Wednesday, October 21, 2009

School Board Goals

Like a turtle in mad pursuit, the school board has finally settled upon its first three goals. Although the final language won’t be set until the minutes are approved, they go something like this –

  • From 3rd grade through high school graduation, all students will be proficient in reading and writing
  • Each class will have an increasing percentage of students who are proficient and advance proficient on the state exams to the point the graduating classes will be on par with the I-districts (communities with a higher socio-economic status)
  • Future school budgets will not hike taxes beyond 2% a year
As is usually the case with setting goals, each one is better than nothing but not quite perfect.

The first goal was explained by school board member, Dr. Delaney. Prior to 3rd grade, students learn to read. After 3rd grade, students read to learn. Statistics show that students who don’t achieve reading proficiency by 3rd grade are at the highest risk of falling behind in later years. Therefore, we have an imperative to ensure that all kids are reading by the 3rd grade. Then, once they’re reading, we want to make sure they keep reading.

I requested, and the board agreed, that we include writing as well. Writing is one of the components of the state’s Language Arts Literacy exams and one of the most egregious weak points in our students’ educations. We’ve encouraged the administration to begin stressing writing skills across curriculums wherever appropriate but particularly in English, history, and the social sciences.

The problem with the goal is that we’re aligning our metrics with the state exams. I don’t think anybody considers the state exams as the ideal metric but it was one the board could readily agree upon without too much discussion.

Using state exams as a metric for the higher grades creates the additional problem that the exams only test for English, math, and science and the material they test doesn’t necessarily encompass the skills and knowledge we want our children to acquire. However, the state exams and the SATs are the only broad based means by which we can compare ourselves to other districts. Since the SATs are only for high school, the state exams became our only metric for cross-district comparisons.

The budget goal was purely the result of compromise. One view, espoused by board member Ruprecht, was the board should refrain from setting a cap lower than the 4% state mandated cap. He argued that setting a lower cap would distort the superintendent’s priorities, such as education and long-term facility planning.

I argued the board cannot impose a tax increase on the community during a recession. Whatever needs to be cut, however worthwhile it is, will have to be cut.

O’Connell believed a 0% percent tax increase would require draconian cuts to school programs and services. He suggested we take the middle road of 2%. For the purpose of reaching a consensus, the board adopted his suggestion.

At the upcoming meetings, the board will discuss additional goals though it’s expected to limit the number of total goals to a half-dozen or so.

On October 27th, the board’s Mission and Vision Committee (open to the public), chaired by Dr. Gambino, will be considering final revisions to its proposed mission and vision statements. The current proposals are –

Possible Mission Statement:
  • The Matawan-Aberdeen School District’s mission is to equip (teach) our students with the knowledge and skills that will empower them to reach their potential and become engaged members of a global society
  • The Matawan-Aberdeen School District’s mission is to equip (teach) students with the knowledge and skills that will empower them to reach their potential and become engaged members of a global society in a respectful manner
  • The Matawan-Aberdeen School District’s mission is to equip (teach) students with the tools and skills to lead productive lives and become engaged members of a global society
  • To empower, inspire and encourage all students to become active learners and reach their fullest potential
Possible Vision Statement:
  • Every student of the Matawan-Aberdeen School District will be afforded the opportunity to become a compassionate, creative and knowledgeable problem solver through a comprehensive and effective education
  • Upon graduating the Matawan-Aberdeen School District, every child will be a critical thinker, problem solver, explorer, creator and informed (knowledgeable) member of society
  • Every graduate of the Matawan-Aberdeen School District will be a compassionate, creative and knowledgeable problem solver
  • All students of the Matawan-Aberdeen School District will be compassionate, creative and knowledgeable problem solvers via a thorough and effective education
My personal preference remains –
Mission: To build scholars and leaders
Vision: Every graduate will make us proud

Perhaps there’s still time for my suggestions to reach the final cut.

(I have refrained from pursuing performance metrics for the superintendent until the board has finalized its goals. However, I have shared my plans with the superintendent and business administrator in private.)

Regarding the budget, there are two more programs that are facing heightened scrutiny. Last year, the state approved $2.6 million (40% share) for specific capital programs on the condition that we match the funding with $3.9 million (60% share). However, we only have $1.3 million in our capital reserve fund and would need to bond for the rest. The cost of putting a bonding referendum to the voters (legal fees and election costs) would be a little under $25,000. Passing a referendum requires 60% of the vote. If we don’t bond, we’ll be walking away from $1.7 million in state funding for capital projects that need to be done (though not right now) and at a time when interest rates are still at historical lows. Given the recession, the board will likely decline hosting a referendum absent a public show of support.

The other item is the district’s Response to Intervention program. For nearly two years, I’ve been asking to see the data justifying this program. Last year, I sharply criticized the board for sponsoring a program that lacked any goals, any objective criteria, and any data that children were being helped. Dr. O’Malley has agreed to present the data next month but this time there are two differences.

I and many board members were under the impression the district was spending $600,000 a year on the program. Actually, that number represented a state grant that only partially funded the program. The true cost is over $2 million including salaries, benefits, and indirect expenses. (Cutting the program would likely only save $1.5 million since senior teachers in the program would displace junior teachers in the regular programs.)

The other change is that the district’s state funding was cut $1.7 million. That money was supplanted by the federal stimulus program. If the money isn’t found next year, just maintaining the program, to the exclusion of all other cost increases, would require a 4% tax increase.

On a final note, the board discussed crafting new policies related to personnel and presenting controversial topics. However, I believe there is a growing consensus that 2,000 pages of policies and regulations is too much and that the board needs to begin reducing, not increasing, that number.

Like the turtle, consistently moving forward will ultimately win the day. Still, I’d rather go fast. Our students don’t have the luxury of time.
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Anonymous said...

Did you do anything about the coach yet?

Aberdeener said...

Another Churchill quote - A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject.

Anonymous said...

Get ready for the large tax increase by this overspending school district. All the rhetoric, and we are being set up by this board of elitists and high priced superintendent to raise our taxes again. Draconian cuts, RTI, what bullshit. After two years of asking and asking, still no report! This board of elitists did not even know the true cost of this failure? Once again more money being thrown at a problem with no measureable results. Ruprecht, the superintendent's priorities weren't distorted last year when he had a zero percent increase and asked for a huge raise, and got in part thanks to your vote. This board of elitists can not impose an increase in a recession and our high priced superintendent gets paid well enough to decide what needs to be cut. This board of elitists and high priced administration does not understand the economics of this community and what we can afford at this time. Joey, stand up and fight for the people that you represent and stop falling prey to this slow moving bunch of phonies.

Anonymous said...

You are such a jerkoff, did it ever occur to you that the question keeps coming up because of a legitimate concern?

No, you don't, because it will never directly affect someone you care about. You claim to be this great savior to the school board, but all you are is a little man with a huge ego. Go F yourself!

Post prior is an idiot said...

Idiot personified wrote the last comment.

Anonymous said...

Post prior, you can suck it too.

Anonymous said...

I don't think that the last couple of posters could pass the high school standards test.

Joey Warren Has Herpes said...

Anyone that posts from here on out is a scumbag that beats their wife just like Warren beats his. He never answers legitimate questions because he's a coward. I had leaked info on what his next blog was about. I posted a question about the Republican chairman's bitch, and he ignored it. He's a slimy coward and I hope he grows an inoperable tumor in his throat. Fuck you Warren, and the Republican dick you rode in on.

Anonymous said...

Herpes? Sorry to hear that Joey. Good luck with that.

Ignorance rules the day said...

Too bad !

Anonymous said...

Kauff's boys seem to be getting desperate!

Anonymous said...

What did Coren and Drapkin do when they went out together on Coren's boat?

Anonymous said...

Maybe they had sex with joey on the boat. M)be that's where he got herpes from.

Deflect Dems! Deflect! said...

Deflect Dems, Deflect!
Do your best, you have less than 2 weeks to draw the attention away from your 14 YEARS OF CONTROL. 12 YEARS of controlling all 7 seats.
Deflect Dems, Deflect! Make fun of Joey, talk about sex, herpes, whatever, to take the spot light off the blue and yellow team that is just 4 stooges and Kauff puppets.
Deflect Dems, Deflect!

The curse of Kauff said...

The Coren, Kauff and all the rest thing should be over soon. Then all we will have to do is wait for Kauff to approve his secret developmental deals that will ruin Aberdeen. They will fill the schools with kids, overburden the already overburdened taxpayers and then he will move out of the town he ruined. Hopefully Kauff will move to a federal prison.

Anonymous said...

As someone that moved to Aberdeen back in July, i find it very hard to vote for the Republican candidates. Not that this township does not need a change, but because of this blog. If this is how the republicans act in this town we are in trouble. the republican candidate for mayor has posted on this site numerous times, so I feel he supports this blog and what is posted. If that is the case he will be very scary when elected. This blog is just a way of one party showing its hatred and that is something this township does not need.

Anonymous said...

As a newcomer to town you should be asking the Democrats why this little local election is worth over $50,000 in fundraising from 4 firms and principals of firms that do business with the town.

Republicans post on here because it is free and they don't have the funds to combat what the democrats are doing with Pay-to-Play dollars, the township newsletter, and endless township press releases.

Anonymous said...

I can not wait to feast on the bloated carcass of the Aberdeen Republican party. MMMMMMM! YUMMY!!!!

Anonymous said...

Drapkin just stays on council so he can sell those nifty neon signs.

Kiss My Kauff said...

Lies? Lies? All lies?

Is it not amazing how the D's can now claim in their latest campaign flier that so many County or Sate road improvements were because of their leadership. They want to make us think that now their leadership was responsible, even for county and state road improvement projects. Was it? Or were they merely consulted because these improvements were coming to our town?

It seems they want us to think they even make the asphalt and lay it on the ground for us. The only ones who will make money with such projects is CME. You can be sure CME ate up all of the money from the supposed state grants Aberdeen recieved. You can be sure of that 100%.

The Lloyd Rd. problems have been problems long before the D's were in power. That problem has effected all of us and has been stalled for over twenty years. Now they want to claim the D's were responsible for the most major traffic nightmare area in town since the state is finally going to fix it. How about pushing the issue years ago and getting it done all those years ago?

The road program is once again the most important thing for the voters to be interested in according to the D's. That is the pride of the D's campaign? How about listing all of the moneys made by CME from all of these projects? How about listing the CME and Dave Samuel' contributions to the D's campaign? How about the legal fees paid and to who for all of the developments Boss Kauff is about to approve?

That seems to be the only thing that they can really ever take pride in is the road program with all of its inflated costs. That is not leadership. That is no-bid contracts and corruption at taxpayer expense with rewards and payoffs to Boss Kauff and the D's campaign. Pay to play my ass.

Here is my example of the corrupt CME and the D's funding sources fort campaign 2009. Let's see Aberdeen has a $2.5 million dollar road program in 2009. CME gets 20% that's $500,000.00. Kauff's cut is 10% or $50,000.00. Democratic campaign costs $50,000.00. Just a Kauffincidence?

They tell us all the parks and the beach are important and the D's improved them this year. They offer no more proof then a volleyball court. They only highlight the beach during elections. You want to see a beach improvement? Look at Laurence Harbor.

They ask for our trust in this latest flier as the reason to allow the candidates to lead into the future? Can we trust them if Kauff remains in charge to be their BOSS? Notice they did not mention the Vinci road improvements on Lower Main St. that cost the county taxpayers $850,000.00 to keep a whining Vinci quiet.

NO WE CANNOT keep quiet! For one very simple reason that spells it all out plain and simple.

K A U F F I S C O R R U P T !

Same corruption under Kauff just with different names on the ticket. It is not the candidates that cost us so much. It is Kauff and all of his corruption as their Lord and master.

Corzine wins we lose.

Kauff wins we lose.

Anonymous said...

Nice D mailed received today. The title was "Keep the Money Flowing to CME Engineering" and why 99% of capital dollars go to street improvements. And why 25% of that goes to CME. The price of a flier is a small Kauff investment to keep the blood flowing.

F N K said...

F KUAFF and his corrupt heart.

Anonymous said...

Joey What is the total budget amount for the Board of Education?

80 million? that would be a 1.6 million dollar increase. that would be about a $250 dollar increase in my taxes.....

F-FNK said...

FNK is an internet pedophile..just like Coren

F N K said...

Appears that some of the children are not in bed. This is based on the last idiotic anonymous posting.

Get Mommy to make you some warm milk and read you a bedtime story. Try having her read you the one about the corrupt monster that drains the taxpayers bank accounts for his 'close personal friends'. Be careful though it is very scary. Reality is very scary in Aberdeen under the DEMOCRATS.

F-FNK said...

Yes, I am anonymous FNK. I am just not brave enough to use my full name like you do.

I give you credit for putting yourself out there and using your full name in your posts.

This is especially brave when you have an uncommon name like FNK, what were your parents thinking?

Aberdeener said...

The tax levy is $43.8 million. A 2% increase would run about $80 more per household next year.

Feeling Duped said...

After reading the Independent, Charles Kenny, board president is quoted as saying, "This $1.7 million stimulus, in part, permitted us to have a zero tax levy increase this budget year." You and the others voted O'Malley and Irons huge salary increases, in part, based on them securing a zero tax levy. Where was the mention that the stimulus money was the reason for the zero tax increase not our two wonder administrators. Where was the mention that this stimulus money will not be a recurring revenue source. This was a one year trick and it seems the board fell for it in giving these salary increases, either knowing it was a one time shot, or worse yet as Charles Kenny says, "We are now aware that this stimulus money will not be a recurring revenue source." Now aware? They did not know? It seems like the board president is getting ready to blame no stimulus money for our tax increase this year. Why wasn't the public informed that the zero increase, in part, was because of stimulus money and would probably be for only one year? If the stimulus money was, in part, the reason for the zero increase why did the superintendent and business administrator get all the credit and given large pay increases? Board member after board member, including yourself, stated the zero increase was a big factor in determining the financial incentives. What you say?

Aberdeener said...


I can't speak for the other board members but you are correct in that I did support O'Malley's raise in large part on his ability to cut spending, have a zero tax levy increase, and still expand services.

You're also correct that I was unaware stimulus funds were used to cover a recurring cost item.

However, even knowing that, I would have voted the same way.

These stimulus funds were only used to cover money the state had withdrawn. In other words, we were able to fund an existing program that would have otherwise been cut.

I don't see how this diminishes O'Malley's accomplishments. We're still spending $600,000 less than the prior year while expanding services and improving academic performance.

If the economy improves, we will see renewed state funding. If the economy doesn't improve, more cuts will have to be made.

Anonymous said...


I understand your logic, but i don't understand how you can critisize the town. The town is spending $577,000 less this year than last year and has increased services, the town recieved no stimulus funds nor state aid and the BOE did.

Anonymous said...

The town isn't spending less. That is a lie. It is just using less tax money because it is spending down on reserves, delaying payment on mandated pension contributions, and taking reserve funds from the library that should go to improvements. The lower tax spending in the budget is an election year trick that should fool nobody!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren,

As you so hypocritically stated in your 9/21/09 post "Aberdeen's Revised Budget Needs Revision":

"Well, well, well, where shall we begin?"

Well, Mr. Warren, for starters...

Mr. Warren on the Township's budget on 9/21/09:

"Let’s start with the $577,000 cut." (which Mayor Sobel publicly said required no cuts in services, no furloughs, and no layoffs)

Mr. Warren on the BOE's budget on 10/23/09:

"We're still spending $600,000 less than the prior year while expanding services and improving academic performance."

Mr. Warren on the Township's budget on 9/21/09:

"Toss in the deferred pension payments and the $184,000 in library funds, and you’re looking at close to $150 for the average house were it not for costly one-time gimmicks."

Mr. Warren on the BOE's budget on 10/23/09:

"You're also correct that I was unaware [one-time] stimulus funds were used to cover a recurring cost item."

Again, Mr. Warren on the BOE's budget on 10/23/09:

"These stimulus funds were only used to cover money the state had withdrawn ... If the economy improves, we will see renewed state funding. If the economy doesn't improve, more cuts will have to be made."

In short, Mr. Warren...

Today, you were so quick to blame the BOE's "one-time gimmicks" on the economy and loss of state aid. But, you were completely unwilling to grant the Township the benefit of that reasoning on 9/21/09.

Perhaps, it's because your reasoning tends to follow your political leanings.

Credibility is like crystal, Mr. Warren... Easily broken, nearly impossible to fix.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10/23/09 @ 2:42 pm,

You're use of the word "lower tax spending" is an oxymoron and you are an actual moron.

You clearly didn't read (assuming you can read) the budget because the Township's spending decreased by $577,000. There is no gimmick, no trick. Indeed, $577,000 less is going out the door of town hall in 2009, than went out in 2008.

Also, the Township is not "using less tax money," but is using about $400,000 more. That is, the Township needs about $8.1 million from property owners in 2009, when it needed $7.7 million in 2008. That is why the taxes are going up an average of $52 per property, dumbass.

The reason the Township needed more money from taxpayers is because it lost a large amount of state aid. The Township also received no federal stimulus money despite its efforts to obtain it. The horrid economy also means tax collections are down. Further, other revenue sources, like investments, building permits, court fines, business licenses and other fees collected by the Township are also down.

So, when all revenue is down, spending cannot remain the same unless taxes go up significantly (see, e.g., Trenton). Thus, the Mayor and Council found ways to cut discretionary spending and push other required spending (contractual pension payments) to the future, when the economy will presumably be (and we all pray it will be) better.

This is called fiscal responsibility. There were no massive bonding blitzes or massive spending of reserves. Of the approximately $1 million revenue shortfall the Township was facing in 2009, it cut spending $577,000, and reluctantly asked taxpayers to ante up about $400,000.

If you had a better solution, I'm sure it would have been welcomed. But, then again, it's clear that you never read the budget and have no idea what you're talking about. So, perhaps, you should put down your Republican political brochure and educate yourself on the actual circumstances of the Township before blindly criticizing our elected officials for political gain...

F U Norm said...

The town council used FUNNY MATH for this years budget! Your mayoral candidate fill-in for Gallo voted for the costly pension deferrals and more one time quick fixes. Nothing is as it seems this year and just wait until next years tax increases when no one is running for office.

If ????? the Dems get in this election they will furlough employees, cut services and far more in next years budget. They will NOT touch the Kauff faithful $$$$$$ however. No cuts to the road program, Kauff's legal services and Of Counsel fees, CME fees and much more will not even be discussed.

You see Kauff and company cannot afford to live on any less $$$$.
It is their greed that we get to pay for if Kauff gets in again. If the Dems win just bend over because we will all get screwed royally.

Vote corruption and greed OUT !

Ask Perry why he voted NO said...

Ask Councilman Perry why he voted against all of the quick fixes that Kauff ordered the others to approve that supposedly fixed the budget to allow no furloughs and layoffs. That is the only person anyone can trust in Aberdeen. The rest are scum and beholding to Norman Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Minutolo (aka FU Norm),

No one even knew who you were when you were a Councilman. It was lucky for you that Vinci had to be your running mate every election. You were only elected mulitiple times because of his popularity.

Your bitterness at being kicked out of the Dems for your indiscretions (you know what I mean) is palpable. The fact that you've completely bungled the Republicans' 2009 campaign is entirely expected and hilarious.

Not that you had any credibility to begin with, but the "FUNNY MATH" was posted at 3:24 p.m. and is posted on at least three different websites state-wide. Try seeing things without your bitterness and personal vendetta against Kauff for blackballing you. It will serve you and your candidates much better over the next two weeks...

Aberdeener said...


The town council has deferred $457,898 in pension payments. Whoever calls that a spending cut is a liar. Not only has that money been spent but now we'll be paying interest on top of it. The school district paid its pension obligations.

The town council has also been spending down our reserves. The school district had a 2% surplus and funded it's capital fund.

Then there are the obvious places to cut that the township ignored. It could have issued RFQ's for engineering projects instead of awarding hundreds of thousands of dollars a year in no bid contracts. It could have slowed the road program to $1.5 million a year.

At the very least, the councilmen could have taken a symbolic salary cut. (School board members get paid nothing. All the councilmen but Tagliarini are getting salaries and state pensions.)

If it weren't for the pension deferral and the library funds, our municipal taxes would have risen 25% in two years. That's madness.

I'll say it again - Whoever claims a pension deferment is a spending cut is a liar.

Badge of honor if Kauff said...

Jen Gallo, Stuart Brown and Nick M. should wear their dismissals by that SCUMBAG NORMAN KAUFF like a badge of honor.

To all of you who fall in line with the DEVIL OF ABERDEEN MR. NORMAN KAUFF I say F U !

You are spineless and your day is coming. The days of Kauff and his control are numbered. the FEDS are coming Norman. Get ready and pack light. Butt plugs are optional where Kauff is going.

Soon others will be doing to Kauff what he has done to Aberdeen.

The Kauffkins will say we are disgusting. No we are disgusted withe the likes of the Kauffkins and the idiots who vote the party line like VINCI, DRAPKIN and all of the other sniveling cowards.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! My eyes! My eyes! Please, Aberdeener, do us a favor. Never, ever again post the phrase "symbolic salary cut" as in..."At the very least, the councilmen could have taken a symbolic salary cut". Are you for real? Your integrity is "symbolically" skating on very thin ice in that area, Mister Believe What I Say And Not What I Do!

Aberdeener said...

Have you forgotten? Councilmen are public servants, not public employees. Yes, they should have taken a symbolic cut.


Sniveling cowards is too good a name for them. Notice how all of the democratic signs in the Kauff controlled towns are all the exact same color pattern. Owen really scored this year with that. All the signs from all of the KLauff controlled communities and only two color paints to buy. That = bigger profits for Owen for sure.

Does Kauff pay cash?

Hold on a minute.

Mr. Dave Samuels I have a question for you.

Do you bribe Kauff with cash? If so that means that Kauff can pay Owen THE PRINTER Drapkin in cash as well.

Maybe that is the way to go with Kauff and the rest? TAX EVASION !

Hey Mrs. Kauff anytime you want to chime in, feel free. It is good for the soul. Your husband does not have a soul but you may be able to save yours (?).


Anonymous said...


Did you seriously just suggest the Council members take a "symbolic pay cut"? I am honestly dumbfounded at your hypocrisy...

First, you had to qualify the pay cut with "symbolic" because the Council members only get paid $8,000 per year for hundreds of hours of work.

Second, would the "symbolic pay cut" you're referring to be the same one the MARSD administrators took this year?

Oh, that's right, they received massive pay increases this year that you supported. In fact, the pay increases they received would be enough to pay the entire, combined salary of the Township Council.

I think it's fair to say your credibility is lying in shattered pieces on the floor. Don't cut yourself on the shards when you're blowing Nick Minutolo and Tom Aljian...

Anonymous said...

Joey has an awful lot to say about the council, but bring up something pertaining to his responsibility, such as a coach that shouldn't be, and he clams up, or goes on the attack.

Anonymous said...

Actually, after the pay increase Joey just awarded the superintendent, O'Malley's salary for 2009-2010 would be enough to pay the combined salaries of all six members of the Township Council for the next 3 years. Or, put another way, O'Malley's salary for 2009-2010 would be enough to pay the salary of Aberdeen's Mayor until the year 2031.

So, Joey, stop grasping at straws and admit that you're wrong. If the Township had used one-time federal money to fund an otherwise unworkable program, you would have posted on here that the Township should have used the federal money for tax relief.

But, since O'Malley duped you and your idiot Board into giving him a pay raise for a sham 0% tax increase, you're doing what THE TRUTH calls: Deflect! Deflect! Deflect!

Kauffkins know THE TRUTH said...

So much corruption and so little time before the election. Then again the Kauffkins are just attacking the messenger 'Aberdeener", rather then admitting their complicity in the Kauff corruption.

They all know Kauff rapes the Aberdeen's taxpayers with his personal 'campaign' ATM that is known as CME. You see CME and Kauff's other 'close personal friends' fund Kauff's corruption and the campaign to continue that corruption with our hard earned taxpayer dollars. Right Normy? Right Kauffkins?

You know it is all THE TRUTH.

Kauffkins tongue tied? said...

What no response to more disgust concerning the corrupt Kauff.

Hypocrisy Exposed! said...

School Board members are volunteers (they do not get paid)

Firefighters - Volunteers

First Aid Squad - volunteers

Aberdeen Council and Mayor -- Paid and Pensioned

You can't compare elected (volunteer) positions with paid administrators.

A valid comparison is the $10,000 increase the new township manager got this year, as well as major increases for the Assessor and Clerk. Those increases were for a much higher % compared to school administrator increases.

And it only took the township Clerk 9 months to get minutes published. Still no zoning or planning board minutes on the web.

The School administration is improving the schools, getting higher test scores, and saving real money.

The township council is spending reserves down to nothing, financing current pension payments, going on 15 years of development projects not getting done, and they vote themselves and their administrators pay raises. They give favored friends zoning approvals for ill-planned projects like on Cambridge, and they vote themselves pay raises for volunteer positions.

Kauff, Tagliarini, Sobel, Drapkin, Lauro - Hypocrites! They have no honor.

More lies in latest flier said...

Wait until you read it.

Someone ??????????? needs to get their mouth washed out with soap for telling all those lies to the voters and taxpayers in Aberdeen.

I will compliment the creator of the ad. Not one spec of truth is in the entire piece but it lokks good. Maybe Norm got some Corzine people to craft this latest STRETCHING OF THE TRUTH for this flier. But after all it is not about telling the voters the truth. It is after all about keeping Kauff in place and the monster that is CME fed.

The candidates claim they will watch our tax dollars carefully?


They will watch the exact same Kauff people feed off the taxes unchecked.

They will, just like Fred just did with the pension deferral and other one trick pony type changes will be used to ensure that every smoke and mirror magic trick is used to make people think they are doing anything other then exactly what Kauff tells them to do.

There is more on the flier but I have to go throw up now.

Lies like those turn my stomach.

So very sad said...

No surprises in flier. But how much money do fliers like that cost Owen?

CME is obviously investing so big from such fliers to ensure Normy, I mean stays in control of Aberdeen.

Couple questions for the D candidates.

How can any of you look at yourselves in the mirror? How can you knock on a taxpayers door, look them in the eye and lie to them about being your own woman or man in this election. You know you will never have an independent though the entire time you might serve in office. If you dare ask a question Norm does not like you will certainly have the same fate as Gallo, Brown and Minutolo.

Too late I guess at this point though to reconsider being a lackey for Norm. To merely be a Norm puppet against the people you may take an oath to serve "to the best of your ability" will be disgraceful? You know you are being used and that the taxpayers will continue to suffer, yet you will take up arms with Norm against your friends and families.

Talk about selling one self so cheaply.

Sad so very sad.

Just remember if you get elected you will know exactly when the end of your political careers will arrive.

It is called the reorganization meeting.

So many questions for D leadership said...

What is this about minutes not being printed? Is there no punitive action for that sort of thing not being available to the public on time?

Is the manager and council not alarmed when they violate the public' ability to access that information in accordance with, I don't know the Sunshine Laws of the State of New Jersey? Sunshine Laws what am I saying? I almost forgot about the Mr. Kauff and Bobby Axlerod "breakfast meetings" held under the guise of "supposed" Democratic Club meetings that they had to hold for some reason, I don't know out of town. Those meetings violated the Sunshine Laws didn't they violate the Sunshine Laws Mr. Kauff? Didn't they violate the Sunshine Laws all of you elected officials who attended the meetings?

Mr Kauff and our elected officials what does that word "quorum" mean?




Don't be alarmed Mr. Kauff the FEDS know about those meetings too.

I myself would like to see all council meetings broadcast for public review. The taxpayers who pay the bills, and CME and Mr. Kauff' bills deserve full access to their elected officials, their actions and votes cast, this is especially true in these busy and very difficult economic times when most families do not have any extra time to attend such meetings due to trying to just pay their taxes. Shouldn't families be able to look at such meeting recaps from their dining room table? Don't they have that right Mr. Kauff? What do you think Freddy, Jimmy, Greg and Maggy?

You know what? That would have been a great question for, I don't know a debate or A meet and greet with all of the candidates seeking our votes to be held in a neutral forum.

No such luck on the democratic side of that ever happening in Aberdeen. Right Mr. Kauff? As the holder of the puppet strings Mr. Kauff does not allow that sort of thing. Do you Mr. Kauff?

What are you afraid of Mr. Kauff?

While I am at it how about televising the Planning and Zoning Board meetings while you are at it Mr. Kauff? We could all see the Mr. Kauff corruption unfold firsthand just as they say in "live and in living color".



Who is responsible? Who should be held accountable if such things are not available as stated under the law in a specific time frame?

And the D's want four more years?

Not with my vote they won't get it.

post above is right on the mark said...

I await the Kuffkins denials and deflection.

Please Clear Things Up said...

The opening line on the Independent article this week states the MARSD will use federal stimulus funds to expand programs for special needs programs. Later in article Charles Kenny is quoted as saying the $1.7 million permitted us to have a zero tax levy. He then states, "it allowed us to not jeopardize approximately 25 teaching positions by having these funds in our budget." How can that money be used to expand special ed and to save 25 teaching positions? You stated the stimulus money was used to cover money the state had withdrawn and you were able to fund "existing" programs that would have been cut. Was the money used to sustain existing programs our as the article states, new special education programs? If the money is not in next years budget, which is a good possibilty, will the special ed programs stay and the 25 teachers cut, or vise versa? The federal government suggests the money should not be invested in unsustainable continuing committments after the funding expires. Did this district do just that with the taxpayers having to make up the difference this year? If that is the case, that is not financial conservatism. Did you start new programs that can't be sustained knowing the money may not be available, or did it pay for existing programs? It seems that rejoicing in last years zero tax levy without exposing the real reason (stimulus money), continuing and or starting new programs that may not be sustainable, is going to cost us considerably this year.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren stated that the stimulus money was used to fund existing programs that would have been cut. What is this about funding programs for special needs students with the stimulus money?

Aberdeener said...

Clear Things,

The $1.7 million referenced in the article was used specifically to fund the teacher salaries (not benefits, pensions, or other expenses) in RTI. The stimulus money targeted jobs created or saved - these were jobs saved since we lost funding from the state.

However, there was other federal grant money. At the last board meeting, I questioned the creation of two positions through IDEA grants (I believe). The appointments are new so the individuals won't have tenure should the funding end but school districts have a tendency to expand, not shrink. I've agreed to the two new positions but with reluctance for the very reasons you suggest; we can't create permanent positions with temporary funds.

Taxpayer$ $crewed again said...

Aberdeen was N/A in an article about $ick day$/$aved payout$ for retirement. Almost every town provided their information. ??? not Aberdeen though. Any candidates running for office who may be about to cash in? Is that why Aberdeen's leadership did not make that info available? Norm may have kept that info unavailable intentionally? You see Norm must have not wanted that info out in such an article due to the upcoming election. The Payout fund for statewide or local payouts is owed $1,000,000,000.00 by the state fund it seems.

That's a BILLION $.

Wow !

I make tons of money Jimmy said...

Could it be that Democrat candidate Lauro, who makes a whopping $145,000 a year, that is right, $145,000 a year, is also owed a boat load of pay that would be for accrued sick days? DIng, ding, ding, CORRECT. I am sure Normy doesn't want that info public before the election.

Anonymous said...

Lauro has put in what, 30 years and makes $140,000 a year. That's not to much, give me a break. He also sat in as the Township Manager and didn't receive 1 extra cent. He deserved the money, stop crying.

Anonymous said...

As far as I know - Jimmy Lauro has 42 years of service

Anonymous said...

42 years? C'mon people he has put in a lot of time in this community. Don't hate the guy because he is earning more than you, he has done a good job and deserves the money.

Anonymous said...

42 years as a good Vinci / Kauff soldier, whose latest orders are to run and be the "Vinci" of this year's ticket. All Hail King Vinci and Price Jimmy.

Anonymous said...

get off Lauro, he is a good guy.

Anonymous said...

"Jimmy Lauro has 42 years of service"

What Service? It is called a job, a paid position. He did a job, he got paid.

Volunteering is service to the community!! Not a paid job.

Anonymous said...

Forget the D's for a second. I would like to know more about the Chairman of the R party and his car insurance fraud. That is more important. No one here could prove anything against the D's its all heresay, but his wifes car has Florida license plates and she lives in Jersey for more then 9 months that is out right fraud. All the stuff that everyone is saying is probably 90% bull, no Proof. But here is something that is trully illegal and it seems that it is fine with evryone because he is now an R.

Aberdeener said...

The moment someone says "No one here could prove anything against the D's its all heresay," he's lost all credibility and doesn't deserve a response.

Anonymous said...

But anonymous so concerned with a Fla. registered car does not want to discuss the millions gifted to the Kauff faithful. Hypocrite? More like deflect and deny at its Kauff orchestrated best.

Anonymous said...

I love when Greg posts on here.....

Anonymous said...

As an attorney, I'm sure Cannon would have known how to spell "hearsay" if he authored the post above...

Just saying...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yeah like Attorney's never lie and break the law. Never! Isn't that right Norm?

Anonymous said...

Hey Joey, how are those herpes doing?

Anonymous said...

Forget the personal insults. Just vote!! The Aberdeen D's are not real Democrats! They are self-enriching, pay-to-play leaches.

Tagliarini is the perfect example of hypocrisy - An R until 6 months ago.

Cannon - a resident since ? is it 3,6, 9 months.

Lauro - a leach on the pension system.

These D's aren't worth the toilet paper on Kauff's ass.

THE TRUTH said...






Anonymous said...

Lauro a leach on the system? They guy has paid his dues, get a life. Just because you make $8 an hour at McDonalds don't get mad at Lauro.

Anonymous said...

Once again the person imitating the truth has shown that ignorance is genetic.

Just remember one thing you deserve what you get when you vote. So when Kauff stays in control if the election goes that way he will continue to rape and pillage all of the hard working taxpayers of Aberdeen. Kauff will just have four new faces to front for him.


Anonymous said...

When will Joey address the police calls involving the football coach ?????

Anonymous said...

What is the police call thing about?

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't we all like to know, something about a coach being locked up, Joey refuses to even address it

Anonymous said...

See what I mean? He's too busy posting his pipe dream ego trip fairy tales about what he would do if he was mayor to respond.

To quote the Kauff haters.."THE SILENCE IS DEAFENING!" It happened, that's a fact. Did they do anything over at the BOE?...add the cricket noise here. chirp chirp chirp...

Aberdeener said...

If you're such a competent reader, why don't you review the dozen or so comments I've already posted on the subject.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I am a competent reader, I am also concerned about this, as it may (weather you want to admit it or not) put someone in unnecessary danger of assault (as HAS already happened, which you people did NOTHING about).

You want me to stop bringing this up? Ok. 1 word answer, yes or no.

Has the board removed any coaches recently?

That vague line of questioning shouldn't violate any of your confidentiality problems.

Aberdeener said...

The board only has the power to act upon the superintendent's recommendations regarding personnel.

To be honest, I've never seen anyone terminated in our district so I don't even know if that requires board action or not.

To answer your question, I don't think anybody's been fired in the last couple of years.

Aberdeener said...

As for coaches, I don't recall any change in staffing since the original roster was approved.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, that is unfortunate, but thanks for the answer.