Thursday, June 5, 2008

Revisiting the Matawan-Aberdeen School Budget

Click Here for the advertised school budget summary for 2008-09
Click Here for the advertised school budget summary for 2007-08

A CEO interviews three candidates, a physicist, a mathematician, and an accountant, for the position of chief financial officer. He asks each candidate “What is two plus two?” The physicist answers four. The mathematician answers four point zero zero zero to infinity. The accountant looks around, pulls the window shades, turns off the lights, and whispers in the CEO’s ear “What do you want it to be?”

As my detractors fondly note, I’m no expert in public finance. In my world, two plus two equals four. Apparently, that type of math doesn’t extend to public school finance.

First, there was the proposed school budget, where the administration tried to raise taxes by the absolute legal maximum and then marketed the proposed tax hike as a sign of fiscal restraint. Next, the administration chose to increase maintenance costs by postponing needed roof repairs and then budgeted these additional costs as a spending cut.

Now, we’re left wondering how much the district actually cut healthcare benefits for teachers. At the last BOE meeting, I asked the board whether the ratified teachers contract included employee contributions to healthcare benefits. Under advice from the board attorney, Board President Pat Demarest refused to answer.

Well, it seems Mayor Buccellato never took the Omerta. On May 22nd, Alyssa Passeggio reported in the Courier that “Matawan Mayor Paul Buccellato noted that the board was ‘unable’ to obtain medical contributions during teachers’ contracts negotiations. However, the board did save $750,000 by receiving a lower premium on a state program.”

I assume they’re referring to the State Health Benefits Plan – NJ Direct10. The plan is similar to an HMO that gives full reimbursement for in-network and partial reimbursement for out-of-network. Considering the plan is administered by the state and the state has a “friendly” relationship with the teachers union, I assume it’s a good plan. It should be at a "discounted" rate of $1,035.75 per family per month.

So, I should be thrilled. $750,000 is a lot of money.

I’m not. On April 13th, I wrote “It's possible that the teachers have simply agreed to a less expensive benefits plan but even that would be notable.” I was being both cautious and generous. Cautious because I was under the impression that the teachers had agreed to some kind of contribution towards their own healthcare. Generous because I’m highly suspicious of this “savings”.

Here are the numbers for the Personal Services – Employee Benefits (page 5):
2005 - $8,400,852
2006 – $8,954,909 (6.6% increase)
2007 - $10,260,832 (14.6% increase)
2008 - $9,517,999 (7.3% decrease)

If we swapped 2007 and 2008, this line item would show an approximate 6% annual increase. It almost looks as if we had a large increase in 2007 so we could then announce a decrease in 2008. (Note: Neither Superintendent O'Malley nor Business Administrator Irons were involved in the budget numbers for prior years.)

Also, if you compare the 2007 and 2008 budget summaries, you’ll see the appropriations for benefits in 2006 exceeded actual expenditures by nearly $250,000. The following year, appropriations were then increased by $200,000 above the original projection; it appears the surplus money was shifted from one year to the next. Discounting the $200,000 surplus, the benefits savings is reduced to $500,000. If they use that surplus to cover a deficit, then the savings is reduced to $300,000.

Meanwhile, despite claims of fiscal restraint, despite employee healthcare contributions by all staff excluding faculty, despite the $750,000 “savings” from the new healthcare plan, spending growth for general operations is accelerating. The general operations budget grew 4.5% in 2006, 4.9% in 2007, and 6.4% in 2008 (page 5).

How does the school district finance such spending increases while remaining within the state mandated 4% cap? Easy. The administration slashed capital spending by 56.5% (page 5). That was assuming the roof in the administration building would be replaced. Since that’s been postponed, capital spending has dropped 81.6% to a measly $274,224.

As there’s no more money to cut from capital spending (and the buildings will literally fall apart at their current level of financing), where will they cut next year? Well, the biggest budget items, in order, are salaries, benefits, and building maintenance. Care to guess where the administration is likeliest to cut next?

Yup, I’m no expert in public finance but this sure doesn’t look to me like fiscal restraint. In my world, two plus two still equals four.
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Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, you have many valid points, however, if you had been around for the past 5 years, attending meetings..especially the "dog and pony show" that our former robber baron of a Superintendent called a "budget presentation", you might know that this budget is THE most fiscally responsible budget to come out of One Crest Way in a long time... as long as I have been a parent in this district, for sure.

If you were to go back over past year's budgets, line by line you would notice large amounts of money allocated for things like "salaries of other", "professional services" (CME ring a bell?), and my own personal favorite.."other objects".
It is funny how about two years ago Quinn and his lackey, Mr. Shea, stopped putting out line item packets for the public. I noticed that this seemed to coincide with the increase of public questions/comments regarding the prudence of expenditures like 35+ Secretaries when districts more than twice our size have less than half that many (Woodbridge).
The Barza controlled BOE rubber stamped Quinn's grossly padded budgets for the entire 5 years he was here. A 24 Million tax increase in 5 years? On who's watch? Quinn and Barza that's who's. Mr. Quinn NEVER went from zero and worked up--he just added 10-40% on top of what ever the figures were for the year before.

It was easy for me, a full-time mom, with no Masters Degree in finance, to figure out that those budgets were padded by at least $700,000 to $1,000,000.00 every year.
Why do you think they were able to take the Town's cuts in stride every year?

The fact is everyone agrees that the teachers should have to pay something toward health care, just like the rest of us, but we can all thank Cathy Z. for giving away the store the last time they did the contract. That only made the MARTA that much more powerful. Any union is going to "go to the mattresses" for a better deal each time they negotiate a contract, the only way it stops is if the "management" refuses to budge no matter what the union does.

If you took the time to talk to BOE members who actually worked on the budget, as my husband and I have, you might understand that this budget was done right and hey, the District has increased bills just like all of us. Gas, insurance, heat, electricity, phone, etc.

Bottom line, Bruce Quinn and his minions did a good job of playing shell games with our money and as the audit illustrated, there was a lot of questionable voodoo accounting going on for a lot of years. Things only started coming to light when the new majority took over in '07 and Quinn scurried away to hide from NJQSAC. My guess?, we will be hearing about Quinn/barza schemes being uncovered for years to come.

Another thing to consider, we as parents/taxpayers, were promised that any cuts would kept out of the classroom, and that promise was kept. The roof project was supposed to be done under Quinn's watch but he only did half of it..thank God it was the half where kids are attending classes. And not only did he not get the whole roof done (which is usually cheaper in the long run..right?) he then goes and makes a highly questionable verbal contract with the roofer for $9,800.00--no one knew about it until a bill arrived in february this year--no one can even figure out if the "work" was done! That BTW, can be confirmed by Ms. Irons since it was discussed at a public meeting back in Feb.

So to anyone who wants to knock those who actually got a budget put together that isn't BS the way Quinn and barza (not to mention the Towns) like it--so padded it's plain FAT..should we go back? or keep on the path that we started down during this past year and hopefully improve the bottom line next year? Oh! I forgot barza is back in "control"...guess we probably shouldn't hold our breath.

Anonymous said...

This budget is BS just like the ones before it. I don't care who is in control, always the same outcome. This budget again is full of smoke and mirrors and the aberdeener points it out. Waste is the problem and that never gets addressed. The "majority" did not do a good job on our behalf in this contract and that is where it is going to hurt the most. They know it, thats why no detatils. Fiscally responsible? I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

We also need to watch these supposed "AMMENDMENTS" that get discussed in closed or executive sessions but then never get brought back for discussion, or get provided to the public in attendance to question.

Where do they learn the magic acts of smoke and mirrors with our F'n money.

They are all despicable !


Anonymous said...

Fiscal restraint? Administrators are up for raises. Watch how they spend our money. We got screwed on the teachers contract, and this won't be any different for an underachieving work force. When will some of the responsibility be shared. Not with this spend mentality.

Aberdeener said...


The zero-based approach only focused on budget allocation; it had no bearing on controlling spending. For that reason, I opposed the zero-based approach and argued for a cap on spending. The district chose the legal maximum as their spending cap.

Meanwhile, the 08-09 budget increases spending on day-to-day operations by 6.4% over the 07-08 inflated numbers. That's over 50% higher than the forecasted 3.5-4% inflation rate.

There is virtually no money for capital improvements and next year will almost certainly see cuts to maintenance.

Unless the board changes direction, the school facilities will deteriorate. And the board knows it.

Anonymous said...


Once again you have good points. However, as you will note I said "the most fiscally responsible" , not the best, most fiscally responsible. I agree that there is still a lot of wasteful spending going on but one can not expect that everything will be fixed over night.

BTW- the District has never allocated for facilities very well-they tend to ask the PTOs to pay for things that should be on the them to pay.

The BOE was being hit with new revelations regarding just how messed up the District is at every Committee meeting from November on. The first was that there was a huge mess with the 9th grade Tara Nova tests and that Quinn had known about it for months but never informed the BOE about it. That came out in November right after Quinn left. That mess cost the District a nice chunk of change.Fortunately, the BOE decided to stop wasting money on the Tara Nova and find a better testing method.

Then there was the discovery that Quinn had "made a mistake" and not properly accounted the cost of our 1.5 million dollar football field, resulting in an added cost to the district that we will be paying for years to come.

Also discovered recently was the fact that the field does not have a 15 warranty, as Quinn told the BOE, but rather a 8 year warranty---shall we all do the math? I am thinking that a 8 year warranty costs less than a 15 year-- yet the budget for the field called for a 15 year--so where did that $ go?

How about the fact that Quinn/Barza seem to like to hand out Sub jobs to all their friends? Take a look at the sub budget/sub list and it speaks for it's self. There are people working as subs in the same building two/three days a week, in the same position, for over a year. So, basically, we are paying a full-time secretary/aide/teacher AND a full-time sub for the same position(?)! MAMS is a haven for this type of crap.

My point, the pre-April 08 BOE did a pretty good job considering what they were up against. Can there be MASSIVE improvement? YES! The problem is it is going to take years to unravel the mess this District is in. Ask Janarone-- I hear it took him three years to figure out the underhanded BS that Quinn did when he was the B.A. here. I think perhaps Corruptionman should invite Christie to come check out Quinn--I have been wondering why he hasn't been indicted for something yet.

The good news is we are getting new, non-resident, independent people into our Administration--no ties-no favors owed. Let's hope things continue to get better from here.
The first step for us as residents/parents is to stop letting ourselves be brainwashed by Barza and kick their sorry asses out off the Board.

This is a Board of Education, not a Social Club, Employment Service or Organized Crime Family.

They should stop insulting our intelligence by saying they are about kids and will support the new Super.-
#1) if they support him, why am I hearing that Cathy Z. is running around town bad mouthing Dr. O'Malley and lobbing to have him ousted? Somehow he is bad because he asked her to not to live in the schools(?).
#2) It has not been about the kids for a very long time--it has been about satisfying their pathological need for "power" and control.

I think we finally have a leader who really does care about kids more than BOE politics--we need to send a message that we support him in his efforts to turn this mess around, by not allowing these thugs to continue to (as you so eloquently put it) use the District as their own personal playground! Budgets wont get better until things are fixed and that's a good place to start, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Sunday 5:00 I am wondering if anyone heard anything about the school being closed or perhaps an early dismissal for Monday.

I ask this question as the temperatures are forecast to be in excess of 95 without the heat index for Monday. It would be to say the least oppressive for all of the children in most of the district.

I checked the website and there was nothing posted as of yet.Please advise.

Thank you.

Aberdeener said...

School Announcement -
Due to extreme heat conditions expected, all district schools will operate on a four hour session for Monday, June 9, 2008.

pun26 said...

Yes the schools will close early due to the heat. This would not be the case if the BOE had spent money on air conditioning for the schools instead of a 1.75 million dollar football field renovation. It seems the BOE forgets that the E stands for EDUCATION. Our children spend more time away from school than in school. An inch of snow = a day off, temperature over 90 = a day off. I wonder if football or band practice will be cancelled this summer for excessive heat. The budget should be used to make sure our schools stay open as many days as possible and our kids get the EDUCATION (there's that word again) they deserve and that WE PAY FOR.

Anonymous said...


BRAVO! I 100% AGREE!!!

Anonymous said...


Getting subs into the schools has nothing to do with any imagined "connection". The truth of the matter is that they are happy to get anyone to come in when teachers are out-frequntly classes are not covered and that seems to me to be a larger problem. I for one think that you child's safty is the primary concern.

I'm not sure where you get all your information. It seems to me that it would be much more responsible if your information came from sources other than rumors and inuendos. Keep a watchful eye, ask questions, but be fair. Many of these people you denigrate are good people who do care about kids and programs.

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how there are so many comments to every school board post but at the meetings I only see N Section Joe and Aberdeener asking questions, seeking the answers to questions they have. However if any reader of this blog were to look into getting a sub position at the district they would see how simple of a position it is to be hired for. There is no need for "connections" to get such a position. However, you should be annoyed at the employees who collect a salary who call out and have a sub cover them full time. But these employees are the administrations responsibility not the school board. School boards are not paid experts (They are not paid at all) they are elected officials who is put in place to voice opinions of other town members. If they make a decision you disagree with it may be because you are a minority, in your viewpoint. I am not saying that your opinion or view is wrong but there may be more town members whose opinions are different. Thus the reason the decision was voted against your viewpoint.

With that said I do have a problem with school employees not having to pay contributions towards benefits. For years new contracts have had employees pay for benefits but Mr. Larry O'Connell decided that our district is too rich to have employees put money towards benefits so now we have lost that bargaining with all unions. If you look at all the contracts from this point forward we are going to loss the ability to seek employee contributions until the next contract or two which is years away. I am personally shocked that Mr. Financial responsibility caved in after 1 day of picketing at his house. So now the public must hear him grandstanding about how he is saying money for the schools by not attending the school board conference, a place where he might have learned how to bargain with the Teachers union. I cannot wait to see what happens with the secretaries contract after the teachers received a contract not seeking contributions, I am sure that the secretaries will not have to contribute, nor the administrators or any other employee for that matter. Looking at the way these contracts are reading Mr. O'Connell may have made if more lucrative to work for MARSD than the government or any other union in New Jersey. Thank you Mr. O'Connell my children will all major in education so they can seek employment for MARSD, where benefits are free.

An Informed I Section Resident

Anonymous said...

informed i section resident,

As I stated before my information comes from speaking directly to BOE members and paying attention to what is discussed at BOE meetings, both in person and watching on TV. Last time I checked, Mr. O'Connell was not the only one on the negotiation Committee, so what did the others members do to get a contribution? My understanding is that going with a different insurance provider saved more than a 1% contribution (the State average) would have. But, since no one on the BOE wants to talk about it, rumor of contract details from teachers are all we residents have to go on.

As for the sub job issue, I realize how easy it is to get a job as a sub..but one can easily connect the dots for favoritism when the same barza minions are working ALL the time without being approved as long term subs by the BOE. And yes I am angry that teachers are constantly out AND collecting their salary. Perhaps, Mr. Glastien should do a better job of "policing" the employee's attendance instead of catering to barza whims.

BTW--you say n section joe and the Aberdeener are the only ones who show up at meetings and ask questions..funny Bill Marinella seems to be asking a lot of questions too...much to the chagrin of barza I might add.

Anonymous said...


Does it bother you that an administrator's husband subs all the time and arrives late to almost every assignment?

Anonymous said...

Yes! it bothers me that ANY sub would be called back to work after showing up late for their assignment more than once. The fact that it is an administrator's spouse doesn't really matter--the nepotism in this district is already out of control. Bruce Quinn as Super and Susan Quinn as a child study team member, Mr. D'Anna as principal and Mrs. D'Anna as a teacher, both Voglers working. How about the fact that barza always got paid summer jobs in the District for their kids? So, the answer is yes a perpetually late sub upsets me but it does not surprise me that it is someone married to an administrator.

Anonymous said...

Cliffy says,

The BARZA crew is just sitting back now. They want the public to be complacent. They claim to support O'Malley but are working against him every single minute. The Aberdeen Democrats supported the candidates they put up in the last election. I saw big wooden Democrat signs go up (at the usual locations)in the beach.

What are the Democrats getting for it? Go to the Green party website ( and look at the Democrat contributors, how long before contracts start coming their way?

Why is Zavorskas's nose up the union president's ass. I know someone who works over by the Hobby Shop, she is observed going into the MTRA union offices on a regular basis.

If the teachers contract was so great, why hasn't if be ratified yet? Dermarest was the chair of negotiations. How come the teachers did not protest at her house? I will tell you why, because she is just a tool for BARZA who wanted the teachers to support them. They needed that support because they were desperate to regain control the board.

As far as the other poster from the "I" section. Get you head out of the sand and stop listening to what Zavorskas tells you. What she says and what she does are two different things. I heard O'Malley told her to get out of the schools, I hope she stays out.

These people are toxic to our children and any hope they have of getting a decent education. They are just selfish bums that are there for themselves and throw crumbs to the people who support them. It is all about patronage.

I hope Christie does not stop with the weasels that purport to run the town in our interest.

Dr. O'Malley, do not trust these people. They say they support you, but they do not.

Cliffy the Clown

Anonymous said...

I don't know a whole lot about the budget? What is going on with this new board leadership? I heard that Ms. Honick and one of her staff Ms. Jones? got forced out. They were also going after Mr.Spells. I believe a lot of good administrators are leaving because of this board majority. I can't believe it! Last year Mr. Quinn and Mr.Dianer at the HS? Though I am not sure about him as I have no HS children. I did read in the paper that he had to deal with a drunk substitute teacher in his new school?

It has gotten worse, thank God we still have Mr. Gladsteen. Why do we have so much turnover, especially since the board majority is against it? I am concerned for the children.

Anonymous said...

Worried Mom I cannot believe what you said and the fact that you believe it is even more troubling.

If you think that Mr. Spells and Joel Glastein are somehow anything close to being crucial and accountable in this district I will eat your front lawn.

Those two and many others are accountable for nothing as they have been instrumental in ruining this district and costing us tens of millions of dollars in unnecessary spending annually on wasteful programs, giveaways to favored contractors and much much more. They are also most involved in our dismal test scores remaining in the basement. I will say one thing for Wayne Spells he is masterful at doing nothing but looking like he is doing something.

He is the ultimate personification of a no show job. This as when he is there and making his $120,000.00+ annually, you think he is doing something. No different with Glastein and Quinn at even more money for nothing.

They are all the true problem in this district as well as our statewide problems in education.

The truth hurts does it not ?

By the way your suggestion that Bruce Quinn was a positive in this district is also laughable and very sad.

These people you amazingly glorify in a somewhat unbelievably distorted way, are incompetent and should have been fired many years ago for mismanagement and worse. Wayne Spells would have been fired back in the Matawan Avenue days if it were not for him threatening a lawsuit and threatening the use of outside agitators, which he would have brought in to take the spotlight off of his being an idiot. Spells laughs at our district everyday and especially when he cashes his check. He and Glastien and many others are not worth the dirt they walk on. They have ruined this district and for you to believe anything else speaks volumes.

Let me guess you think Kathy Zavorskas and John barbato are the next best thing since sliced bread?

Don't get me started on the damage they have caused this district.

Wake up from your nightmare!

Anonymous said...

Wells has been a failure at every job he was ever hidden in. We all know why no one touches him and it is not fair. If anyone had any balls he would have been gone long ago. Again, administration and board of education, thanks for hurting our children. An increment withholding? What a joke.

Anonymous said...

Worried Mom,
Stop listening to Zavorkas, Demerast, and Barbato. They are lairs! And if anyone thinks connections are not used to get jobs in the schools, take a drive up Ingram Circle and see how many work for the schools. BTW, that is the same block Zavorkas and Demerast live on. How come the teachers didn't picket their homes? It couldn't be that far of a walk, being that soooooo many teachers live in the "I" section.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, typo. I meant to say "They are liars!" Just wanted to be clear on that.

Anonymous said...



KrisMrsBBradley said...

Worried Mom,

Please take a look through this blog. And try not to take the other posts to heart, as so many people here are very passionate about wanting the district to change; they forget that not every visitor to the blog knows all the background and facts yet.

I think that's why most of us come here -- to find out exactly what is really going on.

Take some time and read through some of the posts about the district. The Aberdeener has the scoop, and the facts to back it all up.

Anonymous said...

A little early for me but after last nights concert by the chorus and band
I had to let people know.

The concert last night was wonderful and Mr Watson deserves all the prais we can place upon him even if it expressed as he is kicked out the door. This with not so much as a thank you for excellent his work, which now will become excellent work in another district.

While he does look like the absent minded professor his dedication, hard work and spectacular results are without question. He will not be rehired despite leadership (?)
supposed or otherwise, some of who were late in coming to his aid.

Last nights concert was an event I will not soon forget. Similarly I will not forget how not even one board member was recognized or in attendance.

They hide from that we know has hurt our children. Mr. Watson not being rehired was a travesty. I will remember that next election.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Mrsb.

This blog is very interesting, I am going to spend time to read all of it. I am glad I found it. I have told my neighbors about it.

I still don't understand the animosity towards Mr. Barbados. My husband and I have been here only a few years. When I met Mr. Barbados, I was surprised that he was willing to spend so much time as an official explaining things to us. He does seem to be very concerned for our children.

Who do I believe or is the truth somewhere in the middle?

KrisMrsBBradley said...

I think the truth is always somewhere in the middle. I don't believe that any of the people are the current board are evil incarnate. I also personally believe that much of what has gone on there has become, for whatever reason, more about politics than about the kids. Hopefully with Dr. O'Malley as the new superintendent, things will get back to focusing on the kids and education.

Anonymous said...

Who is YOUR favorite board member?

Take my poll!

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Worried Mom the sad thing is that when BARBATO spent all of that time with you. As soon as you walked away he forgot your name, your concerns and your husbands name.

He does not care about you he was just trying to get you under his spell.

It worked apparently.

Good luck with that.

Anonymous said...

As for me I will have a few questions I would suggest you ask a board member before you make a choice as to a favorite.In order for some of us to make the decision please read the following and ask them about any of the following.

1) If a board member got jobs for the politically connected, family members, friend or contributors to any of their campaigns. They are not a favorite.

2) If they got there own kid into a very expensive "special needs" school with similarly expensive transportation costs of course, but at the same time caused many local families to spend thousands and thousands of dollars on lawyers to
ensure that their "special needs" children got the education they were entitled to and that was mandated by the DOE. They are not a favorite.

3) If they never really looked at where tens of millions of dollars were spent during the school construction boondoggle a few years ago, They are not a favorite.

4) If they called your employer and your employers put pressure on you to not exercise your first amendment rights granted you under The U.S. Constitution. They are not a favorite.

5) If they were responsible for you being threatened with losing your job, if you spoke out against the Board of education or its members. They are not a favorite.

6) If they smiled at you and said hello to you and the hair on the back of your neck stood up and you know they only said hello to kiss your ass and to keep you guessing. They are not a favorite.

7) If they approach your neighbor and ask for their vote only to be told that I vote with my neighbor nsectionjoe, and then these two board members just walk away as fast as they can very embarassed. They are not a favorite.

8) If they hold personal grudges and cost good teachers and administrators their jobs year after year. They are not a favorite.

9) If they turned the PTO from a mommy and daddy supports their children type organization into a PAC (political action committee) and allow the PTO to be used improperly in many forms.They are not a favorite.

10) If they are divisive and allow censorship, favoritism, incompetence and repeatedly fail to stand up for what is best for the students and taxpayers of Matawan and Aberdeen. They do not deserve to be anyones favorite.

For these 10 reasons and many more (football fields when test scores are in the basement which now may be hazardous to children's health, operating a bus transportation company, solicited monies form those they award contracts for services or who vote on the same possible contributors contracts or stipends...) they do deserve something.

They do deserve to be run out of office in the next election.

Each and every last one of them knows what they have done and they need to be held accountable.

i realize that accountability is not a politically correct term for elected officials, but we can certainly make them understand that
the people who are in control of $64,000,000.00 of our money will be held:


I do not seek to have favorites.

I seek results !

Anonymous said...

By the way as to the poll you forgot Gerry Donahue.

That is my choice.

That man truly cares about each and every student.

Anonymous said...

nsection nice list of questions to ask our school leaders. Quite innovative and precise if I do say.

Once again the questions are not attached to any specific board member and will be questions I suppose you could ask any board member. This if they were not directly responsible they knew or allowed the condition to exist and perhaps did nothing to stop it.

There is a word for that. I think it is incompetence.

Nice work.

Anonymous said...

Great post. As a Benefits professional, I just want to make a point about the health coverage. State Health Benefits Plan – NJ Direct10 appears to be a PPO. An HMO normally controls costs by only offering in-network coverage. HMOs are much cheaper and some employers still offer them for free to employees.

However, the State Health Benefits Plan – NJ Direct10 appears to be a PPO with in and out of network coverage. Not only is it a more expensive plan but it is incredibly rich by today's standards.

PPOs now have 90% coverage or even 80% not 100%. Copays are closer to $30 not $10.

X-ray and lab tests are 100% covered? No deductible in-network and only a $1,000 out of pocket max per year? This is ridiculously rich even for public employees.

Don't worry as much about the free payroll premiums, try adding up what these plan design changes would save us.

I'd be more than happy to serve on that committee.

Aberdeener said...


Thx for the info and the correction. I can read the plans but I don't know what the standards are. Plus, according to the administration, this is a cheaper plan with reduced benefits compared to what our teachers previously had.

If you were to arrange a benefits plan through a private insurer, a good plan that was better than most employees receive but not the Rolls Royce of plans, how much do you think it would cost per employee?

Anonymous said...

Cliffy the Clown,
Please explain. I know Zavorkas works over at the Hobby Shop, but I don't understant the connection to the MRTA (Matawan Regional Teachers Association) union offices. Please enlighten us.

Anonymous said...

Please elaborate. What is Cathy Zavorkas doing? You said she is running around town lobbying to oust O'Mally. What have you heard? And what lies is she trying to spread? I know she voted against hiring him, and I'm sure she is furious for not getting her way.

Anonymous said...

Hobby Shop
1077C Hwy. 34, Aberdeen, NJ 07747

MRTA Offices
1075 Hwy 34, Suite B Aberdeen, NJ 07747

Conveniently located next to each other.

Anonymous said...

The cost depends on the number of covered lives, claims history, whether the employer is self insured or not and the smaller levers you pull like deductibles, copays, coinsurance, any annual or life time maximums.

Would be happy to email offline if you need more info.

Anonymous said...

Your choice is misguided. How many years has he been on this board? How many years in a leadership role? How many years the deciding vote on divided boards. He couldn't make a decision if his life depended on it without help. He is as responsible as anyone for the mess this district is in. Don't be fooled.

tilly said...

I see that "anonymous" wishes to have me elaborate as to what specifically Cathy Z. has been spewing about town regarding our new Super. While I would't dream of repeating specific conversations with friends, the basic "script" is: he is not good, he will ruin our "wonderful" district, he is forcing "good" people to quit (sound familiar?) or he is just firing them, he is disrespectful to personnel and (my personal favorite) he has now told her she can't hang out in the H.S. all the time anymore...that one sent her into orbit! I have had friends tell me their first hand conversations and there are others who heard it from someone else, so it is all over now. Anonymous, if you are really Cathy, you otta be ashamed of yourself.

I for one, find it totally out of line for a BOE member to be bad mouthing the New Super to parents and teachers. I know she voted NO for appointing him, but then she publicly stated she will support him? I seriously doubt it. In fact I think Barza is still P.O.ed that they didn't get to put their 1st pick in that seat like last time. They were so mad about having a search firm because they said it was a lot of $. They didn't want a search firm, but then pushed for School Boards to do it. Sure it would have been less $ to use them but then the BOE might as well have paid Cathy to do the search since she would have been hand picking anyway. I respected that the BOE members recognized the conflict of interest and chose the Seton Hall people. I heard that Barza and the crew didn't even bother to show up when the choice was made, so how can they complain now? Anyway, it was a saving grace because I also hear that they wanted that obnoxious guy from Barnegat!Yeah, that's right, the one that was on the front page of the Sunday APP--top paid Super at $200,000+ a year. I bet you that he would have wanted more than he made in Barnegat. It certainly would have been more than O'Malley and isn't it funny how they have complained about his salary? I don't get it...or do I?

Speaking of yesterday's article, did anyone notice that there is a psychologist that gets paid $100,000+ a year? No wonder the District is so top heay! Who would want to retire? Top, top pay to do very little.

Father of ARTIST said...


my daughters pre cal teacher in 11th grade 2 weeks ago,informed my daughter that she cant finnish the curiculem .And she will need to go to summer school.
#1 she maintains a 92% and higher
#2 she is a marking period and a half behind?where was she a marking period and a half ago?

#3 now knowing all this the s chool admin,the guidance office as well as the Ruschevage and super have not one person told us what will happen
#4 there is no summer school for a student that is not failing?
#5 show me one good teacher
Ill show you 5
#6 the fashion show what happened it was cancled

#7 if I live in my home 5 more years,totaling 10,we would have paid over $70,000.00 twards this c rappy education system here..
Az was paid 50%less and we recieved 200% more?
no lies,no dog and pony show
what was suppose to happen did
and when something went wrong ,it was dealt with
known to all who cared
and remedyed

NOW lets talk about the wate dept..who came to my home,and "my husband heard him speaking to me"
Im sick of this bull sh**t! you come to the door? and more
I can say one thing
After the Mayor called me to hear what happened,I am at ease that prehaps something good will happen in our town"we did vote for him"
even if he has no jurisdiction over the Education Deficencecy here ,its a embarseisment and disappointment
and I HAVENT EVEN STARTED ON THE DaRN child study team and Glastien please publish my statement,if you feel like editing it to your likeing ..that is fine..I am so angry that our summer her future ,then entire year is such a BLODDY MESS as a result of them assholes!

Father of ARTIST said...

2) It has not been about the kids for a very long time--it has been about satisfying their pathological need for "power" and control. i applaud that statement you hit the nail on the head

2) It has not been about the kids for a very long time--it has been about satisfying their pathological need for "power" and control.

i am proud to agree!

2) It has not been about the kids for a very long time--it has been about satisfying their pathological need for "power" and control.

WHAT HAS been in the best interest of the kids,
i a so ill from those offices and their lac of responsability and gossiping about parents and EACH OTHER ITS DISGRACEFULL.. my girl wont pass to 12 th grade unless some one has her a math teacher that will do what there suppose to,the dam UNION allows them to get away with what ever the hell they care to..
the math PRINCESS said I will not water down the curiculem?who asked them??NOT ME must have been the guidance or the learning MIS MANE? NOT US,give my girl her class she is maintaining a 92% or more but wont finnish because the teacher never told the mother,a marking period and a half ago she was unable to finnish the course?/jack ass 732-970-8666

Father of ARTIST said...


this in NOW NOW NOW stop talking about the past
reguardless it is still as corrupt and wastefull spending,and WHY does it cost
$714.000.00 to
130 students
180 days?
1-2-3-4- students at atime?
how can this be
responsable spending?
and tilly:
where is this written in on the ledger? I just see it on the minnutes??

Father of ARTIST said...

Tilly i have been here for 4 years and I am not impressed .not one scintillanth of a thought
or peny

Father of ARTIST said...

any other majior company,entity ,awards their workers,on merit, I am talking professional,corporations,NOT LABOR JOBS,UNION JOBS!
My husband works for a majior computer chip maker. every year there is a ranking and rateing,all bosses do a year end review and ranking husband first also MUST fill out a complete summation of his sucsesses and achievements he has made and hand to boss.
THEN when everything is said and done,the botom 20% either get FIREd or redeployed..
then comes the raises,
you get a raise based on your contribution to the companys sucess...and so on..

THIS IS BULL CRAP! how can thses people get pay like this doing the bad job ,the bad situation I have witnessed is only a snap shot of reality,and It scares the bejeebers out of
"aberdeener said
"The administration slashed capital spending by 56.5% (page 5). That was assuming the roof in the administration building would be replaced. Since that’s been postponed, capital spending has dropped 81.6% to a measly $274,224.

As there’s no more money to cut from capital spending (and the buildings will literally fall apart at their current level of financing), where will they cut next year? Well, the biggest budget items, in order, are salaries, benefits, and building maintenance. Care to guess where the administration is likeliest to cut next?

The administration slashed capital spending by 56.5% (page 5). That was assuming the roof in the administration building would be replaced. Since that’s been postponed, capital spending has dropped 81.6% to a measly $274,224.

As there’s no more money to cut from capital spending (and the buildings will literally fall apart at their current level of financing), where will they cut next year? Well, the biggest budget items, in order, are salaries, benefits, and building maintenance. Care to guess where the administration is likeliest to cut next?
the building will literly fall appart..
GOOD get them the heck out of town,they are useless..
confrontational liars...I swear to this I do... they made my girls HS year hell and slandeed me for no reason,Gossiping and ,glastiens phione calls OH MY GOD

and now my girl wont pass to 12 th grade her pre cal TEaCHER MS SAEED,could not finnish the course,
she stated she told the office
ms MANE and RUSCHEVAGE, d,mane denys this fact?
how can a TEACHER In HIGH SCHOOL telll us she cant complete the course 2 weeks before the years end?
and my girl has a 92% her hspa score was like a 242,her reading comprehension was 9 out of 9 that ios let me see
100%?so how can my girl not pass to senior yr,
they gte to still not respond to her need for a finished school year..Ill tell you the principal AMA and more!,the child study team LIES and neglect/ and the superintedant Glastien(threats and phone calls repeatidly I asked him to not call my home),ALL have MADE this year HELL! I WILL HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE..comments will be a good thing..send me them
we need a BIG CHANGE its disgusting to pay this much for this much corruption..HOw can this math teacher keep her raise?just because she went to a course she gets a raise?/I DONT SEE HER qualifacations if she has no common sense she didnt even tell the mom or dad,just the student?? OH MY GOD END THE INSANITY

Anonymous said...

outsideartist has a update! Well when I read my ramblings I blush! My spelling certainly is in NEED OF a qualified TEACHER ! Back in the 60s I was taught phonetically ,that might be good when learning new sheet music in a other language but not when I am complaining about the skill and crap of the Matawan Aberdeen's ADMINISTRATION OF 2007-2008 school year! I state the Year Because there is a NEW BOY IN TOWN and I believe he takes no crap! why he might be my HERO! MY DAUGHTER IS IN SCHOOL,full time now I will like to REPORT! and no help by the administration,SHE IS receiving HIGH HONORS! I LOVE HER! She knows better,I am simply waiting till the end of the school year and will make my move!