Thursday, November 13, 2014

Aberdeen Payday

Perusing Aberdeen’s 2014 Municipal Budget, I noticed the following:
Sheet 12 –
Administrative Salaries increased 37% in one year to $168,979
Financial Salaries increased 6% this year and 56% since 2007 to $164,242

Sheet 13 –
Tax Collection Salaries increased 7% this year to $111,927
Tax Assessment Salaries increased 14% this year to $71,500

Sheet 14 –
Employee Group Health Insurance increased 113% since 2007 and is now $1.72 million

It’s wonderful to know that public service can be so rewarding.

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Brad Hamilton said...

Shouldn't you be more concerned with the things that Mayor Sharpton is doing to your home town?

Anonymous said...

Rewarding? It's called public service for one reason. In Corrupterdeen we the oppressed taxpayers actuall are the real public service as in we service the towns employees and officials not the other way around. Right Freddy boy?

Do the corrupt democratic math said...

This town is a joke when you see numbers like this. Know why? Because the people we are electing and paying to do the peoples business only serve themselves on our dime.

And the losers are us taxpayers said...

We can all be sure this is just a drop in the bucket of the mismanagement, misconduct, patronage based increases and misdeeds solely based on the political corruption that is so pervasive in this town that is routinely committed by the singularly democrat so called leadership and that is possibly criminal acts if not just the incompetent leadership that is killing this once fine community.

Kim said...

A new subject finally and that allows us to continue to show the corruptocrats for the low lifes they are.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the 2% cap? Not under the democrats in this town. But we've got a website czar, laughable business group and a public info babe so all is just as corrupt as it can be. Right Freddy boy?

100% embarrassing truth is said...



They're democrats what do you expect?

Kelley don't do a thing

Montone smiles for pictures

Martucci only shows up half the time

Brenner is lost in his own ignorance

Swindle is asleep at the wheel or drunk

Cannon's looking way down the road

Tagliarini is looking in the mirror for hair loss

And Mayor Carmino is laughing all the way to bank

So keep electing democrats you idiot voters

Wake up Aberdeen said...

Yahoo a new subject to piss off the democrats. Thank you Mr. Warren and to the ignorant asshole Brad Hamilton I say Fuck you.

Just another Crooked andCorrupt Day in Aberdeen said...


RESOLUTION NO. 2014 - 118
BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Council that it hereby awards a contract for Snow Removal
at Mass Transit Parking Lots.

WHEREAS, bids were received by the Township Manager on November 6, 2014 for the aforesaid project; and WHEREAS, Quality 1st Contracting of Cliffwood, NJ was the lone responsive and responsible per attached summary of bids.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED by the Township Council of the Township of Aberdeen that the Snow Removal at Mass Transit Parking Lots Contract be awarded to Quality 1st Contracting of Cliffwood, NJ

COMMENTS: Resolution 118
Is the manager/council for real that there was only a LONE responsive/responsible bidder for this job?

Where is the attached summary of bids as stated?

Where was the bid advertised?

What is the cost of this bid?

Is Quality 1st Contracting the same as Quality 1st Basement in Cliffwood?

Isn’t the owner a member of the Aberdeen Economic Business council?

Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

Is the owner a friend of the mayor and chairman?

Isn’t the owner the person who donated fireworks to Aberdeen events?

Isn’t the owner the person who donated petting zoo and other things to this year’s Aberdeen Day?

With this information plus other things I am sure that many residents/taxpayers want answers.

Should this all be considered as political payback?

Part 2 said...

EXECUTIVE SESSION RESOLUTION – BE IT RESOLVED that the general public shall be excluded from discussion held during executive session Redevelopment –Train Station and Anchor Glass; Potential Litigation Duda Lane, C&M County Road, Bank Street and Property Maintenance; Land Acquisition - Freneau

Potential Litigation Duda Lane -

Is that the area off Van Brackle?

What a disgrace to leave residents/taxpayers with such a mess.

What is the town doing to help these people?

How much is this crater costing us the taxpayers of Aberdeen?

Bank Street and Property Maintenance;

What is this about?

What about property maintenance on Avondale?

Who cares about neighbors surely not anyone in town hall or town council?

Can't wait for 4 democrats to come knocking in 2015 especially H. Brenner?

Land Acquisition - Freneau

They want MORE Land.
Call them LAND BARONS.
ON OUR DIME!!!!!!!!

So much corruption breeds so many questions said...

I love the creativity and the stuff about Carmine especially. I hear he's trying to throw his weight around more each day to get his way on things. It also looks like the basement company guy got the big payback for his what is looking like his corrupt and ???highly questionable donations???. Lone bidder? Changes in trash contractors? Litigation lists to choke a horse? So many questions with so much corruption is an understatement in Corrupterdeen. Right Norm?

No corruption my ass said...

Bid advertising Hahahahahahahahahahaha
It's not about the bid it's about the envelope
full of illegal payoff cash that gets slid under the table to a D operative like the disbarred attorney to finance the continuing thievery we call the D's.

So what if this guy supposedly paid for a petting zoo or some other bullshit thing to make the D's look good. You gotta know no one in leadership cares if it gets out to the public cause that's how it works. That's politics when those in power get found out for taking care of their big contributors. It's not about the substance or how things look it's all about paying the guy back who makes the D's look good and foots the bill doing it.

The guy probably writes off the donations on his taxes to boot unless the snowblow contract really pays off. I do have to agree if he's on the business group of idiots an investigation is long overdue and he should not have been allowed to bid that is if he even really ever put in a bid.

Loooooooong overdue to say the leastis a top to bottom investigation in this town hall. Like Gorilla Joe said EVERY NOOK AND CRANNY.

Corruption watcher said...

Look at who is the insurer and you'll see why it's $1.72 million dollars because they'll for sure be connected to Kauff or Lesniak or one of the other political scum like Scudeiri. If you really want to know why the insurance number's so high look at the police side of the contract and then also find out what elected officials takes the insurance instead of the salaries. Drapwig I think was big one for that but they kept it a big secret. Keep electing the same democrat scum because it's all you people deserve.

Mike Damone said...

Brad speaks the truth. Joey, right now, you have one of the biggest idiot mayors in the history of your home city. This guy gives that race baiting opportunist Al Sharpton free reign on issues he has no business being involved with. Yet, you are obsessed with a town you haven't lived in for years.

Joke of the Day said...

Channel 15 Community News

Joke of the Day!

Aberdeen Township hosting a Thanksgiving Food Drive – call Brittany if you know of any family needing help.

Is that the same Brittany who has the job title and salary for the town’s Public Information person but we never seem to have any public information.?

Is she the same person who is reported to being the person doing the town website?

HELP- is all we can say.

Is she capable to really know if the names of families given to her are really in need or just scammers as there are so many in today society?

How can Aberdeen Township run a food drive when we were told they could not do “Aberdeen Cares” which was another brainstorm by the council and then found out they could not do things like that?

Guess they just want to look like they care but we really know better.

Coordinating with groups on list below should be the way to go since they do it all the time and people who donate can be assured that the donations will go to those really in need not some friends/connections of someone as with so many things done by the township management and council.

The list of Aberdeen religious groups that have on-going yearly food pantries:

Matawan United Methodist Church

Temple Shalom

Calvary Baptist Church

Temple Beth Ahm

Cross of Glory

We are sure there are more in Aberdeen but we just found the ones closest to town hall.

Anonymous said...

Is the retired cop still in jail? Is his bail still ridiculously high? If the guy threatened anyone else,it would have been an ROR and a temporary restraining order. Are you really that scared?

Anonymous said...


Sustainable Jersey for Schools Announces First Four School Districts to Register on Nov 13, 2014 Allendale, Ramapo Indian Hills, Matawan-Aberdeen and Springfield School districts lead the way

Today Sustainable Jersey announced the first four schools districts to register for the groundbreaking Sustainable Jersey for Schools certification program. Just two-weeks after the program’s launch on October 28, four school districts have registered: Allendale School District (Bergen County), Ramapo Indian Hills Regional High School District (Bergen County), Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District (Monmouth) and Springfield School District (Union County). Each district passed a resolution of participation and initiated the process for beginning the certification program.

Checked the Sustainable Jersey website and Aberdeen registered in 2009 but it appears they have done nothing to attain certification.

Matawan has not ever registered.

Sad to say that 2 towns, Aberdeen and Matawan, have not and do not lead by example with regard to helping children and adults learn and care about the environment.











She's important in her own mind? said...

No you didn't talk about the info babe? Don't you know that you are in so much trouble? Don't you know how much she does to make this town successful? Don't you know how important her work truly is to the council? Don't you know how much she does to make this town a better place? Don't you ever think she that doesn't do anything? Don't you know how hard it is to look busy everyday and make people think you are actually working? Don't you know it is hard work to look that busy while doing absolutely nothing? Don't you think the council and manager would have fired her already if the website was really such a mess or was not updated as it is supposed to be because of her? Don't you think the council and manager would have fired her already if she made so many mistakes? Don't you think that if she was that much of a waste she'd have been fired already? Don't you know how important she is?

Anonymous said...

You know there's got to be some not so cheap engineering study and overly expensive legal bill to accompany the corrupt to the core food for the poor fundraiser in Corrupterdeen. Right Freddy boy?

Ken G said...

These town council assholes really expect us to believe that only one bidder came to bid on a lucrative snow plowing contract. Then the same idiots expect us to believe that the one contractor who submitted a bid just so happens to be illegally, corruptly and immorally connected at the wallet of the democrats. If we were that stupid we'd be on the town council. We're not that stupid so let's see if the prosecutors fraud division thinks they're stupid. I really hope they've got good lawyers to defend themselves.

Over and out 10-4 said...

We've gotten all we wanted in our contract and we will continue to keep you safe.

Keep electing democrats? said...

Thanksgiving food drive contact Brittney?

Let me think about that for a minute.

Doo doo doo doo do do--Jeopardy theme music

At least she's doing something I guess.

Where are the republicans?

They should be all over the patronage hires.

They should be all over the mismanagement.

They should be exposing the corruption.

On an aside I say one thing to Brad Hamilton and his other schizophrenic character identifier.

"At least Mr. Warren cares more for Aberdeen than the elected officials, management and employees who know full well the cost of their complicity in the political deceit that pervades town hall at the hands of the democrats killing Aberdeen"

Anonymous said...

Another Aberdeen OOPS!

Isn't the manager a dog lover?

How could she use a place like this for our town?

Must be somebody that has a connection to this place?

What did we pay for this service?

Helmetta Animal Shelter

The Helmetta Regional Animal Shelter continued as an active investigation with officials on site all weekend and a second raid held off site and security tightened.

Once again, shame on all of you

Charles Street said...

All this hate and jokes about Carmine. It leaves me wondering what he does that pisses people off on here so much? Could it be his flamboyant dress? I mean just short of a Members Only jacket he's straight out of the 80's. Most sad is he thinks he is styling and swarthy. More like sickening and smurfy. He needs to realize that he and his pal Taggy Tags are a tie for most likely to end up a butt boy in prison and liking it way too much in the process for their criminal activity. Carmino and his business council that from what I can see does nothing and is just as useless as our town council of do nothings. Oh wait I forgot about the councils promises that sewers coming to my area and the senior housing that's soon to be built according to the same lying democrats. I mean for me sewers finally being installed would be great. I mean we've been promised sewers for two decades now and my neighbor Miss Margaret says she's working really hard to get us her neighbors the sewers we so desperately need. Her and her buddy Greg Cannon are just the latest democrat liars who've told us sewers are coming really soon. Not like we've not heard that before right Miss Margaret?

Phoebe Cates said...

I have to agree with Brad. Why do you worry so much about Aberdeen when you live in New York? Besides, you know ho cute I always thought Brad was.

Anonymous business owner said...

Up early and looked on here and once again no responses from the accused inept political party dictators in town are non existent. From reading recent posts it seems the patronage hirings is a drop in the bucket of the political corruption, thievery and unethical actions taken by the democrats on a daily basis in our Aberdeen. Just on the subject of the rumored patronage hiring that seems so pervasive inside town hall screams for a thorough and total investigation of our entire governmental operation.

Maybe we should all justly consider that perhaps the PIO position and others are quickly becoming just the latest shills for the democrats like others rumored to have taken the fall in the past to protect the local masters of political corruption. One recent post even suggested a lawyer being disbarred to protect someone in the past. Perhaps on the subject of the the PIO job it is now that jobs job priority is to make the democrats look like they really care about us taxpayers and business owners through useless do little and overly publicized menial tasks.

Posts on the subject of the supposed website improvements is assuredly not the current PIO persons strength. That is still quite evident once again from criticisms routinely on here stating that the website is far from a source of community pride or much less a truly informative representation of our town. It is assuredly not easy to navigate and seems like a political game of hide and seek when it comes to what the political hierarchy are doing. The latest criticisms involve legal actions that excludes the public and that cannot be good for any of us taxpayers.

As far as being overtaxed by the current political party I unfortunately am still twice gouged by operating my business here and residing in town. I am considering moving my family towards Jackson or Howell but need home values to rise since we bought our home high and are 50k short of break even. Yes I pay through the nose twice for the democrats and their corruption based spending or better yet misspending can continually bring forth. We can all only imagine how much more political fakery will be circulating between now and election day 2015. It will be a 4 seat election and therefore will be a significant control election so the democrats will be pulling out all the stops to continue the costly corruption.

Soon the inner circle backstabbing and chair swapping will begin within the democrats to ensure the maximum number of votes are gotten from the right religious segment, area of town and the latest influential connection to the sports leagues. Sports leagues and a board of education seat seems like the way to get an assured number of votes in recent years despite lackluster experience or the rumored thievery of the league or schools finances. I for one am looking for the republicans to finally wake up and truly go after these political criminals that are hurting all of us from behind closed doors and by hiring their operatives of corruption with our tax money.

Nooks and cranny my ass said...

Only 1 bidder for an easy money municipal snow removal contract. That's as ridiculous as saying the CME engineers are the only qualified engineers the town could get. Now that I think of it where's Councilman Martucci to look at every nook and cranny of the towns spending and budget? I'll bet he's helping OJ Simpson searching for the real killers of Ron and Nicole.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the old saying *crime does pay* has been replaced with *crime does pay if you're a friend of Fred*. No one else bid? Hahahahahahahahaha
That funny stuff really funny stuff. Keep electing democrats you idiots. By the way love the members only jacket reference for the business grou guy. Likewise the butt boy stuff was very funny and probably true to boot. Right Fred? Right Carmine?

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

Aberdeens politicians sell themselves so cheap . A couple checks for a petting zoo and trolley ride (not available in our area of town of course since we don't matter) and the payback is much bigger. With the big campaign money needed next year they'll give the basement guy the big dollar trash contract as well. Right Freddy boy?




















Please say a prayer said...

Another example of violence against religious leaders occurred in Israel today. Please join me in a prayer despite your faith for those murdered solely for their religious preference. Amen

Commuter Ken said...

Another blitz of tickets on cars as I go to my car. Ruthless this guy is ruthless. I don't care that it's his job. Hard working people deserve a break.

KC said...

The post on Nov. 18 at 6:51 is the most precise analysis of the political maneuvering here in Corrupterdeen to appear on the Aberdeener site yet. To say the post hit the nail on the head is an understatement. The only thing is I would hope as a business owner they and others would give us some insight on the obvious pressure tactics and the do nothing but promise but never deliver tactics like our neighbors waiting for sewers or senior housing. This Carmine character is just a political bloodsucking vampire type whose tactics must undermine the hard working business owners in town who he is supposed to be helping with his business alliance. It is certain the business community is just another tool to get campaign funds for the corruptocrats and Carmine is the operative. This Carmine guy and a few of the other handpicked democrat operative business owners have been caught or eagerly volunteered to be used in the corruptocrats web of political deceit. Similarly they are only used to continue the democrat paydays of corruption. This of course is sadly the reality of our Corrupterdeen.

Anonymous said...

And the corruption rolls on and on

Anonymous said...

Brr It is cold outside.

We wonder what the Aberdeen Smoking Club is doing now that cold weather is here.

For those who have not seen the Smoking club outside town hall it is comprised of staff members from various departments.

How many breaks do these select people get each day?
How much time is spent each day standing outside smoking, socializing, and cell phone calls?
It appears from what we have seen, many different times of the day, like they are outside more than inside working.
Do all employees get the same number and amount of time for breaks?
Does the manager choose not to see or know that residents are aware and see all of them when we come to town hall?
We find this another example of our tax dollars being abused.
What is the cost for each employee being away from their desk outside smoking?
What is the cost of a pack of cigarettes?

How does smoking affect the town’s health insurance rates that we pay for?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Kauff went into the medical insurance business. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Democrats are screwing us daily. Stop electing these assholes every year.

Really funny stuff said...

Wish list for democrats 2014 christmas/hannukah

1 Needless engineering studies for campaign$$$$
2 More developers wanting to get gouged to build
3 No investigation of all the democrat corruption
4 No one asking why Feneau doesn't have sewers
5 Lawyers continue to cause litigation campaign$
6 Seniors think housings coming vote democrat
7 Beach residents getting screwed vote D still
8 No more storms to show towns not prepared still
9 No one asks council what manager really does
10 Do nothing patronage hires continue to occur
11 No one finds out who the D child molesters are
12 Norm continues to give us our illegal payoffs
13 Public ever comes to watch council meetings
14 Lie of Gateway to Aberdeen more campaign$$
15 No one asks what recreation director does
16 No one asks what police force really does
17 No one asks to see police statistics
18 No one asks to see profit of business council
19 No one expects business council to do anything
20 Mayor Carmine and Taggy Tags finally marry

Over and out 10-4 said...

Sleeping sage and sound Aberdeen because of us.

Johnny Law said...

The former police officer will probably die in jail and Powers won't lose a bit of sleep over it. When you're perfect in every way like he thinks he is former cops he screwed over are merely collateral damage. Payback is a bitch John and don't you forget it you pussy.

Anonymous said...

Don't you get it yet the mayor and council do nothing so the town manager does nothing so the bosses do nothing and then at the end of the chain gang the employees do nothing that is our Aberdeen like it or not

Anonymous said...

They're democrats it's what they do. Look at the a-hole in the whitehouse who will piss on the U S Constitution tonight. So what out asshole politicians do is trivial.

KC said...

Town hall is

useless, mismanaged, den of iniquity, evil, corrupt, politicized,

Feel free to add to my list

Shills is only the start said...

Latest shills for the local democratic party says the anonymous business owner. I say to that Hahahaha for we can all be sure the family or party connected hires barely work and since the D's hired them they have not one spec of guilt as they cash their checks for doing nothing on our dime.

Anonymous said...

Atlantic City is going down the drain especially on a night like this when all of the politically connected at the taxpayers wallet are feeding at the trough and planning their next lie like the Gateway to Aberdeen our idiot mayor suggested. Right Freddy boy?

I section said...

Bend over America cause Obama got all of us really good tonight and he didn't bother to kiss us. Keep electing democrats cause you know what you get every time with liberal democrats?


Anonymous said...

How was your trip to Atlantic city on our dime there Freddy boy? Bet you got a lot done to benefit our community? Yeah right like that's going to happen? Hahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Paydays for Miss Mismanagement roll on it seems. Those compromising photos of the mayor and council must really be something if she's still here. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

These are not salaries they're gifts. Right mayor carmine

Anonymous said...

Patronage hiring has moved out of town hall and into the private sector i hear. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody

Guess what time it is.

Time for the Aberdeen town manager "Feel good" awards

Wonder who will get Leadership and Employee of the Year this year

Not many department heads left to chose from

Really too bad she didn't learn something from her college courses

She should pick employees who really do the work not some overpaid AK

It's hunting season again said...

The ticket hunter is readying his tree stand for the train station commuter parking hunting season. Beware all of you commuters because he is quick on the draw and I hear he has deadly aim with that ticket book of his. Beware all you women and pregnant ladies. He shows no mercy keeping up his daily quota without a doubt.

Anonymous business owner by choice said...

11/18/14 anonymous at 6:51 was a great post detailing the real democratic party and the damage they knowingly inflict on all of us taxpayers. And while the corruptocrats are typically silent and the entire post the corruptocrats also know is 100% dead on.

Anonymous said...

Some old guy threatens pretty boy and they made an arrest? Wonders never cease do they? I don't suppose this guy just woke up and decided to do such a thing? Anyone look into why the guy would threaten pretty boy after so many years? Maybe pretty boy had it coming to him? So many questions surround that situation don't you agree? Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Friends of ours have been telling us about this blog so we started reading some of the topics/responses and find it all so interesting.

We agree with the talk about the town website. Poorly maintained and never enough information plus there is a lot of things that have always been on the town website that are still there and still outdated and erroneous.

While on the topic of the website they told us to check out the photo gallery and see so many pictures of the town staff especially the latest on Halloween. We want to know who pays for all of the decorations and time spent doing the decorating? Hopefully not us with our tax money. Almost forgot, does the staff do any work that day or just have a costume party? Looks like not much professionalism there on anyone’s part. How many town children really come to town hall for trick or treat? Or is it just staff/friends that this is done for? Who spent and wasted time to take 94 pictures of mostly staff?

While we looked at other pictures/activities we saw many that were again just staff WHY we wonder.

The shredding day pics were outrageous. Truck with some guy standing around and no residents. Did a staff member take these and did they get paid for this stupid waste of time?

Now, onto the real concerns, political hires, snow removal bid/contract, conflict of interest, high taxes, dysfunctional manager and management team, out of their minds mayor and council for proposing so many new developments that will cause higher taxes, more traffic congestion, more school children, possible new school buildings, more police and impact on our quality of life that we in Aberdeen do not want or need.

That's it for now we will continue to read and then comment.

Anonymous said...

Short week for the democratic thieves to rob us taxpayers. Right Freddy boy?

Website ranking article follow up said...

APP.COM has a big article on municipal websites today. So if you are logged on or have it delivered or pick it up with your morning coffee and bagel i'll save you some time.

Despite the needless hiring of a PIO

Despite supposed outside consultants to help PIO

Despite the political thief Bill Parness helping $$$

The Aberdeen website remains middle of the road

Anyone surprised?

Not me for sure

Know why?

Because despite all of the above our website is

Useless without a doubt and our leaders don't care

Maybe the press will list the results in order for us to find out where our website really fails other than continuing to be the waste of time it is with the way to costly idiots who can't improve it

100% truth is said...

The town is corrupt to the core because of democrats

Anonymous said...

Where oh where will Miss Mismagement mismanage this week. And the politicians know it and do nothing. Then again she does what they want and hire who they tell her. Just ask our former councilwoman Gumbsy.

K said...

You gotta go read the article giving opinions on town websites in todays paper. Talk about the power of the press and the truth. Once again it points out that my former hometown of Middletown New Jersey still has the best website.

If only our towns officials and employees read the paper today and were smart enough to hire the same company to do our website so we could be at least in the top 10. Don't forget though you would have to factor in the D's purposeful hide and seek criteria that is so pervasive on our towns website.

After all that's what councilman Greggy promised didn't he. Didn't he promise during his campaign we'd have a website to be proud of and one that was informative and above board.

That's some funny shit said...

Fe Fi Fo Fum

I smell the blood of self serving politicians

Fe Fi Fo Fum

I must be in Aberdeen

KC said...

Big winds all around Aberdeen today so be prepared. If only the winds could carry our corrupt and immoral politicians straight to the prison cells they truly belong in.

Matawan guy said...

My town is advertising soon for all of its outside professionals and other services. From dog catcher to lawn maintenance and all the way up to the bond counsel, engineering and town attorney is on the list to submit proposals. To all of you in Aberdeen don't think your town does the same thing. It doesn't and the proof is evident in the past two decades of having the same politically connected and politically corrupt engineers and legal firm. Engineers and lawyers that are all connected to Norman Kauff will again be hired and will no doubt continue the same corrupt practices that have kept your community enslaved and stagnant for so many years now. Don't think it's not hard to watch the pain your political leadership inflicts on all of you for way too long. Keep electing democrats and your town will not move forward for another two decades.

Anonymous said...

If the democrats go to campaign mode as they've done in the past they'll fire the manager just after the first of the year. They'll sign a no talk agreement giving a cash payout with health benefite for a year to keep her quiet. Then they'll get a new political Sufis to do anything and everything to make the dems look good for the political debauchery of the dems to continue. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...


How dare you say Aberdeen is stagnant?

What about the senior housing?

What about the sewers they put in?

What about the gateway project?

What about the old factory getting going?

What was that you said?

Never mind thought it was Aberdeen Maryland.

Possibilities are endless said...

How can any of you people blame the girl hired to be the press person? After all Tag-liar-weenie ok'd it along with the council. The fact that someone's related to her or might be friends with somebody in power seems to not end with her hiring from other postings on this site. Whillimina got her family hire for years of ignorantly controlled deaf, dumb and blind democratic service while betraying all of us.

Who else needs a job that's related to someone? It'll get out really soon who works and who don't of these new hires it always does. No one will lose their job of course and that's the democratic way.

Where are the republicans?

Some funny shit fo sho said...

*SCREAMING* I got blisters on my Carmine

Ferguson & Americas reality said...

What you will see unfold on television in Ferguson Missouri tonight will be what we've seen before too many times. It won't matter what the jury says in many communities in our nation are wrought with violence. Also and far too such violence involving police officers in these dangerous communities often allows the likes of Reverends Jackson and Sharpton to ultimately profit off of the prevalent crime that is destroying the majority of our minority communities all across our nation.

While it may not be politically correct to say this but it is the truth. While not as funny as a very famous black comedian joked saying that: If you live anywhere in America and you live on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard then you live in a high crime area. That while true is a sad and very telling reality that a man who preached, marched and protested peacefully has his name and honorable mission joined with the reality of violence in our minority communities.

On another point that is not often funny is the belief that if a black person commits a crime against a white person it is a crime. The other side of that phrase is that if a white person commits a crime against a black person it's racism. That is a twisted reality too often played up or ignored by the media all across America.

Tragedy was judged by 12 said...

Michael Brown robbed a store assaulting an employee in the process. Michael Brown was discovered in the area by a police officer. Michael Brown was stopped by the same police officer. Michael Brown was found to have been in possession of stolen items from his and his associates theft. Michael Brown assaulted the police officer who confronted him. Michael Brown was observed to have assaulted the officer. The officer defended himself and Michael Brown was killed. A tragedy it may be but it is not an injustice in any way.

In Chicago black on black crime is rampant and hundreds are killed every few months. Where is the outcry from the black community? That is the most telling point in the silence from the black community and the dirty little secret that crime is not black and white as long as the victim is black and the police officer is white. Then it is time for outrage, looting and damage.

Much needs to be done to stop this but if you think the liberal medias coverage of this situation and other media analysis and monday morning quarterbacking of the entire process you will be sadly mistaken.

Now the liberal leader Barack Obama is speaking to all and says we should accept the grand jury decision. We should protest peacefully. That is very true and will be ignored as it doesn't help the liberal cause.

Michael Brown broke the law, assaulted a police officer and paid a severe price for his behavior, arrogance and unfortunately his immaturity that cost him his life. That is what needs to be worked through despite the liberal slant that will spin this in the upcoming days.

Remember this one important thing. 12 people from that community judged the evidence and found Michael Brown caused his tragic death and the officer defended himself justly.

100% embarrassing truth is said...

Obama is chicago and Chicago is the murder capitol

People shot in Chicago in 2014 so far


People killed so far in Chicago in 2014


Get it yet?

Rudy Guiliani said it the other day and it was the 100% truth and no it was not politically correct

97% of black people in America are killed by other blacks

And no one wants to talk about that in America

W section said...

I agree for the most part about the verdict and would add how sad it is that Al "Shady" Sharpton has any influence or involvement in such situations.

Larry said...

Cannot talk about it because Jackson and his kind can't make money or profit off of the misery in the African American community. On a local level an old black man was killed years ago in the County Road area and no one was ever prosecuted. Know why? Because within the black community and neighborhoods talking gets you killed.

People in that neighborhood knew this kid in Missouri was a punk and you can be sure people in that community would cross the street if they saw him walking towards them. The same goes for Trayvon Martin as well.

Guess what? A just Grand Jury decision was concluded and none of us or the race baiters can change that verdict. As for that piece of wasted flesh Eric Holder and his federal investigation they will take no action against the officer. God bless the police who keep us safe from such thugs.

Anonymous said...

Only one more day for the D's to steal from us.
This week anyway right Freddy boy?

Outside looking in said...

Nothing would satisfy the liberal media or the mindless bobble head news hosts who only really read well off prompters much less have an independent thought of their own. Such newscasts and newscasters need to overanalyze useless stuff just to fill the 24/7/365 for their ratings books. Remember the missing plane a while back. CNN overanalyzed every Nook and Cranny *yes that's a dig on Councilloser Martucci* well past most of America wanting to vomit for their endless and useless coverage that lasted weeks. If you looked at stations ratings and viewership numbers on CNN, MSNBC and the others you'd realize there are more people tuning into a NASCAR race then those who care to watch those channels and their mindless dribble. As for the post about Sharpton I call him Charlatan as in Shar-lit-on. If I was black i'd rather have Reverend Ike plead my case. At least you knew Ike was in it only for the money.

Anonymous business owner said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of my fellow oppressed business owners and taxpayers. Have a safe and enjoyable holiday. Too bad that when the holiday weekend is over the corrupt democrats will still be here promising the world and delivering nothing.

Reality bites said...

We can all be sure our politicians will be fatter and pleased with themselves tomorrow on thanksgiving. I mean we paid for the feast they will certainly be provided by the towns engineers and lawyers corrupt and illegal payoffs provided by our tax money. Unlike another critic I will not sign off with chiding our idiot mayor. I will sign off simply by saying fuck you to our asshole mayor and council and I hope all of you spend your next thanksgiving in prison where you all truly belong.

That's some funny stuff said...

Who's going to be stuffing Mayor Carmine tomorrow?

Confused said...

Can anyone tell us why public information on the Patch is done by local pr company and not by our tax paying public information person?

Confused because we are told that the town public information person is the contact for media and yet the company of one of the Aberdeen Economic Business Council members is still doing the work of this person.

WHY we ask?

Anonymous said...

Oppressed business owners how can that be? I mean doesn't Aberdeen have a Economic Business Council? Don't they only operate to benefit the business community? Don't the businesses help fund the council and therefore get numerous opportunities to flourish? Doesn't the business council take input and opinions from all of the local business community on what the business community needs or things that if enacted will benefit the whole business community and not just the handpicked few attached to local corrupt politicians and corrupt democrat political party? Don't they? Oh never mind I forgot this is Aberdeen New Jersey where nothing is as it seems and everything is political or politicized. Right Freddy boy?

Democrat party PSA said...

Just so the corruptocrats on our corruptcouncil know the term gobble gobble gobble has an entirely different meaning when your cellmate whispers that in your ear in the middle of the night in the dark of your prison cell.

D Section said...

I love the right fred stuff so much and hope it pisses him off and reminds him that he is not trusted.

100% embarrassing truth is said...

Its all about the paydays for most people. In Corrupterdeen its all about the illegal paydays. And they say crime doesn't pay. In Corrupterdeen it pays real good. Just ask Taggy Tags and his idiot council.

Think about it before you speak said...

Michael Brown the media liberals say was a victim?

Try this now that the trial is over.

Google Michael Brown juvenile record.

See who was the real victim on info coming out.

Who was the real victim?

Was it the community he lived in before that day?

Was it the store owner he robbed and assaulted?

Was it the police officer and authority figure Michael Brown encountered that fateful day?

Was it he man in authority ignored and assaulted?

Was it the officers duty to let Michael Brown walk away to assault another store owner, citizen or authority figure the next time?

Should every police officer just drive around and let people like Michael Brown do what they want to for fear of being the next Officer Wilson who could be splashed across the liberal media for doing his job and protecting the citizens and their property from those like Michael Brown or all those like him in every community that need to be stopped?

What would you have done if you were Officer Wilson?

Think about what every police officer does for us.

Then decide if you who you want in your society.

Joke of the Day said...

Best Laugh we had this week when we saw the electronic sign outside town hall that has

"'RECYCLE - it's the LAW"

So, if it is the Law who enforces this law?

Do the Police enforce this LAW?

Does the Recycling Coordinator enforce this LAW?

The time has come for the Leadership Employee of 2013 aka President of the Smoking Club to start informing the residents about this LAW?

One lousy message on a sign that most residents don't see is certainly not doing it.

This is why it's called Corrupterdeen said...

Baby it's cold outside

Not in the town hall building though

Know why?

Because they're burning through our tax money with

Rumored needless family hires
Rumored questionable raises
Road programs without real independent bidding
Legal contracts to the politically connected
Questionable engineer contracts awarded
Rumored political payments for media and PIO

And the list goes on and on and on and on and on

Funny but true said...

Santa's making a list and checking it twice

Gonna find out who's naughty or nice

Guess what?

Guess who's getting no Santa presents this holiday

Let's look at Santa's list for our corrupt officials

Mayor Tag-liar-weenie NAUGHTY
Deputy Montone NAUGHTY
Councilman Nooks and Cranny Martucci NAUGHTY
Councilman Cannon NAUGHTY
Councilwoman Kelley NAUGHTY
Councilman Barfly Swindle NAUGHTY

Councilman Brenner NAUGHTY NO HANNUKAH

KC said...

Is it true what I read that the man who is said to have threatened the police chief is dying?

The truth is said...

The police officer that killed the troubled youth Michael Brown has resigned. I would have also. The only problem is this gives the liberal media ammunition to bore us with hypotheticals and monday morning quarterbacking for a long time to go. Where did I put my liberal based vomit bag? Wait until it gets out what a troubled youth Michael Brown really was. That of course once released will not be covered by the liberal media and the bobble heads marching lock step in line with the Obama media. Right Barrack?

Anonymous said...

Carmine getting stuffed at thanksgiving. That post was very funny to beat the band. After all like my granddaughter says about kids in school he ain't all that he just thinks he is all that.

Anonymous said...

Little under 14 hours until the democrat thievery resumes. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Facebook has 2 different copies of flyers about events
Thanksgiving food Drive and the
Toy Drive

The sad part of both of them is the person who obviously did them cannot even remember her own name. On 1 it says Brittany Frederick and the other
Brittany Shea.

so, the point is No wonder our town website is such a disgrace.

PLus she makes sure she has her picture taken many times in all of the events photos on there.

This insanity has to stop. We are tired of paying for town hall parties.

The answer is yes said...




Is anyone there?

Is anyone investigating the political corruption?

Aberdeen Democrats Top 10 said...

Wake up Aberdeen STOP electing corrupt democrats.

What have DEMOCRATS REALLY done IN 20 years?

Senior housing promised INCOMPLETE

Factory development promised INCOMPLETE

Sewers in Freneau promised INCOMPLETE

Transit village promised INCOMPLETE

Cliffwood marina recreation area INCOMPLETE

Business improvement promised INCOMPLETE

Beachfront improvement promised INCOMPLETE

Freneau area development promised INCOMPLETE

Lower taxes promised INCOMPLETE

Open access to information promised INCOMPLETE

And these Democrats think they deserve reelection


Anonymous said...

The smoking club is so true and so sad and I bet it costs us plenty. Does management condone this or will they start a program to curb smoking by employees. I know where I work they're supposed to be far away from the building. It looks like our town stinks from the head. Truly sad what purports to be management and leadership in government these days.

Anonymous said...

PIO doesn't know her own name is almost as funny as our asshole of a Mayor saying that position would be responsible for improving the towns website. More lies that are so easily told from the mouth of a man whose lies flow so easily. Right Mayor Carmine?

100% embarrassing truth is said...

Obama held a big meeting today at the white house in regards to the Ferguson verdict and cops.

Invited to attend among some we've heard of are

Al Sharpton who owes over 4m in back taxes

Mayor Bill DeBlazio a failure as mayor of NYC

So far news outlets say Obama wants to put body cameras on 50k cops, limit military vehicle and armament uses by police organizations

And Obama wants 273m in tax money for it

Hey Obama

How about addressing how just this past weekend

11 shot 3 died in Newark
14 shot 4 died in Chicago

White cops in black areas is not the problem

Crime in the black community is the problem

97% of black people are killed by black people

Crime in the most every black community is committed by other black people from that exact same community

Will that be discussed today in the white house?

It won't because it doesn't fit the liberal agenda

Anonymous business owner said...

How can you say that Aberdeen doesn't recycle?

Didn't you see the big sign by town hall telling you to recycle?

Didn't you see those signs that tell you that recycling is this day or that day as you enter and exit your neighborhood?

Do you know it might be illegal if anyone other than our towns designated refuse contractor removes metal things like dishwashers, refrigerators, dryers and washers or anything else metal from in front of our houses?

Don't you think our entire community should be advised to call the police for any suspicious activity or the possible removal of any metal items that might be taken illegally from our towns streets?

Do you think our police officers and other town employees are told to watch out for the illegal thefts of such metal items that might cost us money or possibly cost our town by not qualifying for recycling requirements from such possible thefts?

What's that you say?

You wonder what?

You wonder if our towns officials and employees really do not care about actually having an effective community and business recycling program?

Do you really think because the town may have always qualified easily for the state and local grants the towns management says what's the big deal if no one in town really recycles as long as we get the money to cover costs?

What's that you say we may have employees who are not doing their jobs in enforcing recycling laws and making sure my fellow business owners and residents do actually recycle like they are supposed?

What's that you heard we may actually pay a recycling coordinator with our hard earned tax money?

What's that you say people may work in town hall specifically dealing with recycling and no one check their work?

What's that the booth I visited at the community day in regards to recycling was only there make people that live in town that our politicians and town management may care about recycling when the town really has no substantive recycling program?

What's that you say?

Where are the republicans to highlight this mess?

Have you forgotten our town is under democrat control for over 20 years now with nothing to show for it in so many ways?

What's that you think future generations count on us to recycle and to monitor our elected officials and those we pay?

What's that you can't imagine what it must be like to be a business owner and resident like me paying twice for the disregarding of what's best for us the taxpayers by those we elect and pay?

Have you forgotten we live in Corrupterdeen?

J Section neighborhood said...

My neighbor knocked on my door tonight reminding me about the meeting about the gateway area the mayor is trying hard to sell. A hard sell like the mayor is selling milk that is about to sour. Guess the mayor is working on his illegal retirement account to be paid for with our money. Then again giving in to the engineers and shaking down builders is well known to be the way of the democrats for years. Unfortunately that truth has run this town into financial ruin with the supposed spending of the towns surplus pointed out on here and in the towns budget. Not even honesty's nemesis Mark Coren would have never let that happen and even the mayor knows that.

Anonymous said...

You'd think the giant hole over by my sons school would yield some precious metals or at least the skeleton of a taxpayer or two who killed themselves over the highest taxes in the county here in Corrupterdeen. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

How far do people smokng outside a tax payer owned building have to be away from the entrances to allow the public to move freely.

Anonymous said...

I feel so sick today that I can't even ridicule the corrupt politicians killing this town under the laughable joke that is political leadership. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

On my way to see the big fat man at the mall and give him my list. Ironically I only want one gift this year. Guess what it is? Doo do doo do doo do doo
If you guessed my one gift is to have this town investigated from the top to bottom than you are correct.

Just left the big guy at the mall and it was interesting to say the least because he asked me for more of a list of presents I would like.

So as a backup to my first gift idea I asked the big guy if he can't deliver that gift this year because the investigation would take way too long because of the significant amount of corruption and thievery so I gave him another corrupt democrat gift idea.

I told him he could just have all of the people who've been illegally screwed out of money by the democrats over the last two decades could all meet in one place at one time to commiserate.

Guess what the big guy told me?

He told me he'd gladly do that but he said Met Life Stadium only holds 85,000 people that the aberdeen democrats have screwed over and that's nowhere near enough room.

Right Normie?

KC said...

How can any of you people complain about the cost to give health care coverage to all of the towns hard working employees that only costs us $1,730,000.00 a year? It's not like we want to eat or anything?

Anonymous business owner said...

What's that you say?

You're saying that Carmine is not the mayor?

Maybe somebody should tell him?

I mean he's the one that had all those big Shop Local signs to steer local traffic around our town to help our businesses improve local traffic by shopping local.

Anonymous said...

Who is going to play Santa at the Corrupterdeen tree lighting? We all know the mayor and his council elves will be there looking for votes. I'm going with Santa Normie making a guest appearance riding in his CME sled with all the corrupt money farting reindeer that will fart out all the campaign money for the next corruption based campaign for 2015.

12 days of Corrupterdeen said...

On the 12th day of Christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

No senior housing

On the 11th day of Christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

No transit village

On the 10th day of Christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

No sewers for us here in Freneau

On the 9th day of Christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

Political payback by buying contaminated property

On the 8th day of Christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

An old glass factory that is falling down to look at

On the 7th day of Christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

Lies that developments would lower our taxes

On the 6th day of Christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

Tax increase under the lies that it is for sewers

On the 5th day of Christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

A useless beachfront that is an embarrassment

On the 4th day of Christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

Ugly apartments on the parkway entry to our town

On the 3rd day of Christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

Patronage hirings to politically connected

On the 2nd day of christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

A useless business council that does nothing to help our businesses improve or acknowledge

On the 1st day of Christmas our corrupt politicians gave to us

Not one reason to ever vote for a democrat ever

Watching Part 2 said...

Another part in the question was: meeting dates, minutes and agendas for the governing body, planning board, board of adjustment and all commissions.

Over time we found missing dates, agendas, minutes both for council, planning and zoning.
As far as commissions, do we have any in Aberdeen. We do know that we never see any dates, agendas, minutes or information on Boards such as Recreation, Environmental, Aberdeen Economic Business Council, etc.

So, it appears that the people who are elected and appointed are not doing their due diligence by reading and verifying that the answers are all true.

Or is this just apathy on their part. indifference, lack of interest, lack of enthusiasm, lack of concern, unconcern, uninterestedness, unresponsiveness, impassivity, dispassion, lethargy,
“widespread apathy"

Didn’t we get a new website in June 2013 done by an acquaintance of a councilman who did it through Nation Builder at a cost of $5,000?

Looks like the Monmouth County Democrats used the same person and can’t update their website. Nothing changed on that website see example: (The following individuals were elected to a one year term as Caucus Chair by the Monmouth County Democrats Executive Committee in June of 2013.
Councilman Greg Cannon (Aberdeen) and Andrew Sobel, Esq. (Middletown) - Young Democrats Caucus)

Didn’t we get another new website in September 2014 cost and connection unknown?

The sad part of this whole mess is that the no one council or manager care and the website is still a shambles.

What happened to Gregory Cannon’s statement of transparency and all that good stuff he spouted?

We residents deserve HONESTY AND RESPECT from these people.

More to Come!

100% truth is said...

Leave this corruption filled town if you hate it. You have to k ow though before you leave that corrupt and liberal democrats are everywhere just like cockroaches.

W section said...



They deserve much more than that.

They deserve to be voted out.

Stop the democratic corruption next election.

Over and out 10-4 said...

You slept safe and sound last nigh because of us and you're welcome.

100% embarrassing truth is said...

Rainy day here in Corrupterdeen and with all the corrupt mayors council I ask you what do we taxpayers what do the democrats have to show for 20 years of political corruption?

100% true said...




Patronage hiring

Development tax savings promised not built

Tax savings promised not delivered for years

Beach property positives ignored for years

Sewers promised for years not delivered for years

Senior housing promised not delivered for years

Engineering and legal services flawed bid process

Ghost control of politicians by unelected bosses

Connected preservation of contaminated property

Unchecked medical insurance costs allowed

No efficiency studies of town services for savings

No real pay to play rules as required by state

Connected business owners group is self serving

Towns work patronage pit for paybacks

Community day is only for votes for politicians

Town never progresses forward in many ways

Keep electing democrats

SOS Aberdeen said...

The marina thing was never going to happen and the reason was as simple as K A U F F. As in Norman Kauff the lawyer who wasn't going to be able to steal enough money so no marina. like everything else listed in the post on 12/1 @ 6:26 in the morning nothing gets accomplished. You see the dems get nothing done unless there's plenty of money to line their pockets. It's the democratic way and just like on the national level where dems are screwing things up our dems just don't do anything and they're fine with that as long as we keep paying for their uselessness..

Huskie Mom said...

Congratulations to my son, his teammates and especially a job well done to the coaching staff from our championship win over Carteret Friday night. While the weather was bone chilling nothing could have kept us from going. While it's long overdue this win and title I think it shows what hard work and determination can result in. That win in addition to our children's sense of pride they share now can carry them throughout their lives when properly coached. That instilled pride along with the great sense of brotherhood and respect that my son and his teammates have learned through his time on the team. Once again a big thank you to the coaching staff for a job well done go Huskies you made us so proud.

Anonymous said...

There's no corruptionnin Aberdeen the D's say while their hands are all in our pocketbooks and wallets. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

How about that a championship for our football team. Way to go to all involved from the players and coaches to the cheerleaders and dance team along with the band and of course us parents also.

100% truth is said...

12 days of christmas was great and it was just like our politicians it was posted backwards. Normally that little ditty starts with the first day of christmas my true love gave to me not the twelfth day of christmas on down. That's why being exemplified backwards is great because this town never moves in a forward direction under these democrats

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen FACEBOOK Photos of Tree Lighting has owner of local school who is chairman of Aberdeen Economic Business Council with his wife and children/students from his school who
it appears performed some musical things for the evening.

Don't they live in Holmdel?

How many of those students are Aberdeen residents?

Norm said...


KC said...

Did I miss something because I read the post Watching 2 and it was informative but I don't recall reading a Watching 1. Could Mr. Warren check his archives for Watching 1?

Anonymous said...

Big storm coming tomorrow with lots if rain and wind. To bad it won't be enough to wash away the blood of us democratically abused taxpayers or also be enough of a windstorm enough wind to blow away the corrupt democrats killing this town to satisfy their masters.

I Section said...

Saw the signs for the menorah lighting on Dec 16 at town hall. Glad to see the town does something to recognize all religions in our community. I can't wait to see what they do for Kwanzaa. Maybe the mayor will improperly use the 911 call system again. Anything for a vote after all in this town anything for a vote.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear if they're still talking about a dog park by the beach?

100% true said...

I hear corrupterdeen is out and indictmentdeen is in

Anonymous said...

Really there's no crime in town ever?

Anonymous said...

Democrats are in fact the lowest of the low and their improper and immoral use of the media is disgusting and obvious affront to the constitution and the basis of what this great country has been allowed to become under democrat control and the liberal democratic parties giving away everything to those so now accustomed to the gimme gimme gimme mentality the democrats enable and use to control the ignorant, uninformed and lazy that keeps them in power This is our America under the democrats. If you doubt it why on the day the the architect of Obamacare is to be grilled in front of house committees that the report on the CIA report on the gathering of information was released as political cover for the Obamacare mess that will bankrupt the countries finances. Coincidence some say? I think not. Right Freddy boy?

CBeach and beyond said...

The dog park is what we expect from these dems since they're always shitting on us in the beach. Now they'll let their dogs shit on us to.

O said...

Man you people on here really watch these so called political leaders and their hangers on so closely

Don't get me wrong now

I really love it and it'd be great if they'd respond

Don't get me wrong now

Like me you all know they can't respond since they're guilty of everything that's written on here

Know why it's all true?

They cannot risk going to a court room

If it wasn't all true they'd respond or at least take legal action for a big payday

What am I saying?

We have got to know after all these years of corruption lawsuits don't pay as good as CME

You see the CME money is endless from us taxpayers and the builders getting turned upside down and shaken for every penny the D's can get

What are the D's going to do when there's no more property to build on?

What will the D's do to illegally fund the corruption campaigns we've lived under for too long?

What am I saying?

The D's corrupt leadership must continue

I must have lost my mind for a moment

The D's political corruption must continue

We can all be sure it will continue

The D's have worked that out already I think

Know how I came to that conclusion?

It's so simple if you think about it

It's a simple as the letters AEBC as in





Or as business owners like me in town call it

The AEBC which business owners like me call the





The older guy next door to our space calls it the



Bullshitters and the easily


Maybe it's me? said...



In Aberdeen?

No way there's crime in Aberdeen?

Know why?

If there was crime in Aberdeen our little community it would be listed in the newspapers?

Wouldn't it be listed like that to inform all of us?

Wouldn't that be the smart thing to do?

Would it be a part of policing to warn the public?

It's amazing what community policing really isn't?

Maybe I am wrong?

Maybe not informing the public is a smart thing?

Maybe I don't know what I am typing about?

Maybe I should have taken the test to be a cop?

Maybe I shouldn't have gone to college?

Maybe I shouldn't be a stockbroker?

Maybe I shouldn't be proud of what I do?

Maybe I am wrong that notifying the public through public advisories in newspaper articles of crime or criminal activity in the areas where we live would be the prudent thing to do?

What do you think my fellow Aberdeeners?

Anonymous said...

County: Monmouth
Printed In: Asbury Park Press, Neptune
Printed On: 2014/12/10

Public Notice:
TOWNSHIP OF ABERDEEN NOTICE OF DECISION PLANNING BOARD OF THE TOWNSHIP OF ABERDEEN On December 3, 2014, the Planning Board of the Township of Aberdeen did adopt a Resolution granting minor subdivision approval and site plan approval and the necessary variances for the applicant to construct a

75 multi-unit age restricted apartment building,

a 70 multi-unit affordable income family apartment building,

both of which shall meet all affordable housing cost requirements,

and a senior citizen center,

all to be constructed at a portion of the premises located at 100 Church Street, and designated as a portion of Block 39, Lot 1, in the Township of Aberdeen. The subject property is located in a redevelopment area. Said Resolution was granted in favor of the applicant, RPM Development, LLC (Aberdeen Family LP & Aberdeen Senior LP). . JEFFREY B. GALE, ESQ. Attorney for RPM Development, LLC 2814 Highway 35 P.O. Box 7 Hazlet, NJ 07730 ($28.50)

Does Aberdeen Town council REALLY think this is what we seniors of Aberdeen have been waiting for?

How did senior housing turn into "multi-unit affordable income family"on this property?

You should all be ashamed of yourselves!

Anonymous said...

What's the town going to do for kwanza that funny stuff. This year kwanza won't be recognized by the democrats. Next year though kwanza will be celebrated to ensure that voting block are happy with the democrats before Election Day. Got to have those votes locked in you know to continue the political corruption. I wonder if that voting block and the beach area voters will one day realize how ignored they are by our democrats. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Look at what I found today while searching for something else.


Six years and the Aberdeener is still going strong and people saying things
they some don't like guess it is "
they are guilty parties and the truth stings".

check out the last paragraph

About Exit 117A
Thanks for stopping by! Exit 117A is a blog about Aberdeen-Matawan and surrounding areas. Restaurant reviews, news, op-ed, entertainment, gossip, and more!

Archive for the ‘Aberdeener’ Category

Meeting of the Blogging Minds!

April 17, 2008

Last evening I had the pleasure to meet fellow local blogger and intrepid community reporter Aberdeener and his lovely family. While I am not an Aberdeen resident, I have been following his blog to keep up to date on the issues affecting the Aberdeen area.
I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, the political slant isn’t my beat. I certainly like to know what’s happening so I’m glad we have the Aberdeener, Matawan Advocate, and others who focus on the more political side of things. From meeting with and speaking with Joey, he has a good grasp on what’s happening, the ins and outs of the local government and school district, and he cares to investigate the facts. It’s encouraging to know we have people, like the Aberdeener, paying attention and not afraid to openly talk about what, I’m sure, many simply whisper about.

For this, however, he does get some flack. There are, obviously, some who don’t like what he writes about. Perhaps they are guilty parties and the truth stings. :) In any case, I give him a lot of credit for doing his thing. It was a pleasure to meet him as we share a lot of the same visions for ensuring a certain quality of life for all residents in this area and bringing the community together.

Anonymous said...

No corruptionnin Aberdeen? Hahaha

Funny but true said...

I wish I may

I wish I might

See the corruptocrats

Thrown in jail tonight

Thank you Mr. Warren said...

I agree Mr. Warren does a great service by hosting this site. That of course is despite the occasional assholes who try but fail to embarrass him. Those assholes who walk hand in hand with the democrat politicians who know that we know they are selling our town to the highest bidder.

I miss his idiocy said...

Where oh where is Ivanidiot?

Anonymous said...

I heard the meeting about the gateway project was cancelled. What happened did the mayor not have all of his puppets lined up. You know there's gotta be some political hanky panky going on if the meeting did'nt happen with a payday down the road for the corruptly connected. The mayor is just like all the rest of them to promise stuff and never deliver. Its the democratic way.

Anonymous said...

He's making his list checking it twice

Gonna find out who's naughty or nice

Guess who's not getting any presents for screwing over the towns taxpayers?

If you guessed the Aberdeen democrats like mayor Tag-liar-weenie and his town council elves of corruption then you win the booby prize.

100% embarrassing truth is said...

Do you know why the local politicians don't respond to all the postings, proofs, allegations of wrong doing and the highlighting of their political corruption. They're politicians and the first political lesson is to deny everything and anything that comes their way. The silence of the local politicians here in Aberdeen is especially insulting because of their silence. They think through their silence we and this site will lose interest and go away. I say think again to all of them who ignore that which we all know is their culpability in the corruption, thievery and illegality of the democrat leadership in Aberdeen.

HO HO HO said...

Only a few days left for the corruptocrats to confess their evil ways and get on Santa's good list. What am I saying? They're democrats and they're just liberally evil so never mind. Obviously Santa wants nothing to do with the democrats after what they've done to this country and especially Aberdeen.

Because they know they are all guilty said...

Creativity rules still on here and the guilt of the D's is evident in their overwhelming silence to all that appears on this site.

Ho Ho Ho said...

Ho Ho Ho you low life loser politicians in Aberdeen

You're ll just Ho's

As in whores

Just plain old democratically corrupt political whores

CBeach said...

Did they have that meeting about the property on the edge of town the dems want to get developed? If anyone went fill us in.

Anonymous said...

According to Aberdeen Township's website from the 2010 census there are 6,876 households.

So, to mail a first class letter at 48 cents a piece equals $3,300.48.

So, the town manager wasted $3,300.48 to send out letters to tell us our sewer rates are going up was irresponsible and ridiculous.

So, why not put a message on the sewer bills we just paid in November to notify us?

So, why if this was introduced at a council meeting on October 29 then again on November 4 why wait so long to tell us?

So, why was a public information notice not on website?

So, why did we not get an email about this?

Just another absolute waste of taxpayer money and total disregard for financial management and over sight on the mayor and council.

Anonymous said...

The beach across town get improved to get votes won't happen because the D's don't even know where the towns beach is. Right Freddy boy?

Business owner anonymous by choice said...

Kwanzaa is no less important to the corruptocrats than doing the right thing for us taxpayers and business owners. In other words just like the taxpayers and business owners the celebrants of Kwanzaa in our community will also be ignored. Much like us business owners and residents alike the only thing the corruptocrats care about is taking care of themselves and their friends. And they take care of themselves all of course on our dime. Or as in my case my two dimes as a resident and business owner.

Anybody but said...

Its almost 2015 and that's a big election in town. Its also time that we vote out the corrupto-crats here.

Anonymous said...

And the list of moral and costly corruption based political decisions continue here in Aberdeen. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Payday is the subject title of this post when the real title should have been the Aberdeen Illegal Paydays. Right Freddy boy?

Same broken record said...

Blame Mr. Warren for everything thats wrong in Aberdeen the D defenders would say. Know why they'll say that besides the fact that they're on the D corruption payroll. Its that simple cause the D's hate publicity much less all of their insider dealings that hurt and ignore the residents and taxpayers they've sworn an oath to God to represent becoming public.

Myself I don't think the D's have anything to worry about since the D's think no one cares in town. So lets say they're right and if no one reads about all the things the D's say will come to be that never happen its all Mr. Warren's fault.

So when our taxes go up because the council don't want or allow an efficiency study of town services its Mr. Warrens fault. When the economic business group never does anything to help 98% 0f the local businesses its all Mr. Warrens fault. When our beachfront area is allowed to become unusable and dormant despite the D's political literature at campaign time its all Mr. Warrens fault.

Its like the D's are a broken 45 record that goes round and round but never plays any music and all you hear is the whirling of the democratic machine going round and round with nothing to show fort it.

Anonymous said...

Interesting piece of information in yesterday's Asbury Press Press in the New Business part.

They had a new business listed as a billing service with an address at a private residence in Cliffwood.

We saw another several months ago that had the PR person on the Aberdeen Economic Business Council who we believe also serves as PR company for the town that has his home address where his business operates on a daily basis?

Is this allowed in our town?

Is there special licenses to have a business in your home?

Are there more taxes charged for this?

How does a person go about doing this legally?

Kim said...

Does anyone check for potholes in town? I ask that question since my street has several big holes at the entrance to our section. The town did pave a bit but down from there a bit is really bad, I would call town hall except I read on here that no one calls back. And e pay for this disservice amazes me.

Anonymous said...

I just heard at the bagel place I go to that the meeting about The condos on 34 was cancelled. Woman said she tried to stop another one over there before. She said many more people don't want the one up the way the pols are pushing.

Scooby Doo said...

Ruh Roh Shaggy looks like Velma screwed up again

Anonymous said...

You've gotta be more specific that that because town hall has a bunch of velmas and shaggys that do nothing all day. It is the democratic way. Right freddy boy.

Anonymous said...

So Velma is? Since Velma was a woman screwing up makes Velma an alias for someone who doesn't do their job? You've gotta be more specific if it's a female working for this town.

Charles street knows said...

Is the manager of the town is Velma. I saw her at the holloween candy thing I took my kid to. That day she was dressed up like the mean lady in the dalmaton movie with the crazy hair.

100% TRUTH said...

Shaaggy and Velma works for this site because it's more like Jugheads are running things here in Corrupterdeen.

Ho ho funny said...

My little boy sat on Santas lap today and he fell off onto the floor. Just then Santa looked down at Gary and apologized saying that Santas lap was really slippery because a whole bunch of politicians from aberdeen just got off his lap and they were really greasy.

Investigate now please said...

House next door is for sale all of a sudden so I went over and asked why. can't afford the taxes they said. More like they like the rest of us can't afford the democrats corrupt hands in everything they don't get accomplished. Sad to say there's nothing I can say to them other than I am not far behind them.

Anonymous said...

No corruptionnin Aberdeen ha ha ha

Anonymous by choice said...

Those big red and white signs all over town on vacant land read as follows

Aberdeen Township
Development Site
No Trespassing
Violators will be prosecuted

The truth be told?

What am I saying the truth be told in Corrupterdeen?

Must have been a Vietnam flashback?

Those big red and white signs all over town should read as follows to truthfully represent the political status of our towns taxpayers and businesses.

Suffering of course from being too long under the democrats control by a difference of 5% in the vote totals over the last couple of election cycles.

Aberdeen Township
Development Site for Corruption
No Trespassing
Developers who won't payoff will be persecuted

You got to read this said...

And the corruption rolls on in Aberdeen.

Read it and weep my fellow taxpayers.

Asbury Park Press December 19 2014

Township of Aberdeen
Ordinance No. 18-2014
*An Ordinance authorizing the acquisition for public use of fee simple title to real property designated as block 292 lot 1

Ordinance No. 18-2014 was passed and adopted at a regular meeting of the township council of the Township of Aberdeen held on December 16 2014.

Then as if by corrupt political magic guess what happened to the supposed *public use of fee simple property?

Township of Aberdeen
Ordinance No. 19-2014
*An ordinance authorizing the sale of the real property designated as block 259 lots 1 and 2 to Highview Homes at Aberdeen pursuant to the local redevelopment and housing law.

I looked up the block and lot and this is the same area across town that Mayor Tag-liar-weenie was pushing about a year ago. If I remember it was labeled the Gateway to Aberdeen.

Gateway to Aberdeen?

More like Gateway to illegal political payoffs.

Looks to me that one grimy politicians hand took property owned by us the taxpayers and then that exact property went into our politicians filthy pockets and then that same property unashamedly the taxpayers property gets sold for a price that is not disclosed in the newspaper article.

Anyone surprised the sale price was not disclosed?

Of course not after all we live in Corrupterdeen

Anonymous said...

7.Days until Christmas and you know what that means in town. They can arrest 1 mayor and 6 councilcrooks every day until the big guy comes down the chimney.. Talk about a happy holiday season.

Amazing Aberdeen said...

Why send out a Fall 2014 town newsletter and have it arrive on December 20th just ONE day before Winter begins?

Manager and council need to check the calendar and see that Fall began on September 23rd and ends today, December 20th.

Anonymous business owner said...

What a traffic nightmare in corrupterdeen today. Too bad all the drivers stuck in traffic can't look up and see a billboard in our town that says something like shop local or support our local businesses. So glad the towns business council is our idiot town council thinks is what's best for the local businesses. Of course the business council members that were handpicked politically ignorantly ignores the very businesses they say they are helping but are not helping since the first day. It most like everything else that goes on in town never does what it says it will.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Township FACEBOOK ENTRY

December 16 at 10:20am

Please be reminded that Future Sanitation is no longer under contract with Aberdeen Township. Suburban Disposal Inc. is now in charge of regular pick-up and bulk pick-ups. The number to contact Suburban Disposal is 1-800-339-1757.

What happened with the bid/contract with Future?

GEE, guess the manager and council are still not trying to hard to inform residents of things changing/going on in this town.








WHY is the town using Facebook when most people do not use it?

Facebook page states only 750 likes with 3 visits.

Proof that not many people use it so why keep putting town information on when it is not accessible to most residents?

Kim said...

The name of the character in the 101 dalmations movie was Cruella Deville.

Taxpayer toilet paper said...

It's here

It's here

It's finally here

What's here?

The Aberdeen Update Fall 2014

The Aberdeen Update is also known as

The Aberdeen Democrats show and not tell

Show and not tell?

If you've lived here a while and are a frequent reader of this site you'll already know what democrats show and not tell really means.

So let's see what show and not tell really means as I delve into the newsletter from start to finish. We must recognize that the newsletter is just the first tax payer funded democrat party campaign literature piece to soon fill our mailboxes before Novembers election day voting season. Read it and weep my fellow taxpayers since I fear it's only the first of many democratic lies to be sent our way on our dime. Respond with your insights and opinion on the christmas present the democrats call the Aberdeen Update if you can bare to read it without a vomit bag on your lap.

Here's an update for our democrats in town hall. We know it's just political bullshit plain and simple beside it's glossy pages that will come in handy if we taxpayers run out of toilet paper. So to my fellow taxpayers I suggest you read it on the toilet and save time by not recycling it. Just flush it down the toilet after you wipe your a_ _. After all it's just more democrat shit they're dumping on us.

Social geeks playing games said...

Facebook we don't need no freakin facebook. That is why the town uses it since the website isn't any good so they use use facebook. Facebook that you have to join covers the corrupt actions and that goes back to the hide and seek post. If you are into illegal stuff hide it from those who seek it. Keep electing democrats to keep the town going nowhere but down the drain.



Cutting Edge Technology – License Plate Readers

While this is an addition to the Police Department maybe they should go back onto the roads so residents see them.
How about having some cop cars on Route 34 and stop the fools using the middle lane as their private fast lane from Cambridge Drive to Lloyd Road?
We see it all the time but of course there is never a cop around when you need one. Tickets galore could be issued and safety improved.

Does it really stand for Hazlet, Holmdel, Aberdeen and Matawan? For many years it was only 3 towns Hazlet, Aberdeen and Matawan so we ask when did Holmdel become part of it.
Our 2014 calendar only lists the original 3 towns.

Missing piece of information is:
key point being the town manager’s daughter is the Director.

Is she acting or as it was said in recent Independent story about this building it said she is the Director now.
Another political patronage hiring.

Was this job posted as civil service position?


Lenny K said...

Do the math Aberdeen voters when you see 750 likes with 3 visits to any social media site the town uses for some reason it isn't working. To me it is not getting information out to most of us conveniently. It's not enough for sure in getting the word out to residents, taxpayers or business owners much less shows proof of what our supposed leadership does or doesn't do on our behalf.

We are the community and this member of the community isn't satisfied with what purports to be our leaderships use of social media when finding out about our community in many forms needs to be better available and not so hard to find. Whether it be a synopsis of meetings or what the council is voting on the use of face book with 3 visits does very little really. It has been called for before and I call for it again that our towns meetings need and we deserve to have them available on Channel 15. With all of our too busy lives this is the least we should be able to see from our kitchens making dinner or at another time that's convenient for us.

Experience pays off? said...

The trucks I saw picking up garbage the other day said Roselle not Suburban on the side of it as per the prior post about a change in trash companies. This towns D's really have to get their misinformation right. Wait a big political corruption minute. Maybe the press babe is finally doing her job regarding political misinformation. Looks like she might be on her way to Washington DC to lie for the big boys after her misinformation time here in Corrupterdeen.

Anonymous said...

Changes in contractors?

Patronage hiring?

Developmental proposals never completed?

Senior housing promised never completed?

Transportation village promised never completed?

Lower taxes promised never attained?

They're democrat liars so what do you expect?

A rubber biscuit?

Charles street asks said...

Does the town itself put the newsletter together. Or does that friend of Kauff get paid really good to do it.

Anonymous said...

If you're a friend if Normie you get taken care of. They're democrats and that's the rule if you're on team Norm. I'm willing to bet even the old manager imprisobed for child luring still gets a check.

Please Santa said...

I only hope the FEDS come in on christmas eve and wrap up all of our corrupt politicians in one big indictment present for us tax payers. Bow and wrapping paper optional of course.

Truth be told said...

Looks like the school board has a christmas list of spending for building improvements yet again. Is it me or didn't they send or better defined misspend 38m about 9 years ago? If we could keep an eye on the spending this time around so we don't get a big monolith design like in the front of the high school that has no roof. Roof was something former school super Bruce Quinn walked out after construction and asked where the roof was. He was told a roof wasn't planned so what you see over there now with columns and all was just one of the idiotic things approved and by those who cannot be held accountable. Thus is school management at the top and if you follow the towns spending it is as much idiotic as the school is.

Anonymous said...

My child attends the HAM program, and Holmdel came on board this year. This is one of the best programs around. The acting director was a counselor for several years and is very qualified for the position. She is a special ed high school teacher with a masters in special ed, she also runs a special needs program in another town and used to teach dance to special needs kids. She is way more qualified than the previous director who was a bus driver. The program is even better now with her leadership. As for knowing when Holmdel came on board all you need to do is to read the agendas and the meeting minutes to know what is going on.

Anonymous said...

To You got to read the posted at 2:47 on December 19th - I looked up the block and lot on the monmouth county tax board website and it is the first aid building at 651 prospect ave, cliff wood beach and the other block 259 lots 1 & 2 are located on Harrison by the train station -dont know where you looked up the block and lot but its not where you said - better check your facts



Guess they all had memory lapses or are they just plain old trying to hide all these things goings since there are so many projects they are trying to push through.

Namely, Hidden Village, Glassworks, Senior Housing along with Family oriented affordable housing plus train station redevelopment which includes housing and a few more smaller ones.

No tax relief for taxpayers since many appear to be under the ‘PILOT” program which means “PAYMENT IN LIEU OF TAXES” meaning it will not help with school taxes just the town who will use as they want.


Same old rhetoric, nothing about IT’S THE LAW.

Nothing that states any consequences if you do not recycle.

Nothing that it is state law to not put out televisions and computers with regular trash/or recyclables.


EBC is a farce.

Why don’t they promote what other towns do “Shop Local” and really support the businesses in Aberdeen?


What a funny opening line, “as winter approaches” gee, that would tomorrow December 21st a day after we got this so called update.

What about information on when it snows, do not shovel your snow into street especially after it is plowed?

What about move your cars so plows can get through?

Are these tickets/tows in the making, if so is it enforced?


Does anyone ever read this thing they call update before it is sent to us?

Why is Future Sanitation on here if the company does not work in our town anymore?


Holding pattern said...

I heard something today and all I can say is our prayers may have been answered. I'm checking some more before I disclose any more. If it's true all I can say is holy shit this could be really big.

Ret said...

Transportation village yeah right

Anonymous business owner said...

Election time is coming my fellow oppressed taxpayers and my fellow oppressed business taxpayers here in Aberdeen. Looking over the last years and prior elections we can look forward to many supposed improvements being announced and financial outlays by the towns so called leaders over. For most readers of this site along with those of us whose disdain for politicians is always on full alert know better. Actually most of the announcements or better yet promises or more precisely the democratic lies will come between January 1 and the end of October or just before the next election is held. If things stay as has been historic in Aberdeen senior citizens, sewers, students and intramural sports will receive the most lies I mean promises to cater to those segments. It has worked before unfortunately so they'll run the same game plan.

Got to go last minute client.

Anonymous said...

Hi to all the corruptocrats in Corrupterdeen. Looks like another year of coal in your sticking since you accomplished nothing which kept you on Santas naughty list. Right Freddy boy?

Twas the night before Corruptchristmas in Aberdeen Democrat's style said...

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house

Not a creature was stirring not even corruptionmouse

The corruptcouncil stockings were hung by the chimney with care

In hopes that the taxpayers anti-Christ CME soon would be there

The towns taxpayers children were all scared in their beds afraid that because of the high taxes no christmas presents would be there

While visions of no christmas presents because of the towns politically corrupt danced in their heads

When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter

I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter

Away to the widow I flew like a flash

Tore open the shutters and threw up the sash

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow

Gave the lustre of mid-day to the oppressed taxpayers crying and wailing below

When what to my wondering eyes should appear

But a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer

With a little old nasty driver, so lively and quick

I knew in a moment it must be the taxpayers anti-Christ Dave Samuels of CME

More rapid than eagles they came to steal our tax monies

As he whistled, and shouted and called the corrupted by name

Now corrupted town lawyers

Now Mayor Taglairini

Now Deputy Mayor Montone and Brenner

To the top of the porch and to the top of the wall

Now Martucci and Swindle on kelley on Cannon

To the top of the useless solar panels to the top or town hall

Now dash away, dash away, dash away all

So up to the home top the courses they flew

With the sleigh full of toys and the anti-Christ Dave samuel too

And then in a twinkling I heard on my roof

The prancing and pawing of each little hoof

As I drew in my head and was turning around

Down my chimney the anti-Christ Dave Samuels CME came with a bound

He was dressed all in expensive taxpayer funded furs from his head to his foot

With a bundle of toys he had flung on his back

Hey he stole my kids toys like a typical democrat

A wink in his eye and his hed spinning completely around like the exorcist that he is

Soon gave me to know our town was soon to be dead

While he spoke not a word, but went straight to his work

By robbing the taxpayers futures from their stockings, then he turned with a jerk

Laying a finger on the side of his nose

And giving a nod, up the chimney he rose

He sprang to his sleigh, to his team of corrupt politicians he then gave a whistle

And when they all flew away like the down of a thistle

But I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight

Another democratic thieving Christmas and to all and to all he said a thoroughly corrupt Good Night

Anonymous said...

Twas was so funny and so true the democrats are killing this town.

Kim said...

Merry christmas to the fans and bloggers on here. Please enjoy your families and friends today and most importantly keep Jesus in the season.

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly corrupt goodnight is dead on. The taxpayers have no idea how fucked up the town hall operation truly is. Right Freddy boy?

W sec said...

Town hall is closed today so if you listen really close you can hear the corruptocrats crying. F em all I say to all of them for their greed filled actions.

Anonymous said...

Response to December 22 at 8:13pm regarding HAM program

Looks and sounds like MOMMA BEAR (aka Aberdeen Town Manager) is speaking out.

“The acting director was a counselor for several years and is very qualified for the position.”

Is she a resident of Aberdeen?

Was the position advertised so other qualified candidates could have had an opportunity to secure employment?

So, again we ask is she acting director or director?

Or was this a mistake on the part of the person who does the newsletter or the person who submitted the information?

Also, is it a full or part time position and what is the salary?

We did not question the “Director’s” qualifications nor did we request her resume which we think could only come from someone who knows her quite well.

Our point was:
Missing piece of information is:

key point being the town manager’s daughter is the Director.

Another political patronage hiring.


Was this job posted as civil service position?

As far as disparaging the former person in charge of HAM with your comment “She is way more qualified than the previous director who was a bus driver. The program is even better now with her leadership."

Your lack of professionalism is showing big time.

Didn’t the former director retire recently having done the job for many years which we would guess had to be more than a bus driver?

Doesn’t the HAM program fall under the Recreation Department?

What role does the department head of recreation have in the HAM program?

We had heard he had asked seniors who attended exercises classes at the senior center on Noble Road to teach the HAM group exercises and they did it.

How are they qualified to do this with a special population of people?

We want to know how the elected “officials” of our town can allow this to continue to go on.

ETHICS missing in Aberdeen is the name of the game at taxpayers’ expense.

We wonder if all of this hiring of daughters, wives, sons, nephews and friends is LEGAL!

Kim said...

I hear from a neighbor one of the old time fire commissioners passed away unexpectedly. Anyone know who died. They all do so much for all of us and we don't know most of the time who they are these community volunteers are. I would ask for prayers to be offered in his name and to remember them in church or temple this weekend. God bless our volunteers and emergency workers.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Dec 25 9:52 says town hall is a mess. No way the corruptocrats would tell you that. Everything is just fine in townhall and we on this blog don't know what we're talking about the dems will tell us. Right Freddy boy?

100% truth is said...

Happy holidays

Happy holidays

May the merry bells keep ringing

Happy holidays to you

Not to the mayor and town council do these wishes go to

Happy holidays to my fellow oppressed taxpayers
here in the once fine and progressive town of Aberdeen now so aptly named Corrupterdeen under the democrats killing this town.

As 2015 approaches said...

5 days until another year of democratic promises go
unfulfilled. Keep electing democrats if you like higher taxes and the towns leadership and management remains idle and our quality of life suffers.

Anonymous said...

Chairman Huza retired from Environmental board after serving in that position since 2007.

Who is the new Chairperson?

CBeach said...

Norm you suck and your little council dogs do too

Anonymous said...

Louis “Lou” Auriemma, 81, of Keyport, passed away, Wednesday, December 24, 2014, at Bayshore Community Hospital, Holmdel. Born in Long Branch, he resided most of his life in Keyport. For many years, he was the District Chief of the Aberdeen Fire Company #1; and a volunteer fireman for over 60 years. He was a member of the Relief Association; the Bayshore Chief Association; the State of NJ Chiefs Association; and the OEM of Aberdeen Association. He served his country in the Army from 1956 to 1962.

Lou was predeceased by his parents, Francis and Rose (Peluso) Auriemma; and siblings, Tony, Bill, Carmen, Ralph, and Frank Jr. Auriemma, Angelina Ferrante and Millie Siano. He is survived by his beloved wife, Carol (Wilson) Auriemma; siblings, Margaret Cahill, Nancy Auriemma, Mary Megill and Lois Nicora; and many loving nieces and nephews. He will be dearly missed by all who knew and loved him.

Family and friends are invited Sunday, December 28, 2014, from 2-4PM and 6-9PM, at Day Funeral Home, 361 Maple Place, Keyport, NJ 07735; and Monday, December 29, 2014, 8:30AM at the funeral home, with a 9:15AM Mass of Christian Burial at St. Joseph RC Church, Keyport. Entombment will follow at St. Joseph Mausoleum, Keyport. In lieu of flowers donations in Lou's name can be made to the Aberdeen Township Hose and Chemical Co. #1 100th Anniversary Fund, 490 Lloyd Rd, Aberdeen NJ 07747. To post an online condolence to the family or for directions to the funeral home, please visit

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