Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Republicans Not Welcome

On May 15th, 2007, the Township of Aberdeen passed Ordinance 10-2007, cryptically entitled the Ordinance Amending the Revised General Ordinances of the Township of Aberdeen to Implement a Public Contracting Reform Ordinance. A more apt name would have been the Ordinance Amending All Welcome Signs to Include the Following Statement – Republicans Keep Out!

The ordinance is our town’s version of a pay-to-play statute. You won’t find the ordinance included on our state’s list of local pay-to-play statutes because, in truth, it’s not. The ordinance was specifically drawn to exclude one businessman from even thinking about doing business in Aberdeen. His name is Jack Morris, the developer our neighbor, Matawan, chose for the transit village project.

The new law specifically states the Township of Aberdeen “shall not enter into any agreement or otherwise contract with any private party for the planning, re-planning, construction or undertaking of any project or redevelopment work . . . if that redeveloper has solicited or made any contribution of money or pledge of a contribution” to any political group within the township or county.

That’s right. The ordinance is only against developers seeking to do business with the township. Unsurprisingly, not one of the Aberdeen Democrat’s large contributors happens to be a developer. So, CME Associates, their largest contributor, is still welcome to collect $1.2 million a year and oversee over 20% of the township’s annual budget through the road improvement program. Coppola & Coppola, another big contributor, is welcome to receive over $100,000 in fees. And nearly every professional contract can still go to financial contributors or those with political connections.

Meanwhile, Jack Morris, the head of the Columbia Group, a consortium selected by Matawan to be its lead developer for the transit village project, is effectively blocked from doing business with Aberdeen and Matawan. As detailed by Jackie Corley, a reporter for the Courier, Jack Morris is a major contributor to local Republicans, including Matawan’s former mayor, Freeholder Rob Clifton. It’s inconceivable that Morris will be able to develop 40 acres straddling Aberdeen’s border in conjunction with Aberdeen’s developer on a joint transit village project without making some “agreement” with the township.

This in no way suggests that Matawan and Morris are free of any taint of pay-to-play but it’s extraordinary that the Aberdeen Town Council would craft an ordinance that blocks Matawan’s developer but allows the Democrats to continue handing contracts to their contributors.

Nor is the timing any coincidence. Aberdeen’s developer, Silver Oaks (who seemingly made an indirect contribution in 2001), launched a baseless lawsuit against Matawan after they selected the Columbia Group. The borough, already in financial dire straits, spent hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees defending their selection. At the end of January, 2007, Matawan won the case. Three months later, Aberdeen passed Ordinance 10-2007, effectively barring Matawan’s developer from the project.

The ordinance was also passed just prior to the election season. The Aberdeen Democrats had effectively positioned themselves to defend against any claim of pay-to-play while simultaneously attacking both the Aberdeen and Matawan Republicans with the same charge. (Some have speculated that Silver Oaks appealed the case simply to keep the issue alive through the elections; the owner's son, Bill Bocra, graduated at the top of his class from Columbia Law School so legal costs were minimal.)

How interesting that our town council has finally found a political contributor with whom they won’t do business – a developer who gives money to local republicans. Makes you wonder if Vic Scudiery had his hand in this. Tellingly, and contrary to the documented ordinance, Councilman Perry voted against the statute.

As an aside, I’d like to thank the town council for selecting my birthday as Aberdeen Day. The honor is flattering, unwarranted, and wholly unintended, I'm sure.
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Anonymous said...

I am speechless.

If we do not vote these morons out - ONE BY ONE - we deserve the outcomes.

GO TO MEETINGS.... when they are not cancelled.....

WE NEED FACES to be seen.......

matawan advocate said...

Thank you, thank you. It is sickening to hear what the Democrats have costs Matawan. We have been saying the entire lawsuit against Matawan was nothing more than political positioning. It is obvious that Matawan is following Aberdeens political plan.

The current majority Council (financed by Vic Scudiery) is bonding Matawan to the hilt. They say bonding like it doesn't have to be paid back.

It's an election year. Right now Matawan has a deficit of $398,000. and still counting. The Council has yet to deal with a solution. They do continue to spend, spend, spend. Pay attention Matawan, if the deficit continues how are we going to pay it down. Oh, the Dems will blame the Republicans. Yet while the Dems have been the majority they offer no solutions to the deficit.

We are all stuck between a rock and a hard place....we can't afford to live in Matawan and we can't afford to sell our homes.

Thanks for enlightening us all on the "dirty dealings" in Aberdeen. Guess this is what Matawan has to look forward to if we don't make changes at election time.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone really think that Silver Oaks/Bocra didn't find a pay to pay the Dem's machine. Silver Oaks' lawyer is Weiner/Lesniak - as in State Senator Lesniak - boss of the Union County Dem machine. How much have the Union County dems given to Scudiery?

Anonymous said...

Kauff, Sobel, and the crew must think that everyone is too stupid to follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Bocra was a name for some reason that was slightly familiar to me so I kept thinking on it and finally started to look it up through the computer.

Did come up with several topics on Bocra and Silver Oaks and one slight one which when checked further had a Bocra YES our Bocra of Silver Oak Properties having been convicted of BRIBING AN IRS AGENT years ago.

Talk about coincidences our leadership whom we hope will all soon be labeled convicted felons are presently dealing and bending over for a convicted felon.Bocra.

Anybody hear anything about Cyntex or is Sintex as they were supposed to be wanting to put a development at the end of County Road? I will have to sell soon as I will not put my family through that one and Anchor. As if Anchor will ever be developed?

Maybe Norm wants Syntex signed, sealed and delivered before the new Manager starts? That way he could say he was not a part of that one. Then again he is from Old Bridge as though that place has some stellar record on honest and forthright government. Not! Can anybody spell corruption? It is said to be the favored word used before and after the name Old Bridge for many years.

Talk about truth in government?

Anonymous said...

Wait are you telling me that Norman Kauff has found a developer that he does not want involved or a part of any development in Aberdeen?

What are you going to tell me next?

Norman has finally found the light?

Maybe that this specific developer cannot be turned upside down and inside out on a weekly basis and be shaken down for all of his money to feed the Kauff Crime Syndicate.

That is more like it. Right Norm?

Maybe Morris has been to Norm's favorite parking lot and does not want to go back. Norm can be rough in parking lots. Right Norm?

We all know McGreevey liked parking lots. Right Norm? Maybe Norm needs to start using secret words like McGreevey used in his illegal land deal meetings. Such meetings were found to also be corrupt governmental and party boss tactic that brought down local democratic politicians. They never learn. Do they?

Enjoy your freedom Norm. While it lasts.

See ya in a week vacation time is here? Next stop Niagara Falls.

Anonymous said...

Kauff has found a successful way to scam the system in place that records contributions to local campaigns. He forces the professionals under his control to overcharge developers and then they make the contributions. Then he has his puppets on council pass a bogus ordinance that makes them look honorable. It's so thinly veiled. What's that word that the Feds used to bring down the Mafia .. Racketeering. Sounds like a duck.

Anonymous said...


That is what the authorities Should place onto the Kauff group. I am unsure what the initials stand for but we can be sure it would fit Kauff's conduct and control measures.

How do you spell corruption in Aberdeen.


Anonymous said...

KimsMom you kill me.

As a former employee of a municipality that is still impacted and controlled by Mr. Kauff. My wife an I have only recently moved here having downsized to the Barrington Gardens complex due to the fact that we would not have been able to afford a house in Aberdeen due to the taxes. We have been very familiar with the problems you all are facing with your obviously beloved Mr.Kauff. We thoroughly enjoy all of the readings and subject matter regarding him we can assure you.

Hazlet was his for the taking as well. Hazlet even got caught up with the whole Merla thing when our Mayor got caught with his hand in the cookie jar. He was a great guy who we think had a moment of weakness.

Unlike your Mr. Kauff whose penchant for thievery is unlike any other politician we have heard of locally as he is obviously smarter than the authorities who seem to not know he even exists. We have known and been reading the Aberdeener for some time but felt compelled to respond after a conversation at a recent party we attended.

It went like this. A woman was very upset that her sister had to leave her home not because of the home itself but because of the taxes and the reevaluation. The numbers she was expecting to have to pay were not possible as her husband is recently disabled and unable to work. They were just making it but after some reports of possible increases and more related to some of then items and disclosures on the Aberdeener she and her husband headed to the Carolina's with heavy hearts. Mr. Kauff has no heart obviously and his actions have far reaching consequences.

Mr. Kauff has a far reaching and extremely negative impact. People should stand up and demand an explanation from the council on his involvement and control. My wife is laughing heartily as I type that.

The people of Aberdeen are being taken to the cleaners and Mr. Kauff is the cleaner taking every piece of lint or spare change people have or ever hoped to have. He will take it all and leave all of the citizens high and dry.

My wife says shame on Mr. Kauff.

Anonymous said...

More and more people every single day. I love it. Norm hates it you can be sure.

Welcome aboard BGcouplefornow

Anonymous said...

I'm back.

Had to stay through a morning meetng. I arrive home an hour ago and what do I see a council meeting is canceled in Aberdeen. Did Norman make some calls and tell people to stay home like the zoning and planning boards? Relax Norman that has been discussed before on the Aberdeener.

Not so unbelievable is a canceled meeting but this may put Norman under the gun for locking in his developmental monies needed for the next election and we all know Norman is not getting any younger.
Right Norm.

I did get a good laugh at the insert that Norman and McGreevey like parking lots. Of course Norman just likes them for discussions and shakedowns while McGreevey, well we will leave that one alone.

Norman shall we say would suck the money out of a developer while McGreevey ? They both suck though on that we can agree.

Anyway Norman I am back. Did you miss me? I will make it up to you Norman if you missed me. I promise as I have a meeting planned with one of your former councilman this weekend to get some insight into how Kauff works his magic. It will not be Minutulo Norman so save the call. And Norman I should also tell you that I have a little meeting planned next Tuesday with a business owner in Aberdeen who you cost $50,000.00 in very questionable fees and of course CME involvement just to open his business in Aberdeen.

Don't hold your breath Norman I wouldn't want you to pass out. It is coming I assure you. Be patient
Norman it will be worth the wait I assure you.

I will report back real soon. I bet you cannot wait. Right Norman?

Anonymous said...

Republicans not welcome in Aberdeen.

Are we rehashing the Murphy era? That is why Republicans are not welcome in Aberdeen really. Murphy ruined the Aberdeen Republican Party.

His arrogance and ignorance were the ultimate reason the Republican party no longer exists. Many people got real turned off with him and Gartley and the other idiots Murphy surrounded himself with. But we would all have to be honest in saying that the Republicans under Murphy had nothing on the Kauff crew.

And do not forget T&M Engineeing. They cannot hold a candle to the scum at C.M.E. as they have personified graft, corruption and greed.

Murphy lives!

Anonymous said...

Wow the Murphy era. What did I miss? It sounds as if the Kauff Crew has had some interesting predecessors.

It does not matter really whether they be dems or reps as they all work for themselves and the people are the first thing they forget about.

While I have only lived here for a short time in comparison to many it must have been interesting to say the least.

But I would have to be blind like the authorities in Monmouth County to not see what is going on in Aberdeen.

Where is my seeing eye dog?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone checked on how much they pay Kauff as the dictat... I mean "Of Counsel" and Democratic Prty Boss for Aberdeens?

It is written that when Kauff used to be the Attorney for Manalapan he used to send an underling to the meetings and bill the same rate of pay as if he were there. Did he ever do that in Aberdeen? I know Manalapan cracked the whip on him for that little tidbit. Nothing like honest and forthright lawyers. Right? The world is filled with lawyers like Kauff and the few that do the right thing are????????????? so few so few.

Does that "Of Counsel" title continue to add to his pension? Or does he get to right it off as probono work? With the calculated loss of a manager for all of this time do you think Kauff just so happened to boost his pension just a little?

So many questions so little explanations or substantive responses from Kauff.

Perhaps it is time for our one and only Aberdeener to do an analysis of the Kauff and his cohorts finances.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Don't any of you get it? Kauff is masterful at what he does and he runs rings around the authorities. Kauff and Scudeiri are experts and have ensured their place in the annals of
Monmouth County politics.

Just review these few examples and you will immediately realize how the democrats and republicans work together. Work against all of us.

Do you think the MVC just happened to be given to the Democratic party Cahirman. Do you think the $200,000.00 loaned to the Monmouth County Democrats and which Scudeirir has publicly stated "he knows he will never be paid back" is not some form of convenient and possibly illegal payment for preferential treatment and access or the inside track.

Do you think Scudeiri expects nothing in return. Do you think the Democratic Paty and all of those other offices within the Airport Plaza pay rent? Do you think that all of the other businesses in the same plaza benefit from Scudeiri favoritism.

And we wonder how much Kauff costs all of us in Aberdeen? What do you think Scudeiri costs all of us on a wider level?

So many ? so little from any of them. Silence is not a defense it is contempt for all of us.

They laugh at us and we let them.

For now.

Anonymous said...

Centex back on the Zoning Board agenda. Didn't they promise us they would oppose the two Centex proposals? Oh yeah, that was before the last election. They will say anything! You can't trust a word they say! Get all your neighbors on County Road and Route 34 to show up at Council and Zoning Board to voice opposition to the sale of development variances to allow more overbuilding in Aberdeen!

Anonymous said...

While they are at the council meeting they could as to what are they doing with the site on Rt. 34 by the new bagel guy? Anybody know? It used to be a Raiders Marine building.

We fought this one before but maybe Norman Kauff and his henchmen have something planned and are trying to pull a fast one without the areas residents input. Then again Councilwoman Gallo may have a few things to say about that specific property.

Who knows?

Anonymous said...

KennyCB that is anals of Monmouth County Politics. Not annals. Unless you meant that they are not bending the taxpayers over and driving their greed all the way up inside our a**es.

Anonymous said...

A few brief comments.

Nice that the council meeting was canceled, how convenient. Could it be possible that a quorum was present but the votes were not lined up?

It really is OK about the meeting cancellation, I will just save my questions for next month. I am going to email Mayor Sobel my questions in advance and copy them to the local reporters. Mr. Mayor, I don't want you to act surprised and say "I don't know or have to get back to you."

I have heard talk about Council Members Gallo and Perry not being in agreement. If you are NOT in agreement, please show it in public. Let the people Aberdeen know that you stand for them.

Do not forget about the Zoning Board meeting 7:30 Wed August 27th. RCM/Centex development of Route 34 is on the agenda. We must stop this development. We do not need another 69 residential units in our town.

Anonymous said...


any thoughts of running for office?