Monday, August 4, 2008

Budgeting CME Associates Style

Six weeks ago, we discussed how Aberdeen Township appeared hell-bent on spending as much as they could before the next election cycle (see “Aberdeen Township Goes for Broke”). Among the flurry of expenditures was $237,071.25 in no-bid contracts to the township engineer and the council's largest patron, CME Associates. Our town council has chosen to begin August by rewarding CME Associates with another $625,006 in no-bid contracts. Everybody knows these no-bid contracts enable monstrous overcharges. The only question is “How much?”

For one example, let’s review the Aberdeen (Strathmore) Pump Station. On April 14, 2004, CME submitted two proposals for rehabilitating the pump station at a total cost of $249,500. Eight months later, “[b]ased on the latest data, and based on anticipated material cost increases (i.e. steel and concrete)”, CME raised the combined cost to $320,000. During those eight months, the prices of steel and concrete increased about 15% and 8% respectively. Let’s assume that material costs accounted for 30% of the original estimate. A 15% price increase in materials would have been under $12,000. Yet, CME raised their prices by $70,500.

But the story doesn’t end there. In the revised proposals, CME listed their combined engineering fees as $30,000. Nearly two years later, they raised their fees by 125% to $67,750. To justify the exorbitant increase, the cited the following:

  • Cost to separate the proposal into two bids
  • Cost to oversee a utility pole’s relocation
Never mind the proposals were always separated into two bids, that relocating the pole was part of the original project, or that the extra billings were bogus any way you looked at it, Aberdeen Township approved the additional charges.

Another example is the grant application for Fireman’s Field (Oakshades Park). Grant applications nearly always exaggerate the costs to cover any possible exigencies but look at CME’s forecasts. Lighting - $241,500 ($210,000 plus 15% contingency costs) and $78,681.33 for engineering and administrative costs (read “CME fees”). The actual cost for the lighting was nearly half that amount at $127,429 and the engineering component for the lighting was zero. CME Associates did not get one penny towards the field lighting despite their budget claims.

(So far, by my count, CME Associates lost over $150,000 during Stuart Brown’s tenure once you count the lighting at Fireman’s Field, cost reductions for the tax map revision, and the Aberdeen Recreation Master Plan. Makes you wonder why Brown got fired.)

To be fair, CME Associates is generally considered a competent firm but, as recent blog comments have noted, the road work on Gerard Avenue has demonstrated an astounding level of negligence. We know from prior experience that CME has trouble conducting a land survey but how did they miss the giant parcel of county land adjacent to the field (Block 169 Lot 9)? The lot isn’t listed on Aberdeen’s tax rolls and has never belonged to Aberdeen Tonwship. Hence, the work stoppage on Gerard Avenue – the township never received permission to work on county land. The cruel irony is that, not only had CME already reviewed the tax map for the Fireman’s Field project, CME was the company responsible for updating the tax map prior to the property revaluations.

From January 1st, 2005 through March 25th, 2008, CME received $3,692,445.72 from the township. (The total vendor payment sheet is 105 pages so I only uploaded the first and last pages.) Between no-bid contracts, a cozy relationship with the town council, and massively inflated billings, CME Associates is quite fortunate to never have to compete for any township work. Pumping money into the Aberdeen Democratic Party’s coffers is sufficient qualification. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

Wow ! I come back from vacation and into a whirlwind of CME facts and once again absolute proofs.


I am left to assume that the Aberdeener has copied all necessary prosecutors as well as editors at the states local papers. In addition I would suggest Walt Kane from Ch. 12 news be contacted.

As for Stuart Brown I assume it is a simple fact and proof as to why he was thrown to the wolves. He slapped the hand (CME) that feeds the dog that is Norman Kauff.

Reading some of the recent posts there are plenty of questions for tonights council meeting.

The Aberdeener has done a fantastic job AGAIN ! Thank you for your hard work and facts that leave no questions for the authorities to review and hopefully act upon.

One final note while I was away I read the Soprano State. A must read to say the least. To say our CME and associated leadership problems are not found anywhere else would be very wrong. With every page of that book showing the dire and constant abuses of the taxpayers and the padding of the pockets of this states supposed servants of the people, and it is obvious every taxpayer is only here to serve the politically powerful who feel we work for them not the other way around.

From the book every way that politicians can make money they exploit, pad, exploit, lie, misquote, spin and mis-state everything to their self serving benefit. The examples in the book are without end.

Is all lost for the taxpayers of New Jersey and our Aberdeen ? It was said some time ago and i agree it is time to go very public, very public.

Anonymous said...

The newspaper is filled with Kauff connections this morning. Check it out.

Aberdeen and Hazlets Kauff-puppet of a Township Attorney is in the news. Once again developers are involved as well as the statement that due to pending litigation the attorney would have no comment. This one is a developer who is fighting Hazlet. Fighting Hazlet only means more legal fees and money for Kauff.

Then I read that Holmdel is in agreement with a Lakewood company for the 473 acre site that was Bell labs. The developer is named Somerset. Wait we have a developer named Somerset in Aberdeen. The same developer and their property is very close to my house and much like the plans they will present to Holmdel the grandiose plans will be just that plans. They have done nothing about the contamination on the site and once again Norman Kauff is at the center. More money, more money, more money for Kauff and his minions.

When will it end?

I guess the Aberdeener has a few subjects to highlight going forward.

By the way without a Township Manager who deals with CME and signing the checks. Scudeirri and Kauff must be going for a big Democratic campaign this fall or perhaps they need money for the state party. They are certainly pulling out all of the stops.

In closing I read the Soprano State
it is a good read and one does get very frustrated page after page.

Anonymous said...

Yet our town council to the person says nothing. That is leadership to be proud of.

Aberdeen's Town Councils silence is deafening and all too telling of their allegiance to their Fuhrer, Norman Kauff.


Anonymous said...

Scudiery loaned his own money to the Monmouth County Democratic Party. How do you think he will be paid back? If $8500. was donated to Matawan's Democratic Mayor Aufseeser's unsuccessful campaign, how much do you think will be donated to Aberdeen's Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Is anyone forwarding this info to the authorities or newspapers or TV or anyone?

Is anyone going to at least SHOW UP at some future meetings?

Like one said here earlier, unless we show up and they see our faces... this CRAP will continue..


Anonymous said...

I feel like we are all in an episode of Norman Knows Best. Except that all Norman knows is how to gouge the taxpayers.

Norman Kauff is the person that exemplifies the behaviors that are wrong with politicians, power brokers and any government.

It has not been said for sometime F NK.

Anonymous said...

Hey we drove by the Gerard Avenue road course today. It looks like it has been deserted for weeks. What gives? Who is watching over that?

Wait CME of course! At what cost to the taxpayers of Aberdeen we ask?

Yet CME says nothing right along side the elected Aberdeen idiots on the council. Did any of them even ask why the work stopped? Did they just let CME say oops?

We are amazed that the town has not given the residents of the area any kind of update to the situation either. A recent post from an area resident had him or her confuced and uninformed. We are also amazed, but are not shocked, that Vinci is not opening up his big trap to get some relief for his supposedly beloved Oakshades residents. Cannot go against the money man right Vinci? Just ride the road and see all of the bumps and unlevel pavement these people put up with. It is like a bus ride in Mexico or some third world country.

Why do you think that is allowed? Why is Vinci so silent?

Maybe it's the extra payoffs Vinic and the rest get annually, (as reported just today by the Aberdeener) Vinci's questionable payments alone total over $2,000.00 +++. Plus Vinci's bogus election consulting as reported to be $3,000.00+++, plus his $10,000.00 council salary, plus his Fire Commisioner salary. All of that must be keeping Vinci's accountants very busy. That is if he bothers to tell his accountant or even claim it on his taxes. But Vinci would not do that? That would be illegal? Right?

What would that be filed under on his politician's tax form? What line is that? Of course that is line #1 for gifts from the Democratic Party bosses to keep an elected politician silent and voting as he is told?. Deduction line #2 also comes in handy for Vinci listed under campaign donations from all of the people Vinci and the rest of the council give work to. After all Vinci gets all of those other deductions for home improvements from 2007 as reported on the Aberdeener, for work done on his home by the very same contractors who do a lot of work for Aberdeen Township. Once again no conflict? Right?

After all it is tough out there for Vinci what with this economy and all. You can be sure that Kauff will have to be be giving Vinci and all of the rest of the idiots, an even bigger envelope of illegal cash in 2009.

Perhaps we should all feel sorry for Vinci, as Vinci has to cover his new reevaluation costs and the extra taxes on his new land holdings recently given to Vinci by the New Jersey Highway Authority and Aberdeen Township. It seems it has been a good year to be Vinci. Who gets to cash in next year? Who is kidding who they all get to cash in we just like Vinci so much.

Wait we must correct ourselves as Vinci did pay $1.00 for each parcel,with no restrictions of course, on his gifts, oops we mean land purchases. No restrictions imposed however to stop Vinci from profiting off of the sale or development of such land. No restrictions for Vinci like most every other resident advised in the past on similar deals. We have friends down the street in Loxley Heights who had numerous restrictions placed on their land acquisition from Matawan years ago.

But Vinci will tell you that he did not get a deal. Right? No conflict at all? Everything was proper and above board? Right? Then where are the normal restrictions for your land deal Vinci like those placed on regular citizens and taxpayers?

So much for Vinny Vinci a.k.a. Mr. Oakshades a.k.a. The Man of The People.

Yesterday at the Park Place Diner we are told an absurd story that Vinci blamed the Aberdeener for some damage to his car. Vinci claimed retaliation from someone off of subjects posted on the Aberdeener. Vinci is so full of it! Vinci would not know the truth if it kicked him in the ass. Vinci would just think it was Kauff putting more money in his pockets.

But all of those Oakshades and CME inconvenienced residents can be damn sure when it is time to vote, Vinci will be the first one telling the Oakshades area residents how much he does for all of them. That is your beloved Vinny Vinci, man of the people.

Good luck with Vinci we are so glad he is not in Matawan. So glad! But then again we have to put up with Mullaney. We all have our crosses to bear.

Good night all.

Mr. and Mrs. Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see two of us show up to the town council meeting to question CME and no bid. Everyone stop whinning, write on the blog, cry to your neighbor, say "we are going to get them", you all do nothing!

Keep crying and complaining, they sit behind the town council bench and laugh at all of you doing nothing. They are probably sitting in their executive meeting now telling stories about all the big mouths on this blog. What happened, nothing CME gets richer and richer and we suffer more and more!

Anonymous said...

It was nice to see two of us show up to the town council meeting to question CME and no bid. Everyone stop whinning, write on the blog, cry to your neighbor, say "we are going to get them", you all do nothing!

Keep crying and complaining, they sit behind the town council bench and laugh at all of you doing nothing. They are probably sitting in their executive meeting now telling stories about all the big mouths on this blog. What happened, nothing CME gets richer and richer and we suffer more and more!

Anonymous said...

You are so correct. What are you people so afraid of? It didn't help last night that the public didn't get to ask questions until ten o'clock, three hours after the meeting started. But not many people other then those with the cell tower issue. I was so excited when I pulled up and there wasn't any parking. I thought finally you people who sit and around and complain are finally doing something about it. Not so. Your getting what you deserve if you won't stand up and be heard. The cell tower people did.

Anonymous said...

Exactly, people about the cell phone tower showed up and complained, what about all you blow hards about CME, etc.??

Stay at home and cry at the water cooler at work! If you don't show up no one wants to hear from you!

Anonymous said...

I was at the council meeting last night. I got up and told the council that a $650,000 no bid contract was outrageous and just plain wrong. I then spoke for the record that CME and it principals were some of the largest contributors to the Aberdeen Township Democratic Committee, when I looked them up in state Elec database. With that said, the Mayor proceeded to get very annoyed with me by saying “I was making it political.” The fact that he became cross with me indicates that he knows this is wrong.

$650,000 NO BID contract to a major political contributor, sure looks like Pay-To-Play to me. I did not bother to stay around for the vote, as I knew this would pass as sure as the sun will rise in the morning.

I am going to write a letter to all of the newspapers for what good it will do.

A large number of people were at the meeting to protest the cell tower going in by the water tower in the "I" section. The Zoning Board is going to appeal the court ruling that overturned the Zoning Board decision. I feel bad for them because the odds of the appeal being heard by the NJ Supreme Court will not be good. If they do not hear the case, that tower is going up.

It was interesting that one resident asked the council "if the council could help by getting the newspapers involved." Why weren't any reporters at the meeting tonight? Maybe some people did not want them to hear about NO BID contracts being awarded by the council.

I know that council members read this blog. Know this; I am not going away, and most of you know why. See you at your next meeting. I have the time to attend now, and I am going to enjoy asking the tough questions that you don't want to hear or answer. I am hopeful that other citizens will soon join me.

Why don't you broadcast your meetings on channel 15 and the town website, so you can show all of your neighbors what goes on at the meetings, since you are so righteous in the defense of what you are doing. I also saw that a new ordinance was introduced to restrict traffic. It will be used restrict traffic entering on Cashel Drive, which just so happens to be where one of your colleagues resides.

Why don't you debate me and list your reasons for supporting NO BID contracts? Saying all public sector engineering firms are not the same is about the lamest excuse for selection criteria that I have ever heard. There are at least three other well-qualified firms with good reputations doing work in the county.

The people of Aberdeen need to think long and hard. Most of us are going to get our taxes raised by the revaluation. We need people in town government that serve the people instead of serving campaign contributors.

“Publicity is justly commended as a remedy for social and industrial diseases. Sunlight is said to be the best of disinfectants; electric light the most efficient policeman.”

--Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis--1933

Time has come to turn on the light in Aberdeen. We must attend the meetings and ask questions.


Ken Aitken

Anonymous said...

Ken A.

I was not that big of a fan of yours on the BOE, but I must say that I commend you for going, questioning, saying that you will be around more now, and signing your name. It is time that many of us do the same. Your name is important because I know and THEY know you worked with the councils for years. They know you might have some dirt on them or at least know how THEY operate.

He is right, we must start to attend meetings. We must write to newspapers and get the word out. Copy and paste some articles on this blog and send to friends who may not enjoy that blogging atmospehere but will read FWD. mail.

This has got to get out!! and Ken, good point about the Cashel Drive idea. That road has been a secondary thoroughfare (?) for years and only now it is a problem, and we know someone connected to the council is complaining. They bought there knowing about the road traffic and now it is a problem? There are bigger fish to fry Aberdeen Council than a few cars on Cashel...

Anonymous said...

I love Aberdeen:

Perhaps you should try and look at the situation on Cashel before you stick your foot in your mouth.

The truth as to streets like Cashel is the fact that they are abused as secondary roads and most often to avoid the traffic signal, which is illegal and is a very dangerous reality. Try just sitting in your car on Cashel for half an hour and see what it would be like to live on such a street full time.

Here is what you will observe at varying times of the day. Cars speeding from top to bottom, buses carrying seniors and children with roaring engines all day long. I do not live on the street but my sons girlfriends family does and I of course go to the area often, and can assure you it is both dangerous and very noisy.

Also your attack on the councilman who lives on the street is also off the mark. The area residents are fed up with the situation and came to their councilman. unlike Councilman "everything for me and the hell with anyone else" Vinci. The area residents should have the ability to seek assistance for their concerns from an elected official who cares and will seek to serve their fellow residents, as that is what councilman are supposed to do. Should that or any councilman not help. Mayor Sobels neighbors got speed bumps to stop similar situations and hazards. Speak to some area residents near Councilman Drapkin who brought similar concerns and were ignored, repeatedly.

I am just very glad that the Cashel area and its requirements are not being selfishly steered to satisfy a greedy politician like Vinci. I am also glad that no CME study for tens of thousands of dollars or more was not given to line Norman Kauffs pockets. Last nights 3/4 of a million dollars was enough of a payoff for work that is to say the least questionable. But to quote Mayor Sobel "CME is a well respected firm and knows Aberdeen. The same statement was offered up by a politician in the "Soprano State" one of two books I read while on vacation. The same statement as Mayor Sobel used is a pat answer for politicians to give when questioned. This exact same statement was given by a NJ politician just before he was indicted for receiving payments from a "well respected firm". Check your phones Mayor Sobel.

Be thankful the Cashel area residents were able to contact that specific Councilman because the got some immediate and inexpensive help, and it was not anywhere as costly to the taxpayers as it would have been for most every other councilman on Norman Kauff's council. Just look at recent costs and postings on the Aberdeener involving politicians who get the taxpayers to selfishly pay for an $850,000.00 road project and not one but two signs to make sure that Vinci's street is not blocked by cars stopped at the light, a traffic light put in and far more costly improvements and condemnations of homes and property to just keep 25 cars a day off of Councilman Vinci's street. Selfish.

Look somewhere else before you attack the Cashel area residents and those they seek help from. Start by parking on the road in the morning between 6:30 and 8:30 or 4:30 and 7:00 and anytime on weekends, then imagine that you lived on the street. And streets like Cashel exist all over town.

One final thing if you were at last nights council meeting and others I have attended years ago, you would understand that this specific councilman does not get favors done for him. He is not one of the Norman allegiant and he dares to ask questions. That is a Norman No No! Questions? No questions.

By the way I attended the meeting last night as an opponent to the Sprint situation. What has that cost us to date? And what is Norman Kauff getting from that? Selfish.

Anonymous said...


I appreciate your point about Cashel Drive. If you notice, I did not name the council member involved. Though I do think it would have been appropriate for a council member to abstain from a vote that would directly benefit him or her. Simply my opinion, not an attack.

Regarding Cashel Drive, I am glad the residents are going to get relief from the traffic. Perhaps if I saw some of them complaining at the meeting or if it was mentioned that a petition was sent; I would have understood the situation better. Like you, I wonder how many other streets there are in town that have the same problem, but cannot get relief?

I don't care about Mr. Kauff, he is not elected to serve us. The council members and the Mayor are elected. They need to be held accountable, since they have the public trust. Any sitting council members that disagree with what is going on; must VOTE and comment in the public forum so people know where they stand. The citizens of this community need to see it, so they know who really serves them. Executive session disagreements and private objections do not get that done.

If the comments on this blog about Mr. Kauff's activities are true, It would seem to me the the best way to get rid of his influence would be to elect other people who will not do his bidding.

People need to step up and demonstrate some courage if they want change for the better. Based on your earlier posts, you care deeply about what is going on and seem to be very well informed about the CME situation, Mr Kauff, and activities of some of the council members. I hope you can come to the next meeting and help us. Looking forward to meeting you there.

I will also be attending the zoning board meeting because the proposed Route 35 and County road Centex developments are on the agenda. I urge others to attend.

Anonymous said...

Cashel Drive may need a no turn sign, but will this satisfy the residents on that issue? I was at that meeting where they showed up and they wanted the street to get turned into a dead end street. I do like Perry, I said it, Perry lives on that block. When they came to the meeting that night Perry said he knew nothing about the petition that all but 2 residents had signed (1 being Perry). I did find that hard to believe at the time and still do that he had no previous knowledge of this petition or they were going to attend this meeting. As for the vote, the mayor was going to abstain from the vote but why wouldn't Perry? He should have just passed on the vote, it makes me question him a little bit more as far as a self serving person like the rest of them. Many residents have problems with their streets, some bigger than others, but I do agree that Cashel is a cut through and could posse and danger. I hope the signs work and the residents feel safer. If Perry doesn't like CME and Kauff than he should stand up and say something, lets not make him out to be a saint, he is on the same council and I don't hear him voicing his displeasure. I did notice Gallo was very much apposed to the CME issue last night and wanted it to be discussed further in executive meeting. Maybe Perry and Gallo could be the start of something new? I hope.

On the sprint tower, I feel sorry for all the residents in the "I" section and what is happening. I do hope the supreme court will hear the issue and overturn this ruling. It is sad that everyone, including the council members are against it and it looks like it will still happen. How about that, they are on the residents side and we still get screwed!

Brian in Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

Brian get real.

The I section residents are upset because a cellular tower may be put on top of a pre-existing 80 foot tower, and for some reason they are mostly worried about landscaping plans it seems as if that will help. They cannot stop such a use as has been repeatedly stated and has so been ruled in the Supreme court of the US. But Aberdeen will pay even more money from our taxes to to Kauffs buddyto only lose in court again. GUARANTEED!

It is an 80 foot blue water tower. Are they going to somehow hide the tower?

They should be upset at the legal fees paid to this point and will now continue to paid to Kauffs buddy. You can bet that CME is getting their cut as well.

They bought houses in and around a BIG BLUE WATER SPHERE. Get real!

Anonymous said...

How about health concerns? I think that is their main issue.

I do agree the comments about landscaping is ridiculous, also the concerns about added traffic was silly from some of the residents.


Anonymous said...


All I was saying is that there are huge problems in this town and in my opinion, which I think this forum asks for from all of us, I thought the Cashel problem is not all that important RIGHT NOW. There are plenty of roads that have traffic problems in our area. How about the commuters who stop on the tracks, or Greenwood Ave. that leads to the beach where cars go 60mph, or the bad light by 34 and Lloyd. There are plenty of roads that have problems b/c the town has grown and traffic is a problem. That is all I was saying.

My original point was to thank Ken A. for this points made here and at the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Just a note it was not ruled by the Supreme Court, it is being petitioned to be heard by the court.


Anonymous said...

Ken Aitkens - I applaud you for taking a stand at the Council meeting; but hope that your plan for reform is more than just getting the other party into power. We need reform, real reform - an end to Pay-to-Play. We don't need a switch from the CME strangle hold on our wallets to a T&M stangle hold (T&M is the cash cow of choice for Republicans).

Aberdeen needs local control - a takeback of our government from Scudiery Plaza and keeping it away from the other party as well. Let's get rid of the political bosses, an end to patronage appointment of professionals, and take back our government from political hacks like Sobel Drapkin and Vinci.

In regard to the I-section Sprint tower: a couple of thoughts -
1) It has to go somewhere! We all rely on cell phones and don't like those dropped calls. I don't think the I-Section folks would be fighting the issue if this was in the D,W,A,B section, etc.
2)Of course this Council will fight your case for you! The longer the fight goes on, the more cash they deliver for the Kauff annointed attorneys, Planner, Engineers, etc. The Planning Board attorney is a former Kauff law partner. So realize that whether the I-Section wins or loses, Kauff and friends win by lining their pockets with your and everyone elses tax dolars.

Let's get our act together and get these crooks out of Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Interesting story in the Asbury Park Press today with relevance to Aberdeen. How many meeting happen in secret in Kauff's basement, CME, Scudiery Plaza? Plus - has anyone sent info about the Aberdeener to Casie and Rossi on NJ 101.5? They would have some fun with all of this stuff.

Asbury Park Press
August 7, 2008

Interlaken: Business limited to town hall


In pursuit of a transparent government, the Borough Council approved a resolution Wednesday night prohibiting borough-related business in nongovernment buildings, including public residences.

Under the resolution, no borough council, board, committee, commission, official or employee may "conduct borough-related business and meetings at the residence of any citizen or in any manner or place contrary to state statute."

The resolution is a means "of protecting fairness and ensuring the common good and also conducted in a professional environment such as a public building," the resolution reads.

The ordinance comes after a recent lawsuit filed by borough resident Robert Napoli, 55, that included a claim that members of the council met with Ocean Township Police Chief Antonio V. Amodio Jr. on Jan. 20 at a councilwoman's home.

The meeting occurred in the midst of council negotiations over whether or not to disband the police department and contract with a neighboring town for police services.

In a certified statement, Amodio said that over a five-hour period, council members came and left the home, and the group never totaled more than three in the room. The plaintiff argued that the reason that the council members "shuffled" in and out of the room was to avoid a quorum, which requires public notice.

Superior Court Judge Lawrence M. Lawson concluded that the borough violated the Open Public Meetings Act by overtly attempting "to circumvent the act by preventing a quorum by inviting a council member to join the meeting as another council member left."

When asked what the council thinks of the decision and if the resolution is a result of the lawsuit, Mayor Robert D. Wolf III said the council does not have a problem with Lawson's decision and recognizes the violation as an administrative mistake.

At the meeting, Napoli said that the resolution speaks nothing of a penalty if a resident or borough employee were to violate it, adding that the lawsuit was a very expensive battle.

"The resolution is not enough. It only speaks of what we already know what not to do," Napoli said, suggesting the council develop an ordinance to enforce punishment for violations.

Borough Attorney Dennis Crawford said the resolution is a policy and "a policy doesn't have penalties."

"The only alternative is for the court to intercede, and I believe it should be done at a municipal level to avoid legal costs," Napoli said.

Without concise rules and regulations, "it becomes confusion when it should be clear to begin with."

Anonymous said...


Start with the Prosecutor and Attorney General. Tell them about CME ADD THEIR $3.5 MILLION DOLLAR WINDFALL SINCE 2005.

Now the scum that is the Aberdeen Town Council is giving CME another $687,000.00 to over see road programs. That is $4.2 MILLION DOLLARS in less than four years to one company when everything else but the roads is going to s--t in Aberdeen. Roads has been the Aberdeen councils priority as the taxpayers get raped and beaten every single day just to benefit Kauff, Scudeiri and their organized crime syndicate of politicians and hacks.

At least we only have to watch out for Councilman Mullaney's close relationship with Vinci in Matawan. Maybe Vinci will now be a democratic consultant for Matawan and the train station project? We still do not get that one as Matawan is in deep financial trouble every single day and is rumored to be taken over soon by the state.

We mean After all Vinci seems to be very good at getting overly expensive and self serving projects done at taxpayer expense for self serving, greedy and low life politicians, who betray the people's trust everyday.

How can they look at themselves in the mirror? Any of them.

There are many questions and little explanation other than the genuis that is David Soble to tell Aberdeen how CME are *professionals in their field*. They are *professional thieves* nothing more.

Tuesday night Mayor Soble still did not really answer Kens questions on the insane costs to CME for their supposed professionalism. Ken should have asked for even one example. JUST ONE EXAMPLE of Soble's excuses that they had gone with low bids and it cost more money in the end.

Just one example Mayor Soble you liar. How about the truth just once from any of you. It would be a welcome change from these low lifes and their puppeteer.

Mr. and Mrs. Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

Come on everybody you all know that that Vampires do not have reflections when they look in a mirror. Just look at Count Kauff and the blood suckers on the Aberdeen Council.

None of the council or their handlers can be seen in a mirror much less anywhere close to a functioning lie detector.

They would rather be seen at a John Mcain rally than in a mirror or lie detector or be asked a question related to their honesty and service to the people.

The indicator would run off of the paper if any of them were asked one simple question.

Q. Have you ever been told how to vote by Count Kauff.

A. (We will be waiting a long time)

tick tock, tick tock, tick tock

Anonymous said...

This is the point...... and someone not so eloquently put on here last week - stop crying about it AND DO SOMETHING about it!!!!

Where are all of the people who post on here at council meetings??????????????????
Week after week, people complain and bitch and moan about the things they see in town and the corruption and wastes of money - yet it took a cell tower on top of a BIG BLUE tower to get 50 people at a town meeting

But people will say - tell Aberdeener or have the Aberdeener inestigate this or that - HE CANNOT HOLD OUR HANDS ALL THE TIME - plan to go to a meeting just show your face and BRING A FRIEND - if 50 people plan to go and bring 1 friend in town (hell bring an out of towner just to show a face) - and make the council look you in the eye AS THEY GIVE A CAMPAIGN CONTRIBUTOR MORE NO BID CONTRACT MONEY ----

until we see 50 -100 at a council meeting - we are banging our heads against the wall.

Anonymous said...

where are we

you are 100% correct