Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Have You Seen April Goodwin?

Note: Thank God, April has been found.

Reprinted from the Asbury Park Press

Police are asking for the public's help in their search for a 16-year-old girl who has been missing since Sept. 6.

Police said they believe April Goodwin is a runaway.

Goodwin left her Ivy Way home on the morning of Sept. 6, and phone and Internet records indicate she may have been heading to the Boston, Mass., or Monticello, N.Y. areas, or to New York City, according to police.

Family members told police she may have entered a small blue pickup truck driven by a black man.

Goodwin is about 5 feet 4 inches tall, weighs about 150 pounds, and has a light brown complexion and black hair that was recently highlighted with red streaks.

Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Detective Manny Carabel at 732-566-2054 ext. 206. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

I find it amazing that the people who go tit for tat on this blog do not even bother to respond to this post. You should all be ashamed!

I hope this poor "child" is ok and reunites with her family. Goodwin family my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe nobody wanted to diminish the importance of the post with a cynical comment like yours that accuses others of not caring.

I'm sure that all of our prayers are with the Goodwin family for the safe return of their daughter.

Anonymous said...

Hear hear!

1st anonymous posting was cynical and typical from the likes of those who live with blinders on. Yet are so willing to attack.

I find this posting to be respectful and in line with a public service announcement.

Thank you Aberdeener. I apologize for the ignorant among us who look for every opportunity to attack.

Huskie fans with ? said...

We just returned from the game tonight at the high school. It would have been nice if an announcement could have been made in regards to this missing young girl. No announcement was made while we were there. Perhaps this was a missed opportunity for more people to be made aware that one of our communities children is missing.

While on the subject of the game, which the Matawan-Aberdeen Huskies won we are sure even though we left just after half time. We also observed and feel the need to bring to someones attention the fact that numerous children who are not high school age, continually run up and down the sidelines during the games. It is not only a major distraction but it should also be considered a serious safety concern. A safety concern since these children are unsupervised and could easily be hurt along the sidelines by football players running through the sidelines during the game. We have observed this behavior for a long time now and feel that something needs to be done if only for the safety of the children or for the schools liability in the event of an injury. The distraction they cause we can live with.

Ironically we did observe many members of the school staff and even the superintendent of Schools and the Principal who took no action on this situation. They took no action even though they were feet away from these children and their distracting activities.

We are not two old fuddie duddies. We just feel that someone needs to take a look at this conduct before someone gets hurt.

Anonymous said...

Husky fan - here's a thought. Why don't the parents of those children watch them. Seriously? It's yet another responsibility of the school staff to watch kids past school hours? Isn't it enough that the teachers took time away from their own families to support the football team?

If parents actually parented, we'd have many fewer problems around here. But since the school is expected to do just about every single thing, let's just blame them when Little Johnny gets tackled because Daddy was too busy to watch him.

This community is unreal.

Huskie fan made sense said...

This community (aka) bitter teacher you are UNREAL and typical.

Did not you read the Huskie Fan post? The subject matter I thought was simple enough. Maybe not for you?

Brought up was how no announcement was made to a couple thousand people who may have been made more watchful in regards to the missing girl. Would it not have been a good idea in the event some parent might be informed, pay closer attention to their own or more? How about the child in hearing the announcement could have possibly said, I know where she is. How about just a moment to inform a community, who may not have heard about the missing girl to keep a vigilant watch.

You don't touch on the "why do young children run up and down the sidelines" young children in the ages of 8-12 who are a distraction or even a possible hazard to themselves or someone else due to the fact that plays and players run off and on the field in an instant.

You conveniently do not touch on the fact that the school superintendent WHO WAS PRESENT DID NOTHING and all too typically the principal, as usual, did nothing. Is there no recognition by the above to our schools liability or why these children are even present to be such a distraction? No you just...harrang those who point out the obvious that is obviously ignored by you.

This community is unreal and so to is its leadership when they do not think or recognize such topics or liability, as husky fan brought up. You on the other hand... can discuss it in the teachers lounge all this week. Rather then be in the hallway keeping an eye on the students, or God forbid, doing your job.

Ask yourself a question though anonymous. Who would be liable for if a child was injured on school grounds, during a game, surrounded by school staff and leadership? Who's insurance company would have to pay? Who would have to pay the big settlement for life long care if one of these small children was injured on the sidelines, during a high school football game on school property. These are the questions Huskie fan was trying to bring up. The important ones you ignored and made fun of. Typical !


How about people recognizing problems before they happen? what is that called again ?


From the typical WHY NOT somebody else type response from "Community is unreal" who is obviously the type of teacher that we unfortunately have under the archaic and obviously politically motivated, and oh so coveted, TENURE system, we from that ignorant statement "get what we pay for" and that type of post from community is unreal is one of the root causes that the MTEA and their politically MONSTROUS union, that without questions, controls the state and its politicians.





I do expect to be graded on spelling, punctuation and grammar from my last post.

Just a worried Mom said...

Has anyone heard anything about the missing child? While I have enjoyed the posting since Huskie fan came on the scene I certainly hope the young girl is safe.

I pray for her safe return. We all should be praying. If one of our children is missing all of our children are missing.

Thank you for taking the time to pray.

Anonymous said...

The anonymous post about parents watching their children was not about April, Huskie made sense. It was about watching the children on the sideline. Who in their right mind who actually think that an announcment should NOT have been made? That's just insane.

I agree absolutely that an announcement shoudl and could have been made.

C Beach Mom said...

Once again I do not post often but I will say wholeheartedly agree that an announcement should have been made. I did also enjoy very much the post about LEADERSHIP. That statement says it all about what Husky fan observed and brought attention to. The fact that school leaders were there and did not recognize those things was all too typical of leadership today. Isn't our tax money is being well spent? On another side does anyone know if the high school principal is up for tenure approval this year? I as a parent am watching her very closely this year, since my son is going there next year. I do not hear good things about that one.

Anonymous said...

Too late...the principal received tenure just a few short months ago!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to post this on the missing girl site and my prayers are with her and her family for safe return.

But, I saw this happening last year where some Board memebers and their children along with our Supt. were on the sideline. Besides the safety of the kids from rather large football players, and I should say the kids were running around freely without the parents concern, I also noticed that the kids were getting rides on the golf cart. No seatbelts on these things and just joy riding is looking for an accident, besides all the other young kids behind the fence that were saying "I want a ride on the golf cart". I'm no fuddy duddy eaither but there are liability aspects when you're dealing with public school systems. While I wouldn't want any kid to get hurt by accidnet for being in the wrong place at the wrong time, I wouldn't care much if the others that think there above everyone else in the stands to get taken out.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the first and next to last Anon posted. This post was about a missing child and our fine residents will go on about a darn football game and the way the kids were acting. Get a clue people. Would you be on her posting BS on this blog if this was your child or your relative? Scary thing is half of you most likely would. Bless April and her family. I pray that she really has been located. Go ahead start your soap boxes.

Anonymous said...

Question, why were certain comments deleted from this blog? I am most curious as to why the comment rearding April being found and with the police was delted. Was it not true

Aberdeener said...

Please read the note above. The rumors were not true.

Anonymous said...

Any leads? I have not seen anything in the paper, the news, anywhere. What is going on. This is driving me crazy! I hurt for the family every day

Anonymous said...

A missing 16-year-old township girl was found in Massachusetts on Wednesday, police said.

April Goodwin, who had been missing since Sept. 6, is safe, and arrangements are being made to reunite her with her family in New Jersey, said Lt. Joseph Cole.

Aberdeener said...

It's true.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they shouldn't reunite her with her family if she ran away. Shouldn't authorities investigate why she ran away in the first place?

Also, if there turns out to be no valid reason for her running away, then either her or her family should be charged for the time spent by authorities looking for her...

Anonymous said...

Asbury Park Press

September 24, 2009

Aberdeen girl, 16, found in Massachusetts


A missing 16-year-old township girl was found in Massachusetts on Wednesday, police said.

April Goodwin, who had been missing since Sept. 6, is safe, and arrangements are being made to reunite her with her family in New Jersey, said Lt. Joseph Cole.

Cole said the case remains under investigation.

Police had previously said she was believed to be a runaway, and during their investigation, they found phone and Internet records indicating the teen could have been heading to either the Boston area or New York.

Family members told police she may have entered a small blue pickup truck driven by man. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call Detective Manny Carabel at 732-566-2054, Ext. 206.

Anonymous said...

Some people take being cynical to a whole new level. Best wishes to April and her family.

Anything else is none of our business. I'll just remember not to name a child after a month.



Atheism said...

As a parent I am glad to hear this story ended on a positive note. However, I can't help but notice how many people are praying to or thanking God that she was safe. Where was God when she was leaving her house and heading to Massachusetts? Why did God do nothing to prevent her from leaving and causing tremendous pain to her family?

Anonymous said...

Without that Pain, would her family have ever truly sought after God? Think about it.

Aberdeener said...

No offense, but these questions have been asked and answered in the Book of Job.

Atheism isn't a philosophical conclusion, it's a lifestyle choice.

Anonymous said...

Yes, April was found, and i'm so happy because we were best friends throughout middle school, but grew apart once we came to high school. They should have announced the situation somehow, but why are there comments on here about kids running around football games? Its a completely different subject.

Anonymous said...

Great news, thankfully April is back with her family. Is she back in school?

Anonymous said...

She's living with other family, she's not coming home.

Anonymous said...

Gee, what a surprise that April is not coming home. When I asked about what made her run away, I was attacked as heartless. I guess my intimation that something at home made her run away and that it should be looked into were right. My concern for her return to potentially unsafe home environment were truly heartless (read with sarcasm)...