Friday, May 16, 2008

All Roads Lead to Norm

Like all municipalities, Aberdeen Township frequently awards contracts for professional services in a no-bid process. After all, you wouldn’t hire a lawyer simply because he was the cheapest. The vast majority of vendors providing professional services were selected based upon ability, reputation, and cost. However, a large number, who are nonetheless competent, appear to have been awarded contracts based upon their links to Norman Kauff.

Below is a list of current vendors with clear ties to Norman Kauff. This, in itself, does not imply that they have done inferior work or overcharged the township. But it does beg the question of whether the township could have made a better choice.

CME Associates, Township Engineer – As previously detailed, CME Associates is the single largest contributor to the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee, a local political organization controlled by Norman Kauff through his wife, Judith.

Coppola and Coppola, Township Planner – Also a significant contributor to the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee.

Daniel McCarthy, Township Attorney – His firm, Rogut, McCarthy, and Troy, have Norman Kauff on retainer. McCarthy also serves Hazlet and Manalapan; both municipalities had earlier retained Norman Kauff.

Marc Schram, Public Defender – He maintains his practice at Airport Plaza, the strip mall owned by Vic Scudiery, Chairman of the Monmouth Democratic Party. Norman Kauff maintains an office at Airport Plaza as well and sometimes retains Schram to represent him.

Marc Leckstein, Planning Board and Zoning Board Attorney – In addition to being a contributor to the local Democratic Party, was once Norman Kauff’s law partner.

Allen Falk, Township Prosecutor – Not only a donor to the local democrats, like McCarthy, he too has been retained by Manalapan, Norman Kauff’s old stomping grounds.

Tom Fallon, Township Auditor – His father, a former treasurer for the Monmouth County Democratic Party, donated to the local Democratic Party until he went to jail for bribing a public official. Tom's office is at Airport Plaza as well.

Bill Parness, Public Relations – As stated on his website, he began serving Aberdeen in 1999, the year after Mayor Sobel took office. He’s also Norman Kauff’s neighbor on Justice Lane.

Being a friend of Norm isn’t a disqualifying factor, nor does it suggest that the vendor has engaged in any impropriety, but Norm sure does have a lot of friends serving the township.
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Anonymous said...

It pays to be a friend of Kauff. Kauff and his cronies on Council may have entered public service with good intentions -- but they have long since turned their attention to padding their own retirement packages at the expense of taxpayers.

But; you know what they say -- When you dance with the devil you get burned. Kauff will take them all to hell with him.

Kauff and his sycophants will soon explode from over-consumption of the public trough. This is clearly the case for Drapkin, Raymond, Gumbs and the other sycophants.

Anonymous said...

Norman Kauff is obviously the central player and control freak for all you have included. I would appreciate it if all of these same players could be listed with the amounts paid to them as well as donated to the Kauff Democratic But Party Crime Syndicate.

The direct relationships and amounts and from all of the Kauff communities would truly put Aberdeen on the map.

What is truly amazing is that the lack of any and I mean ANY response, from any of the trough feeders to this site also speaks to their deceit and guilt. The silence is deafening but also very telling of their guilt, real or obvious.

Of course they think no one looks at this site? Sure fellows, you keep thinking that all the way until the cell door closes behind you.

Sure no one looks at this site I am still laughing to myself.

Charlie McCArthy had nothing on the puppetry skills of our Norman Kauff.

As for Alan Faulk he was very helpful to my son recently when he was issued a summons. I would have to question his true involvement as I found him to be respectful and he did his job very well.

Night Shift CB

Anonymous said...

Well once again we are on the old subject of Mr. Norman Kauff. We are very glad he gets mentioned so often, as he hates the publicity. Likewise the man who is to say the least allegiant to Kauff, the one the only, Vinnie Vinci. Or as our Aberdeen friends call him, the "KING OF OAKSHADES".

How the two of them are still able to walk around and hold their heads up with any sense of dignity is mind boggling.

We apologize for our absence but we went down to look at homes in Delaware. A state that really is affordable and properly run. The best thing about Delaware is the fact that we googled the name Norman Kauff while we were down there. No such name exists.

Start packing Aberdeen! Save yourselves before Norman and his accomplices take everything you own. Aberdeen as we hope and expect will soon be called and besieged by television and radio news stations as "the latest town whose political leaders and the democratic party boss were swept up today in another political scandal by U.S Attorney General Christopher Christy.

Mr. & Mrs. Middlesx Jim

Anonymous said...

Do you know what no bid means?


One has to wonder what is Norman Kauff truly accountable for?

I have a suggestion, something for all of you to think about.

We get a group of citizens together and we picket in front of Norman Kauff's house. A few newspapers and television news reporters are called. Maybe even Channel 12, 2,4,5,7,9,11... "Citizens protest political control". We will have to stay on the sidewalks though as that is public property. Maybe we take shifts just sit on the sidewalk in a chair with a sign.

Play an old fashioned game of hide and seek. Norman Kauff hides and we seek. We seek to make him accountable.

Think about it. Just an idea.

I'm so venklempt...SNL skit phrase. Not a real word like ACCOUNTABILITY

Anonymous said...

Just follow the money. Plenty of money put on the street by the Aberdeen Democrats in the last school board election. Plus $50,000 on their own election. How long before Democrat contributors start winning bids for School District contracts?

The Democrat reports on ELEC need much more scrutiny. An example is that they pay this guy Shenton (think he is on planning or zoning board) for campaign signs, but who is he buying them from?

As a town we continue to elect and re-elect those who serve only themselves. There is absolutely no interest by these lame excuses for public servants, in advancing the public good. We must keep exposing the wrongdoing. Talk to our neighbors, show them this blog and wake them up!

See if you can find out when and where the Aberdeen Democratic party actually meets. You won't find it because there is no party, just a party boss! Norm "BOSS" Kauff. We should rename the municipal center to "Aberdeen Tammany Memorial Hall".


Cliffy the Clown

Anonymous said...

Genius, SHEAR GENIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

But why stop at Norman Kauffs house. Why not his office, Vics office, CMEs offices, Councilmens and councilwomens homes, council meetings, planning board and zoning board meetings. Everywhere!

Can you imagine what they would do? Sure at first Norman Kauff would call the cops. They might try to pass an ordinance or law. All of that would not work of course as it is our right, our #1 right under the U.S. Constitution.

FREE SPEECH. I mean we already have taxation without representation. Our representation does what Norman Kauff tells them to do.

Unfortunately it is not on our behalf that they act as l;eaders for the best interest of the taxpayers and residents.

It is for Normans behalf.

In church last week the priest did a sermon about Adam and Eve and the apple in the tree. Norman Kauff is our serpent in the tree making our supposed leadership take a bite of the apple.

Let us do what God did. Cast them out of Aberdeen and restore our Garden of Eden.

Let us pray.

Say Amen!

Kenny CB

They would lose their minds.

Can you imagine ? I can, and it is a beautiful thing to see. Just imagine.

Anonymous said...

Cliffy has some good points for a clown. Shenton (as in Chair of Planning Shenton) most likely bought the signs from Drapkin Printing (as in What's In It for Me Drapkin).

I also found it interesting that I saw Councilman Joe Raymond bumbling/working at the DMV in Scudiery Plaza last week when I took my son to get his permit. It sure pays to play along with Norm, even though I would have to be brain dead before I started working at the DMV. That's just me - no offense meant to the hard working folks there. On the other hand - it just looked like our Councilman was passing time for a buck. Also - Raymond's house one big code violation? I work hard to maintain my property nearby and then I have to walk my Golden past that mess.

People like Raymond and Drapkin are just interested in milking the Aberdeen cow. Sorry for that metaphor - especially if you think of Kauff being the utters of that cow.

Anonymous said...

Hey instead of sitting in front of Kauff's house or any councilman/woman's show up to the Town Council meetings? They whole council is there and ask them this questions you have?

Anonymous said...

It would be fun to see Kauff's hand up Sobel's back as he answers questions for the puppet master.

Anonymous said...

One anonymous says Vinci is
"King of Oakshades" ?!?
It is more like
"Legend in his own mind"
as Vinci is and always will be a Kauff stooge and cronie. He can pretend all he wants to be the least allegiant to Kauff, but somebody, please name a few things he has done except take, take, take! I dare you!

Anonymous said...

I have watched from the sidelines but since I am awake I suggest that I have given alot of thought to the comments from anonymous in regards to merely going to a council meeting. To question their actions and misdeeds on their home turf does nothing. However Consider this suggestion.

I think the protesting in front of their homes, offices and the like, especially if you could get news or television coverage would go a long way to getting the public attention they despise.

After all Prosecutor Valentin as well as Chris Christy would have to do something if this whole thing ended up on the television news.

Sure anyone can go and ask Bill Shenton (replacement for the biggest of the Kauff stooges Bob "milk man" Axlerod AKA the ultimate slave to Kauff). But where Shenton bought the signs for the democratic campaign is obvious, but go ask Rubino and her running mate where they got their signs and you see the money trail. This as they are all getting too cozy with Kauff and his shall we say "close personal friends" and donors. While I am certain you could order such signs in quantity at a cheaper rate off of the internet, the cost did not matter, as it was money from CME and the others with their taxpayer funded fleecing, which is allowed by Kauff and crew, so in retrospect we as taxpayers paid for it all, once again.

They sell us out so cheap. Just look at it realistically. Sure they all kickback to Norman and the others. But when a CME makes $3.5 million dollars off of the town and its residents since 2005, how much do you think they gave back. Even if it was 10% which is probably way high because Norman Kauff is bought cheap on the political market, it is always worth it to a CME or ... as they are all laughing all the way to the bank, with our money.

Could you imagine signs along the roadway off of 34 or 35 with the words " see the thief of Aberdeen" with arrows along the way all going from various points in Aberdeen, all the way to Justice lane and Normans front door. He would have a heart attack. Or in Normans case that would be another heart attack, right buddy.

The fact that Norman Kauff lives on a street named Justice Lane still boggles my mind. It needs to be renamed INJUSTICE LANE !

Go to the council meeting and ask for that to happen to Sobels "close personal friend" and see how far you get.

My father would be turning over in his grave if he was to know what is going on in Matawan Township. He never used the word Aberdeen, ever.
He always said when we lost that name we lost our control. My Dad was right as usual.

On behalf of my Dad. F U Norman.

Anonymous said...

An F U from the grave to Norman Kauff.


That coupled with the suggestion of the signs all around Aberdeen leading to, as it has been suggested, INJUSTICE LANE is


Good morning Norman and to all the rest of you. How are all of you doing this fine Aberdeen morning?

I will not wait for a response as politicians in Aberdeen

DO NOT RESPOND unless Norman gives them the OK. Right SPANKY. That is my new name for all of our supposed leaders who do Normans bidding. They are all SPANKY to me.

For instance Vinny SPANKY Vinci, Vic SPANKY Scudeiri or Norman SPANKY Kauff. I use SPANKY as they are all soon to get SPANKED.

I think Vic really likes it though.

Right Vic ????????????????????????

By the way Vic your installation guys SUCK.

Anonymous said...

Do you think Norman is OK?

Anybody check on him lately?

How is he making it financially?

I mean after all a recent check on his pension showed that Norman has a pension of about $50,000.00. In Aberdeen how can he make it?

I mean how can he afford to pay his taxes. Isn't he like all of the rest of us struggling just to pay bills, put food on the table and struggle to get by?

Oh wait what am I thinking? I forgot about all of the times he helped out the Cialias to get every approval they needed. That has got to be good for at least a $10,000.00 donation for every approval. But wait Norman has to spread that donation around to as Soble says Norman' Kauff's CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDS.

I thought approvals were difficult to get? I know of many people who have been denied yet the Cialias get everything every time they pony up to the bar. It should be noted that the use of the word bar just then was used as a reminder that Norman Kauff is an ATTORNEY. That will be the same bar that will hopefully one day dis-bar our Norman Kauff.

Back to Norman and my hope he is OK. So with a $50,000.00 + - pension, having to split his donations with all of his CLOSE PERSONAL FRIENDS, his board members, donating to Vic, the council, pay rent on his office, phone bills to control all of his favored contractors and his allegiant town officials, directing everything that goes on in Aberdeen, Hazlet, Manalapan and whatever else he has going with his shall we say questionable activities. I am really concerned that Norman may be struggling like all of us or could Norman Kauff just be getting by.

I am truly concerned. Perhaps we should hold a fund raiser for Norman Kauff. A charity benefit or maybe even a roast like Dean Martin used to have. Could you imagine all of Normans friends telling funny stories about him.

I could see Cialia telling about the donations he gave Norman, donations aptly timed with Cialias approvals. Then their could be Mark Coren thanking Norman for the down payment on his sailboat, Vinny thanking him for everything, Drapkin for all of the printing work, Raymond for his job at the DMV (it is still the same idiots that run it, changing the name did not help) Minutulo telling (o'h wait where is Nick since he he failed in his allegiance to Norman) Nick Minutolo it seems is on the outside looking in, Lechstein for keeping him and his kid employed, Our own Fred Kalma for whatever, school board members for his guidance and financial donations for their campaigns, among others which to list would take days and days. He must have one hell of a christmas card list.

Just imagine seeing the owners of C.M.E. walk up to the podium and thank Norman Kauff for all of his hard work and dedication as a public servant. Yes, a public servant. After all he is a member of the public and he has definetely served himself as a member of the public.

But what does a C.M.E. give to Norman Kauff. What could C.M.E. and its principles give a man like Norman Kauff. A man who has probably single-handedly steered over $10,000,000.00 to C.M.E., if not more.

What could C.M.E. give Norman Kauff "The man of the people" that he is, that would justify all he has given to C.M.E.?

Perhaps a key to the city, no he already has the keys to numerous communities. Perhaps a sailboat. No C.M.E. has already done that. Perhaps a patronage job, too easy.

I know what C.M.E. could do, put Norman Kauff out to pasture and give every citizen their damn money back.

Wait, I think hell just froze over.

Anonymous said...

Google and search the name Norman Kauff. You may be very surprised at what you find.

It seems others are as upset and love to expose our Norman. I like to call him our Norman seeings how he does so much for all of us.

Like gouging the citizens with unnecessary fees for his friends C&M&E to check every new Zoning application, which was never done before. Now however things have changed. I wonder if Vinnie Vinci paid all of his fees to C&M&E.
Of course maybe the fees were a down payment on the land that the Parkway and Aberdeen gave to Vinci.
Someone on the site once called it the Vinci retirement fund. A payback for Vinci's allegiance and votes. I mean seeings how they did not put any restrictions on the land he only paid $1.00 for, so he can sell it or develop it and possibly and walk away with more of our money.

And the worst thing is not one council person or even the Twp. Attorney said a word to stop or restrict it. Why?

Just another example of Norman rewarding the faithful at taxpayers expense.

Just another day in Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Someone please explain to me this Kauff guy?

i am kind of new to this story on this very informative blog. i have read in the past but did not want to comment fearing i did not know the whole story.

who is kauff?
how did he get his job here?
does manalapan have any similar stories about him?

how do we get rid of him?

how do those in power now let this happen?

Does anyone see the relationships and money exchange mentioned in the blog as out right conspiracy?

What grand total (for fun) does Kauff and his buddies take Aberdeen for a year? Total in all years?

Last question, where is the sign up sheet for the house picketing and how does everyone like their coffee?

Aberdeener said...

Norman Kauff runs the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee. He is also reputed to be the power broker of Aberdeen. There are multiple allegations that he manages the pay-to-play arrangements in Aberdeen and that, as a local lawyer and private citizen, he often demands payments from local developers to "advocate" on their behalf.

Bear in mind, these activities are completely legal just as they are wholly unethical.

Anonymous said...

Kauff was the Township Attorney until he cashed out on his pension about 4 years ago. As part of the Kauff/Coren partnership he ran Aberdeen from that seat, along with his Dem Party seat, for the past 15 years. He kept Coren in as Manager to do his bidding and handpicked who would run for Council. The grip is loosening now and it looks like him and his Sobel,Drapkin,Gumbs,Raymond, Vinci cronies are looking for the big pay-off. They should be ashamed at how they have sold out our town to Kauff and his buddies.

Anonymous said...

Also, Kauff is paid to be "Of Counsel" by the current Township Attorney, Daniel McCarthy, who was appointed by Sobel and gang to replace Kauff - at Kauff's recommendation. McCarthy also succeeded Kauff in Hazlet, and partly in Manalapan. Coincidence? - I think not. Also, check to see where there are more coincicences - like McCarthy following CME Engineers into towns when there is a party turnover. The Kauff enterprise is profitable for the Democratic parties and cronies. Let's give Kauff a high colonic and a root canal in the next election.

Anonymous said...

So, to paraphrase the sob story of how the Ciaglias and the Norm's people at the Township saved the church -- While Kauff was Township Attorney and Coren was Manager, they conspired with John and Joe Ciaglia to take advantage of the church, which was in a desperate situation.

It's all perspective. From where I stand, as a taxpayer of this town, Kauff, who was representing the Township, did a real solid for a developer, who he was not representing.

Familiarity brings contempt, and this branch of the Ciaglia family tree has conspired with certain Township officials to warp the Zoning Code and overbuild, take advantage of a church (even if they are mismanaged, and devalue the price of nearby properties by building psuedo-mcmansions that are an eyesore.

Kauff and his cronies have no shame. This is a guy that will steal your wallet and then ask if you need to borrow money, as if he was doing you a favor.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you got bad legal advice from a lawyer. you looser !

Anonymous said...

All you guys are a piece of work. You attack people you know nothing about. All of these people have families. I agree some of them are crooked but not all of them. there are so many of you who are on here complaining then one of you should step up and try to do the job yourselves. If there are so many of you who are unhappy them you should have no problem getting elected. Its one thing to sit blindly on a blog site and complain but what do you do for the community? Are you a fireman or a first aider? Both of these organizations are volunteer and in desperate need of members. Instead of sitting here complaining, why not try getting off of your butts and give back to your community. You can all talk a good talk but can you step up to the plate. I doubt it because you would rather complain than actually do something that might actually have an impact.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

As you have no idea who any of us are, you can't have any idea of what we do for this community.

Hopefully everyone here is making an effort to do more for the community as they learn more about the issues and where they can make an impact.

That is one of the great things about this blog, and why I stick around even when it gets uncomfortable - to be interested in fixing something, first you need to know that it needs repair.

Anonymous said...

That is what I am asking. What do you do for this community besides sit here and complain? I have volunteered my time to this community for over 10 years. I just feel that if all of the people who sit here and complain would volunteer and actually do something for the community we would all be a lot better off.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

Well, let's see...

I lead a youth group who just added two gardens to the Jackson Street Park (the group paid for everything and is maintaining the gardens), and who cleans the park once a month.

I was one of the volunteers who helped put plants into the containers down Main Street (in the rain) so they'd be in before the Memorial Day Parade.

I've shown up at all of the clean ups organized by both the borough and the township.

I volunteer at my children's schools on a regular basis.

I'm a member of the Special Education Parent Advisory Group
for the Matawan Aberdeen Regional School District.

I've worked with the mayor of Matawan on Autism Awareness Month and helped organize Earth Hour events (and have volunteered to do it again on a bigger scale next year).

So, yes, I do what I can for the community, around having three kids, one with special needs. I do feel I have a right to sit here and discuss what's going on in our community, as I am a part of it.

Anonymous said...

I commend you for all of that. I forgot that this is read by Matawan residents as well as Aberdeen residents. My comments are directed towards Aberdeen residents specificly. Please dont take this as a personal attack. You know first hand we need more volunteers and that at least half of the people complaining on here probably dont do a thing to give back. I just feel their energy should be redirected.

Aberdeener said...

Admittedly, I don't do as much as MrsB. Aside from this blog and the Greater Aberdeen Garage Sale, I attend BOE meetings and am active in my synagogue.

My next projects (I pray they succeed), are initiating internships for teenagers and implementing a new mission statement for the school district.

I, too, would love to see more community involvement but I would also like to acknowledge that many of the readers on this blog are also active contributors to our neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

You sir are a great asset to the community. The service you provide is invaluable. My problem is with some of your contibutors. I take offense to the personal attacks some contibutors make against people. Some of these councilmen give so much of their time to the community other than the council. I just wish that people would do a liitle research before they start saying everyone is corrupt because some of them are not. I have known Mr. Raymond for a very long time and you cannot find someone who cares more about this community.

Anonymous said...

Joe Raymond is a spineless sycophant who takes no position on anything unless sanctioned to do so by Kauff. How do you think the guy got the job at the DMV? We had to run him out of the Fire District as Commissioner.

KrisMrsBBradley said...

I actually do live in Aberdeen. When my group first wanted to adopt a park last year (the kids are from both towns) I first emailed the Aberdeen council. With no response, we went to Matawan, who quickly accepted our offer to adopt a park. Whenever I bring a project to Matawan, I always email the same info to the Aberdeen council. I almost never get a response, though a few of them came for the garden dedication.
And also let me add that Councilman Mallanely and his wife, Mary, were out working at every stage of the gardens development, working right along with my group. Mayor Buccellato was there to dig holes and plant as well.

I think there are many elected officials doing what they can, where they can and with all the best intentions. I also believe that there are some that are doing what's best for themselves.

And I absolutely agree 100% that if you can find fault with the community on any level, you should put your money where your mouth is, so to speak, and get out and do something -- anything -- to improve it.

Anonymous said...

Mr Raymond was was not run out as a commissioner of the fire district. He stepped down and was one of the best Fire commissioners District 2 fire has ever had. He fought for what the members needed. Dont even try to attack his service with the fire department.

Anonymous said...

You say potato .. I say potatoe. He stepped down when it was clear he would not be reelected. Maybe he was once a good guy, but lately it seems like he has nothing left to offer.

Maybe it's because of his long tenure on Council, maybe because his ideas were ignored, but it is all too clear now that he takes orders and does what he is told. A very kind man, and he has to live with himself.

Anonymous said...

To the commenter who questions others contributions to the community, I too live in Aberdeen. I've always volunteered at my children's schools (and not only for their classes), myself, my husband and my children volunteer for our church, my children have participated in many volunteer community projects, clean ups etc, we're involved in scouts, and my husband coaches sports. Many of us try to help. And we have attended both school board meetings and council meetings. And whatever school board meetings we don't attend, we try to watch on TV. Many of us try. That is clearly why we are so frustrated with how things run in this town and the schools. The bottom line is, those in control, don't want to hear what the citizens have to say. This blog is a great source of information for the people in this town. Whatever the Aberdeener states, he backs up with direct links.