Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Late last night, I posted an article stating the Matawan Regional Teachers Association had not yet ratified the employment contract and I speculated that hey had helped the Rubino/Ruprecht campaign in exchange for better terms.

In fact, the teachers ratified the contract last Wednesday. The article has since been deleted and I apologize for misinforming anyone who had already read it. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

Back to subjects that effect all of us on a daily basis if you do not mind.

Pick anyone that tickles your fancy like Scudeiri, Kauff, Vinci, Mullaney or the rest of them.

Then again theres always the subjects of corruption, stealing from the taxpayers, unethical behavior, padding your pension with no show jobs, and last but not least paying off friends and business associates with taxpayer dollars.

Oh wait all you have to do is go back to our original suggestion. Just choose Scudeiri, Kauff or Vinci as they are all involved in all of the rest of our suggested topics anyway.

Then again there is always the train station redevelopment debacle and the large payoffs and more that would come with that big of a project. Oh there we go again back to Scudeiri, Kauff and Vinci.

Mr&Mrs Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

where's nj stlwrkandproud? I thought we would hear back from you on Monday? Did you talk to anyone about Vinci?

Anonymous said...

Riddle me this - Which Aberdeen councilman has a public pension and currently collects salaries for two elected positions?

What ever happened to GIVING back to the community?!

Vinci collects salaries for being a Fire Commissioner, as well as for being on Council.

Is there no shame? (Rhetorical question)

Anonymous said...

I am Back and I am not alone this time. I am joined by my co-worker

So you know I did speak to my relative, all be it my distant relative about the Vinci real estate situation, coupled with the Vinny Vinci intersection, traffic light and home purchase with all associated tear down costs for same. All monies spent to facilitate and please King Vinci.

What I was told in not so many words is that Vinci pushed and pushed and pushed until he got what he wanted. Vinci is a pain in the ass around the county, was the exact words used. Anyone surprised?

My buddy and I went by the intersection over the weekend on our bikes and found the area to be to say the least favoring King Vinci. It is downright disgraceful and all to telling of the selfishness of King Vinci when you look at what he had done only to benefit himself. Just another example of the single minded politician who embodies the all that matters is me type of leadership.

We need to know how much it all cost the taxpayers in Aberdeen.
1. To buy a house and tear it down to make room for a driveway entrance that was not needed in the first place. Not needed as there was a driveway access to the building already in place. It truly was not needed due to the fact that a street not seventy five feet or so away leads directly to access the exact same building. It should also be stated that the street is unknown to most everyone as a back way entrance to a building which is obviously very seldom used.

2. How much was the cost to tear the house down and put in a driveway that now shows everyone an illegal way to enter the parkway?

3. Are there plans to spend more money to put a gate to stop vehicles from now entering the parkway? How much that will cost all of us to not inconvenience King Vinci?

4. How many signs are erected in all of Aberdeen to stop any vehicle driven anywhere in all of Aberdeen, signs specifically placed at or near any intersection to advise drivers to NOT BLOCK THE INTERSECTION, this specific intersection which is Washington Street.

Of course after reading this blog the last few weeks you should not have to ask yourself which self centered councilman lives on Washington Street. Which councilman would have the nerve or be so brazen to require or just demand not just one sign be erected, but two signs to be placed on each side of Washington Street? Signs are placed at this location like no other place in all of Aberdeen. Signs placed to warn all drivers to not even consider blocking King Vinci's street.

Just look around next time you are driving around Aberdeen and see if any churches or temples, stores, school zone areas, handicapped access areas, pedestrian crosswalks and any other area or roadway intersection have even one sign much less two signs placed fifteen feet apart to make absolutely sure no vehicle would dare impede King Vinci. As we rode around that day we did not see even one such sign much less two within fifteen feet.

Maybe to save you on the very expensive gasoline prices we can assure you that -in all of Aberdeen there is not one such street or intersection anywhere so protected, other than King Vinci's street.

It is of course insulting to find only one such street so well protected and designed to benefit only one specific self serving politician. Do not kid yourself King Vinci wanted the signs, demanded the signs and the signs were installed. After all he is King Vinci.

Just another example of many of this self serving politician who tells you how much he does for all of us. This as he exclaimed to all of present that council meeting not so long ago. By the way King Vinci and Deputy Mayor Gumb's are the only ones who took the raises.

Just another day in Aberdeen or perhaps the land formerly known as Aberdeen, which is soon to be named The land of King Vinci.

If it wasn't so sad it could be funny. It is not!

I apologize for not logging on as the overtime has been really good lately and there has not been much time to contribute or keep check.
Maybe between us we can be better informed. See ya.

Anonymous said...

Correction on your correction: MRTA Teacher's Contract was ratified on Wednesday, April 2th, 2008 at 4:00pm. There were approximately 250 members present at the Matawan High School Cafeteria. Meeting lasted about an hour. Secretarial, Bus and Custodial Contract ratification came later... possibly the date you mentioned.