Friday, April 25, 2008

Heading to Exit 117A

This April marks the 4-year anniversary of fellow blogger, the Matawan-Aberdeen Observer. For nearly three years, his was mostly a lonely voice until he was joined by the Matawan Advocate in February of last year. Then, last September, I joined the fray. While we’re generally supportive of one another, to our mutual benefit, there exists a bit of friendly competition to see who garners the most traffic or has the greatest influence. Well, it appears we’ve got a new champ in town – Marilyn of Exit 117A.

Although new to our neighborhood, Marilyn’s an old hand at blogging. Before moving here, she authored the Red Bank Blues. In addition to her lively and engaging writing style, Marilyn’s also an internet maven who specializes in online marketing at her day job. (Her fiancĂ©, an editor at the NY Daily News, does not contribute to the blog.) But it’s not her prose that makes Exit 117A the biggest thing to hit the Mat-Ab blogworld. What makes her so different, and special, is that, in contrast to the political blogs, she’s the only one who writes about daily living in Matawan-Aberdeen.

Like sushi? Check out the restaurant reviews at Exit 117A. Curious about where to shop, where to get a haircut, or go for car repair? Try Exit 117A. Starting a new local business? Be nice to Marilyn. In a competitive marketplace, a review on Exit 117A can make all the difference.

She does have one Achilles Heel, though – Marilyn is lactose intolerant. For the moment, local pizzerias can relax.

In addition to blogging, Marilyn has also initiated a local networking group called Bayshore Friends. The friends share tips on what’s hot and what’s not and they’ll likely be planning get-togethers in the near future. For people looking to get the inside scoop or expand their social networks, Bayshore Friends is a great place to start.

As for the rest of us bloggers, I’m sure we’ll be reading Exit 117A.
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Anonymous said...

Once again without the Aberdeener we would have missed out on an informative contributor and blogger with a different interest and topic.

While I will miss the spotlight the Aberdeener and others place on the likes of Vinci, Kauff, Vic. S. and the others, Exit 117A will make a nice diversion.

Cheers and Bravo to all who stick their necks out. And to those who toil with their heads buried in the sand, you deserve what you get heaped upon you, especially those of you in town hall who know and fail to inform. While you may do your job many of you on the inside see firsthand the activity and interference which could save, inform, enforce and give hope to the rest of us that honest government could one day rule the day.

James Cagney the greatest triple threat actor of our time was to have said. "you dirty rat you killed my brother" whether he did or not doesn't matter. "Kauff and his cohorts killed Aberdeen". That topic needs to be ever present on such blogs, and never let that light go out until the indictments come down and the jail door slams on each and every one of them.

Time to go.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener I Just finished a quick look at the Exit117a site. I must commend you on suggesting the site. I found its broad base of interests and information on our area to be well thought out and presented.

I thoroughly enjoyed the site!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the plug Joey!
I haven't been writing too much lately, I need to rectify that soon! Thanks again. :)

Anonymous said...

To: cwoodnightshift37

I would hope you do not think that those of us who work in town hall are all just part of some perceived master plan to keep the taxpayers and public in the dark as to goings on. All of you should realize that whatever the perception may be in the public domain as well as information found out or supplied by the likes of the ABERDEENER or THE MATAWAN ADVOCATE amongst others, it is all within the public domain and available every given day to all of you. All have to do is ask for it.

Your suggestion that the town employees who as you state "fail to inform" are sometimes caught between a rock and a hard place.

In an environment like New Jersey where criticisms and more are heaped on town or state municipal workers on a daily basis. It is in fact the public and taxpayers whom are most often failing themselves.

Prior to becoming a municipal worker I was very (to say the least) active in regards to my community and its political goings on. Recent criticisms and outright lies by some on this website placed upon me, have castigated me for supposedly "selling out" to get a job in the municipal workforce. While completely untrue and laughable, it is an opinion held by a few who do not know me at all.

Rather than attacking municipal workers as the root cause of high taxes, services and the like. Why don't you ask yourself when was the last time you went to a council meeting or read about or objected to a proposed sub-division, that adds housing and children to the district at $12,000.00 per student?
The average new house built in most every town will generate at least two children. When was the last time you went to a school board meeting to see where 65% of your taxes are spent? When was the last time you really checked out a candidate for election, rather than listening to your neighbor?

As a municipal worker I often meet people, almost on a weekly basis, who comment on how high their taxes are. The sad thing is that they do not realize where or how their taxes are spent. For instance the municipal services provided by the town such as the Police Department, Public Works, Fire Department, Trash and Bulk Pickups, Recreation and s a few others, only makes up about 27% of your total tax bill. I think that is very fair citing the services received. I do not think that because has been suggested I "sold out and became a municipal worker" I am very proud of the work I do and I am also very proud of the vast majority of those I work along side of everyday.

Having been a very vocal and disgruntled taxpayer in the past I have a better appreciation of the work that is done, as well as the needs, requirements and the interaction with the public within the confines of town hall, that is most often without compliment. The complaints from a misinformed or disgruntled public far outweigh the
compliments for good service, which is most often provided.

I have been on both sides and see the municipal workers efforts and interaction with the public in a whole new light.

Don't get me wrong I question authority every day. I also urge the taxpayers to do the same.

Thanks for your time in this regard.