Thursday, June 18, 2009

Let’s Talk About Cliffwood

(Note: The following is from the superintendent's contract. It simply clarifies that the board can only approve or deny staffing changes, not initiate, and that the superintendent is contractually bound to act in the best interests of the district.

"The Superintendent shall be the chief executive and administrative officer of the Board and shall have general supervision over all aspects, including the fiscal operations and instructional programs of the district, and shall arrange the administrative and supervisory staff, including instruction and business affairs in a manner which, in his judgment, best services the district. The selection, placement, transfer, renewal and dismissal of personnel, both instructional and noninstructional, shall occur only upon the recommendation of the Superintendent, subject to Board approval, and the nonrenewal of personnel shall occur upon the Superintendent’s notification to the employee and the Board.")

I love a good argument and the situation at Cliffwood presents an opportunity to highlight opposing philosophical viewpoints that impact major decisions in the school district.

Ken Smith has recently retired as principal at Strathmore Elementary. To save money, Dr. O’Malley decided to use current staff to fill the vacancy. The superintendent recommended Mrs. Berra move from Cliffwood to Strathmore, Mr. Farrell become the new principal of Cliffwood, and expand Ms. De Luca’s role to being director of accountability for both the middle school and the high school. It is my understanding that a small number of highly regarded teachers in Cliffwood will be transferred as well.

After a full hearing, the board voted 7-2 to approve Dr. O’Malley’s appointments.

The question before us is how do you define the board’s role as it pertains to the above matter?

Before continuing, I need to mention two things. First, there have been a number of scurrilous rumors that Mr. Farrell was offered the position because of a personal relationship with Dr. O’Malley. The rumors are lies being spread by certain individuals trying to undermine the superintendent. Dr. O’Malley does not have any personal relationship, neither familial nor friendship-wise, with Mr. Farrell beyond their working relationship. Nor did the two know each other prior to Mr. Farrell’s employment.

Secondly, party affiliations among the board members have vanished and been forgotten. Dr. Gambino and Ms. Rubino were the two board members to oppose the appointments. During arguments, I often find myself most closely aligned with Mr. Ruprecht. Politics does indeed make strange bedfellows.

Regarding the board’s role in this matter, my sharpest disagreements are with Dr. Gambino. By no means are the arguments personal. Dr. Gambino is a dear friend. He was the first person to invite me to a school board meeting and the first board member to introduce himself. He was the person who encouraged me to pursue a board seat and he was co-chair of my campaign.

This vote was likely the first of many that we will disagree upon.

The New Jersey Code of Ethics for school board members has the following clauses:

  • I will confine my board action to policy making
  • I will carry out my responsibility, not to administer the schools, but, together with my fellow board members, to see that they are well run
  • I will vote to appoint the best qualified personnel
Let’s assume that Dr. Gambino and I are in complete agreement on the following:
  • Mrs Berra, Mr. Farrell, and Ms. De Luca are all well qualified
  • Mrs. Berra is the best qualified person to manage Cliffwood
  • Strathmore would be equally served by either Mrs. Berra or Mr. Farrell making Mr. Farrell the better candidate
  • Asking Ms. De Luca to be the director of accountability for two schools would ill-serve both schools
In this instance, the three relevant clauses in the code of ethics are in conflict. As a board member, I cannot confine myself to policy making and vote to appoint the best person for the job. Nor can I ensure the school is well run without administering the schools to a limited degree through personnel assignments. So, do I approve or deny the superintendent’s recommendation?

My view is that the board is primarily a policy making body with a very limited role in staff assignments. All the people are well qualified for the newly assigned positions and are current employees of the district. They have all accepted their new roles without protest. There is no policy issue before the board. Therefore, we have no basis to deny the superintendent’s recommendation.

Dr. Gambino agrees there’s no policy issue before the board. However, he argues that in every item presented to the board for approval, we are required to see the schools are well run and to appoint the best qualified personnel for their respective positions. Therefore, since these appointments do not meet either of those standards, we should deny.

I believe Dr. Gambino views the board as having a wider role than I think is appropriate. The only time the board reviews candidates is for the highest positions when the district has nobody of that level to fill the positions. In the current scenario, these are primarily staff re-assignments between employees of comparable experience. Additionally, I believe we need to give Dr. O’Malley great deference because we cannot hold him fully accountable for results if we don’t also grant him leeway in staffing and he has done nothing to diminish our confidence in his abilities.

Dr. Gambino agrees that we need to give Dr. O’Malley deference and leeway but we, as board members, are entrusted to use discretion and act as representatives of the school district. These staffing assignments are very big deals that many parents oppose and we need to give the parents deference as well. After all, it’s their children we’re educating.

I think Dr. O’Malley should consider their concerns but focus upon the tasks at hand. Also, the voices we hear are not necessarily representative of the community

Dr. Gambino feels these voices can’t be ignored just because we haven’t polled the community.

I’m afraid we’ll become too involved in management. He’s afraid we’ll neglect our responsibilities to provide oversight.

I believe the board needs to focus on student outcomes. He’s afraid tests don’t measure everything and, even if they did, we’d only learn after the damage was done.

The arguments can go on and on. The issue is one of balance when there’s a conflict between sticking to policy and providing oversight. Dr. Gambino holds that if the board believes the superintendent is making a mistake, we need to intervene when we have the opportunity to do so, even if there’s no policy issue. I believe that, absent any policy issue, we should not supplant the superintendent’s judgment with our own unless we have strong and convincing evidence that pushes us to do so.

These are the kinds of disputes a school board should have. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, this is one of those rare times that I agree with you 100%. If you can't trust the Superintendent, regardless of who that person is, to make appropriate staffing decisions, then it is time to get a new Superintendent.

The last Superintendent left shortly after his recommendation to move Mr. Smith to Lloyd Road School was vetoed by the Board. It was a clear signal that his ability and judgment was no longer trusted.

Cliffwood School has a spectacular reputation because of changes that were implemented under Mrs. Berra. There is no reason to think that the Board or Superintendent would allow that quality to diminish. Mrs. Berra remains in the district and is available as a resource to raise the quality of teaching and performance in all of our schools.

Likewise, Mr. Farrell will bring new ideas to that will build on Mrs. Berra's accomplishments. The moves indicate that Dr. O'Malley is building a strong team set to a higher standard than may have been acceptable to prior administrations.

I commend Dr. O'Malley and the entire Board for taking some very bold steps to strengthen performance at all of our schools.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, you say Bera was transferrd, did she request this move or oppose it at all?

Aberdeener said...

My understanding is that Dr. O'Malley recommended the change. I've not heard anything to suggest Mrs. Berra objects to the move.

Anonymous said...

As a Cliffwood resident, I want to just share, the Cliffwood School had 9 Princpals in 15 years. Why is the board moving Berra when she bring stability to the school. NO other school had such a change in administration.

Aberdeener said...

Are you then agreeing with Dr. Gambino's position regarding a board member's role?

NewInTown said...

1. The board has a responsibility to the parents not just the superintendent. The parents are the ones that have to deal with the changes effecting their children. the board is elected by the parents and their concerns should always be what is best for the kids. Moving a great principal from a school is NOT in anyones best interest. Making 2 changes instead of one makes no sense.

2. Cliffwood we all know gets the shaft continually. Not only are they moving Bera, she is taking some of the strongest teachers at the school. I know one of them was very upset over the move.

3. O'Malley has been here a year. He doesn't know or seem to care what the history of the district has been regarding Cliffwood.

4. What are the reasons given that they need to make the change? What is the reason that Farrell can't go to Strathmore?

5. Of course Bera didn't ask for the move, and obviously she isn't stupid enough to fight it. What O'Malley wants O'Malley gets. Come on Joey you have got to be kidding on that one!

6. Why all of a sudden can 1 person do 2 people's job? Why is DeLuca able to cover both schools? Are you telling us that Mr. Farrell's job wasn't necessary this year? $100,000 spent that wasn't really needed?

7. Of course it should be the board's responsibility to tell O'Malley if they think they are making a mistake!!!! What you are saying Joey is that whatever decisions O'Mally makes you will agree to just because there is no policy?? Are you for real? That has got to be the most disturbing things that you have said.

I can not actually believe I am saying this but I agree with Gambino on this issue 100%!

Anonymous said...

I have watched members of this school board challenge every decision of the former administration, but now the same board members are rolling over and saying what O'Malley wants, O'Malley gets and as a board member you have to support him....if this is the case, why do we need a school board?

What changed and what the heck is going on.

I commend Rubino and Gambino for voting for what they believe to be right and best for our kids.

Anonymous said...

What about your raises and comments about only serving the BOE for one term. I thought you were going to repost your last outlandish article.

Too much flip flopping for you Joey.

Anonymous said...

Yup, it's official, you are now a politician. Don't forget to stop by O'Malley's and pick up your prize.

Anonymous said...

Some people just don't seem to get it. Mrs. Berra turned Cliffwood around to be probably the best managed elementary school in the district. She is a change agent.

Why wouldn't the district try to build on Cliffwood's success by replicating her effort at Strathmore? Mr. Farrell has strong qualifications and can certainly carry on with the strong program that Berra helped create.

Mr. Smith is a nice guy but he had the school on autopilot for some time. Strathmore desperately needs some attention from someone proven to have the ability to deliver change.

We are one school district that should have all of our elementary schools performing at the same exceptional level. It makes sense that some of the board members who trust Dr. O'Malley did not trust the last Superintendent -- that's why he's no longer here. Do we really want to fall back into an era when board members can get their acquaintances teaching or substitute jobs because of who they know instead of what they can do?

Nobody should pre-judge Farrell because he is not Berra. He should build on her success at Cliffwood if everyone gives him a chance.

Anonymous said...

"Do we really want to fall back into an era when board members can get their acquaintances teaching or substitute jobs because of who they know instead of what they can do?"

Do you like how O'Malley is doing now?

Strong qualifications for Farrell? I don't think you know much about the guy. He is a complete screw up.

Anonymous said...

Don't any of you get it the better you are at your job the more they move you around or force you out of the district. That is the Matawan-Aberdeen School District way of doing things. But oppose a 2 million dollar football field and you are open to scorn and contempt.

The list is long of those who have been moved, ignored, hidden and moved out of the district under other than honest means by our school leadership.

It is the American educational system way to do things.

MRHSalumni said...

That is very true and it happens right under our complacent noses.

Peter said...

If all agree that making Ms. Deluca director of accountability for two schools will ill serve both schools then one must ask why would you do it. If it is to save that money then why would you give some of it back to the superintendent and his bookeeper in outrageous raises. This move has a lot to do with him padding his salary and just might weaken Cliffwood and the director of accountability position. He should not receive one dime in additional compensation until these and other moves prove to be in the best interest of our students. If Gambino and Rubino turn out to be correct, it is not fair to the taxpayers that big raises went out without results.

Anonymous said...

I am the mother of a special ed child in the district, she is in the HS. She has had some great teachers, good teachers, and 1 or 2 bad teachers.

I found out yesterday they are moving one of the best to the middle school after many many years.

She does not want the move, did not request the move, and is wondering what the educational reasoning is behind it.

She has never in her many years taught middle school and has no experience in most of the new classes she will be teaching.

There are 3-4 other teachers mostly good ones who have had experience there and have taught some of the classes she will be assigned to.

Please Joe tell me what the benefit will it be to those kids both at the HS level and middle school level? What is O'Malley's reasoning on that one? Oh, I forgot you don'y question his decisions you just follow blindly.

Aberdeener said...

I'm not familiar with the individual you're referencing. However, I can tell you that Dr. O'Malley has been working from a district perspective.

For example, let's say the high school has two superstars with similar skill sets. He may move one of those superstars to another school to fill a gap. The high school loses a great instructor but, overall, the district benefits.

Anonymous said...


Do you promise not to run for the board again? Can we get it in writing?

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with the comment that Strathmore has been running on auto pilot with Mr. Smith. While I can understand why the parents at Cliffwood are upset with losing what they feel is an excellent principal, I think if another school in the district is off track, the supt. needs to move a good principal into the position to get that school back to where it should be. And hopefully, the new principal at Cliffwood will continue to implement and follow the new changes that were made there.

While I don't know what Dr. O'Malley reason's are, I don't mind. If you're good at what you do, you get moved around, teacher or principal. Unfortunately, that seems to be the way things are. In my opinion, it gives the most students an opportunity at having a good teacher and/or good principal.

I have to think, O'Malley is trying to bring all the schools in the district up to a higher level.

Anonymous said...

So, what you are saying is that regardless of the teachers wishes they should be forced to move when they don't want to.

Also, that if you are a good teacher you end up getting the shaft.

Anonymous said...

I guess you missed the point of my post.there is no educational reason to move person A to point B when they have NO experience or have ever taught the classes before.

Joey you don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure that out.

Anonymous said...

I guess you missed the point of my post.there is no educational reason to move person A to point B when they have NO experience or have ever taught the classes before.

Joey you don't have to be a brain surgeon to figure that out.

Anonymous said...

Mother of HS Special Ed student - the teacher that you're referring to is being moved to MAMS because of her positon in the MRTA. It is an attempt by the BOE to flex their muscles as the teachers' union approaches contract negotiations. We all know how Mr. Aberdeener feels about the MRTA.

Anonymous said...

I figured as much. I could not think of one other possible reason.

Isn't that illegal?

Anonymous said...

Why was he not interviewed? At any job you should interview someone, here you get a chance to ask questions and something may come up, good or bad. That is a terrible decision not to interview him, now it is too late. O'Malley recommended the move, was Bera being disciplined?

Anonymous said...

Why not just demand that our teachers and Princpals perform at top levels?
Ms.Bera and the teachers will be truely missed in Cliffwood.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like another union grievance will be coming.

Anonymous said...

oh, the saga gets better.
I found out today that the teacher replacing the wonderful HS teacher is from the elementary level. She has NEVER taught HS nor does she have any desire to do so.

This just backs up the fact that there is NO educational reason behind the move. The only reason seems to be union related.

Anonymous said...

Are the staffing changes public knowledge? How do we find out who is going where? The superintendent is getting a huge raise with one element being his staff changes for the better. The public should be aware of these changes since they will have an impact in the district.

Anonymous said...

Staffing array on MARSD website. Noticed Kosmyna is teaching 2 classes Algebra 1, one class Practical Math, and 2 classes in MRTA president. Who would be taking those classes or does that mean he gets paid by the taxpayers to do his union association business which ends up costing the taxpayers. Make his own representatives pay his salary. This school district is really srcewed up.

Anonymous said...

i'm a bit more concerned about the huge raises going to the top administrators.

Anonymous said...

Me too. Many American union officials conduct their membership's business on salaried time. It has always been so. The same as it has always been the case that executive managers/administrators take oversized raises even when economic conditions beg for the opposite. In a time of goverment furlough's, private and public sector layoffs, benefit givebacks, and major industry bankruptcies, I can not even begin to understand the thick headed obstinancy needed to insist on the kind of BOE raises discussed here. There WILL be abandoned houses in my neighborhood. The new flood map has canceled many of our homeowner's policies. Our new policies are much more expensive. Our property taxes have been greatly increased due to the reassessment and the regular rate change. All of us are dealing with jobs that are cutting back on hours. And these people are planning to pad their six figure salaries even more?? Politically tone deaf. Beyond belief. Please! Somebody tell me the increases were not approved.

Anonymous said...

To poster 5:20pm, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The VOTE is next THURS! 6/25th not sure if its 7pm or 8pm. Check the MARSD website. VOICE your opinion, folks!

Anonymous said...

Could someone PLEASE justify the fact that the June 25th BOE agenda shows that Susan Irons (Business Administrator/Board Secretary) is to make $130,000; Joel Glastein (Assistant Superintendent) is to make $156,489; and Richard O'Malley is to make $185,000? SERIOUSLY? Are you kidding me? And you're all complaining about the salaries and benefits of teachers? This district is despicable.

Anonymous said...

Joel Glastein? This guy was part of the huge problem the Aberdeener and the rest of you were complaining about. He was sitting on the previous board, doing nothing, now we are going to reward him? C'mon Abberdeener, you can't be serious? Just because you believe that O'Malley and Irons saved this district money this year, you are just going to now hand him all of this money? You are a disapointment!

Anonymous said...

These increases have not been apporved as yet-the board will vote on them at their next meeting. However, Mr. Warren has already tipped his hand and stated that he supports them primarily because of the money that Dr. O'malley and Sue Irons saved the district. I wonder if teachers,secretaries and the like could get raises if they decided they could save money by cuttting supplies and text books for students? Crazy-ain't it!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aberdeener questions have been brought to you in regards to Glastein and what if these cost savings don't last. I must say I agree with the Glastein and Gross situation these two sat there all through the repeated mess and indecision that brought our district to its knees. The increase in taxes and budgets which were far more than truthful need to have action taken to make those accountable. Glastein and Gross MUST GO!

The raises for the other two should be a NO VOTE merely for the first solid effort does not make this a major change with these few
initial improvements. I believe that the reality of our leadership has merely been a change in the characters but the problems, internal strife amongst staff and employees and worse still exist. We have merely changed BARZA for others whose power and decision making are more backroom than ever. I vote NO and I voted YES for you and Liz. Don't just ride the wave look past the breakers to see what may crush you from behind.

Anonymous said...

Many questions and no response from Mr.Warren. He was so upset with the BARZA group and Glastein was there, did nothing and now is being rewarded by Mr.Warren? This is sad, Mr.Warren you should be fighting to get rid of this guy, just like you wanted before you got on the board. Don't get soft!

Anonymous said...

Who did we exchange BARZA for? Can you name some names?

Anonymous said...

Classes being cut and supplies being cut...but didn't O'Malley say no cuts would be made?

Oh, maybe they cut those thing so he and irons could get those huge raises.

THE TRUTH said...



Anonymous said...

Why would anyone transfer someone who was doing a good job (Berra) to weaken their business? They wouldn't. I would assume that the supt. feels Berra (sp.) will do another terrific job at Strathmore and her replacement will maintain or improve upon what she has already done at Cliffwood. We read all these negative posts about the supt. but for someone who has only been here for about 16 months he sure has made quite a few positive changes.

Anonymous said...

BARZA for the two new one's, pay attention nit-wit!

Anonymous said...

So you're saying Liz, Joey & Dr. Delaney are the new BARZA? Do they really effect staffing changes? I thought Gambino was making all the noise about that.
BTW, Not trying to be a nit wit - just did not get your reference & wanted to be sure who you were talking about. I have heard that all this nonsense is about Gambino & his power play to control Cliffwood & Strathmore so he gets reelected.

Anonymous said...

I'm saying they are letting O'Mally make ALL the decisions even if they know it is not for the educational benefit of the children!

Gambino was actually (for once) standing up to the almighty and saying NO, not this time.

So, if you are one of the people who thought that Barza and whomever bowed down to Quinn and let things get away from them, then YES I'm putting the above mentioned in the same catagory!

The powerplay isnt coming from Gambino(for once) it is coming from the top banana.

Gambino was trying to do the right thing by the parents and kids of Cliffwood(for once)by actually questioning the REAL reason for all the staff movements.

Now if we could get someone to do the same for the HS!

Anonymous said...

Gambino just wants to be Barbato! Don't kid yourself. He only cares about himself and his reelection.

Anonymous said...

From what i have witnessed in the past, it was not BARZA kowtowing to the superintendent, but the other way around. Now we have a superintendent who will not knuckle under to BOE members. D owe really want to return to the days of favoritism & patronage jobs & job assignments?

There have always been staffing changes. Every year, teachers sometimes get moved around - within a building & sometimes to another building. Sometimes administrators get moved to (Ken Smith from the HS to Strathmore; most of Wayne Spells career) so this isn't anything new.

Sometimes people need a change to help them re-engage or re ignite their passion for their job; sometimes people get moved to help a building or grade or class of kids, experience an excellent teacher or administrator.

The only BOE member squawking about staff changes is Gambino. Makes a person wonder what Gambino's real agenda is.

Anonymous said...

The only school, based on the last BOE / Directors of Accountability presentation last November on the standardized test scores - that was performing at or above state averages consistently was Ravine Drive. & I understand that some of those teachers are being moved around also.

I realize test scores aren't everything, but if Ms. Berra is doing such a wonderful job @ Cliffwood - (and not everyone thinks she is, which is normal) - why isn't a school with the lowest per pupil class size in the district meeting the state or DFG level?

I do realize that she has done a lot under her tenure there, but Cliffwood & Strathmore scores are quite comparable.

Perhaps Mr. Farrell is being brought in for a new perspective? & teachers are being moved around to where they can succeed & help more kids?

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

O'Malley was HIRED to make all the decision instead of BARZA!

Anonymous said...

Hold on a minute isn't that their jobs? If they are just doing their jobs right why should they be rewarded? How about waiting until their contracts are up and then review what they have done? Isn't that how most jobs work? I really don't know of many jobs that you get a pay raise everytime you do your job correctly.Yes they saved x amount of dollars but lets face it 90% of the families and being stretched to the limit. How much more are we suppose to take? We are getting hit at every level.

SICK AND MAD said...

An Open Plea to Joey--

PLEASE STOP publishing articles about BOE issues!!!! I know you mean well but what you are doing is continuing to allow the people in this town who don't care about kids to cause damage!! You are allowing the same destructive forces to influence the rate of change. PLEASE just STOP!! Do your best as a BOE member and report on non-BOE issues!

AS FOR Gambino--


NewInTown said...

Move the people who are doing a great job. What a great concept. Punsih them for doing well.

Great incentive for people who like it where they are.
Do a poor job and you'll stay put!!!

Way to go Matawan!

Anonymous said...

Sick and Tired,

I have to completely agree with you on all points. As much as I have been a fan of this blog, I too feel that it is vital to change, to cut off the venue that allows BARZA and their groupies to keep spouting trash and lies. It would be much better for the healing of the deep wounds inflicted by past administrations and board members, to simply keep postings to issues not related to the board. I completely and totally agree that Gambino has been acting like a total ass (to put it politely)but not just lately try since day one. I for one think he should stop trying to run a re-election campaign and pay attention to what is with in the scope of his abilities as a board member. It is very disturbing to see such behavior from someone who always preached about the need for change. Does he not see that he has become exactly what he said BARZA was? I believe it is important to ask the Superintendent hard questions when there are issues such as this but Gambino has gone FAR beyond any "board" issue and seems to be completely off his rocker now. Who will ever take him seriously again based on this behavior? What could he possibly give as a good reason for the board and community to call for firing a great Superintendent? Many of those who do not care for Dr. O'Malley are old guard who would not like anyone that expects a 100% from them. I have heard a couple parents complain but about things like needing to answer e-mails or everyday math. They never said they want him gone though. If you are reading this Mr. Warren or Mr. Gambino (sorry just hate the Dr. part-- seems undeserved) Please put aside your personal agendas and get back to what you were elected to do. Last time I checked that wasn't to undermine a Superintendent for no real reason, stir up rumor and continue to perpetuate all that has turned the community off to the board in the first place. You could both take a lesson from Gerry Donaghue. GROW UP AND GET TO WORK time is wasting.

Anonymous said...

Why is it considered a "punishment" if a teacher is moved from one job location to another? Within their education degree level & highly qualified certifications? No pay raises will be withheld, no increments will be withheld, there may even be some opportunities to apply for a coaching/ club positions to get a stipend. They will simply have to drive to a different school. & they may have to learn a curriculum; I have no idea how difficult that may be, but there will be other experienced staff members available to help the "newbie".

In corporate America, successful employees are moved to where they can improve business. We should be in the business of strengthening all our teachers, schools and children.

This is such a non issue.

Anonymous said...

It is a non issue for you obviously because you are clueless in regards what it takes.

Teaching in elementary, Jr. and Sr. HS are VERY different. Teaching in HS for 25 years and being moved to a lower level isn't helpful to anyone regardless of what their degree is. Why would you want a person who has taught kindergarden for 25 years to teach HS kids? What is that going to bring to the students?

Maybe you need to spend some more time with teens to understand how these moves effect the kids!

Anonymous said...

"This is such a non issue."

Really would you want your dentist removing your corns?

Because you know they are both Dr.s.

Anonymous said...

A teacher has to be certified to teach at the HS level - usually w/ in a single subject, that's why we have teachers of Algebra & teachers of geometry & such - they don't just cross teach "Math" - they have to have the credentials to teach the subject. The Middle School works the same way - Social Studies Teachers do not teach Reading. There are actually rules about this that even the MARSD cannot ignore.

Kindergarten teachers are not qualified to teach HS. Your scenario is not something that would actually happen, by law.

Aberdeener said...

I appreciate people's concerns regarding this blog. Some anonymous users with hidden agendas are using the blog to both slander and undermine the administration and the school board.

So, I have the following options -
1) Don't write about the district
2) Censor comments
3) Restrict who can post

People have a first amendment right to "to petition the government for a redress of grievances". That doesn't mean I have to make it easy for them but, on balance, I prefer to have more community involvement, not less.

Anonymous said...


I can appreciate free speech and petitioning the "government" as a citizen, however, there is a difference between what you are doing as a sitting BOE member now and what you did before. I just think you need to reign it in now. There seems to me to be too much info given that walks the fine line of executive session info. If in fact your desire to be a BOE member arose from a desire to help and support our new Superintendent to move this district out of the corrupt dark ages...continuing to post inflamitory things is counter to that. This town does not need any help perpetuating this assnine behavior, they do fine on their own. Why not post the good things happening in the district most of the time? I am not saying you should stop "watchdogging" but do it within the lines of your BOE position.

Anonymous said...

It was okay though for you to slander and undermine the previous administration and school board when it served your political needs, how hypocritical.

Anonymous said...

Who ARE you talking to, previous Anon? I did not say ANYTHING about slandering and undermining the previous board and administration! I said that if the Aberdeener really did want to be on the board to support the superintendent in moving us out of the dark ages, he should pull back on the type of inflamatory things he has been posting. Geez! Sensitive much?? BTW- the previous board and administration deserved EVERTHING they got and MOST of what was said was FACT!!!

Anonymous said...

Is it true that some of the teacher moves have now been changed? I hear that some teachers are now not being moved, can anyone answer why?

Aberdeener said...

The staffing array has not yet been approved so there could still be some changes prior to Thursday's meeting.

Also, there was a prior post asking about Mr. Lloyd. He has been discharged and I believe he is recovering at home. We wish him all the best.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it is true that most of the teachers have been switched back.

Actually i think they all have except the 1 teacher who is heavily involved with the union.

Can you say grievance?

Anonymous said...

Why would they be switched back? The almighty Dr. O'Malley and Mr.Warren said that these changes would be for the better. What is more important, his raise or what he believes to be the right thing for the district. I guess it is his raise.

Anonymous said...

So they listen to this, that teachers shouldn't be switched. Will they listen to our pleas of no increases of the magnitude that are suggested?

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen GOP $622 in DEBT that right they have no monet

Aberdeen Dems over $20,000. in thier fundS

Anonymous said...

Lunatics! Aberdeener said that changes could be make before Thursday, he did not comment on whether or not any changes HAD been made! Who are you and HOW would you know that "it's true most have been changed back..except one who is heavily involved in the union"??? GROW UP PEOPLE!!! If you are teachers or ex-BOE members-- you know that this type of shift happens EVERY YEAR!!! YOU WERE HIRED AS EMPLOYEES OF THE MARSD NOT A SPECIFIC BUILDING! I am sorry that you view Dr. O'Malley as a villian because he is trying to make program improvements across the District, how sad that your desires and comfort are more important than best outcomes for CHILDREN!! We have been living in the past educationaly for way too long. If you don't like it here go work somewhere else...if you can find a job in this economy. Which leeds me to my other comment, the raises are too much. A 4-5% would be far easier to swallow right now when many are out of work in town.

Unknown said...

My child at the high school was told (during class by a teacher) that Mr. Lloyd had been "let go" by the high school and would be teaching next year at the middle school.

I know teacher moves are handed out by the district, not the individual schools, but is there any truth to Mr. Lloyd going to MAMS next year?

Also, someone might want to bring up with the teachers that they really shouldn't be airing their grievances with the district to the kids in their classes like that - at the very least, not the ones that have nothing to do with them. Giving the kids the wrong info about a situation just isn't cool.

Aberdeener said...

The staffing array (page 46) lists Mr. Lloyd as teaching 12th grade English.

Anonymous said...

Anon...Mr. Lyoyd WAS moved to the HS. He was told by the administration that he was being moved.
He then got sick and was put in the hospital. He suffered heart problems and they think a minor stroke. He had surgery about 2 weeks ago.
THIS week he was changed back to the HS. AFTER he decided to retire.
Imagine that! Shocked huh?

To the moron who thinks they know what they are talking about regarding the moves at the school, you are so obviously clueless that wasting my time trying to get you to comprehend somehting would be an extreme waste of time. It is very clear that you have no idea about the educational system.

I don't have to be a teacher to figure that one out.

Aberdeener said...

The staff array was publicly posted with the agenda last week. It was completed some time before then.

Anonymous said...

Is everyone so dumb that they are unable to realize the true meaning behind the Bera/Farrell move? Ms. Bera was doing a great job and will now do the same for another school. The Superintendent gives his friend a fail-safe job. All Farrell has to do is follow Bera's example. Who ends up the winner? O'Malley!!!

Warren Sucks Again said...

Yet... another instance when Warren has no clue what he's talking about.