Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Is Change Afoot?

Congratulations to President-Elect Barack Obama. Across the country, America voted for the candidates of change and our neighborhood was no exception. In neighboring Matawan, Republicans Fitzsimmons and Urbano defeated the incumbent Democrats Malley and Bunyon on a promise to work with Mayor Buccellato. As for Aberdeen, the rumors are rampant that 2009 will represent a change of governance for our town as well.

According to the grapevine, none of the township council members whose terms expire next year, Mayor Sobel and Councilmen Perry and Raymond, will be seeking re-election. These rumors have been ongoing for the past year but they appear to be gaining steam as the local Democratic Party readies a slate for next year.

As for the school board, John Barbato (who tells me he won’t decide till early next year), is considered unlikely to seek another term as his youngest son graduates from high school this year. Under the recently approved, and state mandated, nepotism policy (page 32) there also won’t be any new district positions offered to close relatives of board members.

Although Board President Pat Demarest is officially aligned with Barbato, in actual voting, she is more likely to support the superintendent’s recommendations than Barbato’s. (For the record, despite our differences, John Barbato is the only board member from that side of the fence with whom I still have friendly conversations.)

Meanwhile, the Aberdeen Democratic Executive Committee may be polishing its image under Bill Shenton’s leadership. According to the committee’s latest filings, there have been zero contributions and zero disbursements in the last quarter. That means no pay-to-play contributions and no payouts to council members.

Unfortunately, Councilwoman Gallo appears likely to resign her seat. During the last township meeting, Mayor Sobel made it crystal clear that she had been absent for three consecutive council meetings, the last two without prior notification.

As for me, I will soon be announcing plans to publicize the blog and begin a grassroots campaign to organize like-minded folk. I will not be creating a new party but rather try to establish a large enough base to force the existing parties to seek our support.

Our best days lie ahead and I’m eager to move forward. May God bless our country and give our leaders the wisdom and strength to lead us into a brighter future.
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Anonymous said...

I find it interesting that you went over all the positions up for election next year except one. He always runs unopposed and I hope you don't support that. We need better choices.

Aberdeener said...

Are you referring to Donaghue's position on the BOE? The only rumor I've heard regarding that position is Bruce Quinn's wife is considering a run. I didn't mention it because I don't think she will run and I don't follow Matawan politics too closely.

Yes, more candidates means more choices, which hopefully leads to a higher caliber of office holders. Unfortunately, the system doesn't work unless the people are informed and take the time to vote.

matawan advocate said...

Well said Aberdeener.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So much for an open and civil exchange of ideas. Grow up anon. above.

Thanks Aberdeener, I don't always agree with your views, but I appreciate this forum you supply for this exchange of ideas.

Well, most!

Anonymous said...

What do you mean you do not follow Matawan politics? You, and I happnen to agree, want the 2 towns to form a future merge. You should use your influence to get the word out about the fact that Kenny went unopposed last election. GD BETTER NOT run unopposed - because the people of Aberdeen are directly affected by all members of the BOE.

I found it odd that GD is all of a sudden in the public view again in an election year. Saw him at a football game and heard he attended some outside school event. He walks around shaking hands like he is some sort of emperor. Let us be honest, check his voting record, he has been on a BOE that has been much maligned as long as BARZA and nothing is said about him? I dont care what town he represents.

By the way, I would like to know why our high school IS THE ONLY ONE to play on Saturday nights when every other school in NJ plays night games on Fridays. One excuse was train station traffic, but I have since heard that excuse to be a crock of crap. Wonder how much more our district pays for Saturday night events?

Anonymous said...

How could a football game cost more on a Saturday then a Friday? Our athletic department is intelligent to highlight our athletes Saturday night over Friday. Scouts and newspapers are able to attend our game without having to run off to another game which normally happens on Friday nights. Check the budget but the police charge the same Friday vs Saturday. The stipends are the same Friday vs. Saturday. Where is the extra cost? It probably lies in your driving your child to the high school for a sixth day.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if any of these anonymous people will run? I don't believe that you can file to run under the anonymous name.