Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Our Kids Are Next

The left is seeking to transform education. Our children will be targeted. Textbooks will be rewritten. State guidelines will be revised. The Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District will be expected to pay teachers to write new lesson plans that indoctrinate students in socialism and other leftist ideals. Grades will be inflated to offset the systemic racism within the district.

White kids will be taught racism is in their DNA. Minorities will be taught they’ve been victimized by their white neighbors. Our founding fathers will mutate from imperfect heroes to despicable bigots. Rather than celebrate our nation’s achievements and recognize that we are dwarves on the shoulders of giants, the schools will teach our children to reject our history for we are the lowly descendants of monkeys.

Opposing viewpoints will be characterized as violence and hate speech. Safe spaces will be weaponized. Vandalism and destruction of property will be excused as social justice. Discipline and law enforcement will be shackled as thugs are permitted to roam freely.

Parents will not be spared. Matawan Township was renamed Aberdeen after Aberdeen, Scotland, an area infamous for witch burning and children trafficking. The word “kidnapped” comes from “kidnabbed”, for which Aberdeen was particularly notorious, selling hundreds of local children to slavers in the 1740s.

Aberdeen was originally inhabited by the Lenape Indians. After getting pushed out of Aberdeen, they ended up in Oklahoma where the Supreme Court recently awarded half the state to Native Americans.

Mayor Tagliarini is a closet republican who bends over backwards to accommodate local corruption. Will he use the bully pulpit and power over the school budget to protect our children? Has he ever?

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