Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Modest Property Tax Increases

Correction: The township has informed me the ESTIMATED tax rates are 2.283 for Fire district #1 and $2.279 for fire district #2 (the difference being garbage pickup).

In an earlier article, I had assumed property taxes would rise around 4% this year, given reduced state aid, heavy pension contributions, and our leadership’s free spending ways. Fortunately, Dr. O’Malley proved me wrong by presenting a school budget that actually reduced (albeit minutely) Aberdeen’s tax burden. The county was “on target” with a 3.8% increase and our town budget, after a mix of faux savings and unconscionable spending increases, appears to be rising 7%. (I still need to review the final budget.) So, the good news is property taxes, excluding any individual impact from the revaluations, is only rising 1%. The bad news is how we got there.

First, the math. This year’s total municipal tax collection is $48,156,817.12. The assessment roll is $2,090,000,000. Divide collections by assessments and you have a tax rate of 2.304 per hundred dollars of value. That’s a 1% increase over last year’s adjusted tax rate of 2.274.

Bear in mind, although the property revaluations are revenue neutral, individual homeowners could see tax swings of ten percent or more.

Sadly, the township used a combination of financial gimmickry and bare-knuckle tactics to restrain property taxes in an election year, hoping the townsfolk wouldn’t notice.

Most egregious was the brazen mugging of our Matawan-Aberdeen Public Library. Matawan and Aberdeen sacked the place for $250,000, of which Aberdeen got $184,402. That’s the library’s reward for being fiscally responsible and saving money towards capital projects.

Coincidentally, I’m sure, that sum almost covers the $195,000 budget increase for the road improvement program (read CME) and the township attorney.

Then, let’s not forget the town’s $458,000 pension deferral that we’ll need to pay, with interest.

If we were to add the money from the library and the pension deferral to tax collections, our municipal tax rate would have been rising 10% this year or 23% in the two years since the “no tax increase” during the last election year.

This year, we’ll be electing a majority of the town council. Do either of the parties have a plan to halt runaway spending? I’d sure like to see it.
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Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. The library is operating at a surplus of some $800,000. That money is the town's, I you should get all of your facts straight before you make these comments. We (the township) give them too much money every year, do you know that they don't even have a budget? There is some antiqued formula that is used to fund the library, in a year they would have a surplus of 1 million dollars just sitting there for what? It is the people's money of this town and Matawan, maybe you, Aberdeen NJ life and granola mom should look into this before making such comments.

Aberdeener said...

Library funding is set by statute and the library chooses to spend that money wisely. Hence, they have a surplus and save that money towards future development projects.

You would rather take that savings and give it to the one group that most flagrantly spends the people's money on political patronage? Is this your idea of rewarding good behavior?

Anonymous said...

I think you need to review how they get the money, why do they not have to set a budget? We just give them as much money as the state says, they have NO BUDGET.

I don't think we should reward anyone for political patronage, we know CME is a problem. If they give $275,000 to Aberdeen and Matawan combined they will still be working at a surplus, they are NOT supposed to be, look into the contract of that and you will see that.

My point is they are getting too much money, it is not there from cost cutting and wise spending. I believe they all are getting nice raises as well. I do find it amusing that you defend the school now and still attack the township. I think you are losing some creditability.

Aberdeener said...

We don't control tax revenue for the library but the fact they don't spend it all should be applauded. Also, all the money we're taking from the library is going straight to the budget increases for CME and the town attorney. How can you justify taking the money for those purposes?

Anonymous said...

That is just not true.

Aberdeener said...

I've posted all my sources. The budget line items for road improvement and attorney fees are up $197K. We're getting $184K from the library. Looks like a wash to me.

Anonymous said...

1 - Shouldn't they have a budget.
2 - Do they need to be operating at a $800,000 surplus?
3 - It is tax payer money, use it for the budget.
4 - They are getting to much money, do you know they budgeted over $300,000 for rurniture for this year? What is that about.

I think you are commenting on things you don't know enough about.

Anonymous said...

road improvement because the roads need to be improved, it is not going to CME, they get less than 20% of road costs.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, let me give you an example. If I at work am running at an operating cost of $100, but they feel like I need to be given $200 I take it. I don't spend it because I don't need anything at my facility, after 5 years I now have $500. Do I have that money because I spent wisely or I have been grossly overfunded? I say overfunded you say spent wisely. I disagree with you.

Unknown said...

If you've been to the library lately, you'd know that it's in need of upgrades (not to mention that the building is just WAY too small.

I would almost bet money that the "surplus" is money they've been saving toward a renovation or expansion. Did the township take that into consideration, or just look at it as "it's there, let's take it?".

Yes, technically it's the township's ("our") money, but if the library is working on a shoestring budget that Matawan and Aberdeen fight over who has to fund how much every single year - and manages to save money toward a big project that will benefit the community - it's ridiculous for the township to swoop in and take it back.

The library provides a safe community setting for adults and children of all ages. The summer kid's program is just amazing.

What are we, as a community, losing out on by the library having to give up it's funds?

I'll stick with my opinion that the money should have been left alone.

Aberdeener said...


I agree with your characterization of our dispute but I would like to add one more point. Snatching another department's surplus is the type of activity that leads to the "use it or lose it" mentality that's so prevalent in government agencies today.

Anonymous said...

Here's an example for you to chew on:

If I have a $180,000 budget for work for the year, and I need to buy new office equipment, supplies, pay employees, pay for activities that are free to the public, and still need to buy all new shelving for the building - which will cost $$250,000 - how do I pay for it?

That's right - you skimp on some things, and save from here and there, until you have enough money saved to pay for it.

That doesn't mean that you're overpaid. It means that you worked to make the amount stretch and pay for all you needed with a too small budget over time.

I'd love to hear what Susan Pike has to say about this situation.

Anonymous said...

The library is an antique. In 2 years the agreement they have for thebuiolding is over, and ihope they do not renew it. The surplus of close to $900,000 is wrong, they are noy suppose to run the library with any kind of surplus except to run operations until a new budget is in place. This extra money they have is the taxpayers of Matawan and Aberdeen tax dollars and should be refunded to lower taxes or do roads or some kind of infrastructure in the towns. They have to come in front of both councils if they want to spend anything over $10,000. They want to put in a ADA elevator for over $100,000 that is great but they can't do it becaus ethe building will not support it. They are wasting a lot of the taxpayers money. They put over $400,000 aside to do some capitol improvements, but they do not have any on the drawing board. They have great programs but the board is awfull.

Anonymous said...

Granola, were you at that meeting at the town council? I don't think so, you are speaking on something you know nothing of.

I agree that the library is way to small, has no parking and needs to be moved, basically.

I know Ken was at that meeting taking notes, I would lone to hear from him on this topic.

There should be a budget, there is not. A large amount of money is given to the library, too much. They don't work on a shoe-string budget. That is just incorrect. This is getting silly, so we should just keep giving the library money soon they will have over a million dollars and the township could use the money. The system that is currently designed is ridiculous. Not to mention they hire their own auditor's, who cares what Mrs.Pike say's she wants to count all of the money and say look how much we have. YOU ARE OVERFUNDED, bottom line.

Anonymous said...

The library has a budget -- the Township has it - the Borough has it.

The library hasn't been able to expand appropriately to meet the community's cultural needs because Sobel appointed anti-library board members that don't allow the board to follow through on capital projects.

The library has added programming and hours that allow it to be a valuable asset for the towns, despite open attacks on the library's resources and purpose.

The funds in reserve are part of smart financial planning for the library and will reduce the cost of bonding when they do expand, which I hope is sooner rather than later.

The anon who posted that the library's "savings" are operating funds vs. the roads improvement "capital" funds is true, except for the fact that a portion of the town's capital program is also cash funded -- so the Aberdeener's observation that the library cut almost equals the road program increase is quite appropriate.

The ultimate conclusion that the council has used smoke and mirrors to create what they are calling a responsible budget is also appropriate.

The cuts they made in this years budgets from deferral of pension contributions to police cars to pothole repairs leave the golden geese at CME, Kauff, and McCarthy untouched. They still get their golden eggs and council gives its residents crap.

J Section Ken said...

Per N.J.S.A. 40:54-8, library receives 1/3 of a mil per dollar of assessed value. A mil is 1/10th of a cent. A home that is assessed for $200,000 would pay around $66 dollars in library tax.

This is a joint public library, so both Matawan and Aberdeen taxpayers contribute. Last year the budget was approximately 1.1 million dollars. The library gets this money directly from taxpayers. The trustees appointed by the town councils have full control over the expenditures of library.

The rate of taxes collected for the library has not changed since 1985, though the assessable property values have increased substantially since that time.

Paraphrased from:

Resolution 2008-03, passed by the NJ League of Municipalities in November 2008, called for an amendment to N.J.S.A. 40:54-8 regarding tax levies for free public libraries. The resolution called for a reduction in the required payment for library funding from the current “1/3rd of a mil” to “1/6th” of a mil on every dollar of assessable property within such municipality based on the equalized valuation of such property.

The library provides many good services, but I believe it is over funded. The library should have a reasonable surplus, but unless you are going to do major renovations or move to a new facility, $900,000 is not reasonable. To illustrate my point, if the school district was to be allowed to carry the same ratio of surplus to annual tax levy, it would amount to over 30 million dollars! People would not stand for it.

I disagree with the money going back to the councils. This is our money and should be returned to the taxpayers, since it is levied directly from us.

The councils need to make the hard choices of cutting services, raising taxes or both. Taking the money from the library surplus is a way to avoid being fiscally responsible and making the tough choices that we pay our mayors and representatives to make. What happens next year when we don't have a library surplus?

Anonymous said...

Well said and explained Ken.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree, the library in Matawan is much too small. I was thrilled to find the one in Old Bridge. It has so many nice programs for all in the community. Grant it, I don't think we need a library of that size, but we do need it to be a bit larger. Does anyone know if there in any historic value to the current library building.

Anonymous said...

We could have a decent library here if Aberdeen Township and Matawan Borough didn't campaign against the library. Sobel,Tagliarini, and Buccelato seem be dismissive of the library at every opportunity that came up to discuss it in recent months. Our community deserves better.

Anonymous said...

I'd rather have the opinion of Susan Pike, a respected, dedicated woman than that of some anonymous poster who's probably never actually stepped foot into the library before.

Edgeviewted07 said...

What are you trying to say? Are you trying to say that once again in this election year even more money is being funneled to CM&E?

Next thing you will tell me is that a great portion of that money will go directly to DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGNS in Aberdeen and all around the state. I cannot believe that you would suggest such a thing.

Next thing you will tell us that Norman Kauff runs the town council, planning and zoning boards, Manager Criscola and the Democratic party in Aberdeen and Monmouth County.

What else do you expect us to believe? That the candidates for council this year were all handpicked by Norman Kauff and that all of them will do exactly what Norman Kauff tells them to do?
Next thing you will expect us to believe is that the present town council did all they could to limit any tax increase, just because this in an election year. Next thing you will have us believe is that next year the taxpayers will end up like Howell. Howell laid off most of their employees and now the taxpayers are suffering by lack of services all because of bad management. You can bet management did not lose any pay and they caused it to happen. That is just like where I work. All of the bosses still got there pay increases.

One last thing. Did our present town council take their increases this year? If they took the money why didn't they make any sacrifice? If history tells us anything about our council members you can be certain that Gumbs and Vinci would not squeeze out one single dime to help out. When do they get to stop robbing us blind. Are those two up for election next year? We lose three idiots this year. You can bet that Kauff is already looking for other republicans like Tag to follow the pied piper of Aberdeen and to ride the CM&E money train.

You can't make this stuff up. Right Norm?

F U Kauff

shutuptedurworsethantruth said...

Edgeview, Funny that less than 2 yrs ago you admitted on this blog that you didn't even know who Vinci was, and didn't know much about the politics of town, since you just moved here. Now you run your suck like you actually know whats going on. Let me guess, did you learn all of your vast knowledge of the inner workings of Aberdeen from the annonymous posters here?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Officer's in NYC make more, get your facts straight. The first 5 years the NYC police don't make much after that their salaries increase significantly. A top base salary for a police officer is $76,488 and total compensation is $90,829 and that is after 5.5 years of service. This is just for a police officer and 1/3 of all members rank above police officer. This info is from thenypd recruit website.

As far as Mrs.Pike, I respect her but her library program is grossly overfunded. I use the library sometimes, parking is terrible. My children use the library and have participated in the summer reading series in the past. I even go to the BOE meetings and Town Council meetings and know what's going on. I don't agree with Mr.Warren on his take on the library but do on most of his other topics. The problem is not CME here, it is the library is OVERFUNDED and we (taxpayers) are paying all this extra money for it. If you were to tell me the money is going to be used to move the library to another location in town with better facilities, I would be all for it. I would say keep the money and use it for that. It is currently too small and dated.

CME sucks, we all agree it seems but that is not the problem and I agree with Ken's take on it completely. I am an anonymous poster on here because I now prefer to be that way. Keep up the good work Joey.

Anonymous said...

and the salaries of NYPD does not include OT and is all on their website, none of this is made up but fact.

Anonymous said...

It is funny that each and every time kauffs name is brought into the mix proving his absolute control of all things aberdeen, all his beholding supporters can do is point fingers elsewhere. Try telling the truth all of you who do really know deep down inside your lying hearts that kauff runs the entire show. Tell me this one then *why did they raise the road program again this year*? It seems that every election year more money goes to roads, which really means C.M.E. and then the money goes to the kauff democrat campaign fund. It is far more then a coincidence to us clear thinking people. That is very true along with the fact that no incumbents are running this year tells us much about our failed democratic party and kauffs control. Do not get me wrong the republicans are a joke as well. They have been a joke since Sami R. left it. Since then all they have is candidates that ask no real questions, show no proofs of the kauff control and the monies wasted and controlled by kauff. All they need to do is highlight the developmental connections and the money control and the republicans win this year.
Wake up republicans.

Anonymous said...

Upcoming Aberdeen election analysis

IF, and that’s a BIG as the dems are full of money and the republicans have none at the time, but if all things were equal, this is how our crack team of researchers see the Aberdeen election proceeding

Taglarini vs Aljian

Taglarini does have some negatives as evidenced by him getting considerable less votes then one of his running mates however he is a know person thru his many years of service in the little league and present and past council service

Aljian’s bio only concerns his experience in somerset county, he is involved in st joseph’s school however the enrollment is very low and 60 % of the those familes do not live in Aberdeen

Prediction Taglarini wins 2651 to 2098 mostly thru name recognition due to Little League years of service

4 year council seats

Lauro and Montone vs Garaguso and Balvaram

Jimmy Lauro has lived in town his whole life and has run the DPW department in town for 40 years. There are very few people in town that do not know Jimmy

Margaret Montone served on the board of education for over ten years, Long time resident of the town and her husband works for the school system

Garaguso’s bio says member of cert team and recently married, this is thin

Balvaram – unkown - no bio available – we googled and searched the internet but can find nothing on her.

Lauro and Montone win big, mostly due to Jimmy Lauro’s popularity
2745 - 2020

2 year council seat
Vail vs Cannon

This one is closer

Vail is a CPA who previously ran for board of education. He campaigned hard in that election but lost

Cannon. Not personally well know but his father is a councilman in matawan and the Cannon name is well know in Aberdeen

Prediction - This will come down to who campaigns harder. Aberdeen voter have a long tradition of splitting votes

The vote will be 2425 -2475 but we are not sure who wins.

Anonymous said...

I like your upcoming election analysis. I think Taglarni will win easily. The other is a none issue. Lauro will easily win as well, I personally will vote for Garaguso, he attends meetings asks questions and ran last election. Cannon is young with no experience, it would be almost a shame if he wins. Vail is a smart guy with more experience. I think we may see a split, or at least one of the rupublicans getting in. I will say the republicans should start hitting the pavement and get going now! There is no more time for them to waste, get their names out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Great election analysis. I think it's spot-on...

By the way, only thing I could find on Cannon via the internet:

Anonymous said...

Here is the link for minutes of the year 2007 for the Aberdeen township council which was the last year Minutolo was on the council.

I can find in any of them where he voted NO on any. He did everything Norman wanted.

What is his story. He now says he working against Norman- is he really?















Anonymous said...

Dear truth

As I would personally love to be kauff free. there is two problem.

Aljian -- Have you talked with this guy?? extremely arrogant -he thinks he is walking into the mayor's office with no problem, also they haven't done any campainging yet

Taglarini -- although a Kauff guy - He is a great improvement over Sobel, also the new town manager is a just a nice guy -have you talked with him.

The Dems Ticket, unfortunately, is just a much better ticket then the Republicans

KarenS said...

I will gladly tell you how I am voting this year. Anyone who is on a board, committee, works for or has a relative working for Aberdeen is not getting my vote.

Mrs. Montone is an easy no vote due to her associations and very sordid past. Plus it is well known that Mr. Kauff pulls her strings. Mr. Cannon has very questionable residency in Aberdeen according to some. If he is a liar about where he lives he is just a Mr. Kauff in training. Mr. Lauro who I like very much certainly knows all that has gone on. He should know better then to be associated with Mr. Kauff. Mr. Tagliarini is a great coach but he cannot make up his mind if he is an R or a D.

Looks like R votes for me and mine this year. Sorry Mr. Lauro.

FreneauGustav said...

Me too. Kauff and C.M.E. go in 2009 or else. We cannot afford Kauffs corruption any longer. As for the person who complimented the new manager in aberdeen. Did you ever talk to him? What I have been told about him was from an old bridge resident. Kauff probably owed somebody a favor in middlesex county so our idiots hired him. Another stellar choice after give them everything brown.

Anonymous said...

I am a lifelong Democrat, having voted for every D Presidential candidate since my first vote for JFK. I happily voted for Clinton and Obama. I had high hopes when I voted for Corzine four years ago. I've had mixed feelings but have voted the local D line as well.

Not this year. Corzine is an embarrassment to the State of NJ. He is a wealthy empty suit who thinks he can buy his reelection. The Aberdeen Democrats shouldn't even use the party name any more. They are a bunch of parasites who think that pay-to-play funded bank account can buy them the election after 12+ years of failure. Tagliarini wasn't even a Democrat until about two months ago. He's just a cheap sell-out that did the math and went with the bigger bank account. Does this new guy Cannon they're running even live in town?

And then there's Lauro. He's been around a long time and should just retire. I hear that he's running as a favor to Vinny, his patron. Not a bad way to boost his pension calculation. But, shouldn't he have to retire before he runs? Maybe he doesn't expect to win because he knows the the truth of the pay-to-play shenanigans that he has witnessed for forty years. He knows and he either thinks it is ok or doesn't care or is just happy that it has paid off for him. Any way you look at it, he's no better than the rest of them.

I'm still proud to be a Democrat but I'll be voting down the R line for Governor, Mayor, and Council.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Why won't Lauro lose? Are you saying that only people over the age of 50 vote?


If anyone wins this year it will be Jimmy Lauro. He deserves to win just for his lifelong love of Aberdeen. The man has given over forty years to our community. That is deserved enough of an opportunity to lead. BUT I do have to agree that he has seen it all and ben there fo all the damage and control that rat bastard NORMAN KAUFF caused. Vinci is just a stooge. Yeah it was Larry, Shemp and Mo. Vinci was the illegitimate brother they hid in the closet.
I hate to even say the name of that cockroach of a man Norman Kauff. His kind are no different then the Toriceeli's, McGreevey's and far worse political bosses that ruin our community and state.

If the republicans can just get out with a one page flier showing the money funneled to Kauff, CME, VINCI and all of the rest that is shown on here they can win. If they include the developmental control pulled off by Kauff and the control and manipulation of the planning and zoning boards they win. Get the developer to admit the shakedown took place YES HE IS STILL AROUND and he is known to many. Right Mr. Kauff? How do you sleep at night Norman? What do you see when you close your eyes Norman? I really hope one of these nights you are awaken by that KNOCK ON THE DOOR and get read your rights. I hope you bang your head on the car door jam too.

You suck Norman Kauff. Everybody knows it too you rat bastard. Your day is coming when you and your cronies will take the perp walk.

We will all be there cheering you on. All the way to your guilty plea that is in federal court.


I agree the italian vote will be out in force this election. Between Vinny calling in all of his old NUMBER RUNNER favors. With Lauro and Taglearene being known all around town they should win easily. The fact that Kauff owns them lock, stock and barrel unfortunately will not mean much to most voters. Women will go for Montone not knowing that she could could not keep her own house in line. Montone is well known to be just another Kauff puppet from the word go. She sold her sould and should have been complaining for her area of town and the health issues they live with. Kauff could have helped them years ago but sold them a bill of goods. he is supposed to be secretly tied in with the developers over there as well. Ms. Montone says(crickets chirping)in the background from Ms. Montones silence. The truth hurts does it not Ms. Montone?

Here is a Kauff council survival hint for all the D candidates. Never ask questions about the money that goes to CME, Kauff, Scuderi or anyone else. JUST ASK FORMER COUNCILWOMAN GALLO if you need confirmation. RIGHT NORMY.

But Kauff demands total silence, no questions and complete allegiance and that is what Kauff gets. They have no thoughts of their own. Cannon not being a resident will be a non issue since Daddy is known. Cannon is obviously a liar from the starting gates and that should be a basis for his campaign opponents to strike on. Will it be R's?

I think there should be a FULL OUT DEBATE before the public of all candidates in the high school auditorium. To take place just before the election. Let the public ask each and every candidate any question they want. None of them except Taglearene has any experience as a council person and his experience is minimal. It would be very fair and very beneficial to the voters. I think that is something the Aberdeener should push for. Think about it Mr. W. PLEASE. Have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

To the anon that said Lauro GAVE 40 years to this town -- the following is his salary information for 2008 via data universe at (summary - he "gave" his time for $145,000 in taxpayer dollars):

NJ Public Employees, 2008



at location*

all salaries*

Fund name
LAURO JAMES ABERDEEN TWP FIRE DISTRICT 1 $4,000 $145,905 Public Employees Retirement System
LAURO JAMES ABERDEEN TOWNSHIP $141,905 $145,905 Public Employees Retirement System

Anonymous said...

I like the guy but I have to admit, that salary is way out of line for a road dept. guy.

NsectionJoe said...

Jimmy Lauro has given over 40 years of service to our community. You can of course be certain he was not making such amounts of money when he started. It was probably less then $4,000.00 a year back then. He worked his way up from the bottom rung of the ladder to perhaps only the past five years or so when his levels of responsibility grew accordingly and of course his salary commensurate with those duties.

I certainly hope the anonymous post before mine is not trying to slander such a good man.

If you were to check back on his records and pension system listing it would give you the salary totals but unfortunately not the significant amount of work he does for that salary. His responsibilities are many and his acknowledgment for a job well done is too often overlooked.

In addition to his 42 years of service to his position he also has volunteered and now leads many on our behalf in his position as one of our Fire Commissioners who over see our many brave volunteers. Our first Aid and Fire Volunteers who it should be stated also do not get the recognition and appreciation they deserve. That is of course until the moment they all arrive at your house at the time when you need their services the most.

That is the man I proudly work with, Jimmy Lauro.

NsectionJoe said...

Not to leave anyone out of my last posting we should also recognize our CERT team members as well. The Community Emergency response Team is a group of individuals who volunteer, train and stay alert and prepared for the call to help. They are another dedicated group of volunteers in our communities many will not know even exist until that dire situation arrives or their immediate assistance is needed. The up[coming Aberdeen Day is an opportunity to see what they do for all of us with little if any fanfare on their parts.

Anonymous said...

n section joe --who are you voting for in the fall??

Anonymous said...

n sec joe you also forgot, that when Brown was fired Jimmy filled in for month's as acting township manager without any extra pay. He is a good man, CME sucks and Cannon has done nothing for his young carrer. I see Lauro, Tags and Vail (R) winning. I hope maybe we can at least get a split with this years vote. Republicans get out today and make yourself's known!

Anonymous said...

$141,905.00!!! Is that a typo? I had no idea that kind of living was even possible on a municpal salary! And while we're on the subject, what do we pay the exalted Mr.O'Malley?

NsectionJoe said...

I will vote for Jimmy Lauro, Fred Tagliarini, Mr. Vail and a Republican to be named later. I can say this as as a taxpayer, resident and proud Matawan and Aberdeen resident since 1963. I feel very strongly that an equal representation is necessary in any community. Since I have lived in this area I have seen the good, bad and ugly that is political leadership. Any of us who live in the Garden State can say the same without hesitation.

The two party political system and the citizenry they represent need and deserve fair, just and sometimes argumentative representation.

As for my opinion on the Republican Party it is quite simple. It has failed to be any sense of a political party for far too long. Their lack of enthusiasm and more is all too obvious. The grass roots effort they need to undertake could be very successful I believe. It does not take money to win any election in Aberdeen. The last several elections have been very close in Aberdeen and yet the repeated failure of their leadership is based on the same tried and true strategy, that fail time and time again.

The Republicans will face no incumbents this year, which is a unique opportunity and a very rare occurrence in politics. It is also a very unique opportunity that could be capitalized upon. It will not be.

Finally, many say much about Nick M. and quite often they are right. The fact that he was once a Democrat is obvious but little is said of my friend of fifteen years councilman Perry becoming a Democrat. Like wise my friend Fred tagliarini whom I have known just as long. Tom and Fred were selected for many reasons by the Democratic leadership, the least of which was their original political affiliation.

I was a Republican am registered a Republican and am so because there is no listing for an IndependentRepubliCrat, as of yet. There are far more IRC's if you will then specifically chosen party affiliations, over the last ten years or so, if the truth be told. Unfortunately truth and politics are too often like oil and vinegar. You asked me so I tell you like it is.

I await the soothsayers.

TandB said...

One thing you can say about Big Joe is that he tells it like it is. When he lived in the beach he was very vocal and fought hard for the area. I remember one time he asked for the police chief to resign for not backing up his men. The guy is out front and cares an awful lot.

Anonymous said...

TandB will now very gingerly remove his lips from Nsectionjoe's posterior.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Warren, after reading and hopefully reviewing the budget for the library have you had any change of mind? Do you now see the library is overfunded? How about you Granola Mom?

Aberdeener said...

Correction: I have just received my estimated property tax bill and it's showing a tax rate of 2.396, an unconscionable 5.4% hike despite school taxes dropping. I have no idea how that's possible but I will check tomorrow with the township.

Anonymous said...

to the truth is back


Guess who republican mayor candidate aljian is committed to make town manager if the 4 republican candidates win. That's right Nick Minutolo

NsectionJoe said...

I apologize for the ignorant attack on T and B. Sorry Tommy. I thank you for your support though.

Anonymous said...

The budget in every community is in transition. The main problem is that the monies spent politically will not be cut whatsoever. You can be certain that all necessary monies will be spent to make Kauff and his close personal friends very happy. Voters never learn.

PythonFan said...

Once again anonymous political allegations to distract from the Kauff corruption. If you think all the republicans have to do is get elected with majority control to appoint Minutulo you are stupid.

Firstly and most importantly Nick would need proper certifications in order to even apply or be considered. So try plying your bald faced lies somewhere else. Your ignorance is showing.

What will the kauffkins suggest next? Do you think they would suggest the republicans would place John Gartley and Gus Toomey in the positions of Police Chief and Town Clerk?

We laugh at your ignorance and
_ _ _ _ in your general direction.

Anonymous said...


Firstly and most importantly Nick would need proper certifications in order to even apply or be considered


Pwr2thepepl2009 said...

Your are right on the money anonymous just look at the puppet they have in there now as the town manager. They dump Mr. Brown who did a great job and put in a Kauff stooge. Sure the naysayers will say Brown did this and didn't do that. Ask yourself where were the critics and the council leadership when all of this supposed improprieties were going on? The Kauff council used Brown and kicked him to the curb. Coreen they let rob us blind. Brown got kicked out for not giving Kauff complete control it is that simple.

Once again it is all about the Kauff control. Plain and simple. Right Normy?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Just don't understand how anyone but close family and friends can vote for Lauro and Tagliarini. Both have done good for the community but both have also sold out self-respect in exchange for running on the Kauff ticket. Both gave their votes to Kauff when on the Planning Board. They represent more of the same.

Also, isn't it quite inappropriate for a current township employee (NSection Joe) to make endorsements in a partisan political campaign?!

Anonymous said...

Ooops, what happened Aberdeener did someone get angry and bully you into taking down the post and comments?

Leah M. said...

It seems that being a town employee now limits Nsecjoe from having an opinion. What happened to the bill of rights and the US Constitution? Does that not apply to him because he is out front on many things going on in Aberdeen? All I can say is that your attempt to slander him was piss poor. Did Joe post under his official position title or represent it as his official opinion as an employee of Aberden? NO, he did not. Obviously you are trying to start something that is not there. You should be ashamed of yourself.

Perhaps if more people like Joe voiced their opinion or disclosed what we can all be certain they all see going on in and around Aberdeen, it would be a better and more affordable place to reside.
That may not be what you want to hear though.

Joe was asked a question from another poster on here and Joe did not hide his opinion. Why don't you take a minute and look at what he said.

His post was in my opinion fair and balanced and maybe even a little dangerous. You can be sure the candidates he did not support in his post will remember his statement and his lack of support. I find his post to be both balanced and respectful. He supported people he respected and considers friends. He has also learned about and was impressed with another candidate from the other party who has campaigned before. He did not vote the party line just because he presently works under a democratically controlled leadership.

He even told all of us that his final choice was to be decided upon. He did not hide from that either saying that Aberdeen deserved representation by both parties. So you want to chastise him for standing up and being accountable from your obviously poisoned post. You might learn a thing from his truthful post. That is unless of course you were already told who you were voting for in November. Toodles.

Anonymous said...

Where is the Why I support raises for MARSD post? I hope it was not taken down because not one person agreed with you. Remember Joey, you don't work for the superintendent. The real bosses are the Matawan/Aberdeen taxpayers and they are not happy about this.

Anonymous said...

I too, was wondering where the last blog was! I figured it would garner the most posts EVER in the fastest amount of time! I seriously hope ALL Board members are re-considering these ridiculous raises since we are in a RECESSION!!! No Raises this year. Period.

Anonymous said...

Regarding missing post: Might be the Patron indicated discretion should have been practised in this delicate matter.

Aberdeener said...

Correction: The township has informed me the tax rates are 2.283 for Fire district #1 and $2.279 for fire district #2 (the difference being garbage pickup).

I also hear the town council has made additional cuts to the preliminary budget to bring the final tax increase closer to zero.

Should the town council make significant reductions, then I would agree the library funds could be used for tax relief. My objection is using the library funds for non-critical town expenses.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Aberdeener, where did the post on the enormous raises go?

Don't want any trace of that one on the record do you?

Thank god I printed it before you had a chance to take it down.

Maybe we can blame it on Kauff? Maybe the teachers union?

Wake up before it is too late said...

Come on Aberdeener the only reason the leadership made any adjustment was: allow me to paraphrase the Mel Brooks character in the movie "Blazing Saddles". "They must protect their phony baloney jobs".

That is the reason why they chose to cut the tax increase as close as they could to zero. It is all about the votes they need to maintain control. Next year they will wallop us with a tax increase that could choke a horse. Of that you can be certain. The employees in the town should be paying very close attention as well. You can be sure that next year if this economy continues they will follow their brothers and sisters in Howell and other towns with significant layoffs or furloughs. We should all ask ourselves at what cost for next year has this tax rate been lowered this election year? Right now sure they tell us all how hard they have been working cutting this and that on our behalf. Show us the money.

I would ask them if any of our leadership looked at any of the following:

A. Streamilining positions to
combine positions or bring
about improved efficiency
b. Look to Matawan who went with a
part time administrator (of
course that would mean that
those in charge of departments
would then really be in charge)
C. Look at scheduling four day
weeks like Red Bank and Matawan
D. Look at police schedules and
staffing, scheduling, manpower
effectiveness and more (that
department is always the most
expensive to maintain)
E. Council salaries get cut or
eliminated as a good faith act
F. Go to the employees for cost
saving measures (after all in
any organization those who
really do the work know where
the savings can be achieved)
G. Look at increasing fees and
fines to seek parody with other
surrounding communities
H. Look at a bidding process for
all outside professional work or
services provided (legal
planning, computer services
and software, engineering,
janitorial or vehicle repairs)
I. Reach out to the community for
ideas on their needs and those
services they deem effective,
unnecessary or important
J. Look to corporate sponsors or
shared purchasing contracts for
supplies, fuel, salt, asphalt
just for a few examples
K. Sell off land owned by the town
L. Increase police ticketing
M. Local Ordinance issuance rather
the use of state statutes by our
law enforcement officers
N. Increased code compliance and
programs to ensure resale values
O. Cut programs that have not been
well attended or join with our
neighboring communities for a
shared event cost
P. Offer early retirement packages
Q. Manpower effectiveness analysis
R. Use of fuel efficient vehicles
S. Shared services agreements
T. Use of court offenders to clean
parks, municipal grounds and
roads in place of employees
U. Increased court fines and fees
V. Joining community day events
W. Join Matawan/Aberdeen police
X. Join the towns completely in
all areas of service
Z. Change the way we do business
as a town in every sense

Certainly all of these suggestions may seem extreme. In this changing economic environment we must not only change our own personal spending habits but those of our elected leadership who are too comfortable with the perception that the public does not care. Many of us are tired of politics as usual. It is time we as a community rise up and tell the too comfortable and too controlled that we are taking back our community and we are starting with a fresh idea. Politics is out the people matter most.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Warren, so you are taking back your library comment. Do you admit you spoke to hasty on that topic calling it a mugging from the library? Do you now know that they shouldn't be working at a surplus of this amount? Do you admit they are grossly overfunded? Thanks for your time. What about Granola Mom and Aberdeen Life Pat? They too were quick to jump on the band wagon.

Aberdeener said...

Wow, that's quite a list. A lot of good ideas. You don't have to wonder why taxes are always lowest during election years then jump in non-election years.

As for the MARSD article, I'll be posting a brief explanation why it was taken down.

I'm not happy that I had to remove it and I intend to post it again following the next board meeting.

As for the comments, I'll be posting those as well to recapture the original argument.

I think it's terrible that I can't have a conversation with the public prior to the next board meeting.

Aberdeener said...

Let's see those reductions, first. They seem to only happen after the library refused to give Aberdeen everything it wanted.

The township first approached the library in March. The library agreed to go halfway. Then the township made cuts.

If the cuts only satisfy the portion that the library didn't surrender, then my original inclination was correct - that the township tried to use library funds to feed its political patrons.

Anonymous said...

Tagliarini and Lauro were lock-step in sync with Norm's demands on the Planning Board and will be lock-step with him on Council. I find it hard to believe that NSection Joe can support candidates with that much loyalty to a campaign that is funded with pay-to-play riches.

Anonymous said...

Not true about only getting half. I think you should re-check your information. I believe they were going to ask for $350,000, changed it to $300,000 and got about $275,000. That is to be split with Matawan 2/3 for Aberdeen and 1/3 for Matawan.

Anonymous said...

While I don't agree with you on the MARSD article, I respect the fact that you tried to have open dialogue and explain your point of view with the public.

Pat said...

Appendix C of the MAPL Strategic Plan provides useful figures on the funding of select public libraries in NJ. You'll find that our contributions to the library budget aren't extraordinary in comparison to those of neighboring towns.

I was a bookkeeper for a large church for several years. Non-profits work under fund accounting principles, not business accounting. Non-profits dedicate funds for capital improvements, memorials, new instruments, etc, etc. Those funds leave the general fund and are set aside for that special purpose. Our local library doesn't have an $800,000 surplus in its general fund on an annual basis. That's patently absurd. The local governments are taking funds dedicated to long-planned improvements.

I can't believe how zealously some locals want their taxes reduced. Diminish the library to fill your pockets. Listen to yourselves.

Anonymous said...

Pat, you are just plain wrong. The library is not using this money of $800,000, there is nothing in the works. If we were going to move the facility, fine. The current location is way to small, it needs to be relocated. There is no parking, they do a fantastic job with the current facility, but it is too small. The system they currently use to fund the library is no good, they are grossly overfunded. Neighboring towns have better facilities and are funding bigger projects, more staff, repairs of greater magnitude, etc. If one town has 2 staff members, 50books, no parking and a 1000 sq. ft building and the other has 4 staff members, 1000 books, lots of parking, working elevators, tons of programs and a 5000 sq ft building - don't they need more? Let's compare apples to apples here Pat. Our library is "outdated" and small, you can't compare these other towns to ours. That money of $800,000 will not be used and we will continue to overfund the library until we have over a million dollars just sitting in the library kitty, all the town wants is some back, they will still have about $500,000 and nothing to spend it on. A better argument is to use the money and find a bigger location for us to have a better library facility, I am on board for that!

Aberdeener said...

According to the Independent, the "municipalities received less than half of what was requested".

Anonymous said...

Mr.Warren, did you read in the article "Aberdeen officials previously estimated the library had a surplus of approximately $800,000, in addition to the $1.1 million that both municipalities fund each year to run the library".

$1.1 million a year? At this rate Pat you are correct they won't have a $800,000surplus every year it will be over $1,000,000 next year and continue to grow.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Warren, I bet if you call Joseph Criscuolo the Aberdeen Township manager he will tell you that Matawan/Aberdeen didn't ask for more $550,000 (half). There should be a record of that somewhere, maybe from the library minutes.

Unknown said...

Does anyone actually think that if we decrease the library's funds, that it will decrease our taxes?

The local governments will just find another way to spend that money - probably in a way that benefits the elected officials and their cronies.

Leave the money in the library, where it will eventually benefit the community.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone show REAL NUMBERS as to the amount of real and substantive use of the entire library. In the computer age and with technology in every nook and cranny of our society the unfortunate truth is that libraries like newspaper are in the throws of declining usage and appreciation. I can assure you the choices that needed to be made were politically made or ignored for many years. I also agree that the library in its present location has long since outlived it usefulness and space. If the library is to be moved so be it. If the library is to be minimized and be made more technology friendly so be it. I strongly feel it needs to be INDEPENDENTLY analyzed from top to bottom before we put significant funds into something that may be phased out.
How many people really use the library with real numbers not inflated ones is what I seek.

Pat said...

So you are saying the library is small, so it should be funded small until it is big like the neighbor libraries? What the heck are they doing with all that extra money we're giving them?? And you want to have their building fund savings included in their annual general budget so we can say we're giving them too much? But they should move into a bigger building, something more like OB library? And that all adds up for you? Lay out your argument on a bunch of index cards on the kitchen table and see if you can make sense out of it. The last thing I think we should be doing is putting the nice people at the library in a corner. They spend their money carefully and they care for our citizens. They want us to have that nice, big library you want. Work towards that, not towards ripping their last cents from their tiny fingers.

Anonymous said...

Pat I will try to make it easy for you. THE LIBRARY AS IT STANDS TODAY GETS TOO MUCH MONEY! If it was bigger, they might need all the extra money for more staff, to fund the upkeep, hire more staff etc. No index cards needed here, it's pretty simple. They will have an excess of $1,000,000 next year and it will keep growing. The library is antiquated as it stands today. MOVE IT, maybe somewhere where there is parking? Bigger facility, better space, etc.

As far as, do I believe that if we were to reduce the library fund would it reduce our taxes? It might, unless we need to spend that money on 9% raises for the BOE.

Anonymous said...

Pat you sound foolish and arogant.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Matawan/Aberdeen. Even though it disappeared from this blog, the BOE is still planning on voting on the administrative raises on June 25th at 8:00 p.m. If you think that 9.2 and 6.75 percent increases are too high right now, you need to be there. What was your last raise?

Anonymous said...

Just use the OB Library. It may be a further drive, but it has so much more to offer. As Aberdeen residents, you have full use of it's facility.

While I believe neighborhood libraries are useful in the sense that they add "charm" to a town, there really is no need to have one in each municipality. It USED to be a needed facility when kids had to utilize the library for reports and homework, but with the Internet, any and all information they require is just a few clicks away on their desktop.

Flame away all you want, but in this sorry state of economic disaster this town is in, a nearly 1 million dollar surplus is wasteful. That is money which should not go back to the towns to waste on another project, but should go back to the taxpayers who paid the overage directly.

The facility is too small, not ADA compliant (I saw a woman in a wheelchair ride down in the "freight" elevator and overheard the librarian state that she was "concerned" for the woman's safety in doing so), doesn't have enough parking and is not technologically compatible with the standards of the 21st Century. On top of that, if you bring in old books to donate, they are being refused because there isn't enough shelf space. That to me signals the fact that the books in the library are, like the library itself, antiquated and not being refreshed frequently enough.

Anonymous said...

Would you move into a town whose citzens don't support their library? I wouldn't. And neither would the kind of people that we want to move into our neighborhoods. A well run, long established library like ours speaks volumes about a community to a young family looking for a place to settle down. I know our family spent hours there every week when the kids were young. Let them keep their surplus and their budget. I like the location on Main Street, it helps to give the area some considerable charm. Maybe renovations! That's an idea!

Anonymous said...

A sidenote: for hard core book lovers, the more antiquated, the better! Must we always skew our sensibilites in favor of the gigabyte!

Anonymous said...

Library too small and outdated, there is no room for renovation. Times have changes I am glad your kids went there, but now there is little to no room.

Anonymous said...

I have to say - that the library is one of the only "free" things in town that is there to enhance the community and give kids a place to go and expand their minds without getting into trouble. If you don't want to pay taxes or feel it is not your job to contribute to the school system maybe you should pay the system back all the money that was spent on you to become educated and move to the woods. What a digraceful, selfish society we have become.

Anonymous said...

Who said anything about the school system? The library taxes are separate from the school taxes. Personally, I would welcome moving to the woods so I wouldn't have to deal with stupid people everyday like I do in this town.

Anonymous said...

I never said get rid of the library, I say it is overfunded - look at the surplus of money. I think the library is outdated and the money should be used to move the library to new location, with better facilites. It however is not free, we pay for it and who said anything about the school taxes?

Anonymous said...

Antiquated meaning OBSOLETE and ADVANCED IN AGE. I think you have the definition wrong. Not antique.

Anonymous said...

I agree that the library needs to be improved - were they sitting on this money to make improvements? If they are taking their time for whatever reason, maybe it's worthwhile to give them a "sell by" date and take it back if they aren't doing what they're supposed to be doing with the money. As a kid I spent a lot of time in the library and think that out in the suburbs you need places like this. Kids can't walk to Old Bridge Library.

Anonymous said...

The library has been "sitting" on the money because both municipalities have appointed people to the board that are more interested in arguing with each other and preventing improvements, than actually working to make improvements to the library.

Sobel and Tagliarini and Buccelato have done all they can to stop the library from doing anything.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that the republicans running for office are coming to this page , along with there chairman, as they talk about it all the time. WHY don't they post there views under ther real names, so we can actually have a discussion on policy issues and what they will do difeeently then the dems. Its free and the whole town is talking about this page/blog

Aljian, Garaguso, balvaram, Vail -we are waiting

Anonymous said...

Tagliarini was just appointed a few month's ago, how is he responsible? At least know what you are talking about.

R candidates stand for ? said...

Let the Republicans go to the council or better yet the newspapers and get their points across. What we know about the Republican candidates could fit on the head of a pin. They know what they have to do, the questions they have to ask and finally who they have to put out front as the iron-fisted control freak that is ruining our community.

Since they will not do any of the above, they deserve to lose once again.

Anonymous said...

And the Normocrat Dems aren't responsible for the pro-Norm posts on here? Come on Dems -- show us your stuff -- hopefully before Kauff rewrites your lines.

Pat said...

40:54-29.3. Support, maintenance and control of joint free public library; libraries considered free public libraries

Any 2 or more municipalities may unite in the support, maintenance and control of a joint free public library for the use and benefit of the residents of such municipalities.

Every library established under this chapter shall be considered a free public library as defined under R.S. 40:54-1 et seq. and shall have the same benefits, powers, duties and responsibilities granted to free public libraries and their governing boards of trustees.

L.1959, c. 155, p. 619, § 1. Amended by L.1988, c. 38, § 1.

40:54-29.4. Joint library agreement; contents

The governing bodies of such municipalities shall propose such an undertaking by a joint library agreement, which shall provide for the apportionment of annual and special appropriations therefor among such municipalities, for the initial annual appropriation for such library, for the abandonment or the continuance of such agreement in the event that it is not approved by all such municipalities as provided for in this act, and for such other matters as they shall determine. Such apportionment of appropriations may be based on the assessed valuations of the respective municipalities, their populations, or such factor or factors as the governing bodies shall agree.

Such an agreement shall provide that the combined minimum appropriation for the joint library shall annually be not less than one-third of a mill on every dollar of assessable property within the participating municipalities based upon the equalized valuation of such property within the combined municipalities as certified by the Director of the Division of Taxation in the Department of the Treasury.

L.1959, c. 155, p. 619, § 2. Amended by L.1988, c. 38, § 2.

40:54-29.9. Amendment of joint library agreement; approval by ordinance

The joint library agreement may be amended by agreement among the parties thereto but such amendments shall not become effective until approved in each of the participating municipalities by ordinance, which ordinances may incorporate such amendments by reference.

L.1959, c. 155, p. 621, § 7.

Anonymous said...


Thinkaboutit said...

The defenders of libraries much like other dinosaurs of society need to accept change and move on. Yes libraries are important but at what costs to the whole. Many of the statements about our library are true and pertinent. Others are borne out of economic realities and lack of use of such facilities. Many of us who are the poster people for failed programs of the past need relief from the middle class crunch of paying for everything politicians and a very small segment of society deem so important. Technology is moving at an alarming rate and is causing libraries to be phased out quite often. Change to save, streamline and perhaps limit library costs needs to be analyzed, implemented and acknowledged as part of all of our futures.

Aberdeener said...

A library's mission is to encourage and facilitate learning. We can argue how to best achieve those goals but I don't see how we, as a community, can say we no longer need an institution dedicated to encouraging and facilitating learning. In today's world, I would argue such a need is greater than ever.

(As an aside, the library's mission statement could use a rewrite as well.)

Anonymous said...

Economic realities? You sound like you are living in the Great Depression. Even then they had traveling libraries - look it up. Not everyone has a computer at home - that's an economic reality. Is the access to knowledge something that is available only to the people privileged enough to afford it? Yes the libraries need to be upgraded. So make them spend the money to do the upgrades. And if these politicians are raiding the funds to pay for other things lets find out of what they are using that money for. The economic reality is that there is a lot of wasteful spending and not enough planning, in both towns. If you think it is as simplistic as the libraries being "overfunded" then you are missing the big picture here.

Anonymous said...

Sorry anon above, you are missing the big pitcure. The library as it stands can't be updated it needs to be relocated. As it is today it is grossly overfunded. Over 1 million in the till next year.

Anonymous said...

The economic reality in this town is that our schools are overfunded and wasteful, too. If a child doesn't have a computer at home, he/she has access to the school computers and libraries that my taxes have paid for so dearly. Also, the Monmouth County Library has a wonderful Reference Librarian who has no difficulty looking up information and sending it (via the USPS, if needed) to the researcher. Teachers give plenty of time for any research paper to be completed. Utilizing this type of service would perhaps prevent some procrastination and hopefully churn out a higher quality finished product. I also hear a lot of complaints because the library is where some parents dump their kids (not the little ones, just the MAMS-aged ones) for lack of better entertainment.

As for the person saying that "kids can't walk to the OB Library," I would like to point out that MOST Aberdeen residents aren't within walking distance of this library either. Unless you live in Matawan or in the part of Aberdeen that is centrally located to Main Street, I don't know of any sane parent who would let their kid stroll down Rt. 34 to go check out a book.

To the poster above who mentioned traveling libraries during the Great Depression, I think you made my point. One reason for the traveling libraries (aka "Book Buses")was to limit the hours of operation at the actual library branches due to lack of funding and their inability to afford to heat/light such buildings during the Depression. Thanks for strengthening my point.

PS I like the way some "well-known" posters are now posting as "anonymous." You can tell who-is-who by the passion and writing style. Not too difficult to figure out. Why the turn around? Were you spurned once?

Anonymous said...

Anyone who says the library hasn't kept up with the times simply hasn't been to the library lately.
- you can request a book from any library in the network and have it in less than a week

-you can download audio books FOR FREE to listen to on your MP3 player

-there are after school and vacation programs for children

-there are evening programs for adults

The truth is that use is up, not down. You can "visit" the library without even going. Give it a try and maybe you'll learn something.

Anonymous said...

Not saying it hasn't kept up with the times, it is too small, in a terrible spot because it can't be expanded, no parking, etc. MOVE IT TO A BIGGER SPACE, spend the money wisely.

Anonymous said...

This is more a human problem than a financial one…. What we cannot humanly afford is the closing of library opportunities – particularly to children during the formative years, when books are priceless in the joys they bring and the good they do.

NYT Editorial 1938

Anonymous said...

Agree with the last two who posted. It is really a shame that the community leadership in both towns has been not been supportive of the library's goal of expanding.

There are empty promises of space at the train station development, that will never happen, by the Aberdeen Council. And the Matawan Council seems to want it to stay where it is or not expand at all.

These attitudes are tragic. Our children need more than fields for baseball, football, and soccer. They also need a love of learning. The library is too vital to the strength and culture of our community.

Anonymous said...

How can the library be "overfunded" and "need to expand". Let's put the reserve to good use and use it as a down payment on expansion and relocation.

The library has acted responsibly. They could have spent down the reserve funds to take the money off their books (sorry for the pun), but they did the right thing and created a reserve to begin funding of the expansion.

How many reserves and how much are in the various Aberdeen Township reserves? Has Matawan Borough spent all of their reserves?

Diana said...

Admittedly the issue of the library and property taxes affects the life and CULTURE of Matawan more than Aberdeen. The physical limitations imposed by the Borough planning and design choices have created a scenario that seriously impedes the ability of the library to be functional. But losing the library would be a nail in the coffin of a once beautiful down town social and cultural scene.

For residents of Aberdeen the effect is more financial, and in these hard times, our elected officials are hard pressed to choose what's right over what is best for re-election.

Unless the Township is willing to offer up a prettier parcel of land, or the Borough is willing to make planning choices that look more purposeful than hazy, there will be no easy solutions. Perhaps stripping funds off of non-profits is not the worst thing that we have to look forward to.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know the status of the transit village project? Wouldn't it be feasible for the developer to contribute to the library expansion/relocation?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, let's have the developer, who's an ex-convict, make a promise for an imaginary project that will never happen. Sounds like a great idea.Not.

Anonymous said...

"How can the library be "overfunded" and "need to expand". Let's put the reserve to good use and use it as a down payment on expansion and relocation". - As it currently stands it is overfunded, if they are going to use the money to relocate I am all for it. There is too much money given for that small space, overfunded because look at the surplus.

Anonymous said...

I say forget Matawan, let them have it. Aberdeen should build a new library, there are plenty of empty building around town.

Aberdeener said...

Though it's not part of the library's mission, I believe it could be an important component in any Main St. rehabilitation plan.

There's one more thing our elected reps haven't been doing.

All the development that could've been done but hasn't reminds me of the days I have nothing to wear because I didn't do the laundry. I complain I have no choices knowing it's all my fault.

Anonymous said...

What about the old Rite Aid (maybe) on Rte.35 and Cliffwood. That is a large space with parking?

tryingtosurvive said...

For me this comes down to how many people really use the library. If the populations of the combined communities are 30,000 residents and only 10% use the library, is that fair and equatable. Don't get me wrong everybody uses and wants a police force, fire dept., first aid, trash collection, enforcement of quality of life issues and more. We understand those costs. At what cost is the possible 90% suppose to pay for the 10%?

Many of us who are feeling the strain of financial hardships from every front and we need the ability to see the proofs of usage versus convenience. With the present lack of responsible spending on many other governmental fronts to include locally, statewide and nationally, the costs are far beyond the reach of most citizens to merely survive.

Our society as a whole wants everything. But at what cost? Our priorities need to change and we cannot have everything just because we used to have it. I like the library but wonder if the cost rational is worth it, really.

Aberdeener said...

I personally spend $17 per month on Netflix and $11 per month on the library. Forced to choose, I'd prefer to have the library.

Anonymous said...

The follow statistics about the library are from:

Service Population 26364 residents

Collection size 93320 volumes

Annual Circulation 82393 transactions

So, let's do the math:

About $40 per resident
for unlimited access to print and audio books, child and adult programming, free wireless connection and access to computers, classes, movies, access to other community libraries

Maybe some of you are right, there are plenty of private sports facilities around. Let's sell the sports fields for housing and more banks. That'll get the ratables in. While we're add it, let's sell advertising on the side of Police cars, advertising in the township newsletter -- After all, Tagliarini would owe the township about $10,000 for the number of times his photo and name appeared in the last issue. The election issue is coming up -- how much will the Aberdeen Dems pay for that issue?

Michael Borg said...

We should look at the feasability of merging the township and the borough. Then with a single purpose move and expand the library.

The library should remain close to the business area, either moving it to the current Borough Hall, as all municipal functions could be run from the Aberdeen administrative building, or move it to the "new train station development."

If we are unified with a single purpose, the train station area could be developed in such away that it would not destroy the character of the town.

No more residential, homes, or apartments. Our taxes keep going up ...with no ratables.

Anchor glass should remain industrial, or make it mixed commercial industrial. But NO HOMES!

Chrysler and GM are in bad shape - offer them a sweet heart deal to put a facility in Anchor Glass, or bring in a minor league ball club, or something like it.

These problems are mutual to both Aberdeen, and Matawan. We haven't been able to solve them as separate entities. It's time to merge and unite!

Nice try though Mr. Borg said...

Mr. Borg welcome back and I am glad to see you are safe and sound. As for your splendid ideas about limiting apartments, housing units and more I agree. In regards to Anchor Glass and the development of that site I also concur. On the feasibility of merging Matawan and Aberdeen I wholeheartedly agree.

There is only one or two small problems with your ideas that would restore a sense of community, possibly save significant tax dollars and possibly maintain or even more likely improve services to both communities.

As to the one problem maybe two I find with your ideas. Unfortunately it is all too simple as to why it will never happen

1 Politicians and money in their pockets

2. Norman Kauff and money in his pockets, his friends pockets and in his campaign coffers.

Nice try though. Keep trying.

F U Norman Kauff

Pleaseanswerthe10Mr.Kauff said...

Ask yourself who puts the newsletter together for Kauff inc. Who runs the website for Aberdeen.

Here is a hint. Both live on justice lane. Yep that is right I hear they are both Kauffies neighbors. How would you like to be at one of those cookouts.
Three old geezers sitting around eating high on the hog and laughing about how much cash they take off of the taxpayers and that newsletter. That newsletter they may as well call it DEMOCRATS KAUFF NEEDS TO GET ELECTED TO KEEP STEALING MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM THE TAXPAYERS.

Funny I did not see any articles about the Vinci land deals or the total monies donated to Kauff 2009 by CM&E. Nothing about how much surplus the fire and first aid services have squirreled away that us taxpayers know nothing about. I think they call it the firemens welfare fund. I will be on welfare if Kauff gets in again.

Can I stand in the street like the firemen do and collect money to pay my taxes in Aberdeen? This year I broke $12,000.00 thank you Mr. Kauff.

Don't get me wrong I know we all need the fire service and their brave volunteers do a great service but the fire service needs to come clean if we are chastising and analyzing the library in the same way. How much is the fire dept. surplus? Answer that one Viiny.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean stand in the street like the firemen do? Do you have any clue what it takes to be a fireman? We are not just a bunch of yahoos who stand outside and look at all the pretty lights. The man hours of training and dedication we put in is unparalled by any other volunteer service. Let me see you get jolted from your sleep at 2am and run to help someone you dont know at all or how about being pulled from time being spent with your family for the same reason. Dont sit there and chastise the fire department if you have no intention of stepping up and helping out yourself. I hope you werent saying we do nothing with your little comment about standing in the street because if thats the case dont bother calling us at 2am when an alarm is going off or you house is on fire because according to you we do nothing. Your an ignorant person who apparently isnt happy unless they can complain about something. You want to know about the fire budgets, why dont you go to a commisioners meeting and ask for yourself? They are open to the public! Have you ever been to one? I doubt it! You would rather sit and bash people on a blog than actually go out and get informed. Sorry for the rant but this person really pissed me off.

Anonymous said...

Speaking about money, let's give 9.2% and 6.7% raises to the schools top administrators.

Pleaseanswerthe10Mr.Kauff said...

It seems that when the mention of monies an anonymous firemen comes forward but not with an explanation of monies collected or how the moneys are used. It seems just a defensive posture is put forth. Show me the money.

So I will ask the anonymous Firefighter one question and await his or her answer. How much does the fire departments have in any fund associated for the Firemen themselves? Not the monies for equipment or entertainment or insurance costs. How much money is in the Fireman's welfare type fund?


I had Chinese food for dinner last night and you will not believe what my fortune cookie said:

"With democratic win you get Kauffed"

Your lucky numbers are
1 500 000 00 WOW! Just so happens to be the same numbers us taxpayers give to C.M.E. and their corrupt Norman Kauff every year.

Learn Chinese Chinese translation

^-/'; = (corruption) is Kauff :)

MrFF said...

"Please". Why don't you join and find out. It's an easy application to fill out, then the training for the next 12 weeks and training every week with our own, upkeep of our equipment every week, etc. The money collected by any fire company that stands on the side of the road, anywhere in the country, helps their own. It doesn't go to fire equipment, entertainment?(what do you mean by that??), insurance costs, etc.
The funds are not divied up between firefighters or anything like that, it buys dress blue uniforms, badges, subsidizes a picnic during the summer maybe (perhaps you don't think we deserve that) and other costs that the district taxes do not cover. We are greatful to the contributors for every penny collected and the monies collected are put to good use for the welfare of the fire company and their men. You want to question that, go ahead and join up. We can use some more members.

Anonymous said...

I m the anonymous firefighter you talk about. No money collected from your local taxes goes into any kind of welfare fund for firemen. There is a state relief association that aids firefighters in financial trouble. If you got off your butt and actually went to a meeting instead of complaining on a blog you would know that. If you actually went to a meeting you would also know the fire commisioners recieve the tax money for the upkeep of equipment and buildings and insurance. The fire companies themselves are responsible for buying uniforms and other such things. you ask about the money well the money doesnt go to the fire companies it goes to the board of fire commissioners for each district where it is spent through their budget. If you want to know where it goes go to a damn meeting and get involved instead of attacking me and saying i am getting a defensive posture. of course i m getting defensive. you insinuate we do nothing. Let me see you give back to this town a quarter of what we give back for absolutely nothing. We get very little praise if any and have to deal with this bs posted on a blog by someone who wont even get off their butt. you think our budgets arent justified. You are getting our services for a bargain. Do you have any idea what your taxes would be like if you had to have a paid department? You want to know where the money goes go to a meeting and i can assure you it doesnt go to a welfare fund. Any welfare fund is set up by the fire company itself not the board of fire commisioners. Get you facts straight before you open your ignorant mouth.

MrFF said...

Hey Dist 2 guy, don't waste your time with this ingnoramous. Like you say he doesn't have any of his facts, just a blowhard. If he only new what his taxes would be if the Districts had to employ paid men! I can only say one thing I disagree with you, 99% of the people of this town are behind us and we do get praised, thanks and others during our open house and fire prevention week doings, etc. There are only a few ingnoramouses like this guy who think the we're stealing from the community. Don't waste your time with this idiot and let's serve our community the way we do!

Anonymous said...

Sorry grouping as a whole because i am angry.

MrFF said...

No need to be angry. Like water off a duck's back. We and most know what we do benefit the community, even this guy. Just keep doin what we do, and be safe.

Anonymous said...

You too! Will you be there on Saturday?

Anonymous said...

I want to say that I agree with MrFF; the vast majority of the people of Aberdeen absolutely appreciate what the volunteer firemen do for our community. We realize that you leave your warm beds at night, your family functions during the day, and your children's events when necessary. You put your lives on the line every time you answer a call. Unfortunately, most of us don't thank you often enough. However, please realize that although we don't voice our appreciation the way we should, we are well aware of your contribution to our town. Do not let people, like those that write on this blog, upset you. They would rather sit and complain then be involved. Believe me I know!! Bless you and all the firemen for what you do everyday!

MrFF said...

Thanks for your kind words and we do know that the community is appreciative. Spoken words or not, we know that the community is behind us, and I even think the ignorant blogger is also, he just doesn't realize it. We will never pick and choose what alarms we will respond to, when the alarm sounds, we react. Like I tell my family, the feelings inside (every volunteer) is reward enough for what we do and the appreciative comments, few or many, is icing. Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Thank you! I know most of the town appreciates us. I was just mad and made a generalized statement and i do apologize for that. Thank you for all of your support each and every year!

Anonymous said...

pleaseanswerthe10 is an idiot. He acts like he knows everything about this town, yet has never attended 1 meeting of any sort in his life, he just goes on hearsay and draws his own conclusions. He is what is wrong with this community, a whiner do nothing. Go to a BOE meeting, township meeting, library meeting, fireman, PTO, anything do something. I am tired of reading the nonsense on here, are you the new TRUTH?

Anonymous said...

Not only is he the truth, he is probably the rest of the idiots who post here too, pinehurst, edgeview, etc.

Anonymous said...

what ever happened to Sherlock Holmes? Now, that was a talented writer.

Norm said...

justanswerthe10 doesn't even know what the ten are. He is just another anonymous idiot that I control.

Anonymous said...

Agreed they all sound the same.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else find it suspicious that none of the firemen who responded told us the amount of money in the welfare fund they know exists. Maybe it is me but they are no different than the Kauffkins. Blame everyone else and never answer any questions. So how much is in the fund?

Play ball said...

One town I know of in North Jersey near Franklin Lakes has a volunteer fire dept. like ours. They have just under a million dollars in the fund in that house. The taxpayers don't even know it exists. Don't get me wrong monies for insurance and essential equipment is a given. A million dollars or close to it somehow sitting around needs to be publicly disclosed. Sounds like a good topic for an informational request to Councilman Vinci or for the aberdeener to check into. Public service goes both ways don't it Vinny.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a firefighter. That being said, I wouldn't give a rats ass if they had $20mil. in the welfare fund, as long as it remains just that..Playball, why don't you grow some balls and go to a commisioners meeting and ask if you are so curious how much is there.

Anonymous said...

I heard that as an Aberdeen volunteer fierman, you get a $500 annual credit towards any permits from the township you might need to do work on your house. Can anyone explain this to me? Is the township simply waiving these fees or is the money being paid through a fund on behalf of the firefighters?

I'm not stating an opinion here, I'm just asking for clarification.

Anonymous said...

Attacking the town's VOLUNTEER services. Why dont you people get off your rearends and volunteer yourself?
A. You will get your answers to these questions
B. You will actually be helping your town instead of the people who help it for free.
I dont know how much is in these funds but if they are supported by DONATIONS and NOT OUR TAXES why should we even care? These people risk their lives every time they respond to a call. Why are we sitting here and bashing them on a blog. Please instead of bashing them, join them. I am sure they could use the help.

Anonymous said...

As you will soon be able to tell I am a firefighter. The recent threads trouble me. Any monies which go into a "welfare fund" are directly from donations to the fire companies themselves. Our town is made up of two fire companies(Districts). Each company(District) is governed by a Board of Fire Commissioners. The fire commisioners are elected by the people of each respective district. The Boards of Fire Commissioners and the the fire companies themselves are separate entities. The commissioners take in any tax money collect from the taxes and use that for their purposes such as maintenance of the trucks, radios, equipment, and various other purposes. The tax monies never go to the fire companies themselves. Any monies the individual companies may have comes from donations, dues paid by members and fines paid by members for missing mandatory events. We never see any tax money, I know I already said this but I would like to stress it. The companies themselves survive SOLELY on donations. The commissioners have NO welfare fund set up for the companies.

These recent posts are creating animosity between the towns people and the fire companies. Please do not let this to happen. We have a hard enough time getting members due to all the training that is involved and I fear this will only make it harder. For the good of Aberdeen and the morale of its volunteer firemen we need these posts to stop.


A Very Concerned Fireman

Anonymous said...

I was thinking of becoming a volunteer fireman, what do I need to do and what are the qualifications? Age, things like that, thanks.

Anonymous said...

In order to become a fireman you have to be at least 18 years of age, be in good health and be willing to go through the training which right now stands at 12 weeks. Just contact whichever company you are closer to and they will provide you with the application. Thanks for your interest.

Anonymous said...

Very Concerned Fireman I ask again.

How much is in the fund?

That is for some who have the right and want to know.

Your service is appreciated so what is the number. Answer that and it is over. Don't answer that one question and ...

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately I dont know if I can legally disclose how much money is in the fire company's bank account. Your use of the word "fund" is wrong. We have no actual "funds". Any donations are placed in a bank account. Your question is the same as asking the Knights of Columbus, Elks Club and the VFW how much they have in their respective bank accounts. Like I said I dont know the legaity of giving out such information. We are not trying to hide anything. We demand no money from any people outside the organization we only ask for donations and appreciate every penny we get. As said in my previous post this money was not taken from taxes. It was given as donations from the great people of Aberdeen. We use this money to buy uniforms, badges, food for firefighters during and after large fires, office supplies, stamps and other misc. things. I will tell you that account is not that large. Not even one twentieth of what we are talking about with the library.

Anonymous said...

The money doesn't come from taxes so don't worry about it. Don't give this blowhard the satisfaction of another word.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information regarding fireman info.

Anonymous said...

The township allows a $500 credit towards permits, dog and cat licenses, etc. The money for this is not in any account. It just is not collected. For example, let's say Vinny Vinci, a Fire Commissioner and member of the Fire District, was building an addition onto his house -- he would not pay any permit fees. It's an easy way for the town to reward volunteers. I don't think we can thank them enough. Bad example but you get my point.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't pay any permit fees UP TO $500 in a calendar year. Anything over that is made responsible to that person.

Anonymous said...

Sounds fair to me, it is the least we could do to thank the volunteers.

Support but ? FD funds said...

Volunteerism is important and appreciated. I am interested in knowing what the amount of monies this volunteer organization holds in the accounts under any category or name. If I go onto the Fire Dept. website is it shown to an interested taxpayer? If not why not? Don't try and say the Fire Dept. is not funded by the taxpayers. If they raise funds in a mailing to the public at large or in a boot drive such money totals should be known to the public when they ask about it.
I am not saying they are hiding anything but people are interested and deserve to know the numbers.

Aberdeener said...

Let's be clear on a couple of items regarding the firemen's fund.
1) We are talking about private donations. These are not taxpayer funds.
2) We are talking about a relatively small amount of money. It's my understanding the fund has less than $50,000.
3) The way such funds normally work is similar to an endowment whereby you spend less than the fund accumulates so that each year you have more than the prior year. That means they're limited to what they raise each year plus a fraction of the interest. In most years, they spend far less to allow the fund to grow.
4) The funds are raised by the firemen through fundraising events they organize, plus mailings and friends. The mailings detail the purposes for which funds are raised.
5) I believe the information is public but no official will release that information until they've received the proper request forms. I suggest you contact the town clerk for instructions.

Personally, I'm not interested in the exact amount. We're talking about relatively small annual disbursements for a worthy cause and G-d forbid someone should think that our volunteer firemen don't need donations because they've managed to maintain a small fund.

Billyasksa? said...

Thank you Aberdeener for the information. I just feel myself that the FD should post such numbers on a website for public review. I understand the hesitation of same to disclose the amounts. I also understand the public and their right to know. The economics of our society dictates that. I would hope the FD puts the number onto your site for all to see.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe this. Here the library is funded by our tax dollars, they are sitting on $800,000 in their little kitty. Next year they will have over 1 million in surplus which they shouldn't have, they are not allowed under contract to have this much of a surplus and we are worrying about how much our volunteers have in a "fund". A "fund" that is from donotions and goes to buying uniforms and other similiar items for people that would give their life to save us and/or our homes? People who wake up in the middle of the night, don't get paid and risk everything, for what? Our town and others are lucky to have these men and women, stop whinning, you people are pathetic! People on this site complain over everything and do nothing, volunteer, go to the beach clean up, go to the BOE meeting, town council meeting, run for council, coach, do something. I bet most of you don't do anything but read this blog cry about the mayor and yet couldn'tidentify him or Vinci or Gumbs or any of the others in a police line-up. Worry about the excess in the library and leave the firemen alone!

Anonymous said...

You hit the nail right on the head. Most of the haters who post on here have no clue what they are talking about. It seems that the fire co. has taken Kauff's place temporarily. Whatever.

Anonymous said...

How is it that one question makes us haters. The fund exists and needs to be public information. We are waiting. Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

We have no idea what we are talking about? You seem very comfortable telling us how bad we are when the proofs of Vinci, Gumbs and all the rest are starting you in the face. Yet we are bad for asking how much money are in the FD accounts. Look who is calling the kettle black and hiding as they do it. Show us the money.

Aberdeener said...

As I've said, nobody is going to produce the numbers without an OPRA request. Before joining the school board, I never saw anything without an OPRA request. Same story by the township. The only exception was the library, which shared information that was provided at the public board meetings.

If someone wants to know, the proper place to ask is the town clerk, who can direct you to the appropriate office. Posting questions here and not getting a desired response signifies nothing at best and casts a shadow over our heroic volunteers at worst.

Anonymous said...

Isn't what this blog is about, casting shadows when someone doesn't respond? It has been the theme on this blog for quite some time. The library is OVERFUNDED that much is obvious, the fireman get donations. If you don't like it don't give to the fireman.



Anonymous said...

Only 70 people or less vote in each fire district budget.