Monday, November 5, 2007

Aberdeen's Election Issues

The Democratic Party has controlled Aberdeen's Town Council for the past 12 years. This election will be a referendum on that control. Aberdeen Township is also a democratic enclave within Republican Monmouth County and both county and national politics will likely play a role in Tuesday's elections. Every voter should familiarize himself with the issues and the candidates prior to casting a ballot.

Below are the major issues facing Aberdeen . Due to time constraints, I have been unable to get detailed responses from the Green Party and felt it would be unfair to extrapolate their positions solely from their party's platform. Instead, I would encourage voters to visit I would also like to thank Republican Tom Aljian for explaining his party's positions. Regarding the Democrats, as the party in power for the last dozen years, their position is public record.

  1. Residential Development
    Democrat – Allow continued residential development to build neighborhoods and support local businesses
    Republican - Residential development hikes property taxes by burdening our school system. Permit limited residential development to entice developers into other projects

  2. Commercial Development
    Democrat – Office and retail development near the train station and in the Anchor Glass Factory area
    Republican - Develop comprehensive master plan rather than phased development

  3. COAH Units ( Mount Laurel Housing)
    Democrat - Construct low income housing for the elderly, purchase some allowances in neighboring towns, and postpone the rest until absolutely necessary
    Republican - Abide by state mandates

  4. Public School District
    Democrat – Work with the Board of Education to find new ways to improve education and control spending
    Republican - Use the power of the bully pulpit to influence the Board of Education

  5. Traffic Congestion
    Democrat – While some traffic can be reduced through road improvements, current traffic congestion is normal for a town of our size and location
    Republican - Push county for more road improvements

  6. County, State, Federal Funding
    Democrat – Working with officials at all levels to obtain financing for special projects such as funding for the Sea Walk Enhancement project
    Republican - Hire a professional grant writer to pursue additional grants

  7. Anchor Glass Factory Area
    Democrat – Build office, retail, and residential units on the property
    Republican - Light commercial, light industrial, limited residential

  8. Shore Development
    Democrat – Restore the beachfront through successive small projects until private developers find the area worthy of investment
    Republican - Float a municipal bond to properly finance beachfront development

  9. Property Taxes
    Democrat – The municipal tax rate is stable and the town is not responsible for the school budget
    Republican - Keep surplus money in "Rainy Day" fund. Avoid election year financing gimmicks
    (Note: The Green Party has been circulating a chart showing municipal property taxes have risen 36.1% over the Democrats' 12-year tenure. The chart, however, does not account for inflation. In both real dollar terms and as a percentage of household income, municipal taxes have remained flat over the past twelve years. School taxes have risen sharply.)

  10. Infrastructure Maintenance
    Democrat - The town has been actively maintaining the streets and sewers and will continue to do so
    Republican - Continue the town's maintenance schedule

  11. Transit Village Project
    Democrat – 10-story office buildings, 7,000 new parking spaces, and limited residential development
    Republican - Must coordinate all transit area development with Matawan

  12. Parks and Open Spaces
    Democrat – Parks will continue to be maintained and enhanced such as the new lighting for the Oakshades Park
    Republican - Refurbish playground facilities where needed

  13. Contract Bidding Process
    Democrat – The current bidding process is open, fair, and competitive
    Republican - Avoid emergency no-bid contracts

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Anonymous said...

Dear Aberdeener:

Thanks for giving Aberdeen a place to go to learn about the issues and concerns of our community.

I urge every resident to vote on Tuesday.

Tom Aljian
Republican Council Candidate