Thursday, April 17, 2008

Councilman Vinci's Compulsion

Poor Councilman Vinci. As an avid reader of this blog, he knows how much I love to chronicle his fiduciary infidelities. He may not know where I get my information or who has betrayed him but Councilman Vinci knows I’m watching. Yet, he just can’t overcome his compulsion to “pilfer” from the public treasury. Once again, with a little help from his friends, he has snatched public land adjacent to his home. Is this compulsion to take what is not rightfully his a congenital defect? Is he a sick man deserving our sympathy and support? Or is Councilman Vincent Vinci just a pig?

In January ("Something is Rotten in Aberdeen"), I recounted how the New Jersey Highway Authority gave Vinci about 2,000 square feet of land adjacent to his house for the rock bottom price of $1 (see attached).

Not only did he get this land for free, but the extension to his lot was never recorded in the tax rolls nor did his assessment ever go up. His 1994 tax record (lot size and assessment) is identical to his current tax record (Block 265 Lot 1).

Then there was the March story ("Campaign Finance Fraud in Aberdeen) detailing how, in 2007, the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee paid “consulting fees” to Councilman Vinci during his own re-election campaign.

Now, Vinci provides us another land scandal. On February 19, 2008, Mayor Sobel, representing Aberdeen Township (i.e. the peons who live here), gave Councilman Vinci another 2538 square feet of land adjacent to Vinci’s home for the grand sum of $1 (see attached).

Will this parcel be added to the tax rolls? We’ll have to wait and see. More interestingly is what Vinci plans to do with all this land. Perhaps he has a fondness for mowing grass. Or maybe he needs the space to set up a lemonade stand. Or maybe, just maybe, he requires a lot large enough to subdivide and sell to a developer to finance his retirement.

Excluding the two free parcels, Vinci’s lot has a little over 14,000 square feet. With the two parcels, he now has about 19,000 square feet, plenty of land for a pliant planning board to re-zone for two lots. (In 2003, the planning board approved a request by Joe Ciaglia to subdivide a 13,000 square foot lot on Atlantic Avenue.)

As a dedicated reader of this blog, Vinci must have known his latest land deal would be exposed. Is this a call for help from a councilman whose fellow council members insist on feeding his addiction? Is he a man obsessed with self-gratification by violating the public trust? Or, as I suggested earlier, is he just a pig? Whatever the case may be, it’s time to put this “public servant” in rehab for his sake and ours.
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Anonymous said...

What can we (Aberdeeners) do about this? Something needs to be done, I am getting tired of the current council members and didn't vote for them in the last election. Does anyone notify the press? Does anyone show up to town meetings to question these things? I have before and see the same few there, yet I read a lot of people complaininmg about these things. HELLO PEOPLE, wake up and say something! If we really want something done stoip complaining on a blog site and say something to these bandits at the town council meetings.

Anonymous said...

I got 2 words for Councilman Vinci: F U. :D

I'm sorry, that wasn't very lady-like. ;)

Anonymous said...

Junior Vinci needs to step back and take a minute to self review. Likewise his fellow members of the council who are involved in what boils down to committing leadership suicide.

Are they all that stupid, ego driven or just that arrogant ? Probably all and more.

Either way they need to just look at todays newspaper headlines and see what greedy politicians are wearing these days. HANDCUFFS and long sentences in prison is what they are wearing, and rightly so.

Is Sobel and all the rest of them that ignorant and blind ? If they are it is time for a recall effort to send them packing. Oh wait Norman Kauff and his benefactors would not stand for that. With their "close personal friends as Mayor Sobel calls them all away in Club Fed who would be left to take care of Dave Samuels and CME as well as all of the rest of Kauffs cronies and gougers of the taxpayers. Who would be left to funnel money back to Kauff and Scudeiri.

You think the Monmouth County Democratic Committee of Thievery spent money to influence the school election ? Just try and start a recall campaign and see what they would spend to stop that from happening.

It may in fact be the "right of the people" to recall politicians, but it would not be the right thing for the Kauff and Scudeiri Democratic Crime Syndicate.

What would Kauff and Scudeiri do all day long without Aberdeen to rape and plunder ? We guess they could just bill Manalapan and Hazlet for never performed or shoddy services and the fake bills signed off on to benefit CME.

We hear that Kauff, Scudeiri and Dave Samuels all have CME FOR LIFE tattooed under their toupes. By the way the CME tattoos stand for CASH MEANS EVERYTHING !

I agree with exit117a F them all !

Anonymous said...

OOPS we forgot to sign the last entry. We aplogize !

Anonymous said...

I am new to reading The Aberdeener and want to thank you for the opportunity to comment on Councilman Vinci's "handout" from Mayor Sobel. Someone asked if Mayor Sobel is ignorant and the rest of the Council is blind....neither.....they are ARROGANT and feel they can get away with anything they want to, thanks to The Aberdeener, residents of Aberdeen will hear the truth! Yesterday there was a post about Mayor Sobel hiring a friend for the position of Code Enforcement Officer because ''he worked hard to get us elected'' Mayor Sobel has sold Councilman Vinci land for $1.00. If I had known that property was up for sale I would have given the town $1.50...a 50% more profit!!! Where will it end? What other bit of corruption will we find out about next? Wake up residents of Aberdeen......go to the town meetings and let them know they are not pulling the wool over our eyes anymore!!!

Signed: One more disgusted Aberdeen Resident

matawan advocate said...

We read all these comments with interest. Is this what Scudiery and the Monmouth County Democrats want to do to Matawan? Is this a sign of what is coming to Matawan? We have been blogging about Scudiery's connection to the Matawan Democratics, now it is very clear where they are going.

Is that why the Monmouth County Democratic Party donated money to re-elect Mary Aufseeser? Wonder if the new Borough Attorney's firm is one who made a large contribution to the Monmouth County Democratic Party following the Nov. election to support Aufseeser?

Now let us see where are those ELEC reports?

Anonymous said...

Come on Vinci we know you read this. It is time to be a man and at least respond to the criticisms. I mean you were called a pig !I am to assume it is not for your years of risking your life as a Police Officer or numbers runner.

Are you man enough ? Are you still hiding behind your handlers ? Time to man up and respond. If we are lucky you will implicate yourself and your fellow crooks and save countless hours of federal investigations and legal fees. Just resign now Vinci and turn states evidence against your soon to be co-defendants.

In case nobody has told you lately, you are a piece of garbage. The fact that a brave man like this has brought to light your criminal activities is only the beginning.

I am with Mr&Mrslowermainstat it is time for a recall effort to push all of you and Norman Kauff out of Aberdeen.

Until then we can only hope that the authorities are reading this blog and looking into all of the deceitful acts all of you are up to.

All aboard for the Democratic Prison express in bus lane #1.

Anonymous said...

To the individual who signed on as One More Disgusted Aberdeen Resident

The individual you state was hired by Mayor Soble as the Code Enforcement Officer is Joe MaCaleer. He has been to say the least very outspoken on many issues which have benefited Aberdeen. I am certain his job is thankless and without much backing by the man you claimed hired him for "getting them elected". We can assure you that Joe MaCaleer earned his job by proving that those who were in the position was failing the citizens.

We have watched the positive things he has fought for and what he has done the past two years or so since he was hired. We can assure you Joe MaCaleer is not one of the favored few Mayor Soble would be rewarding. That would be CME Engineering and all of the rest.

My wife and I have a neighbor on Gaston Street who is to say the least a pain in the ass. Joe has been very helpful in helping us keep him under control and from bothering us. We are too old to fight. We just want to live here and die here.

Get your facts right next time before attacking the wrong person.

Thank you.

Too old to not be anonymous.

Anonymous said...

For the above comment: I can assure you that McAleer is a slime ball and whatever "favor" he is doing you will come back to bite you in your ass. Be warned. As for "getting facts straight," why don't you go to town, pony up a few bucks under the "Right to Know Law," and see what this douche is costing the taxpayers. Also, any neighbor/citizen who lives in this town should NOT be under the so-called "code enforcement officer's " control. If you have a problem with your "pain in the ass" neighbor, you should go through the proper channels (ie. police)and NOT some over-inflated, pompous, arrogant piece of scum who thinks he is more important than he really is. He has no "control" over himself, let alone "control" over the citizens. What the hell IS he, anyway? Some type of hall monitor? What are you, a baby? Do you run to McAleer everytime you have a problem? You ARE the problem! Don't give this ass anymore ego stroking. If you don't know the proper channels in which to deal with your own neighbor and have to result to relying on this bully for help, you are more pathetic than McAleer is. Get a life and get a grip while you're at it. You'll see soon enough what his true intentions are. If you only want to "live here and die here," better hold onto your wallets because this man is going to be the cause of MANY big lawsuits. The proof has been obtained and will be coming shortly. As far as "getting facts straight," I can assure you that the proof is there. Why don't you get YOUR facts straight before opening your mouth about something you know nothing about? You are one of the "blind" people in town who live behind the curtain of denial. WAKE UP!
Sick of stupid ass people

Anonymous said...

I just checked the blog before I left for work. I can't let this go because I have too much to say on this subject. Shouldn't this guy's name be "Mc-A-Liar?" What a phony! Hey Joe! Nice try! Next time you write something about yourself (see: "Too old to not be anonymous") with intentional name misspellings, remember that you've made too many enemies in this town to try to soften the blow to your reputation. People are disgusted with you (especially those who work with you and know who/what you REALLY are).Remember McALiar, "The truth will set you free...."

Also, to all the other bloggers on this site, doesn't it say something about the integrity of a township employee who who lurks behind this wonderful forum and acts as another disgruntled resident and makes disparaging comments about OTHER people in town? I can bet you that he is LAUGHING at you behind your back. He is a spineless coward.

My son used to live in Cliffwood Beach by McAleer. When McAleer lived there, he used to SPEW FORTH HATRED for the Strathmore section of town. Now that he lives in the "N" Section, he is a contrite phony who should hang his disgrace.

Is he a psychopath? At the very least, it confirms my suspicions that Aberdeen has an even bigger group of self-serving idiots working under the guise of "serving the people" when all they REALLY do is serve themselves.

I agree with "Sick of Stupid Ass People." When will this town wake up?

Anonymous said...

Just got a wake up call from a friend who read the previous two comments where my name was used and accusations were made.

I apologize for the ignorance and hate being placed upon me and taking up space about me when the subject was more important.

I am proud of the job I do and the positive effect that I have in Aberdeen. I am also very proud of those I work with at town hall.

AS it has been said before "you cannot please all of the people all of the time".

In closing whatever these two people have to say, they have the right to say. If you feel like wasting your time and disparaging me, even though as these other subjects are more important and may have more of a negative effect on us as individuals and taxpayers, so be it.

To the two of you who spent so much time on the subject of Joe McAleer I hope you Have a nice day !

To the rest of you I apologize for their ignorant, unfounded, and closed-minded interruption. It is very obvious that their intention was to disparage me and my job. I would suspect they have been visited by me and failed to understand or appreciate the job I do and its positive effects for resale values and quality of life for the taxpayers.

I am open to criticism no different that anyone else and if their mission was to embarrass themselves, they accomplished their mission by failing to address the subject matter which is far more disturbing.

Divide and conquer type of messages this time failed. I will take all they have to give, as wrong as they may be. If they would rather call and criticize me directly I am in the book.

Once again the subject matter is the thing and what they spew towards me is their opinion.

Back to the subject for the rest of us. To the other two just call me and you can vent your self imposed frustrations.

Once again HAVE A NICE DAY.

Anonymous said...

So according to *Sick of Stupid Ass People* and the other blogger **I agree with stupid ass people** Joe Mcaleer is suppoosed to be the problem, not the subject matter and examples of questionable behavior that the Aberdeener brings forth about our elected officials and their misdeeds.

Two the two of you stupid asses should spend time on more important matters than on Mcaleer. While I agree positions like that are necessary your attacks and maligning statements are all too telling.

You two should channel your energies on the subject matter and not on your hatred for Mcaleer.

Wait I figured it out. You two think Mcaleer is in fact the Aberdeener.

Yeah you two geniuses are right Mcaleer is every person who logs on, he killed Kennedy, robbed Fort Knox, runs the mafia, and is in fact Osamabinladen. These two stupid asses figured it all out the rest of us can log off.

Got to go turn the soil in the garden if these two are going to waste our time.

Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

I must say, Mr. MacAleer/McAleer/McALiar (however your name is spelled)I think the last few bloggers left you with quite a thorn in your side! I WILL MOST CERTAINLY have a nice day knowing that you began your morning with a slap in the face. I might also add that the other "more important things" you refer to might be an attempt at distracting the citizens of Aberdeen away from the truth. The truth is that you MAY have, at one time, been a citizen that voiced his concerns for the "good" of Aberdeen. However, I have also had the opportunity to watch you at work (and, NO, you have never "visited" that what they're calling "threatening" now?)and have heard the garbage that spits out of both sides of your mouth. You are nothing more than a nobody on a power trip who has caused Aberdeen a great deal of embarrasment and will eventually cost all us taxpayers a great deal of money when people wake up and stand up for you violating their rights. Everyone knows that you were hired before receiving any type of training because you "had" something on various members of our illustrious "Team Aberdeen." It's not something that I would be too proud of. After all, most people are hired based upon merit, not blackmail. You must be quite a man to accept a job under those terms and conditions.

In addition, the people that you are "proud to work with" at town hall are the same people whom you've said some gross and disparaging things about in the past. Now that you get a paycheck from them every week, I guess your attitude has changed, huh? Again, you are a two-faced liar.

I don't think anything could be more important than bringing to light the fact that there is yet ANOTHER power-hungry town employee in town. YOU, ALONE, ARE A TOPIC.

Don't bother apologizing for me or the other bloggers. Those of us who posted about you know the truth (they are not, as you call them, "opinions") and soon, so will everyone else. Be prepared to explain for you are the one who should be apologizing for your actions.

And with that, I will continue about with my VERY happy day! You will be a laughable topic at the lunch table!

Anonymous said...

As I walk out the door I am amazed at the venom and lies but then again I must look at the source. Enjoy your lunch table conversation.

All I can say is WOW this person has some serious mental issues.

Good Morning Dougy ! (?)

Anonymous said...

Good morning, Joe!!!! No mental problems here. Just a clear conscience. Remember what that felt like?

Aberdeener said...

I have never attacked a current or recent township employee. This blog would be severely hampered without the support of municipal employees and I am very grateful for all their help.

I respectfully request that my readers adopt a similar policy. Joe McAleer is a semi-public figure so I have not censored the comments. However, I hope people understand that such remarks could have a chilling effect on the assistance I receive from the municipality. The vast majority of township employees are good people and I wouldn't want them to think we believe otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Wow, there certainly is a lot of hard feelings flying back and forth on this blog this morning. I would like to get back to the original subject of Councilman Vinci.

I don't know how many of you are old enough to remember the cartoons with a wolf and a sheepdog (one of them was named “Ralph”) who come to work as buddies, punch the time clock, and are then life and death adversaries all day. They punch out and are buddies again, exchanging pleasantries. This is how I have to view relationships in politics, it is "principals before personalities."

That being said, I do not have any personal issue with Mr. Vinci that would lead me to call him a "pig." I view him as the perfect politician stereotype, a finely tuned backstabber and bender of the truth, a kisser of babies.

My first political experience with Mr. Vinci was during our signature gathering petition to get four Green Party candidates on the ballot for the 2007 Aberdeen Council election. Myself and another candidate were outside of St. Clement's church Assumption Center where the joint Matawan/Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce business event was being held. This was a great place to gather signatures as about half the people arriving were Aberdeen residents. We got a great response from the public (with few exceptions, we always get a great response from the public), and we were there for about an hour with no problems.

Mr. Vinci arrived on the scene and became a little panicked when I told him "we are running against you." We talked for awhile and he wished me luck and went inside the event. About five minutes later a police officer emerged from the building and asked that we desist petitioning, that this was private property and there had been a complaint. Given the public response was so positive, I asked the officer if Mr. Vinci was the complainant. The officer smiled and stated "I cannot tell you that", but the smile affirmed my suspicion. We ceased gathering signatures.

That was my first taste of political backstabbing, but again, I view it as part of the "game", at least as defined by the incumbent players. It is not part of my "game", and I hope never to sink to such levels.

In a previous post someone did hint at the nature of political arrogance, and I believe it to be systemic. If a single party, or a single-minded leadership, is in power for too long, they start believe themselves entitled and more powerful than they really are, and less accountable to the citizenry they are elected to serve. At the most extreme, leaders of the past have even been elevated to godlike stature over their constituents, for example the emperor of Japan not so many decades ago. There has been no great improvement in human social organization that makes a contemporary leader immune from such a publicly undesirable concentration of power.

In a Democracy like ours, an “informed” citizenry does have the power to govern themselves via our elected officials. This requires constant vigilance, and “informed” was quoted because an uninformed, misinformed and/or non-participatory citizenry will, often inadvertently, turn that power over to the elected officials themselves. Power hungry officials therefore benefit from keeping the public “in the dark” (uninformed), believing things that are not true or not telling the whole story (misinformed), or making them feel uncomfortable, powerless, frightened and hopeless (and therefore non-participatory). Citizen participation can also be decreased by doing just the opposite, making the people feel comfortable and “taken care of.”

At the last Council meeting I attended, I brought up the subject of the Aberdeener blog by reading an excerpt from it. Mr. Vinci appeared to not know what a blog was, or have much knowledge of the internet, stating only that one of his younger relatives had a computer. I told him he could get Italian music on the internet and could also find all the good restaurants, and he should think about getting connected because he might like it.

G’nite Ralph…

--Paul Rinear
Aberdeen Green Party

Anonymous said...

Once again the angst and pain caused by our supposed leadership has brought others in to the blog discussion to take us off subject.

Do yourself a favor and stay on topic. I agree with RedGuy and am thankful that we have this site to bring out topics crucial to our town, while informing the public.

The rest of it is all bullshit and deserves to be dealt with mano a mano. Having met Mr. McAleer (I checked for proper spelling) he is not one I would want to insult. To those of you who do I wish you good luck. Let the man do his job I think we are better off for it.

Back to Vinci and his land grab.

Anonymous said...

I was at a recent Town Council Meeting, where a member of the public questioned why the current council persons voted themselves a raise. Mr. Vinci exploded on the gentleman. Why shouldn't I take the raise? I do a lot for this town! Etc. Etc. He flew off the handle! I only wish more people where there to witness it.

Then, Mayor Sobel said smugly, This was a small raise, and even if all 7 of the council members accepted the raise, it would only amout to $2100.

I guess the town can't use that $2100 somewhere else in the town budget.

Anonymous said...

I was at the same town council meeting and Vinci was one of two who took the increase and when questioned why by Paul Rinear he almost lost his mind! It was almost comicial watching this guy go crazy and get so worked up. In fact one of the three guys who are always there made said "wow, he really got Vinnie worked up". The bottom line is let's see what happens with his new assessment this year and then everyone should go to the town council meeting and ask why his taxes didn't go up and why they didn't go up when he got the other land increase. Hell, I put a central air unit in my home a number of years ago and my taxes went up about $60 a year because of the improvement. If we want a change GO TO THE MEETINGS and raise these questions, it's one thing to whine on a blog and quite another to do something about it! Let's show up people and put this people on the spot, they need to be held acountable.

Brian in Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

Don't any of you get it ? the smugness or the greed of a person in a council position is always to be questioned, criticized and you must always question and question and question until they get upset then you go in for the kill and ask them about illegal meetings that violated the Sunshine Law, or about gifts, cash, secret contributions or more from CME.

If you do not like the answer given or the answer was in "politicianese", which simply means "a politicians expert way of not answering a question, but leaving the person who asked the question thinking they got a truthful answer as they walk away".

Simply put politicians never answer any questions that are substantive and which might actually require a truthful response or real explanation. Politicians and truth is the worlds oldest joke.

So if any of you go to a town council or school board meeting and you ask a question, just wait for them to be done answering you and then simply ask them, can you now answer my original question. That will drive them crazy.

Do not think that the Vinci land grab situation is unique to New Jersey politics. What someone needs to ask for is the townships records of property owned by Aberdeen that has been sold to private citizens in the last twenty years. Then check all of the prices paid on average for similar sized land.

A politician who is looking to cash in and possibly subdivide such a gift from his fellow politicians should be raked over the coals, as well as those who stood by and let their legal representatives paid with tax dollars to sign off on such a questionable and conflicted sale.

Also question all involved as to whether such a sale or any sale should have included any stipulations that the land sold for $1.00 could not be combined and or attached to any other property where a profit or sale could be attained, or from which a profit could be gained from said sale.

Having looked at the Aberdeeners recent disclosures on Vinci and also the questionable Whilemina Gumbs sale of property, one is again left with many questions. To review that one, Deputy Mayor Gumbs and her neighbors sell property to the town to facilitate a road expansion project, overseen by CME, yes there is that name again. In that sale as disclosed by the Aberdeener from the Monmouth County real estate records, all of Whilemina's neighbors were paid a reported $1250.00 dollars for their land. Somehow and not so mysteriously, the politically connected and experienced real estate agent Whilemina Gumbs was awarded a price in excess of $3,000.00, along with a very few others, also some of whom may have been relatives of the Deputy Mayor. Of course their is the possibility that favors may be owed to the Democratic Crime Syndicate in the same area or maybe it was a democratic payoff to those who would be needed by the Democratic Crime Syndicate, sometime in the near future. All of this thievery of course was at taxpayers expense, with 25% going to CME, once again there is that name again.

So in closing it is obvious that Vinci and the town leadership must not have read the newspapers lately, especially just the other day when Sharpe "everything is mine for the taking" James was justly convicted on all thirteen counts of arranging real estate sales to help a close political associate. Wait that could never happen in Aberdeen? Oh wait it just did.

Wait a minute maybe Sharpe James was tutoring the Aberdeen and Monmouth County Crime Syndicate in real estate transactions? I sure hope they skipped ahead to the ending and read the part where Sharpe James may get a 20 year prison sentence. Sharpe James faces up to 20 years in prison. A prison sentence which certainly means Sharpe James dies in prison, dies a disgraced politician and convicted felon. What an righteous epitaph for someone who stole from the taxpayers, over and over again.

Maybe if we all wish real hard and say our prayers. You never know.

Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Sorry got a little long winded last night. Wanted to get it out there for all of you before I took the boys fishing late last night. I apologize to all of our grammar police types as I may have been a little rushed and did not use spell check.

Nothing like fishing at night. It is so peaceful and relaxing. Used to be I enjoyed the hustle and bustle, now I just like the quiet.

Anyway thanks for this time and for reading my opinion on the Vinci land grab.

Anonymous said...

The Vinci situation needs to be looked into by the Monmouth County Prosecutors Office. I am certain that with all of the other Vinci tidbits something is wrong elsewhere.

I was asked the other day at the site how is it that politicians along with their legal advisor's did not scream at Vinci and his buddies to not do something like this.

While we might just be construction workers we could easily conclude that Councilman Vinci is prosppering at the srious cost to taxpayers. I will speak to my cousin tomorrow who is a Monmouth County Freeholder for the past couple of years. Maybe since he is from the area he may have a vested interest in seeing this stopped.

We will see. I will report back Monday.

Anonymous said...

Where are the newspapers on this type of thing? There was a time that reporters covered these type of examples of political geed, corruption and far more. The newspapers used to shine light on such actions while also informing the taxpayers, who in turn showed some interest and attended council meetings and asking questions.

I for one am very disappointed that no newspapers have brought this into the public forum.

Constitutional 1st. Anybody remember that. I guess the newspapers have forgotten.

So sad !

Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

As they say -silence is golden- and the silence from the Aberdeen Town Council is deafening. They all know about Vinci as well as the disclosure in public documents as well as the ABERDEENER. Ye they say nothing of their questionably illegal and if nothing else conflict of interest.

What is next for the Aberdeen leaderhsip give-away program? Maybe Drapkin and his wife want some beach front property, so the council just gives them Cliffwood Beach.

This must stop !

I agree with the previous posting, where are the newspapers in all of this. Just on Vinci alone with the payments, two land deals, pay raise blow-ups and more you would think one article could come out of all of that, at least.

Anonymous said...

Can someone give me any hope that some honest type of law enforcement, etc. is looking into any of this?

Anonymous said...

You crack me up, how about some permits for your home inprovements joey....every little bit helps What a joke someone should take a hard look at you...

Aberdeener said...


Although I'm not a public official, I can certainly appreciate the inclination to "investigate the accuser".

So, what would you like to know? Feel free to email me if you prefer to keep the conversation private.

Anonymous said...

This is a portion from today's Asbury Park Press, it talks about corruption in politics in NJ, we rank #3 in the counrty:

Christie did not give specifics of ongoing investigations, but said, "I have 15 people assigned to my public corruption unit, and they're all busy."

But he said residents should not rely on the federal government to solve the state's corruption problems.

"If you're waiting for us to solve this problem, you will be waiting forever," he said.

Residents have to drop what has become a cynical acceptance of elected and appointed officials who say one thing and do another, he added.

"Once we put these folks into office, we re-elect them again and again and again without scrutiny," he said. "The only thing a politician understands is losing. Otherwise they think they are no longer accountable."

The best corruption fighter is a ballot, he said.

So we as residents are to blame, how many times are we going to re-elect these idiots? It's time people go to the town council meetings and question what is happeneing in town and vote for people who will make a change and stop re-electing these corrupt jerks! They are only out for themselves, stop voting for your neighbor and find out who is going to do something.

Brian in Aberdeen