you know very little on what goes on arounfd this town. Out of your $8500 in taxes you pay about 1300-1400 is municipal taxes, The water main breaks are the responsiblity of American Water not the townships, and it is happening all over Strathmore. The township spends between $2,500,000 and $3,000,000 in road improvements every year all over town. If you want them to do more then go to a meeting and tell them and I am sure they would if you want your taxes raised. One thing you have correct is Old Bridge does have a nicer beach front, which by the way can't be used any more because of contamination. They got money from the Democratic Freeholders, when the dems here in town asked for money fror the beachfront from the republican freeholders they were turned down. They just got the Ok last year to do some things at the beachfront, oh by the way it was a democratic majority finally in control. I tink both parties should be thrown out, because they both stink. But look who is in control of the local repblicans in Aberdeen, Minotolo who is a bigger crook than Kauff will ever be.

A Section for America said...

Congrats on knowing the kauff party line and excuses for his vast and so expensive corruption by heart. Minotolo seems to be the poster boy for you kauff people. Yet you and kauff are running a republican for mayor just to keep kauff happy and the kauff taxpayer ATM open for his thievery.

You just don't get it about the road program do you? The more they spend on roads the more the kauff connected make. Do you see any other town spend the numbers we spend on asphalt? All our overpriced road program does is keep cme happy and the kauff campaign funds from cme flowing to finance the continued corruption in our town.

That is THE TRUTH.

Call kauff for your response to those truths i just gave you. I'll wait in case Norm and Mrs. Norm are out corruptly wining and dining on our tax dollars again.

America America I shed a tear for thee said...

Joe M this and Joe M that let the guy do his job. Weeds and roads is your main concern and that is a joke. Time to really look at who runs our town and the selfishness and corrupt ways. You better look long and hard before election day.

You can bet with all that is going on in this state and with that idiot Corzine, you will not see the dems walking too much. And you can bet they wont be too free to give you much one on one time much less answer any real substantive questions.

The reps on the other hand can only afford to walk. That can truly make the difference if they are smart and give the facts and the millions gifted to the Kauff faithful. If not they lose again and we the people are once again stuck with Kauff.

Anonymous said...

By the way the Dems are walking they allready were in my section. They said they have been walking for weeks.

Anonymous said...

What did the dems say is the real question. If it was how honest they are and how hard they will work for all of us, vote Republican and send you know who a watchdog or two.

Aberdeen Whispers said...

Two of our staff have talked with Nicholas Minutolo he told one of them he resigened as aberdeen republican chairman for health resons - he told the other it was for personal reasons, BUT he told both of them that he talked with Mr Jory Warren and told MR warren that he has indeed resigned.

Well Mr Joey Warren did you speak with nick and did he infact resign??????


Whispers. To catch you up Nick Minutulo is not and has not been a councilman for years. It may be (Martyr) Mayor Sobel who is moving out of town and may have to resign his position since it seems he does not live at his residence in Aberdeen any longer. Some say he moved already and that the Republicans should ask about that as well.

Anonymous said...

nick minutolo is the quote un quote - general of the rebel cause and if he quits mid battle - it says the rebels are in great trouble

Anonymous said...

Hedy -Joey did nick quit or not

Aberdeener said...

Nick Minutolo had to step down for personal reasons. It's unclear if he'll be able to return in time to play any further role in the campaign.

Anonymous said...

I heard this rumor about nick and asked a friend who involved with the Aberdeen GOP about this over the weekend - she forwraded me an email from Anthony Garaguso FROM FRI 8/28/09, candidate for council and anthony says


somebody lying

Anonymous said...

If there is so much to be said on this blog why dont people come to the meeting and say things to people face is Jan Rabino that tough or are all of you that soft.
Mr Donahue is a good man and I believe he is for the kids but his wife's appointment is a real black eye to the board espially after the big stink about Kathy's z daughter, just an independent observer keep hinding behind your screen savers

Luvtohike said...

Dems can walk but they cannot say anything other then vote for me. If we all had one question to ask it should be this one.

Why do you associate with Kauff?

If they don't answer that to your satisfaction then you know who to vote for. Any candidate not with Kauff. SOOOOOOOOO SIMPLE !

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute! Isn't Minilo a democrat councilman? Now, he is leading the republicans? When did that happen?