Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remembering Jawann Brown

Jawann Brown, MRHS Class of 2005, passed away on Saturday, May 9th. Jawann had been attending Pace University until recently diagnosed with leukemia.

Our hearts go out to Jawann and his family. He will be missed and remembered.

God Bless Jawann and his family.

Jawann graduated from our High School in 2005. His mother is Lisa Brown, an instructional assistant at Cambridge Park Preschool. His sister is Shardea Brown who worked in the Business Office before graduating from MARSD.

Jawann is a third generation graduate from MARSD.

The viewing is from
7:00 to 9:00 pm on Thursday, May 14, 2009 at the
Community Bible Fellowship Church
268 Cliffwood Avenue

The funeral will be held at 11:00 AM on
Friday May 15th 2009 at the
Community Bible Fellowship Church

In lieu of flowers Mr. & Mrs. Brown have requested that contributions be made in Jawann’s name to:

The Northern New Jersey Chapter
Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
14 Commerce Drive
Suite 301
Cranford, NJ 07016

Personal Note:
In Douglas Adams' Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy series, he describes the ultimate torture device - A person is strapped into a machine and forced to witness the inconceivable magnitude of the universe. Then, the machine zooms from the infinite expanse of the universe to an infinitesimal speck and says this is you.

The instant self-realization of utter insignificance would render a person insane.

Tonight, I saw Dr. O’Malley, arguably the most consequential person in Aberdeen, wait quietly among a procession of several hundred to pay his last respects to Jawann Brown. Dr. O’Malley is the chief administrative officer of our town’s largest employer, largest landholder, and possibly the largest organization by revenue, and entrusted with the education of three-quarters of our children. Yet, I doubt many people recognized him or even know his name.

That Jawann Brown touched so many lives in his short twenty-one years is both astounding and terribly humbling.

His memory will be a blessing to us all.

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Anonymous said...

On this Mothers Day I will say a prayer for the young mans mother and all of the mothers who have lost sons in such a way. I will also ask all of you to remember the mothers who lost sons in all of the wars America has been involved in. Their sons truly paid the price for all of us to live free.

God Bless Jawann Brown

NsectionJoe said...

While I did not know this young man I will pray for him tonight. I hope that my prayers will give some solace to his family during this difficult time. I was unable to give blood myself due to a heart ailment and would like to thank those who did give their blood in this valiant effort to help this young man.

Joe McAleer

LaurieDoc said...

My thoughts and prayers are with the Brown family during this time...

Anonymous said...

I do not know the entire Brown family, however, I know Jawann's Mom and she is the salt of the Earth. Lisa is a dedicated, loving mother and my heart, tears and prayers go out to her and the her family on this Mother's SAy, and for a long time to come.

NewInTown said...

What a huge loss for his family and our community. My thoughts are with his family at this sad time.
May they have the strength to carry on.

Anonymous said...

May God Bless His Beautiful Soul.

Anonymous said...

God must have needed a angel in a hurry. May his soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

I am one of Jawann's aunts. He was a wonderful young man. As a family he was one of our treasures. To his mom, my niece Lisa, his dad my nephew, Charles and his sister, my great niece Shardea, your family is here for you. We thank God for giving us Jawann, even though he did not stay with as long as we wished.

Anonymous said...

Lisa, Charles, Shardea and the entire Brown family: Jawann was a unique young man. He has definitely left his mark in this world. Although his life was shorter than anticipated, he touched so many lives. Let us try to celebrate the beautiful times we had with him and his love of life. He will be truly missed by all. I know he will be watching over all of his loved ones and will be forever in our hearts! God Bless Jawann and may perpetual light shine upon him.

Thinking of Jawaan said...

To the family and friends of Jawaan...

Although I did not know Jawaan, I am inspired by all the wonderful tributes, stories and memories that were shared about this wonderful, thoughtful and courageous young man. I wish I had the privilege to have known him. I wish he had won his battle with leukemia. And I wish he had the opportunity to graduate college and plan for his future. Sometimes in life, it is so hard to understand why things happen the way the do. The pain and sadness of losing someone, in the prime of their life, is so hard for many of us to understand. My wish for you today is that the thoughts and prayers of this community, for you and Jawaan, will help you though this very sad and difficult time. I wish you the solace, peace and hope, that the legacy Jawaan left with all those who were so blessed to have known him, will sustain you today, tomorrow and in the future. May God Bless Jawann, and all those touched by this special young man. Jawaan will always have a place in the hearts of all those he touched.
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
Kathy Gentile

Hold the Pickle said...


I have not been on your site in a while and would like to commend you in remembering Juwann Brown.

I am, however, a bit confused by the love fest you have for Dr. O'Malley. I can appreciate that you thought it was a nice gesture for him to show up for the service, but why would you include it in this post? If you were trying to give credit to a member of the School District for attending the service, then you really ought to include all of the administrators, teachers, secretaries and instructional assistants that were in attendance.

There really was no reason for you to include the information about Dr. O'Malley in this post.

Aberdeener said...


The point was not to praise Dr. O'Malley but to contrast him with Jawann Brown.

That such a young and humble man could attain a greater stature than the "most powerful man in Aberdeen" is not only an extraordinary accomplishment but a point of humility for the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

I did know Jawann...and had the great honor of graduating MRHS with him in 2005. He was a well loved and respected member of my graduating class. I cannot think of one person who had a conflict with him. He touched many of our lives by being who he was....a respectable young man who saw everyone as people. He will be missed, and on behalf of my graduating class, we all say thank you to Jawann for inspiring us all through the years. Thank you and God bless you Jawann

Anonymous said...


Even though you have passed away, you still keeping touching the lives of many. A lot of people around here have changed a lot of their ways to learn from you and your strength. Things have not gone unappreacited as they had before. Life is valued much more. You are such an amazing person, and your fight has taught us all something.

God bless you, you will forever be missed.