Thursday, May 14, 2009

NJDOE Whitewashes MARSD

Over the past half year, I have detailed numerous infractions in the school district. The allegations reached such a crescendo that three board members, all past presidents, resigned their seats. The state launched an investigation.

On April 23rd, the investigator mailed his findings to the board president. The report, posted here in full, begins as follows:

The Department of Education, Office of Fiscal Accountability and Compliance (OFAC) has completed an investigation of the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District based on allegations that former and current administrative staff lacked proper certification. Additional concerns were also indicated in the complaint.

The investigation did not disclose any material issues of noncompliance with respect to the district. As such, the file on this matter will be closed.
Does that mean there was no finding of malfeasance? Hardly.

Regarding former superintendent, Bruce Quinn, the report found:
  • The board approved Mr. Quinn to be the district's superintendent in May, 2002
  • Quinn assumed the position in August 27,2002
  • The State Board of Examiners issued Mr. Quinn a provisional certificate in December 2003
  • Mr. Quinn subsequently received a standard certificate issued in April 2006
As the report notes, N.J.A.C. 6A:9-6:4 states "The CE or CEAS authorizes the holder to seek employment. A holder of a CE or CEAS shall not assume responsibility for a job assignment until the holder has been issued a provisional certificate."

So, Quinn had three months to obtain a provisional certificate but failed to do so. Instead, he didn’t get his provisional certificate until 16 months after he started working, and 6 months after the county notified the district Quinn was uncertified.

Then, the two year certificate lapsed in December, 2005, 4 months before Quinn received his standard certificate.

Conclusion: “There was no evidence that the district was attempting to circumvent the certification requirements established by state statute.”

How? An August, 2002, NJDOE letter from a training coordinator “indicated that Mr.Quinn ‘will be practicing under a provisional license’ until the one-year mentor-directed residency was completed.” The letter meant Quinn would not receive his standard certificate until his mentoring was completed but the district somehow interpreted the letter to mean he already had his provisional certificate, even though there was no record of him receiving his provisional certificate and the letter was not from an office that issues certificates.

As for the provisional certificate expiring after two years, “typically, discipline is not imposed.”

Regarding former director of special services, Helen Rappaport, the report found:
  • Ms. Rappaport has standard certifications for both school psychologist and supervisor
  • Since September 7, 1990, "Director" became a recognized title requiring a principal or school administrator endorsement
  • The board voted on December 15, 2003, that Ms. Rappaport's title would be changed from Director to Supervisor
  • Subsequent to this title change, the district listed Ms. Rappaport's title as a supervisor on the certificated staff report
Conclusion: “The district took action to change her designation from director to supervisor upon notification from the county office in 2003.”

As a resident, I’m pleased the school district was not penalized. As a citizen, I’m enraged by the great white wash.

First, the entire investigation consisted of a chat with Dr. O’Malley, who knows nothing because he wasn’t here, an interview with Mr. Glastein, who had every incentive to not be entirely forthcoming, and a phone call to Mr. Quinn, the accused.

Imagine every article on this blog beginning with the question “Did you do anything wrong?” and ending with “No? Okay.” Yet, this was the entire scope of the state’s investigation; they only saw what the district chose to show them.

Consider everything the state chose to ignore:To the untrained eye, it looks like the district falsified the certificated staff report but none of these other items is mentioned. Though the investigator is not identified, I suspect his last name must have been “Magoo”.

After all, wouldn’t the simple fact that a director worked in the district without proper certification for 18 years have raised some alarms? I’m told the state first notified the district about Rappaport in 1999 but the investigator doesn’t know that because the letter isn’t on my blog.

As for Quinn, you’d have to be a blithering idiot to think that a letter from a training coordinator describing standard operating procedure for new superintendents is proof that you are certified. Heck, all anyone had to do was call and ask. My guess is that Glastein saw the letter, Quinn told him everything was in the works, and it was business as usual.

For those hoping for justice, you might be able to take some small solace in this – “The issue of Ms. Rappaport's salary is involved in pending litigation in the district.” I don’t know what litigation the report is referencing but, speaking as a private citizen who has no power outside a school board in session, I would not mind seeing Rappaport get a taste of the litigation hell she has visited upon so many of our most vulnerable families over the years.

And for those wishing to take the report at face value that “the investigation did not disclose any material issues of noncompliance,” well, good luck with that.
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Pleaseanswerthe10Mr.Kauff said...

This is a perfect example of WHO IS CHECKING THE CHECKERS?

The lack of any REAL AND THOROUGH INVESTIGATION is very troubling. But then again it is all too typical of such processes and checks and balances type systems of those agencies that should have better monitored and certified these same individuals, in the first place.

The methods of the investigations and more which included interviewing the new superintendent who was unfamiliar, Joel G. who last told the truth at least fifty years ago and the guilty man of the year Bruce Quinn himself who lied his way all through the process, is laughable.

Next thing we will have an investigation into all of the corruption and hanky-panky with the Aberdeen town leadership. Best of all they will just let Norman Kauff conduct the investigation of himself, by himself. That will be real substantive and thorough. Right Norm?

Time to log off and start looking at real estate in Delaware. Retirement is so close for me and NJ is not the place to stay if your retired. Unless of course you are Norman Kauff. I mean look at how much money that retiree keeps making off of the taxpayers ATM machine in Aberdeen. Cha Ching! Cha Ching! Cha Ching!

R Section Astley said...


It was to big.....

The state could not have findings because it would have brought state officials down. It just goes to show how pervasive the hand washing and head turning is in this state.

It really is a shame that board allowed an unqualified buffoon to ruin education for so many years.

I betcha Kauff must have got to the investigators.

Anonymous said...

Oh my lord. Here we go. Let's blame everything on Kauff. Did he fly to Trenton on his magic carpet and then wave his magic wand to make the investigator ignore the evidence?

I have to tell you, if Kauff really is this powerful, I think he should be made King of the Universe. According to you people he seems to know everything and is able to exert influence over everyone while eluding prison or formal investigation at every turn.

In fact the only people who seem not to be under his spell are those anonymous writers on this blog who claim to know the TRUTH.

I have to tell you, I'm very impressed with this Kauff guy. He knows how to get things done. If he is as powerful as you say, he would definitely have my vote.

You people are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Gambino work for the state of NJ education dept.? It all seems like everyone is protecting their own.

Aberdeener said...

Gambino helped push Quinn out of the district. Besides, Gambino works in a completely different department. I'm certain he didn't influence the investigation.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener -

How can you be certain? Has Gambino specifically denied that he influenced the investigation?

What evidence have you seen that Gambino didn't exert any influence? Please tell us.

Aberdeener said...

I communicate regularly with Gambino. Though I can't speak for him, I feel certain that he, too, was hoping for a bit of justice.

Anonymous said...


It seems like you are quick to use your tongue but there has been very little bit to your bark. In addition I was wondering when you said as a resident you were glad there was no penalty for the district but I was wondering what difference does it make to you? I checked the tax records and your house is not registered in you name. So this being said what difference does a tax break or penalty to the district have on you. The tax record doesn't have your name down so really all your talk holds little value.

Close to Ithaca.

Aberdeener said...

From your mouth to God's ears. I wish I didn't have to pay property taxes on my house.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It is true over the past half year in your personal quest for a board seat you have detailed numerous infractions in the school district. The main question people have about this blog is how much of it is true, or how much serves ones own self interest. Most people really want someone to expose our public officials if they intentionally deceive the public, but this blog can be powerful if everything that is written is believed. It can tarnish reputations and all should be given the benefit of the doubt until proven guilty. Maybe the proper thing should have been to file the request for an investigation and then wait for the results, but then again the election was coming. First three board members did not resign their seats, one did and you don't know if your allegations had anything to do with that. The main point is the investigation did not disclose any material issue of noncompliance with respect to the district. Case closed, and all the spin in the world is not going to change that. But what about the reputations of some accused of wrongdoing? Your comments like "we've had administrators legally unqualified for the positions they've held" is damaging for any district and has proven to not be accurate from people in a higher position then yours. To say "the school board conspired with Quinn and the board played along" makes one wonder if any of your investigative work had any validity. You owe some people a public apology, as reputations may have suffered do to false accusations. To say the state did not do a thorough investigation is sort of egotistical and an unwillingness to accept the facts. The good thing is if you really believe after all this you are still correct, as a board member you decide on raises and employment of people who were involved in this who are still in the district. Deputy Superintendent Joel Gladsteins name is all over this, and if you and Gambino are "hoping for a bit of justice", put your money were your mouth is.

Anonymous said...

The report did not say that people were innocent; just that no action would be taken. Since the problem has now been acknowledged by the Board, and the problems corrected; what action could have the State taken. I don't think that anyone suggested criminal intent in any of this. Incompetence, maybe; Bad Judgment, probably, but nothing more. It was wrong and the culprits are out of positions where they can do more damage. Let's move on.

Joey, stop using your position to point fingers at the past and start solving the challenges that lie ahead. It's in your hands now and the responsibility now lies the this Board's shoulders. Good luck.

Aberdeener said...

To the anon who argues I was wrong and I owe people an apology, I stand by my statements. Every accusation I've made has included documented evidence.

To the anon who asks that we all move on, I agree but this letter was being leaked in a juvenile effort to discredit me and required a response.

Hopefully, we can put this all behind us and move our district forward.

Edgeviewted07 said...

I think I have the answer concerning "if what is posted on here or the subject material is true or not".

The answer is very simple. If it is not true where then are the lawsuits?

Did Kauff file suit for all that is on here concerning him and his corruption, dubious friends and taxpayer gouging associates?

Did Vinci file suit on anything?

Did CME file defamation of character charges or for slander against the numerous attacks on the companies reputation? Then again when you are the number 2 political contributor in the entire state the last thing those on the recieeving end of our money is publicity. Right Norm?

Did Sobel or any of the others file suit for anything said?

No they have merely denied any knowledge, complicity, ethical lapses and far more that many of us know they are guilty of.

So unless they take action against any or all of us they are guilty until proven innocent. That is the only way it should be for them. For one reason only. They are politicians and that makes them all lying scum. That is a fact. Everyone else is in America is innocent until proven guilty. Not politicians. Not one single one of them. You do not have to be THE TRUTH or anyone else to know that.

This may still be AMERICA but what is wrong with it was caused solely by politicians. If you will not acknowledge that one simple fact then you are too far gone.

Politicians since time began have been untrustworthy and far worse. Our local versions are just so beholding to Kauff and the almighty dollar, that they will risk it all and deny it all the way until the cell door closes behind them.

Once again Kauff runs Aberdeen all the way down to his Justice Lane neighbors who do the website and newsletter for Aberdeen. That one is rumor so far but we are working on it.

So keep thinking he is just a nice old man on a pension. His pension is our tax dollars. Right Normy?

Anonymous said...

Will the witch hunt against Board members continue? Aberdeener will find himself scutinized as much as he scrutinizes. Just don't go with the flow, Joey, or the next "Aberdeener" will hang you out to dry. Congrats- you are now a politician! :-P

thatsafactjack said...

The last post was of subject but right on the mark. Politicians and former school administrators and recently ousted or resigned board members in our district are all lying scum as well.

Anonymous said...

Edgeview, go somewhere else. We are disussing a different topic, go talk about Kauff to your wife.

PinehurstDon said...

That is so typical of the anonymous posters who do nothing but blame all of us who seek accountability from our elected officials. They do not answer even one of the questions posed by ETed or anyone else.

Once again they deny, deny and deny except now they also deflect, deflect and deflect. But do not address even one position. They even could not counter that Kauff's neighbors may also gain financially from the Kauffster.

Sure it is all just a coincidence. kauff attends every developmental meeting. Kauff meets with his handpicked manager, the one that replaced Stewart Brown who was as we know pushed out by Kauff for cutting off CME. Gallo looks into the CME thing and Kauff forces her out also. But according to anonymous, all of these are just coincidences.

Sure here is a coincidence for you. Everything said about the Kauff corruption in Aberdeen and everything said about politicians as a group is all true. That is a coincidence the anonymous cannot deny.

k said...

To the single anonymous poster that posts as THE TRUTH, Edgeview, Pinehurst:

You are making an ass out of yourself every time you post. Please keep it up. You amuse me.

PinehurstDon said...

Your welcome and I am glad I amuse you. I hope you enjoy the subject matter.

If you keep reading the posts by the people involved concerning the Kauff corruption then maybe you will also realize that Kauff is bending you over and having his way with you. I hope you enjoy that as well.

Van Brackle reporting in said...

I just got back from getting some bagels and had to jump onto the Aberdeener. I just saw a garage sale sign on Justice Lane. Please pray that Norman Kauff has seen the light and is going to be moving out of Aberdeen. Could the garage sale on Justice Lane be a good sign? Now we can only hope that he takes all of his other scum with him when he goes.

By the way anyone want to start a petition to rename Justice Lane in honor of Kauff in the event he does move? We will simply call it INJUSTICE LANE. In honor of the Kauffster.

F U Norman!

Anonymous said...

I agree, can we stay on topic? Why does every new topic involve Kauff's name. I would recommend to the ABERDEENER, that he removes posts that don't belong in the current topic. What does Kauff now have to do with the NJDOE? Post those comments in the town council posts. People on here are getting ridiculous.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What is so funny to me a previous blogger asked Mr Warren about his taxes, i checked on data universe and are own Aberdeener is not listed as paying taxes on property in this town. But wait it must be a mistake right? Remember you are an elected boe member.

KissmyKauff said...

All of a sudden the taxes paid by Mr. Warren are the hot topic of the day. What do you think he is special and gets some kind of special dispensation? Grow up. Mr. Warren will explain this one time and let it go. Back onto the $64,000,000.00 spent in the district. Nothing else matters more then that. Of course there is one exception. EVERYTHING KAUFF.

That rat does not deserve one minutes peace. He is everything that is wrong with the term "public service". The only thing Kauff does is serve himself with "public" monies.

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just change the name of the blog to Kauffblog already?

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Warren's taxes are a proper subject for this blog. He is an elected member of the Board of Education and I believe, as an elected BOE member, we are entitled to know what exactly is going on here. Who exactly is paying your taxes Mr. Warren?


All of this smacks of some agenda that is being perpetrated upon the citizens of Aberdeen and I, for one, don't like it.



To the previous anonymous who asked about "WHERE ARE THE LAWSUITS".

Apparently this will be your new mantra since you can no longer ask "WHERE ARE THE DENIALS". You tried to go with "WHERE ARE THE DENIALS" for several months. With the discovery of the March 18, 2008 Town Council Meetings now out there, you can no longer ask that question. In those minutes, as you well know, Mayor Sobel clearly DENIED, in a very public forum, that Norman Kauff had anything to do with the dismissal of Stewart Brown.

So now that your old tact of demanding a public denial can no longer be used, you have decided to try a new tact - "WHERE ARE THE LAWSUITS".

I have to laugh. You all know why there are no lawsuits. There are no lawsuits because you all are anonymous. You can't sue an anonymous person.

If any of you want to see some lawsuits, go to a council meeting and place your name on the record. The lawsuits will follow very quickly, I PROMISE YOU!

And don't worry -- if you are telling the TRUTH -- then you can't be sued. Truth is always a defense to slander and libel.

You won't reveal yourselves however, because you know the truth is not on your side and you are all TOO SCARED to face the consequences that would follow.


Aberdeener said...

I agree with earlier comments that the constant Kauff references to virtually every post has become tiresome.

I respectfully request that the comments relate to the current post, especially when there's another recent post that is more relevant to the comment.

As for property taxes, I'm paying about $10,000 a year, my house is on the tax rolls, and my address is well known to anybody who's seen me address the school board.

The property is under my wife's name because my business deals in confidential information and has potential liabilities.

Any other questions that have any relevance to the above post?

Anonymous said...

If you want a law suite files for slander then instead of posting anonymous post with your real name and address and see if you get sued or not. Most of the stuff against Kauff is all BS as well as the stuff against the ABerdeener who I think is biased and a lot of times misleading. If you want to know the real truth why don;t you go to a council meeting and ask and if you are to chicken to do that call them and ask them , most of them are listed. Most of you are barking up teh wrong tree, Christie allready checked into Aberdeen and only found 1 corrupt counci;lman and he is now the Republican Chairman , pretty funny since he talked against Murphy, Gartley and all other republican candidiates more than anyone on the present council.

Anonymous said...

Hey talking about the Minutolo as smaill business owner in Aberdeen, I would like to know why the republican party does not support Aberdeen businesses. Why do they go to Matawan to have their dinner meetings? Real supportive of a town you want to run.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, I'll try to get this conversation back to the MARSD.

I have one question. If I'm correct, school board members are volunteers and receive no salary for their positions. But I was wondering do they received some type of credit into a pension system or any medical benefits for serving on the school board? Also what is the situation with Aberdeen Township Mayor and council members?

Anonymous said...

The town council members get paid and so does the mayor who is a memeber.The budget for 2009 is $57,323. OUTRAGEOUS!

Aberdeener said...


School board members are unpaid office holders. We don't receive any benefits but there are certain "perks" such as free tickets to certain school events.

Town councilmen do receive a salary that is counted towards their state pension because they have a different role. The town council is responsible for managing the town while the school board simply sets policies and approves appointments and expenditures.

The mayor is "first among equals". He has certain privileges in being able to conduct meetings and set agendas but his vote is equal to the others.

The fear regarding town council members is that if they have another government job, either before or after, the years on town council could be used towards calculating their final pensions.

State pensions are based upon the three highest earning years and number of years served.

Hope that explains things.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info

Anonymous said...

Has anyone else heard about the fact that the high school is out of paper towels?

This sounds like a small thing, but as much as we pay in taxes, should our kids really be having to dry their hands on their pants?

My child says they haven't had them in about 7 days in any of the HS bathrooms.

First no white paper, now no towels. What's going on there?

Anonymous said...

I'd also like to know if the rumor that Mr. Lloyd being forced to transfer to the middle school is true or not.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener -
The Council has exactly the same role that the Board of Education does.

The following is copied from the township website:

The Township of Aberdeen is chartered under the “Faulkner Act" (OMCL) Council-Manager plan. (NJSA 40:69A-81 et. seq.) Aberdeen Township has a Mayor and six other Council Members. The Mayor and all Council Members are elected at-large in for 4-year staggered terms. The Town Council passes ordinances and resolutions. It maintains the Administrative Code. The Council appoints the Township Manager. It appoints the Municipal Clerk, the Tax Assessor and Members of all boards and commissions. It votes on the municipal budget after the Township Manager has prepared it.

Very similar roles given the Aberdeen government form. Board of Ed members do not get paid, council and fire district does get paid. This makes the Board of Ed true volunteers in service to the community, which is why we need to move on and respect the service that past members have provided for the community.

Aberdeener said...

The Faulkner Act, as used by our township, merely allows the town council to delegate authority to a town manager. It does not discharge the council of any responsibilities to manage municipal affairs.

As for school board members, they are the only people the public can hold accountable for the district's performance. Any person who does not wish to accept that accountability should not serve on the school board.

Aberdeener said...

Regarding paper towels, the district is properly stocked. If there's a specific school having a problem (and there shouldn't be), you can email the principal.

Anonymous said...

and Mr. Lloyd?

Anonymous said...

Lloyd should get whatever he wants as long as he is still all there, that guy was 100 or so 20 something yrs ago when I was there, and still was a better teacher than most.

Aberdeener said...

I'm barred from discussing personnel, though I don't see Mr. Lloyd on tonight's personnel agenda.

Anonymous said...

Honestly, as fantstic as mr. lloyd is, another teacher is in the room doing the teahcing. that's a lot of salary in one room. is that the best way to spend our district's money?

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, you are wrong about the Faulkner Act as it applies in Aberdeen. Aberdeen's "City Manager" form of government is established in the township charter. The Manager has administrative authority for the town once hired. Except for the positions specifically mentioned, the council has no hiring authority. Council There are different government forms in NJ.

Please make sure you know what you're talking about. I would expect you to know more about the town that you act like an expert about.

Anonymous said...

There are a LOT of classrooms with 2 teachers, it is called in class support.

I'm sure it is not on the agenda tonight, if they already planned the move it must have been discussed already. I'm sure O'Mally isn't moving staff around without discussing it with his memebers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

it's not inclass support when neither teacher is a special education teacher. my daughter said that their both english teachers.

Anonymous said...

In my son's class his 2nd teacher is special ed. teacher. This same teacher is in his room at least 3 classes a day.
If your daughters 2nd teacher is Mrs. G than she is a special ed. teacher.

Anonymous said...

nope. its an honors class. she said there are two male teachers.


I have a question. Why is it the school board never puts attachments on the website? They list everything and then say see attachments. BUT WHERE ARE THE ATTACHMENTS?

Is this just some smoke and mirrors trickery that Quinn left the instruction manual for in O'Mally's desk? Same backdoor deals just to keep the public uninformed as usual? The only thing that changes are the names of the players?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

I'm verklempt.

Anonymous said...

I guess Mr. Aberdeener will give us the full story on the teacher situation in Mr. L's room.
I was only aware of the female teacher who is in there 3 periods a day.

Aberdeener said...

Regarding the Faulkner Act, from the The League of Women Voters of New Jersey - The council-manager plan places complete responsibility for municipal affairs in the council. The council appoints a municipal manager who is the chief executive with broad authority.

I stand by my prior statement that the act "does not discharge the council of any responsibilities to manage municipal affairs."

Anonymous said...

welcome home Aberdeener. how was tonite's meeting?

Aberdeener said...

All the fun stuff happens at the Committee of the Whole meetings. By the time of the regular action meeting, everything's been discussed.

The highlight of the night was the awards ceremony for our Special Olympians.

Next, our candidate for the TV Production class withdrew his name from consideration after getting a better offer closer to home.

We hired a new director of special services whom I like a lot.

I had some concerns regarding a program whereby students could obtain Georgian Court University credits through our district and that has been tabled till the next meeting.

And we're rewriting some bid requests.

I think that sums it up.

Anonymous said...

Can you please tell us what the deal is with Mr. Lloyd having 2 teachers in his classroom?

Also, haven't the staff assignments for next year already been discussed?

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aberdeener-

You should ashamed of yourself for using Jawan's departure to kiss Dr. O's butt. You must think our community is stupid to not see through your attempt to blow smoke. I wonder how you could even see him with your head stuck so far up where the sun don't shine. You are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Why no attachment for the non bargaining unit salaries? What is this about? What non bargaining unit and does this mean salary increases? Why is the attachment purposely left out?

Aberdeener Gets a Civics Lesson said...

Aberdeener -- Sorry for the local government lesson, but there are several government forms under the Faulkner Act -- The following one pertains to Aberdeen and cannot be modified by ordinance. It is not a semantic difference; but defines the authority of the Council and Manager. This government form was the product of reform and differs greatly from the form of government in Matawan, for example, where the borough chooses to delegate authority to an Administrator by ordinance. The form of government is established in the township charter, which can only be changed by referendum. Sorry for the lecture, Aberdeener; but, this is an important distinction.

Faulkner Act (OMCL) Council-Manager

NJSA:40:69A-81 et. seq.

5,7 or 9 Council members or Mayor and 4, 6 or 8 Council members. Mayor elected at-large. Council elected all at-large or combination of wards and at-large. Partisan or nonpartisan. 4 year concurrent or staggered terms.

Partisan: January 1
Nonpartisan: July 1

Elected by council or voters. Presides over Council. Council elected mayor serves a term of 1, 2 or 4 years depending on whether elections are staggered or concurrent. Voter elected mayor serves 4 year term.

Council exercises legislative and policy power of the municipality.

Manager is chief executive and administrative official of municipality. Prepares budget. Appoints and removes department heads. Attends Council meetings with voice, but no vote.

Aberdeener said...

The relevant statute reads as follows:

40:81-9. Council to be governing body -
The municipal council shall be the governing body of the municipality and except as herein otherwise provided, shall have and possess all administrative, judicial and legislative powers and duties now had, possessed and exercised by the governing body of such municipality and all other executive or legislative bodies in such municipality, and shall have complete control and supervision over the affairs of the municipality to be exercised in the manner herein prescribed.

Civics Lesson Continued said...

Aberdeener - exactly. There are several allowed forms of government and Aberdeen's government provides for a Manager with vested powers as per quoted option that I previously pasted verbatim. In Aberdeen's case, the governing body has the same role in governance as the Board of Education. That's the only point that I am making.

Anonymous said...

NJSA:40:69A-81 et. seq.

By the way -- the referring statute.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen is one of only 42 towns in NJ with the Council-Manager form of government. Unlike other forms it vests the manager as the CEO as highlighted below. The semantics are important because it is the manager and not the mayor and council that is responsible for contract negotiations, staff, etc. This form of government was created specifically to eliminate political bossism that has been back at play in Aberdeen.

Faulkner Forms
The Mayor-Council Plan (NJSA 40:69A-31)
This form, also known as the “strong mayor” form, provides for the direct election of the mayor, who serves a four-year term. This form is designed for a mayor to be independent of council, in charge of the administration of the municipality.

The mayor is the chief executive of the municipality and has the enforcement responsibility for all ordinances, charter provisions and prepares the budget of the municipality. The mayor, with the advice and consent of the council, appoints and removes department heads, including a business administrator. The mayor has the right to speak at council meeting but has no vote and does not need to attend.

The council is the legislative body of the municipality. The membership is five, seven or nine members, who are elected either at-large or from wards. The council is generally limited to legislative functions, but has investigative power and may remove municipal officers for cause. The council can reduce items in the mayor’s budget by a majority vote, but it needs a two-thirds majority to increase any item in the budget. A municipality under the Mayor-Council Form has the following options:

Elections can be partisan or nonpartisan. If elections are nonpartisan the municipality also has the option of run off elections.
Elections can be at-large or by wards. If the municipality is divided into wards, the municipality has the option over the number of wards.
The size of the council can be three, five or seven members.
Terms can be staggered or concurrent.

As of 2006, 67 municipalities operate under the OMCL Mayor Council Form.

Council-Manager Form
This form is very similar to the previously mentioned 1923 Municipal Manager Law. Like the 1923 law, this form, it provides for an experienced professional to serve as the chief Executive.The council is made up of five, seven or nine elected members. The council is the legislative body of the municipality but also appoints the positions of Municipal Clerk, Tax Assessor and well as provides for appointments of members of Boards, Commissions and Authorities. Perhaps most importantly, the council appoints a qualified manager to serve as the chief executive.

The mayor can either be selected from the council or directly elected. Either way, the mayor serves as the presiding member of the council. The Manager has the full administrative responsibility for the municipality, including appointment of department heads as well as subordinates, preparation and presentation of the budget and the negotiation of contracts.

A municipality under the Council-Manager form has the following options:

Partisan or nonpartisan elections. If the elections are nonpartisan, the municipality has the option of run-off elections.
Staggered or concurrent terms.
The mayor can be voted directly by the people or selected from among the council. If elected by the voters, the mayor serves a four-year term. If selected by the council, the mayor serves either a one, two or four year term, depending on whether the council serves staggered or concurrent terms and local ordinances.
Council members can be elected at-large or from wards. If the municipality operates under a ward-based system, the number of wards is also an option.
The size of the council can be five, seven or nine members.

As of 2006, 42 municipalities operate under the OMCL Council Manager form.

Aberdeener said...

Thanks for your reference.

Here's what I found."All powers of the municipality and the determination of all matters of policy shall be vested in the municipal council."

The point being that the council has the power to act administratively but does so through the town manager. A school board does not have such power.

We're precluded from being involved in day-to-day operations. We're not allowed to see personnel files. We're unable to take administrative action unless first recommended to do so by the superintendent. For example, we can't instruct the superintendent to hire someone, we can only approve a hire. We can't instruct the superintendent to use a certain vendor, we can only approve.

The council has far more power than a school board. They appoint the zoning and planning boards who have the power to grant variances. The school board can do neither.

My point is that all power is vested in the council and that power is exercised through certain channels. The school board, however, has very limited power.

The town council can do far more in the municipality than the school board can do in the district.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, In Aberdeen's form of government, the Council has no more power than the School Board. Period.

Anonymous said...

OK I'll try one more time,....

Can you please tell us what the deal is with Mr. Lloyd having 2 teachers in his classroom?

Also, haven't the staff assignments for next year already been discussed?

Why no attachment for the non bargaining unit salaries? What is this about? What non bargaining unit and does this mean salary increases? Why is the attachment purposely left out?

Pwr2thepepl2009 said...

LEFT OUT? That would imply a purposeful action by a party or parties. If it was in fact two or more people involved the term would be parties and that would constitute a conspiracy. How can anyone even question such a thing? What about the savior (Dr. O'M) that has supposedly landed in our midst? Is someone trying to say that all is not as it seems?

Come on people this is Aberdeen. Nothing seems to be as it really is.

Mayor Sobel says in a council meeting that Norman Kauff was not in on the ousting of the former manager. And people believe him? Norman kauff runs Aberdeen people. It is that simple and that tragic.

CME is paid $1.5 million dollars of our tax money every single year since Kauff took control and people are told it is all above board and simply hard working and honest government. And people believe it?

The Board of education website says see attachments and you are shocked when they are not there. Not once but often the attachments are not there for the public to review. And we now await an answer from our supposed savior or the Aberdeener who is finally on the inside. I for one am very glad he is.

People do not believe that which you are told until someone puts there hand on the bible, in a courtroom and swears an oath to GOD.

Otherwise the idea or statement by any public official that "honest and hard working government is working in Aberdeen" is just a laughable joke. Right Norm?

Anonymous said...



Pwr2thepepl2009 said...

I am amazed that the few and I mean very few Kauff defenders seem to think they are making a difference. They are not!

It is obvious they all despise THE TRUTH because that person tells THE TRUTH. That seems to be their biggest problem. The fact that an unelected rat bastard like Kauff costs all of us vasts amounts of money through his greedy political enterprise , does not seem to be a problem.

It is a very big problem and I strongly suggest that THE TRUTH is not your only worry. Tthe news on Kauff and company is growing. The the word is spreading despite all of the doubters and few defenders.

Keep doubting the word of people like THE TRUTH and others. We will be the ones laughing at the end of the Kauff dynasty of corruption.

IT IS COMING! It is soon to end!

Pwr2thepepl2009 said...

By the way these civics lessons about manager-council forms of government are bullshit also.

In Aberdeen it is only Kauff.

The council,manager and mayor part of it is all just dangling strings held by the grand puppeteer Norman Kauff.

None of them goes to the crapper without Kauff saying it is OK. That is the joke that is our supposed leadership in Aberdeen.

CountyRdAgainstKauffand Greed said...

Anyone ever notice that the anonymous supporters of Mr. K. never really address or answer any of the allegations, proofs or comments presented or alleged to have occurred involving him. All we get is some repetitious political fodder about going to council meetings to confront the Mr. K. controlled council. They say Mr. K. is never involved in any important decisions or the ousters of management or council people. It is like all of this is just happenstance. Right Mr. K.?
Don't think we forgot about the projects either Mr. K. we will remind you on election day.

LoveYaNormy? said...

Worked late tonight so I ask if anyone went to the council meeting? Probably just those three old guys who suck up to the council every week showed up. At least they know they have three votes out there. Lets see that would be the three old guys, six of the seven council people and Normy. So that is ten. Then Jimmy and his wife make twelve. Mrs. Fred is thirteen. The two neighbors of Normy who get work from him and their wives makes seventeen. Cannon and his fiance make nineteen. Montone and her husband make twenty one. Yep they are certainly on their way to a resounding Democratic victory.

What will they do when the Normy factor and all of the millions they give away to political hacks starts hitting the public full force?

What I really can't wait for is when the candidates start going door to door to pass out the Normy political doctrine and answer questions. The candidates are probably in Normy's basement every single night studying the handbook on "HOW TO ALWAYS WIN CORRUPT ELECTIONS IN ABERDEEN" written by of course our own Normy. By now they should be up to the section entitled "NEVER ANSWER QUESTIONS ABOUT NORMY, CME MONEY OR WHO REALLY RUNS ABERDEEN". Next section after that is "DENY, DENY ALWAYS DENY". Then the best section of all "WHEN YOU AREN'T A RESIDENT OF ABERDEEN HERE IS HOW TO SAY YOU ARE IN FACT A RESIDENT OF ABERDEEN EVEN IF YOU AREN'T". Isn't that right candidate Cannon? You are fitting into the "democratic liars campaign 2009" just fine. Mommy and Daddy should be so proud of you. What a proud political family candidate Cannon has? Right Dad? Full of honesty and political grandeur obviously? Who is your political Godfather Mr. Cannon? Is it Vic Scudeiri or Dave Samuels? Come on you can tell us. Go to any meetings at CM&E yet candidate Cannon? Here is a hint for you candidate Cannon, they violate the Sunshine Law. Shhhh don't tell anyone nobody is supposed to know about those meetings! Once in a while you do get breakfast on Normy but you have to drive a little bit for it. Right Normy? Wait you have not been elected yet I forgot. Your breaking of that law and many others will come right after you get sworn in. Then you will be breaking the law officially like all of the rest of the Normy controlled politicians in Aberdeen, Manalapan, Hazlet and Marlboro. It must get so crowded at CM&E headquarters huh Normy?

To all of the Aberdeener readers after this posting I apologize for the idiocy that will be an anonymous response. They will once again accusing Nick of everything since Christ was nailed onto the cross. The Democrats have no other answers you see since their lies are getting tissue paper thin.

Love ya Normy!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aberdeener-

You should ashamed of yourself for using Jawan's departure to kiss Dr. O's butt. You must think our community is stupid to not see through your attempt to blow smoke. I wonder how you could even see him with your head stuck so far up where the sun don't shine. You are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Loveyanormy, only 2 of the older guys showed up - total of 7 concerned residents. The big topic was the library, which is a HUGE joke. Gues what no TRUTH, his girlfriend pinetree didn't show either and no questions about Kauff. Maybe pwr2thepeopl2009 should have showed up and asked some questions instead of typing on this blog at 6:36pm. All of you are a BIG DISAPPOINTMENT to this town and community, if you aren't willing to ask the questions to the town council stop crying on this blog!

Aberdeener said...

I'll look into why some of the attachments weren't posted.

The non-union staff received salary increases of about 3.5% on average. Though their salaries are public information, the method for determining their raises is not.

Mr. Ruprecht requested to begin receiving all documents electronically and I've done the same. In the future, if documents of a public nature (i.e., not personnel or executive session), are not posted on the school website, I can post them here.

justamom said...

Don't they get it yet. The council meetings are a joke. We know it and they know it. Holding meetings does not mean they are doing anything. Sure they might be addressing the budget constraints facing all towns. We shall see. Will there be cuts to Norman Kauff's tax dollar draining professionals and other pals? It is reported that the engineers alone cost us over a million dollars. For what? How much is that per taxpayer?

We should all wonder if the council asked the municipal workers where the town could save money? Maybe the leadership is afraid of the answers they might get from the rank and file? Did the manager do a office by office or position by position study for efficiency? Just another suggestion. Then again what do I know? I am just a taxpayer trying to cut my own household budget to surviven.

Anonymous said...

OK so the Mr. Lloyd thing is obviously not going to get answered, the question is why?

I guess we already know the answer to that!

Anonymous said...

JustaMom I agree with you. My wife and I have been trying to look at every nook and cranny of our own budget. We put off buying a new car. We put off a vacation for the summer. We even put off the idea of a pool this year. My wife and I can only hope your idea about management seeking input from the town workers happens. It would also be good for employee morale my wife points out. It makes all the employees part of the process, not just the end result from a managers decision. More involvement from those who actually keep a business running is an opportunity often overlooked. Too often managers think they know it all. They often do know it all. They know it all right into bankruptcy or insolvency.

Just look at the financial industry for recent proof. Those CEO's and managers who made all the decisions and costs tens of thousands their jobs, still made very bad decisions, yet still got big payoffs for their failed decisions.

There needs to be an incentive for management to seek input all the way up the chain. Otherwise all you are left with is ineffective and indecisive management.

Aberdeener said...

Others are free to comment. As I've mentioned, I am barred from discussing personnel matters.

Anonymous said...

This is for justamom, how many Council Meetings have you gone to? I would guess 0. So if you do not know what you are talking about , shut up. I went to 1 budget meeting on a Saturday and all department heads were their looking to cut everywhwere possible without trying to cut services. So your answer to your question is YES they did go to the employees. So again stop making up things if you do not really know the answer.

Anonymous said...

Without having the complete agenda on the school website, watching the board meeting on TV or webcast is a waste of time and money. With the meetings being done as a consent agenda to leave anything out is an attempt to hide something. To not disclose salary increases and who gets them is an important issue for all to see. Mr. Warren, who is barring you from discussing personnel. It seems ridiculous that once an personnel issue is public anyone could talk about it. Something discussed in an executive session, not yet disclosed to the public one would understand. Once something is public it would be ludictous and ridiculous to think a board member would be barred from discussing the reasoning behind personnel decisions or discussing any information that is presented at a public board meeting for approval.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody anybody please ask Norm to have the guy on Church and Darwin cut his grass. I seen another comment regarding the rock pile in his driveway which is why I am commenting here. The house looks abandoned......I watch a bunch of kids ride their bikes on his rock pile the other day. I figuered Norm could get him to clean the stuff up since he has so much power over the people

Aberdeener said...

NJ School Board Code of Ethics -
"I will hold confidential all matters pertaining to the schools which, if disclosed, would needlessly injure individuals or the schools."

Information regarding staff and given to me in private or in executive session has a presumption of being confidential.

Civics Lesson said...

Aberdeener, in your last post on the subject "All powers of the municipality and the determination of all matters of policy shall be vested in the municipal council."

In the Manager form of government all matters of management, personnel, budget preparation, etc. are vested in the Manager. This is clearly spelled out in the Aberdeen Township Charter.

Yes, Council has more appointment powers, but direct power over staff is as limited as with the Board.

Regardless, before your stubbornness about learning anything new became an issue, the point that was being made is that both elected bodies (or all three if you include the fire district) are comprised of citizens who dedicate a significant amount of personal time to help the community. Only the board of education members are true volunteers since they are the only group out of the three that do not get paid for the service they give on behalf of the community.

It offends me and many others that council members continue to get paid about $8,000 for what is promoted as "volunteer" service. On an hour-by-hour basis, School Board members spend as much time in service to the community, maybe more, than council members.

Why should taxpayers supplement Lauro's and Vinci's retirement income. It is very distasteful.

Aberdeener said...

I stand by my position regarding the comparative roles of the school board versus the town council.

As for councilmen's salaries, I agree they're overpaid but the true outrage is that these part-timers are allowed to participate in the state pension system.

Ending their pension benefits would go a long way towards reforming the political system.

Anonymous said...


i read your blog eith some interest. you speak that you are board members and receikve no benifts as a resul t of your position, Don't you have a difficult time sleeping at night, having you told your constiguents your nonsense?

You may abstain from the district your reside in -but calling New Brunsick in behest of another board members daughter(who intersting enough is not an education major-Love to hear Dr. Gaino's beliefs)

How do you realisgtically state their are no benifits when you crigtized the previous folks for the same reason?


Since we are talking about council stuff again it is time for another exciting adventure of KAUFFMAN boys and girls.

Today's episode has Kauffman holding court with another group of developers along with his sidekicks Managerman and Legalgirl. The fact that Legalgirl and Kauffman both bill the taxpayers for their time in attending the exact same meeting should not be alarming to Overburdenedtaxpayermanandwoman.

You see most watchers of Kauffman are completely unaware of Kauffman and his alter-ego Powerbrokerman. You see that is why Kauffman comes to developmental meetings always in disguise as Powerbrokerman. That disguise you see boys and girls is where Kauffman is able to gouge taxpayers twice in a single meeting. You see Kauffman gets to bill taxpayers for the so costly legalgirl time and also bill the taxpayers as Powerbrokerman in his secretive role as Ofcounselman.

This episode boys and girls is unfortunately just another repeat episode of powerbrokerman controlling another developmental meeting in a futile attempt to bring Developmentalmanorowman to Aberdeen. This game often ends with a nice friendly game of political shakedown boys and girls. Some of you probably remember the last episode of the shakedowngame that did not end well for Powerbrokerman. In that episode boys and girls Developmentalmanorwoman had their own Inhousecounclisuperhero to combat the shakedowngame played far too often by Powerbrokerman. That is called a zero campaign donation episode boys and girls.

Unfortunately boys and girls this episode is just another repeat of a repeat of a repeat of the Powerbrokerman type developmental meetings that lead nowhere over and over again. Maybe next weeks episode will be new and exciting boys and girls.

Once again boys and girls stay tuned for another episode of Kauffman. One more thing boys and girls always remember to eat your vegetables so that you too might grow up to be big and strong and be able to join the Kauffarmy. Maybe boys and girls if you also brush your teeth and take your vitamins you might even become a member of that overpaid group secretly known as CME.

Then boys and girls you can tune into that new adventure show called coming soon to your TV of SecondlargestcampaigndonaterCME.

Kauffman must go now boys and girls it is time to dig down dig down and burrow right back into the rat hole that Kauffman and Powerbrokerman live in on Justice Lane.

Watch out for the flying mud boys and girls. It is very soon about to hit the fan.

Remember boys and girls to discover the secret words from this weeks show you must spray your moms hairspray on the TV screen. This weeks secret words are MORF TFIG A SAW ROTARENEG SNEROC.

Scroll down to solve to discover this weeks secret words.


Anonymous said...

anon who talked about the grass, call the town, oh yeah they discussed that at the town council meeting too! Just ask Ken he was there and can attest to that.

Anonymous said...

I needed the laugh. Don't get me wrong that post was to say the least creative. Myself I just enjoyed the way it was presented. It is obvious that all leadership in our state are involved with taking the taxpayers for a ride under the guise of responsible government. Sure they are?

Buccellato's follies said...

Good morning all. Maybe?

Today's Asbury Park Press has two interesting tid-bits this morning.

First one is on page B3 entitled TAXPAYERS PLEAD FOR RELIEF IN MATAWAN

The best part of that articles is a statement from Mayor Buccellato and I quote:




Sure you are Mayor buccellato?

Just like you did for the C-Town Supermarket and the little struggling Italian restaurant "Pesce" my wife and I loved to walk to in town. Now both of those businesses are gone and we are supposed to believe you feel our pain. Did you feel the pain of the couple who had to close the restaurant as they waited for you and the others to help with the liquor license. They needed that license to stay afloat. As far as C-Town you and the others let that die a slow death just like you will for us taxpayers you feign concern for. Was it personalities or ethnicity like my wife said that let you ignore those businesses? Was it just a coincidence that Mulloney's is not long after Pesce closed now open with a liquor license. Not too long after the Pesce business closed is the key to your supposed concern? Mayor Buccellato who is secretly involved with that little business? Who made the right donation Mayor Buccellato? It sure wasn't our former B.A. who you had escorted from the building? When was the last time you told the truth Mayor Buccellato? Do you even remember? Your arrogance is second only to your despicable KNOW IT ALL attitude .

Maybe it is just politics as usual in Matawan? Don't tell us you feel our pain as you are the only pain we and many others feel is in our wallets Mayor Buccellato. No thanks to you of course. You are the Captain of a sinking ship Mayor Buccellato. Matawan and it's finances are sinking despite your public expressions of interest and caring for the community.

Second is a legal notice scheduled for June 25, 2009 at 8:00 advising that the Bd. of education is going to take action to amend and/or modify contract terms and conditions of the school districts contracts involving:

Deputy Superintendent
School Business Administrator
Board Secretary

Prior to this action, the board will permit public comment on these contracts.

I guess we know what we will be doing that night.

StemlerDrckgin said...

Bucellattos follies was very funny.
Thanks for the laugh. I understand the plight of Matawan was on TV. Too bad the average citizen does not know how really bad things are in Matawan. That is what you get with a guy like Mullaney schmoozing all over town like everything is rosey. Everything is great with politicians right up until the town gets taken over by the state.

For my next prediction I will look at the future of Aberdeen politics. I think I see Oops my crystal ball just faded out. Before it faded completely I thought I saw Norman Kauff being put into a black four door Crown Victoria type car by men with big yellow letters on the backs of dark blue windbreakers. I thought the letters spelled out FBI.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Does the Aberdeener have any opinion on the upcoming meeting involving the review and possible action on pay and benefits packages for the aforementioned educational supervisors?

Anonymous said...

To the two Anonymous posters above still bashing Kauff you are both idiots. Kauff is an angel when you compare him to the republican chairman Minutolo, he is in it this for one reason. He hates the most of the candidates on his own ticket, he jus wants revenge. He is a backstabbing user who has no friends and can't keep a job because of his demeanor. Just worry what you may ask for, Minutolo is more corrupt than anyone in this town and should have been in jail with Merla

Anonymous said...

Where has the truth been? Did his dad take away his computer priveleges again?

Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain said...

Anonymous answer this one question with something more then blaming Minotolo and I will log off of the Aberdeener FOREVER.

1. Who controls all operations, monies, Zoning and Planning Boards, Manager actions and approvals, monies in the millions charged to residents for various work put in place to ensure Kauff and CM&E now gets to not only overcharge the town for their lackluster services. But, now they also get to overcharge the residents for escro reviews never before involving CM&E.

I wanted to put an addition on my house some time back and now there are all of these extra fees and inspections all involving CM&E. All of a sudden and not so surprisingly involving CM&E, that Kauff put in place against the residents seeking to improve their hom,es and make Aberdeen a better place to live. If you can afford the Kauff luxury tax that is.

Throw Minotolos name around all you want. He did nothing on the above. Did he? Your Boss Kauff did. Explain that.

I see you failed to address the superhero meeting of KAUUFMAN-POWERBROKERMAN-OFCOUNSELMAN, LEGALGIRL AND MANAGERMAN. Too much truth for how things really run under Kauff? That post was F'n hilarious! Your silence proves the collusion of all of them to gouge the taxpayers under Kauff control. Do yourself a favor come out of the Kauff darkness.

THE TRUTH shall set you free.

FreneauGustav said...

Where are the anonymous postings in response to the last few posts about the kauff factor of kauff control that still all points to kauff? We are waiting. Forget how to spell minutolo. Idiots!

StemlerDrckgin said...

I agree! Where are all of the anonymous Kauff posters who obviously support and defend Kauff just like they are told? These anonymous defenders who are obviously beholding to or are ordered to deflect any and all blame from Kauff. They defend Kauff even when example after example is posted on the Aberdeener website of real Kauff facts and proofs.

Did they answer the superhero comments? No! Did they answer the multiple billings and obvious Kauff control of all of the developmental meetings? No.

THE TRUTH, which is the backbone of the Kauff publicity is the real constant pressure that is put upon Kauff. That is all THE TRUTH as it that is proven truthful by the mere silence of the anonymous Kauff defenders. The silence of the Kauff puppets of course is all many of us need to solidify our despising of all things Kauff.

They can't hide from THE TRUTH. Where is THE TRUTH by the way? Did anybody see Vinci making any cement shoes lately?

My wife thinks maybe the Kauffkins may have memory problems? Maybe they forgot how to spell Minutolo. As if that lame excuse towards deflecting Kauff blame has any real substance. Unless of course Minutolo had something to do with delivering the generator to Coren. Maybe that is it? We find out more and more everyday. Right Normy?

How are things on INJUSTICE LANE?

Anonymous said...

Injustice Lane that kills me still.

Anonymous said...

You guys are all idiots, let's move on from adding Kauff to all pots. These people are ruining this blog, no one responds because you attackers seem to know everything and even when someone comes with a statement saying something to oppose you, you all don't believe them anyway. What is the point? Maybe Mr. Warren should change this blog to the Kauff Blog. Enough already! I suggest that all comments not pertaining to the topic be removed or posted in the proper segment. I am tired of reading all of this nonsense about Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Let's just say, for the sake of argument, that Kauff is guilty of all you accuse him of. Do you really think the rantings of anonymous idiots, such as TRUTH, edgeviewted, pinehurstdon, and the host of other aliases that one or two people use, are going to make any difference, on any subject? I can answer that for you, the answer is no.

If Kauff really killed JFK, shook someone down, and all the other dumb shit these morons accuse him of, the only thing the anonymous accusers accomplish is to provide amusement to the readers of this site, or to detract from the actual topics posted.

Personally, I don't know if Kauff is corrupt or not, I'm sure to some extent, he is, everyone involved in politics is, but that doesn't make the truth any less of an idiot.


THE TRUTH is branded and idiot once again and i am amazed. Are our leadership people not guilty of shallow and contrite ethical lapses and worse for not reporting much of which we read on the Aberdeener and which they know is absolutely THE TRTH about Kauff.

I am certain beyond a reasonable doubt from what we know of politicians and their personal use of our taxes over the years. All of them cow-tow to Kauff. That complicity and beholding to all things Kauff costs the taxpayers millions a year in underhanded payments and worse to Kauff's "CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDS". Millions that could be better spent on gee lets get creative maybe the taxpayers and their families.

My son asked me the other day about the skate park that we were told about over a year ago. Told about a skate park i should point out in a meeting at town hall with town officials. Just more broken promises from our supposed leaders i told him. May as well get him started early on NEVER TRUSTING A POLITICIAN.

I have no doubt in my heart that Kauff does not run the whole show and that our supposed leadership lets it happen. Maybe they need to change the oath of office.

I -----------swear total and unyielding faith in all things to be done to the taxpayers will be done in an underhanded and hidden manner. I -------------swear total allegiance to Kauff.

At least that would be the truth for our local Kauff politicians.

Anonymous said...

Which meeting was this at skateparkdad? We can look up the minutes to what was said. Let me get this straight, because your son wants a skatepark we should build one? What about other things in this town that are needed? I doubt they said they were going to build one for you at the meeting a year ago, maybe look into it, but not build one. I guess it is Kauff's fault we don't have one, he must hate skateboarders.

Anonymous said...

To clarify things. There was in fact a meeting in regards to a very possible skatepark being put into a municipal park area some time soon. This meeting came after juveniles and their parents had appeared in court proceedings in Aberdeen. The problem was that a large number of kids love to skateboard and their use of parking lots in shopping centers and the like was causing problems and police involvement.

The meeting included the then Town Manager and the Recreation Director as I remember.

Maybe the lawsuit from one of these kids parents will get the town to do something. That should only cost three or four times the cost to put in a skatepark aspreviously discussed.

Santa Fe Don said...

As I recall the amount of money to facilitate the skate park was $75,000.00. Or about the same amout as the fee that CM&E charges to review a developmental application for a Kauff development that will go NOWHERE!

Right Norm?

In advance of the typical anonymous response. It is spelled MINUTOLO.

Anonymous said...

C'mon people. How about the roller hockey rink everyone wanted that never gets used? Go to Long Branch if you want a skate park, is it the town's job to give everything a handful of people want? Lawsuit? We would be more likely to have a lawsuit against us if someone got hurt at a skatepark. If someone wants to sue the town because their kid gets hurt skating around town, let them. It is sad if that happens.


So the parents just got lip service from some administrator and that should be the end of it?

Typical response from an obvious anonymous politician who hides his from his responsibility and shows his true beholding to the powers of the Aberdeen scumbag that is Norman Kauff.

Anonymous said...

skateparkdad you never answered my question, which meeting was this at, we can go back and check the minutes at the town council meeting and see what was said by all. So if my kids want a paintball facility in town and I come up with 100 signatures in town to have that done should I get it? There are skateboard parks in other towns that can be use, I for one would be against it and have children myself. The chances of them getting injured is greater at a park like that, I agree with the above poster. By the way, I just looked up skateboarddad in the phonebook and there was no listing, you are as anonymous as the rest of us. Please tell us the date of the council meeting, thanks.






Anonymous it was not a council meeting it was stated clearly, but it seems not clearly enough for you. It was stated it seems that a meeting was held with the former manager and the rec director with a large group of parents regarding the possibility and need for skating facilities in town. Maybe there was not enough money in a study for such a facility for CM&E to gouge the taxpayers for. Just like all of the other developmental projects that never see the light of day until the money is drained for study after study. My mother has waited years for the one on Church Street to happen. I remember the pictures with the elected officials in their hard hats promising the new senior housing opportunities. What is up with that one? NOTHING as usual. Sorry Mom.

Anonymous said...

CTYRDIDIOT - skateparkdad said "in a meeting at town hall with town officials". Sounds like a town council meeting, just so you know the township manager is at every town council meeting, maybe the rec director was requested to be at that meeting as well. It was not made clear. Just keep crying about everything you don't have, no skatepark, too bad. Do we really need one?

Anonymous said...

Skatepark = Lawsuits

Anonymous said...

The current manager and council won't spend a dime on our children. Look at all the rusty playground equipment, basketball hoops, cracked basketball courts, and uncollected leaves and pine cones from the fall. It's an embarrassment when we bring visitors to the park next to our house.

Maybe a skateboard would be a good thing, maybe not -- that's a subject for public debate. Let's take care of what we have! Please keep in mind that not every child is into team sports that can be played on a field.

Edgeviewted07 said...

No we don't need a skatepark for one reason only. The outlandish fee that the taxpayers would have to pay to C.M.E. would have it D.O.A.!

As for a skatepark and a council meeting having occurred obviously an anonymous councilperson logged on and attempted to chastised those whose children deserve a skatepark. One more thing to the SKATEPARK=LAWSUITS.

Would there be any different number of lawsuits then for baseball, football, soccer or any other sport involving children or young adults in town? Do not look now but your anonymous ignorance is showing again.

You political hacks don't know sh-t.

Anonymous said...

All it takes is a waiver and a parent's signature saying they won't sue if the kid gets hurt.

Problem solved.

I'm sure kids get hurt at darn near every sport that the community sponsors every year. Why would this be different?

Anonymous said...

A waiver doesn't always work, and where will they sign them and that means we will need to have someone at the skatepark all the time to monitor signature's. What will happen at night?