Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New Year’s Resolution

  1. I will no longer believe politicians who promise me something for nothing
  2. I will no longer trust politicians to fix all my problems
  3. I will no longer trust politicians to care for me and my family
  4. I will no longer believe politicians who promise to protect me by stripping me of my rights
  5. I will no longer believe politicians can fix a problem by simply writing a law or taking a vote
  6. I will no longer believe nice and caring implies effective and competent
  7. I will no longer trust politicians who promise to fix problems after their terms of office
  8. I will no longer trust politicians who promise to fix broken promises
  9. I will no longer trust politicians who think I’m stupid for believing they mean what they say
  10. I will no longer trust politicians who are more giving with other people’s monies than their own
  11. I will no longer support politicians who think I work for them
  12. I will no longer support politicians who take all the credit and none of the blame

May this be the year government works for us.
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Anonymous said...







Nuff said said...

Hey Mayor Tagliarini I got a question for you.

How can live with yourself?

Corruption pays off right Mr. Kauff? said...

No one knows anything that looks on or enters any opinions on this site. There is no political corruption or law violating decisions or improper decisions made by the officials or management of the town offices or employees. People who post anonymously and who defend the corrupt officials and ask for us on the site to join them in making the town better. People who accuse, malign or out to the public some for close to the top democratic upper management of being child molesters and worse should just be allowed.

Is that what you wanted me to write Mr. Kauff?

Thanks for my checks Mr. Kauff.

Wait a second Mr. Kauff these checks are from the towns engineers and law firm.

Is that legal Mr. Kauff?

What did you say Mr. Kauff it's just politics?

Aberdeen town council said...

A citizens council in Kaufferdeen?

What will you people want next a newly elected councilman that actually shows up to undertake his sworn council responsibilities at council meetings?

You people want so much from us elected officials.

It's like you think we care about the oath we swore to god to do our jobs to the best of our abilities on behalf of you taxpayers.

We don't care about you taxpayers not one corrupt little bit.

After all it's the democratic way.

Anonymous said...

Checked out Facebook page of CERT
and to our surprise and amazement
who did we see!

None other the Aberdeen Town Manager.

What a Hypocrite!

Anonymous said...

Just a while ago I go over to register my dog and there he is our mayor in town hall in the flesh. Looks like Coach Fred put on a few pounds.

Gateway my ass said...

You people are obsessed with these political clowns like anything is going to change after all these years. It won't change until the money runs out and these clowns know it. That is our slow political death under the democrats.

Business owner anonymous by need said...

What's this about the arbitration cap being lifted in regards to municipal contract negotiations? If they took the cap off of union contracts here in Aberdeen we are so royally screwed. First the town council will find out how much their own property taxes will go up and they'll raise their own council salaries to cover that bill. Then if it's a big election year they'll take care of the municipal unions before they publicize the tax increase numbers for all of us. Wait a corrupt town minute what am I saying? They don't publicize anything like that to us lowly taxpayers much less the agendas and minutes from there corrupt council meetings or business council secrets. All we taxpayers get is the grand opening pictures with Carmino up so close to the mayors ass. Yes Carmino I saw the Cluck U picture you toothy bastard. Could you be any closer to the mayors ass there Carmino? You two set a date yet for your unnatural coupling? If you invite all the business owners in town you can skip this business owner tired of the business council fakery and lies. Two town employees come in my store occasionally and the next time they come in I am going to ask about what goes on in town hall. I cannot wait to know the real deal from people inside that mess.

Aberdeen taxpayer ride to nowhere said...

Stop this ride I want to get off before I am broke.

No response said...

Does anyone in town hall ever call people back.

IVANHOE said...

No new posts by Mr Aberdeener Joey Warren in other words we are into the 2nd quarter of this year and nothing scince New year's Eve! Why? Because there is nothing bad to post about our town and "Aberdeenr" has gone on with his life in another state>
He posts the commemnts, but that's just a neverending loop of Kauff haters drivel. Kauff this, Kauff that. Nothing to back up what you write, hididg behind your computer like you do. Never a positive for our town, never openly and calmly sitting down with Mayor Tagliarini and discussing things.
I have news for you my friend, the best is yet to come for Aberdeen. And you will be on the sidelines wondering whats going on.
We invite you to join us in making Aberdeen a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the corruptocrats shook down another developer with the developer sign back in place by the train station. But there's no corruption in Kaufferdeen right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

House on Avalon Lane in Aberdeen Burglarized Sunday, Police Say

How come this is on Patch and we do not get an email from Aberdeen Township alerting us?

Isn't this the type of information the PIO should be sending out to residents?

This little piggie said...

This little piggy went to market

This little stayed home

This little piggy had roast beef

This little piggy had none

This little piggy went wee wee wee all the way home

If you change this children's poem up to our corrupt council piggies here it reads like this

The councilpiggies if they show up at the councilpig meetings they steal everything from the taxpayers, developers and businesses

The councilpiggies don't show up they still get their share of everything stolen from taxpayers

The councilpiggies and managerpiggies that question the bills from the pigs at CME get slaughtered and BBQ'd

The councilpiggies don't work on our behalf

Right Mayor Piggie Tag-liar-pigweenie?

Anonymous said...

How is it that the township manager can take a 3 hour lunch at her son's restaurant in westfeld?

must be taking a page from mayor's leadershit handbook - do as i say, not as i do (do).

Anonymous said...

All kidding aside, does the current manager have any management experience. at least joe crisco started out managing a mcdonalds. the only things the current manager has supersized are our taxes and the corruption in Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

i echo the last comment - what are the manager's qualifications? did she have any experience managing a 100 plus corporation with a 20 million dollar(or whatever the hell it is) budget. if not, why did the council hire her - and more important - why is she still manager?

Anonymous said...

Can anyone on the blog tell me whether all the work done to the pond and side property at the former 84 Lumber is part of the Rt 35 improvements?

Anonymous said...

uh oh - must be a newcomer to town. don't question anything going on at the former 84 Lumber - that's now Quality First property, a/k/a newest business council member, a/k/a Aberdeen's fireworks sponsor, a/k/a Fred's bitch. fireworks everyone - ooh, aahh, now fork over your hard earned money to Fred's democratic money machine.

Anonymous said...

What's all the cars at town hall tonight? I dropped off my daughter to the x wife and the parking lot is filled? Anyone know what's going on? Could it be a sweep of the council finally?

Late night said...

And the reason this town does not move forward?


As in


Anonymous said...

Fireworks paid for and an appointment is given out all of a sudden?

Menorah rests outside in the elements until it's mentioned on the Aberdeener?

Budget still not introduced but salary changes enacted to benefit who tge most?

No corruption in Aberdeen my ass.

DidsheaskaboutCME? said...

I hear Miss Mismanagement its time to pack and go.

Anonymous said...

Problems in the operation of the Aberdeen town hall is obvious whether Freddy boy wants to acknowledge it or not. Right Mayor Carmine?

Norm... said...

How many more months do I have to wait for Aberdeen republican season? My freezer is starting to empty out. I need a nice fat one to fill my freezer up. I really wish my old pal Murphy would throw his ass back in my sights again. It was so much fun bagging him. I'd love to do that again.

100% truth and they know it said...


She's much more than a hypocrite type manager she's incompetent they say to boot.

She's an idiot and the council crooks know it 100%.

Miss Missmanagement I love it.

On another Kaufferdeen asshole subject .

Ivanasswipe is back if you missed his ignorant postings that falsely defend the Kauffocrats.

Join him to make Aberdeen a better place to live.

At least even Ivanasshole knows Kaufferdeen is F'd.

Now if only the Kauffcouncilcrooks realized it.

Yeah like that is going to happen anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Looks like management decisions are made on what gets put on the Aberdeener. Website criticisms changes implemented. Criticism of family or political hiring of the info babe could be next to be changed or put to the curb. We shall see I guess.

Anonymous said...

Here's a factoid that freddy can't deny, spin or blame on someone else - nepotism hiring at Aberdeen is at an all time high - the manager will hire anyone as long as you are related to someone already employed by Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

hey Fred - u sack of shit - who is going to conduct the next police contract negotiations? the current manager can't if -- SPOILER ALERT, SPOILER ALERT -- the rumors are true about her "relationship" with one of Aberdeen's finest.

Her conduct is despicable - the council's allow her to be manager is even more despicable. FIRE HER NOW!

Anonymous said...

Can anyone help me? I'm trying to get one of the affordable housing units at the new townhouses on 34 or the bluff. I hear that unless i know the mayor, am a relative of the builder, or a relative of the township manager, clerk or some lady named maxeen, I don't have a chance at all. Is this true? How can this be possible? Please help - I've asked the governor's office about this and they said they are investigating ....

Anonymous said...

Dear Affordable Housing Candidate:

We have reviewed your application and unfortunately you are not qualified for affordable housing in Aberdeen for the following reasons:

-You are not related to an elected official.

-You are not related to the Mayor.

-You did not contribute to Aberdeen's Democratic political machine.

-You are not related to any of the builders.

-You are not related to any of Aberdeen's township employees.

In other words, it sucks to be you.

Have a nice Aberdeen F U Day compliments of Mayor Tag-LIAR-weenie.

Charles Street said...

From 6:25 yesterday to 6:34 somebody machine gunned what encapsulates what is truly wrong in our community and what exemplifies what is really wrong with our towns leadership in quick succession. If all of those posts are true it is not good. I think I know where this is across town now that I reread the post. I am going to ride over there tomorrow morning and see it for myself.

From a quick read it looks like our mayor is selling positions on town community boards to the highest bidder. Looks like our mayor is also easily bought cheap if fireworks and big bangs on a holiday gets him excited. If true it is quite sad without question to this long time resident.

I don't know what to expect when I get over there except it seems that the mayor and his cohorts are putting us taxpayers through the ringer in more ways than one. After a bit of time I think I have a good idea where this place is and might be across the highway from where my brother worked at a Mcdonalds years ago. I have a feeing I am going to be heading straight to the county seat to demand this be looked into right away if that's the property by that Mcdonalds.

D section aberdeener fan said...

I saw some men out by the path the other day and asked what was going on. I was told the paths bridge is being replaced. I started looking into that by calling the school offices. Sure enough the bridge is getting replaced and it isn't cheap from what the lady said. I am left with a few questions on political honesty and what else the town needs done. Here are a few for all of us to consider.

Are the mayor and manager blaming the hurricane a year ago for the old bridge by the high school being closed down years before? Did our towns politicians lie to the government to get it replaced by the fema having occurred under storm related damage that is a total lie? So if the bridge was closed down and blocked off from being used way before the hurricane our town leaders will lie to get it replaced?

We who live nearby don't want that crossing replaced to just become a hangout and problem area even if it gets replaced under a totally fraudulent application of political lies. If town management want to do something how about improving our park without an application filled with lies.

A better Aberdeen said...


Mayor works for us not us for him Ivanasshole

Union proud said...

I love all the inside information coming out on here. Keep it up and keep us informed on the goings on inside the muni building. Long lunches is no big deal to me except things seem to be a big mess on many other topics and are ignored or hidden. Wait I keep forgetting that it's no big deal cause no one looks on this site anyway. Right Councilman Martucci. Councilman Martucci. Councilman Martucci are you out there. He must be away again I guess and that's no big deal either I guess.

Anonymous said...

What do you expect from democrats? A rubber biscuit? Keep voting the same criminal into office you deserve what you get and how they screw you over year after year after year after year. Right Freddy boy?


Management changes via subject postings on this site should not be what runs the town. Usually it is what democrats take polls for then follow the peoples opinions and make changes off of that. Here it seems no one in charge sees anything until it shows up here.

D's hate the Aberdeener because said...

It doesn't matter if Joey Warren changes the topic.

Know why?

Because it's the same democratic corruption, mismanagement and pay to play lies killing this once fine community that we keep criticizing their ignorance, arrogance and egotistical idiocy.

So guess why the posters like Ivanhoe are so lame?

The fact that the subjects don't change for long periods of time is great since all of our posts keep coming always criticizing the democrat thievery, unethical decisions and manager merry go round is great.

Keep them coming if only to irritate the D's.

The truth of democratic promises said...

The towns engineers are routinely despised on here?

The manager is routinely despised on here?

The mayor and council are repeatedly despised on here

And rightly so since they act like nothings wrong?

Nothing wrong my ass.

Where's the budget?

Where's the next corruption based tax increase?

Where's the minutes and agendas?

Where's the newest councilman's attendance record?

Where;s the promised review of every nook and cranny?

Where's the tax saving development?

Where's the shared services to save money?

Where's the open and honest government?

Where's the business council improvements?

Where's the review of the big money police force?

Where's the real police force statistics and results.

Where's the improved beachfront area?

Where's the review of every municipal department?

Where's the state of the art website?

Where's all the denials mayor, council and manager?

Anonymous said...

The more inside townhall secrets coming onto this site the better for us taxpayers. Right Mayor Carmino?

Anonymous said...

With all of our tax money that is being ?spent? on this website for the town it should be #1 rated in the nation next time. Right Freddy boy?

Kauffcorruption costs us what? said...

No one denies there's political corruption in town. And yet no one on the town council for example denies there's political corruption in town for example. And yet no one that works for the town denies there's political corruption in town for example. Right Ivanhoe? Right Martucci? Martucci? Martucci? Are you even still in town Martucci?

Anonymous said...

Rumors abound of mismanagement and corruption yet the politicians say?


That's all the proof I need.

Anonymous said...

Everyday the political corruption is on full display for all to see. Just look at your tax bill is proof positive. It seems though working under the political corruption is also taking it's toll from recent posts on here. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Non denial denials is all you'd get from the crooks parading around as the town council of Aberdeen anyway. Right Mayor Carmino?

Anonymous said...

Blisters on my Fred I love it. I mean he is a social disease for sure. Lookup the definition for lowlifescum and you'll de his smile through the truth swarthy manner. All on our dime of course he spearheads the fleecing of the taxpayers and business owners under his bullshit business council of course. Business council my ass. Business self service more like it if you're hand picked miscreants of course. Right Carmine?

IVANHOE said...

You write commenps on here about the town manager, Ms Raycraft, in other words you call her Miss Management. You say she should leave. I trust Mayor Tagliarini and if he feels that Ms Raycraft should be the town manager then he should keep her as town manager.
But I feel if you really wnt a new town manager the answer is obvious. But you probably won't like it.
Mark Coren was the best town manager in the history of Aberdeen and he was one of the best in New Jersey. Recognized by his peers. Yes Mark was a cad in his personal life and no he is not a nice man. But he got the job done in our town, held the line on spending and kept the town employees in line. Whatever were the alligations against Mark in Florida, nobody ever accused him of any improprieties here in Aberdeen. If it's a new town manager you want, Mark is the natural choice.
We invite you to join us in making Aberdeen a better place to live.

Business owner anonymous by choice said...

Town hall has been open for eight minutes now so let the democratic fleecing of us taxpayers, developers and business owners begin. Right Mayor Carmino?

Anonymous said...

Called to complain about my neighbor to the enforcement officer and the message says he's out until the 16th must be nice. I left a message to see how long it takes for him to get back to
me now. Anyone else I've called it takes a long time or I don't get a call back at all.

Amazing what we don't know said...

Only 1 or 2 of us posting on here the doubters say and there right of course. It's amazing how much we don't know right Mayor Tag-liar-weenie? I mean they doubters all know when we point out the great amounts of money wasted on repetitive engineering studies of the same properties over and over again we are all wrong. When the democratic political power boss of the so costly political corruption here in Aberdeen Norman Kauff. Norman Kauff who we know handpicked his own illegal kickback paying successors we are wrong. Attorneys it is said who we say have very little real experience in municipal law or taxpayer beneficial processes (by the way look for the newspaper or blog articles about the Parsippany town council investigating its township attorneys for officlal misconduct and far worse). Now that's a town council that truly represents the people it serves but what do we know right. Quite unlike our town council who it is rumored we say to let this corruption infused towns attorneys run the whole illegal pay to play violating political circus along with this fucockda business council jokers. We are wrong when the town council tries for years to get developers to pay through the nose for permits and inspections to just try and develop properties only soak the developers to the point of going out of business and then buy them from democratically connected to Norman Kauff and the county democrats under the joke of open space preservation. We don't know anything about this new corruption infused for sure for just to get engineering fees to never build this Gateway to Aberdeen idea that we can be sure is another never to be built but looks like the council is doing something other than stealing everything that's not nailed down to fund the towns democratic club. We also don't know anything about the website and public relation mess the new hire and manager have repeatedly overspent on just to give a family member a job. We don't know anything about any of the last two decades of democratic nothingness purposefully engineered (pun intended of course) to just keep the politically connected profit off of our taxpayer funds that despite our corrupt democrat town council does not have an endless supply of money. We don't know anything though right Mayor Tag-liar-weenie? You and your joke of a town council and circus of so called professional.

Norm said...

Did Ivanhoe really just suggest that chicken hawk, Coren for manager? Even I am disgusted. But don't worry, I won't go soft on you queers. I can't wait for November...

CBeach2 said...

Coren? Trusted? That Ivanasshole is your first mistake. Again you sign off saying to work with the corruptdemocrats like that will do what? Like Mcaleer used to say it is better to be on the outside screaming then one vote inside. Yeah I knew him back then so what but he sold his soul to the devil of Aberdeen Normie Kauff. Granted he does his job but if I could i'd pay him his salary to go back to pissing off the likes of tagdonothingbutliearini and those other assholes I would. He used to go after a mayor years ago like a damn vicious rabid dog. We need someone like that again in Kaufferdeen. I just wish Ivanasshole would tell us one thing besides road work that the democrats have done. Even he knows the democrats are total failures draining the town treasury to fill their own pockets full. Maybe one day Mcaleer will have enough and go back to his old ways. At least he went from pissing off the politicians on the outside to work hard for us on the inside. I think he regrets it from some of the road guys stories I hear about him. One guy says he gets kicked around like a ball all the time. It's a steep price except I wish he didn't take the job and kept writing to the papers. Oh the good old days when he lived over here that's when he cared the most. Now it seems to be about the paycheck.


Manager of The Year was given to Mark Coren?

He was given that award and then was almost immediately fired from Howell Township.

He was then hired by Kauff and his puppet democrats to bring the fleecing of us taxpayers into high gear in Kaufferdeen.

Work to make Aberden a better place Ivanhoe?

Start with getting rid of the democrat criminals.

Then have a total top to bottom analysis of every department like Joe Martucci said he would do if he got elected.

Just more democratic campaign lies to get votes and then nothing happens to benefit us taxpayers right Ivanhoe?

That's your democrat party Ivanhoe?

You'd rather have a pervert run the town Ivanhoe?

They say there's perverts like Coren still in the inner circle of the Kauff democrats Ivanhoe.

That's your real democrat party Ivanhoe.

Disbarred attorneys, perverts, puppet managers, info hires who do nothing right they say and other assorted idiots and democratic party hangers on.

That's your democrat party Ivanhoe.

Bill from the O said...

Website's a disaster along with the management that it seems with posted mistakes on here and a few rumors around town former managers have been gotten rid of for far less. Can't forget the council people also who go the old heave ho as well. This latest group of council people and its puppet at the helm with all the examples must have some really big payoff planned to not upset the apple cart by leaving the oft maligned Miss Mis-management in the wheelhouse. As a democrat for six decades now with four of them in town it is so telling that no matter who does what or says what on here the corruption and thievery takes precedent over good governance. From our town hall to the state house to the capitol of more do nothing politics we are in fact so screwed.

CERT loses a member said...

We lost a CERT member this weekend and her unexpected passing saddens all of us. Please say a prayer on her behalf to thank her for her service to our community. Her name was Janet Diblasi away and those of us who were her fellow members in such a great and caring service will miss her dedication. Gods speed janet take care of those you can when you get to your final reward. Matwan-Aberdeen CERT salutes you.

Anonymous said...

Monmouth county introduces a 481m budget with flat increase through shared services agreements and other cost cutting actions. Now all we have to wait for is the big corruption laden tax increase we will get here in Kaufferdeen. Wait a democrat corrupt self serving budget minute. Didn't Tag-liar-weenie say he would cut costs and lower taxes with shared services and developments? Don't even get me started on the line of bull councilman elect Martucci used to get elected. How about that Ivanwho? Does that make Aberdeen a better place like you think we can help make happen Ivanjoke? Such an Ivanloser you are. Nothing but a corrupt democratic shill you are Ivanjerkoff. Aberdeen will be a better place when the democrats leave and take their overpriced and underworked professional thieves with them.

Anonymous said...

No corruption in Aberdeen my ass.

A call back hahaha said...

You expect a call back from town hall. Good luck with that useless expectation. Don't you know the whole town staff is busy killing the town to keep the engineers fat and happy. I called and asked two times about my road getting paved and was told Robert Bradie would call me back. That was last June or July and nothing yet.

Had enough yet said...

You trust Mayor Tagliarini? What a mistake that is?

Inside dish said...

Love all the obvious town employee info postings.

Anonymous said...

Another day, another water main break. Ooooooh, bet the mayor is really, really going to put his foot down this time with NJ American Water.

We're not the stupid ones said...

Amazing post a few posts back is dead on. We don't know anything they say about how can the so called community leaders in town think they're anything close to being honorable? How can they think no one is not watching all of their idiotic decisions? How can any of their decisions that only secures big money for their engineering and legal pals is all right with us taxpayers and not totally illegal, unethical and immoral? Just like the post said we don't know anything. Like we made it all up or something stupid like that. Right Freddy boy?

Say it aint so said...

And the corruption rolls on and on and on and on.

Over and out 10-4 said...

Town hall is a soap opera and it's embarrassing.

I section said...

The council don't care that you post that the info hire was a bad idea or that the manager doesn't manage. The council don't care what any of you think as long as they hold the taxpayer purse strings. Stop complaining is what they want you posters to do. You see it's not about the political corruption since nothing is going to change the politicians know. Some say this site has outlived its usefulness it seems. Those who say that are the same people who support or feed off of the political corruption. That's politics at its most basic formula.

Anonymous said...

You idiots expect Fred and company to do anything that benefits the taxpayers and businesses. Good luck with that delusion since it is so obvious they are only out for themselves. What's next you think they won't lie to you every time they lower themselves and speak to you little people.

Anonymous said...

Is townhall closed Friday? I hope so to not have Freddy boys filthy hands on our tax money for another day. How much can be left for the democrats to steal? F all of them I say for sure not one of them has a consciences.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

Problems in Kaufferdeen? Really?

What do you expect with democrats?

Commuter musings said...

Another snowstorm of parking tickets on my fellow commuters cars as I get home for the weekend. This jerk has got to be employee of the month every month with all the money he generates.

Anonymous business owner by choice said...

Please tell me the corruptengineerskillingaberdeen don't get any money off of the highway road improvements. It was bad enough the deme took credit for the improvement that they had nothing to do with. Typical democrats taking credit but pointing at everyone else in the room when things go bad. I really hope they point themselves into amputations when they get arrested for crimes against us taxpayers and business owners.

Business owner anonymous by need said...

An illicit affair in the municipal offices? I'm sure we would all be shocked at all of the illicit, illegal and corrupt goings on that the manager and council look the other way on constantly. A illicit affair you've got to be a little more exacting on that because there is a long line I hear. That the info babe will never be used for we can all be sure. Right Mayor Carmine?

100% true said...

The host of this site should change the post subject matter some might say. I say he can change it if he wants except he can also leave as if nothing ever changes just like the towns democratic corruption.

A better place my ass said...

No one knows anything on here except about the

Unethical behavior
Bill padding
Engineer payoffs
Legal incompetence
Unelected power brokers
Secret meetings *unrecorded of course
Puppet boards and committees
Puppet town manager
Puppet town council
Politically controlled business group
Harassment of businesses
Train commuters harassed and ticketed
Secret developmental deals
Officials missed meeting rules violated

And the list goes on and on..............

Right Ivanhoe?

Make Aberdeen a better place my ass.

I Section neighbor said...

Is the pool club being built ever going to finish it seems like it is taking forever and a day to open. We can figure on the towns inspectors taking their toll without question. Business friendly is the biggest laugh the mayor is trying to sell us he's probably causing delays and excess costs himself. Bet all the council get memberships at a really big discount of course with reserved parking.

100% truth said...

Miss Mismanagement is here to stay boys and girls whether we can afford her mismanagement or not. Right Mayor Carmine? It's municipal government where the more you screw up the more you move up. Right Rickey? Sorry I meant another example where the less you do the more you move up. Right Rickey?

Makes sense to me said...

What do the council idiots do at those council meetings. I got to think they sit there talking about what they won't do to better this town until the next meeting when they won't do anything again.

Anonymous said...

On this holiest of days say a prayer that our thoroughly corrupt leadership gets pinched and soon. Please God send in the federal authorities to end this tyranny of corruption and outright thievery. So whether you go to church or a temple pray for us to be delivered from the evil that is our self serving political leadership. Amen

No Easter Bunny for said...

Hey Freddy boy and your assholes on the town council don't bother looking for the Easter Bunny this year. He says you criminals steal all the eggs all year long so today you get and truly deserve nothing.

Anonymous said...

Rumors of infidelity are true within the halls of the muni building. It's more Ike whos'a not then who is most days I hear. Hear from who you may ask? A lot of dissatisfied people is growing. Too bad we of the Aberdeener blog don't know anything. Right Fred?

Anonymous runner said...

Running in the Boston Marathon today on Patriots Day to remember the tragedy of last years bombing. Say a prayer for all those killed, injured and living with the event in their minds, hearts and souls. Thank you Ellie for letting me be a part of this.

100% truth and they know it said...

Town hall soon to open for more democratic thievery.

Anonymous said...

If the town is as corrupt as all you people say the council will never get rid of the manager you all call Miss Mismanagement. That's their cover if the hammer falls they can just blame her for everything. It's called political cover. Think about it will ya?

Oops my bad you pervert said...

Democrats national strategy is to blame republicans for everything under the sun since the earth came to be in existence. In Aberdeen we of the Aberdeener blame the democrats for what they say they're going to to do for us to better our situation except they never deliver on their lies. Of course being democrats of the Kauff form they do absolutely nothing they say they would do for us. Our local inept and corrupt politicians just look at Fred Tagliarini and the freak show of a do nothing town council he heads up. Relax Marc Coren not that heads up although your perverted brethren are still on the same board or elsewhere involved. Oh snap did I say a pervert on a board in town. Little too much information that time right you pervert.

Commuter musings said...

How many tickets a day does the guy have to write to keep his job. It looks like every third car has a ticket on it.

Kim said...

Did one of the community first responders pass away? My neighbor told me he heard that this weekend. Anyone know what happened? Fill us in if anyone knows for sure. We need to support these brave volunteers for all they do for us.

Anonymous said...

the town council has always been a soap opera -- coren took it to the next level with drop the soap opera ...

Anonymous said...

Where was the manager the manager before.

lies just more lies said...

Useless is the word to describe the business alliance for sure. I mean come on much like the council what has the hand selected group done. Much like the council it's all just talk and misspent funds with no results to speak of. Right Mayor Carmino?

Anonymous said...

It is an absolute disgrace that the Aberdeen Manager does not check our town website and have it done and updated correctly.

I went on to look at Zoning Board agenda meeting agenda for tomorrow
April 23rd and it has minutes listed but of course there are none since the meeting has not taken place yet.

March 5th agenda is first on list then January 22nd then April 23rd. Someone does not know which month comes first. But,of course there are no minutes for any of the previous meetings just the words minutes.

Anonymous said...

The corrupt, incompetent and immoral hate this blog site.

100% truth and they know it said...

Aberdeen New Jersey it's not fucking Disney World

Praise Jesus said...

How can any of you doubt that our town council and mayor totally work on our behalf? I mean they swore an oath to the Lord our God Almighty didn't they? They'd burn in hell if they violated that oath when they took office wouldn't they?

Anonymous said...

Wow can this town get anymore screwed up?

we pay taxes for this mess said...

And they think we think they do the peoples business. Here's a hint from us the people you are supposed to represent. We are not CME you corrupt politically manipulated town council morons.

We pay taxes for this mess said...

Corruption, mismanagement, illegal payoffs, patronage hiring and worse has been suggested to be occurring presently in our town building. What do you expect from democrats?

Potholes everywhere said...

You're right this town isn't disney world. It is universal studios because the leadership is merely acting at being responsible leadership and moving our town forward.

Matawan guy said...

Aberdeen is screwed up because of your democrats.

Anonymous said...

The town is so F'd up and the council know it too.

Prospect asks said...

Who was the big funeral procession for yesterday in Cliffwood.

OUTSIDER said...







Anonymous said...

Miss Mismanagement was not ever a manager as far as we can find out.

She was a tax assessor in Aberdeen and possibly Freehold.

All her experience as a manager is on a piece of paper=degree.

The degree might be in party planning since it seems there are many activities/parties going on in town hall from the photos on website.

Does she think that will boost employee morale?

How much of our taxpayer money is being used/wasted for all of this time partying?

Anonymous said...

I saw a long time town worker on my street today and asked him are things really as bad as I read on the Aberdeener. He just laughed and walked away. Tells me all I need to know I guess.

Anonymous said...

Just drove past the crossing guard on 35 and Cliffwood Ave. Looks like Aberdeen is hiring guards from NY because NY plates were on the truck. Is the town council so arrogant that they would allow insurance fraud???

Thank you so much said...

To whomever sent us the Kauff favored PRC developers agreement also involving the Kauff favored law firm of Weiner and Lesniak. The agreement copies that arrived along with the significant amounts of additional information included in the big envelope. We thank you very much to whomever provided us with this information. We have to thank you on this site since the envelope was without a return address. Please feel free to send us anything else involving any and all individuals, companies, law firms or anyone else that may have their corrupt, unethical and corrupting hooks into the municipal offices and the corrupt democratic party killing Aberdeen.

Thank you so much said...

To whomever sent us the Kauff favored PRC developers agreement also involving the Kauff favored law firm of Weiner and Lesniak. The agreement copies that arrived along with the significant amounts of additional information included in the big envelope. We thank you very much to whomever provided us with this information. We have to thank you on this site since the envelope was without a return address. Please feel free to send us anything else involving any and all individuals, companies, law firms or anyone else that may have their corrupt, unethical and corrupting hooks into the municipal offices and the corrupt democratic party killing Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Miss MisManagment should be called “Miss Party Happy.”

We hear there is another shin dig going to happen at Aberdeen Town Hall this Saturday.

“Volunteer Recognition Breakfast” is what we consider a joke. Insulting to the people who volunteer and then get NO respect.

It is just a feel good thing for Miss MisManagement to act like she knows what she is doing, acts like she really cares about us taxpayers/volunteers, acts like she really appreciates volunteers in the community, acts like she cares about Aberdeen when she is responsible for some questionable actions.

We wonder if she was lacking something in her earlier years that she thinks by doing “parties” people will like her? She should only know that we have heard comments attributed to employees that they wish the former manager/pervert was back. He at least knew his stuff relating to the job.

Are we the taxpayers paying for this party? How many employees are involved in running this and at what cost to us? Does the PIO have to go and take pictures and then get paid or comp time?

Where are the ELECTED Officials of Aberdeen to stop the insanity?

Important note: Police Department is having the “Take Back Drugs” on the same morning almost same time so parking will be a problem.

Planning, coordinating and management skills at its poorest once again as always.

Not in Kaufferdeen said...

Honest hard working politicians Hahahahahahahaha

100% truth and they know it said...

Sun is rising in the east this morning and will later today set in the west. Soon I hope the sun sets on the corruption here in Kaufferdeen.

Anonymous said...

Fom the Monmouth County Prosecutor's office website.

Public Corruption Unit

The Public Corruption Unit was created in January 2006 and investigates all crimes that involve the violation of public trust. This includes embezzlement of public funds, misuse of public office, bribery, official misconduct, election fraud, misconduct by corporate officials, bid rigging, and allegations of criminal misconduct by attorneys.The investigations which this Unit handles are typically sophisticated and extensive. As a result, the Unit is staffed by investigators who are trained and experienced to handle all levels of public corruption cases within the County. From its inception, the goals of the Public Corruption Unit were to enforce integrity at all levels of public office and to ensure that public officials execute their duties in an ethical manner and are accountable for their actions. To achieve these goals the Unit is committed to investigate and prosecute all criminal conduct committed within the County by corrupt public officials at the municipal, county and state levels of government.

Anyone with information concerning crimes involving a violation of the public trust should contact the Public Corruption Unit at 732/ 431-7012. Complaints will remain confidential and be expeditiously assessed.

Anonymous said...


When are you going to start watching how our money is being used and spent?

WHY does the town have a public information person who does nothing as far as we can tell?

WHY does the manager keep using outside public relations company to release information to the Asbury Park Press? Examples on website again.

WHY does the manager not make the inside "PIP" do the job?
Especially since the "PIP" job description says that is part of the job responsibility.

WHY is the only thing we see on our website under Latest news are public service announcements prepared and sent by the state or other organizations?
Nothing original from "PIP".

WHY do you allow this type of thing to go on?

WHY are you not watching out for OUR MONEY?

WHY are you more interested in EBC than taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

I see that some knucklehead is talking about November already. Har har hardy har har. Har har harrrrrrrdy har har har har...

Anonymous said...

Why does Aberdeen have a calendar on website with missing and incomplete/incorrect information?


Spring Beach Sweeps
April 26, 9am – 12pm
Cliffwood Beach

10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

April 26 -Volunteer Breakfast 9:30am Town Hall

How can the volunteers that go to the beach do that and attend breakfast?

Miss MISmanagement better go back to school and learn how to plan, organize, and coordinate things.

To us, it shows her total disregard for the taxpayers/residents of Aberdeen Township!

We did not see any advertising about beach clean up and wonder Why?

Calendar has Tree Planting listed for today at 4pm. Again, WHY no advertising about it to residents?

Doesn't Aberdeen have a paid person on staff who is suppose to advertise this and get the word our to us the taxpayers?

Anonymous said...

April 25 9:03am

you mention examples on Asbury Park Press of PR company doing the work of Aberdeen PIO well guess what there is another one on there.

3 press releases from an outside company.

What the hell is going on in town hall?

Why are we paying for this PIO to do nothing?


Oh snap said...

Oh snap people are daring to criticize the family hire. Of course the fact that there are numerous examples of her mess ups on here means nothing to the council that uses her to put the word out that nothings wrong in town hall? Nothing wrong in town hall is an understatement just from a bit of what's on here. Making fun of her and exposing the fact that we're also paying for a couple of connected public relations companies or people just adds to the corruption exposure we love on here. Despite all I can figure is that you are in so much trouble for picking on her and for putting the truth out there of how fucked up town hall really is.

Anonymous said...

Checked in to see how you 4 yentas are doing and it's the same boring crap as usual. Just a quick FYI for you guys after 714 comments in a 115 day period. You managed to average a whopping 6.2 posts a day. BRAVO!!

It's no wonder why no one takes you jokers seriously. I'll check back in on you in another 4 months.


More corrupt political truths said...

Wow looks like someone has got their sights on the patronage pit in town. Good I say to that since it adds to everything Joey Warren has been highlighting for years and for pissing off the puppet manager and assholes on the council. Of course the Kauffkins will hate my post and to them I say fuck you.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how we who point out the corruption are scoffed at and wrong while the accused remain questionably silent. Right Freddy boy?

Matawan guy said...

You have a do nothing council with a do nothing manager. What do you expect from democrats? Keep voting for the same corruption it's what you deserve.

I found Waldo! What do I win? said...

I found him!

I found him!

I found him!

I win!

I win!

I win!

I found Waldo aka Councilghost Joe Martucci.

I cannot believe I found Waldo and I am staring at him right now. I can literally reach out and touch him.

CBeach said...

If Monmouth County has a Public Corruption Unit like a previous post suggests then the investigative unit should just set up operations at the front door of our corrupt through and through town hall building. While they are at it they should definitely put an investigator at each and every window, door and air vent because there's so much corruption, indecision, mismanagement and far worse wrong in town hall. We can all be sure that as soon as the first prosecutor vehicle rolls into the parking lot that the corrupt council cockroaches will scurry for any available exit as soon as the investigation gets underway. Right Freddy boy?

Union proud said...

Good to see that the volunteer breakfast happened on a weekend so Herb didn't have to take one of his own personal days off of work to be 'thanked' for his dedication to the community. Herb thanked for his dedication to the community now thats funny. It is more like hes been laughed at for all that he does. Amazing how in this town those who do there job get abused and those who don't get all the gravy. Won't get me to volunteer to be laughed at like that no way.

Not one named denial said...

How about we buy t shirts for the town council with arrows pointing to the left and right that say I'm with the Corruption Team on the front. One other thing is public info officer my ass cause public inept officer is more like it I hear.

Al G said...

Isn't Breast Cancer Month in October? I have to ask that because there was a long pink line on Church when I was on my way to work this morning. I know I give to a cancer walk in the office in the fall. I am just wondering why the pink line at the end of the month.

We who volunteer said...

Volunteer Day was celebrated yesterday at our municipal building and we were very proud to attend and be recognized along with our fellow service members. The food was plenty and the recognition celebration was well run and organized for the most part. It was likewise good to see some of our town leaders attend. Some who spoke finally made themselves known to us for the first time yesterday. In years past I remember several of the political Town Council people who joined us in our training and drills showing involvement right along side of the rest of us. In recent years all but one has left us. Only Tom who remains active, involved and steering our organization with his past experience has remained with us. Tom has helped both myself and my wife to assimilate and stay involved and active for years now. As we were given our certificates and justly recognized we both took away from the recognition celebration a bit of self congratulation for caring about our community while continuing our training to better serve that same community if we are so needed whether it be for a search, traffic control and more that our training readies us for. We also feel that our leader Herbert Caravella was justly recognized for all he does. Which we can assure you readers, is quite considerable. This, as discussed by others with longer volunteering than the two of us say that, has always not been so. Perhaps we see a change in our town leaders' appreciation for those of us whom before they did not take the time to know.

Matawan guy said...

What the hell is going on in your town hall it was asked a post or two back. I can assure you it is not good for you taxpayers and your business owners struggling to survive. Within your towns offices it is all just outright corruption, mismanagement and the outright unashamed abuse, misuse and illegal padding of bills for unchecked for validity billings. Billings for the so called professionals that are not really professionals just merely politically connected and indebted. That is your Aberdeen so keep electing democrats you deserve what they'll leave of the destroyed town once called Aberdeen.

Only a few of us ha ha said...

Resume submissions now being accepted for

Town Manager

We hear

Who are we?

That the corrupt in control may ask like Ivanhoe?

We are those who toil to bring



and the

American Way

back to Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

anybody know why there's a pink line in the center of church street? it looks like it was done by vandals.

Anonymous said...

Anyone see Asbury Park Press online story about Aberdeen vehicle burglaries last month with a 2006 picture of the Chief of Police.

Is he really still the Chief?

Where was he that it took so long to put this story out to the public?

Anonymous said...

Obama opinion polls have only 25% of Americans believing that the Obama decisions benefit them.


How about that same poll being put in play for the Obama assholes on our town council?

We of the Aberdeener blog know that 25% would be monumental compared to the 2.5% of our business and residential taxpayers opinions of how the Tagliarini clowns decisions never help us.

Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

This town is f'd right mayor tags

Heads up from neighbor said...

I have given up my newspaper delivery and highly recommend APP.com. especially with my neighbor giving me the heads up to look up our town specially. I got on there right away and saw a picture of our police chief that was quite old. Come on Miss Mismanagement how about getting the PIO to do something and freshen up the chiefs picture. Hell from what we read on here get her to do anything would be more like it. Where did I put that list of politically connected Public Relations firms we taxpayers get to pay even while Miss Mismanagement is now employing a full time with full medical benefits Public Information Officer to stay in favor with whoever on the council is related to the PIO and needed to give a relative a job on our dime. No corruption in town right Ivanhoe.

Anonymous said...

Today when getting off train finally able to stop and read sign outside old, empty and falling apart building which I think might have been Container Corp.

Men were working putting up a fence all around the perimeter of bldg.

Took a ride around the area and in back of bldg in the fenced in area was a dumpster for asbestos.

Saw a sign that indicated Chase Partners and Silver Oaks are involved in project.

They sound familiar. Time for researching.

Sign had October 2013 on it with the Mayor and council names also.

So, is this another great deal by our elected officials?

What is going on in this town?

What is going to be there?

When did this project get approved?

Who is paying for the "apparent" asbestos removal?

Who is paying for demolition of building?

Why does the community not know about this?

What do you people the "council" get from this?

Anonymous said...

Why do 2 police officers need to be on Lloyd Road just standing and talking in front of the police SUV by Warren Drive while the contractor for NJ American Water is working on Warren. Traffic lane is coned off and at times traffic was getting heavy and they just kept talking never even turning to check if they were needed.
How much does this cost us?
Sure they say water company pays but in the long run we pay water company so WE Pay either way.

Do the corrupt democratic math said...

Attention my fellow Aberdeen taxpayers.

Hear Ye

Hear Ye

Announcing Aberdeen's hidden from public debt.

Aberdeen 2014 Municipal Budget shows our debt.

Line item is listed as

Balance of Outstanding Debt

Our towns taxpayers Balance of Outstanding Debt

It is listed as

General debt $16,216, 000.00

Water debt $4,002, 228.13

Sewer debt$7,406,350.00

Making our towns Outstanding Debt

Drumroll please Rosenberg (Jerry Lewis reference)

Making the total debt owed by us taxpayers is?


So guess what my fellow taxpayers?

No corruption in Aberdeen my ass.

Right Ivanhoe?

Right Aberdeen's Mayor Tag-liar-weenie?

Right Aberdeen's corrupt town council?

It's that simple said...

Incompetent leadership and worse=council silence

Anonymous said...

I asked one lady at the town yesterday what was the pink line for in front of the building. She said it was for mammography check month she thought. Let me guess what they're going to do for colonoscopy month. This town is going down and fast. Somebody needs to send an SOS to the FEDS before these corruptocrats finish us all off. Where's Vinny Vinci when we need him. That's right he's sitting in his park waiting for his illegal kickback check from the engineers or his keep quiet check from Kauffie to come soon.

100% truth and they know it said...

737 posts and the silence from officials is deafening

KG said...

Love the creativity so much and the true corrupt facts.

How about you Freddy boy?

100% truth and they know it said...

Where is Vinci? Vinci is ignored like all the other puppets that have outlived their corruption based uselessness to the Kauffocrat party here in Corrupterdeen. So too this will be your fate I say to all you present puppets on the town council that are screwing us over on a daily basis in the name of democratic political corruption.

Top 20 political truths said...

Development proposals with nothing ever built

Bill after bill paid to connected who then kickback

Land buys for big money from connected donors

Patronage hiring

Positions created for officials family members

Civil service rules violated in hiring

Questionable housing projects bringing crime

Unchecked ticket officer harassing commuters

Surplus spent to support corrupt political party

Investigation of inspectors reported underway

Police salaries and work results hidden

Secret unrecorded meetings taking place

Official and employee misconduct hidden

Parks and beach area ignored year after year

Connected business group just to get votes

Taxes out of control from connected spending

Towns services to taxpayers not the priority

Info person only to cover the political messes

Park built to honor corrupt politician

Taxpayers needs ignored

Anonymous said...

Want to buy my house? I can't afford the political corruption here in Kaufferdeen any longer.

Anonymous said...

Same democratic time

Same democratic corruption

Right Kauffocrats?

That is all said...

They're corrupt to the core democrats you taxpayers.

Please said...

*****NEWS FLASH*****

Town manager arrested IN Asbury Park




Tell me it is the town manager of Aberdeen




Tell me she was arrested for incompetence




Anonymous said...

Chase Partners and Silver Oaks Properties are the companies listed as putting LUXURY APARTMENTS AND RETAIL STORES at train station.

Who will pay to live in a LUXURY apt right next to the train station?

in Aberdeen.

Must be some political "stuff" connected to this!

I HOPE said...




Anonymous said...

Ben a while since I responded except a post about police officers doing nothing at a construction area on Lloyd Road deserves it. How about all the officers sitting in town hall and in squad cars doing nothing for years. That is the real crime to tell the truth especially when the town council has to know know for sure. Where are the numbers on what they do. Better yet where are the numbers on what they don't do more like it. You know like finding the people who robbed me and my wife and took the jewelry she cherished from her mom long ago. Protect and serve more like sit idle and cash checks for playing hide and seek.

Anonymous said...

Where oh where have our taxes gone?

Where oh where can they be?

Up in the corruption based stratosphere it seems that is so sad to me as my tax bill shows.

Anonymous said...

I heard walking out of church the other day that our police have big trouble and lawsuits on the way or filed. The town I used to live in a few years back had the same thing and cost the residents plenty. I'll pray the town is insured for such things cause we pay to much already. Amen

Mayor Tag-liar-weenie is a busy boy said...

First Mayor Tag-liar-weenie has to call the thoroughly corrupt to the core town engineers for his instructions on how many inflated bills they will be submitting this week.

Then Mayor Tag-liar-weenie has to to stop by all the business group members and pick up their paper bags full of cash and hide the cash in the democratic clubs headquarters out in Monroe at Casa de Corruption aka home of Norman Kauff.

Then Mayor Tag-liar-weenie has to go over to the police headquarters and see whose wife, girlfriend or both need a job in town hall.

Then Mayor Tag-liar-weenie has to make a quick trip out to Freehold to see the politically corrupt democratic county board members that are connected to developers at the hip like Arnone. You see we know him name to be pronounced are-none as in there are-none as in honest politicians that actually work on behalf of us taxpayers and business owners.

Then Mayor Tag-liar-weenie makes a quick trip by the big shakedown for contribution and engineer money housing projects in the area to suggest who needs to get a low cost housing unit illegally.

Then Mayor Tag-liar-weenie goes back to Arnone again as in again are-none of our politicians not totally officially ethically challenged to get the cash payoff from the politically connected Weiner Lesniak as in Senator Lesniak politically corrupt legal agreement that seems to pay handsomely for each unit sold in Aberdeen.

Then Mayor Tag-liar-weenie has to stop and refuel at a local eating establishment for free of course after all he is Mayor Tag-liar-weenie after all.

Then Mayor Tag-liar-weenie stops home to check under his corruption filled mattress for his share of the politically connected and illegal payoffs.

You can see that Mayor Tag-liar-weenie is a busy boy. If only he would use his power for good instead of the democratic political evil he controls and is so beholding to.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen's manager just ain't got no smarts.

Asbury Press on line once again has a press release submitted by outside PR company. WHY?

She is using our tax dollars to pay an outside company and an employee salary/ benefits whose job it is to do press releases. WHY?

Paying DOUBLE! Outrageous.

What does the employee do that is supposedly the public information person?

Commuter musings said...

Another snowstorm of tickets today. Does this guy have a conscience or what?

Anonymous said...

And the aberdeen democratic corruption rolls on

Anonymous said...

It’s Official!

“The Dumbing Down of Aberdeen.”

The “Dumbing Down” here in our town begins with the elected people:

Can’t call them “officials because they surely do not act or represent us in that way.

What does a newspaper ad salesman, retired math teacher, retired steel worker, assistant football coach, director of a temple, lawyer and a child assault prevention program person all have in common?

Nothing except being Democrats elected to Aberdeen town council.

Nothing except trying to act as if they know what is good for our community.

Nothing except trying to act as professionals in many different areas and working hard to over populate Aberdeen and the already crowded schools and roads.

Nothing because they do not open their eyes to what is happening in our town and stop it.

Nothing because they keep allowing manager to drag our town down and raise our taxes.

All the while just being politicians and being part of the good old boys club and working to benefit everyone but the us the taxpayers.

Do they all wear blinders not to see the things around town in need of updating/repair?

The temple director (Former Member, Aberdeen Township Zoning Board of Adjustment, 15 years - Past Chairman, Aberdeen Township Zoning Board of Adjustment, 12 years) should ride around his section and “SEE” the house that is in disrepair and work to help the neighbors around it to get finally get some relief from this eyesore. It is pulling the area down. How can the manager and mayor allow this neglect in our community?

Crosswalks in school areas that the paint is worn away for years now and nothing done to fix. But we have money and manpower to paint halls in town hall, a pink line on Church Street.

No parking signs faded so words are not legible to read on Lloyd Road.

These are just a few that the Town council people as residents should notice and the Public Works person should be checking and getting fixed.

Do they not see and hear of the things going on (or better yet not going on) with the manager and her “management team” (whoever they are)?

Parties galore, Safety Luncheons oops aka meetings, many photos of staff parties, no return phone calls to residents, lots of time for a select few to smoke outside building, how many and how long are coffee breaks (smoke breaks), do all employees get the same number and time. Again, just a few very obvious things we know about.

Does the recreation committee really have pizza and soda every month at the meetings?

Do they know how many new hires have taken place at town hall?

Do they have to approve new hires?

Do they know of nepotism and cronyism?

Do any of these elected people have personal connections with any of the new hires?

Is it true the two of the new hires are related to police department employees?

Is it true that one new hire is a relative of the CFO?

Is it true that the daughter of the manager is doing work from home for the HAM program since the person recently retired?

Is it true that the new registrar person is a personal friend of manager?

Is it true that the PIO is connected to someone be it the manager or a council person?

If any of these are true, SHAME ON YOU council and manager.

Do they really think that the people of Aberdeen are Dumb?

Do they think we do not know about various projects that they are trying to push through?

Do they think that we don’t know what is going on at town hall currently with certain employees and with others in the past?

Time has come for all of them to take a good hard look in the mirror.

Be assured we are listening, watching, fact finding and documenting.

Over and out 10-4 said...

Looks like promotions come not from studying, experience, interviews, veteran status and years on the job were all considerations. Now it seems that political friends and now even a well placed girlfriend helps one climb the ladder.

100% truth said...

A Absolutely
B Beyond
E Everyones
R Reprehensible
D Democratic
E Egregious
E Egotistical
N Nonsense

This is the absolute truth about our Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

A do nothing police force?

A do nothing town council?

A do nothing business council?

A do nothing puppet manager?

A do nothing group of employees?

What do you expect from democrats?

Right Freddy boy?

Matawan guy said...

A couple of people is all that the corrupt leaders in your town say are posting through their anonymous mouthpiece Ivanhoe too fearful to use their own names or official title.

The anonymous name of Ivanhoe is only a name used by someone who is probably on the council themselves to have a voice or typing of excuses. A name like that is used to deflect blame and the joke that is used to end every posting with a stupid invitation to join the failures on your town council to make your town better. I say that tongue in cheek of course because it looks like people who were or are still on the inside or were even probably screwed over are sick of what's become of your town and giving us a realistic glimpse inside.

I'm sure the council leadership knows their own questionable silence is only adding fuel to the fire along with the examples of mismanagement and questionable hiring that is more than rumored to be going on from postings. Who or what subject to be exposed next to target the political corruption must be all the council and management can fear almost daily. I'd say tread lightly to you on the town council who read this site suggesting you not look too hard for who or how many people may have a vendetta for the council or just want the truth exposed. Heading in that direction would make things far more public and politicians like you have in your town and especially the corrupt and inept like in your town who don't like publicity one bit. Although personally

I say good job for those who are outing or are adding to this site as a taxpayer watching from a town not far from the brink of becoming as much a mess as your town is. That without a doubt would blow the town and its democratic corruption through the roof of town hall. Good luck to those of you doing the right thing on here against those who cannot do the right thing if their lives depended on it. I'll be gone for a couple of weeks on business and will not bother to look on here as nothing more than the same corruption will be going on in my absence I am quite certain. Hello Frisco here I come.

Anonymous said...

Happy Cinco De Mayo Aberdeen.

How about all of us go out get drunk and eat really hearty Mexican food that upsets all of our stomachs.

Then we meet and split up going to each and every corrupt council persons house in town and shit on their lawns like the all shit on us.

Fuck you to each and everyone of you corrupt democratic scum that are screwing over this once fine community in the name of politics.

The truth hurts don't it you assholes.

No question mark necessary.

Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Since it's derby weekend and many people gamble I'm betting that the Kauffkin Democratic Party stole as much as they could . A side bet is in for the percentage kicked back to the patriarch or all things illegal Normie Kauff. Right Joey Mack?

Been burned before said...

Looks like changing your mind now has a severe cost called honesty.

Riddle this truth said...

Problems in the PD that can't be not under the Powers that be. As in Powers being aloof, arrogant and not being close to what people expect or wrongly think of him.

Just signs and mirrors hiding the corrupttruth said...

Head to my bank and shop rite earlier today and what do I see? Pinkerdeen banners stretched across the lawn. You democrats can paint the whole f'n town any color you want to but it's still Corrupterdeen. It's that plain plain and that corruptly simple you democrat scum. Let us guess who got paid to do that to fill their day.? Hmmmm?? Who could it be?

100% true said...

Disband the business council? That absurd idea from someone posted that suggestion at the beginning of this post. Come on people who would be left to help the town council destroy and bankrupt the town? Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

say what you want about the train ticket guy, but you don't want the truth because deep down in places the town council doesn't talk about at parties (or behind closed doors during an executive session), they want tickets written, they need those tickets written to pay for all their reckless spending (unless the ticket is issued to a friend of the mayor -- then all bets are off and the ticket is forgiven),

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