Sunday, June 3, 2012

Now, What? began nearly 5 years ago in the fall of 2007. The site’s purpose was to raise awareness of local issues and present ideas for improving the community.

Shortly after the site’s launch, I became convinced the core problem was leadership and targeted all of Aberdeen’s elected leadership. 4 years later, every one of Aberdeen’s elected representatives on the school board and town council resigned their positions.

During my short stint on the school board, we cut the prior year’s budget by $2.3 million and introduced several educational initiatives, including a renewed emphasis on writing skills, a revised special education program, investments in technology, and a push to reduce grade inflation.

In the nearly two years I’ve been gone, school spending has increased 6.2% ($3.7 million) and education is once again adrift.

As for the township, we’ve been blessed with competent leadership in the new town manager, Holly Reycraft, but the council itself is still mired in pay-to-play. Anchor Glass, Aberdeen Forge, Train Station, Pool Club, Senior Housing have all been torpedoed by the council and its gang of experts who seek to extort every penny they can get from the developers.

Which brings us back to the blog.

Now, what? Nobody has stepped forward to assume the blogger role. Nor has anyone done the gritty investigative work of requesting documents from the municipal bodies.

Once again, we’re being asked to trust our government without any ability to verify.

What is the municipal budget? Why have more school employees not been outsourced, like transportation, secretarial, and child study teams? How much money is being paid to big political donors like CME? Where are our children going after they complete high school?

As a school board member, I continued to submit OPRA requests and never allowed the administration to be the sole arbiter of the school agenda. After high school, where do our graduates go? What’s the correlation between class grades and state exams? How are we progressing compared to other districts? Why are expenditures outpacing inflation and population growth? Has teacher training been cost effective? How are the academies raising student performance?

Getting the raw data is relatively easy. I’d be willing to submit the OPRA requests via email and pay for the documents but someone needs to retrieve and fax them to me. Until then, the blog will focus upon small initiatives and hopefully someone will take the initiative to lead.  
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6:10 train said...

When the last person leaves New Jersey I would ask them to do two things before they leave. First stop by Kauffs grave and piss on it. Second throw the light switch to the off position. F you Norman Kauff and your assorted scum.

Senior lies said...

How about doing a topic on how much Aberdeen does for the seniors in town. I can tell you it would be the shortest subject matter ever posted on here. They do nothing for us seniors but lie to us. It took over a year to replace the sign so seniors would know where the building we use is. They do little for us unless you know who can profit illegally. Right Mr. Kauff?

Tired senior citizen who pays said...

We seniors are paying the majority of the costs for services we long ago stopped using. And that makes sense to who exactly? The politicians and the masters who lurk behind the scenes like Norman Kauff is the sorrow filled answer.
















More wasted money on Vinci said...

Freddy boy I love it. He thinks his Kauff don't stink. Anyone attached to Kauff stinks to high heaven. Took the bike for a ride this morning to Vinciville park. What a joke who is going to use that. Just more money wasted to placate that old crimininal.

Anonymous said...

Shortly after the site’s launch, I became convinced the core problem was leadership and targeted all of Aberdeen’s elected leadership. 4 years later, every one of Aberdeen’s elected representatives on the school board and town council resigned their positions
What leaders did you force out?

We are F'd! said...

Now what?

Nothing will change since this is New Jersey and politicians and scum like Kauff rule the day.

Get used to it.

We are F'd.

Right Coach Fred?

You loser!

4:35 train said...

A park for that sheister is a as much a joke as CME. Neither of them deserved anything but contempt and scorn.

Anonymous said...

Funny, didn't notice anyone stepping up to the plate. Everyone wants to complain BUT no one wants to do anything. You get what you deserve Aberdeen.

You did a great job Joey. You can't help people who don't want to help themselves.

? said...

My neighbors son just graduated from John Jay College with a degree in Criminal Justice. He is taking Federal law enforcement positions tests and was asking me if Aberdeen is civil service or some other test to be a policeman here. Anyone know.

Anonymous said...

Civil Service I think is the test procedure in Kaufferdeen. I myself am a John Jay alumni and wish you neighbors son well.

Cop job requires said...

Cop job in Kaufferdeen requires the following

Have your father attend all council meetings and suck up to the council members for years until you finally get the cop job

Be italian

Be a member of the local Italo-american club

Be a registered Kauffocrat

Write donation checks to Kauffocrats every year

But there is no corruption in Kaufferdeen

Right Coach Fred?

Such a disappointment you are Coach Fred

Corren update anyone? said...

Anyone hear anything from that pervert Corren? You can bet the other two child molesters in Kauffies grip keep in touch with Corren. In more ways then one i'll be they keep in toucht. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Who is this Coach Fred please explain? We are new to the blog and are amazed at some of the things we read.

sewers margaret dont forget said...

its coren c o r e n genius. or as we call him over here the guy who lied to us for years that we would get sewers. coren and his master norm kauff could not get a big enough kickback so no sewers for us. now we just have an environmental nightmare. right margaret. maybe they should have asked fat tony for sewers instead of a firetruck to develop near us.

Anonymous said...

Normie and his brood should all rot in hell for what they have done to our town. Liars one and all of them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anon,
Coach Fred is the Mayor of Aberdeen, or as some like to call it, Kaufadeen. And as many say, it is Norman Kauff that actually runs Aberdeen.





Anonymous said...

Really? Norman Kauff runs Aberdeen? who'd a thought?

Right Norm? said...

So much corruption with so many political puppets.

So many? Right Norm? said...

How will all these managers who come and go with the whim of Kauff stand up to cross examination with question after question and corrupt fact after corrupt fact? i can't wait for the cuffs to go on. How many times will they be able to take the 5th?


Beach train today said...

Taking the day off from Kauff today. Once in a while you just have to get away from getting screwed over by our supposed leadership and their puppetmaster.

More corruption outed said...

I love it how the corrupted remain silent while week after week more of the Kauff controlled dastardly deeds become even more publicized. But we don't know what we are talking about I keep forgetting. Right Fred Tag?

Wrong guy to blame said...

I called about my neighbors grass and it finally got cut.That is a problem all over town when people leave their houses for various reasons in this day and age. I checked with Big Joe and it takes time to make sure all parties are contacted and given the chance to clean up these properies. He said if the town goes in and has it cut before all contacts are reached we pay as taxpayers. It makes sense to me and I can only imagine the mess it must be to track the owners down. Big Joe is not the problem in town. It's you know who. Right Norm?

He got me said...

He got me! Got home from a show late Thursday and there it was a parking ticket on my car. Damn damn damn he got me. Does that train lot guy ever take time off. Save some trees and stop letting that guy give out tickets. Doesn't Norm have enough ill gotten gains by now. So much corruption so many questions.

Norms neighbor thinks said...

Kauff moving? Heard he is throwing out big items like he is downsizing and maybe moving. Need help moving Norm?

Our Adolph Hitler is? said...

Norm moving don't mean shit. Some other corrupt political hack will take over for Norm and have to kickback to Norm. Just look at how many times its been posted on here that Norm retired as town mouthpiece and picks his own replacement. Replacement who then kickbacks to Norm. Its a vicious circle of corruption. Political corruption controlled by a man who was never elected. Was Adolf Hitler elected? Norm is our Adolf Hitler. Right Fast Freddy? Such a disappointment is Fred.

Anonymous said...

You got a ticket because you deserved it. Stop blaming that guy for doing his job cheapo. People get tickets and you deserved yours for not paying for to park. Guess how I know? I've parked there for years and never got a ticket because I pay like I'm supposed to do. It's not rocket science cheapo. You can probably fight it. What would be your excuse stupidity?

Don't do the crime if you...... said...

You got the ticket you deserve. Otherwise plead not guilty and prove your innocence. Can't can you. Pay the ticket and shut up you baby.

6:30 train said...

Aberdeen's town colors are now officially



I goofed sorry.

It's MAROON and "STEAL" under corrupt Kauff control.

Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

maroon and steal was perfect. under the corrupt dems what do you expect. with kauff and fred you know what you get. screwed is the answer. any extra toilet paper margaret. mine is all coming up in my yard. thanks for nothing councilwoman montone. what a joke she is. wait until the next election is what she should worry about. what will be her platform only doing what makes kauff and his engineers millions while the taxpayers suffer.

Whose children? said...

Where did you see the thing about Maroon and Steel? I do like the word play and use of the word steal as that is what Maroon and Steel really did. Steal all the parents money for Gorilla Joe and his gang. But never forget its all about the children. Whose children Gorilla Joes?

5:40 train said...

It was in the legal area of the Asbury park Press today. Take a look because it is really laughable.

No Kauff in Matawan thank God said...

Laughable is how much money Kauff takes illegally from all of the taxpayers in Aberdeen. In Matawan all we get to do is laugh at Taglearinis buddy Mayor Bucci.

Join us in our effort said...

Is there any ethics classes our officials in Aberdeen should have attended ? My brother was just selected to his towns committee in Oklahoma and the first thing he told me was that he had to do as an official was attend various classes mandated by the state.

The most telling thing he told me of all the classes he took was that he would be liable if he failed to report official impropriety that he may see or be approached to be involved in by any of his fellow officials. He also said the classes stressed specifically reporting what might be outside influences.

Imagine that specifically highlighting outside influences during official classes for a newly elected official telling them to report impropriety. I guess our officials in New Jersey and especially here in Aberdeen did not take any such classes. From all my wife and myself have read on here since moving here it seems that many of our officials are involved in unethical if not criminal actions that are hurting us taxpayers significantly and in varying ways.

We have decided to pen a letter to the Governor of our new state and simply ask him to have someone look into our towns leadership and the examples on this blog site. We have initially doubted this site but after going back in the blog history we feel a letter from us is the least we can do to try and get something done officially.

We love our new hometown and don't feel we should sit idle with so many examples of questionable actions and involvement by our elected leadership and this Norman Kauff person. We would urge others to follow our idea. We thank you if you join us in our recent decision. If you scoff at us for this post we forgive you. We would merely consider you part of the problem then.

Kim and Gary

Anonymous said...

its tagliarini or soon to be known as a convicted felon.

Gifts from Normie said...

Looks like Gumbsy bought a new car. Maybe a long overdue gift from Normie for her invaluable help with the Normie corruption and there contempt for us business owners and taxpayers. Bet Owen and Vinci are shopping for new wheels to. Courtesy of Normie of course.

New cars? Who pays? said...

Everybody cashes in once Kauff turns them out into the cold. Once Kauff is done he wipes his ass and flushes them down the toilet. I doubt Kauff bought them cars though. On the other hand the Kauff engineers probably pay off really good as you exit the council chambers for the last time. Include that possibility in your letter to Christie Gary and Kim. Check all of their driveways for new cars for the next month or so. CME would probably scatter such purchases. Right Kauff?

6:05 train said...

How much of Aberdeen did Corruption Kauff group sell today. So much corruption so many questions.

Corruption pays at taxpayers expense said...

New cars with what Kauffie and Co. steal from us taxpayers Kauffie could buy a fleet of cars. Right Fred?

Anonymous said...

For your information Mrs Gumbs purchased the car after she hit by a speeding car months ago.

Truth about Kauff+ said...

Such anger against that nice old man Norman Kauff. It is all deserved and he deserves far worse. F Kauff and all his assorted political cockroaches.


Speeding car? My ass! If the Kauffengineers did not buy the new car for her she bought it with Corruption laden money paid illegally to her by Kauff. Gumbs don't do nothing without her cut. She never did anything without her illegal, immoral and unethical share.

Anonymous said...

You think it is a joke to be called that your mother was involved in a very serious accident.

Fed up with corruption said...

No one made it a joke. Corrupt, illegal and immoral acts are nothing to joke about. Mommy is, was and will forever be part of the historical fleecing of us business owners, developers and taxpayers under the democratic corruption that is Norman Kauff in Aberdeen. Mommy was just a greedy self serving tool used in the daily corruption and now that she is gone from the council the corruption still has not stopped. I hear from a relative of mine that not so mysteriously mommy now has a relative now working in the recreation offices in town hall. Let me guess no one else applied to work with kids and somehow this job with kids just happened to become available and go to a family member. Sure it did. Let me guess there was no list of prior applicants who looked for work in the town in the past. My town has a list to work off of. In Aberdeen it seems to be favors done favors owed. Face the facts mommy got used by Kauff and maybe she should have saved her money for a good lawyer. instead of buying a new car to that money could have been better spend to defend mommy for her part in the politically corrupt fleecing of Aberdeen under the Kauff democrats. She won't be able to drive that car once the cell door closes.

Plenty of guilt to go around said...

Guilty is all that needs to be said about the political shenanigans under the democrats

Guilty of extortion

Guilty of Malfeasance

Guilty of outside influences illegally running things

Guilty of treason against the taxpayers

So much guilt it is unbelievable they are still here

For now that is

Right investigator Lt. B. NJSP Ewing Barracks?








Anonymous said...

You and your blog are a pathetic joke. You claim to be this great savior to the schools, yet, several major issues have occurred lately, and you said nothing. Perhaps you are too busy typing all the Kauff posts, and blocking all the anti joey ones?

7:00 train said...






Outside influences?

That's right taxpayers

Just another day in


Anonymous said...

This Blog is becoming more and more of a joke every day. There is never any correct info reported anymore, just bashing by people who lost the elections or have nothing better to do then to try to destroy someone elses lives, because theirs suck. Grow up and get involved istead of hiding behind this blog. I would bet that 80% of the people that post against Kauff do not even know who he is and the rest are the same posters who just keep posting non stop. Get a life and start psoting some that is important and stop using this site for bashing.

Anonymous is so brave to criticize us said...

This blog is telling the truth of the very expensive costs of the corruption that is Kauff Incorporated. They're political scum and your non denial laughingly anonymous denial proves to us who highlight the crimes against the taxpayers perpetrated by Kauff and his commandos. Criticize the blog all you want while we out the cfrimes of Kauff. What will be your excuse from those of us who really went to Ewing and did in fact write the Governor of the crimes of Kauff. Perhaps you should come out of the Kauff closet and identify yourself and your laughable defense of Kauff. F you is all that needs to be said. Keep criticizing the blog you cannot stay away from. You know the truth and the damage of all things corruptly Kauff in Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

to all of you kauffkins. don't look now you rats but your kauff ship is sinking. soon all of you will drown in guilt.

Such a disappointment said...

A joke the only thing that is a joke is the Kauff Klan. Too bad corrupt isn't spelled with a K. Then it would be our own little KKK. Just as evil just politically protected.
Right Fast Freddy? Such a disappointment you are.

Anonymous said...

Norm said...

Keep posting, queers! It amuses me. Especially the queer with the imaginary trooper friend.

Team Kauff is diversified said...

We will KEEP POSTING and it's gay Americans to be politically correct you idiot. Just like the two closeted child molesters presently in the Kauff inner circle. To update you on the term they are now called sexual predators to be politically correct.

Nice to see that Kauff does not discriminate though. You see Kauff has child molesters, attempted child molesters, closeted gays, thieves and many more criminals in his inner circle. Such crimes and actions are a prerequisite to be on team Kauff. Come out come out you know you are.

Come out.

That's a good one.

Right Kauff?

Right perverts?

Anonymous said...

Norm said...

First and foremost,


A queer is an odd person, moron.
Also, most child sex offenders are heterosexual. Do your homework before you post, dipshit.

You can now go back to your imaginary land of troopers, and me being ass raped in prison. Ha ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

This is so last year. Do you all sit around the senior center or Court Jester and curse this guy or just write about him here? You have been predicting jail and worse for over 2 years and ????...Nothing. By the way there is an new Aberdeener in town. We all read that now:

It's more insightful and more intelligent.

So much corruption so many? said...

That idiot pervert Corren was a hetrosexual right up until he propositioned a young boy for illegal, immoral and unethical sex. Sounds real familiar with what Norm does to us business owners? He screws us over and he does in fact have two sexual child molesters in his midst. The only thing is which one will he appoint to run the corrupt democrat club after he dies? So much corruption so many questions. Keep denying the truth of the perversion, corruption and assorted illegal costs of Kauff and his assorted miscreants. Right Fred? Don't bother coming into my business for another donation this year. I'll spit in your face Fred. Count on it.

Warren Drive said...

Keep doubting the reality that is the Kauffcorruption.

Keep doubting it you asshole and defender of that scum that hurts all of us.

Keep cashing the Kauffchecks and the crooked political proceeds that Kauff shakes down from us taxpayers, businesses and developers.

Keep defending the unelected and unaccountable Kauff and his organized crime organization that claims to be the Aberdeen Democratic Club.

Just like the mafia.

You probably think that the mafia doesn't exist either?

How is it to live in your imaginary Disney World?

Your Disney World that is our Kaufferdeen of course?

You're an asshole in case no one told you that today.

33:10 train then Court Jester said...

Amazing that anyone would defend Norman Kauff?

Then again people defended Adolph Hitler also.

Now that I think of it madmen like them have been defended throughout history by small minded people.

Points to proving my point is Mayor Fred Tagliarini.


My Bad

I meant Kauff installed Mayor Fred Tagliarini

Right Mayor Fred?

Oops my bad yet again

Joke of a Mayor Fred Tagliarini

Once you get past 60 mind starts to slip

Right Kauff?

CBeach said...

Looks like one of the way to overpaid and way underperforming Aberdeen cops is standing up for pedophiles and lecturing us on what a child molester is by definition. Next thing that they will say is that Kauffie doesn't run every part of Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

i read the post a couple times and its a cop from the read for sure. i still wait for some proof of what they really do. by the way margaret still waiting on our sewers. did you forget or did kauff tell you to drop it. maybe he has the engineers working on it to see how much he could steal out of it first. thats how kauff rolls so thanks for nothing margaret.

Pissed off business owner said...

Cops don't care about Kauff or what we say as long as Kauff keeps them well paid. They only care about getting paid way to much for the little work they really do. They know it inside themselves that it is true. They work even less than teachers if you think about it. Four day schedules in most towns are the norm for police and firemen work who have special schedules with enough free time each month to have other jobs making even more money. Forget the comparative years they have to work to retire young enough to work another career. I'm not jealous so save it. I am just really tired of footing the bill for laziness and a wrongly believed sense of being somehow special and better than us business owners and taxpayers who pay them. Talk to a cop if you see one out there working. Ask them what they really do for way too much money. For sure they won't tell you what they really do because they themselves know they're very overpaid for what they do. It's not cop bashing it is taxpayer reality. Cops think they are special and deserve more than us taxpayers who pay them can afford. I'll say it again it's not the South Bronx or Detroit our cops work in. I bust my ass at my business every single day. I struggle daily with more pressure that we hear cops live and work with. Many people do more dangerous jobs and don't have guns to hide behind. I know I will be told to take the test. Tests don't make cops earn what they do. Pressure tactics by the unions in the state got them what they don't deserve. That and politicians who use them routinely as a threat to business owners and struggling taxpayers that we will be in danger if cops get paid less or get laid off.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen: What Would You Ask Mayor Tagliarini?
Have a question you have been dying to ask? Patch will get it answered for you.
By Chelsea Naso Email the author 5:00 am

We get it, you're busy. You don't have time to make it to every Township Council meeting, but you have questions for Mayor Fred Tagliarini. Let Patch get them answered for you.

Our questions? Where is the township on the senior housing development on Church Street, and how can concerned residents rejuvenate the Neighborhood Watch?

Tagliarini has agreed to answer as many questions from Patch readers as we can fit into one meeting with him, which we will publish in a Q&A soon.

Now, all we need are your questions: Formulate your query and e-mail it to your local editor Chelsea Naso by Friday, June 22 at 6 p.m.:, subject line: "Ask the Mayor."

Ask Mayor Tags these 3? said...

Why does Mayor Tags allow an unelected and unaccountable man in the guise of Norman Kauff run every as[ect of the governance of Aberdeen?

Why does Mayor Tags and his joke of a town council violate every aspect of the Faulkner Act and disregard and violate almost every aspect of mandated Ethical Behavior of Elected Officials in New Jersey?

Why does Mayor Tags and the Town Council allow CME to fleece developers, businesses and residents with total abandon?

Answer those questions and i'll never post another thing on this blog site ever again.

WHat a NIGHTMARE said...

I just woke up from the worst dream i've ever had. I dreamt that a local Patch website advertised that the totally corrupted Mayor Fred *Tags* Tagliarini would answer any questioned posed to him. What an unrealistic dream that would be to have because the answering of any question posed to the main disciple of Kauff will never happen.

So many questions not answered so much corruption.

Right Mayor Tags?

Ask the Mayor? No f'n way said...

Worst dream?

The worst dream is every day in this town.

That's what corrupt leadership does to us daily.

Right corrupt Kauff controlled leadership.

Leadership in this town is a joke.

Just ask the joke of Mayor Fred Tagliarini.

I laugh every time I think of him and his Kauff.

Anonymous said...

You pompous ass - "4 years later, every one of Aberdeen’s elected representatives on the school board and town council resigned their positions" -- because of your mostly baseless, unsubstantiated BS (blog-shit). Maybe those representatives no longer sought to represent Aberdeen for the very same reasons primarily addressed in Aberdeener -- rampant Kauffruption at every level. Clearly, some got out while the gettin' was good. Others, however, may have realized that systemic Kronic Kauffuption konflicted with their sense of kommunity service and no longer wanted to be "guilty" by association. What's next? Kancel the Blog-Shit known as Aberdeener. None of the Kauff accusations have proven true over your self-lauded 5 years of blogging; none of its Kauff-tots have been prosecuted; and Mayor Fred -- although he'll go down as the worse shit Mayor ever for Aberdeen, sadly, for all the Kauff-Aid he's drank, he too won't go to jail. Sadly. Give it a rest Aberdeener, you're blog has become pathetic. Time to pull the plug.

Anonymous said...

Wait, someone is referring to the Faulkner Act ...? Markie Mark Coren, is that you? Next to illegal acts with underaged minor males, the Faulkner Act was your second most favorite act. Is former Deputy Mayor Drapkin (who still displays his shield in the dash of his car) still your bitch on your Aberdeen condo? Don't forget to register Markie.

Anonymous said...

Here's a topic for your blog. What's the deal with Cannon? Rumor has it he's gunning for higher office. Try to chum up with one of the candidates for Vick Skudiery (the Monmouth County Democratic chairman)position he is vacating. I understand he's an attorney. Must be willing to place his license on the line by aligning himself with Mr. Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Fred is not a leader. He is scum. He is scum. He is scum. All will be revealed in the next election. All Mayor Scum.

You can't stand the truth said...

Pull the plug on this blog?


Not as long as Kauff and his low life scum are in charge and fleecing Aberdeen taxpayers for Kauff, Scudeiri and the dems to keep CME in charge.

Faulkner Act?

What is that exactly?

Councilman Cannon has sacrificed his legal career the minute he shook hands with Kauff and became a Kauff zombie. Much like most idiots attached to Kauff he'll go nowhere other than under Kauff's taint.

Vic *the democratic party owes me 350k and I don't expect to be paid back* Scudeiri is just like the dems head asshole in charge of Aberdeen Norman Kauff cause they are the corrupting tools of the political system that robs the taxpayers in the name of supposed political leadership.

So forget the fact that you want the Aberdeener to go away.

Know why?

Because you know it is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

So go back to smelling Kauff's underwear.

As for Mark Coren I don't know what you mean about Drapkin still having any ID. Expound on the relationship with Coren. I would think Coren would be a pariah to anyone associated to him still in Aberdeen.

Explain please.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Patch
You want real issues, coorect information no poems or fantasy. Post on the Patch, oh wait you must use your real name.

Anonymous said...

You have the opportunity of a life time to ask the Mayor questions today is the deadline.

After reading this blog seems there are many.

To the one or two anonymous said...

Example after example of the Kauffcorruption

One or two anonymous assholes don't believe us

Example after example of no defense by those named

One or two anonymous assholes don't believe us

Example after expensive example of a too costly

One or two anonymous assholes don't believe us

Example after example of illegal kickbacks to Kauff

One or two anonymous assholes don't believe us

Sure we are anonymous so as to not have Kauff put his rabid code enforcer dog or overpaid police on us or worse for always telling the truth of the rampant political Kauffcorruption that is killing Aberdeen.

So to the one or two anonymous assholes we say

F you!



You can't handle the truth on the ABERDEENER!

Warren Drive said...

That is the best post in a long time about the truth just above mine. Not one person named that is joined that hip to the corruption that is Norm ever defended themselves. Enough said for any clear thinking person. Just like the Tea Party we don't matter and neither does this blog site according to the Democrats. Sure that is why they can't stay off of it. Romney 2012. Why? Because Obama is a bigger asshole than our Norm could ever be. And that's saying something right Fast Freddy? Ask the mayor any question. F that jerkoff.

Anonymous said...

Here's a question Mayor Fred, who were you having a "private" conversation with in the parking lot after this week's council meeting? What were you discussing? We saw you. We're watching you. All will be revealed ...

Anonymous said...

This just in ... Vinnie Vince will be on the next ballot.

Truth about Kauff+ said...

Truth is the thing the Kauffkins can't stomach. Get used to it. Next they will not be able to stomach prison food.
Right Kauffkin scum?

All Kauffed up said...

What f'ng joke. What happened to Fred Tagliarini?

He got all Kauffed up just like Aberdeen.

We ar all f'd since Kauff crawled out form under the dog shit he was born with.

Right Normies mommy?

I'll vote for Janice Gallo said...

Let me guess these assholes that defend and support Kauff probably think Jerry Sandusky wasn't guilty either? Both should be in general population and have done to them what they did to others every minute of every day.

The corrupt Kauff truth yet again said...

F the Kauffkin scum ruining this once fine town. Perhaps when Kauff dies the Kauff zombies will die with him? We can only hope and pray each of us. Wait I forgot one of his handpicked child molesting perverts will assume the corrupt control after Kauff dies. Or maybe that political social climber Councilperson Cannon will scheme behind the scenes to assume the dictatorial like control of the corruption based democratic party here in Kaufferdeen. Right Kauff. Right CME? In closing I also am amazed that Fred joined the dark side. What some people won't do to gain power even in Kaufferdeen? How does it feel to be a lackey this late in life you Kauff boot licker Mayor Fred? Mayor Tagliarini what a joke? May as well just say Mayor Kauff since he runs things really from the headquarters on Injustice Lane. Injustice Lane how truthful is that you Kauff ass kissing Kauffkins? Do any of you remeber the last time you had a thought not controlled by Kauff? Think about it or does Kauff forbid independent thought too? So much corruption leaves so many undeniable complicity. Right Fred?

Shut off the lights parties over said...





6:10 train said...

Vinci on the next ballot?

From prison only.





Kauffkin scums time is running out.

Anonymous said...

This blog that allows residents to vent without giving their names.
The name calling and poems, not sure what is truth or rumor.
So what is the problem attending a council meeting and voice your concerns in and open forum?
















Legal notices in todays newspaper continue to show who really runs Aberdeen and the Kauff corruption and illegal spending of taxpayers money knows no boundaries. The first legal notice in the Asbury Park Press today lists the hiring of a financial consultant for Aberdeen. A what you might say? Why does Aberdeen need a financial planner?

As a taxpayer and resident of Aberdeen since 1986 I only have to ask one question. Why does Aberdeen need a financial consultant? Is the answer to illegally pay Kauff even more money to illegally fund the democratic party with taxpayers hard earned monies? There truly can be no other answer.

The other legal notice I read on the way home tonight is even worse for us taxpayers in Aberdeen. The introduced information in the paper today is an advisory to spend even more taxpayers money to develop the area of the train station. Develop the train station for what? For what I must ask as such action is only being undertaken to continue to corruptly and illegally pay the Kauff connected insiders like CME under the guise of the joke that is this possible development joke being around the ill fated and often politically promised democrat playbook. For over ten years now this train station area has been studied over and over again. But nothing gets raised but the bills for the Kauff insiders.

Right Kauff?
Right Mayor?
Right Kauffcouncil?
Right Kauffinsiders?
Right KauffsCME?

Has even one of the joke of a town council persons in office now ever asked how much money has CME been paid over the past 14 years for this ill fated Aberdeen train station development. The joke that has been promised under Kauff for Aberdeen is just like the ill fated Titanic. Aberdeen is similarly sinking into the developmental abyss that the democrats laughingly continues to promise with numerous expensive analysis for nothing to ever happen.

The train station area development will never happen just like the often promised mostly at election time senior housing. The same senior housing that once again CME has made over $1,000,000.00 on while not one shovel has gone into the ground.

They say that political leadership in Trenton is a national joke. Trenton pales in comparison to the corruption laden joke that is the Aberdeen town council.




No corruption in Aberdeen? said...

It continues to amaze me that the unnamed Kauff conspirators of the obvious Kauff corruption and who wrongly defend Kauff keep telling us that we are wrond despite many examples of the corruption.

Despite millions upon millions stolen from us business owners and taxpayers of Aberdeen truly stolen only to only feed the Democrats and the Kauff hangers on.

Yet they won't use their names and come out of the Kauff closet of corruption.

You know what the one thing I hope the Kauffkins will all be called really soon?

Convicted felons!

Wait I forgot there is no corruption in Aberdeen.

Right Mayor Tagliarini?

Such a disappointment you are Coach Fred!

Anonymous said...

hey margaret kiss my kauff. sewers genius we need sewers not paybacks to political cronies. how can you even look at yourself in the mirror. traitor is what you truly are. don't ever think you or your kauff clones are doing the peoples work. kauff works for kauff.

Anonymous said...

Stop being a coward and start attending council meeting. Why would and elected official answer any questions on this blog.

Stop blogging and ask the council.
The Aberdeen Patch, Asbury Park Press and the local independent attend these meetings and are read by thousands.
Aberdeen residents want truth not poems and fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen and Matawan read the Aberdeen Patch.

The answers to all of your concerns about the Train Station is the lead article today.

The Aberdeener is and opinion of Mr Warren and anonymous bloggers.

The Patch reports actual information and attends all meetings.

Glad to live in Matawan said...

No one knows what they are talking about yet the corruption rolls on and on and on. Right Mayor?

No one knows what they are talking about yet Kauff illegally runs Aberdeen. Right Town Council?

No one knows what they are talking about yet Kauff controls the planning and zoning boards and everything they do. Right town attorneys?

No one knows anything yet CME, Kauff and the local democratic party steal millions every year in the name of development that never happens. Right Taxpayers of Aberdeen?

So glad I live in Matawan where we only have idiotic leadership at a much cheaper cost than Kauff and the rest of his pond scum and leeches. Right Bucci?

Mayor answers arranged questions for certain said...

Ask the council a question posted on here and you will get either shut down by the lawyer for the town


Mayor Tags will tell you they will look into your question and they will get back to you

Nut they won't ever get back to you with an answer

Which really means they would have to get the answer to your probably embarrassing and corruption divulging question from their lord and master Norman Kauff Esquire aka the exalted ruler of all things Kaufferdeen

That's how Kaufferdeen rolls

Anonymous said...

The Patch reports "actual information" ... seriously? The Patch reports "actual information" that is fed to it by self-serving elected officials that present spin-approved "actual information" for ready, non-investigative public consumption.

In contrast, and to the point that began this particular subject -- Now What -- the Aberdeener would investigate this issue by submitting requests for public records. For example, why is Aberdeen's governing body

(1) proceeding with this development in today's depressed commercial and resident market;

(2) is the redeveloper agreement subject to PILOT;

(3) what is the impact to our already over-burdened school system (has Aberdeen coordinated with the School Board on this issue?);

(4) how will this impact our excessive property taxes;

(5) what's the status of Matawan's plans for the train station and how does Aberdeen's intent to proceed with the train station redevelopment impact Matawan's plans (Matawan sued Aberdeen the last time the two towns went through this exercise);

(6) what is the impact to our already crowded roads during the rush-hour to and from the train station, etc. These are actual questions that quality investigative reporting would undertake to report "actual information" to the public.

So, back to the issue at end; Now What? Now what Aberdeen? Aberdeen passed its ordinance on first reading. The adoption of that ordinance is scheduled for July 17. Rest assured, the vote will be unanimously approved. A runaway (redevelopment) train that not a single person on the council as the courage to vote against it in the best interest of Aberdeen. Now what Aberdeen? For starters, you can go to Aberdeen's official website ( and contact each council member to express your position on this issue. Attend the July 17 meeting and express your position.

And for our elected officials, it's roll call time, how do you vote on over-development in Aberdeen, higher property taxes, traffic congestion, and crowded schools?

Mayor Tagliarini -- yeah/nay?
James Lauro -- yeah/nay?
Greg Cannon -- yeah/nay?
Margaret Montone -- yeah/nay?
Robert Swindle -- yeah/nay?
Harvey Brenner -- yeah/nay?
Concetta Kelly -- yeah/nay?

Your vote. Your legacy. Aberdeen's future is in your hands.

The Patch isn't even a rag paper said...

Your Vote?

Your legacy?

Aberdeens futures is in whose hands?

The only hands in control of all things Aberdeen are Norman Kauffs!

Kauff, CME and the Kauff clones suckling on the corrupt Kauff tits and who are collectively strangling the businesses, taxpayers, residents, students and anything or anyone else Kauff, CME and the corruption filled Democratic Party who are experts at squeezing every illegal, unethical and immoral dollar out of us business owners trying to survive the clutches of Kauff.

You see Ms. Nasso It's called Kauff's Aberdeen as that is the Kauff controlled Democratic Way!

Simply put Ms. Nasso

The Matawan Aberdeen Patch is a joke because it's just politically corrupt and controlled pablum plain and simple. The Patch reporter is only fed what the Kauff controlled council only wants them to print.

If The Patch writers or reporters wanted to know the truth about Kauff and the millions of taxpayer dollars Kauff, CME and other Kauff clones syphon off of us taxpayers and others listed above. If The Patch really wanted to know the truth about Norman Kauff and his absolute control of all things Aberdeen they would do an OPRA request and ask one or all of the following questions.

Who really runs Aberdeen?

Is it in fact Norman Kauff?

What has CME been paid annually for the last 14 yrs.

Are meetings held and singularly controlled by Norman Kauff inside or out of town hall and why?

Are such meetings that we know are in fact held in locations other than town hall recorded and if not why?

Who attends these meetings and is there a list?

Does the Aberdeen Democratic Kauff puppet Bill Shetton in attendance at these meetings and at whose direction is he present and why?

Interview present and former zoning or planning board members and ask them if they have ever been told how to vote, pressured on how to vote or ever been told to not attend any specific meetings by Kauff?

Interview developers presently working or who have in the past attempted to or did in fact develop or build in Aberdeen and what did it cost them in Aberdeen and how does the cost of doing business in Aberdeen match up with other towns costs.

Interview the same developers and builders as to them ever having been visited under a Kauff orchestrated visit and if they felt that such visits were illegal, immoral and unethical acts of coercion by Kauff controlled senior democratic party members *Robinson and Axlerod*.

Did same developers feel that they were being strong armed to pay off to ensure that their developers approvals were authorized by paying off to the improperly requested soliciting of funds as requested by *Robinson or Axlerod* tas directed representatives sent by Norman Kauff and the Aberdeen democratic party to *smooth over the developmental approval process* in Aberdeen.

Has it at present or has it been in the past the standard practice to solicit such funds the standard practice the past 14 years under the absolute illegal, immoral, unethical and undeniably corruptible all things in Aberdeen are under the direct and absolute control of the one the only Norman Kauff resident of Justice *Injustice* Lane in Aberdeen? The list is endless Miss Nasso so if you just start with these simple few questions. You will find everything else you need to know about the strangle hold Norman Kauff has on all things Aberdeen. This will become very apparent when you try to get the information, interviews or the true monetary numbers that CME, town lawyers and other hangers on of the Kauff pursestrings have been paid.

Otherwise The Matawan Aberdeen Patch is a rag without the sheets of paper to line my Parakeets bird cage with.

Attend a council meeting? That's funny! said...

Go to a council meeting to ask our corruptly, illegally controlled and completely unethical leadership a question?

That's the best joke ever!

How about just one of them using their real name and official title come on here and honestly prove to us that just one of the statements, examples and costs of the Kauff corruption so pervasive here in Aberdeen is not true.

That would impress me.

I can assure you I will not be that impressed EVER as one of our leadership who check this site daily can never ever respond using their name to deny the Kauff controlled corruption.

Even those assholes know it would be used against them in a court of law.

Where are the ethics police to arrest these scum?

Checking things on Justice Lane maybe?

Let us pray!

Anonymous said...

kauffie don't want anyone to come to council meetings. i would like to go to the illegal meetings held outside of our municipal offices though. kauffie would like that even less. because you would attend such a meeting and know for 100 percent certainty who really runs aberdeen. margaret how are the latest lies coming for kauffie to have you tell us to continue the lie. sewers you idiot it is all about us getting the sewers kauffie promised us over and over. try going to the doctor margaret and asking for a big shot of backbone for once. try representing the people of aberdeen and not just the corrupt interests of kauffie and his political leeches. sewers dammit do you get it yet margaret. you can't be that stupid. or are you. only kauffie knows for sure.

You get what you elect! ASSHOLES said...

What do you want for nothing?

A rubber biscuit?

You elect asholes you get assholes.

Easily controlled

Totally gullible

Kauff serving at all costs assholes

Right Kauff?

Wait until you read the latest pay CME a boatload of taxpayers money so nothing will get built but the bank account of Corrupt Kauff Incorporated aka The Township of Aberdeen Democratic Club aka The POLITICAL MAFIA OF THE TOWNSHIP OF ABERDEEN.

Right Vinnie Vincie?

Anonymous said...

ask the mayor where are they going to put the 750-1000 kids that will be coming from the projects on county road, anchor glass and 34. pilot program my ass. pilot must stand for pay inside lawyers overtime today. sewers you idiots how about the sewers you promised us. they promised you to margaret.

Warren Drive said...

Patch is bullshit nuff said. Right Norm? F you Kauff!

Latest Democratic developmental lies said...

Just read the latest democratic line of bullshit about another developmental project that will?

Guess what?




Right Norm?
Right Norm controlled Mayor?
Right Norm Town Council?
Right Norm Town Kauff Attorneys?
Right Norm Planning Board?
Right Norm Zoning Board?
Right Norm CME?
Right Norm Aberdeen Democratic Club?
Right N.J. Attorney General Ciesla?
Right N.J.S.P. Investigators in Ewing Twp.

Anonymous said...

Stop acting like children. The poems and name calling are for the play ground.

Stop being a coward and start attending meetings and asking the right questions. Remember the owner of this blog lives in New York.

Mr Warren offers his opinion, the Aberdeen Patch attends meetings and reports on the facts only.

I attend council meetings with 10 other people keep sitting here on this blog. Next council meeting during public hearing, address your concerns cannot wait.

Big hello Councilman Cannon said...

You attend council meetings with 10 people?

That's because you are either one of the Kauffcouncil members (pun intended on *members* because you are all *dicks*) or either you are the Kauffclerk or Kauff Town Manager or the totally unethical Kauffasshole Town attorney.

Either way 7 Kauffcouncil members plus one Kauffmanager plus one Kauffclerk and one
Kauff town attorney results in your 10.

That is the ten that you attend the meeting with.

How do I know?

Because you asshole there has not been more than five people in a town council audience on average at a Kauffcouncil meeting for years now.

The meetings are a waste of time

The ten of you are a waste of time

And finally

It pisses you all off to no end that this blog still exists and exemplifies all your Kauffcorruption

So kiss my ass you idiot Kauffcontrolled puppets

By the way

I agree with the previous postings

The old factory across town housing will never be built.

Just like

The joke of a train station development

The joke of senior housing

The joke of developing property off 516

The joke of giving people the sewers they need and were promised over and over again but never happened

All the press, promises are just Kaufflies

Kauff continuing to get paid illegally and unethically

Kauff continuing to corruptly fund CME

Kauff continuing to illegally fund his local Dem party

All of course at oppressed taxpayers expense

So F you and the 9 other Kauff puppets with you

By the way we know it's you Councilman Cannon

We know it's you because you can't use your name

Kauff won't let you do that ever again

Bet he spanked you really hard

Kauff likes to spank people

Corren loved it I heard

The 10 of you deserve to end up just like Corren did

All convicted felons

F all of you and the damage you've done to all of you

I know Kauff is a crook said...

Kauff and all the rest can bite me.

Kauff and all the rest are criminals pure and simple.


Kauff and the water problem said...

Boil water alert people so get to the store for drinking water. If Kauff catches fire just let the old gay queen burn.

Norms lil bitch said...

Bet CME will make money off of us having no water. They are like a crap that always floats to the top in the toilet. Right Freddy Boy? Such a disappointment you are Freddy Boy. But you know that already.You are nothing but Normies litttle bitch. Right Norm?

So brave Bill? said...

Hello to Bill from Aberdeen and William Shenton who blogged into the Rumson Patch and made himself known in regards to the water problem and notification to residents. Nice job Bill or William on the Patch wile he is of course under strict Kauff orders a scumsucker for Kauff when he is posted under anonymous on here. Bill Shenton so bravely posts on the Patch to be identified except when Bill is posting here on the Aberdeener under the corrupt, illegal and immoral Kauff puppet. So brave you and your Kauffkins are? Not!

No doubt about it said...

Water company doing everything they can?

No corruption in Aberdeen?

Kauff does not illegally run Aberdeen?

Lies all lies!

Right Mayor Tagliarini?

Damn you Mr. K said...

Mr. K I am on my way to my new second or is it my third job as I try to keep up on paying my taxes. While you corruptly pay back your political donors for useless and what will be never used open space I wonder how much your engineers will corruptly get paid to engineer* wink wink nod nod* the uses of this not needed and way overly expensive open space. I read recently that you plan to buy another piece of useless open space no doubt corruptly politically connected also in the same area. In this time and place for you Mr. K to waste our monies paying back political donors in this manner is ignorant and contemptible. I do not address the town council since they don't have a brain or backbone between them. You Mr. K for some ungodly reason are allowed to cast your spell and work your sinful and evil control over our mindless officials you put in place to corruptly do your bidding. I am a religious man Mr. K but I curse your birth and the pain and costs you inflict on this town. Damn you to hell and damnation Mr. K and may you burn for eternity for the pain you cause many of us. I would in the past say I would pray for you. I cannot in my church now since I work now rather than take my family to praise our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Kauffkins don't believe in Jesus Christ said...

Kauff and his miscreants don't believe in Jesus Christ.

They only pray to political corruption pure and simple.

Corruption and taking every tax dollar from us citizens.

Right Coach Fred?

Such a disappointment you are Coach Fred.

Prayed for divine intervention said...

Pray for Kauff?


They only believe in praying for more taxpayer money.

Right Kauff?

The Lord our God should place a pox on all of you.

This I shall pray to happen and very soon.

Anonymous said...

kauff and his a hole buddy vic have to payback fiorino. that is who owned the property kauff is having his council buy. it ensures that the fiorino family will keep sending checks to the corrupt democrats in the county.
never forget it is our money. that the town has money for but not for the sewers the told us we would get. right magaret they promised you sewers. what did kauff promise you to betray your friends and family.

Fiorino political payback big $$$$ said...

Fiorino owns a bunch or property way out on the edges of town that Norm wants taxpayers to fund his political payback to a generous donors family.

Contaminated property don't forget taxpayers.

And who thought this was a good idea?

Only the Norm controlled puppets.

Right Norm?

Unbelievable is all that needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

So this is what Republicans are really all about.

Vacation and got to Kauff it said...

Wow what a response.

What's next from you corrupt Kauffkin idiots?

Nah nah nah nah nah nah!

Just got on the Independent online while on vacation and like my son says it is just shock and awe again. '

There it is the latest concept of wasteful engineering fees to fatten the Kauff calf that is CME and lest we forget Kauff and his fools in the Democratic Club for another dream job for CME that won't see the light of day but that will pay a whole lot of fees to the politically corrupt hangers on to Kauff?

Democratic Club?

A Club?

That is what Kauff uses to keep his puppets in line.

Right Fast Freddy?

Temperature here in the Outer Banks is Hot! with an occasion really damn hot.

Wait until the Kauffkins get *inside* there is no AC.

The only cooling they will get will be from their own tears as they regret following that idiot Kauff.

Anonymous said...

corruption in kaufferdeen is worse then i thought. i read here a couple of times that kauffcme tried to get 15,000.00 for some light job on a ball field in kaufferdeen. wrong number since i found out yesterday they tried to get 50,000.00 for a fudged report with no real work. no wonder the old manager got fired. kauff really needed that 50,000.00 for that years corruption filled campaign. corruption is not cheap in kaufferdeen is it. im working on getting a copy of that bill maybe the state police will get it real soon we can only hope. listen soon and you shall hear kauff screaming once again in the wind how do they find these things out.

Kauff toilet humor said...

Here I sit broken hearted

tried to go but only Kauffed

P U it stinks of Kauff corruption in Aberdeen

F Kauff and his Kauffkin puppets of corruption

Anonymous said...

Norm said...


Same tired old shit this retard has been putting out for 5 years.

Zzzzz zzzz z zzzzzzz zzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzzzzzz zzzz zzzz zzz zzzzz zz z...

It is just politics just corrupt politics said...

50k for very little or no real work for engineering work is how politics works everywhere not just here in Kaufferdeen. No bid contracts get awarded for questionably needed busy work to Kauff favored contributors. Of course it is almost exclusively awarded most of the time for overpriced work with an illegal kickback to the political party in control all at taxpayers expense. Right Freddy Boy? Such a disappointment you are Freddy Boy. But you know that already don't you Freddy Boy? Keeep kissing Kauff's ass Freddy Boy.

Kauff fireworks coming soon BOOM said...

Taking the boat to see the Macy's fireworks tomorrow night. I hear Kauff and his cohorts may be the fireworks show soon for us business owners and taxpayers when they all get arrested for violating the public trust.

All the way inside said...

Tags don't kiss Kauff's ass he is all the way up in inside.
Enjoy what little time and freedom you have Kauffkins. You're all to be incarcerated soon enough. Right Tags?


Town Hall is closed today our money is safe from Kauff.

Unfortunately the Kauff ATM opens in the morning.

Right Kauff
Right Mayor?
Right Town Council?
Right Town Attorneys?
Right PLanning Board?
Right Zoning Board?
Right CME?
Right Aberdeen Democratic Club?

Anonymous said...

Joey, You should seriously consider shutting this down. It's been perhaps a year since you started seeking a local resident to take over this blog and fight the fight. Like you said, no one has stepped up to the plate. And you can't do meaningful research and publish the kinds of exposes you would like to from where you currently live. All that is left is a steady stream of vitriolic comments posted by a few anti-Kauff zealots -- most of the 120+ comments so far to your June 2nd article are crude, hostile, anti-gay, and defamatory. It truly does your cause no good to leave your blog on auto pilot and let these rants continue unabated. There are plenty of local residents who would enjoy reading an informed political blog that applies checks and balances on the local municipal governments, but Aberdeener just isn't that vehicle. I recommend that you write one last post offering the Aberdeener blog to a worthy blogger and turn off the comments option. The ravings just have to stop. There's no conspiracy in this recommendation. It's a kindness.

America is dying because of said...

America was created by true patriots.

America is being destroyed by corruptible politicians.

It is the democratic way.

The thoroughly corrupt democratic way.

Just like here in Aberdeen.

Kauff is going down said...

At my BBQ today my twin cousins asked if my town had a fireworks display or a 4th of July parade. I said no they don't and then I started thinking about how many time Norm and his forty thieves promised us a main street. The first time was the original train station development. The second time was the promised development at the old factory in Cliffwood. Neither ever happened and as I answered my cousins I thought of how good that is for my fellow tax payers. Why would not having a main street for a parade or fireworks be a good thing? It is really simple actually it is corruptly simple. If we had a main street you know Kauff and his CME would no doubt overcharge us business owners and taxpayers for CME to do another overpriced and unchecked study for nothing. Don't get me wrong I would love to live in a community with a main street or location for fireworks for my grandkids to see. The only drawback would be that Kauff and his usual thieving CME would no doubt overcharge us for such an American tradition. In Aberdeen the only tradition is Kauff , CME and their all too familiar corruption filled illegally overcharging on us business owners and poor residents. My wife exercises at the senior center and said they just built a new deck on the back of the building. I'm going over to look at it and find out how much and to who that little job cost all of us. My wife said it looks big for the building and how little it gets used. Stay tuned for the next episode of *the fleecing of Aberdeen's citizens and businesses*. We who are being robbed by our so called political leadership. F all of them I say!

Ethics classes for our officials? said...

$50k for no engineering work is only the tip of the iceberg people. The lawyers in town who are owned and who questionably pay back Norman Kauff is the real crime. Did any of the elected officials have to attend ethics classes when sworn into office? I understand there are mandatory classes that would have instructed them to report most of the corrupt activities implemented and illegally controlled by Norman Kauff. What would our officials excuses be with all of the ethics violations that are stated on here?

The real corruption is? said...

Once again we are the problem on the Aberdeener?

How is that you idiot Kauff allegiant clone?

Joey warren don't live in Aberdeen but still cares.

We report and publicize the official idiocy and corruption and you think that is the worst thing posted on this blog?

Kauff, CME and official corruption is the real crime.

That and that you betray your family and neighbors.

Keep believing the lie that Kauff does not control our town officials and all the costly approval processes that is ruining this one fine community in the name of corruption laden democratic party politics.

We are the problem you idiot?

Norman Kauff, CME and their puppets are the problem here in Aberdeen.

Better get a good lawyer on retainer.

You are going to need it sooner than you think.

Live to ride ride to live Blue Knights said...

$50,000.00 is nothing folks King Kauff steals that each week from all his towns total at least. King Kauff steals legal fees for the of council thing which is just getting paid to do absolutely nothing. The engineers KIng Kauff controls get card blanch to steal all they can as long as they kick back to King Kauff so he can keep his corrupt control of his Kingdom. So we are little more than serfs toiling in the field until one brave soul steps forward or gets screwed over and King Kauff becomes Humpty Dumpty falls off the wall.

Better yet until the authorities pull Humpty Dumpty Kauff off his corrupt throne. Big hello to Rocky in Fla. keep that plane ticket ready cause all the old guys will be called to tesify on what we've seen of Humpty Kauff. Those of us that are left that is. Skip the plane ticket bring your Harley we'll go for a long ride.

Anonymous said...

this blog is on life support but its brain dead - please pull the plug

Anonymous said...

Joey can't shut the blog down. If he did, the one remaining asshole that posts his kauffantasies would have no more reason to live. Wait, nevermind, shut it down Joey

Anonymous said...

another a-hole heard from who joins the other kauffkin scum in telling us how this blog does not mater. keep telling yourselves that right up until the cell door closes and you cry like a little bitch. this blog pisses off kauff and his forty thieves every single day and they know it.

Anonymous said...

kauffantasies!!! Ha! Ha! That's awesome!

Can't stay away can you Kauffkins? said...

I have Kauffantasies myself everyday. Mine are of Kauff and his cohorts getting corn-holed in prison every single day over and over again. I would be remiss if I did not point out that there is one problem with the use of the word Kauff being combined with the word fantasy. As it won't very soon be a fantasy in any way, shape or form. It will be Norm and his Kauffkin scums daily reality as they all serve their sentences for crimes perpetrated against the citizenry in the form of corrupt political thievery. The thievery known as the Aberdeeen Democratic Party. Right Tags? You traitor loser!

Senior deck cost us? said...

Jumped on my bike this morning and am texting from my phone this very minute from the senior center off Lloyd Road. I am looking at the back end of the senior center and there is in fact a new platform and step down on the back of the senior building. Your wife was right it is a small deck looks like 8X8 or so. My sister had one of these built on the back of her condo in Old Bridge last year for about 4500 I think. I am willing to bet our corrupt leadership overpaid with our tax monies to ensure a kickback to the local joke that is our town council. Lets find out how much this cost all of us and like it is said by kids to show us the money.
















Anonymous said...

its almost too hot out for kauff to steal. what am i saying kauff sits on his ass at his house and steals by making his idiots on the council commit all of his corrupt political crimes. nice work if you are stupid enough to do it. right margaret you idiot. sewers margaret still need the sewers you loser.

How about this Kauffkins? said...

When the corruption of Kauff stops we will stop.

Until then I say never should this blog be closed.

I suggest the following be enacted to stop the complaining and whiny accusations and false praise of our elected officials, their corrupted and illegal processes and the unethical presence of Norman Kauff in our municipal offices and governmental processes and his illegal management of our tax money along with his improper use and illegal control of various developmental approvals and the overwhelming and improper use and overly excessive and completely unchecked use of CME for far too costly engineering services by the municipality and its citizenry, businesses and developers negatively effecting the community:

I think Mr. Warren should just leave the blog open and let the rumors, innuendo, suspicions and more be placed upon this site with a disclaimer that all people have the right to expose criminality, perpetrators to be outed for perverse and illegal acts upon children, illegal and unethical control of various official boards controlling and approving the use and density of real and proposed properties, illegal use of taxpayers monies to payback political contributors under the guise of grants, ethics violations, voting violation, violations of the public trust, election rule violations, failure to properly and legally list contributions to elected officials or party bosses, illegal monetary shakedowns of judges, prosecutors, developers, contractors, workers, builders and more by unelected and unaccountable party bosses named Norman Kauff.

In other words the illegal, unethical, immoral and daily goings on under the present corrupt political leadership here in Aberdeen since Norman Kauff and his Democrats stepped foot in Aberdeen.

Of course there should be the opportunity to allow any elected, unelected or any other person to be able to prove their innocence or show that any and all information is untrue, wrong, misconstrued or an outright lie.

in other words stop people should stop blaming this blog site and the founder Mr. Joey Warren for the corruption, criminality and illegal goings on within and without of our municipal offices.

At any cost the illegal, corruptible and unethical use of our tax monies by our present elected officials and their puppet master must be stopped to ensure the honesty of governmental operations and the public trust in governmental leadership is restored and that the municipal services and fiscal propriety are immediately restored in Aberdeen.

I realize this proposal will not sit well with the Norman Kauff controlled. Those who are happy and profit off of the illegal, unethical and immoral control of our community by Norman Kauff. To those who will ignorantly continue to say those who post on here and repeatedly exemplify the Norman Kauff control and corruption are wrong is no different than many other patriots in history who stepped up, questioned and shouted against the politically corrupt elected officials like ours in Aberdeen.

Right Norman Kauff
Right Mayor Tagliarini?
Right Town Council?
Right Town Lawyers?
Right Zoning Board?
Right Planning Board?
Right CME?
Right Aberdeen Democratic Party?
Right Aberdeen Democratic Club?
Right Taxpayers of Aberdeen?
Right Developers n Aberdeen?
Right Builders in Aberdeen?
Right Contractors in Aberdeen?
Right Municipal Employees in Aberdeen?
Right Governor Christy?
Right Atorney General Ciesla?
Right NJSP Investigators in Ewing Twp. N.J.

Anonymous said...

brain dead is what kauffkins are. right margaret

So many? So much corruption said...

I love how the anonymous Kauffkins say the site is a waste of time and is brain dead. All I can say is it only takes one person to bring down the illegal enterprise that is Norman *Kauffie Kauff* Kauff.

Under the cockroach will be said...

Politicians like Kauff and his Kauffkins, car salesman, insurance salesman and cockroaches is all that will survive a nuclear holocaust. Kauff will be the one hiding under the cockroach. He'll be right next to Tagliarini.

Still can't stay away Kauffkins? said...

Keep telling your corrupt Kauff controlled selves that there is only one person shining the light on you and your corrupt bosses illegal, immoral and unethical control of Aberdeen.

You keep telling us we don't know what we are talking about as you keep monitoring what we find out and post week after week about all of your corrupt deeds in the name of Kauff.

So guess what?

We will continue to shine the light on all of you as you hurt and fleece the Aberdeen community in the name of corrupt democratic politics.

But if you get rid of Kauff we'll stop.

Until then keep telling us we don't matter.

Anonymous said...

really judges and prosecutors pay kauff. margaret i would ask if you are supposed to report such a thing.
like is said on here so often. so many questions with so much corruption. don't forget the sewers we need. remember us your neighbors here is freneau. heard you want to move on up and leave us with no sewers. think again margaret kauff needs you where you are. under his boot heel with all the other kauff hand puppets.

6:00 train said...

One person? That is what the Kauff gang fears the most. One person to just open the door to the authorities of the corruption and excessive engineering costs that are killing this town in the name of politics. Crooked Kauff politics. Right Coach Fred?

Troubling to say the least said...

I have been home sick for the week and am going back to work today after reviewing this sites topics and history. If what i've read on here is true my hometown is in very big trouble. I have read of political problems here that make me sick if these allegations are in fact true. While no one trusts politicians and with good cause from what i've read on this site.

This Mr. Norman Kauff person should be removed from his political perch if these postings are even half true. If the politicians in my hometown are allowing this conduct and more listed on here they deserve to be investigated immediately. I will watch for future postings and will alert many of my family and friends of this site and the troubling posts.

I am so troubled by what I have read here I will now look upon here every day.


Anonymous said...

You ever notice how this ass spaces his posts about an hour apart each day. He usually does 3 a day. It is so obviously the same ass posting his kauffantasies over and over. Why don't you censor him like you do to me Joey?

Get good hiding spots or else said...

Come out!

Come out!

Wherever you corrupt Kauffkins are!

Better find good hiding spots cause the laws coming.

Coming to take you away

Ha ha

Tee hee

Hoo hoo

Cuse you are all completely corrupt.

Right Freddy boy?

Such a disappointment you are Freddy boy!

But you know that already!

Welcome Aboard Tamika said...

Troubled by what you read? Doesn't seem to bother the Kauff Klan Tamika and its their responsibility to report the corruption. Tell everyone you know about this website and the curse that is Norman Kauff Esquire. Esquire stands for

E Everyone

S Should

Q Quit

U Under

S Suspicion

I Involving

R Reprehensible

E Engineers fees and corrupt political control

Welcome Aboard 2 said...

Sorry mind goes first delete suspicion from esquire. Turning 69 and slowing down is bad.

Anonymous said...

esquire post was good despite the use of the word suspicion. because there is no suspicion when it comes to the kauff corruption.

6:50 train said...

Back to work today after a great family vacation. Anything new since i've been gone? Anything on the Kauff mess? Anything on our school leadership calling for an official investigation into the questionable developments being built? Development that will devastate our schools already overwhelmed classrooms? So much corruption leaves so many questions. So much questionably approved developmental corruption brings too many more school children. School children that we cannot afford. And amazingly somehow they call themselves our political leadership. Disturbing to say the least.

5:50 train said...

Back to work gets a big welcome back. You did not miss much but the usual Kauff and CME corruption. Right Freddy Boy? Taxpayers monies spent on more CME do nothing jobs. Although there was a disclosure of $50,000.00 lights for a light installation on one of the towns ball field. Another shakedown by CME that is said to have caused a former manager of the town to be fired for not allowing the bill go through maybe. I think that a long list of our leadership is liable for not turning in CME for that illegal shakedown. I hope that is under the authorities microscopes for sure. How much could the lights have cost if the engineers wanted $50,000.00 for doing very little. A new guest signed in shocked by the topics on here named Tamika . Tamika was also surprised and disappointed by what she read on here. So many questions so much corruption. Right Norm? Right CME?

Come find me coppers said...

Beware of the Kauff cops

Rumor has the Kauff police looking into who is posting all the truths and inside information about the Kauff gang on here. That the Kauff cops will do but these same cops could not solve my home burglary much less show the taxpayers what they do for that 4m a year they cost us taxpayers. Come on and find me so I can get my lawyer to subpoena each and every employee and present and former official and ask about all the Kauff corruption. From what I hear the Kauff cops in Aberdeen better worry about all of the blue line secrets that are not so secret. I'm waiting come find me but get ready to testify on all the corruption right under these cops noses. Find our jewelry flatfoots.

50k for doing nothing said...

50k for CME to do nothing to deserve illegal payment?

Nice work if you have a thoroughly corrupt puppet leadership to look the other way.

So many questions so much corruption.

Anonymous said...

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