Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Aberdeen’s Land Grab

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(Note: I have overstated my case regarding the dollar land deals. Most of them involved concessions necessary to win approvals for variance requests.)

Remember Councilwoman Gumbs’ special land deal? She received $3,500 for a piece of property that, according to the land survey, was wider than her lot. A relative of hers got $1,500 for a strip half a yard wide. The purchases were part of Aberdeen Township’s road improvement program, overseen by CME Associates. Meanwhile, what about those people who weren’t her neighbors? Since 2005, all property owners who lost land to the road improvement program were each given one dollar. That’s right. Those unlucky enough to not live near Ms. Gumbs only got a buck. Except for one person who took the township to court.

The following table lists the properties near Ms. Gumbs, how much land they lost, and how much they were compensated.

Block/LotLengthDepthSq. FeetCostCost/Sq. Ft.
173/7  296.33$1,150.00$3.88
173/13  35$250.00$7.14
174/13  39.82$160.00$4.02
174/20  261.65$1,110.00$4.24

This table shows all non-commercial properties that lost land to the road improvement program since 2005 and how much they were compensated.

Block/Lot Sq. Feet Cost

The township justified the difference by purchasing the land in the first case but only requesting easements in the second case. From what I hear, landowners were instructed by the township engineer, CME Associates, that they were not entitled to fair value compensation because they retained possession of their properties.

I could argue that New Jersey law recognizes public right-of-way easements as the equivalent of taking “any interest in land” and fall under the eminent domain statutes but that’s unnecessary; landowners are protected under the 5th Amendment of the US Constitution – “nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation”.

Using someone’s property for a public road is the very definition of taking private property for public use. The idea that an easement to build a public road does not involve “taking” private property has no legal basis whatsoever. Property involves a “Bundle of Rights” including the “right of exclusion”. The landowner has lost his right of exclusion, has lost an interest in his property, and has a constitutional right to “just compensation”.

On January 24th, Bernardine Golembeski challenged the township’s attempt to confiscate 265 square feet and was awarded $2,000 compensation by the court. The township was represented by former township attorney, Norman Kauff, who retained Aberdeen’s public defender, Marc Schram, to appear in court on his behalf. (Mayor Sobel’s claim that Mr. Kauff only works “of counsel” for the municipal attorney appears inaccurate.)

I don’t know which legal eagle concocted this cockamamie scheme but here’s another legal principal the township may want to consider – theft by fraud. If any vendor, working on the township’s behalf, secured property, or any interest in property, through a fraudulent misrepresentation of the facts, then that vendor and the township are in legal jeopardy. If this legal ploy was proposed by an attorney, he should be disbarred. Considering the millions of dollars we shower upon CME Associates in no-bid contracts, it’s grotesque to imagine we would cheat landowners out of a couple thousand dollars. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

All those land deals by Kauff and crew for the sum of one dollar should have all of us questioning how much CME got to take the land and process the paperwork for the supposed improvements which required the land to be taken in the first place.

Sounds fishy to me.

Then again this is Aberdeen.

Someone needs to let those people know who got the $1.00 for their land that it seems that the politically connected or those residing in Democratic strongholds, got real money from Norman Kauff. Opps I mean Aberdeen. Make sure you include in any correspondence to the $1.00 landholders about the Vinci land swindles. oops I mean land deals.

Unbelievable ONCE AGAIN!

Anonymous said...


This is Aberdeen. This place and its leadership smells like the Fulton Street Fish Market in downtown Manhattan. In fact low tide in the swamp smells like roses compared to these scumbags and all of their cohorts.

I just checked my calendar and lo and behold there is a meeting tonight. How much will they give to the party faithful tonight? How much will C.M.E. and the others rape the taxpayers for tonight?

The silence is deafening!

I agree someone needs to prepare a letter and get the names of all of those who were sold a bill of goods and only got $1.00 for their land, while others in favor got much more from King Kauff. Let them know and lets see what the new manager does when they come knocking.

That will be the true measure of the man who they put in charge of our town. What will he do? Does he know what he has gotten himself into or is he just a rubber stamp?

We shall see?

Anonymous said...

Land deals recently reported by the Aberdeener have nothing on what us republicans have heard for years. Rumors are often froth with *the truth*. You know how politicians and their puppet masters hate the truth.

It has been said for years that Kauff, Corren and a few others have a rollover partnership in some mysterious property. A property which is part of the Freneau section redevelopment plan. That would be the same plan that Kauff and Corren sculpted to fit their needs and the profit margins of their preferred developers. All of the necessary changes were put into place to maximize the profit margins and get the most for each and every square inch of property.

Unfortunately for these crooks the downturn in the real estate market a few years ago and since has failed to bring anyone with real money to the table. Hovnamian, Kara Homes and others over the years have tried to get this thing off of the ground, to no avail.

Maybe the fee just to discuss any development possibilities with Kauff and the others, coupled with their monetary requirements to fund the Kauff and others retirement accounts from such a project may be too much for this project to fund. You his payoff list is huge. I mean you know the Democrats have an awful lot of hangers on to feed in our area.

One name missing from the Freneau rumors was Victor Scudeire. We always wondered why he never bought in on Freneau. Maybe he is the smart one?

Bring back Tom Powers anytime to Aberdeen. I would vote for him every single time.

I remember when Tom, Ed Loud, Sammy Riccalla and others who had a good grip on our party. What seems to be the Aberdeen republicans is a shell of its former self. It is truly a shame what has become of Aberdeen and my beloved party.

Anonymous said...


Aberdeener said...

Ken took notes during the workshop and will hopefully check in later. During the meeting, COAH was tabled and Bill Marinella raised the issues of the revals and pay-to-play.

The council responded that they were trying to educate the community about the reval process but had no answers for those facing sharp tax increases. As for pay-to-play, they said they'd think about it.

Frankly, I'm surprised that the council has still not had a single brainstorming session to discuss ways to help homeowners who will be adversely affected by the revals. The discussions seemed to focus on how to inform the community that the council is not to blame for any tax hikes.

Anonymous said...

They'll think about pay-to-play? Yeah - like how to do more of it. Simply amazing.

Like it's amazing that they are considering a COAH plan when everyone else is protesting. I guess that Kauff wants to corner the market on payola.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Council Report – October 8th 2008

I attended the workshop meeting but had to leave prior to the public portion. I am reporting what transpired and do not offer my opinion.

Once again, public attendance was minimal.

Remarks, notable comments and discussion items from the workshop meeting:

In Attendance:

Council Members: Perry, Raymond, and Drapkin
Mayor Sobel

Also present Chief of Police, Town Manager, Attorney and Clerk.


— Councilman Perry did not support any of the proposed COAH ordinances because he only received the papers on Friday and was not briefed by the township planner. Perry showed up when Deputy Mayor Gumbs could not make the meeting due to personal reasons.

— A presentation was held by JCP&L on managing the vegetation around electrical facilities.

— The new swim club on Lloyd Road was discussed; it is now to be called “Cambridge Club”. The owner has hired engineers and architects.

o Owners have met with the Town Manager and a concept drawing was shown at the meeting.
o Will have outdoor and indoor swimming pools
o Basketball courts & indoor gym
o Lobby and activity center
o Owner is expected to submit plans to the Town Zoning Board in Dec 08 or Jan 09
o Expected opening is spring 2010

— Council discussed work to rehab the First Aid Building in Cliffwood Beach. I did not get enough information to understand if the restored building is to continue in its current role.

— Town Manager and Mayor discussed the proposal by Mr. Art Perri to create a community center in Aberdeen.

o According to the Town Manager, Mr. Perri also wants an “Indoor Ice Skating Rink”. The manager said “the outdoor rink in old bridge lost $75,000 last year and that the operating cost of an indoor rink would be around $250 thousand a year. A Zamboni would be another $50 thousand.
o Mayor Sobel remarked that Mr. Perri has been turned down for grants from both federal and state governments and wants the council to put up the full bond for the facility.
o Town Manager Criscuolo said, “ between the cost of the land and the facility size that $11 million would be a low estimate, and that it would be a 15 year bond with a payment of $1 million a year. This would cost the average homeowner ~ $176 a year in additional municipal tax.” He also noted that this does not consider the operating costs of the facility.
o Both the Manager and Mayor believe that due to the “tough economic conditions” the town cannot afford the facility.
o They are going to inform Mr. Perri of the decision and use the Township Fall Newsletter to “educate” the residents about all of the recreational opportunities offered by the town.

— “I” Section Water Tower Update
o Manager met with NJ American Water. They have a lease with Sprint so the antennas are going in.
o Jersey American told him that they would not enter into leases with other cell carriers.
o They may not renew the lease when it is up, but nothing was provided in writing.

— Other items briefly mentioned:
o Senior Center work is going to begin
o Somerset Development is having “problems”; this will put any Anchor Glass development on hold.
o Chief Powers went over a traffic study done in the Strathmore “O” section, apparently residents are petitioning for speed bumps.
o Deteriorating footbridge between the high school and Strathmore “B” section was discussed. Board of Ed applied for grants but was turned down. Town engineer will monitor the condition of the bridge and tear down if required.

Anonymous said...

Ok. I often agree with items stated in this blog, such as being against no-bid contracts, but this particular post does not make much sense to me.

As I understand the argument, it is being implied Aberdeen did something wrong by having secured easement agreements for $ 1.00 rather than initiating Emiment Domain proceedings via the Court system that would have resulted in awards of no more than $ 2,000 for the property owner.

I am sure the cost of filing a Complaint in Court and processing it would amount to far more than $ 2,000.00.

The cost for the property owner in defending against the Complaint would also very likely exceed $ 2,000.00.

In all honesty, it sounds as if the Township did the right thing here. It needed insignificant portions of property for road widening and rather than waste everyone's time and money by bringing the matters to Court, they were able to negotiate easement agreements with all of the property owners but one.

Sounds like a savings to both the taxpayers of Aberdeen and the pocketbooks of those who agreed to the easements.

If your point is that the Township should have just given all of these property owners $ 2,000, I can't agree with that either.

How do we know that the portions of property taken, which I am sure amount to mere slivers, were all worth $ 2,000.

Appraisals would have been necessary for every piece of property to establish their worth. Again, such appraisals would cost far more than $ 2,000.

Frankly, I would expect this community to be more outraged if each of these acquisitions had been made through court proceedings, requiring costly attorney and appraisal fees on both the Township and property owner's side.

That would have been pure injustice and nothing more than a mechanism for placing money in the pockets of the Township's "no bid" professionals.

In seeing what actually did happen here, I really don't see the problem. I am all for criticizing government when it does something wrong, such as offering no-bid contracts, but when it does something right, let us give them some praise.

Unless you are raising an allegation that the Township really didn't need these properties for road widening, or that the property owners were somehow threatened into signing the easements, then it seems to me that everyone, including the Taxpayers of Aberdeen, benefited here for the better.

The only ones who didn't benefit were the lawyers and appraisals who would have made a fortune had the matters been brought to court.

Just my opinion.

For the record, I'd appreciate not be blasted by everyone for voicing a contrary opinion. I hate to say it, but you guys can be harsh sometimes with your attacks. I think this limits the amount of legitimate debate on this page.

I usually agree with the comments the Aberdeener makes in his blog. This time I didn't. My reason for writing is that I hope we can have some honest discussion about this topic rather than simply labeling me a traitor to the cause, which I don't believe I am.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of payola. Did anyone see the new course offered at Monmouth University?

Course politics 101: Titled: The fleecing of the taxpayer. Instructor: Norman Kauff.

May as well learn from the one who invented and epitomizes the scumbag tactics on "stealing from the taxpayers".

Look at our own Norman Kauff making it good. We should be so proud that one of our citizens has distinguished himself in such a manner.

Justice Lane is now on the world map. Hopefully it will be the starting point for the Federal Marshals when they come to arrest all the Kauff scum.

Anonymous said...

B section Tom. You should try reading the topic again. Start with the part where the politically connected and now beholding got paid significant monies while many others got $1.00. If you do not have a problem with that turn your computer off and go back to sleeeeeeeeeep. You obviously just do not get it.


Anonymous said...

Clicked wrong button on the last one. I am not anonymous. ZZZZZZZZZZZ

Anonymous said...

U C Brother,

I try to start an intelligent debate, and am instantly attacked as "just not getting it" and needing to go back to sleep.

Your response is exactly the reason no one with a contrary view ever bothers posting on here. Why take the abuse?

For the record, I read the beginning of the Aberdeener's post. I agree with the comments concerning the Councilwoman's payment of $3,500. There is something clearly inappropriate with that.

However, you apparently missed my entire point and dismissed it much too quickly. The core argument of the Aberdeener's post appears to be over improper $ 1.00 easements when at least one of the properties was actually worth $ 2,000.

The over payments to Gumbs was an aside, albeit an important one.

For the sake of argument, let us assume Gumbs and her neighbor also received a $ 1.00 easement.

That would mean everyone on the list received the $1.00 easement other than Ms. Golembeski who forced the Town to exercise Eminent Domain and received the $ 2,000 payment.

Would you still believe the Township had done something wrong or would you then agree with me that the Township did the right thing in not spending wasteful dollars on lawyers and appraisers?

Aberdeener said...


I understand your position, better to get a dollar than be saddled with legal fees, but why would anyone need to go to court if the town negotiated a fair price in good faith? Eminent domain is only necessary when the government and a property owner can't agree to a sale.

If you look at the papers for the court case, you'll see the town deposited the $2,000 in advance and the court agreed to that amount. So, the town conceded the land was worth $2,000.

Property owners are entitled to fair compensation. Whatever these parcels were worth, I believe we can all agree they were worth more than $1. I'm not suggesting the town condemn the properties. I'm saying the town should have offered fair value.

Anonymous said...


I have to agree your argument that they should have just taken the $1.00 is counter to the flawed explanation or excuse from Aberdeen officials. Why would some get and some not get. If they are taking your property they should and have paid. Should those who were not paid more than $1.00 just settle for less. If I was one of those who was only given $1.00 I would be screaming at the top of my lungs I WAS ROBBED. Think about it from that side of the equation.

Gumbs and some others got thousands when others only got $1.00. That is also obviously a political slush fund directly aimed POSSIBLY at certain areas of Aberdeen or to reward a certain constituency. The fact that the Gumbs name was attached was merely a plus.

Anonymous said...

Gumbs, Kauff, Vinci, Gall, Perry and Sobel.

What is it with all of these people only having five letters in their last names. Does that make them more likely to commit fraud and other crimes against the taxpayers, than any other person?

Maybe Ms. Gumbs missed last nights meeting because of the Aberdeener. Keep it up Aberdeener and perhaps we could get some real PAY TO PLAY passed if these idiots keep missing meeting. Missing meetings because they are highlighted and their crimes against the taxpayers are routinely exposed to the community.

One question. How did the new manager do last night? He deserves a chance until he F's up then we should ride him hard, or at least get him a list of Attorneys he can call when the Kauff crew crumbles under federal indictments. He may not be able to say "he did not know anything". We'll see.

By the way one of my neighbors told me they heard that the council may do something down the end of my block with that old first aid building. Tearing it down may be a good start. That place and its two supposed leaders have been the laughing stock of Cliffwood Beach for years.

J section Ken said they also discussed construction on the old senior citizen building. Aberdeener needs to check that one out also and see how much that will cost us and if any politically connected contractors were awarded the job. Maybe it will be like the last work someone reported at town hall that had the same workers who worked on Vincis house, mysteriously getting no-bid work without any public review.

After all this is Aberdeen. We must remember strange things happen almost every single day in our little metropolis.

Up,up and away!

Anonymous said...

Obviously, the last two web addresses were posted by Council People! DO NOT OPEN THEM! They are porn sites! If my computer gets a virus, I will be billing the Council! What ASSES!! Now we know where they do their reserach! AND ... make their decisions!

Anonymous said...

How insulting!

Anonymous said...

To post websites like that in a vengeful manner just shows me that these postings and these truthful topics really upset our scumbag leadership. It shows them for what they are, LYING DISHONEST RAT BASTARDS ONLY OUT FOR THEMSELVES.


Train time got to go.

Anonymous said...

I agree KenCB if they are trying to foul our computers we are getting to them. Which one of these scum knows the most about computers. Lets us see could it be Kauff- NO, Vinci- too old, Drapkin- Maybe, Sobl- strong possibility, Gumbs- definitely not, Gallo- out of the picture it seems, Perry- would not lower himself to their level. That leaves a computer type in their clutches.

Maybe the Aberdeener can identify their website address and let us all know who they are. Can you imagine all of the junk mail we could send them.

No we are above such things. Right Norman? We should all be honest and forthright and work on behalf of the people. Just like you Norm? Right !

F U Norm

Anonymous said...

Sorry hit my partners name by mistake. See what happens when I take a long weekend for myself. No work until Monday. Sorry for the goof.

Anonymous said...

Did it again no work until Tuesday. I forgot the office is closed for Columbus Day.

A great man who discovered America and then scum like Kauff ruined it.

Anonymous said...

Council Report Correction

The footbridge connects the high school to the Strathmore "D" section.

BTW Keyport just passed a Pay-to-Play Ordinance


It is a good start on contribution limits, but professionals are still exempt from competitive bidding.

Anonymous said...

AS I live by the handy work of these so called professionals and have had to live with this Oakshades parking lot BS for far too long Now. I keep looking for our Councilman Vinci to do something or at least get us an explanation as to our mud puddles and bumpy road. Vinci's road is nice and no mud imagine that. Imagine that a politician ignoring the people less that 500 yards from his house. I cannot wait until he knocks on my door next time that rat.

While I will just shut the door in his face he better hope my wife does not answer the door. She HATES HIM. God forbid Vinci puts the blame where it belongs. The idiots who did the job and the professional C.M.E. Engineer idiots don't know shit.

Welcome to Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

WooleySTBK I sympathize with you. I use that street everyday going to the GSP. This is what I have found out about this Gerard Street thing.

A. CME told Aberdeen they owned the area which Aberdeen in turn hired a contractor and started reconstruction of the road, sewers and the now idle parking lot.

B. All of a sudden the GSP advised Aberdeen that they owned the property they were having the parking lot installed and did not authorized the considerable work already accomplished, then Aberdeen found out they had to stop the work immediately and buy the property. More money, more money and you can bet a few fees along the way for Kauff's favorites.

C. Contractor may have had to be paid for stopping work on the project and may have to be re-compensated for coming back to finish the job.

D. CME has to date not explained or been admonished officially by the Aberdeen leadership for this latest major F up. This as we can be sure Norman and his associates would not dare bite the hand that feeds them.

E. But we can all be sure that CME will continue to take a big bite out of our asses, as that is the most important thing to Norman and his associates. Keeping CME fed feeds all the rest of them.

F. The new manager will do nothing and will probably go along with the dumb asses at CME, as that is how Norman wants it and that is all that matters.

So I wish you good luck and hope your suspension holds out. I would get my car washed every single day after a rain if I lived as close as you do to the latest CME F up and take the costs off of my taxes. It is a swamp when it rains over there. But do not hold your breath waiting for your local councilman to help. He is on the payroll according to previous postings. Bought and paid for would be an understatement for your local representative.

I said latest CME F up as there have been many such mistakes over the years. To date they have never been brought onto the carpet even once.

Aberdeen leaders do not care about you. CME is there daddy. And they keep daddy very happy, very happy.

Aberdeener said...

My sincerest apologies for not removing the links sooner. It's no coincidence they were posted the night of Yom Kippur. How pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Tom, don't worry "U won't see brother at a town council meeting" and "Kenny to much JD" are just blow hards. Keep posting here, ignore them, they couldn't even find the municipal building if I dropped them off in the parking lot. Whine and complain and do noting you two!

Anonymous said...

You have to be 100% certain that they know what we are doing and they know and hate the fact that we expose these scumbags for what they are. They are no more than tools of Norman Kauff's thievery bought and paid for by there leader and paymaster.

Don't forget it is now the 4th quarter of the year. Do you think Vinci got his last installment I mean PAYOFF for the year for his consulting work. Vinci and consulting what a joke. Walks around like he owns the town and as though the town owes him something. What an idiot. I am glad I live in Matawan for that one reason. I do not have to see Vinci in Boro Hall. Mullaney is bad enough.

Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

Just met Middlesex Jim at the Park Place Diner. My children and I were having breakfast and a man in the next booth was talking to his wife about local politics. Well since the diner is so open and booths are so close, it was hard not to hear what they were saying. I was not the only one I am sure who heard them talking as he is very robust when he talks.

Anyway he mentioned the Aberdeener more than once, so naturally I had to say something. I introduced myself and low and behold he is none other than Middlesex Jim. We spoke for several minutes as they were on their way to Costco.

When I went to pay the bill the lady at the register said your meal was paid for. Who says chivalry is dead?

Since you left before I could thank you. Thank you Middlesex Jim it was great to meet you. .

Anonymous said...

Jim went out with our sons. MENS DAY if you can believe that. I will tell him you said thanks. By the way your children are precious. Yes even at that age they can still be precious.

Mrs. Middlesex Jim

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where our Deputy Mayor was last week. We have to figure the Kauff pressure is on Gallo. After all she dared to ask questions. That is probably at least 10 demerits under the Kauff regime. Kauuf has not cornered the market on that scumbag title though, as any of them associated with him that see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil, will soon all have the same fate.

I-N-D-I-C-T-M-E-N-T and J-A-I-L!

By the way anyone see any unmarked police vehicles near Norm's place lately? We have it from a good source that he is being monitored. Or as the investigator said "he is a person of interest". Something about a developer and a legal fee that was shall we say "suggested" before the approval of that same developer would be approved, for a project. A developer we hear who was not awarded the project just after that suggestion. We shall see very soon we are told. Right Norm?

All we were told is that the developers name may have been Bob. Kenny CB just said Norm's nickname in prison may soon be "Neil (kneel)and Bob". Figure it out amongst yourselves.

You see only Norm and the developer know for sure. Right Norm? And then there is all of us, of course, and the investigator. And very very soon all of Aberdeen.


We would love to see your face when you see the first one.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion for the Aberdeener. How about you do an OPRA on the Oakshades parking lot to nowhere at town hall. And do another one through the NJTP Authority concerning the parking lot and its ownership.

Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Janice Gallo was MIA at the last council meeting. That is unlike her. Anyone know whats up.

Aberdeener said...


Just a reminder, you can see the large swathes of "unmarked" land on the tax map. These parcels are owned by the county or the state. Since CME drew the maps, they knew what they were doing.

Anonymous said...

I think they are talking about the opposite side of the road, Aberdeener. The side that backs up to the parkway, next to the small commercial building where the construction stopped. The utility poles were move (old ones not removed) and it looks like they want to build an extra parking lot. Between Lloyd Road and Lower Main Street.

Aberdeener said...

Okay, I'll check if I can get copies of any correspondence from the turnpike or county.

Anonymous said...

You're on the right trail, Aberdeener! Keep on digging! You're a Great Hope!

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener needs to see the bills for this latest F up by the geniuses at CME. They will have started this, caused, this and now get paid to ignore it. Only in Aberdeen. These supposed professionals got paid to oversee the project, gave the OK for the project, and should be held accountable for this catastrophic and inconvenient mess that they caused. And once again CME got paid to cause all of this inconvenience to the local residents and their properties.

Obviously someone did not do their homework and the people close to this are suffering with a very bumpy road, water pooling every time it rains as well as a half completed project that looks like crap.

That is just like CME. Take the money and run. Then they get paid to come back and fix their own mess. Isn't America great?

And what will our leadership do.

Can you hear the crickets?

They will do nothing.

I would suggest taking some pictures of the mess and posting them for all to see. Also I wonder how is Vinci helping his fellow Oakshades residents with this mess.

Once again can you hear the crickets.

Anonymous said...

Kenny just called and told me about this latest C.M.E. mess. I agree the Aberdeener needs to look at this as well as the Vinci intersection connection. Did C.M.E. get paid for that as well. My brother Johnathan works in a municipality where C.M.E. is also the local engineer. He tells me they are no different down there as to their level of work. Johnathan works near Camden and knows all too well that the #1 contributor in NJ poltics makes an awful lot of mistakes but never gets dragged on the carpet. They run his town he says. Run it into the ground.

Anonymous said...

This stuff is great. But like someone wrote sacastically= where are all of the angry when it comes to town meetings.

And I have seen UC Brother attack others before who do not agree with him. Brother, you say write good things, do not give yourself a bad name by how you respond to others who do not agree with you.

I read J Ken's minutes = what IS THE PROPOSED deal with MIDLAND GLASS. What is Somerset supposed to be doing there?

Does anyone know the size of that property and what it could be used for and the tax revenue it could bring? OH MY GOD... the possibilities....

Aberdeener said...

Somerset is busy with the Lucent property and always told the township they wouldn't develop the property unless they got the rights to build another ramp on the parkway. Besides, I can't imagine them getting financing in the current environment.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, if you have all these problems -- LEAVE ABERDEEN!!!

Aberdeener said...

Ah, my critics are back. We've missed ya!!!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this right.

If we criticize our corrupt, CME financing and graft taking Democratic Party, the supposed servants of the people. We are wrong? This would be the exact same leadership that is costing the taxpayers millions of dollars in questionable fees and more to their supposed professionals as posted here. Yet we are criticized. And then somehow the only answer from another ANONYMOUS Kauff poster, is that we should leave Aberdeen.

What did we do wrong?

Did we cost the citizens of Aberdeen over a million dollars a year to CME and others? Did we push out a Town Manager and let an unelected Democratic party boss run the town? Did we mandate that the same former Town Manager not be allowed to say anything as to what occurred during his employment? Did we take over six months to find a replacement while ruining the towns finances with supposed professional services and fees for questionable work? Did we start to build a parking lot for a ball field on property Aberdeen did not get authorization for or ownership of? Did we shove that under the rug and just allow this eyesore to exist unfinished? Did we not admonish CME for this serious mistake and inconvenience to the public? Need I continue as there is much more?

The list goes on and on and the Aberdeener is our resource to criticize those who mismanage and wrongly tax our community. Improperly tax our community through favoritism and outright illegal and immoral practices.

Politics is a dirty business. In Aberdeen it is not just dirty, it's criminal.

Answer that you ANONYMOUS Kauff cronie.

How would that help the taxpayers and citizens of Aberdeen to get out from under the Kauff regime?

Look, lets put it out there for all to see. Many are not happy with the Kauff Crew and while they and their minions may not believe it, many more people in Aberdeen will VERY SOON be finding out how they can keep check and be more involved.

For any of us to go to a council meeting and be lied to by that idiot Sobel, is truly a waste of time. Watching him talk recently I kept looking for the strings that operate his mouth, controlled by the puppet master Kauff. How do they sleep at night?

So all the Kauff minions should keep blaming the Aberdeener and those of us who write our opinions for all to see. Our opinions really mean nothing? Keep thinking that, as the only opinions which soon may matter will be those of the Judge and the jury. They know what they do is illegal. They may think it is just pay to play, but Kauff shaking down developers is nothing new and is something that many of us are tired of.

Kauff is on his way out and we are only trying to help him and his fellow scum out the door.

As for the Anchor Glass property it needs to be watched. Watched as that could be a big nut for Kauff to cash in on. While that property is very close to me and I am very concerned as to the traffic and use of the property I will also concede that the owners will scale back most of what they may have planned on doing on the site due to the economy. More than likely the Holmdel property will be more profitable for them. Then again what do we know about that companies finances and honesty? Maybe they have Kauff listed on their letterhead as well? That would tell me all I need to know about their honesty. That would tell us much also.

Train time be back Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Well put U C, as usual. I may not live down the street that property but i too would be concerned if I lived that close like you and your family. I would also be very interested to know if the surrounding residents have been told what could be put into place on that property and how they would be effected.

Anyone have any insight on that? Let us know.

Anonymous said...

"U don't C brother", the point is what have you done? Nothing, you complain and make silly threats, but do you ever show to a town council meeting? Anonymous posters you have a problem with? That blog name of yours may just as well be anonymous! If you decide to grow a pair, show up to the next town council meeting, it will most likely be Tuesdat 10/21 at 8:00pm and when it is time to hear the people, stand up, state your name nd address and fire away. Until than, you can say whatever you wish on this blog, but you are doing nothing. Maybe I like "U C does nothing brother".
Have fun at work crying to your co-workers.

Anonymous said...

"U dumb brother" you say "the Aberdeener is our resource to criticize those who mismanage and wrongly tax our community. Improperly tax our community through favoritism and outright illegal and immoral practices".

No it's not, that's what the town council meetings are for, you don't get it! Waste of your time? Ken goes, Joey goes, the Reb. group and the Green party group show up from time to time. As well as some others, so are they wasting their time? These people are the biggest contributors to this site. If they didn't show up and post here you wouldn't even know what is going on?

Get a clue people, show up and make some noise! They are all ignoring you here, I think this is a great site to vent, formulate ideas and get some feedback but you must show up and say something. These ridiculous statements about how Kauff is being watched and his days are numbered are just that, ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Your are all full it. Get all the facts before you run your mouths. Your all bunch cry babies who do nothing but complain.

Anonymous said...

I am a resident on Nutmeg Road.
I find it no surprise about what Ms. Gumbs has done and will continue to do. She comes from a family of alcoholics. (Just stop bye Strathmore Lanes and you will see what I am talking about) Not only drunks but also unemployed drunks! From father, to son(s) each from a different unmarried woman (what a surprise). Now to push the envelope even farther 1 of the 2 unemployed sons has a 2 year old (again by unmarried woman) that on any given Sunday morning is running around the bowling alley unsupervised. THAT is the reason she gets extra funds and it comes from us! (The working tax paying residents of Aberdeen). It’s about time someone else calls her on this. Lets stand in unity and stop her LIBERAL ways. End her avenues of robbing us blind!
Enough with the entire GUMBS family!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Even though this is years old I just have to know what any Gumbs that has been to Stratmore lanes have to do with what Mrs. Gumbs has done? Know your facts before posting something on someone's family. Those "drunks" you want to talk about have never recieved money from their Aunt and do well to take care of their families on their own without "your" tax money.