Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Aberdeen’s Election Issues

Normally, election issues are defined by the candidates. No such luck, here. Labor Day has passed and the parties’ platforms remain a mystery. So, at the risk of being called elitist and divisive, the following are my concerns regarding Aberdeen’s council elections.

Pay-to-Play, Inside Deals, and Cronyism
These pages have detailed extensively the craziness that passes for business-as-usual in Aberdeen. Doling hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in no-bid contracts to the biggest political contributors. Allowing builders to overdevelop properties while giving them huge tax breaks. Buying votes and loyalty through unsavory backroom deals. And the list goes on and on.

The most recent example of showmanship was the town’s draft pay-to-play ordinance introduced last January and then left to die on the vine. We, the citizens, have a right to expect our elected representatives to act in our interests, not theirs.

My question is – What will you do as a councilman to gain the people’s confidence that you will faithfully, impartially, and justly perform all the duties of the office to the best of your ability?

Smart Development
For the past decade, Aberdeen has been working on four major property developments – Aberdeen Forge, Transit Village, Anchor Glass, and senior housing on Church St.

To date, we haven’t broken ground on a single major development in the past decade, unless you count the condos built around town.

Naturally, the residents prefer commercial development that doesn’t strain our schools or dramatically raise our COAH obligations.

My question is – How will you promote smart land development?

Aberdeen is among the highest taxed municipalities in the county. Although municipal taxes are a minor component of overall property taxes, the township is the only public body that directly represents our interests.

My question is – How will you reduce our taxes?

Campaign promises have a dubious reputation. As an example, immediately prior to the 2005 council elections, the township newsletter quoted Councilwoman Gumbs (who was campaigning for her fellow Democrats) claimed the senior housing development would be completed by early 2007, “if all goes according to plan”. Then, prior to the 2007 elections, the township claimed a sales trailer would be operating on the site. Well, the site's still empty.

In 2007, the township crowed there was no tax increase. Then 2008 saw the largest tax increase in the township’s history. The 2007 town council also promoted plans to develop the beachfront, which never happened.

My Question is - Why should we trust you?

An election is a competition. Candidates have to play offense and defense. Whoever answers best wins my vote.
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Anonymous said...

Great subject matter. Unfortunately the people who are elected to and who should be accountable for answering your inquiry will merely continue to ignore you and all of the rest of us who they swore with their hands on the Bible to represent.

The destruction of anything close to a true form of caring and prudent leadership has been replaced these past ten plus years by the leadership and corruption of Norman Kauff. That has been the unquestioned tactics and controlled corrupt, illegal and immoral actions of one man who answers to no one, our own Norman Kauff Esq. Attorney at Law who knows better but who's greed and lust for power is unending. This is well defined and in accordance with the well laid plans of a diseased rat, poison filled scorpion in the guise of Norman Kauff.

The Republicans are non existent. The Democrats are well funded and counting on the favors of the past. Hand picked is a slate of candidates masterfully put together from regional areas and with varying allegiances and followings. They would probably be well intended if it not for their deaf, dumb and blind allegiances to all things Norman Kauff.

The fact that neither political side or their candidates has made anything really known of their desires, wishes or beliefs for a better Aberdeen merely screams out for truth, justice and the American way. It will not come in this election if Norman Kauff is still involved and pulling the strings of the town council for another four years.

So what do we get instead the eight candidates who seek to be our leadership?


They all deserve scorn and ridicule and not one single vote.

Anonymous said...

Nothing is more important then this upcoming election. The secret meetings and the incredible numbers of homes secretly waiting to be be approved, waiting that is until after election day to grant approvals by the Kauff controlled boards, council and professionals will be the nail in the coffin for our community and its already overcrowded school district that is bursting at the seams.

These crucial approvals are the most important topics facing the residents, school children and the taxpayers as it is corruptly controlled, manipulated and devilishly hidden from view by bought off politicians and overpaid professionals. I and the wife call them Vampires since they only show themselves in secretive places and most often in the dark recesses of closed meetings that never get recorded or have their results divulged to the citizens of the community that they are responsible to.

Please forgive my two posts on this subject as I am off today for doctor visits and feel so strongly about the futures of our community at the hands of people like Kauff and others. They are the true criminals of our society. Politicians each and every one of them are out for themselves.

Our founding fathers would spit if they saw what has become of our America by its supposed political leadership.

Anonymous said...

The Republican candidates have been walking door to door for 2 months now. The information they handed out has the following:

People Before Politics

The Aberdeen Republican Team Committed to Improving the Quality of Life in Aberdeen

Holding the line on taxes without gimmicks
*No reliance on one-time budgetary schemes.
*No pawning off today's problems on to tomorrow's administration and taxpayers. (my note about this - the current Democrat administration - that means you Tagliarini - only funded half of the township's pension contribution and deferred the other half to next year)
*Elimination of preferential retirement benefits to select people. (my note about this - i.e. Jimmy Lauro and his padded salary of $140,000 and padded pension benefits all on the taxpayer's dime)

Development focused on improving Aberdeen quality of life
* Anchor Glass
* Train Station
* Senior Center (on Church St)
* Freneau
(my note about this - the Democrats have been touting the Senior Center on Church St since 2005 - look at the Township "newsletters" also look at their 2007 campaign literature which promised this. How long has the Train Station been stalled - it was a big issue in 2005 when the Democrats wanted to build a 10 story garage and put 10,000 cars on the streets of Lower Main, Atlantic Ave, Church St, Lloyd Road, etc.)
*Honest affordable and senior housing. NO to COAH.

Open and transparent government
*On-line access to municipal financial records.
*Resident involvement in long-range strategic capital planning.
(my note - I bet Norm loves this idea, on-line access so people can see where the money is going and how much his cronies are getting.

Flip side of the piece lists the candidate's bios. Some points to note, are that Tom Aljian has a B.S degree in Environmental Science and is also a lawyer. Anthony Garaguso is an engineer and works on cost saving initiatives. Sheliah Balavram is a homemaker and current volunteer for her Temple and former member of the Rescue Squad. Michael Vail is an accountant and a CPA. (my note - that is a great mix of experience and backgrounds that will serve Aberdeen well).

Aberdeener said...


Thx for the info but my questions still need answers. It's easy to say you're going to hold the line on taxes but some cost increases are built into the system - i.e. salaries, pensions, health, compliance issues, etc. So, either you need to cut costs or raise revenue. Well, what's the plan?

Same for development. How will you get developers to build ratables that don't adversely impact our schools?

How will you end politics as usual?

I'm sure lots of people would be interested to know.

Anonymous said...

This and much more that has appeared on this site is what the walking republicans should be handing out. At a time when every dollar counts let the republicans spread the word on how much CME has garnered from their too close relationship with the Kauffster General. Same goes of course for the legal idiots and planning ninkompoops we have on retainer everyone of them who kickback to Kauff.

Every person that the Republicans approach during their campaign visits should be giving a list of what the Democrats have cost the citizens of Aberdeen since the Kauff reign of corruption started. Make sure to include the secret negotiations commanded by Kauff. Add a bio on Kauff and his associates, most of which are convicted felons. Most importantly put the parking lot shakedown in the handout since Norman Kauff and every council person knows, and was officially advised, of the monetary amount illegally demand by Norman Kauff, which occurred in the parking lot as has been well known.

Republican candidates most importantly don't be afraid of lawsuits since all you would have to do is call every council person to the courtroom to testify under oath. Every councilperson who has served over the last five years would only have to be asked one simple question. 'Were you advised officially that Norman Kauff the then Attorney for Aberdeen approached a developer in the parking lot or on the grounds of the town hall property and a conversation occurred wherein Norman Kauff demanded a specific fee in the tens of thousands of dollars while directing the developer to the very specific, and well known law firm that would have to be used in order to attain the required approvals for a specific developmental the developer wanted to build in Aberdeen'?

Pay attention Republicans to these posts if you want to save Aberdeen from another four years of Kauff.

Otherwise you are doomed!

By the way Dr. said I am fine. How is your heart Norman? Black as the night I bet?

F U N K said...

It is all about the money.

Right Normy?

Pack your bags you thief. Hit the road. Scram. Vamoose.

Take the hint you crook and go.

Don't let the door hit you in the ass on your way out.

F U Norman Kauff!

Anonymous said...

I am a new voter and resident of Aberdeen. Someone gave this website to review and they stated would give me and overview of our towns problems
I challenge this website to leave out the rants and profanity and only stick with the issues, fact not fiction or rumor.
What bothers me the most is child like behavior on this website. Maybe this is why the test scores are so low, children only repeat behavior they see at home.

Edgeviewted07 said...

NEW VOTER seems to be distracted by the occasional rantings and personal postings. Is he or she not bothered and very angry at the information provided concerning the corrupt practices and costs of same placed upon every citizen of Aberdeen? If NEW VOTER has a problem with those of us angry and upset at Kauff and his band of miscreants then turn off the computer. We are not sheep that believe what our elected officials tell us as being gospel. You are new and you don't know. Open up your tax bill, add an addition onto your home, try and open a business and you will see what Kauff, CME and the other idiots costs us. Until then keep grazing in the field of ignorance.

Anonymous said...

thanks egg head ted, you bring nothing to the blog.

Edgeviewted07 said...

I find it amazing that a few people who are obviously Kauff defenders are placed on here to stir things up, can be so faithful to someone so evil. Then I think of those who seem to just believe everything a politician says. Politicians are all liars people it is just that simple. Explain away the man whose cousin is an engineer and says that the engineering bill for a town our size should be one third to one half of what we are and have been paying the Kauff miscreants for over ten years now? Ask yourself where could that overpaid $5,000,000.00 have gone beneficially into the infrastructure of our community instead of the pockets of the Kauff faithful. That is all the proof I need.

The problem in our state with corruption starts at the local development process. Gov. Corzine said that and that is about the only honest and true thing he has ever said.

Who runs the developmental process in our town? That would be Norman Kauff. Enough said. Corzine should use Kauff as the poster boy for his prime example as to the root cause of corruption.

In Aberdeen it is not Pay to Play it is Pay and Pay and Pay... Kauff's friends.

Scramble that anonymous Kauffkin!

CtyRdBessie said...

Right on! Don't think County Rd. is going to happen without a fight. Fliers going out to remind all area residents of the Cifeeli project and section 8 plans. Put the projects by your house Mr. K. not in my backyard.

Kauff get yourhandoutofmypocket said...

How can anyone say that Ted brings nothing to the blog? What did his anonymous attacker bring to the subject other then ignorance towards a man who truly cares about his community. Should any of us not have a problem with being ripped off by political hacks and their leeches and the other hangers on that they surround themselves with? I agree you should scramble yourself. Time for the GSP.

Anonymous said...

Edgeviewturd is an idiot. River Gardens would be better represented by Ronald McDonald

Anonymous said...

Deny Deny Deny. River Gardens is just fine. Do you even know where it is?

Anonymous said...

I know, if I disagree with any of you asses, that automatically makes me a Kauffkin. I guess that means that I've never been to gray mountain either. I'm not denying shit..if NK is a crook, then he should be in prison. That doesn't change the fact that edgeviewturd and nontruth are idiots.

Anonymous said...

Actually, my money is on edgeviewturn not knowing where River Gardens is either...being a transplant and all

Anonymous said...

egg head, show up to the town council meeting and ask away. Don't be scared, bring TRUTH and pine tree and ask away, come with a list.

Kauff get yourhandoutofmypocket said...

You all have nothing else better to do when your pockets are being picked by Kauff. Or is the truth that your pockets are being lined by Kauff. I think the latter is the truth. Keep defending him the same way some idiots thought Coren was not the picture on the State of Florida Sexual Predator website. Stupid Democrats all of you. Keep feeding into the lies and the Kauff corruption that costs all of so dearly.

Deny! Deny! Deny!. That is all your good for. Wait there are a few Democrats who Defend! Defend! Defend! They are even stupider!

Anonymous said...

EdgeviewTurd, and the like won't do that. That would require them not to be anonymous.


And you would be? And you would be no less anonymous as you criticize those tired of getting Kauffed. Idiot!

Edgeviewted07 said...

Notice how anonymous never brings forth anything having to do with the subject matter . They spend so much time merely attacking those of us who know the truth of their corruption. Perhaps it is Norman Kauff himself who anonymously attacks those of us they all seem to have to so worried about. I prefer to attack and keep the light of corruption on all of them as they defend the Rat of Aberdeen Norman Kauff.

We need to keep the light on them and they scurry like? That is right, like RATS. Councilman Vinci can only BS so many people with that silver tongue of his. Maybe he is calling in all his number running favors for the needed votes for election day. The Vinci number running thing much like the parking lot shakedown has been posted numerous times. Only anonymous attacks is their answer to those tid bits. Only attacks on us can they bring forth since there can NEVER be any OFFICIAL DENIALS. Each and everyone of them know they can't deny it happened since they were all officially advised.

When you respond this time anonymous, rather then attacking us instead of the topic at hand or our responses try answering just one of the topics. If you are just going to attack us who are righteously in the know, just keep silent and save us all your lies.

Anonymous said...


Righteously in the know? Are you serious? What do you KNOW? Tell us what you KNOW! Do you KNOW for a fact that there was a shakedown? Do you? Do you ? If you do, then that MUST mean that you were present when this supposed shakedown occured. RIGHT? Does that also mean that you were perhaps part of the "cover up"?? Face facts Turd, you don't KNOW shit.

Anonymous said...

While I feel the previous post was childish, idiotic and another lie to cover up the parking lot shakedown by Norman Kauff the then Twp. of Aberdeen Attorney it cannot be said enough needs to be said once again so that even an anonymous idiot can understand it.

I T H A P P E N E D !

Kauff knows it.

The developer knows it.

The town Manager knew it.

The entire council knows it.

The authorities have been told.

Save your breath anonymous.

All good things take time.

Dear Anonymous,

You should know that all of the people listed above know one absolute fact

I T H a p p e n e d !



Anonymous said...

Good Evening.

I know this is completly off topic but it is extremely important. My two children, one in high school and one in middle school came home extremely concerned about a missing teenager from Aberdeen. Can anyone confirm or deny this?

Anonymous said...

egg head ted, you have given us no proof. Just because you think it happened or because someone else said it doesn't make it the truth. Bring forth some evidence, anything.

Anonymous said...

It must have happened because thatsafactjerk said it did, so it must be true.

Anonymous said...

Once again personal attacks without discussing the topic. The proof is all the people listed above know the truth about the shakedown. It happened!

Anonymous said...

Okay egg head, I am going to call the authorities now and have them arrested. Thanks for all the info, the courts should have no problem prosecuting with all the info from thatsafactjack. Come up with some evidence, this isn't 3rd grade!

Anonymous said...

Well, I have answered my own question regarding the missing teenage girl from aberdeen. What a shame. I cant believe that it was not even posted in the newspaper until day. My prayers are with her and the family

Aberdeener said...

My apologies for not responding but I was asked to not mention anything. My heart goes out to the family.