Monday, March 2, 2009

It's Official

As of the cutoff time for school board candidate petitions, today at 4PM, Jerry Donaghue, Liz Loud-Hayward, and myself, were the only individuals to submit candidate petitions. Congratulations to the presumptive winners in the forthcoming Matawan-Aberdeen school board election. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

The e-mail from the district that Central Office was open until 4 PM today for people to get their paper work in to run for the BOE - went out at 12:30.

Most people would be at work & would assume Central Offie was closed, because of snow.

My question: What if someone wants to turn in paperwork late? Would it be accepted because it was a "snow day"??

Anonymous said...

Had to figure that the ABERDEENER shining the light on the Quinn situation would have had this result. It is like turning on the light in your first cheap apartment and seeing the cockroaches scurry into the dark.

More needs to be explained and some need to answer for this Quinn and Rappaport debacle. First and foremost Joel Glastiein for hiding all of this from the public and clouding the answers when questions were asked along the way. Michael Gross is a close second for knowing and merely cashing his paychecks with no effort whatsoever while all of this played out.

Superintendent O'Malley is left to deal with those two and deal he'd better if he seeks to take hold to to over this district forward.

Some say why keep looking to deal with Quinn, Rappaport and many others. Should the damage and contempt these school board members and others not be dealt with? Are they not accountable for the damage and overwhelming costs they placed upon the taxpayers?. It is not that education is not expensive, it is. But those who failed in their positions or held positions they may not have even been accredited to hold those same positions need to be dealt with quickly and officially.

That is my hope for our school district, its students and the taxpayers ares well deserved to get the most for the money along with honest and ethical leadership. Thanks to the ABERDEENER and his proofs we have started down that road without some of those who caused the damage.

I wish Mr. Barbato well and in a similar manner as Ms. Zavorskas I do merely thank him for the time he spent on the board as a volunteer.

The campaign towards accountability should not stop as people need to know what has gone on and the true costs incurred.

Anonymous said...

I would have liked to be on some type of committee my own self. I am not prolific in verse NOR pomp and circumstance,nor is spelling my forte" however..I am so very ILL from the CRAP that is happening non stop every where!

I can not stop thinking about all the abuse that happened when I was desperate for my child and how the administration gets to abuse their power!

I am glad Mr. Warren is running,and I will apply my style of support to the cause! how ever I am needed!.

I do not feel he will allow the status to impart regret,on his soul! If in fact he takes a Personal Role in the copulation of our Board!

The fact the the Special needs office is now some what debunked is amazing alone,


Hip Hip Hooray!
I will also like to report that MY GIRL IS having to redo that class the MATH TEACHER was neglectful on,and no one seemed to care!

I still to date have been told how this happened! NOR am I even a concern of that school!

I PRAY this entire dysfunctional system is truly under reconstruction,NO ONE should have to be
Treated how I WAS! It was awful,that they got to be so nasty and abusive! Under the covering superintendent I still have the voice mail,Mrs Chartier" this is Mr. Glasten, from Matawan school,"Home instruction will be withdrawn if you don't bring your daughter to the doctor?

and a other thing?

THEY should not even have her name!

for-what its worth........
my girl is HIGH HONORS,works and is taking voice piano and applying to U of A!

THe bitter taste I have for Mr Glasten and the Special needs ensemble ,The fact that whats is her name! I refuse to say IT has been dislodged and diable to corrupt any more children is a blessing!

Anonymous said...


Aberdeener said...

To paraphrase the question regarding the midday email -

If someone mistakenly assumed the school district was not accepting candidate petitions due to weather and then chose to not contact the school district for verification, would he be entitled to an extension?

That's a question for the county to answer.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joel Glastein,

The writing is on the wall and it is time you hit the road before it gets worse for you. I assure you it will get far worse for you before it gets better for this school district.

So Joel here is the deal. First you announce your retirement into that private sector position that seems to always be available for those who abuse their power and fail the people that paid them.Come on Joel Your public record of failures is starting to unfold in a very public way. That along with your arrogance, abusive manner towards staff, students and parents is no longer required.
Every school board meeting will get worse for you I assure you. Your smirks and uncaring attitude that is so obvious needs to go.

I will be writing Dr. O'Malley this week and ask him to investigate your involvement in the latest scandal to hit this school district. Come on Joel do the right thing and save yourself an awful lot of embarrassment.

The boat is sailing Joel and you really need to catch a wave and move on, or you will continue to be dragged down by the anchor that Bruce Quinn left wrapped around your neck.

Bon Voyage Joel!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Great job Aberdeener! Congrats.

Please get back to work on exposing the evil that is Norman Kauff. The damage that he and his henchmen have done and continues to do to all of us needs your special skills.

Thank you for your hard work.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know why the Council agenda for TONIGHT's meeting is not posted? Are they hiding something?

Anonymous said...

Congrats to all.

But I still find it sad that in a district where:

64 million is spent and NO ONE seems to be happy about it...

where there was a group on the BOE that was disliked by many....

where there has been notable questions in its leadership...

where everyone is complaining about taxes...

THAT FOR THE SECOND STRAIGHT TIME NO ONE IN MATAWAN RAN FOR BOE and only 2 IN ABERDEEN.... unbelievable to say the least....

Way to go Matawan Aberdeen!!! A bunch of critics with ALL THE ANSWERS but yet only 3 people out of a possilbe 25,000 plus volunteer their time to make changes....

What a joke. I hope Matawan Advocate goes nuts on his blog becase for the second stright year the Matawan candidate runs UNOPPOSED......

SHAMEFUL to say the least

I also hope the words "agenda" or "campaign promises" are not the next thing to complain about. Good luck Aberdeener trying to satify this hasty bunch and hopefully you too will not fall to peer pressure.

Anonymous said...

It has come to my attention that the high school drum line was diened funds for transportation to competition because the b.o.e said there was no money for this. Now how can you send the color guard. Not the rest of the band. These kids were told about going into competition back in Dec. They have practiced every Tues. and Thrs. Why did they wait until three days before to tell the kids they couldn't go. I think this is a bunch of crap. I saw the disappointment on my friends son's face. Can someone please tell me how this happened and the reason why they were told they couldn't go.

Anonymous said...

Corzine extends school board filing deadline


TRENTON — In an attempt to avoid a legal storm, Gov. Jon S. Corzine says he will extend the deadline for school board candidates to file to run after Monday's snowstorm forced many schools to close.

Monday was the deadline for candidates to register to run in the April 21 school board elections. But with nearly every school in the state closed because of snow, many candidates did not have a place to file their papers on time.

Corzine's order would extend the deadline to 4 p.m. Wednesday.

Aberdeener said...

Thanks for letting us know. I'd love to see a school board candidate who failed to file by Monday tell us why he's best qualified to oversee a $64 million budget.

Anonymous said...

Was town hall closed Monday because of snow? Perhaps whomever puts it on could not do it from home? Would the meeting have to be canceled since it was not posted? Or better yet is Kauff hiding something?. More then likely I think he has stamped this one approved and already cashed his checks of corruption.

I went to the last Zoning Board meeting and nothing surprises me about any of them. When the Town Planner got up and tried to explain the development it was I assure you embarrassing to watch. Whatever that bill is for there services they should give the town a refund. They looked like idiots.

Hemming and hawing on most every subject and question ruled the evening. The entire thing seemed rushed and unprepared. Kauff was a no show by the way. Too bad.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren, can you please confirm that Helen Rappaport is still holding a position at the middle school and getting paid for it (and earning pension $$), even after she's been proven to have been cheating the tax payers of this community for years?

And that she has not spent one day actually doing this job since she took it over in January?

How can this be?

Anonymous said...

Tenure, my friend, tenure.

Ms. Rappaport has tenure as a school psychologist in this distrit. Therefore, she cannot be fired, for all intents & purposes.

Ms. Rappaport has given the administration the necessary documentation for a paid medical leave until 6/30/09.

This is all contractual.

FYI:Joel Glastein has tenure as a typing teacher. He may not keep his position as an assistant superintendent, but he, too, will not be going anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren as the School board god you are I was wondering will there be a section on the agenda for the recommendations that you want the board to vote on separate from the section for the Superintendent. I realize you economics degree clearly qualifies you above all other members of the educational community.

Anonymous said...

Tax Paying Citizen. What have you done to benefit your community lately ? Other than being a smart ass that is.

The Aberdeener has shined the light on impropriety and more and the rats are scurrying.

Back to get more directions for your next attack TPC I bet.

Anonymous said...

The Aberdeener has done nothing but spread half truths and I cannot wait till he gets on the board so i question the mistakes he makes and the costly pet projects that he wants to implement. I will show the public the lies he has spread through this blog. I was wondering how he plans to get the school budget past town council after he has torn them apart for months. would get that part. Don't worry Edgeviewted07 when the education of the children goes down because we can't get good teachers into our district and the budget continues to go up I will be the first one praising Aberdeener.

Anonymous said...

Now behave children.

Anonymous said...

How is it that the deadline was extended by two days? Wouldn't it suffice to give until 4:00 PM on 4/3/09 (today)? What gives?

Anonymous said...

Today is 3/3/09.
My bad!

Anonymous said...

Hey Edgeview it seems you like to question what people have done fot their community. What have YOU done besides run your suck from your computer? At least some of the other big mouths who post here at least attempt to help out,what do you do for I'm guessing River Gardens?

Anonymous said...

Far more then you I am certain and all without the fanfare you seek from your anonymous hiding place.

Grow up and let the blog be informative not just a distraction from the topics or corrupt officials bleeding us dry.

Think about officer.

Anonymous said...

Oops meant to say officer and no gentlemen. So sorry.

Willing to bet anonymous is prior military.

Anonymous said...

Edgeviewted07 thank you for wanting to hate on the military. I have never seen you at the PTA meetings or at the board meetings. i have never seen you helping out in the community. Even better is that now you are complaining about a person who might have served the military, as if that is an insult. Thank you for showing your true character.

Anonymous said...

Edgeview I hate to break this to you buddy but you are anonymous too. I'm pretty certain there is no listing in the phone book for edgeviewted. There are very few on here that can say they aren't anonymous. You aren't one of them.

Anonymous said...

The last two over reacted it is obvious. Those two read to much into this stuff. I am taking a break until they grow up. Last two need to get a life.

Anonymous said...

Tax Paying Citizen:AKA Cathy..or is it Pat? What is this? Are we throwing a little pity party? If you think you are fooling anyone, think again.

Which "half truths" are you referring to? the Half of the documents that came from the district office or is it the half that came directly from the State/County?

Look forward to seeing you in the audience, this should be fun! Let's hope the reorganized Board has more class than you did and treats you with more respect as a "tax paying citizen" than you showed the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Sicktomystomach my word of advice is check your sources before you speak. I am not Cathy or Pat or even a Barza supporter, I am a member of the community who has watched the actions of certain board members destroy the community over time. I will be at the meetings and feel free to come up and talk to me. I have been through the system and I have watched my children do the same, it is a shame what Gambino and O'Connell have done to the district. Mr. Warren talks of all he wants to do but none of his plans follow procedures or the protocol of the School Boards of New Jersey. I wonder how he plans on doing all of this. ANd By the way there is a pun on my name check the name on the deeds of a certain vocal member of the community before you go flipping out. I pay taxes because I am a homeowner, but certain readers on this blog do not seem to care that they do not own property they just seek to rile up the troops.

Anonymous said...

Tax Paying Citizen, I am concerned how you mentioned that you attended school in our district and write the way you do. Yikes.....

I hope my tax dollars are used to teach the children how to write clearly.

Anonymous said...

That's right Tax, if you go against the grain around here and make some valid points, then they'll attacking your writing skills. Such a non biased group.

Aberdeener said...

Tax Paying Citizen,

I'm happy to hear you'll be attending the school board meetings. Lord knows we have the room. I hope you'll introduce yourself at the next meeting.

Regarding Gambino and O'Connell, to my knowledge their significant accomplishments were the appointments of Dr. O'Malley and Ms. Irons. Is this what you mean by "shame"?

As for the "half-truths", we've heard this complaint before but rarely has anyone ever taken the time to provide an example. Would you be so kind as to cite some "half-truths" so we can better understand your position?

Anonymous said...


Thank you for further confirming what my intuition already told me.
"check your facts" is that the same as "having your ear to the ground"?

You give yourself up so easily.

"none of his plans follow protocol or procedures of New Jersey School Boards", are those the ones you "learned" about down in A.C.?

You attack Mr.Warren, yet if you really know as much as you claim, you would also know that many a new BOE member comes in full of grand ideas that may not be possible to implement alone. All new members have a learning curve.

Your attack on members, Gambino and O'Connell is suspiciously personal and if they have personally been responsible for "destroying" the district, can you at least give concrete examples? To make such a statement without elaborating, just makes you sound like a sore loser.

I also second Mr. Warren's challenge, you say he publishes half truths, give examples please.

Anonymous said...

At least Mr. Warren has the hutzpa to stand up and take a stand - a public stand- at the BOE meetings, and throw his name in for the BOE.

No matter how many people want to insult him, or say that he's not on the up-and-up (which I whole-heartedly believe he is), the fact that he puts his money where his mouth is shows a lot.

Though many, many people love to complain about those on this blog sitting around complaining, doing nothing to help the community, those who are complaining don't seem to be doing anything, either.

Hats off to Mr. Warren, and his running-mate, for their bravery in standing up for their community -- especially in the light of how parents have had to live in fear of retaliation from this district on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

This is not a half truth, its is an outright lie. You say and continue to repeat that Donaghues wife was hired before he was on the board. If you checked the facts (and that doesn't mean asking him) he was elected in April 1997 and his wife was approved at the August 24,1998 meeting. Easy to check, its in the minutes. People should be outraged at this worst type of nepotism yet you fail to report the facts. At one time this blog was a good thing for Aberdeen when it was an "arena of ideas for improving our quality of life and reducing our cost of living". Because of it we have three unopposed candidates for Board of Ed and an election that means nothing. It turned into a way to bash some and not others for self political gain. A long time ago this blog left the ideas arena and became a springboard to launch a run for office when that was the intention all along.

Anonymous said...


Enough with the Donaghue and wife already. That issue WAS cleared up and reported months ago. It was allowed at the time because there was no nepotism policy until November of this year. Mr. Donaghue received legal advice at the time and generally refrains from voting on issues that cause a conflict. And don't bring up the new principal at Ravine Dr. -- he had no say over who the Superintendent recommended. In fact, if anyone influenced that vote it was the thirty or so parents that showed up at the BOE meeting in support of her.

If you spoke to Mr. Warren personally, as I have, you would have heard him say that his decision to run for the BOE was born out of frustration with the corrupt, underhanded dealings that allowed unqualified people to have jobs that cost us taxpayers HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars a year,for many years and caused untold damage to this district!

Perhaps you should think hard about what your reasons are for wanting to continue to deny the cold hard facts that have been DOCUMENTED and dismiss them as lies.

Aberdeener said...

Prior Anonymous, you are incorrect on all counts.

This blog discussed Jerry Donaghue's wife at length over a month ago and I advise you to read all the comments before misstating the facts.

As for my attacks on certain board members, they have always been based upon the board members' actions or inactions and well substantiated.

Only once did any board member apologize to me for something done and, on that one occasion, I deleted a reference to the impropriety.

Lastly, I ran because I had the best chance to defeat the "machine" and establish a board majority that actually believes in accountability and setting high expectations.

As a school board member, I intend to do just that.

Anonymous said...

Here are some things I'd like addressed...

Why do some classrooms have NO heat in them? How are kids supposed to learn anything when they are wearing gloves and freezing?

Why is there no paper? My kids are coming home with all different colored paper because there is no white paper left?(in the HS)

Why are the text books in shambles? Missing covers, pages, and outdated?

I think it is a disgrace that my kids have to go sit in freezing classrooms EVERY year!

Anonymous said...

Why are any of you complaining about the lack of heat and paper in our schools? I am certain there is far more we do not know about that is going on in our schools then no heat in some classrooms and a lack of white paper.

Don't you know that $64,000,000.00 ( sixty four million dollars) does not buy as much as it used to.

But don't worry it seems that the stimulus bill will soon be fixing all of the problems that have ever existed in the entire world. Or so our politicians would have us think.

Yeah I believe that one too. Do any of you?

Anonymous said...

No heat in classrtooms isn't important to you? You complain about test scores, but having kids sitting in 50 degree classrooms isn't a problem? No relation right?

Why doesn't that surprise me?

Anonymous said...

Joe the first part of that post has to be the stupidest thing you have ever posted. Although I do like the stimulus comment.

Anonymous said...

You can't be serious anonymous? It is called sarcasm. I was exemplifying the prior comments posted before my last posting stating that no paper, no heat and more is a concern to another anonymous poster.

My comment was similar to the the question, where were you when a specific historic event occurred.

Many who now worry about paper shortages and possible heat problems in some classrooms, had no problem or voice when our school district budget rose by $20,000,000.00 or when millions were wasted on our local and very flawed school construction project or a football field and snack bar were installed at over $2,000,000.00. But let a student come home with other then white paper and there is an immediate outcry and criticism.

Once again I was being sarcastic and I feel there are far more issues that need attention and review that cost us millions annually.

If our school district does not have white paper, heat, proper text books and more with a budget of $64,000,000.00 the problems are worse then even I suspected.

Anonymous said...

It is called SARCASM. I was being sarcastic.

All of a sudden no white paper, heat problems and some frayed at the edges school books are a problem worth discussing.

What about the $64,000,000.00 question. How can they be out of paper, heat or textbooks with a budget that large.

The fact that all of a sudden such topics are a concern makes me wonder where that person was when two million went on a football field, half a million on a snack bar, ten million wasted out of thirty eight million school construction projects and far more important and devastating costs occur every single day to the taxpayers, students and their parents or guardians.

Sarcasm sometimes rules the day and makes us think.

Anonymous said...

Sorry first draft disappeared and then suddenly appeared out of the e-mail blogisphere. Just one of those things I guess. So sorry!

Anonymous said...

Sarcasm is very hard to read without hearing the inflection in a persons voice. so, while you thought it was obvious it wasn't.

Frayed edges was not the point I made about books, frayed pages and missing pages are completely different.

While you are looking at the bigger issues, I'm happy trying to slove the smaller ones first. You know...books, heat, paper...etc.

Anonymous said...

Update please.
March 4th, 4 PM deadline for submitting petitions has come and gone. Any word on possible submissions or is it really now "It's Official". I hope so! And, I wish you and Liz the best as you make this commitment to our school district and community.

Aberdeener said...

Yes, today's deadline passed as well without any additional candidate petitions.

Anonymous said...


We'll now have a majority on the board that actually cares about ALL the children succeeding, and accountability of those employed by the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Are write in's accepted for BOE elections? I couldn't get a parking spot to drop off my form.

Anonymous said...

Green and White Villager here:
WOW! For me it has been 5 long years for a change in "membership" on the BOE! The one year the "Standards" were in the "majority" was great, but so short-lived. I am so looking forward to CHANGE with our new Superintendent and now a new BOE. I will look forward to attending meetings once again! Lots of luck to you Joey and Liz, and thanks in advance for attending late night meetings, etc. You can make a difference!

Anonymous said...

You can be sure the anonymous detractors are waiting in the wings. First the fact that no one picked up the application packet will not be enough. Then it will be some devious plan hatched by J&L to keep everyone else out perpetrated by the republicans and democrats. Then again the democrats have major issues of there own. Wait a minute so to do the republicans. Some things never change do they. Then barza will no doubt come up with some excuses. It will be for personal reasons or ?????? no one cares. Whatever it is will not matter now. Aberdeen is free to move forward. J&L are no the answer to all of our problems but at least a majority will be able to take a fresh look at things for a change.

MrFF said...

Aberdeener, I have a lot of respect for what you do and have done (at meetings and exposure through this blog) but you just took a big drop in my respect. You know in the past I have addressed the spilt Board and think this "politics" do not belong in a school Board and now you have stated you ran because you want to establish a board majority....How bout once you get on the Board that you try and start anew, get away from the majority/minority split situation and try to unify and work for the taxpayers and children. I state again, no one is going to name a wing after any one board member so if you want to get my full respect (and maybe some others), go in and show us what you can do and convince the others as a whole (all, not just the majority members or minority members. As long as there is a split board, there will always be "politics".

Anonymous said...


I am coming in on your blog late in the game(my daughter is hooked and told me to read it) but I was wondering if you could answer a question for me:

In the previous post "cease Fire", you have links to documents regarding Bruce Quinn. In one, it appears to be an e-mail with a list from the state, it lists Bruce Quinn as getting a Business Administrator's certificate in 1984, can you confirm the years that he worked in Matawan Aberdeen as a business administrator?

I seem to remember that he came here back in '80 and am pretty sure he was the business administrator from them until he left in the early 90's. If my memory is correct, then it looks like he did not have the right certificate for business administrator for a few years after he got the job. So, that would two times that he worked here without the right certificates,right?

Was there a requirement to have a special business administrator certificate back when he first worked here?

If I am remembering right, then it is pretty damned embarrassing that he was allowed to come back as the Superintendent.

Anonymous said...

Are write ins accepted?

That is the best joke I read today.

Yeah write ins are accepted along with e-mail submissions, sky writing banner planes and more. It will not make a difference Joe and Liz are in and thank God BARZA is out.

Now we could use the aberdeeners help with the development issue for Kauffs buddies. Help us please.

First step I think is to to stop the money flow to Kauff. We are by fighting these developmental projects for the favored developers on 34 and County Road. I was there last week and was not impressed with the Aberdeen professionals. Our question on the traffic study and more that were asked about seemed to catch them off guard. The professionals looked confused and shocked that we did not want it by our homes let alone the number of residents in attendance sent a strong message to board members. I say let them put such developments by the homes of the zoning board members if they want more houses in Aberdeen and Cliffwood.

Aberdeener said...


You are correct regarding Mr. Quinn. He was business administrator for the district in 1982, two years before he received certification for that position.

Mr. Quinn, it appears, is a repeat offender.

Aberdeener said...


I appreciate your concern that the school board is no place for politics. Unfortunately, that's not the reality. Had it not been for the one year when the standards wing had a one seat majority, Bruce Quinn would still be superintendent, Helen Rappaport would still be director of special services, and the district would still be abused by patronage.

My only goals on the school board are to improve education and reduce the tax burden. In this instance, that meant dismantling a "machine" and removing board members who had a separate agenda.

Given the standards wing now has an overwhelming majority and an energetic superintendent with a similar mindset, I think you'll be quite happy with the progress we make.

So long as we maintain ethical standards, I believe we should focus on the results and not the methods.

MrFF said...

Well said Aberdeener. I wish you strength and luck in your position and you have my backing and look forward to PROGRESS and less politics. I'm hoping for the best.

Anonymous said...

Thanks For the confirmation, Aberdeener.

Nice to know that the district had such high standards when hiring Quinn as Superintendent.

How embarrassing and sad! Does no one actually do background checks to catch this stuff before hiring someone for a 144,000 job?

Anonymous said...

Yes PROGRESS. No more hiring of people who have no experience in the exact job at the same level.

Anonymous said...

Do we know who else will be leaving us from the school district soon or at the end of the year?

Mrs. R is out, Mrs. Z resigned, Barbara Cholewa is out of position at the end of the year....

Anyone else? In light of all the controversy?

Anonymous said...

Mrs. R isn't out yet. We're still paying her and contributing to her pension while she's on "sick leave" from her shiny new job at the middle school. Seems whether you have certification for your job or not, you still get tenure for it, and the ability to take the job from someone who might actually do it...

Anonymous said...

Who should be next to go? How about Glastein & Gross?

Anonymous said...

How about the people who have been stealing money for years, Pat Phillips, Ken Smith, Wayne Spells. How have they escaped for years with unbelievable salaries.

Anonymous said...

Just a slight clarification regarding Ms. Rappaport & tenure.

She has tenure as a school psychologist - her first job with the district - dating back to when God was a child. This is under the same union as the Teachers.

As a Director - or Supervisor - of Special Services - she would NOT receive tenure. That is a yearly contract, to my understanding. This would be under the Administrators Union - the same as Irons & Glastein, et al.

Aberdeener - can you please correct me if I am mistaken about the "fine print" on this situation we are in?

It irks me to no end that this wonman, who has wrecked havoc on innocent children & destroyed families - bankrupted them in court & forced these same families into private therapies, (so that their kids have a chance in life) because she will not hire additional needed people, but gets a HUGE payoff from Quinn & the Barza Board - her evil still lingers in this district.

I hope O'Malley NEVER settles anything w/ this woman, regardless of the friviolous lawsuits she may bring.

Dr. O' Malley - Don't you pay her a dime!

Anonymous said...

Read it right away. It is the best fiction story I Have ever read in my life. Do yourself a favor and go out to your driveway pick up the paper and read away. Try reading it in the bathroom as it may save you time for when you feel like throwing up from reading her lies, excuses and personal regrets.

Aberdeener said...

Ms. Rappaport has tenure as a school psychologist. When that position became available, she had first dibs.

I believe (hope) her situation will be resolved by the end of her medical leave.

Anonymous said...

I read the article and only have one question.

Does she think we are that stupid?

We are not and she should be embarrassed for the damage she and her underlings and co-conspirators have done to this district these eleven years.

All I can say is good riddance.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Rappaport does have tenure as a school pyschologist, but it is my understanding that the school pyschologists are in the MRAA union, not the MRTA union. Also, principals, vice principals and directors DO get tenure. I believe the superintendent and Business administrator do have separate contracts.
Aberdeener, please confirm.
Also, Congrats Liz and Joey!

Anonymous said...

I thought perhaps CZ had a senior moment?

Perhaps she

No she just has started her new life of denial that she must now live for the rest of her life.

She has failed to mention a few things we remember quite clearly.

1.Years of abuse of taxpayer $$$$$
2.Cronyism, nepotism and worse$$$$
3.Millions used without approval$$
6.Misplaced blame$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
10.Abuse of staff$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
11.Abuse of administrators$$$$$$$$
13.Woe is me defenses$$$$$$$$$$$$$
14.Abuse of power$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$
15.Abuse of everyone$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Have to go night shift this week.
It will give me time to think more about CZ's delusion and the negative effects she has had on every resident, student, parent and taxpayer all of these years. It is obvious CZ has conveniently forgotten the damage she has left behind. Thanks for nothing CZ.

I'll be back. But Zavorskas won't!

Thank God!

Anonymous said...

is my understanding that the school pyschologists are in the MRAA union, not the MRTA union. Also, principals, vice principals and directors DO get tenure.

I believe this is correct.In this district I believe that the psychologists are hired as supervisors to the special ed. department,therefore are not in the teacher's union. The other CST members are in the MRTA.

Anonymous said...


Mat-Ab Board of Ed. member resigns

Aberdeener said...

My understanding is that these positions are the only ones for which you can receive tenure rights. Therefore, the only director who can receive tenure is a director of school counseling.

All supervisors and directors are represented by the MRAA. Members of the CSTs are represented by the MRTA. School psychologists are an exception and represented by the MRAA because they're on a higher pay scale (100K+) than any member of the MRTA.

Hope that answers your questions.

Anonymous said...

From the Independent article:

"... I will keep busy with work and helping parents with special-needs children," she said.

Helping parents with special needs children? Besides herself? Maybe she should have thought about doing this while she was on the board...

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, I don't think we heard the end of CZ. I think she'll be a thorn in everyone's side for years to come. I'm sure her campaign of lies and rumors will continue to spread among her sheep. I'm guessing she'll probably continue to undermine Dr. O'Malley's efforts to improve this district whatever way she can. I would think that after all these years, she probably has many contacts. Remember, if you lie down with dogs, you wake up with fleas!

Anonymous said...

Zavorskas may want to consider working with senior citizens and childless couples. Those would be the people who cannot afford to live here any longer due to the crushing taxes BARZA placed on all of us.

Just a suggestion Cathy.

Thanks for 11 years of increased taxes, finger pointing, political patronage, divisive actions and total mayhem that negatively affected every resident.

You should be so proud of yourself?

Anonymous said...

Cathy says she intends to help families with special needs children???!!!


Unless you are just trying to buy a toy at the HobbyShop, that is one person who can do damage with her ill founded advice! Remember that she was the ONLY one on the BOE to stick up for Helen fact she was also the ONLY PARENT!!!

If she thinks saying things like the sickening drivel in her article will distract or make up for the fact that she resigned the day after the stuff about Bruce Quinn not being qualified came out! Too much of a coincidence.

Lovely track record. O for 2 Cathy!