Friday, October 24, 2008

In Councilwoman Gumbs' Defense

By Wendell Gumbs

I am proud of a country that gives you the right to speak out on issues that affect you. I will, however, call you on the facts regarding the comments you made about Councilwoman Gumbs’ family. From your tone, you must be a transplanted citizen or just very bitter. Here are some actual facts: Wilhelmina Gumbs has been married to George Gumbs for 50 years next week. George Gumbs was the Director of Labor for the state and employed some 39 years there (with a master’s degree). He is a member of the Matawan Aberdeen Hall of Fame. She only has 2 children – Wanda, who has been married for 20 years and also works for the dept of labor, and me, her son, Wendell Gumbs. I was a member of the council from 96-99 before moving to south jersey with my wife and 3 girls. Not to mention my late uncle Phillip Gumbs, a former Freeholder Director of Monmouth County and supervising judge. His daughter, Robina Shaw Esq., was just inducted into the same Hall of fame last week-end. The only reason I am taking time out to write this response, is because I don't know who you are to confront you face to face. If you have issues you disagree with, that's fair game. My issue is your blatant disrespect and the straight out lies you are now posting about my family. I would ask that you at least get your facts straight before posting things that are just not the case. If you would like to discuss this matter in person, please let me know.

Wendell Gumbs served on the Aberdeen Town Council from 1996-99 >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

I think this blog is disgusting. As a new resident to Aberdeen, I'm quite offended by the negative twist to EVERYTHING that is posted. It's a complete disgrace to the township and a shame that the author can't "stop to smell the roses" and write about something positive. Sounds like you're not well heard at home that you need to compensate by being a town crier.

Anonymous said...

Don't kill the messenger! The Aberdeener sees wrongdoing and reports it. He also reports community events. It takes courage to stick your neck out to report and back it up with documentation.

If public officials do their jobs without personal agendas, he wouldn't have anything negative to say. Keep up the good work Aberdeener.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener does a great job exposing our elected officials with supporting evidence. Wendell Gumbs does nothing to dispute the facts that the aberdeener laid out. A family history does nothing to change the facts as presented. Please explain the injustices that she has put on the taxpayers with her land deals. The aberdeener has disrespected no one and you had the chance to dispute the so called lies to the taxpayers in this format. You chose instead to give us a history lesson on your family. If your going to call him on the facts call us on the facts of the land deals.

Anonymous said...

As long time resident of aberdeen, I also find this blog disgusting. Mr.Gumbs response is to the attack on his family. He is not responding to anything other than that, can we agree the informtion posted was a lie. Correct me Mrs Gumbs was not an elected official when this so-called land deal took place. I lived in Cliffwood Mrs Gunbs is one of three families on County road with the largest piece of property. Are you saying Judge Gumbs and Mr Earle Gumbs are apart of a land deal scam. Are you people kidding me. If you read the deed for the property all of the family members are listed, including spouses. What has Mrs Gumbs done but work hard for all of aberdeen. To the previous person what personal agenda?
The profanity and the name calling are all from the same people. Times are hard we need to find a common ground to work together to resolve issues.
Oh by the Matawan you tried to destroy the life of someone in your town are you still paying for that lawsuit.

Aberdeener said...

If someone is going to accuse me of lying, I'd appreciate the courtesy of having the "lie" quoted so I can respond. Since everything is written on this blog, it should be easy to copy and paste the offending statement.

If I've made a mistake, I am eager to correct it as I've done in the past.

Thank you for your consideration.

Anonymous said...

After reading Mr. Gumbs response to the attack on his family at least say to your readers the information that was posted on this blog about her family is not true.

Aberdeener said...

I believe his post speaks for itself. I don't respond to every comment nor will I make it a habit of doing so.

If I have written anything incorrect, provide me the quote and I will correct it.

Anonymous said...

Are you telling me as someone who only reports the facts you are not going to stand up for the truth? Mr. Gumbs gave you his family history check the facts. Joe from the nsection were are you,Is Mr Gumbs father a drunk, does he have 2 sons. Sir take a stand. You did not say it but it is on your website.

Anonymous said...

Oh by the way. At the next Council Meeting have Aberdeen Police Dept, write her a ticket for parking in the Handicaped zone....
So we can put that issue to rest...

Anonymous said...

Sir after review of your chart For Mr and Mrs. Gumbs and family member Earle Gumbs the numbers do not add up. Mrs.Gumbs property 123.3 length what is the width of her property. Mr. Gumbs is 60 in length. The width on your chart is this correct?

Anonymous said...

Marvin Gumbs is one of the nicest guys that you are ever going to meet.  He is not a politician, and he does not get involved in politics. He lives a simple life and he does not bother anyone. I have no idea how his lifestyle or business for that matter, has anything to do with anything on this blog.  He is not Wilhelmina's son. He has no control over Wilhelmina, and she has no control over him.  I think that was one of the most distasteful comments that I have ever read on this site so far. Listen when people enter the arena of politics, their questionable actions or inactions can and should be questioned. But commenting on a politician's nephew!! Come on!! That is ignorant and uncalled for.  I guess the writer to that blog is a pefect individual with no family issues!  Please! Or maybe even better, maybe this writer's wife mothered, Marvin's supposed young child. Seems to me like this writer knows alot of personal details! You go Marvin!!

Anonymous said...

OK So this blog is disgusting and that is your opinion and your right to defend Ms Gumb's is similarly your right to do so.

So just answer a couple of questions about the hard working Ms. Gumb's. And we will leave her alone. If we are wrong that is.

Did the Gumb's family get more money for their property than most others in the area for the same exact road program? And why?

Did Deputy Mayor/Councilwoman Gumb's ever meet in violation of the sunshine law on numerous occasions under the guise of democratic strategy sessions at various locations, to include the offices of CME Engineering, Norman Kauff's office or home, numerous restaurants and any other location where a quorum of elected officials, more than four in number, who were present in violation of ethics rules and state law?

Did Deputy Mayor Gumbs also repeatedly seek special favors for her select developers and builders inside the zoning and planning board process on numerous occasions, even after being repeatedly warned to not interfere with the approval processes by township officials and attorneys.

Is everything to Deputy Mayor Gumb's a black and white issue on many fronts and within the workings of Aberdeen?

Is Gumb's on her way out due to changes in her area demographics and the fact that many in her area like myself are very dissatisfied with the fact that she seeks to only profit for herself, family and her business as a real estate agent?

Why has she said little about the proposed development to soon negatively impact our area, at both ends and not seek to rally the people, her own people against the development by Kauff's favored developer Richard Ciffelli and his Somerset Anchor associates who had such big plans and whose plans if built, will ruin our area with excessive traffic at both ends of County Road?

So I applaud you for defending Deputy Mayor Gumb's. Now just answer half of the questions, REAL QUESTIONS WITH REAL PROVABLE FACTS, that is and we will leave her alone.

One more question. Did Deputy Mayor Gumb's not sit on Aberdeen boards and approve building locations which she then profited on as a real estate agent? Did she recuse herself as she should have for having repeated conflicts of interests with developers she worked with or ended up working with after the approvals?

The truth is a terrible thing when you forgot where the first lie you told began. Is it not Ms. Gumb's?

As for her family I applaud their accomplishments. Their is also no inference that several Gumb's
family members, relatives and friends have ended up on the wall of fame near the auditorium at the high school. I am sure that is just is another accusation based on lies. Isn't it?

As for all of the people who chime in and will once again defend our Deputy Mayor on the subjects I list here today. Just answer one of the topics I bring to your attention about the Deputy Mayor's conduct to my satisfaction and I will leave her alone and recommend others do so as well.

Our Deputy Mayor has come under the spell of Kauff and she and the rest are doomed in the next election. G U A R E N T E E D!!!!!

We do not lie. We know the truth and we do not hide from it.

Anonymous said...

Who cares about family history? What does it have to do with the FACTS presented by the Aberdeener? While it is admirable to defend ones mother, the post is clearly bias and written out of frustration with no supporting documentation whatsoever. Just another weak diversion tactic for the meek to latch onto.

I believe that Stalin had an admirable AKA questionable family history as well. I guess that negates all of his wrongful self-serving deeds.

Anonymous said...

Just to make things clear. I am not defending our Deputy Mayor. I just dont believe in personal attacks on her family members. I dont believe that attacking anyone with the same last name is fair. The family member that was singled out in that one blog has nothing to do with the politics of this Town. I have pleanty of family members that I cannot, and will not answer for. We all do! I dont believe that someones personal struggles in life should be exposed, just because they have an Aunt, involved in local politics.

Anonymous said...

Your are all the most racists people. You have no shame or heart how you are destroying this family. Attacking her nephew. Uc brother you are the worst, do you live in Cliffwood? Do you attend St Mark's Church? You made a comment about the church having their on cross to bear, you know nothing about this area. I attended a council meeting that you reported on,worry about your section. Someone is feeding you a bunch of bull, you lay down with dogs and get up with flees.

Anonymous said...

Lets call a spade a spade. Ther aye all in the family, family with questionable integrity. I guess it only figures shes a democrat/Liberal in politics, she fits the bill perfect! Shes a THEIF! a LIAR! and has still to anser questions put forth in the past few blogs. Always remember
*if it looks like a duck
*talks like a duck
*Walks like a duck
Then it is for sure a duck....or in the case a Theif and a Liar!

Her end is near!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

People get back to the problems at hand attacking people do you have proof ucbrother. Or just hearsay? I have known Mrs Gumbs for a long time a liar and a theif she is not. So write all you want you are only reporting 1 side of a story. Cliffwood beware. We are supposed to believe someone who makes comments under a blog name. Stand up at the next council meeting a call her a theif and a liar.

Anonymous said...

I know a bit about this family and am hard pressed to say waht ucbrother says is truth. Ms. Gumbs has recieved more for her land than all others. yes her nephew is a drunk but that does not matter here. What does matter is that the truth has come forth and now everyone knows Ms. Gumbs has been in co-hoots with many builders and is and will continue to steal from Aberdeen until we stop her! Time for Ms. gumbs to take out her false teeth and retire before all the hidden truths come to the fore front. Quit while you are ahead Ms. Gumbs

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen has taken off their sheets. You racists people the only difference between you and the klan they wear sheets and you blog. Cliffwood will not elected a Klan member next year, you can bet on that. Anyone who lives in Cliffwood is well aware of the Gumbs Family to call them liars theives. I will call Mrs Gumbs tomorrow to see if she will give me her Neice email address to forward this to her in New York attorney at law. Go ahead ucbrother

Anonymous said...

Uc brother i will make it my passion to make sure for the next election you will not get elected.Why because you need Cliffwood. Cliffwood People listen the people on this blog do not care about you. Most of them do not even come to our section of town. And they are racists. They are using Mrs Gumbs to divide us.Concern Citizens of Cliffwood we need a meeting to show the sheets just how much power we have in numbers.

Anonymous said...

While I infrequently read the Aberdeener as of late, for many reasons. I returned from North Jersey about ten minutes ago to a message on my phone to immediately read the Aberdeener. I have done soand I would like to comment.

Let it be said that I have known the Gumbs family for a very long time. I have been a friend of many in the community going back over 32 years and more of my 48 years.

While I cannot say enough about the Gumbs family and their love for their community, I am very troubled by what I have read here this evening. I truly do not understand from where this all came. As in the past prior to this evening the Aberdeener has seemed more balanced.

I am troubled by the various accusations and more thrown so unjustly against many Gumbs family members, as it is obviously troubling and all too telling by the manner and hateful wordings. The hate and more spewed here this evening is hurtful, antagonistic and wrong on many fronts.

I myself have attended St. Marks AME Zion Church on several occasions in my life and it is my favorite place to worship of those that I have ever been invited or had the pleasure to attend. The Gumbs family are certainly mainstay members in good standing, you can be sure.

My fondness and friendship for many of the families of the area also goes back to The McPheresons, Richardsons, Hughes, Yarborough, Mitters, Gibbs, Underwoods, Gotels and many other families over these many years, who have shown me nothing but friendship and love.

My work with Ms. Gumbs in donations to her church among other worthwhile organizations, has always been appreciated and well used. My concern and to say the least very vocal concerns over the years helping with Ms. Gumbs Concerned Citizens group was done in a combined effort to benefit the area, its residents and more, which has brought me much pride and friendships, which I treasure to this day.

Many, far too many residents of Aberdeen do not know where Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach are, among other areas of our varied Aberdeen community, which is sad and also very telling on many fronts.

I have even been vocal towards and very up front with those who seek to lead our communities over the years, whom only come to these areas of Aberdeen when they seek votes. Unfortunately some of these same people I still truly believe do not really care about these areas until election time comes around again. I said it to them then and I say it again to them now proudly. These areas are not to be visited when votes are being sought they are crucial and contributing areas of Aberdeen.

On the hate and suggested topics I read just a few minutes ago, I am very disappointed and leave you all to one thought and one question. I ask you to think long and hard before you type another word.

"Those who speak the truth Know", and "those who do not will be judged".

I am not an overly religious person. I have my moments with my God whether it be in a temple, church, mosque, a trout stream or a hunting stand in the woods, or even in the beautiful church of St. Marks AME Zion in Cliffwood New Jersey. We all will answer to a God for what we do or what we say against others.

I ask the Aberdeener to be very critical of those who are spewing this hatred here today, and to take steps to ensure people are respected and treated fairly. This has not been the case today, which is very disappointing and hurtful to a good and caring family of Aberdeen. I ask that many of these entries tonight be stricken as they are obviously meant to antagonize.

In closing to any of you who seek to continue with your hate mongering, feel free to make me the object of your hate. It is all too obvious a few of these attacks on this site in my opinion are unjust and are sent in a manner little more than veiled racism. I live in the N. Section and I am not hard to find. Come and vent your hate on me, if you need a target for your frustration and hatred. Leave the Gumbs family alone.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Joe. Sometimes it takes more than one person to stand for the truth. Wendell letter was to clear up facts about his family. I attended High School with you and one thing i do know you are far from racists. Vocal yes. You attended meetings at Town Hall when Mrs Gumbs and Mrs Macon along with the citizens of cliffwood fought to keep this community safe. Thank you and Wendell for your posting. Aberdeen is a good place to live. Racists people not welcomed.

Anonymous said...

The racist word gets thrown out and right away and it takes away from the facts which still can not be disputed. This is not about racism, it's about a crooked elected official. Don't change the subject Joe, this has nothing to do with race. Her defenders are making it about race by calling people racists, and a few ignorant people responded badly. Stay focused on the issues.

Anonymous said...

I respond again to clarify one fact.

Accusations such as these coated in an antagonistic manner due little for the subject matter. This topic went far from anything close to being factual and gives blogs like this, which can be very informative and stimulating, a sadder reality.

Facts as represented need proof. Slanderous statements so easily thrown around by anonymous sources need a review by the host of the blog. I again state that a few of those involved are on a different slant and deserve review and more to keep the subject respectful.

We all have our inner demons and I would ask that consideration and respect rule the day.

None of us without fault.

Anonymous said...

Good gosh. This is why Cliffwood has such a bad reputation in the Aberdeen area. I live in Cliffwood. My husband makes $150,000 a year. We are not all poor, we are not all black (not that there is a problem with that, despite what much of the Aberdeen area seems to think), we are not all crack addicts (the way Bruce Quinn stated at a PTO meeting), we are not all uneducated (my college degree will show).

It frustrates me to death when people from Cliffwood come on this blog and rant and rave and show themselves to be ignorant. This is why kids from Strathmore tell my teenage son their parents won't let them come to our neighborhood. This is why people think that we are just a bunch of ignorant townies.

I've met Mrs. Gumbs on several occasions. She seems like a very nice, warm woman, who loves her family. A family who has served the community for many years.

That does not discount the fact that there is proof that she and her family have received more money for land than the average citizen did on these land deals.

I would be willing to hear the other side of this story, if there is some reason for this discrepancy in payments.

Until then, I think it is reprehensible that people are attacking the personal lives of her family members. No one can control the every move of a nephew. No one is responsible for the happenings of grown adults, just because of a family relationship.

The nephew mentioned is not running for a political seat. He should be off limits in these discussions, unless he has been a recipient of some unlawful perk of Mrs. Gumbs job. So far I have heard nothing about that.

Let's leave name calling and dirt digging to the politicians running for the presidency and the paparazzi. Stick to the facts.

Anonymous said...

Seems it was the blogger who called the Strathmore resident "a SHEET" started/Played the racisim card, lets get upfront!
NOW-The fact at point!
That does not discount the fact that there is proof that Ms. Gumbs and her family have received more money for land than the average citizen did on these land deals.

If Ms.Gumbs is such the crusader for Aberdeen and such a religious person from such a religious family all she needs to do is
a) Admitt that this (she recieved more money than everyone else) is fact
c) return the money
Until Ms. Gumbs does this Enough said!!!!!!
I would be willing to hear the other side of this story,

Anonymous said...

Learn how to spell you morons.

Anonymous said...

Apologise is APOLOGIZE!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Aberdeener, Your blog has devolved considerably. It is up to you to step in and stop it. Moderate your comment section or assume the responsibility for the trouble this might incite. It is all on you. Totally. Wake up.

Anonymous said...

Moderate the comments! Its on the aberdeener? Sounds like a threat. Free speech. Obamas not even in yet and already leftist threats on free speech.

Anonymous said...

To those recently acquainted with this site, the site is placed by a man whose observance of his religion may not allow him to monitor or change some of the comments posted herein until that religious observance has ended. It is my hope that at that time some of the malicious comments will in fact be removed.

Furthermore, those who are spewing such hate need to look into themselves before striking out in such a manner. While it is obvious this posting has garnered the most input, since I have looked upon it, I am further amazed at these new entries which are so based on hate.

I am certain these anonymous comments are coming from a very few people who are repeatedly commenting hiding behind their anonymity, and improperly stirring this hatred. while laughing. Join me as I laugh at the ignorance of such individuals.

It is not the thoughts and feeling of many who contribute to this site on a regular basis who act in this hateful manner.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Thank You. Can we agree to disagree. I am a resident of Cliffwood and proud. I do not have and Iq of a monkey, and do not work at Mcdonalds, and we are not low-income people. Thank you Joensection thank you for standing up for the familes that live in this area. Aberdeen is not a racists town. The comments should be removed from this site. This is a very diffcult time with the lost of jobs, homes. Instead of coming together as a community we reach for hate. Aberdeen there are a few people trying to destroy our town.

Anonymous said...

Hey Mr Warren.
Did you know that someone could contact your domain at, and have your account terminated for allowing racially offensive posts by your readers. You ARE RESPONSIBLE for the content posted on your site.

Although I don't agree with these disgusting posts, I think you should keep them up... to show people what an ignorant bigot you are. Your agenda is clearly to cause division, and spread hate, rather then help solve what you see as problems in the town you reside in. Keep up the good work Joseph Warren, AKA Archie Bunker. ;)

Aberdeener said...

As NsectionJoe alluded, I am a sabbath observant Jew; from sundown Friday till nightfall Saturday, I have no access to computers.

For the past year, since the blog's inception, that has never been a problem. Only once did I ever need to delete a series of comments for inappropriate content.

Now, this.

Two weeks ago, someone posted pornographic links to the site on Yom Kippur eve. Today, I see comments attacking an individual who has no connection to politics other than being related to a politician. Then I read a litany of racist comments, from the outright to coded language.

Let me be clear - this blog does not belong to you, the town, or anybody else. This is MY blog and you are all guests. I will NOT tolerate racist or inciteful behavior on MY blog.

A further warning to those who try to spew hatred on my blog - there is no such thing as anonymous on the internet. If I hear of any racially motivated incident anywhere in our neighborhood or nearby, I will ask the police to investigate those individuals who posted the outrageous comments.

I've been neglectful in writing guidelines for posting to this blog. I assure everyone that will be rectified this week as well as measures to prevent a recurrence.

People are welcome to attack me as much as they want but no one will ever be allowed to use this blog to silence others.

Anonymous said...

You're finally doing something right by taking down some of the garbage, but as you said, it's YOUR blog. That means it's YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to handle treats, racisist remarks, and pornographic links.

Another thing. Pornographic links are done as a joke, to gross people out. Racist remarks are written/said to hurt people, and to divide people. They are on two totally different levels. You think people would know you cared about your religious observances, while you post bullcrap on your shitty blog, and incite hatred at the same time? You need to take responsibility because like we agree, IT'S YOUR BLOG.

Instead of being a crybaby that hides behind a computer monitor, why don't you go and say these things to the people's faces that you like to attack? I thought so.

Here's another suggestion. Instead of being a lazy webmaster, how about making it so you have to approve posts before they go public? Oh...I forgot... You agree with the racists and liars, so why would you?

Good luck with future smear jobs on your Craperdeener Blog. :)

Anonymous said...

HATEFUL CONTENT: Users may not publish material that promotes hate toward groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity.

Anonymous said...

What does it say of a society that even after an explanation and criticism hatred and ignorance continues.

It says that the ignorant who cannot follow and respect the simplest instructions or requests, are obviously so troubled in their own hearts that they continue to spew their ignorance, rather than return it from whence it came and move on with their lives.

These types of people came from hate and will unfortunately pass that on. Such is life.

The only thing we all can do is recognize our own prejudices and the negatives we have done in our own lives. People can change, some would just rather hate all of the rest of us.

There is little we can do or feel for such people, other than forgive and turn away from their ignorance and hateful manner.

Forgive them LORD they know not what they've done.

On a personal note I would like to thank the Aberdeener for his response and hope that the new visitors who viewed the Aberdeener on this topic know this an isolated incident. Much of what is discussed herein is far more fair and balanced. Please come back and be involved in our community whether it be on this website or elsewhere.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

This is not about race or gender -

The question is why a Councilmember thinks it is appropriate to use the Township Building Department to expedite her real estate business, why one resident was paid more for a right-of-way purchase than another, why one Councilperson thinks it is appropriate to meet with other elected officials in violation of the State's Sunshine laws.

There are many questions that go unanswered. The Gumbs family has been an important part of this town's history for at least three generations. Some of us are surprised, that given this distinguished history, that Wilhemina Gumbs would use her position in a dishonorable way.

I respect her son's ardent defense of his mother; but, the actions taken by Mrs. Gumbs have not been explained and they should not be excused.

Anonymous said...

I agree-The question is:
1)why does Ms. Gumbs take advantage of her position to use the Township Building Department to expedite her real estate business?With no consequences by the town legal team? (Makes you think…right?)

2) Why was Ms. Gumbs paid more for a right-of-way purchase than another resident of Aberdeen? With no consequences by the town legal team? (Makes you think…right?)

3)Why does Ms. Gumbs one Councilperson thinks it is appropriate to meet with other elected officials in violation of the State's Sunshine laws? With no consequences by the town legal team? (Makes you think…right?)

So let me ask all of you, Will any of the unlawful acts ever be forth for Ms. Gumbs to answer?...probably not and again I ask you WHY?

If were any of you or I it sure would have been a big deal and we would be eith in jail where it seems she belongs, or at the least off of the town council.

Anonymous said...

I respect what was said in the blog "In Councilwoman Gumbs' Defense". The problem is that none of the violations of Mrs. Gumbs were addressed. I do agree that what her nephew does is not really a reflection of her, let's stick to what she does - land grab, parking violations (handicap spot), salary increase, etc. I am sure some of us have a relative that has done something wrong or has done something we don't agree with.

What I find sad is the hatred that is spewed in this blog. I did read those comments yesterday and was too angry to respond, I decided to wait a day to leave a comment. Name calling, racist remarks, or insults do not get things done. I live in Cliffwood Beach and find it insulting that some would consider me a second class citizen in Aberdeen. I am an educated person (Masters Degree) and earn a good salary and I am white (who cares?). I like living in the Cliffwood Beach section and my children attend the school here. The school is as good as the others in town as I am sure Ken Aitken can confirm. Let's stop thinking that because you live in the Strathmore section you are somehow, wiser, better looking, more intelligent, more successful, etc. Let’s worry about the whole town not just "our section".

Lastly, I think this blog is great and Mr. Warren does a great job. I agree with something’s and disagree with others. I believe something's and don't others. I think it is important to show up to the town council meetings and say what is on our minds. Get up and get out!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

While I and my wife remember Wendell's service to the community years ago. The fact that very serious accusations have been made and not one spec of a plausible answer has been brought forth by any member of the Gumbs family, or her political cronies or her mentor Norman Kauff speaks volumes to these two old retired residents struggling to stay afloat even before these economic events.

Address the questions posed to the Deputy Mayor then perhaps people will quell their anger and accusations.

Think about that one everyone.

Anonymous said...

With the exception of the property question, well, and the abuse of influence in regard to her real estate business with the Building Department, and lest not forget her abuse of handicapped parking - other members of the council have many of the same ethical breeches in regard to violation of Sunshine laws and misuse of office in regards to support of a corrupt local party led by Norman Kauff. Mayor Sobel is near the top of that corruption food chain. The guilty are also those that sit idly by and let the corruption continue.

Anonymous said...

None of you have a clue what goes on behind closed doors.You guys are not smart and don't even know what actually goes on. How are you going to say the council is corrupt when in fact they aren't. The whole handicapped parking I bet at least one of you posting on here has parked in a handicapped spot. Who cares? If they council was so bad why did they get voted in for another four years? If most of Aberdeen really thought what you guys think they would not be running for another term. LEARN THE FACTS!

Anonymous said...

Correction from my above comment. If the council was doing such a bad job and Aberdeen thought they were they wouldn't have won another term.

Anonymous said...

The purpose of this blog is for an angry, and bitter man to blow off steam from being an irrelevant voice in the tiny town of Aberdeen.

He lets his band of uneducated, ignorant followers post garbage in the comments section. As long as he agrees with the comments, he'll leave them up. When someone makes a rational post that tells the truth about his pathetic attempts at small-town stardom, he erases the post and cries. He didn't erase the prejudice posts until he was made aware that he could lose his website from Godaddy, and his Blogger page.

He and his borderline retarded followers complain that people play the "race card, but this blog's owner plays the religion card. What a HIPPO CRIT! (spelled wrong for comedic effect)

The garbage being spewed onto this website will not cease until Mr Warren realizes his delusional fantasy of a town merger is just that... a wet dream. OH typing wet dream on your blog considered pornographic? :o day, Aberdeen will be even better then it already is, and people will be smarter than they already are, when My Joey Craperdeener Blog Writer Warren, has an epiphany, and realized what a sad waste product he is.

Thank You

*takes bow

Anonymous said...

I misspelled some stuff, and I apologize for it. I told you this site makes people dumber.

Also, I hope you people noticed that my first line in the last post had a nice rhyme to it. Maybe I should write my own blog. hmmmmm.......

Never mind. I wont. Because the only voices that do count are your own....on ELECTION DAY.

If Aberdeen was such as crap hole like Sloey Warren says it is, the people who keep winning would not keep winning.

If you agree with Sloppy Joe, then vote along with him and his band of Confederate flag waving, 1853 frame of mind having, ignorant, brainless, little band of jerks.

I think a pretty good idea would be to lock this thread, and move onto a new discussion....because it's over. There's no use in trying to make up an "Aberdeengate" scandal.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous and Joey doesn't matter.

Between you two geniuses you bring up the most ludicrous points and we are supposed to think you care about Aberdeen. Let us look at a few examples you write about, and look past your obvious problems with free speech as well as you thoughts, accusations or belief that this site doesn't matter.

If it doesn't matter why are you and the other members of the Kauff organization constantly watching its content and trying to cast doubt and RACIST AND ANTI SEMETIC RANTS against it?

The answer is easy. THIS BLOG AND ITS CONTENTS MATTER TO MANY MORE PEOPLE THAN YOU MAY REALIZE and who LOG ON to be informed and involved.


As to the supposed great job our leadership does show us one thing that has benefited the citizens of Aberdeen.

Would you mean that precious "FEE LAIDEN" ROAD PROGRAM TO NORMANS FRIENDS who take 20% WITHOUT A BID OR PROPOSAL? Mayor Sobels leadership and ignorance is to respond to questions from the taxpayers in Kauff-speak. Some BS answer from Sobel is that we have gone out and went with lower bids and it cost us more. SHOW US EVEN ONE EXAMPLE. More lies from an ignorant politician and his handler.

Tell us about this supposed leadership concerning the Oakshades debacle of Gerard Avenue which was and remains an obvious F up by Sobel and Kauffs precious CME.

Where is that leadership and benefit to the taxpayers and residents of Aberdeen for that? And why is CME not being penalized?

Where is the honest and open government you speak of when a Township Manager is removed from his position then mandated not to speak about the exact same leadership that forced his removal. We can only imagine what Mr. Brown refused to be a part of. He was no Marc Corren for sure. That idiot bent over for Kauff every single day from what I can discover.

That reminds me of another bone head leadership move where Kauff pushed to get Kauff onto the Somerset Development project. Why?
To ensure that Kauff and Company got there piece of the pie.

Got to go train is coming.

So you idiots just answer one of these questions HONESTLY and I will be amazed.

Turn around your ignorance is showing.

Anonymous said...

How about any of Normans henchmen answer this one.

How much would it cost to have our own Engineer and staff in Aberdeen to do what our engineers do for us now? We are waiting.

I bet you could have an engineer or two with a proper staff for far less then the million dollars plus our engineers and politicians rape us for every year.

But what would become of Norman and his cozy relationship with Daddy Sammuels? Right Norm?

We are learning more and more about you each week Normy.

Anonymous said...

Why are people so eager to defend questionable behavior by elected officials? Why don't people care more that Norm Kauff uses the Aberdeen Democrats' checkbook to increase his sphere of influence outside of Aberdeen? Joey Warren feeds our democracy by bringing this important discussion out in public. Kauff and his lap dogs have taken advantage of Aberdeen taxpayers for too long.

Anonymous said...

What a joke this blog is becoming. It is now like SNL just more radical. how many of you that are blogging have ever volunteered for anything? How many are neighborhood watch houses or McGruff houses. Where were you volunteering on Aberdeen day? how about any of the activities for the 150th. Its nice to talk crap, but when its time to really help the community you dissapear.

By the way for all of you who think this council is corrupt get check the facts. When evryone was getting arrested in Monmouth County, guess what they found nothing and that included Kauff. Another thing if Mrs. gumbs meets with her fellow councilmen and teh chairman of the party is in attendance it does not break the Sunshine Law. The only corrupt council member is the one that was not asked to run the last time, who is now the chairman of the Republican Party. Think about it!!!. Why didn't they let him run? Did someone have something on him, or were they protecting him from himself?

Anonymous said...

Hey cry babies (UC, Kenny and stpo kauff) show up to the town council meetings and ask these questions. What's wrong, your anonymous identity would be discovered? You sure have a lot to say on this blog but couldn't even find your way to the muni building. I actually agree with some of the things you three say, but am tired of reading about it. KenCB and UC say a lot and ask questions, how about stepping out of the shadows and ask the right people? Posting on this blog and acting like you are making a difference is very funny, show up and ask the questions! Until you do, you are doing nothing!

Anonymous said...

They are all probably teh same people. But now for some fun. Lets all calm down. Here is something that is really true, not like this blog enjoy.

1. A man comes into the ER and yells, 'My wife's going to have her baby in the cab!' I grabbed my stuff, rushed out to the cab, lifted the lady's dress, and began to take off her underwear. Suddenly I noticed that there were several cabs ---and I was in the wrong one.
Submitted by Dr. Mark MacDonald, San Francisco

Anonymous said...

To UC ignorance is showing? What about yours? You think you are this wise guy who knows everything, but you aren't even close to knowing anything. Ignorance what a funny word. If you or any of the other cowards never started posting racial slurs or anything that is racist the postings would still be political and not going back at you. The funny thing is one of the people who post on here USED to be a councilmen and the funny thing is he isn't anymore. They didn't want him running oh look because he is an immature person that knows nothing just like the rest of you know nothing. Go to an actual council meeting show your face and ask the questions you want answered. This blog isn't going to get you anywhere because no one has time to answer your questions on this blog not even the aberdeener. Go to a meeting ask the questions and you will get you questions answered. Stop being such an ignorant hypocrite.
love always,
Someone that knows a lot more then you do.

Anonymous said...

All of this finger pointing from obvious political insiders and defenders of those who are running--ruining--Aberdeen.

Would one of you just answer one question posed on this specific topic or answer just one of the questions about CME.

You can't, you won't and we all know why.




The day is near.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Hey anonymous about the finger pointing. We know who you are, and if they ruined Aberdeen you ruined it worse considering you were a former councilman. You people talk about taking advantage of being a councilman/woman, well mr. ex councilman you were just as bad. You are very ignorant. GROW UP you are what around the age of 55 and acting like a 13 year old.

Anonymous said...

WOW.... I read this and reply once and a while, anonymously which angers a few.

This blog does have a purpose. I may not agree with the Aberdeener on everything, but he does serve some purpose with investigating things the average guy would not.

This blog is also better when some anon. posts are allowed and I hope the bad stuff stops because the blog was not as good when no one could post without a name- but that may be the root of the WHOLE PROBLEM- people will not say things aloud.

I am not sure if what Gumbs did is illegal, I'm not sure of all the logistics, and if she did wrong - hopefully it comes to light and the proper punishment is rendered. If it is not true, a lot of apologies are in order.

I have to admit that some of those who post here are a bit condescending which puts them at the level of the negative posters. Nsection REALLY HAS some good points but writes these long distribes as if he is thinking out loud- get your own blog because some people are not getting the gist of what you are saying (but then again look much I'm writing). UC is VERY negative towards who do not agree with him and has been called on it several times. J section Ken I like. Others who post seem to be YESMEN.

Here is the point - WHERE are all these people with the great ideas at council meetings? NO WHERE TO BE FOUND. I see Ken A. and the guy with the good lawn on Lloyd Rd. there and that is about it. If Mrs. Gumbs did so wrong, we better see 20 poeple running for council next year. BUT THE TRUTH IS WE WONT> there will be one or two candidates. We all have these great ideas and opinions but DO NOT SHOW UP WHEN IT COUNTS IN NOVEMBER or even at a meeting.

I will close with one thing, THERE IS a stigma in this town about Cliffwood and the Beach. They are looked upon in some circles, negatively. That was why there was such an uproar over redistricting a few years back - be honest. It is also not fair that when some one questions a public official, they are accused of racism - if that is the case we are in for a lot of trouble in the next 4 years if Obama wins. We all need to grow up. And I hope we dont lose this site over a few rotten eggs.

Anonymous said...

In regards to Ms. Gumbs: The racist word gets thrown out and right away and it takes away from the facts which still can not be disputed. This is not about racism; it's about a crooked elected official.

Her defenders are making it about race by calling people racists you know why? Because that is the ONLY way to take the spot light off the issues (Ms. Gumbs illegal behavior). The issues ONCE AGAIN are as follows (and I quote another blogger) And if Wendell knows so much why doesn’t he post answers to these questions?

1) Why does Ms. Gumbs take advantage of her position to use the Township Building Department to expedite her real estate business? With no consequences by the town legal team? (Makes you think…right?)

2) Why was Ms. Gumbs paid more for a right-of-way purchase than another resident of Aberdeen? With no consequences by the town legal team? (Makes you think…right?)

3) Why does Ms. Gumbs one Councilperson thinks it is appropriate to meet with other elected officials in violation of the State's Sunshine laws? With no consequences by the town legal team? (Again & Again...Makes you think…right?)

So Ms. Gumbs……….or Wendell, will either of you EVER answer these questions? If not I would think we all know why right? Because once again GUILT rears its ugly face (and how it looks so much like Ms. Gumbs)
We are ALL ANXIOUSLY awaiting your answers.

Anonymous said...

Wendel Gumbs took the time to give everyone a family history yet will not take the time to answer to the allegations put forth by the host of this blog. Thanks for the history lesson but the Gumbs name is forever tarnished until someone can prove what was posted is not true. Wendel was willing to call us on the facts of the Gumbs family, how about calling us on the facts about corruption perpetrated on the taxpayers by your mother. He felt compelled to use this median once to try and clear his name to no avail, and to not use it again to answer the questions we really care about leaves her guilty in the court of public opinion.

Anonymous said...

Are you serious? You keep saying the racist card is thrown out there. Hello have your read those awful comments even the Aberdeener posted and said no one should ever make those comments. So stop with saying everyone brings the racist card into it and read the other comments that were terrible.

Anonymous said...

WENDELL - Where are you?
They are right, you were fast to respond that Marvin had nothing to do with your mother other than being a nephew and I agree that has nothing to do with your mom, BUT

NEITHER of you will answer the allogations and Im sorry to say it but I agree....I think you probably are guilty and the correct thing to do is step down. Sorry but the trutth shall set you from the Town Council

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately RACISM is a tool and too often used as a deflection.

Such incidents that I will point out are the problem with using racism at every turn. Does racism exist? Sadly yes. But in the same regard it should not be cast as a wide net every time it is convenient.

As an example when our VOLUNTEER FIREMEN arrived at a house fire not to long ago and a couple of yeras ago we were met by a vocal crowd saying "we took too long". Unfortunately Councilwoman Gumbs was loudest of all two years ago. That was until she saw the facts of our response times and more.

I do not remember any apologies coming to my brother firefighters from her or anyone else. But we move on and we still respond every single time without question.

Yet when we wake up from a sound sleep, rush to our firehouse, pull on our boots and gear, rush to the fire ANYWHERE IN ABERDEEN and risk our lives and our families futures, we are wrongly met with accusations of RACISM noit once but twice as of late.

The saddest part of all is when we seek much needed volunteers for our ALL VOLUNTEER SERVICE from this same area of town, we get NO HELP. Sure volunteers for all such services are down, but yet we take the time to care and respond.

I am proud to serve along side my brother firemen and I do not care what color they are or what the color is family we try to help might be. That is for others to shout about. Wrongly shout about that is.

Try shouting THANK YOU next time.

Anonymous said...

To the fireman i was at that scene when the house on County road was on fire, Mrs. Gumbs was not there that night. A meeting was called and she asked for the reponse time and the log from the police dept. She rec many phone calls from the neighbors and when the evidence was presented at the meeting she stood up for the fireman and the emt and police who worked hard to get that fire under control. But you failed to mention that. The meeting was held at St Mark Church, Council Members and Twp Mgr, Police Dept, She wanted all the facts and when it was said and done the community response to the meeting was positive.

Anonymous said...

We can settle this. Ask Aberdeen to give her a ticket at the next council meeting.... So she can make all of you look like fools. Don't believe everything on this blog. One thing i can say Mrs Gumbs has a good reltionship with Township a few of you are trying to trash her so you can run next year. For the readers in Cliffwood remember how we were talked about on this same blog come next year they will want our support, then leave why because they live on the other side of town.

Anonymous said...

Are you telling me the information on the Hall of Fame about George Gumbs, Judge Phillip Gumbs, and Robina Gumbs-Shaw ESQ. Are based on lies? You do not have a clue..

Anonymous said...

Sir ask for a meeting with Twp Mgr, Attorney And Mrs Gumbs to review her so called scam. You will find she did nothing wrong. She was paid for the property that was used to widen county road. Not her neighbors property. Do the math. If someone on this blog would like to run next year fine run, don't destroy someone without the facts, the meeting will solve this problem.

Anonymous said...

Plain and simple......Ms. Gumbs will not face the charges and hides behind so called rasism......All you Gumbs supporters, your the rasists or is acutally reverse rasism? Shes guilty end of story!

Aberdeener said...

Back in January, I emailed Councilman Vinci and Councilwoman Gumbs regarding their land deals. I didn't have their personal email addresses so I used their email links on the township website. In retrospect, it's quite possible neither one actually received the emails.

Absent any response, I published information regarding the land deals. Later, after further research, I published additional details and included all documentary evidence.

To date, no one has sought to challenge the evidence.

Still, my critics maintain I should have tried harder to communicate with both council members to offer them the opportunity to defend themselves before publishing any damaging information.

For example, I could have pulled them aside after a town council meeting and asked them about the transactions.

That doesn't mean the allegations are unsubstantiated or that there hasn't been ample opportunity to refute the accusations. Rather, it simply means we have the obligation to go the extra mile before besmirching someone's hard earned reputation.

It's a good point and one worth thinking about.

Anonymous said...

For someone that moved into Aberdeen last year, I find what has been written on this blog disgusting. I am an undeclared voter and from my stand point its a bashing of the Democratic council. What is really scary is that the same people that are blogging which I assume are Republicans with their hatred and racism, could be candidates for the next municipal election. If that is the case this township is in major trouble. To have councilmen with this kind of thinking will cause dessention within the council and nothing will get done. No matter what your politics you are suppose to be working for what is best for the town. Their is no room for politics on this level of government. Just look at Matawan, do you want what is happening to them to happen to Aberdeen?

Anonymous said...

I am offended by the last posting. I am not a Republican and have no intention of running for the township council. I am voting for Obama, am a registered Democrat, and have never voted for a Republican in a national election.

I am offended by the open corruption displayed by Gumbs, Sobel, Vinci and the others that are soldiers in the Kauff regime. They have bought the local Democratic party with pay-to-play money from the professionals that they appoint to positions paid for with our tax dollars.

The idea that "newcomers" to Aberdeen haven't earned the right to criticize inefficiency and corruption in local government is inane. It is patriotic to question the status quo, especially when those questions can lead to change that will improve the quality of life for all of us.

Also, by what standard is "newcomer" defined? Since Strathmore was only built about 40 years ago, only the Gumbs, Vinci, and Raymond families would qualify as natives.

This blog is a natural reaction to a Democratic Party that has been held hostage by Norman Kauff for the last 18 years. He anoints party leadership without a Committee vote and demands a loyalty oath from those that seek to serve. We are only lucky that some on the council, like Perry and Gallo, dare to question the Kauff business model of corruption.

Anonymous said...

The information that you published is undeniable and these elected officials have had plenty of time to dispute the facts. This is just another attempt to get you to stop exposing this corruption through intimidation. Before your blog this type of thing went unexposed for years and now they don't like it. Your work and diligence is an asset to this community and eventually will make it better. Thank You.

Anonymous said...

Dear Newcomer,

I also am not a republican, nor have I ever voted republican in a national election. I'm usually independent but am currently registered as democtatic to cast a vote in this past primary election. Also not a native to this town, I am baffled and disgusted by the mentality and racism that exist here, and the backward thinking of many. However what you don't understand is, the democrats on this town council have been running it to their own advantage, and complete disregard of the towns people. There seems to be so much corruption on their part without any fear of consequences.
I too agree, that Perry and Gallo seem to be the only two members of ethical behavior. The only two to dare question actions of the council. And yes, throwing out the racism card is done often to deflect attention from the actions of the elected. I think that disgust me as much as the racism does. Before you make your judgement, please look further into past actions of this town council.

Anonymous said...

Here are some facts for all of you so interestred in Mrs. Gumbs She has a handicapped permit which expires 2010.Go to the next meeting and ask her to show it to you. Her medical history is between her doctor and the state. Her property is 122.78 in width acording to tax records.and if the twp.took 5.7 length by your information a total of 706 sq.ft she was paid $4.94 per sq.ft that would be $3488. Why are you ignorant, racist and bigots
with your white sheets trying to destroy a woman who has done nothing but work hard for our community.
Who has worked for the last seven years running a soup kitchen. Who has been married for 50 years. If you want her seat on the council, then run in the 2011 election. You know where to find her the first and third tuesdays of every month.
You also know where she lives. Go and knock on her door. Stop hiding on this blog. Let me know where to send the $12.00

Anonymous said...

So according to your information her accomplishments as a councilwoman are taking advantage of land deals and handicapped parking, running a soup kitchen, and being married for 50 years. No one needs a white sheet to destroy her, her accomplishments speak for themselves. She will never get elected again and race has nothing to do with it.

Aberdeener said...

According to county property tax records (fourth row from the top), Councilwoman Gumbs is being assessed for a property that is 107' X 100' with a total acreage of 0.2456.

Are you suggesting her property is being under assessed?

Aberdeener said...

I have reviewed the tax map with the township. Though earlier records from 1966 indicate the property was once 122.76 feet wide, the current tax map, along with tax records going back to at least 1985, list the property as only 107 feet wide.

If the property is 122.76 feet, then Mrs. Gumbs has been receiving a tax break for over 20 years. If the property is only 107 feet wide, then she was compensated for land that she did not own. And, regardless, she and her neighbors received thousands of dollars for losing property to the road improvement program when nearly everyone else only got a dollar apiece.

As for the handicapped permit, the MVC states the following:
"If you have lost the use of one or more limbs or you are permanently disabled and cannot move without an assisting device, you are eligible for handicapped plates and a placard that give you special parking privileges."

I saw Ms. Gumbs park again in the handicapped spot the other night even though she has all her limbs and is able to walk without an assisting device.

I see no conflict in admiring her dedication and service to this community but criticizing her when she's in the wrong.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if a copy of the MVC statute, concerning use of a handicap parking placard, can be xeroxed and left on the Hummer (regularly) parked in a handicap spot at the High School. I also wonder if he doesn't read this blog or if he does, he just doesn't give a damn.

Anonymous said...

Who's Hummer is it?

Anonymous said...

Is it not fraud to obtain a handicap permit if you are not? I know at the last town council meeting they discussed what fraud is, maybe Mrs.Gumbs should have listened to that.

Aberdeener said...

"Handicapped plates will only be issued to one vehicle – registered either to the qualified person or to one family member who provides them transportation."

My understanding is the handicapped parking permit is for her husband.

Aberdeener said...

According to the tax records, in 1981 Gumbs's property (173/8) was 122.76 feet wide. In 1982 it was 107 feet wide.

Unfortunately, I'd need to go to Freehold and do a deed search to find out why it changed.

If the councilwoman's supporters continue to insist there's been no impropriety, I'll make the trip.

Anonymous said...

The Handicapped Permit is only valid while she has her husband as a passenger. It is not valid for her own convenience to avoid the extra ten steps into township hall or the A&P, where she also parks illegally. She is a poor example for the community.

So is Vinci for taking advantage of the community. So are others that try to pass themselves off as public servants when all they really do is serve themselves and the great Norman Kauff.

Gumbs has soiled her own reputation. Don't blame others for pointing it out.

Anonymous said...

What does it say about the character of these two people who try and cheat the system for their own self interest. This affects people who may really need the parking space. Do they have a conscience? I guess not if they keep doing it even after being exposed. Thats arrogance.

Aberdeener said...

For the record, Councilman Vinci hasn't used the handicapped parking since the practice was exposed. I don't know why Councilwoman Gumbs feels her situation is different.

Anonymous said...


Aberdeener said...

Councilwoman Gumbs is free to tell me why she is entitled to park in spaces reserved for handicapped people. She can explain to me why she claims her land is 122.76 feet wide but has it listed as 107 feet wide on the tax rolls. She's welcome to tell me why she voted to raise her own salary at the same time she voted for Aberdeen's largest ever tax hike.

I look forward to hearing from her.

Anonymous said...

Sir if you truly want the facts,at the next council meeting go to the police dept and ask them to see Mrs.Gumbs parking permit. Also it is my understanding that you pay
property taxes based on the information at the tax office. Your purpose is to destroy instead of getting the facts first. You have had plenty of time to verify this information. Very easy to do I did.

Anonymous said...

This entire part of the blog to destroy Mrs. Gumbs is unreal to me. You stated sir she has a legal permit and you still raise it as an issue. When it was easy to verify. Mrs Gumbs is a hard worker for this town. I do not know her personally but i have a friend who does. You may see her walking but how do you know she is not in pain. My friend tells me she is an inspiration to lot of women, instead of destroying her (women) on this blog you should hear her story. Maybe that is to easy

Anonymous said...

The facts are well documented and nothing changes. As for your friend, Wendell Gumbs, and the councilwoman herself, their silence speaks for itself. Enough already defending a corrupt polititian. They've had more than their chance to answer to the allegations and they haven't because they can't.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener -

Why did not post the entire list of qualifications from the MVC website? People can obtain handicapped permits for reasons other than loss of a major limb.

For example see item #'s 3 and 5 for example. Do you know for a fact that Mrs. Gumbs does not have an arthritic condition or respiratory condition.

I know quite a few people with legal handicapped permits. None of them are missing limbs nor do any canes. They all have them because they have incredibly bad arthritis and have difficulty walking long distances without loosing their breathe.

I have no idea whether Mrs. Gumbs legitimately has a medical condition or not, but arguing that the fact she isn't missing a limb and doesn't use a cane isn't evidence of her being a fake.

Here is the FULL list of qualifications from the MVC site:


You are eligible to apply for handicapped plates or a placard if you are affected by one of the following conditions:

1. Have lost the use of one or more limbs as a consequence of paralysis, amputation, or other permanent disability
2. Are severely and permanently disabled and cannot walk without the use of or assistance from a brace, cane, crutch, another person, prosthetic device, wheelchair or other assistive device
3. Suffer from lung disease to such an extent that your forced (respiratory) expiratory volume for one second, when measured by spirometry, is less than one liter, or the arterial oxygen tension is less than sixth mm/hg on room air at rest, or uses portable oxygen
4. Have a cardiac condition to the extent that your functional limitations are classified in severity as Class III or Class IV according to standards set by the American Heart Association
5. Are severely and permanently limited in the ability to walk because of an arthritic, neurological, or orthopedic condition, or cannot walk 200 feet without stopping to rest
6. Have a permanent sight impairment of both eyes as certified by the NJ Commission of the Blind

No other person is eligible for special parking privileges. A physician’s certificate is required as part of the initial application process and MVC may require you to submit a statement from your doctor recertifying qualification at the time of renewal. (N.J.A.C. 13:20-9.1 (a) 4.).

Anonymous said...

Hey! Under Section 6

6. Have a permanent sight impairment of both eyes as certified by the NJ Commission of the Blind

All of the council members except Gallo should be able to qualify ! Their sight is permanently impaired since the cannot "SEE" any pay to play or cronyism.

Aberdeener said...

Thank you for providing the complete list of qualifications.

I have personally witnessed Councilwoman Gumbs walk and stand for long periods without difficulty. I contacted Mayor Sobel who claimed it was a law enforcement issue and wouldn't comment. I've spoken with others who know Councilwoman Gumbs. Nobody I know has ever witnessed her needing assistance to walk normal distances. All claims to the contrary are from anonymous sources.

Anonymous said...

The fact is that her permit is for use while transporting her husband. her use of the permit at other times is an insult to people like myself who have permits and don't abuse them. Mrs. Gumbs is intent on getting whatever she can from this town.

At least Vinci was smart enough to stop abusing his permit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sir, Where is the fraud? You have got to be kidding. Your REAL facts change nothing. The aberdeener has proven beyond any doubt that multiple frauds have taken place and continue to take place. She is a public person and is FAIR game. The only way this should go away is when she resigns. This is simply a matter of whats right over whats wrong. End of story.

Anonymous said...

Hold up!  With all due respect to this blog, let us at least be honest with one another.

  I have no idea whether Councilwoman Gumbs is legally entitled to a handicapped parking permit.  I don't know her personally and I have no idea what her medicial status is.

For me to argue otherwise would be to practice nothing but pure speculation.  I have yet to see ANYONE on this blog claim to have actual knowledge of her medical condition.

All I have read are posts from people, including the Aberdeener himself, asserting personal observations of the councilwoman.  Such observations prove nothing. You can't tell whether someone has back problems or arthritic conditions by looking at them. 

I have yet to read that anyone has gone to a council meeting and asked Councilwoman Gumbs herself what her actual handicap is.   Until that happens, all we have here is pure innuendo which is completely inappropriate and contrary to everything this blog is supposed to stand for.

Additionally, I am also taken a back by the Aberdeener's attempt to post as FACT that the only legal basis for obtaining a handicapped permit is to be missing a limb or requiring an assisting device.  He even went further than that saying he has personally observed Mrs. Gumbs and, I quote:

"I saw Ms. Gumbs park again in the handicapped spot the other night even though she has all her limbs and is able to walk without an assisting device."

The Aberdeener, who is supposed to be Mr. FACT, in fact told an untruth or at the very least, misled the readers of this blog. The reality is, as posted soon thereafter, there are numerous other legal reasons for obtaining a legal handicapped permit. Those include the aforementioned back issues or arthritic conditions.

When confronted with this information, the Aberdeener doesn't acknowledge his misdeed but instead simply added onto his previous observations of noting that Mrs. Gumbs isn't missing a limb or walking with an assisting device. Now apparently he also has super powers and can tell that she doesn't have any back problems.


Lets stick to the facts and only the facts. Until someone has the guts to go to a council meeting and ask Councilwoman Gumbs what her handicap is, the legitmacy of this entire blog should be called into question.

I completely support questioning our elected officials as to abuses of their offices. This blog could be a great source for exposing those abuses. However, when the person who runs the blog clearly engages in the spreading of misinformation, it lessens the impact that this blog could actually have on the community.

Does anyone actually expect Mrs. Gumbs to come here and post in defense of herself? Why would she? I doubt she would be given a fair chance to defend herself when the host of the blog himself is posting misinformation about her.

Aberdeener said...

To be clear, Councilwoman Gumbs' defenders are now claiming she qualifies for a handicapped parking spot because she is severely and permanently limited in the ability to walk but not so severely that people working in town hall, people who know her family, or local residents have noticed.

As for the suggestion that Mrs. Gumbs wouldn't be given a fair chance, please remember these comments are being posted in response to a letter written by her son.

Aberdeener said...

One more point - I'm disheartened that among all of Councilwoman Gumbs' fervent supporters, not one person has chosen to waive his anonymity save her own son.

Despite all the favorable comments she has received, both online and offline, I can't name a single other supporter. Nor, despite all the claims of evidence, has anyone sent me a single document to contradict what I have posted.

Aberdeener said...

Forgive me for not taking the time to condense my comments before responding.

The prior anonymous comment was correct in that I should have acknowledged the correction regarding the full list of qualifications for a handicapped permit. When I posted the original quote from the MVC website, I did not take the time to investigate whether there was additional information.

Still, based upon what I have seen and what several people (that I know personally) have told me, Councilwoman Gumbs is abusing her handicapped parking permit.

Anonymous said...


Aberdeener said...

Fortunately, the parking issue may go away. According to a number of comments, Councilwoman Gumbs received her parking permit from the local police. If so, the permit is a temporary permit for a "temporary disability" and only valid for six months or renewable up to a year.

The subject was first raised in a comment nearly six months ago so we may be getting some relief.

As for Councilwoman Gallo, I find her absence quite troubling and mentioned it in a recent posting.

Aberdeener said...

On a side note to the prior commenter, remember when I recently asked the town council why our COAH obligations were using projections that included Anchor Glass and the council insisted I was mistaken?

I emailed the documents, including citations, to the township attorney and mayor but was told to not expect a response prior to the next township meeting.

Anonymous said...

As for the information concerning the handicap placard displayed on the rear view mirror of the hummer (parked on a daily basis in spot reserved for handicapped vehicles)...please clarify
Was it the officer or the owner, (a.k.a. athletic director) that politely commented, "enjoy the game". Do I take this to mean, "mind your business"?

Anonymous said...

To all Gumbs supporters: Whether see has a permit or not should not even be the question. Did she get one and is now abusing it is the question. Just because she got one doesn't mean she should still be using a hanicapped parking space if she doesn't really need it. It doesn't appear she does, and the right thing to do would be to leave it for someone who really needs it. The land deal, I guess we all agree that was wrong.

Aberdeener said...

Looks like I'm wrong again. I'm told Mrs. Gumbs received a permanent permit from the state last year, not a temporary one this year. So, I'm at a loss. I can either believe her supporters or my lying eyes.

Anonymous said...

If Ms. Gumbs only got her own permanent handicap parking permit how has she parked in the same spot council meeting after council meeting for over two years.

Once again Councilwoman Gumbs silence is deafening on this subject.

At least Councilman Vincis being caught misusing his wifes permit got the better of him and now has this former police officer finally obeying the law. At least Councilman Vinci is following the law on something, as we all know his allegiance and actions on behalf of Kauff and following the Kauff credo break many other laws.