Friday, July 25, 2008

The Aberdeen Democrats’ Latest Election Filing

I always look forward to the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee’s quarterly filings with the New Jersey Election Law Enforcement Commission. The filings often contain interesting tidbits and the latest filing doesn’t disappoint.

According to their 2nd quarterly report, the democrats have not received any political contributions this year (the amount on hand was left over from last year). This isn’t an election year so that would make sense except that, in 2006, the Executive Committee had raised $4,200 by this same point in time (see contributions in 1st quarter and 2nd quarter filings).

Then there’s the new party chairman, Bill Shenton. He succeeds longtime chairman Robert Axelrad who moved to Monroe. Shenton had replaced Councilwoman Gumbs as chairperson of the township’s planning board after she was elected to the town council. He earned a bit of “acclaim” for introducing the “McMansion Bill”, an ordinance that restricts the building height for homes. Unfortunately, he did this after being the swing vote that approved Ciaglia’s request to again subdivide a property, this time on Atlantic Avenue. (Notice the restriction is only on height. Shenton may have felt awkward asking for a size restriction since he lives in a 3200 square foot house.)

Once again, Councilman Vinci is still on the payroll, this time for “Expenses and Promotion” (page 7). He’s collecting over $2,000 a year in quarterly payments. Each payment takes place shortly after the previous quarter’s filing date and has been this way for years. I can’t tell if he’s simply taking money at the earliest opportunity or if he needs it to pay his property taxes.

Former Township Attorney Norman Kauff is still running the show through his wife’s name. Judith Kauff is still the person who signs the checks. Her name had disappeared from last quarter’s filing but it was likely just an oversight.

However, the one item that truly caught my attention was a $250 payment to Charles Uliano (page 7). Looks like they bought an hour of time from the former Assistant Monmouth County Prosecutor. Why would the local Democratic Party need a consultation with the former prosecutor? Makes you wonder.

So, a new party chairman, zero contributions, and a one-hour consultation with a former assistant county prosecutor. Meanwhile, Kauff and Vinci are still up to their old games. Yup, the more things change, the more they stay the same.
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Anonymous said...

What was Vinci's promotion?

Aberdeener said...

Maybe it's supposed to read "Self Promotion"?

Anonymous said...

Wow! It doesn't cost much to buy Vinci.

Anonymous said...

This was the big news we have all been waiting for regarding the individual from the county prosecutor's office. The mention of a consultation with a former member of the office. Do you know how many attorneys started their careers in the local prosecutor's office before entering private practice? Please Aberdeener, give us something to sink our teeth into here.

Aberdeener said...

Perhaps I'm wrong but given the fact that Kauff is an attorney and has relationships with several law firms, why would he need an hour with an attorney from the county's prosecutor's office? How could he justify the party paying for it?

Anonymous said...

Nothing will come of it. We have seen this too much. The town council members are caught with their hand in the cookie jar all the time, but we can do nothing. We need the newspapers, the county prosecutor, etc, to help expose them.

Anonymous said...

I have a bridge to sell you that links New Jersey to New York. Price is 50,000,000.00 add to that the following:

CME fees 20% of the sale for engineering and approvals,
Legal fees to Norman Kauff,etc. 5%.

Total added to sale $12,500,000.00
Total sale $62,500,000.00

That is how it works in Aberdeen on everything.

The fact that the sale price is inflated to facilitate the payoffs and fees to those who really do no work at all, should not concern you as that is just how things work in Aberdeen, under the leadership of Norman Kauff.

By the way the democratic party shares in all associated fees whether the work was actually done by CME, someone else and then copied and submitted for the project by CME, that should not concern any taxpayer since that is the way things run under Norman Kauff. Just ask Stuart Brown.

The newspapers and the authorities mean nothing in reality and that is very sad. Prosecutor Valentin thanks for nothing. Bayshore Independent and Asbury Park Press also thanks for nothing.

Anonymous said...

"Perhaps I'm wrong but given the fact that Kauff is an attorney and has relationships with several law firms, why would he need an hour with an attorney from the county's prosecutor's office? How could he justify the party paying for it?"

OK Aberdeener, lets take it point by point.

"Perhaps I'm wrong"

Yes you are.

"Kauff is an attorney, and has relationships with several law firms"

Yes he is an attorney and (like any other attorney) has relationships with several law firms.

"why would he need an hour with an attorney from the county's prosecutor's office?"

Smoke and mirrors here friends.

First and foremost the attorney no longer works for the prosecutor's office (he once did just as many other lawyers did before entering private practice) yet you continue to throw out the name "prosecutor's office" to peak people's interest and encourage more misguided postings.

I know a custodian who once worked for the prosecutor's office too, maybe he can weigh in on the discussion.

Why did he need the hour?

Don't know for sure, but to use an analogy; if I were a proctologist with a condition of the anus I would consult with another proctologist before I performed surgery on myself.

"How could he justify the party paying for it?"

He doesn't have to justify it, as it falls well within the legally prescribed boundaries.

On to the next bogus posting.

Anonymous said...

Kauff and Attorney is no different than saying criminal and defendant.

Both are the same when one speaks about Kauff. I and my wife have firsthand knowledge.

I do love the fact that these same names bring out such fervor and impacting responses. Maybe the news and authorities will wake up. Who knows?

As for Kauff and the rest all good things for them will soon come to an end.

Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

Kauff does not have "associations" with several law firms he is "of counsel" which means that old codger gets a piece of all of their work just for choosing them to handle the legal fees for these towns. Or in most cases mishandle. In the case of CME the term mishandled would most recently refer to the Gerard Avenue nightmare where CME told and authorized work to start on a parking lot in the Ninci's back yard of Oakshades Field onle problem is that the work started and had to be stopped since the Garden State Parkway did not give Aberdeen the property and now it sits idle as another testament to the idiots at CME. And we pay them for this. We are STUPIDO!

matawan advocate said...

Why doesn't someone gather the facts and send a letter to the Monmouth County Prosecutor's office? You can talk till your blue in the face, but actions speak louder than words. Good Luck.

Anonymous said...

As I was leaving services today a few men were in a deep discussion about the taxes we all pay in Aberdeen.

It is apparent that soon to be made structural changes to our temple have been aided by calls to Aberdeen's leaders and the assistance and guidance by the town engineer and attorney. It seems our building renovation may soon commence.

However it seems that a few of the elders in our group are very upset and receiving calls from some residents and temple members who are very uncomfortable with increasing costs and taxes that are burdening many in the community.

I suggested to those in discussion as my wife and I were leaving that they start reading the Aberdeener to get an idea of what and who is to blame for our plight.

God may now join our fight to restore Aberdeen. Let us all hope and pray.

Anonymous said...

Amen to that my Israeli brother.

We at St. Marks AME Zion have our own cross to bear when it comes to Aberdeen and its leadership. Many of us are also a part of the struggle and are overwhelmed by the taxes here.

We should all do something from all over Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

I think the fact that the top topics have been those whose stranglehold on Aberdeen have taken hold. Just look at Ciaglia, Vinci, Kauff and those like them which have gotten the most attention all be it controversial and a little soiled and personal.

It should all be just that, PERSONAL as their indecisions and purported illegal activities have not been defended even once. They know they are guilty and that their day is coming. Perhaps they spent Democratic money to find out from a former Monmouth County Prosecutor's Office employee what may be being looked into. We can only hope they got the answer they did not want to hear and will be bailing fast.

Anonymous said...

U C Brother and anonymous are right on the money. But the thing with Vinci and all the money being funneled to him sounds more like a payoff then money earned form doing the job the people elected him to do. That in the event Vinci needs to be reminded is to serve the people. the oath of office says nothing about self service, land grants with no restrictions from developing or profiteering.

Oops maybe Vinci mumbled his way through the part of his oath to public service about representing the people to the best of his abilities. Vinci's abilities are a joke and he is laughing all the way to the bank. With our money.

Right V.

Middlesex Jim

Aberdeener said...

Stuart Brown is barred by his Termination Agreement and his position as former Township Town Manager from discussing any town business. Though I'm sure the commenter who suggested otherwise meant no offense, please take care to not suggest Mr. Brown would ever violate his obligations. I'd hate for the township to use this blog as a means to attack him.

Anonymous said...

So true. BUT Stuart Brown's contract with the town runs out shortly I believe. As I recall his removal hit the papers and started to become public in early February. Thusly it may end by Labor Day. Having only moved here last September I am new to the goings on and all associated history that certain topics bring to light and to say the least heated discussion.

In a perfect world an investigator would be parked outside Brown's home with a timer set to the exact minute his confidentiality agreement and monetary payments from Aberdeen end. The investigator should be ready to ask that one question. Who is Norman Kauf and tell me what he is involved in...

Many of us can only imagine what it is that Brown knows and most importantly the information, circumstance or particular action, which caused the council to act so abruptly to force his resignation.

Let us see, who amongst us thinks our leadership did something wrong and Stuart Brown would not be a part of it, which then caused Norman Kauf to swing his ax.

I would have to ask who runs Aberdeen? If you think Mayor Sobel runs it I have a bridge to sell also. A bridge that is between reality and the perpetual lie, that the Aberdeen Town Council runs Aberdeen. They can't even keep Midland Park safe for my children to play in. The activities there are no secret to the same leadership. Don't even get me started on Sister Gumbs and her failures. By the way a big thank you to the Aberdeener for shining the light on her. Many of us on along County Rd. have been putting a list of possible candidates to run to better represent our area of the town. It is obvious the town is not running properly.

Norman Kauf, the town engineers and a few others whose positions are assured by Norman Kauf run the whole show. Right into the ground that is.

Now to those who will now insinuate that we all vent and do nothing. I say save your breath and tell your handlers that no one cares what Norman Kauf's hand selected and supportive bloggers have to say.

Ask him to explain how the topics, angst, aggravation and anger on this site are so geared towards the purported leadership in Aberdeen and how all of it goes unanswered, always. They dare not defend themselves, which is all too telling.

In the Bible it is said that the guilty merely hide in the darkness rather than show themselves in the light of the truth.

Norman Kauf is that darkness.

Say Amen to that. I throw in an extra Amen for that investigator to be waiting with that timer outside that door ready to ask that question. Amen!

Anonymous said...

Vinci's only promotion is his own self promotion. He always tells everyone how much he does for Aberdeen. I am still waiting for him to show me one thing, just one thing that will be outside his precious area. The $900,000,00 Vinci Memorial intersection does not count as he should be indicted for that one. Oh wait Vinci would have to be dead for it to be the "Vinci Memorial Intersection". Let us just call it the "Waste of money and self serving politician intersection" for now.

The sad thing is that none of this phases Vinci. Yet!

Middlesex Jim

He needs to spend more time looking inot helping the taxpayers instead of helping himself over and over again.

Anonymous said...

Last night while driving back from the city I thought of something that all of us bloggers should do.

Everyday, and I mean every single day we call Prosecutor Valentin's office in Freehold and leave a message for him to check on the Aberdeen situation. Once again I mean every single day!

How long do you think he will be able to ignore our pleas before he checks on our plight?

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

I will find out the telephone number today and post it this evening.

Anonymous said...

I like that idea.

Brian in Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

Call Chris Christie's Public Corruption Division:

Newark U.S. Attorney's Office
970 Broad Street, 7th Floor
Newark, NJ 07102

Main number: 973-645-2700
Hearing Impaired: 973-645-6227

General FAX: 973-645-2702
(please include a cover sheet with all faxes indicating the name, division, and unit, if available)

Anonymous said...


Public Corruption Unit

The Public Corruption Unit was created in January 2006 and investigates all crimes that involve the violation of public trust. This includes embezzlement of public funds, misuse of public office, bribery, official misconduct, election fraud, misconduct by corporate officials, bid rigging, and allegations of criminal misconduct by attorneys.The investigations which this Unit handles are typically sophisticated and extensive. As a result, the Unit is staffed by investigators who are trained and experienced to handle all levels of public corruption cases within the County. From its inception, the goals of the Public Corruption Unit were to enforce integrity at all levels of public office and to ensure that public officials execute their duties in an ethical manner and are accountable for their actions. To achieve these goals the Unit is committed to investigate and prosecute all criminal conduct committed within the County by corrupt public officials at the municipal, county and state levels of government.

Anyone with information concerning crimes involving a violation of the public trust should contact the Public Corruption Unit at 732/ 431-7012. Complaints will remain confidential and be expeditiously assessed.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Spoke to an investigator in Christies office today and let him no what I know and also what I have heard the past four years living in Aberdeen.

I did advise him to look on the Aberdeener website. He was very appreciative of that information. He also gave me his direct line number.

We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

Having dealt with the Prosecutor's office, they want proof. Anyone who has documentation(which can be obtained by filing an OPRA form)send copies along with your complaint. Then do a follow up call. I was told they cannot advise me of the final result. Guess you just have to watch the newspapers.

Anonymous said...

I think that this forum got people up and running to report the "crimes" happening in town. Unfortunately, we just gave those guilty parties a "heads-up" on what is happening and time to hide or misrepresent the circumstances if/when a prosecutor should appear. Filing an OPRA request may or may not get us the "proof" we need because I am certain that we are given only what is available and will be shocked to learn what has been "misfiled" and "lost" when push comes to shove. Remember, we are not dealing with the most honest people here. While some of the secretarial staff and others who we deal with when we "approach the windows" may be wonderful ladies, they are not going to jeopardize their retirement and generous pension to supply any of us with incriminating evidence. I would like for them to prove me wrong, however, after living in this town for several years, I know that my expectations are not too far fetched.

Anonymous said...

Lets simplify this.

Ask the specific question you want to know. Ask to make an appointment to see the files or reports you want to see. Pay for the copies you want to send to the authorities. It is just that simple.

Do not worry about the nice ladies. Do not worry that they will target you. Do not worry.

You see if you ask questions and they do not give you the information in a timely manner, they are wrong. If they come after you or try to intimidate you, they are wrong.

But if you just wait for someone else to ask the questions, you are wrong.

Just ask, as just asking makes them uncomfortable. Just start by asking for all the work orders and approvals for the mess by my house on Gerard Avenue. This where as has been reported before the geinuses at CME started work, to say the least without the required approvals, which will cause cost overruns, which we taxpayers will have to pay for.

You do not think for one moment that CME will pay for their screw ups. CME was trying to put parking spots and more by the Oakshades ball field. Only problem is they authorized the work for Aberdeens contractors on property not owned by Aberdeen. Come by and take a look at the mess they left and the rivers they left for us to drive through every time it rains.

As for Vinci the only time we see him is when he wants our vote. Next time he comes around I will shut the door in his face.

Anonymous said...

Pissed Off hit the mark.

So much goes on in our municipal offices we are unaware of and all of it negatively effects us, in numerous ways. Actual situations have occurred such as financial, employee oustings, lawsuits, improper conduct by employees, supervisors or officials probably occurs quite often. Such things most of us would never hear about, unless of course you have a relative or good friend who works in Aberdeen. What we need is a couple of people on the inside who are brave enough to stand up for what is right and expose the wrong.

As for our not so honorable politicians, they laugh at us and think they will never get caught.

Let us change that equation. I want them to worry everyday that the authorities or maybe even a newspaper person is going to ask that very probing question, a question whose answer will bring down that house of cards that is Norman Kauff's dynasty. It was a bad TV show (Dynasty) and it is an even worse reality, for the citizens and taxpayers of Aberdeen.

Make them feel uneasy. They must worry and outright fear that a well written letter to the authorities or a phone call with possible information or possible or proven improprieties having occured will focus attention on some or all of them and their misdeeds, payoffs or crimes.

Make the call or send the letter. Do something, anything.

Anonymous said...

When is the next Town Council Meeting? It is not on the calendar and the previous one was cancelled? I thought they were every two weeks?

Anonymous said...

Call town hall and ask the town clerk. I think her name is carol of karen. 5834200

Aberdeener said...

The township council meetings are scheduled for the first and third Tuesdays in August. You can see them posted on the printed calendar that was put together by Norm's neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Norms neighbor what happened to the nice older gent on Lower Main St. Did Vinci cut him out of the Oakshades funding and voting block. Maybe the nice gent missed his payoff schedule.

You cannot make this stuff up as many of us have said before.

Norms neighbors must be so happy. Wait until the demonstrations start in the neighborhood. It will give us more room to protest as now we can go after the neighbor for his involvement with the scourge of Aberdeen Norman Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Maybe corzine will stop by Monmouth County and give the dems a check. Wait Corzine will be busy trying to get the $30,000,000.00 check to fund the Rutgers Stadium expansion that he and Lezniak said would be so easy to attain.

I am sure dems all over the state are disappointed that Corzine and Lezniak will not keep their word.

All kidding aside after all they are lying, thieving, low life politicians. No one should be shocked or disappointed.

As for Norman and his crew not having much on hand maybe Vic will just open his purse and give the dems even more money that will not have to be paid back. Wait I forgot the MVC was his payback.

Like the lyric says, so sad so sad.

Anonymous said...

The last comment hit the mark. Maybe if Norman did not pay Vinci so much Aberdeen Democrats would be better off.

Vinci must be worth his votes in gold.

Anonymous said...

But what does Vinci do for the Dem's money? As a registered Democrat I certainly would like to know. This is a guy that volunteers for nothing! Gets paid for being a fire commissioner, gets paid for being on council, and even gets paid for being a member of the party. Does he also get paid for going to church every morning to confess his sins?

Anonymous said...

Leave the church thing alone. Such a statement or insinuation is not fair. Your criticism of the man is duly noted.

Church or a mans faith or time spent in church is not to be messed with.


Anonymous said...

I agree with U C Brother.


You have to know that all of this on the blog is taking its toll. I mean how many weeks after weeks can they ignore this. Whether the authorities or the newspapers pick up on it or not they feel it. People are finding out about these slugs and it is truly only a matter of time.

I promise you.

Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

Middlesex Jim, hope that applies to Matawan.