Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bully Pulpit

At an open town meeting on December 16, 2014, the town council told Mr. Rizkalla
  1. The township’s million dollar water project did not cause flooding in his house
  2.  Had two experts visit his house who “cannot tell us anything the Township did is causing water in your basement”
  3. Will not release the reports of those “two experts”
  4. Offered Mr. Rizkalla $19,000 to go away
  5. That he’s welcome to get a lawyer and sue
Does that sound like the town is being honest?

Here’s another piece to consider.

The township is blocking disclosure of the engineer reports based upon the reports are protected “work product” prepared in anticipation of legal action. Fair enough. The reports probably are “work product.” However, in our country, the government works for us. Governmental institutions don’t enjoy the same rights to privacy as individuals. Freedom of Information Laws and the Open Public Records Act codify the public’s right to government records with certain exceptions.

Work product is a limited exception. As the town attorney surely knows, on July 21, 2014, in Martin E. O’Boyle v. Borough of Longport, the Supreme Court of New Jersey affirmed the public’s “common law right of access”. The court further held as follows:
The attorney-client privilege shields the disclosure of documents otherwise accessible under OPRA . . . In order to determine whether the common law right of access applies to a particular set of records, a court must first determine whether the documents in question are public records. Second, the party seeking disclosure must show that he has an interest in the public record. If the record is privileged, the requestor must articulate a particularized need. Finally, once an interest is established, the burden shifts to the public entity to establish that its need for non-disclosure outweighs the plaintiff s need for disclosure. [Emphasis added]
The engineer’s reports are plainly public documents. Mr. Rizkalla has a “particularized need” in knowing if the township turned his home into a fish tank before he spends $100,000 to remediate the basement. Mr. Cannon, an attorney and town council member speaking on behalf of the town council, stated emphatically that the engineering reports do not show the township has any liability.

If so, how can the public’s need for non-disclosure outweigh Mr. Rizkalla’s need to know?

And that’s the crux of the matter. Mr. Rizkalla has the law on his side but the township has taxpayer money. The council can spend hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on legal fees and stretch the court battle over years. Mr. Rizkalla cannot.

Mr. Rizkalla is not a rich man. Mr. Rizkalla’s home is flooded and likely has mold issues.

So the town council, acting on behalf of the public’s welfare, offers Mr. Rizkalla some money and tells him to take it or sue.

Welcome to the bully pulpit.

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Matawan guy said...



Are you serious?

Aberdeen and its political leadership is thoroughly corrupt and has been and will be until the democrats are not the majority or much less the only political party in power as has been for two decades now unfortunately.

This man your neighbor and fellow taxpayer got screwed by the politicians in your town and the rest of you taxpayers paid the bill. So keep electing democrats because it's what you deserve. I booked my flight back and arrive the night before the parade so I can only hope your politicians don't show up because it's a parade not a circus that needs clowns.

Anonymous said...

No one should be surprised at the township action or lack of action. What the township officials are saying is shut up and pay your taxes. By the way, was the engineer the recipient of a no bid contract because of a campaign contribution.?

Done deal said...

That meeting was a total waste of our time since the crooks on the council had this a done deal before the presentation even started. I mean come on I am not an engineer or specialist on space for something like this but even I know there are going to be so many cars in that place. I wonder where the parking garage will be because they'll need one for sure. Heck it is so plain to see how the deal was all back room and we neighboring property owners didn't me a thing to our supposed leaders and their minions.

Union proud said...

Joey we heard what's going on so stand your ground. They know they're in the wrong and nobody in there is doing what they are supposed to do and the council is to blame for letting it happen.

Levitt said...

I don't care. We don't have basements in Strathmore.

Norm said...


Over and out 10-4 said...

Clowns is dead its a three ring circus at town hall.

Kim said...

That man should call the attorney general over this. Even if only half of what Mr. Warren writes on here about the situation is true this stinks to high heaven. Politicians of either party have long since forgotten that they work for us.

Anonymous said...

We found this on Monmouth County website.

Does Aberdeen encourage residents to do this?

We have never seen any e-mails or heard any information on code Red calls.

Time for Aberdeen management to get their act together and prepare for next winter. Start early and spread the word so everyone knows what to do in stormy weather.
Not the piece meal junk that came out this year that changed each time we got a Code Red call.

Residents asked to keep
fire hydrants clear from snow

Shovel a three foot perimeter around hydrants

FREEHOLD, NJ – Monmouth County officials are urging residents to clear away snow from fire hydrants so that the hydrants are easily accessible in case of an emergency.

It is very important for fire hydrants to be kept clear of snow so they are visible and accessible from the street.

“If you’re out shoveling snow, please take some time to help clear a nearby fire hydrant,” said Freeholder John P. Curley, liaison to the County Fire Marshal’s Office. “Every second counts if a fire breaks out, so a cleared fire hydrant can make a significant difference in helping out firefighters and saving property in your neighborhood.”

A three-foot radius around a hydrant is best. With freezing overnight temperatures, snow can turn into ice, which could freeze the hydrant making it useless when firefighters need it most.

“When a lot of snow has fallen, it may be tempting to move snow from around your car or sidewalk to any available open space; but it is important to keep fire hydrants clear,” said Fire Marshal Henry Stryker III. “Our firefighters thank you in advance!”

Doesn't Aberdeen have a employee that is supposed to inform residents and send out this type of important information?


With Aberdeen Town Council.

They are a sorry lot of individuals.

How can they not help a resident with troubles that were created by the town engineer?

Sounds like they want an easy way out so they tell resident to sue.


Anonymous said...

Here's some advice for the man so obviously getting screwed over politically in the corruption filled hamlet of Corruterdeen New Jersey.

Firstly homowner should question Hydrostatic Pressure changes to the all of the surrounding neighboring properties besides the mans property featured in this posting subject.

Secondly he must question the possible geoligical changes that could have or did occur or were even expected to occur from the project engineering study, reports or design on the area.

Thirdly and finally the qualifications of those it seems that were hired to analyze the design if not the entire affects on the mans home or property since any individual should have or must have been experience if not in fact certified or degreed to conduct such an analysis not merely cover the engineering fun the community hired.

The other important thing is the official denial of the information in the stated excuse that same is work related or due to pending litigation expected. That would only be in place or could in fact be used in such an informational denial had legal litigation in fact been filed with any analysis being conducted or requested and only after the filing of any legal action by the homeowner not as reported was a possibility.

From the outside looking in this entire situation seems to be a typical political coverup for a political relationship that is known to be covering for very large and expensive mistakes in design and costs to the taxpayers and the resident if not residents properties.

Anonymous and retired dabbler in the law

Anonymous said...

Levitt you're an asshole

Norm feel free to yawn on my a_ _

Town leaders our ass

Sad, funny and sadly true said...

Wait a second am I reading that our politicians did something to hurt a town resident? No way not here in Aberdeen absolutely not. I mean our honest and moral officials would never put themselves before the residents and businesses in this community. I mean come on this is Aberdeen Maryland and we are proud and satisfied with our elected officials and they serve us well.

What's that?

What did you just say to me?

Aberdeen where?

Aberdeen New Jersey you said?

Oh shit I screwed up everyone in the world knows that Aberdeen New Jersey is totally in the bag for the selfishly corrupt democrat party.

Anonymous said...

Disgraceful and not standing up for what's right is the democratic way. Right Freddy boy?

Commuter Ken said...

Obviously the ticket guys money isn't buying salt to remove the ice down here. It's an absolute mess down here an maybe it's just me and all the commuters slipping and sliding on all this ice going to our cars today are fine with it.

100% truth is said...

Whatever the developers showed anyone last night does not matter one bit because it is all a lie? This whole thing was an insider only politically corrupt deal from the first time our ever deceitful Mayor Fred Tag-liar-weenie opened his mouth about the Gateway to Aberdeen. Tag-liar-weenie is the one who also single handedly spearheaded this back room and all too typical dirty political deal that has no benefit to us tax payers.

So all the way from his first sentence about this thing and up until last nights show and tell or better yet and most truthful show and not tell presentation it is all a lie. A lie of course to the community at large while also being a public presentation they had to do if only to prop up the big political that was the well orchestrated presentation last night.

So yes this was and is all only about illegal payoffs made to our local elected officials as a payback from and for his Tag-liar-weenies political pals. Payoffs of course expertly hidden from public view as Norm the evil of everything that is politically dishonest in Aberdeen always demands. Norm Kauff who we can all be sure corruptly schooled Tag-liar-weenie. Tag-liar-weenie who is a man of sorts who is now so well versed on how to promise the voters everything and never really deliver even one benefit as has been the past two decades of useless democrat town councils.

That is the truth of Mayor Fred Tag-liar-weenie and his sort that we unfortunately know as his town council of puppets. So you may ask how do I know that all this is true? There is just one simple Aberdeen politically corrupt historical answer. Everyone involved in this are low life democrats that will profit off of this development at our expense from the joke that is the PILOT lie. That's how I and any of you reading this post will know it is all the 100% useless democrat party truth when the development costs s more well into the future with school children costs and far worse.

So I plead that we stop electing democrats and save Aberdeen or more truthfully what the democrats have left us of our Aberdeen. I say what is due to the totally inadequate democrat leadership style that is similar to watching a rat running on a wheel while as the watcher we clearly know the rat is really going nowhere like our Aberdeen. That is the true exercise of last nights futile presentation to the public.

That my fellow Aberdeeners is our Aberdeen under the democrats. Our town is going absolutely nowhere like the rat on the wheel and it's without one hesitation from myself is the singular fault of the democrats who call themselves our communities political leadership.

Anonymous said...

November 13, 2014 Aberdeener Article


Says it ALL!


It Means for

Select employees – family, friends and then some


Developers who get PILOT-Payment in Lieu of Taxes for their project

(2013- 454,188.70 Realized in Cash)

(2014 budget has 655,000.00 that they were banking on in cash)


Since the monies do not go to taxes to help offset the taxpayers cost,

Where is the money going and for what purpose?

Somewhere/Somehow the Council must be getting rewarded/compensated for pushing through the many development projects being approved and affecting our quality of life with overcrowding, more traffic, more school children which equals more school buildings, more taxes, etc.

Individuals my ass said...


The Aberdeen town council are individuals you say?

Individuals you've got to be kidding?

They don't have one individual thought amongst the group of them

Know why?

It's simple

It's corruptly simple

They are democrats

Worse yet they are Aberdeen democrats

They are handpicked

They all have skeletons in their closets

Know what that means for us taxpayers and residents?

We are so screwed

Know how we can prove that so easily

It is corruptly simple democratically corruptly simple

Here is how you can know it's true

There are 7 of them and most of them don't say or do anything at council meetings for big money

Want proof?

Read the town council minutes on the towns lame ass website

Most of the council don't say a word ever

Just read the council minutes for proof

Want proof?

They are Aberdeen democrats

As Aberdeen democrats that=political corruption

They are Aberdeen democrats

And as Aberdeen democrats they are

Told what to say

Told what not to say

Told how to vote each and every time

It is just that corruptly simple and costly to us taxpayers because they do not have one individual thought amongst them

Same for the Aberdeen Economic Business Council

Same for the Planning Board

Same goes for the Zoning Board

They are all mindless robots

They are all nothing more than puppets

They are all Aberdeen democrats nothing more

Right Mayor Fred Tagliarini?

Such a disappointment said...

The meeting went well I hear. Just too bad it went well for the corruptocrats of corrupterdeen at the expense of the towns tax payers of course. Right Coach Taggy Tags?

Got to get paid yo said...

Anyone notice how the largest number of apartments for the underprivileged are in Cliffwood. And they want our votes for the next election. Democrats better be paying more for each household this year is all I can say.

former worker said...

Show and not tell you have no idea. I hear very soon though that everyone in town will hear. They finally screwed with the wrong person to much. I cannot wait cause it has finally happened if it's true what I heard. Having been on the receiving end of the towns messing with people except I got out just in time.

Larry said...

The towns million dollar water project did not cause this mans problem the elected liars of the town say. Myself I say bullshit to that and I call it the lie that it is. You may as well tell me the council isn't totally corrupt and is really only covering for the engineers that screwed this all up. Once the politicians tell a lie everything they say after the first lie is and has to always be another lie. That is politics at its most basic of course. Sorry since this is Aberdeen with an all democrat mayor and council it is the political lie.

100% truth is said...

Obama says that the first time he heard about Hillary Clinton not using governmental email as she is supposed to do was on the news.

Where have we heard that before?

Each and every time Obama gets caught having no fucking idea what is going on in his administration.

In other words we have heard the idiotic news excuse too many times from Obama administration that if you remember was going to be the most transparent administration in history.

Transparency does not exist with Democrats.

That's the truth

That's the whole truth

And that's nothing but the truth

So help us God get rid of all Democrats

Anonymous said...

Democrat thought for the day

Senator Robert Menendez (D) NJ is under investigation for corruption for doing favors for a big political contributor in return for monetary compensation or questionable campaign contributions.

Sound familiar with our own (D) politicians doing favors in Aberdeen in return for possible monetary compensation or questionable campaign contribution?

Imagine that politicians questionably accepting money or questionable campaign contributions.

Good thing CME and the others employed by our politicians are all honest and beyond reproach.

Sure they are?

Right Freddy boy?

Norm is not involved anymore Hahahaha said...

A done deal you say before the apartment complex presentation even started. It was a done deal the minute the mayor told the council the following words *** This is what Norm is telling us to do now that is a direct violation of many laws along with of course our oath of office and the thing that will screw over the already highest taxed residents in the county and finally the business owners we ignore at every opportunity despite the useless business group we handpicked and use to illegally solicit campaign contributions. That is the truth about our Aberdeen under the do nothing D's.

Truth, God and those evil democrats said...

Senator Robert Menendez says the following in regards to his latest questions related to his political favors done for a Florida doctor.

"Let me be very clear, I have always conducted myself appropriately and in accordance with the law."

In Aberdeen not one person involved with the democrats can say that. The mayor, council, engineers, attorneys, zoning or planning board none of them can say that because they are all immoral, dishonest and have been corrupted by politics at the expense of the taxpayers, voters and business owners of this once fine community.

That is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God save our Aberdeen from these democrats.

Anonymous said...

Just because we went to that meeting and a vote to approve it was taken in the affirmative doesn't mean it's a done deal. From history with these so called politicians many votes have been taken with nothing built.

Anonymous said...

Skeletons in their closets these people our supposed officials have Long Island sized cemetery's of skeletons in their closets. For those of you who don't know it Long Island NY has tremendous cemeteries with probably over a mllion skeletons at least. So that means Long Island has just a few more skeletons then our crooked politicians have in their closets or highly questionable backgrounds. Having lived not far from those cemetery's I can tell you they are as big as this town and far more so that's a shitlaod of skeletons. Right Feeddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Menendez objected and was publicly critical of Obama so that's why he's under the microscope of the Obama liberal media types.

Word to the wise to manger said...

None of you people get it yet. The mayor and his lackeys will not have anything happen to them for all of their corrupt practices and decrees. That manager is the one that will be hung out to dry. The signatures of the mayor and the others are not on the paperwork or the decisions affecting the town. The manager on the other hand is in deep. I hope she's making copies of everything for her sake. Our CEO and CFO got canned a while back and they ended up pinning it all on an underling. A while ago someone suggested the word lawyer up. I think the manger is the one who has to lawyer up.

Anonymous said...




to use the tonnage grants to develop new municipal recycling programs and to continue and to expand existing programs;

what new municipal recycling programs do we have?

what has been done to continue and to expand existing programs?

We hope that you do not consider those signs put up as reminder to recycle as a new program.
Just a Waste of time, energy and money.

Another Joke
designates Robert Brady, Recycling Coordinator.


the Mandatory Source Separation and Recycling Act P.L. 1987, c102, has established a recycling fund from which tonnage grant may be made to municipalities in order to encourage local source separation and recycling
programs; and

it is the intent and the spirit of the Mandatory Source Separation and Recycling Act to use the tonnage grants to develop new municipal recycling programs and to continue and to expand existing programs; and

the New Jersey
Department of Environmental Protection has promulgating
recycling regulations to implement the Mandatory Source Separation and Recycling Act; and

the recycling regulations impose on municipalities certain requirements as a condition for applying for tonnage grants, including but not limited to, making and keeping accurate, verifiable records of materials collected and claimed by the municipality; and

a resolution authorizing this municipality to apply for such tonnage grants for calendar year 2014 will memorialize the commitment of the municipality to recycling and to indicate the assent of the Township Council of the Township of Aberdeen to the efforts undertaken by the
municipality and the requirements contained in the Recycling Act and recycling regulations; and

such a resolution should designate the individual authorized to ensure the application is properly completed and timely filed.

by the Township Council of the Township of Aberdeen that it hereby endorses the submission of the recycling tonnage grant application to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection and

designates Robert Brady, Recycling Coordinator, to ensure that the application is properly filed.

that the monies received from the recycling tonnage grant be
deposited in a dedicated recycling trust fund to be used solely for the purpose of recycling

Plow crew said...

They just fired that guy former worker so you know. So that problem is over for us and the town.

Anonymous said...

7:00 and all is well

Except in Aberdeen that is




No one checks the checkers said...

Deposited in a designated recycling trust fund?

To be used for the purpose of recycling?

Man this blog gets funnier every corrupt D day.

Are you kidding me?

There is no recycling plan in Aberdeen and all you have to do is look around on trash day.

They take money from everywhere they can.

They'll tell us they won't raise taxes and then they raise the sewer and water rates and use that increase for other stuff in the regular spending.

On another post that say Menendez publicly questioned Obama and that's why all of a sudden he's under the media microscope.

Menendez questioned Obama on Cuba that's why.

Follow up said...

Just posted and read another post about our so called town leaders. It was on the subject of votes taken with nothing built.

All I can say is don't get me started on that subject.

That list is so long on that along with so much money wasted and paid out to the friends of the D's on our dime it is truly a sin.

A sin?

What am I saying?

The D's don't have souls in their bodies at all.

True said...

Politicians always deny everything right up until they all plead guilty.

Hillary Clinton is a b_ _ _ _ said...

If you want to see the absolute truth about how politicians think we are beneath them and they can do no wrong. I strongly suggest you watch Hillary Clinton'e news conference that she held today. The disdain for even having to explain herself to us is so obvious with every word that came out of her lying mouth. That along with her twisted facial expressions easily seen during the entire presentation.

Anonymous said...







CBeach said...

There's been a couple firings down in the garage lately I hear. Anybody got any names or initials on the fired ones. I will bet it is not the ones who deserve to be fired down there a number of times now. The politicians think this towns a big secret except it is not. Too many employees left out of the mix I hear who post on here much less tell family and neighbors.

unbelieveable said...

Aberdeen Township Council approved an ordinance at last week’s meeting authorizing the use of eminent domain to take a 100-foot by 139-foot vacant lot at 12 Harrison Ave.

“We think it’s for the greater good,” said township manager Holly Reycraft on Tuesday. “The whole development will create jobs and more housing. We need the development there. It’ll create more of ‘Main Street’ feel that Aberdeen needs.”

Greater Good you say


Whose Greater Good do you mean?

You and the Council.



Do you live in Aberdeen?






Anonymous business owner said...

Another useless and insulting statement referencing a main street to sell another corruption filled project to the voters. That main street term is as old and tired as the democrats lies about their own honesty or like me who are both. The lies of their dedication to us taxpayers and us business owners should be arriving in our mail boxes soon unfortunately.

Come on it's not like we haven't heard that main street lie before right? We heard that before about the old factory property by the parkway. That was going to be a main street also and nothing got built there since that main street lie some 10 years ago? Nothing gets built as promised and campaigned on and that is the usual and incompetent and corrupt democratic leadership tactic of political deceit.

Nice to know though that the councils puppet manager can talk still or at least can be quoted in the paper defending the democrat corruption. She don't talk or speak up against the corruption she allows that is killing our town. Amazing what people will do in exchange for a paycheck she should be ashamed to take to the bank and cash. What am I saying? That would require a conscience and soul wouldn't it? Never mind as soon as the election is over she'll get kicked to the curb. Right Mr. Brown? Right Mrs. Gallo?

Anonymous said...

Kids in schools is the least of our worries. Know why that is in corrupterdeen. Because of the pilot deal that towns use to take the developers money and cut out our schools. The apartments the corruptocrats approved last week will get not a dollar and that means more school taxes for kids in that place. Does anyone realize how politics and politicians hurt us and walk away wealthy. Disgusting is not the word it is truly criminal.

Anonymous said...


Check out the Monmouth County and Independent websites.

They have stories and information about reporting potholes on county and state roads.

Let's see how long it takes Aberdeen's public works director to put out information for our town.

Anonymous said...



We just heard that the reason school
was closed last Friday was because the town had no salt to put on roads.

Could this be true?

After all, the public works director who should be checking and ordering salt especially since our winter had so mcuh snow.

But, we guess that is what a "Leadership" award does to your brain.


No responsibility

No cares for residents and children

Anonymous said...

Confucius say

What if you have a business dinner and not many business owners attend

Is it still then considered a business dinner

Or is it just a big typical corrupt politician get together that does nothing to really benefit the businesses or business owners in town

Talk about politics as usual

Right Mayor Carmine?

Anonymous said...

Did anyone that opposed the apartment deal protest at the business thing say night?

Anonymous said...

So they can just take a property if they want to under this domain thing. Sounds like somebody didn't make a big enough campaign donation to me.

Retired said...

I looked up that property and it's by the train line and parkway area. How is such a small piece so critical that eminent domain has to be used for this building I wondered. So I checked with a former councilman I know from my usual breakfast spot. I inquired of him a few minutes ago and he said he read the article and said it is part of the transit village that was approved many years ago. He also said there is a really big piece of property nearby he thinks the town will give to the developer. He goes on to say while that is typical it is also without a doubt a big political giveaway that always mysteriously comes back to the party coffers.

I may not fully understand this type of thing having being in warehousing all of my life except it just doesn't seem fair. On the other hand because I only have a couple years of reading and posting occasionally on the Aberdeener I am completely unfamiliar on this transit portion involving our politicians.

When I first moved here I recall Long Branch similarly seizing private properties and the political corruption of land taking was exposed. This instance seems no different I fear we can all be certain. While my few words on a site I seldom write on while enjoying reading I felt strongly this deserved me coming out of posting retirement. I will watch this unfold I can assure you. I hope others join in my opinion and post about what is an injustice.

Commuter Ken said...

Another ticket blitz I see once again. This guy is ruthless down here.

Union proud said...

Why does Aberdeen spend so much time defending the indefensible. They need to start going after the people who don't do their jobs properly or haven't done their jobs at all for years.

J section said...

Mayor Tag-your-it writes a letter A Park is Born that more truthfully is park we don't need. Can anyone say political liars like our asshole of a mayor who don't care about the park one corrupt democrats party bit.

Why stay? said...

I feel bad for this man, as he can not move out of town until this matter is resolved. With that said, unless you have children in the school system to the point that you don't want to disrupt their lives by moving, I can not think of one reason to remain in town. Much better choices are out there, just look around. Matawan, Hazlet, Middletown, Old Bridge, to name a few. Now, do not worry, democrats, because more unsuspecting folk from Queens, and Brooklyn, and Staten Island will find Aberdeen more appealing and fill the void left by those moving.

Anonymous said...

You gotta be kidding if you don't think that business dinner thing wasn't the kickoff for the D's campaign season. Know what's next? Nothing but lies, excuses and more only positive press put out by the family hire website info girl. Hope somebody proofreads her work this time. Right Freddy boy?

Mo funny shit said...

Hi ho hi ho its more corruption to come

The D's lie all day they lie all night

Hi ho hi ho no sewers will get the go

Unless the locals give some mo (money)

Hi ho hi ho no building will get the go

Because Fred is not much more than a ho

Hi ho hi ho we taxpayers can stand a chance

If towns voters realize the council has no stance

Anonymous business owner said...

My fellow business owner and next door tenant in the center went to the business dinner. He is going to spill the beans to me tomorrow. Tune in for the dirt hopefully by noon time tomorrow.

Larry said...

How about we offer the corruptocrats $19k to go away. These lowlifes have no morals and anyone who even scratches the surface would no this is a cover up.

100% truth is said...

PILOT in this town means

P Politicians
I Idiots
L Losers
O Obstructionist
T Tedious

In other words DEMOCRATS

They are killing this community politically.

Anonymous said...

Good elected leadership?

Good town offices management?

Good town employee supervision?

Good town employee work production?

Good town police force statistics?

Good town financial accounting?

Good town offices to town businesses cooperation?

Good town website?

Good town recreation facilities?

Good town beachfront?

Not in Aberdeen New Jersey

Vote the democrats out of office or else.

Save what's left of Aberdeen New Jersey

Save us from these corrupt democrats.

Save us from these immoral democrats.

Save us from these self serving democrats.

Please save our Aberdeen New Jersey

Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

If at first you don't succeed payoff an Aberdeen politician to get your development approved. Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

Secret you say about the mess that is Anerdeen. Not for long wil it be secret ever again I hear. To bad we do not know what we are talking about on here.

Anonymous said...

Hey you assholes on the business group where do I go for good fried chicken now? The Kentucky fried closed up when I went there today. Thanks for doing nothing to jeep that business in town. Glad you as shrikes think you are doing something because your the only ones that think that.

Anonymous said...

Politics 101 is simple. Deny everything right up until you have no choice but to accept the deal offered to you just before the trial is about to start. Right Norman?

Anonymous said...

A tisket

A tasket

The manager better not put all her eggs in one basket

Anonymous business owner said...

I apologize for not updating my post from the other day. My next door tenant hurt his ankle and won't be in his store until Monday.

KC said...

Assholes on the business group a prior poster said of Taggy Tags handpicked misfits on the AEBC. I would add the word selfish.That bunch don't do anything for any businesses except their own businesses.

J said...

Obama is a failure on so many things he's done or hasn't done since unfortunately being elected your president. He is not my president. It's not because he's black I swear it's just because he was, is and will continue to be little more than a community activist. Now Iran and the nuclear possibility is the worst thing he or any president could support, enable or ever allow to happen. Forget the low life democrats that do nothing in Aberdeen. Stop electing democrats and save our country from its democratic liberal mistakes and eventually the damage they will do to us and our country that will not become known for years.

Larry said...

The town fired people? No way they are firing people over there. All we hear about is the town is hiring friends and relatives for do nothing positions on our dime. So how would they fire anyone who could prove how screwed up the building operates if fired for working unless they really didn't do their job. I mean they call the manager Miss Mismanagement and if you ever met him you know the mayor is an idiot that pulls all her strings. Think about if only half of what's on here that we read is true it is really screwed up over there.

Again said...

Aberdeen town council has a meeting listed on calendar for Tuesday
March 17th but NO agenda is on website.


Kim said...

Looked at a few of the old council meetings today and not so surprisingly it is in fact a good thing our council do not get paid by the word. None of them say much at all with just a quick look. Got to figure they get told how to vote on everything anyway so why say anything. I find the most talkative our the mayor and councilman Cannon who they say is a lawyer. If you know lawyers they get paid to run their mouths so he can't help himself. It is also very obvious that councilman Martucci may not even know where the municipal building is from his attendance record. I am willing to bet he has direct deposit to handle the payments from us taxpayers that he does not deserve.

Matawan guy said...

No Mayor of Aberdeen at our parade Friday night. Whoever made that happen I thank you. So glad to be back although if it snows again I may go back down south.

Sad truth is said...

One more sleep until the legends in their own minds aka the corruptocrats are back in control of our money while getting absolutely nothing done. Keep electing do nothing democrats.

County road said...

as shrikes was used in a post about the closing of the kfc on 34. It is Ass shriekers and is a term from down south from way back in the day.

Anybody else but democrats said...

Potholes potholes everywhere

Corruption corruption everywhere

And who is to blame you ask?

Democrats are to blame because they are

Self serving

Do nothing democrats.

What they do has one simple corrupt directive.

That is only to get reelected and continue to do nothing..

What do you expect?

They're democrats so vote them out this year.

Anonymous said...

The AEBC pays off I hear the other day. Seems that those on the business arm of the D's all get consideration and payment for doing work for the town. Who says crime doesn't pay must not be a D. Let me guess there is no bids needed for them just a wink wink nudge nudge with a certain monetary donation aka a kickback to the party in power to get the work. Right Mayor Carmine?

Man in blue said...

Judgement Day is near for the crooks on the council I hear. I also hear the sloth caused it to happen. Talk about justice served up on a platter.

J said...

I looked up the name Rizkalla and it came back a man named Sami Rizkalla came forth. Surprise a Rizkalla used to be the main money raiser for the Aberdeen republicans. No wonder why the democrats are screwing him over and making his house unlivable probably from water like must be in his house. Nothing like old wounds being healed by getting back at your old enemy. That must be the real reason this man is being treated like this.

Matawan guy said...

NYC Parade is today so I will leave you with this thought before I head to the train to the city. If at first you don't succeed shakedown the developer again. I know this is close to a prior posting except the Kauff shakedown is well known far and wide. Have great and safe St. Patricks Day.

Kim said...

I see today on my Facebook that Middletown passed a change in the town allowances where big trucks like tractor trailers cannot be parked in neighborhoods any longer. I wish we had that here since we have a big blue truck eyesore on our block. That is a positive change they did to keep the neighborhood feel and it makes sense. That would only be acted upon here if someone with a big noisy truck moved next door to one of our officials. That would bring immediate action i'll bet.

It's just fine I guess for us taxpayers to endure the idling of these big trucks since we don't have a politician living in our area. It's bad enough we have to look at this crumbling factory for so long with changes promised but never happening. Maybe if we bought a house and gave it to a politician for free something would change for us over here.

Not so ancient Chinese secret said...

Confucious say

You want to build in Corrupterdeen?

You'll have to pay the Corruptocrats or you no build.

Anonymous said...

From Aberdeen Police Department page on town website

Who is the genius who puts this information into the Police Blotter page?

Someone Please give this person a calendar so they know how to put things in weekly order not the mess that it is as shown below.

Is this done on purpose?

Does the public information person, who it seems cannot do things correctly with this website or the other two we have had since June 2013, do this?

Police Blotter
• 01-14-2015 through 01-20-2015
• 01-2015 Monthly Activities
• 01-21-2015 through 02-03-2015
• 02-04-2015 through 02-10-2015
• 02-11-2015 through 02-17-2015
• 02-18-2015 through 02-24-2015
• 02-25-2015 through 03-03-2015
• 1-07-2015 through 1-13-2015
• 12-24-2014 through 1-06-2015


STILL said...




Anonymous said...

All we get today and everyday in this town is lies from those who work so hard to defend their own inadequacies. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Heard today that Mayor Tag-liar-weenie wasn't at the Matawan parade because he went away on a vacation. Bet CME sent him somewhere nice for brokering the big money park deal for them to cash in on with useless reports and studies that mean absolutely nothing. Just like the song tile Nothing from Nothing leaves nothing. That's what will be left of Aberdeen when the D's are done daring our town finances. Nothing will be left but debt for the taxpayers to pay off.

Hidden No More said...


Hidden everything is Aberdeen’s Game of Choice

Hide and Seek

Call it what you like but it all comes down to the same thing

Seek and you shall find


Hidden Village or Gateway to Aberdeen as the mayor wanted to call it has

The property owner as listed on official records for

four different properties is Newberry Holdings, Newbury Holdings, Newbery Holdings

all the same connected owner of properties with the same PO Box as address, same “former owner’s name.”

Are they trying to hide these properties with the different spellings or is it just plain old incompetence?

Another fact, Captiva Holdings on Nolan Road, Marlboro also has same PO Box address plus used to have Matawan PO Box address with the same name as all above.

Fact is:

that 1 person/family from Matawan was the owner of all of these and now they all are in holding companies.

Newbury holdings has 2 areas listed as Q Farm which means that they have a farm rate in other
words they pay a pittance in tax

15.56 acres pays $61.87 and 7.45 acres pays $29.59 in taxes.

Captiva Holdings also listed as Q Farm

34.54 acres pays $101.75 in taxes.

So, the big Question is

Who has the Connection to this Company/LLC/Family either political or personal or both?

Here are names, towns and companies/LLC that we found while looking around.

Any of them Sound familiar?

Manzo, Passarella,

Arnone, PRC Group,

Newberry, Newbery, Newbury,


Matawan, Lavalette, Sanibel, Farmingdale, West Long Branch, Marlboro

Public information is great!


Anonymous said...

Didn't councilcrook Cannon promise better access to all information like agendas and minutes. At least Martucci is smart enough to let people know he don't care to attend council meetings from the start. What is he at 40% attendance so far with no input, questions or comments. Although Martucci said some lies about looking under every nook and cranny for savings. Politicians are such bad liars or is it just bad memories after they get elected. Maybe Martucci is the smarter one with all the pending litigation posted on here recently. Right Freddy boy? .

Anonymous business owner said...

Sorry for the delay in bringing you this information I assure you it was unavoidable. So my neighbor went to the business dinner and to quote one of the democrats sign offs used on here it was a big *yawn. He said the first speaker was the infamous in his own mind Carmine who he said nearly collapsed under his way too long 15 minutes at least of self congratulating praise.

Then up to bat to borrow the *coach metaphor was Mayor Fred Tagliarini. The mayor put all the rumors to rest and disclosed why he and Carmine are so similar in speaking styles while also being self congratulation experts. The two of them it was disclosed are lifelong friends. Like is said *with friends like that who needs enemies. Well that's that then there is the exacting proof of why nothing gets done in town to help our businesses. It is far more than obvious from what I was told about the dinner especially with those two serving as ringmasters of the local political circus and the do nothing business council.

The parts he said he liked was a speech by the Mayor of Jersey City. and he said if that young man was our mayor things would be far different for our businesses. There was also a presentation by a Jewish group for that same mayors help on a local level. I wondered to myself as he was describing the event why Fred or the council did not help the Jewish group. He went on to say that the food was good and drinks had to be purchased by attendees.

Other than that he said it was a typical politically geared function. I guess it would be fair to say it was the Carmine and Fred Show. Finally he said it is certain our businesses will be leaned on heavy this campaign season without a doubt. Anyone know where I can get a No Politicians Allowed sign for my stores entrance? Maybe a better idea would be a Wanted style poster with pictures of Carmine and Fred so my employees know who to look out for. I hope this is helpful to all of you.

Larry said...

This manager has got to have something really bad on the town fathers to still be working here. Either that or they need her to take the fall when the shit really goes bad.

100% truth is said...

Another corruption filled day in Corrupterdeen. Who will get screwed over today by the so called elected leadership. I am sure the list is long and distinguished. These corruptocrats here in Corrupterdeen have elevated political corruption to an art form. We as taxpayers and after two decades of ineffective and immoral decisions suffer every day. .

Anonymous said...

Bully pulpit? Bullying politicians is the truth. Shakedown artists is all they are nothing more. And worst of all they know it and don't care one bit. Keep electing democrats and the town will die a financial death.

Matawan guy said...

Well it seems that nothing at all has changed since I was down south. Matawan and its Main St is still dismal and that is that for my town update. Aberdeen though is all abuzz it seems with more democrat promises or better said democrat lies about the supposed building of complexes. So tear down buildings like by the train and fence it only to have nothing happen for years. Then there are the fenced in areas torn down years ago with big ugly signs o remind you tax payers of the lies and failed possibilities from the political lies you people in Aberdeen are so used to.

Anonymous said...



4 town e-mails this morning.


No council meeting agendas on time though.

Sad but true said...

Why is it most communities leadership advises businesses on what they want but here in Aberdeen it's the other way around. Right Mayor Carmine?

No corruption my ass said...

The engineers in corrupterdeen don't do the reports they get paid too much for all they do is cut and paste. And the corruptocrats know it and don't say shit about it. The towns lawyers at least have to show up and lie at council meetings to get their money.

Wizard of Odd said...

Say goodbye Carmine

Dorofred just click your heels together 3x and say

There's no place like corrupterdeen

There's no place like corrupterdeen

There's no place like corrupterdeen


Now your'e in prison where you 2 belong

Why people hate politicians said...

These jerk politicos did put up the agenda for last tuesdays council meeting. It was posted at 4:00 that very day. No corruption my ass you low life scum. Keep electing these same crooked democrats just don't ever complain about why our town is in ruin.

BS then and now still makes us SICK said...

From Aberdeen Democrats

Campaign 2013

Mayor Fred Tagliarini

Excerpts from the page

Elected Mayor in 2009

Aberdeen Township Planning Board Member

Past Volunteer for Boy Scouts of America, Pack 66

Elected to the Board of Directors of the N.J. Conference of Mayors by his fellow Monmouth County Mayors of both political parties

Treasurer of the Bayshore Conference of Mayors

Should say he was a Former Republican

What is main issue facing Aberdeen?

The most important issue in this difficult economy is continuing to provide residents with the high-quality services that they deserve for their tax dollar, while at the same time, maintaining a stable tax rate to keep Aberdeen an affordable place to live.

What specific steps can and will you take to tackle this issue?

As Mayor, I have tackled both sides of the budget equation. On the expense side, I worked to increase efficiency and realize savings. The Township’s biggest expense is its workforce. Aberdeen has a population of about 18,500 served by 87 full-time employees. Through retirements, reorganizations, and employees with multiple functions, Aberdeen operates one of the most efficient governments in Monmouth County under my leadership. Aberdeen’s employees work very hard for our residents.

Comparing Aberdeen to other municipalities tells the story. Holmdel has a population of 17,000 with 119 full-time employees; Hazlet has a population of 21,000 with 140 full-time employees; and Tinton Falls has a population of 20,000 with 117 full-time employees.

Importantly, Aberdeen’s streamlined workforce was achieved through attrition and reorganization, not through layoffs.

I championed Aberdeen’s solar energy project. Through a Power Purchase Agreement, solar panels were installed on municipal buildings at no cost to taxpayers. In the last three months, taxpayers saved approximately $15,000 in energy costs compared to the same period from 2012. Over the next 15 years, we will save over $750,000 that will go directly to tax relief.

On the revenue side, I formed the Economic Business Council to promote economic development in Aberdeen. Bringing in commercial rateables is vital to creating revenue without increasing residents’ taxes.

Just a few examples of business development during my tenure include: Dykes Lumber; Goodwill Industries; PNC Bank; Meineke; Dollar Tree; and Quality First Basements.

Voters should be wary of politicians promising quick fixes or an instant tax reduction. My opponent will tell you all about problems, real or imagined, but I have worked hard to balance the equation and keep taxes stable. I will continue to tackle Aberdeen’s toughest issues if re-elected, but you don’t have to take my word for it. Residents can see my record of high-quality services, government efficiency, budget savings, business development, and infrastructure improvements as they drive through town.








Norm said...


I said...

So it sounds like the business dinner was more of a look at what we have accomplished for ourselves event? Nothing seems to have been offered up for business attendees to look forward to related to benefit their businesses. Was anything offered up to better advertise the businesses and bring people to our community. You have to wonder if the Aberdeen Business Council does not see the Shop Local signs like Marlboro has.

I work in Manasquan and Shop Local is really big when you shop or drive in that entire area. Is it so hard to start that type of program here? Maybe it is easier to just ignore the businesses like the town council ignores us residents, students and taxpayers here in Aberdeen?

Anonymous said...

More snow on our roads today it seems. Good thing it is going to snow late in the day and on the day before the weekend too. I don't feel like taking a day off because the schools can't get any salt from the town. I still can't get over the fact that I had to lose a days pay because of salt. I will be taking it off my taxes no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Today's Asbury Park Press

EDITORIAL: Open government elusive in N.J.

It’s Sunshine Week — but don’t bother looking at the weather forecasts.

Sunshine Week is an initiative designed to promote the importance of open government and to emphasize the ongoing fight to preserve and enhance freedom of information.

A full week of events across the country is meant to examine the success — or too often the lack thereof — of increasing transparency and overcoming government secrecy.

What it generally becomes most of all is a recap of the ongoing horror stories in trying to pry loose information that belongs in the public’s hands.

The Sunshine Week report from New Jersey?

Let’s just say the clouds continue to darken.

Blame Gov. Chris Christie for much of that bleakness. Christie arrived in office preaching a new era of accountability and transparency, but there’s been little meaningful evidence of that. Or perhaps, as we’ve mentioned before, Christie all along meant that a “new era” would actually be a shift away from more open government, with more doors being slammed in the public’s face.

The Christie administration has been consistently unwilling to deliver on valid public records requests on a wide range of topics. That resistance has manifested itself either in long delays or outrageously manufactured explanations for outright refusals, such as Christie’s continued secrecy regarding personal and political travel expenses. The governor insists the public cannot be told about hotel or other expenses generated by his security team on out-of-state trips because it would compromise security.

That lack of cooperation also helps illuminate a core philosophy of the Christie regime that we’ve so often seen on display — to hide any information that can be hidden that might be embarrassing to Christie or his cronies.

We’ve witnessed it not only regarding public records requests but, for instance, in the information the administration chooses to offer on official websites.

Among the more notorious maneuvers was the removal of net property tax data from the Department of Community Affairs website, because that particular calculation exposed the fallacy of Christie’s claims about slowing property tax growth in the state.

But this isn’t all about Christie and the example he sets.

The predisposition toward closed government extends all the way down the line into the smallest of local governing bodies, and certainly dates back long before Christie had joined the ranks of elected officials.

Across New Jersey — and in every other locale across the nation — public officials will typically do whatever they can not to provide public information rather than emphasizing access.

Denials of Open Public Records Act (OPRA) requests can be appealed to the Government Records Council (GRC) that mediates such disputes, but that process can take many months. Back in fiscal 2012 the most recent GRC records available according to a recent Associated Press report, that wait could be as much of a year.

Then, if and when officials are finally forced to release requested documents, the response is often incomplete or heavily redacted — another favored Christie tactic.

What it all means is that there remains very good reason to raise awareness about Sunshine Week every year.

Fighting for open government is our only defense against leaders who would prefer to keep us in the dark.

100% truth is said...

Nice to see that the business community supports the AEBC. After all that's the only support surrounding or involving the useless AEBC. God knows the AEBC isn't supporting the business unless you spell business using the alphabet letters d-e-m-o-c-r-a-t-s.

Anonymous said...

Sure hope we do not get too much snow here in Aberdeen.


Because the town's has no salt for our roads.

Thanks to the Leadership of Mr. Public Works himself!

Dem bums said...

Corrupt you say our Aberdeen democrats are? How can you say that? I mean just look at what they did. There's the uh uh uh uh uh.... and they said they fr us with the uh uh uh uh uh.... wouldn't you say that the was a uh uh uh uh uh uh uh ...... and what about the big improvements to the h uh uh uh uh..... then there's the business group that did so much for um uh ah uh oh..... never mind we are so screwed.

Anonymous said...



IS LOCAL PR COMPANY SENDING information about Aberdeen's Easter Egg Hunt to the Patch.

We are paying an employee a salary and benefits according to town website to do this job and it never appears that she is doing it. WHY?

Do we always pay double? WHY?

Let this be the start of something BIG said...

I hear next week gets really interesting in town hall.

Aberdeen sucks even in a dream said...

I just woke up from a nap and was dreaming that Aberdeen was in grave financial trouble and was seriously mismanaged and there was zero accountability from the towns management and the Aberdeen elected officials.





Man that was something else

I was dreaming I was waking up from a nap and had dreamed all of the paragraph above.


I still live in Aberdeen and it's still a fucking mess with the democrats in charge and their puppet manager.

Anonymous said...

Funny how the mayor always talks about developing properties to benefit the town. Funny though how the benefit never materializes. He likes to build near our neighborhoods also. Of course these lies always pay off old time Kauff corrupt political donors using our money. Now it seems our mayor has his own political donors or cronies again with our money. The best is the name of one of the mayors buddies keeps coming up in these overly costly taxpayer funded loser deals. I think the one name is Arnone by the way if anyone knows about him. Don't forget the democrats always deny these properties they buy with our money are all contaminated. Right Freddy boy?

Baffled said...

Because while reading the town council meeting minutes and seeing the public comment portion there are no republicans asking questions, challenging the democrats on issues that are paramount to our quality of life and money we will pay in taxes.

Republicans if you are out there show yourselves.

We want to know who is representing the republican voters in Aberdeen.

We see 4 democrats are up for reelection this year and we need change.

100% democrat truth is said...

Good morning Aberdeen

Hope we all have a great day

Maybe our corrupt and immoral democrat only politicians will get swept up by the federal authorities for committing crimes against the citizens of this once fine community

If not the great day is kaput

Stop electing democrats to elected office

They don't care about us one corrupt democrat bit

Anonymous said...

Sunshine week? Free and open government? Better access to information? Sounds like what Councilcrook Cannon told and promised voters in Aberdeen to get elected then conveniently ignored all he said once elected. Beware Aberdeen because campaign season is coming soon so beware of crooked politicians named Cannon next election. He is a liar and nothing more. After all he is a politician isn't he? Right Freddy boy?

100% democrat truth is said...

How can you dare say the democrats that lead Aberdeen don't care about us? I mean come on where else can you see buildings torn down and fencing put up immediately with signs promising development of that property to be beneficial to the entire community? What about all the improvements to the seawall and beachfront area? I mean sure the seawall isn't finished and was poorly designed and isn't really used by the great majority of our because they like our politicians are ignorantly afraid of that areas residents. By the way if you go to the beachfront don't dare look across the little bridge into Old Bridge or see their multimillion dollar beach improvements while our beachfront area decays. I mean didn't we Aberdeen residents have pictures of politicians appearing in campaign literature every campaign year for the past 20 years at least? Don't you remember pictures of politicians at the beachfront pointing their greedy fingers around the area of the beach showing what they would never improve? Don't you remember how they tell us what a pearl our beachfront area is? Don't you see all the improvements to all the park equipment in town?
This town and its political management are laughing at us as they do nothing. This is our Aberdeen in all of its decay due to our lying politicians cause and hope we do not recognize.

J section said...

J Section Announcement Advisory

Apartment Project Update. There may be a lawsuit over the apartments. There may possibly an investigation on the questionably quick approval and who is involved or may be profiting off of the approvals within town hall and possibly the county seat. Stay tuned for updates or contact Jim directly.

Thank you for supporting us in stopping this.

Anonymous said...

Dear God,

Please save us from the corruptocrats

The oppressed taxpayers of Corrupterdeen

get real for once said...

You people make me laugh you come on here and bitch and complain yet you do nothing really to change things. These asses you have posing as leaders of your community are selfish and singularly driven to only do the bidding of the so called professionals they are connected to at the wallet, and that's really your wallet not there wallet. These political cronies are questionably hired and are freely given large amounts of money for little or sadly often totally unchecked work. The man who you read about in the subject entitled Bully Pulpit is just that and the bullies are your mayor and council. He is under the bully pulpit so when the man balks at a small offer to fix the problem the town caused he's told to go away and to get a lawyer and sue the town. Guess who wants that to happen. The town lawyers because they will make money either way a judge rules. Your politicians bully town managers, employees, businesses, developers and many others. All you have to do is look around and see that they don't care about any of you one bit.

Reality bites said...

Business council more like bullshit council

Anonymous said...


A large postcard came in mail today from the Aberdeen Township Political Committee with a picture of a man, whoever he may be.

If this verbiage is any indication of what the republicans are planning then they need to do more work and get the facts Right.

There are NOT four NEW council positions opening.

There will be four council seats open for election.

Jobs that will start on election night is wrong.

Newly elected council people do not officially start until they are sworn in which is usually in January of the following year after the election.

miss management is mismanagement

Lowering taxes is important but you have missed many other important things that are happening in our town that should be addressed.

Post office is in Matawan not Aberdeen as it is stated on front of card. Your website has Matawan.

EF, whoever you are, as municipal chairman don't listen too much to the former democrat councilman NM turned republican.
guess he didn't get what he wanted so he turned to the other party.

Now is the time for your candidates to be at council meetings and learning the things the democrats are doing, speaking up about them and making themselves known in the community.

Speaking of candidates,

Who are They?

We want to know.

CBeach said...

Looks like the D's have started to campaign by attacking some flyer. Maybe if they looked in the mirror and realize how they've been in power for two decades and the town has not improved one bit. So now the D's use spelling corrections and typos are their ammo ti deflect their uselessness? Typical D's point at everyone else while they do nothing. Keep electing these do nothing D's.

CBeach said...

Looks like the D's have started to campaign by attacking some flyer. Maybe if they looked in the mirror and realize how they've been in power for two decades and the town has not improved one bit. So now the D's use spelling corrections and typos are their ammo ti deflect their uselessness? Typical D's point at everyone else while they do nothing. Keep electing these do nothing D's.

Anonymous said...

Whether you spell it miss management or mismanagement or Miss mismanagement any way you spell it is the truth. Worst of all there are a lot of examples the council and our egotistical ass of a mayor are hiding. This town is on the toilet under the dems or as I call them dem bums.

Anonymous said...

Reporting Potholes in Aberdeen.

Are they for real?

Do they want us to get out of our cars and measure the size of potholes?

Once again Public Works director wants residents to do his job.

Calling the County is easy to report potholes.
They take location and say Thank You and the work is done.

Aberdeen's is lame because you never get any response back from any of them.

Anonymous said...

Sold my house over the weekend so about a month a half and this town is in my rear view mirror. Taggy Tagliarini can kiss my ass.

Truth about our mayor and council is said...

Alright I give up the business council I handpicked do absolutely nothing to help businesses in Aberdeen. I also have to admit that me and my council members profit handsomely off of our insider deals and illegal kickbacks from the deeply entrenched engineers and lawyers chosen for their political affiliation not their experience or benefit their services provide to the community. While I am at it I will also admit that the town has suffered financially because or our indecisions and absolute disregard for our oaths of office and don't forget
our swearing that oath to God. I will also admit that our dastardly deeds are almost finished and our total destruction of this community is almost complete. We democrats only need another term to finish the job and ruin this town totally. So please don't look around the town at what we have promised and never completed. So please allow us democrats to lie to you once more election season and then our trickery and deceit will be done. We promise we will leave the town forever and retire and live happily ever after as Norm Kauff' new neighbors out where all corrupt and immoral democrats go to die.

Divine intervention said...

Aberdeen Economic Business Council or AEBC

Know what it stands for under the Corruptocrats

A Absolutely
E Everything is
B Bullshit under
C Carmine and Fred

Once again the democrats despise

The truth and nothing but the truth

Help us God rid our community of Corruptocrats

Over and out 10-4 said...

You readers and people who post have no idea the things that go on in this town.

Caroline said...

Conversation on the train just now where my seat mate said she heard the pool club by Lloyd Road School is not opening again this summer. Anyone know anything about it or maybe can confirm that it will not open again this summer season.

Anonymous said...


Did the township manager EVER ride to Harrison Ave?

Isn't Harrrison Ave. a side street off Atlantic Ave.

"It is for the Greater Good."


Mayor, Council and Manager.

"It’ll create more of "Main Street" feel that Aberdeen needs.”

What makes her think we need a
"Main Street" at this location which would turn out to be the shortest Main Street anywhere.

Aberdeen Township Council approved an ordinance at last week’s meeting authorizing the use of eminent domain to take a 100-foot by 139-foot vacant lot at 12 Harrison Ave.

“We think it’s for the greater good,” said township manager Holly Reycraft on Tuesday. “The whole development will create jobs and more housing. We need the development there. It’ll create more of ‘Main Street’ feel that Aberdeen needs.”

BS, BS and more BS

dem bums said...

Pool club is a big mess probably because the dem bums have their hands in it i bet. Nothing they are a part of ever gets done or done right. This town is a sewer and nothing more under dem bums.

Jessica said...

Pool club is a no go in town so join us at Holmdel pool club it's great.

Democrat only council reality said...



We don't give a damn about potholes.

Unless of course CME gets a bid payday for potholes.



We don't give a damn about sewers.

Unless of course CME gets a big payday for sewers.



We don't give a damn about the beachfront.

Not unless CME gets a big payday for the beachfront.

Park improvements?

Park improvements?

We don't give a damn about park improvements unless CME gets a big payday for park improvements.

This is our democrat only on council reality in Corrupterdeen NJ

Anonymous said...

Nothing opens in Corrupterdeen but our wallets to pay higher taxes and to buy politically connected contaminated properties no one will use under the guise of open space preservation. Right Freddy boy?







Anonymous said...

The parks do suck if you look at them. If you compare them to other towns recreation facilities are parks fall short by far.

Anonymous said...

Pool club will open when he doesn't have any money left top open. That's your Aberdeen Economic Business Coincil and your corrupt government gouging anyone and everyone in town to stay in control.

Matawan guy said...

Isn't it time for the Aberdeen democrats to commission another Master Plan Study by your towns thieving engineers? Have to finance those corrupt campaigns somehow to stay in power.

Dem bums said...

35 minutes and our tax money is safe from the dems

Anonymous said...

Obama applauds Sen Reid retiring from public service. They're politicians and what any of the democrats do is a disservice to all of us. Politicians suck and that is especially true in Corrupterdeen. Right Freddy boy?

Rutgers alumni said...

If you think the dems are doing us a good turn you are wrong. They are killing our town in the name of politics. Republicans and Independents need to wake up and smell the Democratic corruption. It really stinks and it is time we flushed them down the toilet.

A good man to another good man said...

Shabatt Shalom

Reality bites said...

Got to figure the corruptocrats sleep upside down since they're such f'n vampires. God knows they're sucking the lifes blood out of this town.

Truth about the democrats said...

You can feel all the taxpayers in town breathing easy.

Know why?

All our tax money is in town hall and locked away from their greedy criminal democratic hands.

Ahh says it all.

Vote these immoral political bastards out of office.

The time has come to pass said...

Once upon a time in a corrupt town named Aberdeen

There lived a corrupt democratic party

One day very soon their damaging rule was to end

Know why?

Because one person said they had enough of the democrats immoral and destructive leadership so he spoke out truthfully to all who would listen

He cared little of what they'd do to him for their punishment would be based on the criminal acts while his was based on the truth

Some may think this may be a fairy tale

Think that if you want but very soon it comes to pass and judgement day for the corrupt has come

Anonymous said...

Those apartment approvals had to be a insider deal and probably politically connected to boot. It got approved so fast and that's the corrupt proof no doubt. All you have to do is look at anything else the dems have said they do that took many years or didn't get done. That's all the proof you need. Knowing these dems it was their retirement payoff cause they're not getting any younger. Right Freddy boy?

Absolutely tru said...

Fee fi fo fum

I smell the corruption of a democrat

No political corruption my ass

No F-ing way said...

Hillary Clinton violated many existing laws recently regarding classified information by wiping her computer servers memory illegally and she refuses .

When the BenghaziEmbassy attack occurred Hillary Clinton and Obama through their official malfeasance and liberal political views allowed our brave men die. They died needlessly while protecting our governments property, officials and they repeatedly refuse to explain themselves to the American people. In fact Hillary Clinton's statement on the entire Benghazi incident and deaths was to say What's the big deal.

Hillary Clinton and her husband have an obvious marital arrangement where nothing is as it seems much like their greedy self centered politics so damaging to our country.

And this woman wants to be president of us.

Larry said...

I love the creativity of some of you on here i'm just glad you're not coming after me. .

Get it right for once said...

It's not the corruption killing this town it is the mismanagement and the political corruption.

Anonymous said...

Hear are your horses for the next race

Republicans – Edward Failla, Lyle Himmel, John Gartley and Edward Fitzgerald
Democrats – Gregory Cannon, Harvey Brenner, Robert Swindle and Concetta Kelley

Anonymous said...

3/30/15 post

If this is true Heaven Help us!

Need strong creditable candidates who know about the issues we face in Aberdeen.

Need strong candidates to get rid of a few, at least, of those democrats.

The truth is said...

Well now if the R's can get out of there own way maybe they'll win this time and bring bipartisanship back to Aberdeen and truly represent our community. After all we have enough of the D's screwing things up with the singular D control that has done nothing for two decades. Right Freddy boy you are such a disgrace. 52% to 48% is the typical results of our last several elections and that is no mandate to ignore the R voters much less screw up our town like they have.

Peachtree said...

Where should the republicans begin?

I have a few ideas if they want to win this time

They should

*Attend every council meeting and question everything the dems do and have plans to do and who is connected to the dems or will profit

*Use the media to show all of the corruption

*Show what the dems have promised and not done

*Show the costs of d the dems doing nothing

*Show the too close relations of board members

*OPRA the costs of dems inaction and who profited

*Question the lack of minutes for all town meetings

*Question the AEBC true political only purposes

*Concentrate on Cliffwood and the beach areas and show how the democrats have ignored those areas and the areas residents for 20 years

*Find out why our firemen have millions in bank yet raise taxes every year without fail and attack who leads them and their undying costly connection to the dems

*Publicize the costs and statistics of the police force

*Connect the corrupt political dots to connect the dems and the recent green acres purchases

*OPRA all costs of the towns engineers and lawyers going back ten years plus of the dems corrupt control

*Publicize the real costs of the towns day and what is paid for and by who

*Show the residents how the beachfront has been ignored but is used by the dems and what they promised they would do to improve it but didn't do

*What happened to Cannons public access to info

*What happened to Martuccis nooks and cranny search for savings for the taxpayers he promised to get if elected

*What have the dem candidates really ever done

*What is their part of the inadequate leadership
costs and decisions that accomplished nothing to benefit the taxpayers who they work for

*Look at the leagues costs that Kelley controlled

*Expose the patronage hiring and costs

*Question the entire Cliffwood first aid building deal and how that questionably came to be and what will has or will be the costs to us taxpayers

*Look at the project apartment selection dealS

*selfishly I would ask for a total exposure of environmental hazards and current reports of the old factory property across the street from where my family resides

Johnny Marz said...

It was so much nicer bfore all you New Yorkers came along.

Republicans truth is said...

If Nick M or Gus T is still involved they LOSE again

CBeach said...

Gartley Hahahahahahahahahaha

Fitzgerald Haahahahahahahaha

Who's next Murphy?

Mcleer would love that for sure

Anonymous said...

Greg Cannon seems to run the democrat party he also is best friends with one of the recently made police sergeants and it's amazing this sergeant seems to be on the fast track.
It's also amazing that Captain Geyers wife was the only one qualified for the job she was hired for at the water dept???
it's also amazing that Captains Geyer and Cole didn't get a raise while they were Lieutenants and some how they were promoted to Captains with a $5000.00 raise for doing the same job????
Whats even more amazing is that if the Chief and the two captains spent as much time doing their jobs as the do fooling around with their girlfriends while there working maybe work would actually get done.

I sec said...

Horses more like jackasses especially with the democrats who are nothing but a joke, a really bad joke.

No corruption my ass said...

Moldie oldies coming back and running for office?What's next the D's bring back Corenn the child molester? This town does not go forward and now it looks like this next campaign is going backwards.

April fools are the voters if you elect the democrats again said...



They'll go fast and you need to collect the set

This is a special one day offer on highly collectible Corrupterdeen political corruption doll set

Get yours today

Don't Miss Out

They'll also make great gifts for Christmas, Hanukah, Kwaanza and Romodan to

Get on your computer and log onto Amazon NOW

Search under Political Corruption Dolls of Deceit

Then start ordering because numbers are limited

The first in the set of bobble head dolls is

The mayor Tagliarini doll comes complete with blinking eyes and constant grin that with his truly uncaring constant look of interest and concern.
*** Hurry and if you order today you'll get your absolutely free not so special edition AEBC Carmine doll that only says can I kiss the mayors ass over and over and over again.

The councilwoman Montone doll is unique that talks constantly about the sewers in her area. WARNING of course she never does anything really to help her neighbors get the sewers her area of town has been promised repeatedly by the democrats here in Corrupterdeen for 20 years.

The councilman Brenner doll is nothing special unfortunately and he only votes as instructed and never sees anything hears anything or says anything. You'll only need the doll to complete the set it really is nothing special and is a puppet to if you stick your hand up his ass he will do what you tell him to do without fail.

The councilman Martucci doll is truly unique as this dolls eyes cannot seem to focus on where it is or where it is supposed to. You know like at the council meetings he is paid every other tuesady night to attend. This doll talks but only says the words nooks and crannies for some reason.

The councilwoman Kelley doll comes complete with her own youth league credit card to use.

The councilman Cannon doll comes with a halo since this doll thinks that he is above all of the rest of us and has a constant look of entitlement.He will also speaks but says nothing understandable or that is truly worthwhile.

The councilman Swindle doll is dressed to the nines. Be careful with this doll as this doll likes the sauce and should not be behind the wheel especially if he doll is leaving a function that served alcohol.

If you act quickly you'll receive absolutely free you'll only have to pay separate shipping and handling.

The town manager bobble head doll that is also a puppet that only does what she has to do to get her retirement. This one we are told has a changing face that can be not only seen from two sides but that can ignore you at a single glance.

Another special offer is the recycling coordinator doll but you'll have to call often for this limited edition doll because this doll never calls anyone back and the other wooden dolls listed above know it and don't say anything about it because after all he is who he is and all is right because of him in Corrupterdeen.

Look for our limited edition family hire dolls soon. They don't do anything and that is alright to.

Of course now that you've read all this and are ready to order and much like the political leadership in Corruprterdeen it is all APRIL FOOLS.

In Corrupterdeen we are sadly the fools to beleive these corrupt and useless politicians do anything that benefits any of us whether you are a business owner or taxpayer or both like me.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeens dems are honest and work hard for us april fools

NOT April Fools' said...

This is NOT an April Fools’ joke

Best words to describe the democrats on town council here in Aberdeen















Anonymous said...

You'd think one of these underworked and overpaid town workers would make parking spaces along the entrance way so there'd be more parking spots to use today. There is a line of cars but without stripes they take up more space then is needed. The girl behind the window tells me it's court day and parking is tough. No kidfing I told her because I had to park across the street and walk across the street. Figure it out is all I'm asking.

Anonymous said...

Who do I bribe in this town to do anything? Take your pick I'm told is the answer as long as they're a democrat. Right Mayor Carmino?

Anonymous said...

Another April with fools in charge :(

Commuter Ken said...

Anther blitzkrieg of tickets down here today.

Anonymous said...

I saw a cop drive through my neighborhood today April fools.

J section said...

Love the bobblehead post it hit the nail on the councils empty heads and hearts.

Anonymous said...

Sen. Corey Booker standing behind disgraced and now indicted Sen. Menendez? That never happens does it? I mean one corrupt and self serving politician supporting another low life self serving politician.

I cannot wait until now indicted Sen. Menendez tries to explain away how he took a flight on his so called buddies plane and then repaid the $58,000.00 cost of the plane trip he shouldn't have accepted only when caught. I'll bet he used his campaign funds to pay for the plane. Maybe he used his handsome profits off of the property he owns in Union City by my office that Sen. Menendez just so happens to have a governmental paid lease for the use of that exact same building.

Democrats and Republicans none of them are any good when you look just below the surface. Isn't that right Freddy boy since you are both. Does that make you twice as corrupt Freddy boy? I think it does and your true inaction as a so called community leader proves it clearly.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit pulpit is more exact after al they are politicians after all.

D's suck said...

So another Jersey politician caught doing something illegal. That never happens in Aberdeen? Right Mayor Carmine?

Anonymous said...

that police sergeant that is friends with cannon. Also scored number 1 on the exam.

CBeach said...

At least the republicans have candidates I say/

Anonymous said...

Politicians suck

Politics suck

Aberdeen politicians really suck

Aberdeen politics really hurts our community

Exemplify that truth republicans and you win

Anonymous said...

Shabbat Shalom Joey Warren

100% truth is said...

3 day weekends really pisses off the democrats because downhill is closed and that means they can't steal our tax money.

Sherwood said...

A police car in your neighborhood makes you lucky I haven't seen one in some months.

Larry said...

I leave on vacation with my wife and family on Monday afternoon and suggest the following.

We should and I mean all of us stop posting from Monday at 12:01 and don't post anything for a full 7 days.

Why do I ask this of all of the Aberdeen fans and corruption critics?

I'm selfish and I don't want to miss anything.

You see I promised my wife that I would not use my computer or phone for our entire vacation and I will be leaving both devices at home.

Sure the all inclusive has wi-fi hookups except I promised her no work and no blogging the entire vacation.

I will make one offer to the corruptocrats that they can have one week to post anything they want on the blog. Post anything without any of us responding. They can post anything they want to defend their outright and unapologetic democrat party corruption that is hurting our community under the lie that is their political leadership.

I ask all of you to join me and not post for a week.

Just blog in before that time and say I agree,

Thank all of you who will join me in this for a week.

RIGHT NORM? said...


Hoppy easter said...

I really hope the easter bunny arrives tomorrow with eggs full of indictments for our criminals on the council.




Anonymous said...

Ever notice how Norm only yawns while week after week the democrats he controls like deaf, dumb and blind puppets do nothing to move our town forward. Keep electing democrats. Vote any other party but democrats next election. We deserve anything but do nothing democrats. Right Freddy boy?

I sec said...

A cop drove through your neighborhood? You must be kidding us? No way not unless the cop lives in your neighborhood would you see that.

Matawan guy said...

Senior housing not built despite countless promises

Transportation village with felons connected to D's

Green properties bought that are contaminated

Glass factory contamination hidden from all of you

Gateway to the town just more corrupt mayoral lies

Beach area ignored along with its residents

Questionable management and supervision inaction

Business council handpicked and without morals

Everything in town is politicized for the Democrats

Questionable hiring practices to aid D's campaign

This is your Aberdeen under the Democrats

Keep electing democrats and nothing will change

Over and out 10-4 said...

I am in with no posts for a week and let the demcrats explain themselves or continue their typical silence of guilt. Either way I am back in a week or so. I can't wait to see how many times Norm yawns since that's all he's done despite what is posted on here. As for the cop scoring on top of the promotion list stranger things have happened here. Look for the next promotion connection after the election.

J sec said...

Let me get this right. You want to stop posting all the misdeeds of these bums for a week to let them defend themselves or to maybe explain their leadership lies. Other than Greg Cannon some years ago posting on here and you know that only happened once. I can bet he got a good talking to or dressing down for the mayor over that for sure. I'll think about that on my way to work and get back to you.

Anonymous said...

Think about it you're asking us to let the corruptocrats have a week off from us pissing them off. I am in for the week off but only if we come back with some real gems. I suggest we possibly take off the week as requested and we hit up our neighbors and other contacts for some juicy stuff to make up for the week off. I expect a blank canvas though upon our return. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

I got to ask Matawan guy wasn't the problem with the transit village that the towns leaders couldn't agree on a developer to do the job. Isn't the same group that they argued over the one that Aberdeen still wants to use.

Fill us in if you remember because us Aberdeen people have been told so many lies we can;t remember all that surrounded that lie.

100% TRUTH IS said...


Norm said...

Yawn...I hope the republicans finally put out new candidates. It gets old after a while, raping the same bloated carcasses on every election day. I need some strange.

Anonymous said...

If you listen really hard to the east you can hear the winds of guilt blowing through the Aberdeen Democratic Party.

Anonymous said...

The deal with Matawan fell apart because of

Wait for it

The corruption so pervasive in Aberdeen

Over and out 10-4 said...

Take off all the time you want from the blog because the corruption in town hall will still be here. As for the one councilman pushing one Sgt. yeah so what. It's not like that's the worst thing going on inside the squads. Nothing will change unless you change from the top on down.

Anonymous said...

There is no political corruption in Aberdeen

Yours truly

The corrupt mayor and council of Aberdeen

Kim said...

I'm in until next Monday ad I am expecting nothing to come from our questionable leadership.

Anonymous said...

How can you say the towns leadership is questionable? Look at all the D's have accomplished.Hahahahahahahahahahaha

Charles street said...

Is it monday yet I miss the postings showing these politicians for what they are criminals.

Aberdeen thanks you said...

Shabbatt Shalom with a big thank you for continuing to allow the exposing of the deceit that is the Aberdeen democratic party. Mr. Warren we thank you very much.

Anonymous said...





F em all said...

No corruption my ass I say to our asshole mayor. I'm not in on the 7 day reprieve by the way because they all suck.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see a Town Hall Meeting? Can we make this happen? Dems Or Rep.

F the democrats said...

Today marks a monumental day in democratic history?

A woman who is as dishonest as anyone can be will declare that she wants to be the first woman president.

After the past years with Obama screwing things up to a historical degree of disinterest and obvious lack of leadership, honesty and love of America now the democrats want us to endure Hillary as our next president.

What happened to our America?

Liberalism happened to America

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