Tuesday, June 30, 2020

Same Old Aberdeen

It’s been 10 years since I’ve lived in Aberdeen. Not much has changed. Mayor Tagliarini is still wondering how I discovered before he did that he’d be the democratic nominee for Mayor. Municipal budget is up 50% and Aberdeen has the highest property tax rate in Monmouth County for towns with an aggregate property value over $200 million. CME continues to fund the democratic campaigns for a license to pillage.

Still the same cast of characters on the town council except for relative newcomer, Abie Hirsch. 

Vincent Vinci is still lining his pockets at the firehouse after being pushed off the town council. Then again, he needs the money after getting scorched in property taxes on the land gifted to him by the township and county.

Greg Cannon is still plotting to become a power broker.

Still using Norman Kauff’s old law firm to represent the township.

Cambridge Club is finally open. (Yay!)

Affordable housing has arrived.

Crime is down.

Ten whole years. Feels like yesterday.
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