Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Year Ahead

This year, the big news will be the upcoming presidential election. In local news, we’re not expecting much change and that would be sad because Aberdeen could be so much more. Here is a list of indicators to see if there will be any positive developments in town.

Town Budget
I have high expectations for Holly Reycraft. She has a well-deserved reputation for competence, integrity, and dedication. As interim town manager, she made improvements to the budget, implemented the new employee health plan, and brought order to the township operations. However, she’s still working for a town council that is deeply immersed in pay-to-play.

As soon as the new councilmembers were seated, their first order of business was the roads program, which is often code for CME, the pimps bankrolling the Aberdeen Democrats’ election campaigns. And then there was the gift to Coppola & Coppola, another reliable contributor, to do another study on the train station project that we’ve been hearing about for a decade.

So, look at spending and the tax levy. Taxes have a habit of jumping during the off-election years and we’ll see if that trend continues this year.

Town Development
Train station, Aberdeen Forge, Anchor Glass, senior housing, Strathmore health club, Cliffwood Beach . . .  Let’s see if any one of these things happens this year. It’s no surprise that the only thing that got done so far was a county/state road expansion at the corner of Rt. 34 and Lloyd Rd.

Teachers Contract
So, the teachers are still working under an expired contract and I would guess they’ll reach agreement at some point this year. The things to look for are annual salary raises, whether past-practices are being excluded, and if the district will continue to recognize degrees from Walden and their ilk.
Don’t worry about retroactive pay. It’s a one-time payment compared to everything else that you’ll keep paying.

From the little I’ve read, I don’t understand what is happening in this arena. Not only has the district jettisoned the prior district goals, but they’ve created new goals that seem woefully inadequate.

For example, the board has a new goal to increase 3rd grade reading proficiency by 15%. In my day, we had rejected using state assessments as the sole barometer of progress because state exams change from year to year so you can’t compare apples to oranges and tell whether the students are improving. Instead, we used a relative index, comparing our performance to other school districts but, apparently, that’s been junked. Plus, even though they talk about increasing proficiency by 15%, that’s not “15%” but rather 15% of the 35% non-proficient 3rd graders. Additionally, proficient is defined as scoring at least half-right on a state exam, hardly an ambitious goal.

Then there’s the 1.5% cap on tax increases coupled with a goal to increase non-tax revenue. I had pushed for this but the district only wanted to pursue grants. The problem with grants is they generally go to support new spending and, when the grants end, the district is faced with new cuts. It’s the same problem with relying upon state funding to increase spending, which is what the district did last year.

As for the “Student Climate Survey,” I’d rather the district focus on students learning than whether students “think” they’re learning. If we just wanted students to think they’re learning, we could dumb down the classes and inflate the grades. Oh, wait, we’re already doing that.

That explains why the district is introducing a new science course, Physics for Trekkies or, as they prefer to call it, Physics of the 21st Century. In case you were wondering, the advantage of “new” physics over “old” physics is the absence of math, unless you thought the high school science teachers were qualified to teach quantum mechanics, astrophysics, and relativity. (As for string theory, that’s more religion than science so no need to spend too much time on it.)

What to look for? You can see how the district compares to other districts on the state exams and where students are getting into college. Too bad I’m the only one who used to published those numbers.

You can also look for computer programming courses. So long as the district doesn’t teach computer programming, you know they’re not serious about preparing students for the 21st century.

School Board Elections in November
I would strongly oppose such a move. The school board elections are free of big money politics. I wouldn’t want them tainted by how many voters CME and the other money baggers can bring to the polls. Furthermore, whatever money is saved by combining elections will be far outweighed by losing the right to vote against the school budget.

Good luck, Aberdeeners. I wish you well.
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Anonymous said...

I'm not shocked that you're opposed to school elections in November. After all, if they were in November, you would have never been a board member. Does the school board in your hometown of New York City hold their elections in November?

6:52 train said...

School elections in November? No don't move them the deeply entrenched will say for sure. Why move them to when the greater number of taxpayers who pay the bills will already be coming to vote? Move them simply because the failures in test scores and the inefficient taxpayer beneficial budgetary control is a total administration and instructional failure. The deeply entrenched in the failure of the states educational system from Trenton to Crest Way all like things just like they are. They will also fight tooth and nail to maintain the status quo that is their complete and total failure they are comfortable with.

The school situation is just like the fire department elections that lack anything close to an informative and honest chance to really show where millions in moneys really go. To say nothing of the highly questionable and all to "connected" leadership inside the firehouses. This post will be attacked as usual without one spec of proof that the taxpayer $$$ giveaway isn't political or not singularly and questionably controlled.

Just like the council OOPS I mean Kauff's corrupt politicians recent political payback to Coppola and Coppola the well known idiot puppet planners Kauff uses. It is just another corrupt political payback at taxpayers expense. Train station redevelopment? We will never see it if you even if you are a kindergarten student and never leave Aberdeen and die at 75. The grandiose plans presented years ago were a political payback engineered pipe dream no different than the falsehood that is the often promised senior housing that has been coming to Aberdeen for too many laughable years.

Then there is nothing new to be said of the all to illegal Kauff controlling and taxpayer gouging "gifts" to the taxpayers nemesis CME. I await the laughable denials that will come anonymously from the slaves of Kauff. Pulling in have to go.

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If they were honest that is said...

First order of business should've been getting rid of Kauff and his hangers on. That is what the newly elected council people and new Town Manager should have done. Sure that's going to happen in Aberdeen. Right Town Manager Holly Reycraft? Right newly elected council people? Right NJSP Investigators?

Anonymous said...

Giants Win! Tom Brady goes back to being a bitch.

All is right with the world.

That and Aberdeen is still corrupt.

Some things stay the same.

Right Freddy Boy?

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Anonymous said...

We're all wrong I just concluded.

There is no corruption in town.

There are no political paybacks to contributors.

There are no inflated bills wrongly paid to CME.

Norman Kauff does not illegally control Aberdeen.

There will be senior housing built in Aberdeen.

There will be a train station redevelopment project.

The big factory will get developed.

State Police investigations won't find anything.

Police will solve all the home breakins.

Taxes won't go up in Aberdeen despite the election.

The firehouse in well run and cost effective.

Our council people are honest.

The board members show up when told not to.

Sorry my bad just had an LSD flashback.



Anonymous said...

lsd was funny.

On my way said...

On my way to the GIANTS CELEBRATION. I am just so happy and nothing could be better for me to go to. Except when I go watch Kauff get arraigned in court for political corruption and crimes against the taxpayers of Aberdeen. Talk about a parade worth going to. That would be the one I want to go to soon. Really soon.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love it when people drag the VOLUNTEER fire department into things. I am sure they are so happy to see that all of their hard work and dedication goes unnoticed. All you guys do is bash them on here.

Kauff hall said...

Another joke of a council meeting tonight in Kauff hall.
That's right Kauff hall. He runs the show after all.

Right Freddy Boy?

Former FD volunteer said...

Volunteer=100% Democrat operative leadership

Leadership with questionable accounting practices

Questionable volunteer leadership assault history

Questionable connected leadership abusing members causing serious discord amongst members

History of not taking action against the same known abuser known and connected to the commissioners who have failed to take proper and required legal action to stop said abuser despite repeat offenses

Same arrogant leadership presence at fires causing disruption to safety coverage interruption by other area departments due to said abusers conduct, arrogance and far more that is kept kept secret from the public through pressuring fear tactics

Volunteer members quitting over being abused

Improvements to building along with monuments with questionable or no bidding contracts being awarded with taxpayer cost effective considerations

Voting by members only with little if any publication to the voters despite $5,000.00 in budgetary line item

Unsafe conduct and failure to wear required safety equipment at fire scenes by the same arrogant, connected and abusive individual who disrupts and delays fire response sometimes causing considerably more damage to property structures

The list goes on and on as to our volunteer houses

Right FD Commissioners?

Anonymous said...

Too many volunteer organizations are run like that. It is also a lot of money that goes who knows where.

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Proof said...

Now Norm has brought his corruption to the fire house too? Seriously people where is the proof of that?

6:51 train said...

I love reading the newspaper on my way to work. Todays press has two things jump off of the pages that I find sickly amusing and also all too telling of the trappings and failings of our Aberdeen leadership. The two articles in todays paper did not use the printed name of our town of Aberdeen directly but we can be sure it easily could have.

The first article tells us readers that property taxes are up despite state 2% state spending cap. That will possibly soon also happen to us taxpayers in Aberdeen with the last election giving continued control to the corrupting ghost that is Norman Kauff. Norman Kauff the man so often highlighted on here as illegally, unethically and immorally controlling Aberdeen at every level of government. The article states that the average increase is 2.4% despite the cap. That for us does not include the recent increase in my utility bills that is another tax increase probably used to fill election year budget gaps. We will soon see as I think budgets start getting reviewed soon.

The second article is a listing often highlighted on here is the police blotter that todays press does not have a listing showing the crime or police responses for our Aberdeen. I must say that just prior to the election there were a couple listings for Aberdeen. Once again just before the election these printings may have had different motives for the voters.

So I for one await the results of the towns leadership going over our budget expenditures line by line to look for every possible savings to help us taxpayers. Then I look for the newspaper release that says that our police force has caught the people robbing our homes with what seems to be once again easy access. We shall see is an understatement.

As is said so often on here. Right Norm?

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Anonymous said...

Its sounds to me like you have a problem with essentially one person from one company yet when you make your statements you bunch the whole department together. I understand the whole one bad apple spoils the bunch bit but you are doing these men a diservice by doing that. Would you rather a paid department? You don't understand the job these guys do. If you have that big of a problem with it voice your opinions somewhere other than a blog site. Go to a commissioners meeting or a council meeting and complain. Then your complaint will be public record instead of just some entry on a blog site. I for one commend the township volunteers. These men and women deal with horrible situations and ask for nothing in return. You should be ashamed the way you talk about them as a whole on this site. One day YOU may need these men and women who regardless of who is in trouble respond. Hopefully that day will never come but please just think about that the next time you want to bash them as a whole. I don't think you will ever find a more dedicated group of individuals.

Anonymous said...


Former FD volunteer said...

My problem is not singular to one individual in the fire house by me on Lloyd Road. It is the entire situation if you bothered to read the post in its entirety.

The most well known problem in that fire house are what I label the arrogant one and the ignorant ones. One is the too long in control member and his "connected" commissioners who do nothing to stop that same member from damaging that fire house from within buy his actions, threats, leadership style and more that is starting to surface in the public domain at last.

I will apologize though for lumping in your fire house as I conclude you are in the fire house on the other side of Aberdeen. My only problem with your fire house is the money questionably spent and by the almost singularly approved tax levies that your members and their families somewhat selfishly and brazenly control the voter turnout of. Votes taken with a questionable time frame with very little if any real publication to really inform the taxpayers. That is my problem in the fire house system and with you and your family approving your own increases and benefit packages annually it does leave a bad taste. Think not? Move the votes to November and see what happens to your budgets being approved.

I applaud volunteerism don't get me wrong. I despise the volunteer fire house budget and approval processes along with any leadership that fails to protect its members and fails to truly benefit the taxpayers while being questionably real volunteers.

Right Freddy Boy? said...

The political shithole that has been created by Kauff does not serve the taxpayers it serves the Kauff controlled and his handpicked goons. Right Freddy Boy?

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F you Kauff said...

No truer words have ever been posted. F you Kauff.

Still waiting said...

Matawan Patch blog says the burglar on the other side of town has been caught. Does that mean my wife will get her jewelry back from last summers burglary spree. I am not holding my breath here in the beach.

Coming soon you Kauff scumbags said...

The scumbags parading around as the Aberdeen town council once again gave Kauff and his cronies the password to the Aberdeen taxpayer ATM machine. At the last council meeting the same old political corruption plague that is the Kauff professionals were all reappointed from top to bottom. the same exact scumbags that kickback to Kauff maintained their taxpayer gouging positions. I understand according to the NJSP investigator that they are looking at the amount of kickbacks paid by any appointments made by Kauff involving any money paid to Kauff for positions. Let us see the Kauff gang talk their way out of that. I already told them to talk to the one former Kauff casualty who lost a position in the court that was described on here two years ago. As I recall he was changed for not paying Kauff more. Let us see Kauff and the others explain that one. Even if the person takes the 5 th it will make for interesting court action. That person and the guy Kauff shook down in the parking lot should be a great start. Next appointment coming up soon for me in Ewing. I plan on having the corned beef on rye with yellow mustard this time with coleslaw and a Boylans cream soda. Coming soon to a courtroom soon a new cast of characters in the latest black ey of politics starring the Kauff scumbags. Bring snacks people it will be a long arraignment proceeding I hear. Is Norm kosher by the way. I don't know if there is a Kosher deli near there so Norm may have to brown bag it. I hear Norm is big on brown bags and envelopes with cash.

We're shaking in our boots? said...

The supposed 3or4 of us are still waiting to be investigated and publicly outed for telling the truth on here about the too real and too expensive corruption that is Norman Kauff and his 40 thieves.

6:58 train said...

The Matawan Patch is worth a read today. Know why? That little blog site has a significant, informative and taxpayer advising-warning about our 4m dollar police force and what they did recently. Surprise to many it will most certainly be. This morning I could not access on my way to work so I jumped on the patch site. It had information on recent police activities and arrests with even a picture of one of the suspects in the recent rash of burglaries all over town that in my opinion should have been a very public warning that wasn't. While I commend the police efforts my criticism is towards the lack of information and warning in the much broader Asbury Park Press newspaper. Why since I have moved here our town police and the council have not gotten the word out on a broader publicity tract consistently. I do not count the towns website as it is to say the least lacking. A 4m dollar taxpayer expense as it is reported to be our police force costs seems hidden as well as what, why and where all that money really gets for us who pay the bills. The posts on here some time back about the police leadership seemed secretive to say the least and were not obviously publicized whatsoever. And we wonder why pensions and sell backs cost us taxpayers so much. Did even one of those who awarded the supposed high percentages and the suggested extra two weeks time off for some on the police force not question the ability to give that much time off may scream too many chiefs and not enough indians to do the work and keep us safe. I expect to be slammed and criticized. I did not want to be a cop so there. For those that are the secrets, too expensive benefits and excessive salaries have been political pawns for too long. And you know it.

Anonymous said...

Joey in the "I" said...

Who are you kidding? You dirty beach rats don't have any jewelry worth stealing. You're too busy beating your illigitemate kids, and drinking cheap beer at the dirty beach.

Warren Dr. said...

If you look you might see that the $4,000,000.00 is salaries only for the police. Everything else would have to add up to be a much bigger number. It is probably well hidden in the full budget that never gets released to the public. Gasoline alone is probably a $200,000.00 bill every year. Add a couple new squad cars each year with all the bells and whistles and that is a good for an easy $125,000.00 more. Then all the other stuff that gets thrown in needed or not must take the number well over $5,500,000.00 especially if you include overtime and the like. I am willing to bet also that the numbers don't include retirees either. But they blame Christy like he created this unaffordable nightmare.

Anonymous said...

Who is running for the fire commissioner in oak shades? Has anyone seen the fire budget? I think the election is Feb. 18.

Name Witheld to Protect the Innocent..... said...

Doesn't matter if you are not hand picked for a Commissioner position by "Uncle Louie" you don't get in. As has happened in the past. If anyone dares to run the Democratic Machine (led by the Town Council members serving as Fire Commissioners) send out the alarm, and an election that is usually decided by fewer than 100 votes has a 2 to 300 turnout. Theyu oince even had Dem Party fund a mailing to the townspeople. Not to mention the illegal handouts to the fire members on how to vote.

And as far as going to a Commissioner meeting, that doesn't matter either because they decide what is on the agenda, and they can decide what not to talk about especially if it involves the "old Man". Check the records I'm sure you will not find any reference to the charges brought against the District Chief, but you WILL find a vote to pay for his legal fees after his arrest for assaulting a fellow firefighter in the firehouse. And the Commissioners never did anything to their Boss or addressed the charges. It was all avoided with lame excuses even though two of the sitting Commissioners were witnesses to the incident. So please don't think that you can get anything by attending a meeting.

Anonymous said...

Hey name with held to protect the innocent.
Why start up with this shit again on this stupid website. Its a waste of time because you can say all you want about "Uncle Louie" He is the one at a house that is burning in the middle of the night with all of the other brave men that come out a fight the fire. If You are a former fire fighter you would know that RIGHT. So stop with this shit we got rid of the Garbage that caused the fire dept grief and headaches. And the guy who Uncle Louie pushed so called. Ever think he deserved it. And nothing is brought up how many times "uncle Louie" saves people's asses when he is called by the fire member who was "pushed". Stop Your Bullshit and leave the fire dept and there brave men alone. They do there job and so does "uncle Louie" And if your not a ex Fire man You should grow a pair and join the fire dept way you know what the hell is going on.

Anonymous said...

Name Withheld,

My favorite part of this website is lunatics like you who make a million accusations, and then dismissively say "they'll just sound the alarm" to make people come and vote for them.

Did it ever occur to you that these people have done enough for the community to deserve the popular vote?

If you or any of the other losers on this site ever volunteered or did anything useful in town, then maybe people would vote for you too.

Then again, I guess it's just easier to sit at a computer and lob insults though, isn't it?


Surely you can't be serious? said...

Are you trying to say that the firehouse, town council, zoning board, planning board, police department and every other department and office in town hall is corrupted by Kauff and his assorted gang of miscreants?

Are you trying to say that millions of dollars every year is illegally given to cme, town lawyers, town planners and then kickbacks are given to the Kauff connected people?

Are you trying to say that a convicted felon is Kauff's choice to be in charge of the proposed train station development that will now once again be studied at taxpayers expense which is really only being done to once again line the pockets of the town planners that donate heavily to the Aberdeen democrats and Kauff?

Are you trying to say that despite all of this that the Aberdeen political leadership is not corrupt?

If you are than you are the biggest asshole in town.

You and all the other Kauff criminals that is.

Right Kauff?

Are you trying to say that developmental approvals are illegally controlled and profited corruptly by Kauff, Bill Shetton or Kauff's lap dog Bob Axelrod along with the Aberdeen democratic club?

Are you trying to say that developments never get built despite years and years of lies and political campaign propaganda to win elections to keep Kauff illegally in control of everything Aberdeen?

Are you trying to say that there are two perverted child molesters within Kauff's inner circle?

What is next for you to deny that cme will be paid to put a useless plan to put 1500 feet of sidewalk along highway 34 just to give even more money to cme and then to Kauff in another feel good taxpayer gouging plan concocted by Kauff to only benefit Kauff?

Surely you can't be serious?

No one can be that corrupt?

Anonymous said...

Keep denying the truth of the problems, connected commissioners and the fact that one old man is so stupid he does not know when life has passed his ass bye. And don't get me started on the commissioners who voted themselves big raises recently either. You people can deny all of it all you want. You're all corrupt. and you only lash out at this site because your dirty little secrets are being exposed and you don't like it one bit. Too F'n bad.

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Sidewalks to where said...

Sidewalks? How about some sidewalks over here on my side of town? Is this money coming from the fund my son paid into for sidewalks. He had to pay for them even though that none had to be installed because of where his house was being built.

Aberdeens costly "open space" said... is once again proving the incompetence that purports to be our towns leadership. Here is another example that screams for an investigation. Aberdeen looking to preserve farm acreage as open space is the headline.

So let me read between the lines or would it be more precise to say the lies on on this latest questionable move by our ?leaders?.

As you read the article a few questions jump from the page right away. The first one is that Aberdeen is looking to preserve a 21 acre parcel of land currently used for farming. Really I live over here and know this piece of property and have not seen it really farmed for years. Lie #1?

Under the terms the purchase price as offered by the property owners family is for $950,000.00 for 21.4 acres. It states that the costs would be covered through grants of varying amounts leaving a contribution of $130,000.00 by us taxpayers. Councilman Cannon states "that the council wants to limit any money coming from the township". Lie #2?

Lie#2 is given credence as being an outright lie by the next few words that come from Councilman Cannon as he says that "he is not at liberty to talk about who we're negotiating with". Is that Lie #3 or is it just words words to hide the involvement by Norman Kauff?

The article further states that the township approved the acquisition unanimously. Of course they did as that is what I think Norman Kauff told them to do.

The most telling part of the article comes when one of the parties involved divulges the following ?little
problem? let's see. John Hauser of Old Bridge advises the reader and perhaps the council who "unanimously approved" the acquisition that "there are rusted drums on the property that "contained historic pesticides such as arsenic and lead". Arsenic and lead? And our council approved this acquisition knowing that? Why? Hauser goes further with words that spring from the pages I hold in my hand that announces that of the 21.4 acres would have 5 to 8 acres that would have to be remediated. Remediated is a word combined with the fact that 25% of the property would now require additional funds to me but not it seems to our political leadership it seems?

What all this means in a nutshell is that more fees for this avoidable purchase did not have to be put at risk with the serious advisories from an individual closely involved and familiar with the property and its contamination. I thank Mr. Hauser for clueing us in on the latest blunder by our towns leadership. Hell who am I kidding the latest blunder by Norman Kauff as all this means to the taxpayers is more money to C.M.E. for property all the way out of town that we should not preserve for open space with the words arsenic. lead, contamination and the costly moniker of having to be remediated.

Our political leadership knew all of this and they voted "unanimously" to purchase this property with taxpayer funds. The words from Councilman Cannon are one thing that we New Jersey taxpayers know all too well. The words from Mr. Hauser on the other hand scream that this is a taxpayer funded nightmare that our political leadership voted for unanimously. We know that the word unanimously really only means that our town council leadership did exactly what Norman Kauff told them to do.

Anonymous said...

don't call me shirley

7:43 train said...


















Anonymous said...

Anonymous said. Of Course you said, so I know now you a ex fire fighter by calling "Uncle Louie" the old man. stop your bull shit. They have a good group of guys in the fire house and assholes like you give them a bad name. Let them do their job and put out fires that I might Add they don't get paid for. If you look around in any other town there aren't trucks that look like Aberdeen's and you know who went over plans and looked at them "The Old Man" if it wasn't for him and the older MEN that firehouse would not run like it did and does.You can say what you want about Vinci and Lauro but they are the ones out there busting there ass helping the fire dept with the other life members,and chiefs and ex chiefs to help that fire company be what it is and that's a place where brothers get together and do a job and have fun doing it. And assholes like you ruin it. Leave the fire dept alone,Its finally quite because they got the biggest shit stirrer around out. Let them do their JOB FOR FREE. But if your a ex firefighter you would know that right.

Anonymous said...

Nice job sticking up for the fire Dept. They deserve a good name they do a lot for this community. From what I understand they have a good chief finally.

Anonymous said...

I just read the article after seeing this post. It says that the property owner will remove the drums on the property. You know what that might means for the taxpayers in town? They will pay to clean up the property that is supposed to be used for the politically correct word for buying space in order to preserve natural areas. Where exactly is this property?

Face the facts about Lou said...

I applaud the volunteers who do the work and respond. To defend Lou and his Commissioners is bullshit. I'll give you the fact that Lou shaped the firehouse years ago. Those times are long ago. So be real and admit the firehouse does not get the cooperation and coverage that is sometime needed for fires. Deny it and you are a liar. As far as the commissioners they are just tools that are all Kauffed up. They are despicable and hurt the true volunteers. One of the posts above says that Lou does not know that life has passed him by. Lou and the Commissioners are no different.

Fast Freddy? said...

My brother came down from Westfield today so we went to lunch at Wilson's Fishery in Keyport like we used to and ate sitting by the water. We ordered and sat down waiting next to two guys who were talking about the taxes in Aberdeen. So I listened intently as one guy says to the other how is fast Freddy doing. I'm thinking Fast Freddy who the hell is that. The second guy responds he's so far up Norman Kauffs ass the top of his head has the imprint of Norman Kauffs bellybutton. The two guys laugh and one says Norman Kauff that is a name i've never heard a good word about ever.

No truer words have ever been spoken.

Right Fast Freddy?

Fast Freddy I love that one.

Move the vote to general election said...

Sure the trucks look pretty. At what cost for the chrome and lettering that adds tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars to the cost? It's all ego with volunteers again and all at taxpayers expense. How about this one for you to answer. Your commissioners allow Lou to abuse, confuse and divide your group while those older members support Lou out of fear. Fear that is of Lou's commissioners. Lou is your Norman Kauff so grow up and face the fact that alot of money, taxpayer monies have been used needlessly for glitz and glamour.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to the really old guy with the black hair?

Smells fishy said...

The title of *the year ahead* is perfect as it seems that the Aberdeen town council are spending our tax money like drunken sailors on shore leave. Aberdeen taxpayers it looks like *the year ahead* is going to be very expensive for us taxpayers with very little to show for it. Don't get me wrong some roads will get done in town, the train station area that our leaders know will probably never be fundable but will get wastefully and expensively studied once again. It seems all of these things all too conveniently require political contributors and the too connected hangers on to be involved and well paid with our tax dollars.
Best yet and having just been made public is the notice that has our council buying a contaminated property in Aberdeen to supposedly be used for passive recreational use. Passive recreational use really? Can they really be that stupid? Can we be that stupid to allow it to happen? Our town council looks like they are buying a used car that the mechanic who works on it is telling you that there is something really wrong with the car just before you sink $950,000.00 into the car that is a real lemon. Our town council according to the newspaper and one post on here is looking to buy a car that looks good and shiny with our town council doing little more than kicking the tires and adjusting the mirrors before driving off a cliff with our tax doillars blowing out the windows before crashing to the contaminated ground. Where is this property by the way? Is it the farm property by the parkway? Didn't they want to build houses there a few years back? If it is not that farm how close is it to where most taxpayers would be able to get to it easily? Is it near the bike path at least? It seems clear by the words from Councilman Cannon if you scratch the newspaper article your finger will come up smelling like day old fish. Day old fish that our town council should have never bought in the first place. Then again it's not their money is it? Like the post says the connected will benefit once again at taxpayers expense for property used passively. A great expense of course that we taxpayers get to pay for. Our town council wants to buy contaminated property people. Why? Councilman Cannon seemed to be the mouthpiece for this article so I ask him to respond to me as i'll bet he reads the blog daily. Why are you voting to buy contaminated property Councilman Cannon? Please answer that one word question. Why?

Anonymous said...

where was the code guy with these chemical drums. he had no problem leaving a orange sticker on my house because of a couple of cars i have. how about that one code guy.

Anonymous said...

One idiot compliments our politicians. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease isn't it? Either they have Alzheimer's or they are one of the corrupt kauffkins who profit illegally at taxpayers expense. Right Fred?

Anonymous said...

Right Fred you've got to be kidding. Fred has not been right since he drank the Kauff kool-aid. What a disappointment he is.

Anonymous said...

Right Fred you've got to be kidding. Fred has not been right since he drank the Kauff kool-aid. What a disappointment he is.

Anonymous said...

By the way FAst Freddy has been around town for a while. He lost a lot of respect when he started giving out trophies to everybody to not hurt the kids feelings. Now he just hurts the taxpayers as Normies #1 puppet. To answer the question about the old guy with the black hair he's busy looking for a new white t shirt to wear to the naming of the park in his honor. That will be the only honor he will ever get. He has never been honorable. Remember when he got called out for illegally parking in handicapped spots. He's a joke. It would be better if hey put an OTB in his honor.

Anonymous said...

So who is the fire house complainer? My guess is that its the faux tough guy New Yorker that Lou beat the shit out of.

Right Tough Guy?

Right loser ass Aberdeen Republicans?

Right Aberdeener that lives out of state?

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Anonymous said...

If this property purchase is true it shows how unimportant we taxpayers really are. On the other hand it shows how important the special interests and political cronies are who control everything in Aberdeen. Curse you Norman Kauff.

A park in Vinci's honor? said...

OTB that was very funny and quite fitting for the man *citizen, Sworn Police Officer, Volunteer Fireman, Fire Commissioner and Kauff controlled Councilman* who never saw a law he could not violate or an official oath he could not corruptly disregard. But all of us on here and the blog host are wrong? Sure we are that is why Vinci the crook, his political master Norman Kauff and his Democratic cronies can't stop bad mouthing us. I hope they spend more time not robbing our fellow taxpayers to feed the monster that is Kauff, C.M.E. and the other illegal Kauff paying percentages scum.

Anonymous said...

its not corruption it is just politics according to kauff.

Read this one said...

Want to read something funny? Read the article about Norm's mentor. That would be the ultimate New Jersey political hack and all around scumbag George Norcross.
Right Norm?

Play Ball soon said...

Fast Freddy but when it came to Kauff Fast Freddy wasn't too swift. Such a disappointment to say the least. So much for the one time republican star that was Fred Tags. He's just another has been republican who drank from the Kauffie corruption cup.

Keep it up said...

Man on the train has their number. Just like this blog.
Right Normie?

Anonymous said...

I think who ever is shitting on the fire dept should really stop there shit. They get a bad wrap as it is and they do it free. Leave it alone stop shitting on them.

Anonymous said...

The number I want to see is Kauffs prison number

F you Norman Kauff Esquire

and all your Kauffkins too

you all suck

face the facts said...

the only people shitting on the fire department membership is there own chief and commissioners. the only thing going on here is that people like that despise us posting things they do and they hate its being made more public. they hate that no different then the kauff group that shit on the taxpayers thru their corrupt hurtful actions. they all really hate the publicity on here we can bet. all these supposed leaders shit on those they are supposed to represent and defend.

Corruption never takes a day off said...

Corruption takes a holiday?

Or does it?

Town hall is listed on my calendar as closed.

A municipal holiday with town offices closed to us.

The reality of it is Kauff and his gang don't holiday.

Kauff and the others plot daily to steal from us.

Right Norm?
Right Mayor?
Right Town Council?
Right Town Lawyers?
Right Planning Board?
Right Zoning Board?
Right Aberdeen Democrats?

Anonymous said...

The only ones you are exposing the "corruption" to are the 3 idiots that post the same tired bullshit over and over, and the handful of us that like to taunt you.

Right Aberdeener, that lives in New York?

Right anonymous queer #1?

Right anonymous queer #2?

Right anonymous queer #3?

Right Wally that used to live in Cliffwood Beach but hasn't in years?

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Holiday? said...

Holiday? Does that mean you can park at the train station free of the possibility of tickets from Kauff's ticket hunter?

Fast Freddy knows said...

Norm and the other scum never stop stealing. Even when they sleep it's costing us taxpayers plenty. Right Fast Freddy?

buy more bad property said...

where's my sewers deputy mayor montone. you voted to buy contaminated property. my property and your own along with our neighbors is contaminated. want to buy our property now.

Anonymous said...

Pimps is so true. And that makes Fast Freddy and the other Kauff scum whores. No truer words have ever been posted.

They know who we are said...

My neighbor and I were talking about our property problems that our towns leadership said they would investigate in 2008. Since then what has our town leaders done? Nothing is the answer. A whole lot of talk from our elected officials about getting things done in a timely manner for us is all we got over here.

I am willing to bet the person supposedly selling this farm to Aberdeen made his timely donations to the democrats and they got things done for them in time to get this big a payday.

Where do we send our checks to get finally our back yards fixed Mayor? Do I just make the check out to Mr. Norman Kauff or the Aberdeen Democratic Organization. Politics and money just means corrupt money to politicians.

4:55 train said...

Don't ask for the town to do anything. If you do it just means more money to the Kauff connected. Right Fred.

Our Kaufferdeen reality said...

Thats why Kauff won't allow pay to play restrictions here in Kaufferdeen. It's typically steal all you can until you get caught with politicians. Everything the town does has to involve associates of Kauff all who gladly pay Kauff illegally on the taxpayers dime.

Anonymous said...


Nick M. speaks said...

Looks like Nick Minutulo had a busy weekend posting the truth about Kauff and the rest. That of course is the truth that he ignored while he served on the council. I guess he keeps getting angrier that he no longer gets a share of the taxpayer pie that Kauff cuts and feeds to his forty thieves.

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Anonymous said...

Is today the day Norm?

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Anonymous said...

Norm said...

Yes, as a matter of fact today is the day.

Today is the day I give your girl the Norm meat.

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Anonymous said...

Any word on who the next head football coach is going to be?

Anonymous said...

They should just put the washed up nfl player thug coach in charge. That seems to be the direction the team is heading anyway. That would make his big mouth, ex convict mouthpiece so happy, and "blessed"

Deli for Norm? said...

The corrupt political machine that is Norman Kauff and his handpicked has a life expectancy of day I hear. Keep looking behind you Norm. Yeah I know no one cares about the political corruption that is going on in Aberdeen. Keep thinking that all you Norm allegiant scumbags. Ewing here I come. Next interview is Friday morning. Let me know if you want some deli Norm.

Anonymous said...

Just get the retirement party over with so all of the ass kissers can suck up to Gorilla Joe. The school better not hire one of the coaches that were around the kids this year and who failed to properly and adequately and allowed the to be thugs.

Anonymous said...

Norm said...

The only people interviewing you are the psychiatrists the court has mandated you to see.

Norm and his bacon said...

Whatever you get Norm at the deli don't get Norm anything that has bacon on it.

We all know for certain that Norm is a scumbag.

We all know Norm is a corrupt political power broker that illegally controls Aberdeen.

And while we all know Norm is many things one thing for sure is that Norm is no cannibal.

We all know Norm is a real swine.

Norm is a real pig all the way down to his cloven feet.

You're a real F'n pig Norm.

Corruption giveaways continue said...

There it is in the Legal Notices this morning for all to see and investigate *hint hint*. The internet has it all listed clearly showing that corruption is alive and well in Kaufferdeen.

Right Norm?
Right Mayor?
Right Town Council?
Right Town Lawyers?
Right Planning Board?
Right Zoning Board?
Right Aberdeen Democratic Club?
Right Attorney General?

The same annual legal notices show that the same long standing corrupt percentage paying appointments have been made to ensure that Norm maintains his corrupt iron fisted control.

No surprises here right Norm?

So let's review the corrupt Norm appointments

CME gets their usual $1.5M, the same Norm friendly *wink wink nod nod* allegiant accounting firm, the same Norm percentage paying legal eagles, the same Norm percentage paying planners all who are eagerly standing in line to once again all pay illegal kickbacks to Norm in order to maintain their spots on the *corrupt taxpayer draining kickback paying positions* taxpayer gravy train.

Don't forget readers all of it is at taxpayers expense.

Right Norm?

Got to go Norm but i'll be back.

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Miss me Norm? said...

I'm back Norm!

Miss me?

F you Norm!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with the investigators make sure you tell them about Bob K. and the parking lot shakedown.

Anonymous said...

don't forget the firetruck deal for the 516 property when you get to the investigator.

RIGHT NORM? said...




Normie's tax deductions said...

? of the day Aberdeen. What does Normie tell his accountant about where all of his ill gotten gains come from? Its not like he can claim all of the taxpayers he screws as tax legitimate deductions for being his dependents. Then again he could claim the 40 Kauffkin scumbags that he controls like his own personal zombie thieves. Are scumbags tax deductible Normie?

Don't forget said...

Forget that minor stuff. Tell them about the very illegal breakfast meetings Kauff called for out in Freehold or Manalapan. Of course those breakfast meetings and other such meetings all violated the sunshine law rules. Rules about elected officials only meeting with less than 3 elected officials at a time were violated all of the time by Kauff incorporated. I hear the breakfast meetings always included the ice cream man Bob Axlerod as cover. Kauff used to tell people they were just democratic club meetings of course. Sure they were Kauff?

Anonymous said...

another editorial in the paper today about moving these really expensive fire house elections to the general elections in november. they say that most of the times it is just the fire guys and there families that vote screwing over the taxpayers. no surprises there for those of us who pay the bullshit bills for chrome and bling. then again it looks good in the garage and in parades. but that would be fair to us taxpayers.

Warren Drive said...

I hope the investigator looks on here for the real deal on Norman Kauff and the rest of them. This whole political thing reads like an old dime store crime novel that I used to buy when I was a child. The only exception is the Aberdeen dime store novel that has Norman Kauff on its pages costs a whole lot more to us taxpayers than just a thin dime. Right Norman Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Bitch about the cops now big mouth! They solved your burglaries! Next time lock your door stupid!

Solve my robbery yet said...

Solved the burglaries. They did not solve mine or the others in river gardens or the beach yet. $4,000,000.00 for what. Pat yourself on the back for a job not well done.

Mr. Freeze said...

Axelrod was not an ice cream guy. He worked in the dairy industry. Historically the corrupt and illegal job Axelrod has for King Kauff is to be the political money man to ?smooth things over? for King Kauff. His nickname was Mr. Freeze though cause he looked alot like the guy on the Batman and Robin show.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is complaining about the fire companies wasting money. I don't know about other towns but here the fire tax is low and makes up a VERY small portion of your property taxes. Also aren't the firemen tax payers also?

Anonymous said...

35 robberies were not solved i think.

Anonymous said...

Strathmore is better said...

River Gardens? The beach? That's your problem right there. Get out of that ghetto and you won't get robbed!

$4,000,000.00 for? said...

It was 25 home breakins that were not solved.

One town you jerk said...

Maybe that is why they solved the Strathmore robberies and not the beach ones or as you ignorantly said the slums.

You racist scumbag!

Such a bargain Freddy Boy was said...

Mr Freeze that was really good. An old grumpy F he was. He was Norms money man though. Right Freddy Boy? You sell yourself so cheap Fred. Right Norm?

5:18 train said...

Kauff you suck!

Just in case your wife didn't tell you that today.

F you Kauff!

And all your Kauff scum too!

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Anonymous said...

So much anger Nick? If only if you had used your anger to turn Kauff in to the proper authorities for his illegal, unethical and corrupting control of Kaufferdeen.

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Sleep well Norm said...

Norm I got up early today to prep for todays interview in Ewing. I hope Norm is home sleeping comfortably in his bed as i write this. I hope Norm is dreaming of the glory days gone by over there on Injustice Lane. I got a big laugh the last time when I used that in a sentence about where Norm lives in town last time. Norm's future is not so rosy I think especially from what I was told the last time i was there. I was called yesterday and told to come earlier as a second interview will be needed with what I was told a former businessman who had dealings with Kauff in Marlboro. I wonder who it is? I've got to figure there is a long list of people who could speak to the investigators on the subject of shakedowns, payoffs, illegal meetings and worse during the tyrannical reign of Norman Kauff. Only bad thing today is that I will have to settle for breakfast during my interview. Lunch is so much better there. Maybe it's a developer that is going to be there talking to the investigators today? Priceless that would be I think. I really hope the digital recorder does not click and hum like the last time I was there. It is annoying while I am concentrating on making sure everything they need to know about Kauff is recorded. It's sad when the state can't by a new device like that but Kauff lives the life of luxury on his ill gotten gains from us taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

they are nailing the coffin shot on you normie. wheres our sewers maggie.

Anonymous said...

Yes, sure, the cops always tell people that they interview who else they plan on interviewing, and when. That's always protocol. IN THE LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE!

Take your damn medication already! You're having hallucinations again!

Anonymous said...

Don't believe the person then. I prefer to just know for an absolute certainty is that the kauff corruption is real, costly and illegal. So keep believing that there is no corruption in our community and that our political leadership is always looking out for our best interests at heart. But you think the poster above lives in a land of make beleive. You must be the driver of that ride.

Cliffwood Fire Election Saturday said...


The Board of Fire Commissioners District No. 2, Township of Aberdeen, Monmouth County, New Jersey, has adopted the following budget for 2012. Notice is hereby given to the legal voters of the district that an election will be held on Saturday, February 18, 2012 between the hours of 2:00 and 9:00P.M. The election will be held at the Fire House at Pengle Ln. and Angel St., Cliffwood, NJ.

Fund Balance $ 134,795
Other Revenue 2,500
Supplemental Fire Services Act 4,333
Annual Registration Fees 17,000
Amount to be Raised by Taxation 520,000
Operating Appropriations:
Salary and Wages $ 82,255
Fringe Benefits 13,048
Other Expenses:
Election 2,500
Office Expenses 6,200
Professional Services 18,000
Office Equipment Maintenance 500
Office Equipment 2,500
Operations and Maintenance:
Salary and Wages 84,495
Fringe Benefits 38,530
Other Expenses:
Advertising 1,000
Insurance 54,000
Maintenance and Repair 70,750
Membership/Dues 350
Uniforms 26,000
Utilities 20,000
Gasoline 4,000
Joint Fire District 5,000
Bureau of Fire Prevention 6,000
Others Assets - Non-Bondable:
Radio Equipment 1,500
Fire Fighting Equipment 40,000
Appropriations Off-Set with Revenues:
Salary and Wages 22,000
Other Expenses:
BFP Operations 12,000
Length of Service Award Program (LOSAP) - Contribution 18,000
Reserve for Future Capital Outlays 150,000
$ 678,628
($81.00) 462165

Anonymous said...

That was a very funny response. Once again the KAuff defenders of corruption have such weak laughable comebacks. Norm needs a better writing staff. Too bad Mcaleer hates the corruption just as much as us. My bad as much as the supposed 4 of us that the corruption loving Kauff faithful keep saying.

Why don't they post the budget? said...

What are they hiding? Cliffwood Fire budget was posted in the paper. Tomorrow vote NO. This is BullSh**


There will be a Public Hearing on
Monday January 9, 2012 promptly at
8:00 PM to discuss the proposed 2012
Budget for Fire District No.1, Aberdeen
Township, County of Monmouth, State of
New Jersey at the Firehouse,
490 Lloyd Road, Aberdeen, NJ.
Copies of the approved budget shall be
Available for review to each Person
requesting it during the first week of January 2012, between the hours of 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM, weekdays.
For further information,
Call 732-566-3704.
Secretary to the Board
Fire District No.1
Aberdeen Township
($27.00) 451064

Fire Budget process is a joke said...

They posted the budget just like they are supposed to. You can bet that every taxpayer in Kaufferdeen knows to look in the back of the newspaper for the small print on a budget that the FD puppets will tell you is bare bones. Sure it is bare bones? If Vinci and the Kauff horde are involved you can bet the same bullshit accountant that Kauff uses in town hall who just signs off on all things corruptly Kauff in town hall as well. Same puppet commissioners in the FD and the same puppet town council in Kaufferdeen that help Kauff steal millions of our tax dollars every corrupt Kauff year. Right Fast Freddy? You're a joke Fast Freddy. You and all the other Kauff scumbags that are going to all get what you deserve. They always say to put something away for a rainy day. I think the Kauff scumbags should put a whole lot of money away for really good legal representation. Representation that specializes in political corruption of course.

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Play on words mean a lot said...

What political corruption? Not in Kaufferdeen? Kaufferdeen I love that combination. That is almost as good as Kauffruption. But that is almost as good as Kauffcouncil. But nothing is going to best Kauffindicted, Kauffimprisoned and Kauffbentoverandscreweddryfrombehindviolently.

Breakfast lunch on the state dime said...

Busy day in Ewing today for certain. Did find out that it is one developer maybe more that they are talking to about Norman Kauff and his legal or more truthfully illegal work in Marlboro. Also found out they are soon to talk to a former official from Aberdeen as well. Things are getting good for those of us tired of Norman Kauff. Like the show title says BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Do you remember Freddy Boy? said...

The year ahead will be more expensive to the taxpayers of Aberdeen.

Know why?

Because Norman Kauff is still breathing.

As long as that scumbag breathes we taxpayers lose.

Right Freddy Boy?

Fred do you even remember the last time you were your own man?

Here's a hint Freddy Boy.

Freddy Boy it was the second just before you shook Kauff's hand and sold yourself to the devil of Aberdeen.

That Devil of Aberdeen is Norman Kauff.

Just so you Normie said...

Normie you and your gang still suck!

Normie you and your gang are thieves!

Normie you and your gang will get arrested!

Just in case you think you are going to get away with it!

So F you Normie and your gang of miscreants!

Anonymous said...

Is there any money left for Norm to steal in town?

No money left? said...

Money left to steal in Aberdeen? Not after all the illegal unethical Kauff giveaways for the politically corrupt awarding of work all given by Kauff to his CME, the joke of another needless train station developmental study for something that will never happen by his Planners. The expensive legal oversight of all of this and more by the Kauff legal team. With all of the payments made to all of those *awarded by Kauff * for jobs that get heavily padded to also include the illegal Norm percentages that must be paid if you want to do work in Lauff's Aberdeen. Of course all of it also all gets paid with our taxpayer monies. Paid corruptly that is to continue the corruption that is the Aberdeen Democratic Club. Right Norm?

Want to buy a bridge cheap? said...

Don't worry Aberdeen the newly elected council people will take their sworn elected official oath to heart and rebel against the corruption that is Norman Kauff Esquire.

Sure they will?

Anybody want to buy the Brooklyn Bridge cheap?

You have more of a chance to buy that bridge than to have the newly elected Kauff puppets do the right thing.

Right Freddy Boy?

Such a disappointment you are Freddy Boy.

Reality of Mr. K. corruption said...

Is it not ironic that the lists of the Democratic corruption that is Mr. K. is so long? And yet not one person will stand up and defend him and identify themselves for the world to see. Those who speak the truth are the ones not to be believed?

Right Mr. K.?
Right Mayor?
Right Town Council?
Right Town Attorney's?
Right Planning Board?
Right Zoning Board?
Right Aberdeen Democratic Cub?
Right CME?
Right Town Planners?
Right Attorney General?
Right Investigator J.T. L. Ewing Barracks?

It's amazing how supposedly little we who post on here really do truly know when all that is said is never denied by those who anonymously defend the corruption wielded like no one is watching.

In the end it's not what we say on here or the examples of the corruption that thrives in Aberdeen at the hands of Mr.K.. In the end it's not what we say on here about those lwho are aughingly called the Kauffkins whom corruptly allow to be inflicted upon their neighbors, family members and their friends.

No it is we who list example after example of the Democratically controlled political corruption that is killing our Aberdeen that don't know what we are talking about.

Keep believing that until the cell door closes behind you and the stark reality of being in jail takes hold. Then you will truly be alone in your thoughts as you try and convince yourself that we were wrong for publicizing the corruption that is Mr. K..

Stopping the "Little Corporal" said...

Last couple of posts were well stated. Just like all the previous posts that highlight the nemesis of the taxpayer in Aberdeen that is our "Little Corporal" Norman Kauff. Of course he is no longer the Little Corporal as he has become too similar to the original "Little Corporal" that was the dictator Adolf Hitler.

Unlike Adolf Hitler our Norman Kauff sets his sights on punishing all of the Aberdeen residents and businesses through his Democratic parties singularly controlled political corruption. Some might say it's just politics as usual and that it cannot be stopped. We shall see if it cannot be stopped I say as taking whatever steps are necessary to stop Norman Kauff and his costly corrupt control is long overdue.

Of course no one on here knows anything?

Sure we don't?

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Anonymous said...

Are taxes going up in Aberdeen this year.








Vinci Park! said...

There is a new attraction in town, well not really. Honey, let's get the kids and spend the day over at Vinci Park!

Anonymous said...

Honey, let's get the kids and spend the day over at Vinci Park!