Monday, January 14, 2008

Go Brawlers!

New Jerseyans tend to overlook the fact that the Jets and Giants are New York teams, regardless of where they play. We prefer to not think about the outrageous prices of a professional ballgame or the impossibility of getting season tickets. But for those who are willing to consider semi-pro football, consider this – Aberdeen’s Bayshore Brawlers are back-to-back league champions.

The Bayshore Brawlers compete in the Pennsylvania Six-Man Football League (PFL/6). Each team fields a six-man crew on a fifty-yard field that’s all running and throwing; there’s no kicking or punting except for the initial kickoff. It’s a fast moving, bone crushing, game where the ball is always in motion.

Frank Susino, the team’s owner, has assembled one of the toughest six-man teams anywhere in the country. Marguee Haynes (tight end) and Sy Patterson (running back) are league All-Stars and competed in Team United States (where they whupped the Canadians 28-25). Under quarterback, Ed Cox, the Bayshore Brawlers have only lost one game in the past two seasons.

Home games are played on an indoor field at the Tab Ramos Sports Center in Aberdeen. Ticket prices have been a nominal $3 per person and may be eliminated completely.

The Bayshore Brawlers are Aberdeen’s only semi-pro hometown team. They are champions and do us proud. You can visit them at
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