Friday, February 8, 2008

Mayor Buccellato's Challenge

Matawan has the highest tax rate in Monmouth County but the borough controls less than one-fifth of property taxes. Can Mayor Buccellato provide tax relief?

Upon taking office, Mayor Buccellato announced the municipality would no longer make pension contributions to professionals and part-time employees unless mandated by statute. Though the move will save thousands of dollars, it won’t put a dent in next year’s forecasted $22 million of appropriations. Even if the Republican mayor could achieve draconian spending cuts in a Democrat-controlled borough council, any tax reductions would be minimal.

That leaves revenue as the only possible means to reduce the tax burden. The two obvious sources for substantial revenue increases are the Transit Village Project and Main St. Revitalization.

The Transit Village Project (TVP) is unlikely to start any time in the near future. In addition to economic conditions, community opposition, and disputes between Matawan and Aberdeen, COAH now requires one affordable housing unit for each five new residences, making these large development projects even less appealing.

Meanwhile, Main Street’s largest commercial tenant, C-Town, has decided to close their doors after only a year; the supermarket continually lost money while being picketed by the United Food and Commercial Workers Union’s Local 464A.

What to do? For any meaningful tax relief, Mayor Buccellato would need to find $2 million between cost savings and increased revenues in a small borough with a $9 million budget. Absent the Transit Village Project and Main St. Revitalization, which would take many years, I don’t see how it’s possible. Still, here are some measures the Mayor could consider:

  • Establish a shared services committee consisting of Matawan’s borough administrator, Aberdeen’s township manager, and the school district’s business administrator. While the municipalities share some services, they should be far more aggressive. For example, Matawan and Aberdeen both hired Realty Appraisal to implement the municipal revaluations. They probably would have saved money by requesting a joint bid. Other departments and services that could be shared: police, park maintenance, road maintenance, capital improvements, and professional services.

    (Though I still believe Matawan and Aberdeen should merge, I now agree with blogger, Truth In Matawan, that we should first merge services until the political landscape becomes more receptive to a municipal merger.)

  • Establish a joint task force between Matawan, Aberdeen, and the school district to actively pursue grants at the county, state, and federal level.

  • Initiate a corporate sponsorship program of public parks and facilities similar to the Adopt-A-Highway program.
I believe these proposals could save the average Matawan household about $150 per year. Not much but better than nothing. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me one good thing that is happening in the town you have chose to live in?

Anonymous said...

Sorry! In the previous post I used chose when I should have used chosen.

Anonymous said...

I think the adopt-a-park idea is completely workable, even on the level of local clubs/groups. Currently without any sponsors at all, the Matawan Aberdeen 4-H club has adopted Jackson Street park and will, in the spring, be planting along the fence line, painting a mural on the wall-ball wall, and working to keep the park clean.

If the borough started and promoted an actual program, I'm sure many other groups would join in to do similar things.

Getting the public involved in the community is a critical step towards helping the local government make usful changes.

Aberdeener said...


You're absolutely correct. I have gotten too immersed with the neighborhood's deficiencies. I moved here because it is a great place to live and I shouldn't be implying otherwise. I'll try to start writing more articles about the good things in our town.

Anonymous said...

The first step would be to merge the two police departments. Aberdeen police constantly criss-cross Matawan to serve Cliffwood & Freneau. This would be beneficial to both due to a more uniform police presence and possible $$ savings. What the hell they already share the school district!!!

matawan advocate said...

Thanks Aberdeener for the posting re: School Board meeting on Mon. Feb. 11, 2008. Interestingly enough the Matawan Borough Council has a meeting at 6pm for a Workshop to be followed by the regular meeting at 7:30pm. Mike Cannon, Chairman of the Education committee can't be in two places at one time. Nor can any other members of the Council, why is the School Board meeting at the same time as the Borough Council meeting? We have just about had enough of this Democrat/Republican nonsense, when will communication be mandatory?

matawan advocate said...

C-Town closing had more to do with not serving the needs of the Community than any picketing. Many residents complained that C-Town had expired products and did not carry products this community requires. In all fairness, the expired products were removed once it was brought to the attention of the Manager.

This shows that you can't shove a business down the throats of residents and expect them to thank you. Perhaps the new Main St. Revitaliation Committee will have more feedback from the residents and the Council will be guided accordingly.

Anonymous said...

It is time to look at things to consolidate and merge in the Borough of Matawan. Though doing so may not be neccesary with outside municipalities right away. First things first, the road department needs to go. They are not much more then an overpaid landscape company with the equipment for snow removal and sanding/salting the roadways. Then sell off most of the equipment. Once that is done we need to focus on what is important PUBLIC SAFETY. That starts with the police department. They should be enlarged by a few more officers. Hearing that most of the time there is only 2 officers patroling our streets is frightening for residents and the patrol officers themselves. This leads to First Aid. I spoke to an officer a few years back who was waiting with me for a first aid ambulance while my wife was in agonizing pain. The ambulance from Matawan never came, it was from Keyport. He told me that this was beginging to be normal. He also told me of an idea that was brought up to have the police department takeover the first aid so there is fulltime coverage. The idea was to hire part time officers with EMT status to man the first aid building. They are paid my the hour and the men and women could also be used for other special events and parking issues. Now that is good thinking. Last the Fire Company. We need to condense the buildings and Departments. It is ridiculous to have all of these buildings with trucks. Waste! 2 buildings 4 trucks is plenty. A new hook and ladder? Yes! I hear some of these departments have between 1 and 5 members. No good, shut them down and turn off the power in the buildings. You save money right there.

Anonymous said...

Main St Manny is right about the road dept. Go to the Basillian Fathers parking lot any day of the week and you will probably find someone sleeping while the partner is looking out!!!

Anonymous said...

We definately need to do something about the First Aid Squad. A woman was hit by a car in the Shoprite parking lot and it took at least 30 minutes to get an ambulance there. Maybe Matawan and Aberdeen should chip in and man a paid, instead of volunteer, first aid organization. Not bashing the volunteers, they are wonderful, but there aren't enough on hand at times. Police should definately be combined. You have more than 2 Matawan policemen at dismissal at Ravine Drive School and no Aberdeen police at Lloyd Road School where crossing the street and the amount of traffic is far more dangerous.

matawan advocate said...

Shop Rite is in Aberdeen. Thirty
(30) minutes is unacceptable. Noone should wait that long for help in this day and age! A heart attack/stroke victim could be dead on arrival in that time. Is there a general alarm that goes out to surrounding areas or is Aberdeen restricted to Aberdeen, Matawan restricted to Matawan, etc?

matawan advocate said...

Anonymous, Matawan has a Recreation Dept with a Budgeted amount to spend. We applaud volunteers on all levels. However, what Matawan needs and presently does NOT have is an approved Budget! We should not be spending money until we have a Budget in place. That is how we spent money we didn't have back in 2007 and had to borrow from the 2008 Budget. Before we do anything let's get our Council on the ball and get a Budget, then see what we can do about saving money. Last year they ran helter skelter with the Budget and we paid the price. Can we get progressive and not put the cart before the horse?

The Matawan Alliance supposedly collected money from various events in Matawan which was to be used for the benefit of Matawan. Do you recall Cafe Night, SharkFest? The financial benefit to Matawan has to date not been seen, as the books for the Matawan Alliance are not available to the public as yet. There was mention of a Gazebo placed in Terhune Park until they were told it would not be permitted by the rules of the agreement for the Park which was donated to Matawan. Therefore, we still haven't heard what happened to money made, if any, from the Matawan Alliance.

Anonymous said...

As far as the first aid goes I agree cant bash anyone that volunteers. Unfortanately in this time and day of lawsuits, the training alone to be a first aid member is outrageous. The volunteer first aids are used in all different local towns. The problem is none of there response is a guarantee. Paid would be a guarantee.

Truth In Matawan said...

Matawan Alliance did specifically allocate a portion of the money to creating a memorial to the shark attack victims in time for the 100th anniversary. Other than that, since they're a volunteer organization who give their own time and money to help the downtown, why on earth would they be accountable to the likes of you? Or to anyone? Please. Get over yourselves.

How much money is the 4H club putting into Jackson Street? And when? When are the boy scouts going to clean up all the trash along the Henry Hudson Trail? What is the Kiwanis club's budget for 2008? How much in scholarship money in the M-A Chamber of Commerce giving out this year? How many families do the Rotary plan to help?

You want to know the answer? Join up and volunteer. Join up...or shut up.

matawan advocate said...

Truth in Matawan, When tax dollars are given to any organization the books of such group should be made available to the public. Otherwise, rely on contributions from the private sector. And no we won't go quietly into the night and we most certainly won't as you put it "shut up." The Downtown Alliance appears to be made up of business people who seek to improve the Downtown area, self- serving, perhaps, but noteworthy. Try deducting contributions to them from your Federal income taxes.

Since you seem to be knowledgeable, when can the public (who gave tax dollars) see the books for the Matawan Alliance? OK, so they are donating a monument to the victims of the shark attack. Why haven't they come forward to advise the Borough Council, i.e. Council members Mullaney, Malley, Cannon,
of their progress. Could it be that Councilman Mullaney and his wife,have close ties or are members of the Downtown Matawan Alliance and at all times have access to the books? The 100th Anniversary of people being eaten by a Shark....Hope the monument doesn't go the way of the Gazebo, a previous idea of the Matawan Alliance. The Boy Scouts, Rotary, etc., make contribution in the present, not just in the future. The 4H and Boy Scouts involve our children, who have no hidden agenda.

Judging by your remark, your arrogance outweighs your intelligence. "Shut up," is that your best solution. Tsk, tsk.

Anonymous said...

Shark attack Celebration. THE MOST EMBARRASSING thing that anyone in Matawan could have created. How do you celebrate the death and mauling of residents of this town. Deaths that made film makers and authors rich. People will go to anything that is free. DISGUSTING! All about the almighty vote!

matawan advocate said...

Pardon our error, we referred to the Matawan Alliance as the Downtown Matawan Alliance. Our apologies to the Downtown Matawan Alliance, a group disbanded several years ago and responsible for the pocket park by the Post Office. Without taxpayer money we might add.

matawan advocate said...

Why doesn't the Matawan Alliance donate the funds from the supposed memorial for the dead to the living Girls Softball League? Which is more important, our children or celebrating the victims of a shark attack 100 years ago?

Truth In Matawan said...

Why don't you instead? Why doesn't Mayor Buccellato?

As we understand it, the Matawan Alliance is comprised mostly of housewives and other residents, not "Main Street Business Owners" as the typically ignorant ramblings of the Matawan Advocate seem to indicate. Apparently if her puppet master, the Mayor, isn't telling her what to think, she's at a loss.

Anyway, way way back at a Council meeting two years ago when the Alliance was petitioning for the use of a room in the Community Center for a meeting, they revealed their plan. Borrowing a page from the books of multiple other New Jersey Towns, like Red Bank, Manasquan, Point Pleasant, and Freehold, they realized that if you attract attention to a town by holding festive events, and many of them, and repetitively, over time, you raise awareness of that town and bring in more people to shop, eat, etc, at that town's shops and restaurants. This presupposes two things: one, that the town has anywhere worthwhile to shop and eat, and two, that the town isn't filled with miserable bastards that will scare away any visitors with their misanthropic, ignorant, cantankerous complaining. We see Matawan as having a partial problem with the first one, and a big problem with the second one.

Since they used Sharkfest as their idea to have a repeatable, sustainable summer festival that is uniquely Matawan, they agreed to donate a portion of the proceeds each year for the next ten years to a memorial of some sort to be ready in 10 years for the 100th anniversary. We've had two Sharkfests so far to our knowledge, so that would seem to indicate they are eight years away from that particular goal.

As for the more immediate goal of helping raise awareness of the town through their various festivals, here's the report card as we see it: Great so far, Need more time.

Hey MA, instead of blasting them for not putting up a gazebo they wanted to put up which would help beautify they town while providing a venue for open-air music, maybe you should get off your ass and help them figure out a way to get that gazebo erected.

Manny, if the families of the victims and survivors had no problem with honoring their fallen kin, why on Earth would you?

Once again, people who aren't doing jack sh-t complaining about people who are. Now hurry up and show this to the Mayor so he can tell you how to respond.

Anonymous said...

Truth I can see that the Sharkfest has helped the downtown when they have the "festival" in the train station parking lot that is in disrepair. Thats really putting them vistors on top of the downtown. LOL! Any of these family members ever even meet or were even alive within 10 years of the incident? Having these little festivals (minus the Sharkfest) is great but what are the funds used for? It is obvious that the people involved are from the democratic party and are not willing to share unless you are not affiliated. Could it be true that the funds are backing the Democratic Party? Gravely Brook Park is a disaster. The town claims poverty. What to do with that problem since you know everything Truth?

Truth In Matawan said...

We know far from everything. One thing we do know is that the town's problems could fill a phonebook. And if some private citizens want to get together and bake some cookies to raise money which they then put towards future events, where they'll then raise more money, etc, etc., well then good for them. What are YOU doing? What is that brainless Matawan Advocate doing besides shilling for the mayor?

For the last time, grow a brain, if you think it's all democrats then join, and there will be a republican, won't there? Then one of you will finally be able to speak about what's going on from the inside, instead of just mindlessly blathering on about people that are actually DOING something.

In summary:
Easy to complain.
Hard to do something.
Matawan Advocate is a brainless shill.

That about covers it.

Aberdeener said...

Getting personal diminishes the argument. Let's try to stay focused on the issues.

Anonymous said...

What are they doing with the $? Thats all I am asking. I feel nothing other then spending it towards democratic events. No need to worry 2008 is a whole new ball game. When you make it personal someone is hiding something! No need to get your panties in a bunch Truth.

matawan advocate said...

Your sexist comments demean women. Bottom line you believe it is acceptable to utilize public funds without accountability.

End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

My apology if I offended anyone with my comments.

matawan advocate said...

Our comments were directed to Truth in Matawan. Our apologies to you, Main St Manny, if we were not clear.

matawan advocate said...

Downtown Susie posted a comment on another Blog asking if Stuart Brown, Aberdeen Administrtor is leaving and Coren is coming back? Do you have any info?

Anonymous said...

Brown has been fired! God help us all if Coren comes back.

Aberdeener said...

Details are very sketchy at the moment.

From what I gather, Stuart Brown was terminated last Friday and it appears Mark Coren is expected to come back.

This all happened very quickly and the township has not made any official announcement.

Anonymous said...

To whoever asked the question about how much money the 4-H is putting into Jackson Street Park, the answer is, we are putting as much as we can in. We are a small group of 5 familes (7 kids all together), ages 9-12. All the money we invest into the park comes out of our pockets, or the small amount of money the kids are able to raise for the project.

The group is determined, though, and I'm sure it will do an amazing job.

matawan advocate said...

To the parents of the 4H children, it was Truth in Matawan who posed the questions. Any contributions your group is making which should be just time, as the Recreation Dept. should have in their budget money for maintenance, is appreciated by the residents. Don't let anyone discourage those kids and organization from contributing to the betterment of Matawan. Please advise the Matawan Advocate Blog or the Aberdeener what your group plans are and we will publish it and possible get additional help for you. If that is ok with the Aberdeener. Keep up the good work. Kudos to the kids!

Aberdeener said...

By all means, send me any public service announcements. I'd be happy to post them.

And thanks to 4-H for all the good work they do.

Aberdeener said...

Paul Rinear of the Aberdeen Greens just notified me he spoke with Karen Ventura, the township clerk, who says Mark Coren will not be returning.

Thx for the heads up, Paul.

matawan advocate said...

As long as the new Aberdeen Administrator has an open mind and will encourage Aberdeen's Developer, Silver Oaks to back off the lawsuit against Matawan. As long as it is not politically motivated and there are no party commitments or promises as it appears to be in Matawan, it would be great if Matawan and Aberdeen can move forward. Matawan needs some property tax relief now!

Truth In Matawan said...

MA--Wasn't aware calling you a brainless shill was sexist. People of both sexes can be brainless shills. Just look at Bill O'Reilly!

That said, at Aberdeener's requests, we are cutting out the personal attacks, as a sign of respect for the forum he provides. That it diminishes our own argument is another reason.

Hopefully you understand the purpose of the Alliance now and will help out in any way you can.

Manny, please list all "Democratic events" that the Alliance's money is being spent on. Then please define a "Democratic event".

Also, the personal attacks were out of frustration at stupidity and blindness and not betray any personal agenda, but good suggestion.

To the parents of the 4H kids, thank you so so much for what you and the other families are doing. You didn't have to answer in seriousness, however, as the point was that as a volunteer organization WHATEVER you're doing is welcome, and you shouldn't have to be accountable to ANYONE, least of all a poster on a blog. Thanks again, we love Jackson Street Park, have used it with our own children many times since the renovation (thanks to the Council), and are excited about future projects slated for there. Your assistance, and that of the other families, is appreciated!

matawan advocate said...

Truth in Matawan, We stand by our comments. Perhaps you should wait prior to sending in comments before you offend the whole Borough. As to your supposed explanation, you are a day late and a dollar short! Anyone can see the only reason you wrote the explanation was because you realized you would lose a forum. It would take alot more to intimidate us from asking questions. Afterall, the Borough Council under Mayor Aufseeser's administration did give the Matawan Alliance money. We reiterate, if you don't want to be accountable, don't accept taxpayer dollars!

Where are the books for the Matawan Alliance? Why is membership such a secret? How much have they collected towards the Memorial? The taxpayers have a right to know!

That said, you purport to shadow the Matawan Advocate. If in fact you are shadowing why no comments on the last Borough Council meeting? Isn't it odd that you never answer questions.

We can understand what Manny is questioning. When The Rotary had a 5K Race, the then Mayor, Aufseeser (a Democrat) wasn't even be there to accept the defibrulator given to the Borough from the Rotary. The Matawan Alliance was there handing out circulars for their event. At present the Borough has not seen a dime of what they have collected. Vic Scudiery's property by the Train station edorses Democratic party members, no fault there. However, when the Monmouth County Democratic Party, whose chairman is Vic Scudiery pays for political flyers, we have to ask why? If you answer questions for a change, then perhaps we all could have some respect for your views.

Thank you Aberdeener for the space.

Truth In Matawan said...

MA, we will do our best to answer your questions in a timely fashion this time! We know that if we don't answer right away we'll be a day late and a dollar short again--can't have that. Of course, between work, school, kids, and other family activities, you might, MIGHT understand that the first thing we do every single day is NOT to check the status of MA's blog nor her posts on other blogs!

Getting specific, have to admit, you have us at a loss. Don't know what we explained nor why that explanation was unacceptable to you. Sorry! We were just trying to make sense of your own comments! And what forum?!?

If Matawan Alliance took public funds (provided by our tax dollars), of course they should be accountable for that. Keep in mind that is different than funds THEY raised for the purpose of putting on events, or erecting memorials.

Shame the unpaid mayor who has a job and a family missed one event! Don't recall seeing Councilman Buccellato at ANY events with the exception of Matawan Day last year. Hopefully he'll have better attendance this year as Mayor or Matawan Advocate aka the Event Police will be sure to give us a report of every event he misses!

Trying to make sense of your next point(?) but it looks like you are questioning why the Monmouth County Democratic Party Chair is contributing to a campaign taking place in Monmouth County. We're no expert on campaigns or Democrats, but we'd hazard a guess that he's doing that because that's his job. Does that make sense to you?

Why would the borough see a dime of what Matawan Alliance has collected? As stated before, in direct answer to your question, the Matawan Alliance's goal is quite simply to hold event after event after event of escalating size, with the express purpose of shining a bright spotlight on our borough and bringing people from all over to spend money on borough businesses and in borough restaurants. And guess what? They're doing that! People came from all over the state to both Sharkfests, as documented statewide on News 12 and in the Asbury Park Press, among other sources. Is it the Matawan Alliance's fault that once their events are over, nobody wants to stay and spend the day in Matawan? Of course not! In fact, this past year, we remember seeing plenty of restaurants offering "Sharkfest Specials" and the restaurant owners saying it was a very profitable evening. If they do the right things, they could be creating return customers, which is the goal of the Alliance. So why, oh why, would you ask so ignorant a question as why has Matawan Alliance not given any money to the Borough? They have none! The borough should be giving THEM money, and lots of it! You have a group of people who get together, on their own time, and plan events with nearly ZERO budget and do a great job, frankly. Again, if it's a question of who makes up their membership, join up! Then they'll be no more questions!

It took many years for Freehold Borough to build back to where they are now with their series of summer festivals, even Red Bank. Do you think they had the same problem with curmudgeonly naysayers doubting their every move and criticizing every person working towards progress?

PS Noticed the only sexist comment was my Manny referencing someone's panties. Which you gave him a pass on. We assume you're going to apologize to us and are waiting on that patiently.

PPS Manny we did some research and found out why the first Sharkfest, two years ago, was held at the Train Station, and are reporting back to you with the answer. It seems they wanted to have it on Main Street downtown, like their other highly successful events (the classic car show for National Night out, the Cafe night, etc), but they had problems getting the county to close off a portion of the road. Seems everyone is not as helpful as yourself and Matawan Advocate! In any event, moving it to Terhune Park was shouted down by those in the administration (read: the Jerry Hourihans of the world) who felt that would make it too similar to Matawan Day. As if having two distinctly different summer festivals three months apart is a bad thing anyway. Thank goodness someone came to their senses and allowed the move this year. Apparently the goal is to make it a little bigger each time, until it can close down the WHOLE of Main Street in the mode of Point Pleasant's Seafood Fest, an event that brings tens of thousands of people from all over the state. Frankly, we'd be happy if it became the equal of Freehold's Kruise Nights, which are a phenomenal bunch of fun, and such a boon to the restaurants and businesses of downtown Freehold.

>whew!< Believe all your questions were answered, again. Most had been answered already, but you were still looking for answers, so we did the best we could with the (limited) information we had. Now, we'll have to head over the MA's blog since apparently we haven't been there quick enough nor often for her liking!

matawan advocate said...

The Matawan Alliance DID receive taxpayer dollars and to date no one knows what the books look like. So in essence, you still didn't answer the question. Now as to volunteering where do you go since the organization is somewhat a mystery. Do we go to Synergy Bank, Renatta Bonetta, Branch Manager... do we go to Mullaney Tire, Councilman Bud Mullaney? Oops, they are business people, not housewives as you previously implied. Tell us where we sign up. How would you know if we haven't indeed tried to volunteer? Zero budget, how many times did they hit up local businesses for donations? How many times can local businesses be asked to donate money, products, services? How do businesses decide which organization they donate to is it the Matawan Alliance or Matawan Borough Recreation Dept? Keep in mind these are small businesses which only have a limited budget for charities.

Former Mayor Aufseeser was always at events sponsored by the Matawan Alliance and the Rec Dept in conjunction with the Matawan Alliance. We all have jobs, family obligations, children, etc. including the Matawan Advocate. But then we aren't the Mayor and didn't accept the responsibility. Mayor Aufseeser was not a good Mayor for Matawan..the evidence is in the fact she was voted out by the majority.

We believe a member of Jerry Hourihan's family was one of the victims of the shark attack. Obviously, he doesn't share your opinion as he never attends SharkFest and has openly stated what he thinks of it. What member of your family was killed by the shark?

As to your reference to "her" when speaking of the Matawan Advocate, stop wasting time on identity, there are real issues to discuss in Matawan.

Bantering back and forth is useless. Snide remarks and comments serve to lessen the validity of your statements. All we are asking is where is the money?

Truth In Matawan said...

Ignorance is bliss.

All of your questions were answered, and then you ask the same questions.

You say you know two people in the Alliance, then you wonder how can you join.

You mention that a business person, Renata Boneli of Synergy Bank is an organizer, then you ask how can businesses be asked to contribute money. Well then if the businesses can't contribute money (And they appreciate that you are SO worried about them) I guess the borough will kick in more. Oh wait, the borough doesn't have the money? Then MA will kick in instead.

Does MA own a business in town? Does she have any special insight into how much money the various businesses have to give to the various organizations? Maybe MA should look at every businesses books as well. Then she can tell them which organization she approves them donating to or belonging to.

Oh yeah, Jerry Hourihan did not have a relative die in the shark attack, despite what he may claim after the fact. You know who did? Longtime Monmouth County Freeholder Theodore "Ted" Narozanick, who came to the solemn ceremony that preceded SharkFest over at the cemetary, who thought it was a good idea, and who thanked the organizers for keeping the victims' memories alive and not letting them fade away into obscurity. In other words, the right approach.

PS At your request we posted three responses on your blog. As of yet they are not up. After having several responses that pointed out factual errors in your posts not put up by you, we are understandably frustrated with your lack of approval. Either put them up or stop asking us to post!

matawan advocate said...

Mary Mullaney and Renata Bonetta, Synergy Bank spoke before the Council as representatives of the Matawan Alliance. Councilman Mullaney supported the Matawan Alliance in their request for money. We can get the meeting minutes as proof. In words from the movie, "Jerry McGuire," "SHOW ME THE MONEY." You still have not answered the question!

This all may be a mute point as the Recreation Dept. might be taking over all these events.

The problem we have with hitting up businesses on Main St and the surrounding areas are:

As a business person, we know small businesses run on a tight budget and have to choose between the Matawan Alliance, the Matawan Recreation Dept., Fire Department or the First Aid. Obviously, you are not a business owner and have no understanding of the challenges of running a small business. Point of fact, what happened to the flags on Main St? Who paid for them? You belabor your comments without proof.

Comments that border on slander and liable without proof are not published. Therefore, your previous comments to our Blog were not published.

We respect everyone's right to disagree...personal attacks detract from the issues.

Reading your comments is difficult when you use words that defame the character of people you don't like. Try to stick to the subject matter without getting into personal attacks. If you feel you are not getting a platform for your comments..well you do have your own Blog.

Anonymous said...

Enough about all these committees. Sounds like Mr. Buccellato's first challenge is to fold all these separate groups and volunteer organizations into one for the good of the whole town, not just special interests, with an accountant to create a paper trail. It's time to get serious about downtown renewal. Freehold's was dining, Keyport's was antique shops, Red Bank's was the arts/shopping, Highland Park was wedding boutiques. What will ours be? Pick a venue and go with it. How about some high end stuff? We have a beautiful spa and the Starbucks at the end of the street is successful. Can we get some more?

Also- Mr. B. can we see the police blotter in the APP? I want to see how much crime is actually in the town I live in and what the police are doing to combat it other than taking statements/writing reports form victims.

matawan advocate said...

Don't know if Mayor Buccellato has the power to make any such changes. The majority Council is Democrats with their own agenda. Councilman Mullaney, his wife and son are tied into the Recreation Dept. as well as the Matawan Alliance. While we agree it is a good idea, consolidation of groups was mentioned last year to no avail. There is a duplication of efforts when it comes to Matawan's Recreation Dept. and the Matawan Alliance. We should also be cutting down to perhaps two major events. This would save money as the Police Dept. and the Dept of Public Works would only have to work 2 events. Should the Matawan Alliance wish to run an event they should pay a fee for services, thereby saving the taxpayers some money.

Truth In Matawan said...

HAHAHAHAAAAA! Mr. Mullaney's son is "tied" to Recreation! You mean this doctor, business owner, and new parent is tied to recreation? Or is it that THERE IS AN ABUNDANT LACK OF VOLUNTEERS and the Councilpeople must press their own family into "volunteering" to help their town. Please, get a grip!

Matawan Advocate for the Rec Committee!

matawan advocate said...

Michael Mullaney is the Chairman of the Recreation Committee. Get a you really think Councilman Mullaney would be so involved if it weren't his son and wife who are on the Committee and Commission. Councilman Mullaney is not the liason to the Matawan Recreation Commission as he stated. Councilman Bunyon is Chairman with Councilmen Cannon and Malley. The Mullaneys are also involved in the Matawan Alliance, see the connection? Why don't you attend a Recreation Committee meeting and see for yourself? Does Councilman Mullaney attend meetings? If so, why? Residents can attend meetings to observe.

How would you know if one of us did volunteer for the Recreation Committee? How would you know if one of us was on the Recreation Commission and booted out? Prior to inserting your foot in your mouth search for the truth...afterall you purport to be the Truth in Matawan....Ha Ha Ha Ha

Aberdeener said...

Matawan is scheduled to lose $200,000 in state aid. "Pinching pennies" will no longer suffice.