Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Public Apology to Reverend Gattis

Dear Reverend Gattis,

As a presumptive school board member-elect, I hope you will accept my apology on behalf of the Matawan-Aberdeen School Board. Though I was absent from last night’s meeting due to the Purim holiday, I have spoken with several people in attendance and have heard how you were treated wretchedly and shamelessly. You presented yourself with the honorable intention to serve on our school board only to discover that you had been used and abused by a spiteful troll who would rather watch our community burn than grow under the leadership of those she hates. Reverend Gattis, I and my friends on the board are very sorry for your treatment last night.

As the pastor of St. Mark AM.E. Zion Church, I’m sure you can appreciate the school board has established policies for appointing board members to a vacated seat. First, the board officially recognizes the seat has been vacated and then announces a process for community members to apply. All applicants are interviewed by selected board members and considered by the entire board.

Given the current board is split 4-4, it is highly unlikely that any appointments will be made prior to the reorganization meeting following the April 21st election.

Had Ms. Demarest truly desired your appointment, she would have consulted with all members of the board or, at the very least, secured a majority of votes prior to inviting you to the board meeting. She would have discussed your appointment with Dr. O’Malley and advised you to contact other board members. But your appointment was never Ms. Demarest’s goal.

Ms. Demarest knew the other board members were already discussing community members who had expressed an interest to serve. She knew the board rarely takes action at a Committee of the Whole meeting and never without prior notification that action may be taken. She knew my friends on the board would never appoint anyone without first consulting Liz Loud-Hayward and myself.

Instead, she used you to inflame racial tensions in our community and defame her fellow board members. She cared not one whit that you and your church would be embarrassed by having your offer publicly rejected. Ms. Demarest forced a vote knowing you lacked a majority. She wanted you shamed and then to lay the blame on a school board she has repeatedly failed and ultimately chose to abandon.

But Ms. Demarest only succeeded in shaming herself and those who once supported her.

Reverend Gattis, you are one of the most respected members of our community and I sincerely hope you will consider applying for the open seat once the board has announced the application process. I assure you Ms. Demarest’s nefarious actions will not taint your application.

Should you choose to not pursue the seat, I hope you will be open to working with the school district in a private capacity to improve education for all our students.

Sincerely yours,
Joey Warren
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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good for you, Joey!! I am in complete agreement with you. Last night was another shameful & disgusting example of the crappy leadership we've had to sufffer through!

I hope you are sending a copy to the Reverend, just in case she doesn't read your blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree.
I would like to add, as an Aberdeen resident, I would like to hear more from Rev. Gattis.
Please see my post on the previous blog concerning the need for complete tranparency of our school board.

Anonymous said...

I am dismayed by the events which apparently unfolded at last nights school board meeting. Reverend Gattis may have been used improperly and should have been better informed of the consideration process that mandates the process to fill the vacated seat on the school board. Packing the room with her supporters as some orchestrated and contrived show was a disservice to the Reverend, as well as those who came to support her.

It is quite obvious that Reverend Gattis was a pawn in a game of petty revenge by the usual suspects soon to depart the school board as well as to embarrass and point fingers at those who remain.

Similar tactics have been used before by those who brought Reverend Gattis to the meeting to serve their evil purpose and agenda as well as to set in motion a racial divide type of situation our community does not need to endure as the facilitators slink back into the dark of anonimity. That type of tactic has been used before by these same people and it does not serve the taxpayers or students in a responsible manner much less our community.

I suspect this little plan has blown up in the faces of those who set the plan in motion, as they exit the school board. It will no doubt be followed by finger pointing and worse, between now and the next school board meeting. I will attend that meeting and will be very watchful of the back-peddling by those who schemed to make this happen.

I follow the lead of Mr. warren and apologize to Reverend Gattis on behalf of those who may not yet know of this injustice and plan to embarrass the school board.

I urge Reverend Gattis to not judge the whole of the school board for the actions of a desperate and revenge motivated few.

Anonymous said...

I called Joe and asked him how he put a post on from work. He reminded me he does get a lunch break and was out of the office for lunch. I'm Glad he is on top of this subject and knows the players. I remember when he came out for us time and again over the sewers for our neighborhood. We never got them but at least he tried to help us. Run for the board Joe.

Anonymous said...

I have been in this town for ten years now, in that time I have witnessed one despicable scheme after another perpetrated by these four people: John, Cathy, Pat, Jan.

Every time I think they have reached a new level of insane,self-serving,power hungry,egocentric,low life, disgusting,discriminatory,deceitful,arrogant,underhanded,cruel,calous,bullying,fanatical,terranical,dictatorial,evil,inhumane,low down,slimy,sleazy,spiteful,corrupt,criminal,relentless,backroom dealing,subhuman,divisive,sick,twisted,delusional,cheating,undemocratic,blackmailing,manipulating,trantrum-throwing,bottom-feeding,(or in Cathy and Pat's case)also, hopeless,brainless,helpless,sad,pitiful,cry-baby,desperate,pathetic.. level of behavior, they out do themselves.

Perhaps the leaders of Iran and South Korea should retain their services as consultants on such dealings now that we are rid of the worst of them.

I hope that it is crystal clear to everyone now just who these people really are and will not give credence to the inevitable spin that they will spew to anyone with ears.

Be smarter than that, take the batteries out of your Stepford Wife remotes and revolt against the fake reality these few "people" have created to serve their own desires and keep you in the dark.

I too wish to extend an apology to the reverend: for the fact that they hoodwinked you and gave no regard for the effect of their actions on the community while doing so. Please do not blame anyone else for what took place last night, it is theirs to own.

Anonymous said...

From the reports here and a few phone calls I made today, this was a very embarrassing evening. The problem I see is that the others on the board (outside of barza) who were present last night are somehow being called racist and sexist and who did nothing to cause such ridicule or scorn. Reverend Gattis needs to look at who set her up and invited her supporters to last nights proceedings before anyone else is blamed for the mess that unfolded last night.

To say the school board must move on will only be done when the new board members are in place and barza and the others are distant memories. I also agree that Ken A. should be placed on the school board as he ran in the last election. That for me is the right thing to do as he did garner a good amount of votes, and did stand up to barza and their horde. To consider anyone else would be a complicated process and unfair to him. I say stir it up.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener it is interesting that you apologize for an orgnaization that you are not a member of. I suggest you wait three weeks until you are a board member before you comment on behalf of the board. Secondly, how can you talk of what happened when you were not there. You claim to have been oberserving a religiious holiday well how did you find out about the meeting all hearsay I assume Maybe ejust maybe you should waiit for the video to come out before you make up your bold face lies. You were not at the meeting and have not seen the tape so it is interesting you are apologizing for something that you have knowledge of only throught hearsay.I figured your boyfriend and trial lawyer chuck Kenny would have told you that that is a bad idea. I have one final questions for you why are you liring to the public? I heard MR O'Malley tell you and an employee of he district not to attend the meeting. So why lie to the blog readers? Why not just say that the board meeting was not attended because you were warned not to cause a stir.

Anonymous said...

Mr.Warren I just read your post and as a member of the community I know the MARSD has suggestions for how to fill a vacant seat but no set guidelines. While I am sure you know this because you have cost this district a very pretty penny in legal bills this past year I do not believe you let thjis be known on your blog The actions of the School Board present were legal and exceptable according to the guidelines that the School board set in years past. I am shocked you were not inform by the lawyer but I know you are more intelligent then Michael Gross so you figured there was no need to ask. I was just wondering when on the board will you made it public the dollar amount for the legal duties caused the district to take action on. I was just wondering how many books could have been purchased with those tax payer funds.

Anonymous said...

Once again, PAT (or are you her Mississippi hound-dog of a husband? -your behavior last night was as disgusting as your wife's):
You should really try harder not to give yourself away when you post!!

I WAS there and YOU are the one who is a liar! I am ashamed for you and also extend an apology to everyone who had to witness your nauseating spectacle.

Video tape? Come on! Now you are just being stupid! Everyone who goes to the COW meetings knows there is no video tape. A fact you counted on because you would not actually want the public to see "the real you" on tape.

You should apologize to EVERYONE that had to listen to your filth

Then just go away!

And, it is you, who should check your facts. Purim was yesterday and it is not a holiday that would prohibit Mr. Warren from communicating with someone if he wishes. It happens to be a very festive holiday and I would certainly rather be celebrating it too instead of listening to your puke.

I would be EXTREMELY careful making allegations about DR. O'Malley telling anyone to stay home from a public meeting. I hardly think Mr.Warren would be kept away from a meeting just because Dr. O'Malley said to.

Perhaps you are having flashbacks and confusing him with Bruce "the unqualified crook" Quinn, who used to pull crap like that.

You and Barza are a disgrace!

I, for one, was never fooled by your "new found" ethics and faux intelligence.


Anonymous said...

Informed MARSD;

I also am an informed employee, what legal fees did the Aberdeener cost the District?

Correct me if I am mistaken but didn't the letter to Rev. Gattis talk about the procedures for appointing a replacement to the BOE?

Anonymous said...

Here, Here to the above post And a big raspberry to the previous idiotic venomous Mrs. & Mrs. D posts - yes, I beleive it is you BOTH also!!.

I was there also & heard the disgusting comments of Mr. Demarest. I, however, expect neither of them - Mr. or Mrs.D- to have an ounce of shame at the mess they have made.

& to slam Dr. O' Malley in the above posts?!?! Both of you - Mr. & Mrs. D - spent close to 1/2 an hour speaking with him after the crap Pat pulled. Would you shake Dr. O'Malley's hand iin church while stabbing him ?

I do believe so!

Anonymous said...

Once again this blog is overstepping its bounds. An apology from someone not yet on the board and of course your disciple. The only people who could apologize are the people invovled on the board. Did you apologize for other things this board has done? Never, it is not your place. This blog only stirs up trouble when it suits your agenda, which all along was to get you elected. Please stop stirring up trouble in the community. You won, without an election, and hopefully this negativity and putting people against one another will end.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Another anonymous poster heard from. I will watch the meeting first then comment. Expressed opinions on Gross and legal fees paid is ludicrous. How much money did this district waste just during the Quinn time frame alone? The monies spent with the Aberdeener was a drop in the ocean compared to the Quinn fiscal mess.

Anonymous said...

Whether it be Kauff or BARZA the desire for those control freaks is a simple one. It is called DIVIDE AND CONQUER. Get us to fight against each other and they get a free pass. Think about it. Then you can keep your eye on the prize.

Before I forget good luck to my County Rd. brothers and sisters in defeating another Mr. Norman Kauff engineered project. A project put in place only for the benefit of Kauffs own greed and of course his close personal friends,benefactors and leeches.

Anonymous said...

Essie, Don't you get it, there is NO TAPE of the meeting. Committee of a Whole meetings are not taped and televised, only BOE meetings are. That is why Demerast pulled this crap. They knew they could spin it any way they want.

And 50 year Cliffwood resident, we are not all republicans. I'm a dem. and I support Mr. Warren and this blog. I support any person on the BOE that has the best intentions for ALL the students of this district. And I don't believe BARZA or Quinn ever had any concern for anyone other than their own personal agendas.

Aberdeener said...

50-Year Cliffwood resident,

I would like to assure you that Liz and I have begun reaching out to respected members of the African American community in Cliffwood. We have shared with them some shocking information pertinent to their immediate community and made some specific requests for assistance.

So far, the response has been positive but I don't have any firm commitments. I'm sorry I can't go into details but I'm well aware how much African American students are underperforming as a group. I believe we have a plan that can work.

Once we have support from all the stakeholders and the board, I'll publicize the details and we'll track the results.

Our school district will be accountable to the entire community and we will succeed.

Anonymous said...

I would pray that what ever motives led the Rev. there to the BOE meeting, better yet, I would hope stupidity was the reason things went wrong - NOT RACISM and SEXISM. Those are huge accusations that this community does not need right now, and it truly speculation. I thought this blog was more responisble than that. Insensitive, unorganized, stupid, careless=yes. Racist= big accusation.

Mr. Warren, you apologize for you and your "friends"? I do not like the sounds of this. I was hoping you to be neutral. It seems you to have picked sides and I hope I am wrong.

Agendas - agendas- agendas - I can see it coming now.

And for what it is worth, to the above poster - I do have a problem with someone parking in a handicapped spot for no reason. Sorry, call me old fashioned or maybe LAW ABIDING.

Anonymous said...

I do not care what color a kid is - if parents do not hold their own kids responsible, you can put any plan into action you want. It starts at home and personal responsibility which then translates to curriculum offered in a school setting.

Good luck with your plans - but I hope you are not saying our schools are failing our kids on purpose? I lived here a long time, have had kids in this system, and I am not sure where this conversation is going.

Aberdeener said...

I have aligned myself with those who supported Dr. O'Malley's appointment. In April, everyone who opposed his appointment will be gone.

In that sense, we'll have a unified board.

Anonymous said...

Your honesty is appreciated and makes sense.

Anonymous said...

And if I did not come off correctly, Rev. Gattis, I am sorry what happened at the meeting.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren,
Where does it say in 50 yr Cliffwood's post that he or she is black? and why would you assume that he or she is?

Anonymous said...

Presumptive indeed!

Anonymous said...

Such nitpicking for a man who stepped right up and apologized. Back into your holes you soon to be former school board members.

Goodbye and good riddance.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to make a comment to all the posters who keep saying that it is up to the parents to hold their children responsible for succeeding in school.

My special education student has been often, through the years in this district, been completely ignored by the regular education teachers. To get extra supports that other children are able to take for granted, like after school tutoring, I've had to fight for. There have been teachers who have put my child's desk in a corner, away from other children, and done their level best to just ignore the fact that my child is even in the room.

There have been times when teachers have, in frustration, just answered questions on tests for my child, instead of trying to teach how to get the right answers.

I've had to write notes many, many times to the teachers this year because my child has not understood what was going on in class with the work -- because no one checks the homework to see if the kids actually understand it. Though I am capable of, and have often, went over the work until it's understood, I believe as a parent it is our job to reinforce the lessons learned at school, not actually teach them.

I'm not trying to imply that my child hasn't had or doesn't have this year any great teachers at all. There have been amazing teachers. But they aren't all great.

Yes, supporting and pushing a child to do their best is very important to their educational success. But it is NOT the be all end all. The district has to keep up their end of the bargain as well.

I'm sure I'm not the only parent, whether of a special needs child or a regular ed child who feels like the school has let/is letting their child down.

Anonymous said...

I am sorry that those who COULD and SHOULD have voted for Rev. Gattis didn't. Their actions speak far louder than any words.

Anonymous said...

Their words speak for a process which is based on democracy.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/ the above poster.

I, too, have both a general ed & a special ed child. The above post completely reflects my experiences with the MARSD also.

WHEW! It's not just me or my children. It's not that they are not trying hard enough. I'm not wasting my time, money & energy trying to fill in the gaps they are BOTH experiencing in the schools.

I feel a little better about that, anyway. That my experience isn't the anomoly.

Hopefully, figuring out & correcting the educational gaps in the system, with the new Superintendent & staff development, will help EVERY CHILD succeed.

Anonymous said...

I am deeply saddened that Pat Demerest would chose to invite such a horrible situation back into our district and community.

We have just begun to heal from the wounds left after the Cathy Z/Bruce Quinn reorg disaster. Doesn't anyone remember the horrible things said at those "information" meetings? They created that environment and cared not what damage was done to community unity.

There MUST be a democratic process for filling the vacated seat! Especially given who's seat it was, we must do better. Everyone who may want to step up for consideration should get a chance to be considered.

The Reverend was told it was a "done deal" before she came to that meeting. Sound familiar? BARZA is the king & queen(s) of the "done deal". That CAN NOT be allowed to go on anymore!! Look at what that way of doing things got us!

I am also deeply saddened that thanks to Pat's sick stunt, no one will pay attention to all the good things happening right now under Dr. O'Malley's leadership. There is a 0% tax increase!!! No programs or teacher's cut and added technology,updated curriculum,academies at H.S. and more -- all with NO TAX INCREASE!! Doesn't anyone get how big that is?

Anonymous said...

Mat-Ab Board of Ed. member resigns
March 5, 2009

As for a replacement, that is yet to be determined, Demarest said.

"We are waiting to hear back from the board attorney for the details of the process. We will have to appoint within a certain amount of time," Demarest explained. "The issue will be whether we appoint before or after the election. As soon as the attorney gives the details, I will poll the board members to get their preference on the timing."

Anonymous said...

Above poster:

Pat did not poll the board to make a decision on when to make the appointment for the vacant seat. Only John, Marty & Jan knew before hand what Pat had planned.

She did not do what she said she would do. In print.

Who is the liar? Who should we trust?

Anonymous said...

John, Pat, Jan, and Marty, thank you for once again showing, how much you really care about the children of this district. Your maneuvering at this last meeting is the act of truly desperate people. When all else fails and your back is to the wall, bring out the race card. The real travesty of this meeting is that your stunt over shadowed the fact the Dr. O’Malley has put together a budget with no programs or teacher's cut and added technology, updated curriculum, academies at H.S. and more. I can’t help but think this whole event was orchestrated to divert the focus from what Dr. O’Malley has accomplished. Once again, thank you so much for really caring about our kids.

Anonymous said...

A reading from the Book of Demarest

... as published in the Independent Newspaper 4/2006

"Life is busy," Demarest said. "If you don't stop and take a breath, time goes by and nothing gets done."

Demarest would also continue to make district finances a priority. She would like to see programs that create "positive cash flow," such as the privatizing of the cafeteria food that occurred recently. That move allowed enough money to be saved that the district purchased new cafeteria tables.

Demarest believes the board should put the hammer to the nail and get things done.

"People should stop complaining and put in programs that meet our programming needs and create cash flow," she said.

Pat thought that outsourcing the cafeteria workers (many are town residents) for a few tables was a good idea. How did the people of Aberdeen ever see fit to put an idiot like her on the board?

Anonymous said...

Pat, John, Jan, Marty & Cathy have been nothing but a complete embarassment to everey resident of Aberdeen. How could they be so disgusting? At least on April 21st, we will finally be rid of 3 of them. Let's see how Jan and Marty will act then.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the cafeteria, I agree lets go back to the old system.

Anonymous said...

Divided we fall. What happened to the Pastor was horrible. A well respected woman in the community to be treated like that. But i want to hear the facts. Mr Warren it is so funny that you have reached out to the African Community in Cliffwood, but not everyone living in Cliffwood are African American. i also remember last year how this blog trashed this section of town and maybe i am wrong but did you offer an apology? Maybe the people you are meeting with need to hear what was said on this blog.I remember ken A was running for reelection he walked the streets of Cliffwood with a another African man and promise the world.
Yes I am white and live at the other end of County Road close to 35. My family enjoy this neigborhood, my children have friends of different races. I agree with poster when I told people we purchased a home here they were shocked but I would not live anywhere else in the township. So if you purpose is to destroy and divide keep it on your side of town. My husband is an attorney and he laughs at some of the gossip that is said on this blog.Anonymous posting attacking someone and you the owner of the blog after the posting not checking the facts. And I am suppose to trust you with the future of my childrens education and a 64 million dollar budget.
To the African American Community he has good idea's but does not need the votes of this section of town. And why wait i would like to know who are you in contact with? And how do you know that the pastor was told it was a done deal? Keep the drama on your side of town this small section may have differences but we are hardworking people who care about their neighbors. And when you are on the boe let's see what you are able to accomplish. And yes i will be at the meeting tonight.
Ps. How about getting in contact with people that have lived here all of their lives and write a positive story about Cliffwood.

Anonymous said...

I may be old Fashion but Education starts at home. I have a comment to make about our senior's who play Football, How come not one senior has been offered a scholarship to play college football are they not prepared? That says a lot about our program and the academic side. Million dollar field and they cannot get into school. What is going on. Are the players only taking basic courses? that money could have been spent on other programs.

Anonymous said...

what meeting tonight?

Anonymous said...

I am sure Mr. Warren will invite Jan to an meeting he has in Cliffwood because she is a member of the Cliffwood beach community. In addition I know that Mr. Warren will make the meeting known that it is a persona; meeting and not a meeting on behalf of the board.

Aberdeener said...

I think we all recognize that not every African American lives in Cliffwood and not everyone who lives in Cliffwood is African American. I believe we're also aware Cliffwood Beach is arguably the most scenic part of town.

However, the focus is education. Let's not pretend the African American community doesn't face unique challenges. Let's not pretend their problems aren't our problems.

As a community, we need to help all of our children. As a BOE member, I'll do the best I can to do just that.

Anonymous said...

What a pompass person you are Mr. Aberdeener.

Anonymous said...

How is that pompous?

Anonymous said...

There are certain "groups" who have lower test scores than other "groups" in our district.

African American students are one group.

I don't think it's pompous to recognize that and hope to improve upon it.

It's what the BOE should have been trying to do for years, instead of shoveling money into windows that will soon need replaced and a new football field.

Anonymous said...

I have aligned myself with those who supported Dr. O'Malley's appointment. In April, everyone who opposed his appointment will be gone.

In that sense, we'll have a unified board.

And you think that this is a good thing? You think that everyone agreeing with everyone else will help this district? You think by everyone agreeing with everything O'Mally decides is a good thing?

Hmmmm...I would think that a difference of opinion would expand the thought process. Looks like we will be having the same thing as before. Last time it was for Quinn, this time O'mally.

Makes me feel better!

Anonymous said...

In response to the poster that stated, Ken A walked Cliffwood with an African American gentleman and promised the world during the last election. Do you realize that Ken lost the election! Why did he lose? Because of the very same people that deceived the Reverend at the last BOE meeting. They ran a smear campaign against him; they trashed his good name all over town with LIES. If you attended or watched on TV any of the BOE meetings, you would know that Ken is a man of integrity. Most of the time BARZA was quite hostile toward him, but he never treated anyone disrespectfully. He brought about many positive changes to this school district in his short time on the board. He was always full of ideas and tried to do what was best for children, ALL CHILDREN IN THE COMMUNITY. He was not afraid to question the administration and hold them accountable. BARZA talks a good game but when it comes right down to it, what positive changes did they make while on the board. I guess that was why BARZA feels so threatened by him. It’s a shame that the School Board election is nothing more than a popularity contest. It has little to do with electing the most qualified candidate. I hope that the last few revelations that came out at the BOE meetings will open everyone’s eyes. Everyone needs to stop listening to rumors. As far as Ken and his campaign promises, Ken can still be found at every school board meeting, holding the administration and board accountable even though he is no longer on the board. Therefore, in my book he has fulfilled his promises.

Anonymous said...

Two the anonymous posting two anonymous postings ago. As laughable as that sounds.

Wake up.

What did BARZA get us with their power plays, deceit, greed and worse all of these years?

Have positive changes not been implemented by Dr. O'Malley?

Has Dr. O'Malley not put together a zero budget?

Did BARZA not deceive the public with an un-certified superintendent, special needs Director or Supervisor and allow a $20,000,000.00 increase in school budgets, before the new majority showed Quinn the door?

And far worse?

Did BARZA not slink away defeated?

Give me a break.

That is progress pure and simple any way you look at it.

So to the BARZA member posing as anonymous, just spend your time now thinking of days gone by and the power you lost due to your greed and deceit. I will sit here and reflect on the damage BARZA caused this district in educational standings, fiscally and far worse yet to be discovered.

Good bye and thanks for nothing BARZA and your deceived sheep.

Anonymous said...

The African American community has unique challenges?

What is this the 1930's? Why don't we undo Brown vs. Board of Education while we're at it? Then Mr. Aberdeener you can deal with your "unique challenges".

I'm sorry you see me as a "unique challenge" Mr. Aberdeener. You just lost my vote.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Wow. The racist comments on this page just continue. Did you just compare African Americans to special needs students? My lord.

The word will be spread throughout Cliffwood.

Aberdeener said...

Let’s not feign racism where it doesn’t exist. Even as a joke.

Unknown said...

Did you just imply that it's an insult to be compared to special needs children, anonymous?

Obviously I meant that they are just two groups of people that, according to the test scores in the district, need additional supports to succeed in the way that they should be. No more, no less.

I am a proud resident of Cliffwood Beach, so don't pull the racism card for me, thanks. Save it for those who actually fit the bill.

Anonymous said...

Boy, all these anonymous race card comments being thorwn out there. I'm guessing it is BARZA, UP TO THEIR OLD TRICKS. Trying to stir the pot. Why don't they see WE ALL HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THEM!

Anonymous said...

"I live in Cliffwood so don't throw the racism card at me" Is that like I'm not a racist, I have black friends?

Aberdeener said...

I'm going to start removing comments that insinuate someone is racist. These comments are intended to intimidate or insult and they violate the comment guidelines.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

Pat, BARZA, Jan... YOU are done, finished.. we no longer want or need your sick twisted BS, stop trying to damage thus community purely out of spite!

You have been dismissed!

Anonymous said...

How about removing posts that insinuate someone is a racist. Your comment guidelines are clearly broken when Ken Aitkens post insinuates that John Barbato is racist under "Mr. Barbato should have informed the audience." What hypocrisy.