Friday, March 28, 2008

Campaign Finance Fraud in Aberdeen

The Democratic Party in Aberdeen always maintains two political organizations – a Continuing Political Committee (CPC) and a Joint Candidates Committee. The first is perennially in business while the second only exists for a specific election and is then terminated. In Aberdeen, the Democratic CPC is the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee. Each year, they raise money, primarily from outside contributors seeking Pay-to-Play, and then use or distribute that money for political activities. And each election cycle, some of that money is misspent or disappears.

According to filings with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission (ELEC), the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee made three contributions to Mayor Sobel’s Aberdeen Dem Campaign 2005 - $10,000 on 10/23, $10,000 on 10/25, and $3,000 on 11/7 (see attached). That last donation was never recorded by Sobel’s campaign(see attached). This wasn’t an oversight in reporting – the campaign never deposited the money. The filings show a net deposit, following total receipts and expenditures, of $189.55, which was promptly withdrawn when the bank account was closed. If the campaign did receive that money, there’s no mention of any expenditures to account for it.

Yet, the executive committee did withdraw that money because otherwise their financial records wouldn’t match their filings. Where did the money go? Can’t say. But it wasn’t a one-time occurrence.

In 2007, filings show the executive committee made several donations to the Aberdeen Dem Campaign 2007, including a $1,000 donation made by wire on 11/28 (see attached). Once again, there’s no record of the Dem Campaign having received it by their last filing on 12/3 (see attached). In fact, on 12/3 they re-filed the same numbers from 10/31 (see attached).

Meanwhile, these same filings show the Executive Committee paying Councilman Vinci $3,510 for expenses and consulting fees during the 2006-2007 period (see attached). In other words, Councilman Vinci was paid consulting fees by the local Democratic Party during his own re-election campaign. In fact, he was the committee’s single largest expense aside from direct contributions to the campaign itself.

As for the individual responsible for the Executive Committee’s finances, there’s only one name that is consistently on all filings as being authorized to sign checks and execute bank transactions – Judith Kauff, a.k.a. the wife of Norman Kauff (see attached).

Do I hear bells?
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Anonymous said...

Aberdeener - i have posted here before and sometimes been harsh with some of your findings. But, i must admit that some of the recent postings especially about local government are really interesting. Between the people who leave with pay, the campaign promises, the land purchases, and now campaign funding- good work. It is sad that not many others take the time to find out some of these things. it is all public knowledge and with the internet era, is easy to find. I have to give credit if I am going to be critical, I think it is only fair.

Aberdeener said...

Thank you for your kind words. Please continue to hammer me whenever you disagree - I learn more from those who argue with me.

Anonymous said...

It doesn't surprise me that Vinci took money, he and Gumbs are the only two who accepted the salary increase that they rewarded themselves this year. When Vinci was asked why he took the salary increase at the last town council meeting he exploded like a firecracker. Vinci and Gumbs are walking around with their hands out for anything they can get! Something must be done about all of this, more people need to go to the town meetings and listen to what is going on, you don't need to say anything just show up and listen.

Anonymous said...


Candidates Night will be held on April 1, 2008 at Matawan Regional High School from 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm. This is an opportunity for members of the community to listen to the views and goals of the individuals running for a seat on the Board of Education, as we approach election day.

Anonymous said...

Vincei was paid over $3,000.00 for consulting. Vincei could not consult his way out of a paper bag. He is always out for himself. He pats himself on the back like he has done something with his life. He and all of the rest of them feel entitled.

Look at Vincei' allegiance to his good buddy Minutulo who was cast aside for the Janis Gallo candidacy, another allegiant soldier who sold her soul. Who does Janis need a job for as payment? They all sell themselves so cheap.

This was however another genius and controlling move by Scudeiri/Kauff to once again surround themselves with those whom will do what they say, without question.

They all feel so entitled.

They are right in a way.

They are entitled to have a lawyer present at their arraignments.

As far as the monies to pay for their legal defenses they do not really have to worry about paying for their legal fees as Vic "Big Vic" Scudeiri will once again pay all the bills.

After all that is what a Mob Boss does as the leader of a criminal enterprise, the one called the Aberdeen Democratic Committee.

After all It is "nothing personal just business" as usual in Monmouth County.



Anonymous said...

Kauff should have run major companies with all of his expertise, deceit and dishonesty. Major companies like Drexel, Burnham and Lambert or Enron or Encap. Such companies leaders ended up robbing their shareholders, with losses in the billions upon billionsof dollars. Norman kauff could have been in his glory.

Then again such business failures do not have an endless supply of tax dollars like Aberdeen and Monmouth County, for the Kauff pirates to plunder.

ALL ABOARD THE SHIP OF FOOLS is about to depart, for PRISON I hope. A ship captained by the worst pirate of them all, Norman Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Ahoy there for the USS GOUGE THE PUBLIC.

This is your captain speaking Captain Norman Kauff.

We will soon be departing the Port of Aberdeen with a full crew of assorted scaliwags.

On board this evening we have Mayor "I cannot tell a lie unless Norman tells me too" Soble, Vinny "money is everything to me" Vinci, Joe "give me a job and I will do as you say" Raymon, Whilemine "take care of my people first" Gumbs, Owen "I cannot suck up enough" Drapcin, Janice "I am just so happy to be anywhere" Galo, and last but not least Tom "Thanks for all the support when I ran for Assembly, Norman" Perry.

We will be coming to your cabins soon so just put all of you valuables and monie in a bag so that we can share it with all of our friends and fellow pirates like CME and that Scallywag David Samuels, Vic "King of all I can steal" Scudeiry and last but not least Marc " You all owe me for all the years I gave you everything you wanted" Koren.

Cast off the gangplank for another voyage of:

Steal big, hell steal everything.

Anonymous said...

Vinny Vinci paid a $3,000.00 consultant fee? For what?

I know, maybe Vinny needed money to put down on a new car or maybe it was to pay fees to CME for the review of the plans for the addition to his house. I am certain there were no shenanigans with that process or inspections because he is Vinny Vinci everything must have been on the up and up, RIGHT?

It is funny though how the same contractor that did Vinnies addition just so happens to do an awful lot of work at the Aberdeen Municipal building. I am sure that is just a coincidence, RIGHT?

I would imagine that CME did not charge Vinci for any reviews on his building plans like most everyone else has to pay in Aberdeen.

After all Vinci is entitled as one of the co-conspirators of the daily rip off of the taxpayers of Aberdeen. The rip-off which is so much the life blood for CME and all of the rest who benefit off of the Kauff crime syndicate.

Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

Kauff crime syndicate. I love it.

Such imaginative and funny ways to point out their inadequacies and the "pay to play" type giveaways. As though the term "pay to play" somehow makes it all right.

Bill N. Union St. Matawan

Anonymous said...

Where are the local papers? Hell were are the authorities, supposed or otherwise? Someone should be accountable to haul these thieves away to the closest jail.

Why is the Aberdeener the only brave one to find all of these little tidbits and dare to disclose them to the taxpayers?


Cliffwood Beach

Anonymous said...

Right on the money Alice. Where are the authorities?

Probably waiting for their next check or political appointment out of Scudeiri Enterprises.

Hopefully the newspapers are wacthing this one and delving deep.

Speaking of deep how deep is Vincis head in the sand today? No place to hide Vinny boy.

Selling your office will have a price to be paid. $3,600.00 Vinny you should have asked for a bigger share from Norman and Vic. You can be certain they got their shares.

Corruption watch is on and I cannot wait until they all get dragged off in handcuffs.

Hey Norman is it all worth it?

By the way Norman look out as I hear your actions are soon to go very public, VERY PUBLIC.

Sleep with one eye open Norman as the big knock on your front door is coming, very soon.

F U Norman

Middlesex JIm

Anonymous said...

Norman, we know you read this blog.

Allow me to introduce myself I am Middlesex Jim and while you may not remember me I certainly remember you. You and your associated scum F'd me and my wife over a few years ago in a legal case.

We came to your office and you and your partner in crime were so smooth. What did we get from your o'h so great legal expertise and exemplary services? NOTHING !

So consider this our revenge. Every time my wife and I hear something about you or your crew we will be letting everyone know. We will call the Aberdeener, Matawan Advocate, the local papers and more.
It is time you started feeling the pain you have inflicted on others. That goes the same for all of your associates in Aberdeen.

We thank GOD you do not have your hooks into Matawan, yet. I am sure you and Vic are trying to snake your way in. By the way do not count on Mendes for help, as every time a project of Vic's comes in we will make sure he cannot vote. Conflict of interest and all.

How does it feel to be on the receiving end Norman?

All of you who are ripping the people off we will get some revenge, when all of you are on the recieving end in prison, we hope.

There you see Norman, the receiving end has a different meaning, and it hurts really bad. Kind of the same thing you do to the taxpayers of Aberdeen.

Who knows Norman you may like being on the receiving end after a while?

Good night Norman and all the ships at sea.

Mr.& Mrs. Middlesex Jim
Matawan and Proud

Anonymous said...

Council meeting tonite for those who would like to go. In fact I just realized if you are reading this you are late.

Will Vinci show up tonight since his payoff as a consultant I mean candidate has been disclosed to the public?

The newspapers need to look into all of this. Where are they ?

Letters to the editor from concerned residents used to work wonders. But he *Mcaleer* works on behalf of Aberdeen now and most assuredly would be on the back end of a Norman Kauff power move, for sure.

Someone else needs to write the papers.

Anonymous said...

Anybody go to the Aberdeen Council meeting last night? What happened? Did Vinci call out sick afraid to face the public?

All of them should be hospitalized in a facility for the criminally stupid. They all trust Norman and Vic and i hope they all realize that Vic and Norman have all of the money and all of the influence. What will all of the little people like Vinci have when the indictments are handed down?

Hopefully they will have a lot of time on their hands to remember all the pain they caused the taxpayers for selling them out. Selling them out as their elected officials who served themselves not the people who elected them.

Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

A message left on my telephone at work suggested that I am Middlesex Jim.

I am not Middlesex Jim.

If I write to this site I put my name on it. I do however enjoy the topics and comments put forth. That by the way is our constitutionally protected right to do so. In case anyone is wondering or concerned.

Thank you very much.

Joe McAleer

matawan advocate said...

Whatever makes you think that Vic Scudiery and Company don't have their hooks into Matawan? Check out the appointments made for Matawan professionals. One of the attorneys appointed is the attorney for the Monmouth County Democratic Party, another represented them in their bid to get Mike Cannon on the ballot at the 11th hour and won.

There must be gold in Matawan's street the way the County Democrats are lining the purses of municipal democratic candidates. The way it works is a Company donates money to the Monmouth County Democratic Party, who then filters it down to the Municipality. Now on the ELEC reports it won't show up as a direct contribution to the municipal candidate but as a donation to the Monmouth County Democratic Party. So, of course, the Company can swear they did not contribute to any municipal candidates and they only contributed on the County level. Scudiery then tells the candidates, if they win, who should be appointed to which jobs. Isn't that the essence of Pay to Play, Councilman Mullaney? Even though Mary Aufseeser lost the bid for Mayor of Matawan, alot of money was spent on her attempt. Can't wait to see the ELEC reports.

Other political parties should take a page from the Democrats and stop being so transparent.

Anonymous said...

Matawan Advocate:
"Even though Mary Aufseeser lost the bid for Mayor of Matawan, alot of money was spent on her attempt."

"A lot" is two words.

Anonymous said...

...please where can I buy a unicorn?