Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The School Board, Teachers Association, and I

Despite the current fight over salary and benefits, Matawan-Aberdeen’s school board seems happily in-synch with the local Teachers Association. However, I have distinct and profound disagreements with both groups. Rather than allow my views to be distorted, I have created the following table so that anyone can see, at a glance, where I stand on the primary issues, in contrast to our school district.

MARSD & MRTA Aberdeener
School Property Taxes Are Too Low Too High
School Spending Should Be Increased Should Be Cut
School Performance Is Fair to Good Poor
Teacher Pay Should NOT Be Tied to Performance Should Be Tied to Performance
Individual Employment Contracts Should NOT Be Offered to Teachers Should Be Offered to Teachers
Educational Standards Are Appropriate Are Too Low
Pursuing Alternative Revenue Sources Is NOT a Priority Is a Priority
Our Students Are Performing At or Near Their Abilities Far Below Their Abilities
Our School District Should Be Proud Ashamed
Our Job Is To Give Students the Opportunity to Learn To Teach Students
A Struggling Student's First Line of Support Is A Special Ed Teacher His Parents
Special Education Programs Do NOT Require Proof They Work Do Require Proof They Work
The School District's Assessment Results Should Be Concealed Publicized
Our Children Are Average Above Average

Actions speak louder than words. If anyone believes I have mischaracterized our school board or teachers union, then show me. >>> Read more!


matawan advocate said...

What an excellent format! We agree with your assessment. Through the information you have provided we are hoping more people will get involved. Whether you have children in the system or not it is your tax dollars. We will be attending the School Board meetings. Thank you for enlightening the residents.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing this blog. Please post some of the sources upon ehich you have formulated your opinions.

Aberdeener said...

There is ample evidence to support each of my contentions. For example, within the next couple of weeks, the board will be releasing the preliminary school budget for 2008-2009 and they will be recommending that both spending and taxes be raised. In defending that budget, they will paint the school district in a positive light as they have in past years.

The proposed teacher's contract does not include any provisions for incentive pay or allowances for individual work contracts.

The school board has the power to raise educational standards but chooses the state minimum standards instead. Etc.

If you're curious to learn about individual board members, you can go to and search their names in the archive. The board members are listed on the district website at

Anonymous said...

Please continue this blog. It'a about time someone got seriously involved who cares about our community and how our tax dollars are spent.