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Aberdeen’s September

As the self-proclaimed “second-most hated man in Aberdeen”, I have a pretty thick skin. But the one criticism that really goads me is the claim that you can’t believe anything on this blog because it’s all hearsay, fiction, or lies. Considering the vast documentation on this site of egregious improprieties, an incredulous volume that belies the size of our tiny hamlet, one would have hoped for shock, dismay, and a demand for answers. Instead, defenders of the status quo have chosen to denigrate this blog. And, to a large extent, they have succeeded.

(Note: All of the below quotes are taken from Winston Churchill, a great man who was frequently vilified for being right.)

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

During the past several months, I have refrained from investigative reporting to dedicate more time to my position on the school board. However, I never imagined that in just six months people would forget the allegations, the evidence, the pure chicanery that betrays the very premise of clean government.

“You have enemies? Good. That means you've stood up for something, sometime in your life.”

So, for everybody who’s forgotten what this upcoming election is all about, I’ve chosen to review last month, September, just a single month, as a sample of what happens in our town.

“The truth is incontrovertible, malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end; there it is.”

In September, the township balanced its budget during a recession by increasing taxes, taking “surplus funds” from the library, and suspending payments to the pension fund. The township then postponed discussions of building Section 8 housing on County Rd. until after the election.

Also in September, Councilman Vinci opened a new home equity line of credit for $242,000. That, by itself, is of no consequence but the number itself is peculiar. According to the latest property assessment, his property is worth over $350,000. Why not ask for a line of $245,000 or $25000? Why $242,000? Well, by coincidence, his prior assessment valued his house at $246,000 (using an equalization factor of .37). Why did his assessment increase so dramatically? Because the prior assessment didn’t include the 8,688 sq. feet of property he purchased from the state and township for the grand price of $2.

It could all be a coincidence but, if I was planning to subdivide my property, I would only take a line for the portion that wouldn’t be separated, just like Councilman Vinci did.

It’s too bad the rest of us can’t get those great land deals. On September 15th, Donald McMahon, a resident of Cliffwood Beach, purchased 3,460 sq. feet of land from the township. Like Vinci’s situation, the land was unused, vacant, and adjacent to his property. Unlike Vinci, McMahon had to pay $15,000.

“An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile, hoping it will eat him last.”

John Samaha of Samaha Farms also has to deal with the township on occasion. Earlier this year, he requested permission to join lots so that his property could meet the 5-acre farmland requirement. As part of the resolution, he was asked to sacrifice 2,836 sq. feet for a road improvement program. Last month, the township paid him $1 for the land. (Note: The argument's been made that Samaha voluntarily agreed to the deal, he greatly benefited from the lot consolidation, and it is therefore inappropriate for me to claim he was victimized.)

By contrast, the county needed to buy two small parcels of land at the Lloyd Rd.-Rt.34 intersection to add some turn lanes. The county paid $36,300 in September.

Another interesting real estate purchase in September was from Matawan Borough Councilman Cannon. Looks like he’s moving back to Aberdeen, again, which would explain his decision to not seek re-election. The interesting part, though, is that he was able to purchase the property with only a $5,000 down payment. He probably used the same mortgage broker as his son, Gregory Cannon, democratic candidate for township council, who only made a $4,000 deposit on his property. It’s good to know such loan conditions are still available.

”There are a terrible lot of lies going about the world, and the worst of it is that half of them are true.”

I don’t print everything I know. Sometimes I give people the benefit of the doubt. Other times, I trust the source but can’t find supporting documentation. That doesn’t mean these things didn’t happen. When I read anonymous comments, I often pursue the stories and many times I find them to be true but I can’t get the documentation without jeopardizing my sources. There’s so much that can be proven, I don’t need these other stories to justify my case – that we, the community of Aberdeen, have been done dirty by those we elected to represent us.

”Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body. It calls attention to an unhealthy state of things.”

I and most of the readers on this blog are so critical, so vehement in our opposition to corruption, because we love this town. We’re angry and we’re loud because we know clean, competent, and limited government is the best hope for our community’s future. I am not always right but, the next time you hear someone criticize this blog, ask yourself this – Is the Aberdeener right at least half the time and isn’t that enough to prove his point?
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Anonymous said...


Hate to burst your bubble here, but your musings always display your ignorance.

You have just insuinated something improper happened in the Samaha family having given an easement to the Township in the amount of $ 1.00.

Yet the evidence countering your insinuation is in the very documentation you provided.

1) According to the Zoning Board Agenda, the Board approved a subdivision for Samaha on December 10, 2008.

2) The Deed of Easement you included clearly indicates, on its second page, that the Deed is being given in accordance with the December 10, 2008 Resolution.

Contrary to your uninformed musings, this was not something which just transpired out of nowhere last month. If you had taken two seconds to actually read the text of the Deed you would have seen this.

It seems to me what happened here is that the Samaha family offered this easement as an incentive for the Zoning Board to grant the subdivision approval.

Such an offer is completely normal and routine in land use applications in every town in America. Check the deeds for any town where any sort of road or sidewalk development is occuring and you will see these type of $ 1.00 deeds. They are not at all irregular. Afterall, in any application before a Planning or Zoning Board, you have to prove your project is giving some benefit to the Township. Based upon the evidence you have provided, this appears to have been the reason for this Deed.

There is nothing nefarious or even remotely wrong in an applicant making such an offer to the town.

Unless you have evidence that the Samahas were illegally forced to offer this easement, I think your insinuations are improper and completely misplaced.

I know the Samaha Family. They are very good people and dragging their name into your own personal vendetta against the Township, without first learning all of the facts, shows the quality of character you actually have. You should be ashamed!

You sir are no Winston Churchill!
He never would have cast
aspersions without first verifying the facts of what he was speaking.

Aberdeener said...

Thanks for the catch. I've updated the article to show the transaction was part of the original ordinance.

However, I still think it's wrong for the township to not give fair compensation when taking property. An easement is akin to taking property since the owner loses rights to his land. And the township has been taking lots of people's land without fair compensation, excluding those connected to a certain councilwoman.

Anonymous said...

This was for the improvements of Lloyd road by the county.

Anonymous said...

How do you know that Councilman Vinci opened a new home equity line of credit for $242,000. ?

Aberdeener said...

I posted a link to the document. Anything that involves a "lien" against a property is public record.

Anonymous said...

Again you just don't get it Joey.

You say: "However, I still think it's wrong for the township to not give fair compensation when taking property. An easement is akin to taking property since the owner loses rights to his land."

This implies that the Township "took" the Samaha's property without giving anything in return.

THAT ISN'T THE CASE. Again, as per your own evidence:

1) According to the Zoning Board Agenda you've shown us, the Board granted the Samaha Family approval for a "subdivision, use variance and lot consolidation".

2) In exchange, according to the Deed you've shown us, the Samaha's granted the Township a 30 ft. easement.

To me, it sure sounds like the Samaha's got the better end of the deal. They received a subdivision, a use variance and a lot consolidation.

All the Township got in return was a 30 ft. wide easement.

In my opinion it sounds like the Samaha's got the better end of the deal. Considering establishing a benefit for the Township is a mandatory aspect of any land use application, your implication something wrong occurred here is just misplaced.

Joey - You really need to learn what you are talking about before you post these blogs. The fact you've already had to edit this one for a major factual error only minutes after you posted it is evidence enough you don't have a clue.

F U Kauff said...

Well it is obvious that the Aberdeener is wrong according to the latest ANONYMOUS EXPERT ???????????????????????????????????

Let us revisit the history of Kauff and his forty thieves since our anonymous expert has chosen to whoop on the Aberdeener this evening.

Anonymous expert:

How about explaining the $1.00 Vinci land grab(s) before anyone defends the supposed proper and above board actions of our (corrupt) leadership in Aberdeen regarding the Samaha property. You claim these supposed $1.00 deeds "happen all of the time". They do happen quite often and most of the time such $1.00 deeds come with significant deed restrictions against development, sale for development and much more. Do they not "anonymous expert"? That is unless of course you are Councilman Vinci (aka) THE LAND BARON OF OAKSHADES. "Anonymous Expert" Don't embarrass yourself. You are not the expert you purport yourself to be. You probably cow-tow to Kauff too. What do you see at night when the darkness comes? I see Kauff in a jail cell.

Our supposed "anonymous expert" also claims that Samaha "offered the easement as an incentive for the subdivision approval"? We are not that stupid. It seems there have been a whole lot of questionable incentives offered to the Aberdeen Town Council leadership, Zoning Board, Planning Board and without question King Kauff, for a long time now. If $$$$ are not offered there is the "SILENT PROOF" from the council leadership as to the infamous PARKING LOT SHAKEDOWN" that Kauff has used quite well. You don't think Bob Mc_ _ _ was the first?
Don't kid yourself if you don't ante up to Kauff you don't get.

Lauro, Montone, Cannon and Tag have no idea what will be coming at them if they win on election day. Enjoy La Strada this year Norm.

Then our anonymous expert says that "applicants have to prove that a development has some benefit to the town"? Who do you think you are talking to? We are not like the easily led board members that Kauff stacks the deck with on his boards.

Where is the benefit (and don't give me that COAH bullshit again) of the Hwy. 34 Ciffelli and county Road developments that Kauff is trying to hold off on giving his "bought and paid for" approvals until after the election. Where is the benefit to the town with those two "connected projects"? Where was the benefit with all of the easily approved Ciaglai properties all these years? Where will the benefit be for all of those residents on County Road and on 34 who will have to live with. Where is the benefits for the County Road residents who will have to live with the Low Income Housing and Sec8 tenants that will come just as soon as Kauff approves these development just as soon as the election is over.

Try this one on for size anonymous expert. Where has the "benefit to the community" been since that sign went up on that piece of property on Church Street over three years ago now, that was touting senior housing with an occupancy for the fall of 2009? Stuart Brown (the forced out by Kauff) Town Manager before Kauff's most recent "stellar" choice, was really the one that got that project back on track after the "DEVELOPER WALKED AWAY ???". Brown removed that unsafe and unsightly building and what did he get for that fine job? Stuart Brown got kicked to the curb for not allowing Kauff and CME the keys to the Aberdeen ATM. That is a man of honor in my book. That building on Church Street sat as adanger to the community for over twenty years while the "NOW CONVICTED" SEXUAL PREDATOR MARK CORREN "THE THEN TOWN MANAGER" AND KAUFF "THE THEN TOWN ATTORNEY" DID

My sadness and contempt in the likes of Fred Tag and the others will be shown on election day.

F U Kauff !

Anonymous said...

By the way, have you ever bothered to check whether these other $ 1.00 easements you refer to were also associated with planning or zoning board applications? I'll bet you good money they all were.

Keep in mind, easement deeds associated with land use approvals do not always refer back to resolutions. You would have to go to townhall and find out for yourself.

Based upon you having missed the obvious this time around, I'm sure you've never bothered to do that!

Your credibility is so suspect and lacking. But then again you really have never cared about the truth have you?

Its so damn sad. Winston Churchill you are not!

Anonymous Expert said...

"Anonymous Expert"? I like that name and I think I will adopt it. Thanks FU KAUFF.

See here is the difference between the two of us. My response to our pal Joey was solely based upon the evidence supplied by Joey himself.

Your message contains no such evidence. Can you supply one citation to anything you have stated? Of course you can't.

See, I don't talk about things I do not understand. I don't know Councilman Vinci nor do I know anything about his new home line of credit. As such, I won't comment on it. Apparently the same can't be said for you or the Aberdeener who just make large leaps into fantasy land without first researching the actual truth.

I do however know the Samahas and when I saw the Aberdeener attack them in his blog, for completely unjustified reasons, it made my blood boil. These are good people and don't deserve to be attacked on these pages, especially when the evidence being provided by the attacker shows exactly the opposite of what is being alleged.

So go F yourself FU KAUFF.

Until you can give some evidence of anything you speak of, I have no time for you. Although I do appreciate you having supplied a name for me. I love it.

Now be gone!

F FU Kauff said...

"Now be gone" by far, the best one I have seen in a long time. I agree, go F yourself, FU Kauff.

Aberdeener said...


You think 3,000 sq. feet of high-traffic roadside property is no big deal? The Samaha's are the victims.

As for the other cases I've listed in the past, you're right that many of them did appear before the zoning or planning boards. I'll look into it some more and get back to you.

Anonymous said...

I know you and know that you are an honorable person that has the best of the community in mind. In the short time you've lived in town you have contributed a significant amount of your time to the community by creating a venue for open public dialogue and ran for the school board.

Of course you get it wrong some times; we all do. In the case of Samaha, let's assume that $1 was a fair price given the Zoning Bd action. I think that the bigger deal in the Samaha case is that they were allowed to combine the two properties, which are primarily not used for agriculture because they have a sweetheart deal with those in power. The reality is that they never pick the corn and only plant it to maintain the agricultural assessment. Good deal if you can get it.

On the other hand, the naysayers that defend the status quo by attacking you feel they are free to reinvent the public record. The last posting on the "Debate that Never Happened" post points this out. Some clown made the case that Gallo never questioned CME Engineering expenses, when the public record indicates that she did.

And while ranting, it's annoying that people talk about proof, as if you are a prosecutor. I agree that unfounded rumors are just that, but proof is better left to a court of law, not a blog. You do your "job" well by providing a good public forum.

The same people that attack you for not doing the prosecutor's job, attacked you for sharing public information that former Township Manager Mark Coren plead guilty to felony charges in Florida for exposing himself to a boy under the age of 16 after luring him to meet via the internet. He was charged, plead guilty and is spending the next 2+ years in a Florida State Prison, and people say that it was improper to share that information. He is on the national sexual predator registry, and his friends say there's something wrong with posting this.

Pretty wild, but people will always try to hide the truth by trying to hide it with meaningless clutter. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


More Revisionist History said...

Gallo Never Questioned CME? Sounds like more revisionist history from Sobel, Drapkin, Lauro, and TagLIARini.

Quoted for the August 5, 2008 Council Workshop meeting minutes:

"Proposal for Engineering Services – 2008 Road Improvement Program:

CME Associates has submitted a proposal dated June 9, 2008 for Engineering Services for the 2008 Road Improvement Program.

Councilwoman Gallo asked to hold off on this contract to be discussed in executive

Mr. Lauro stated this is the Road Improvement Program that we do every year.

Mayor Sobel stated you made a comment about why is this not the same as the four previous bids.

Councilwoman Gallo stated because it wasn't bidded, this is a professional service.

Councilman Drapkin stated the road program does go out to bid, the actual work.

Mr. Lauro stated this is to go out and design the road and do out to bid and get us to the part where contractors bid on the road. CME Associates only does the engineering part of it.

Councilwoman Gallo stated she would like to hold it and discuss it.

Mayor Sobel stated each year we send out RFQ's for professional services, that is planning, legal, engineering, etc. CME was appointed as our engineer for 2008. I am not a bid proponent of putting professional services out to bid. I don't think all engineering firms are created equal, not all legal firms are created equal and not all planning firms are created equal. These are critical activities that place municipalities at a great risk if not done by a good firm.

Councilwoman Gallo stated there are issues within the contract. I am uncomfortable voting on something that I need answers for.

Mayor Sobel stated it will be discussed in executive session."

Not a word in this dialogue has been changed from what is published on the Township's website. It would be interesting to hear the tape of what transpired in Executive Session on this topic. One thing is known: Mrs. Gallo was history after this meeting.

Lauro was at the meeting and now he says it never happened? Do not vote for these liars. They have zero integrity.

October 8, 2009 5:15 PM

PythonFan said...

Evidence? Is not the $20 million Kauff gives to his "close personal friends" enough?

If it is not then good luck with your ignorance. It has served you well up until now.

Please be offended! Be very offended!

Ever wonder how the Samaha's maintain their farm tax status. A farm stand with imported fruit and vegetables may not be enough. Unless of course you have a "friend in Kauff".

Whatever happened to the plans to develop the Samaha property years ago. Did the Kauff and Coren tag-team of Greed stop their plans back then? It seems that Kauff is approving all manner of things since Coren went to jail. What was previously only going to be office and commercial uses on 34 and only self storage facilities on County Road is now all of a sudden, in the retiring Kauff years, all of a sudden be conveniently Kauff=$$$ approval ready residential. To say nothing of profitable for Kauff, CME and all of the rest of the scum.

Try answering some of the true facts and not merely attacking those who make the corrupt facts known. Stop hiding behind the Kauff corruption.

And yet you have contempt for us?

We F- - t in your direction.

Anonymous said...

I believe this is evidence of how Mr. Aberdeener takes small bits of true information and then uses them to draw HIS own preconceived conclusions. He is usually very naive to people and processes. He also makes giant leaps of assumptions about peoples motives. I know someone who tried to correct him on something but he was very arrogant and dismissive. Churchill, I don't think so.

Aberdeener said...

The question on Samaha is whether he was a victim - forced to cede property in order to gain approval for a lot consolidation. I agree Samaha benefited but I don't see how the 3,000 sq ft of land was needed to consummate the resolution. It's like asking for a thousand dollar fee on a $10 million transaction. If there are expenses, a thousand dollars is too low. If there aren't expenses, why charge $1,000.

Regarding the other dollar land deals, Anon is correct that many were legit and necessary to approve certain variances and that I overstated my case. I will note a correction on the prior posting.

The prior post was written almost exactly a year ago but better late than never.

I will always correct a post I believe is wrong. My thanks to Anon for pointing out the error.


They want it both ways it is that simple. They want to defend Kauff and his corruption then seek to embarrass those of who want every taxpayer to know about their corruption.

I commend Ms. Gallo for daring to stand up to Norm. As for those who defend Kauff I say "you are no better then Norm". That should be disturbing to them to be compared to that low life.

On another note I enjoyed the WE RANT post very much. The more LONG WINDED THE BETTER.







Anonymous said...

If Ms. Gallo is so admired for going up against Kauff, then why doesn't she come out publicly with what she knows? It would be the first shred of real evidence. hmmmm unless there isn't any.

Anonymous said...

First, why does it matter that Cannon can get a loan with a low down payment? How does that have anything to do with town government?????????????? So why are you reporting it. You are implying wrong doing. PROVE IT.

Your final statement is very interesting of YOUR MOTIVES: "Is the Aberdeener right at least half the time and isn’t that enough to prove his point?"

Let ME ask all you good folks in Aberdeen. IS 50% accuracy good enough???? Is that the kind of accuracy he is expecting from the students in the school district.

Final thought ----If he was giving out information about YOU personally would 50% accuracy be good enough? Joey Warren you are a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Here let me give you pieces of information about Joey Warren of which may be only 50% accurate.

Joey's name is not on the deed to the house he lives in. Joey's is a member of the school board. Joeys kids do not attend public schools. Joey voted to appoint an employee to the school district who had not filled out an application. Joey made a threat to an elected official. Joey grass is overgrown. The police have made a visit to Joey's house.

Draw your own conclusions.

Aberdeener said...

Councilwoman Gallo cannot speak freely as her son-in-law is employed by the Aberdeen PD.

As for the 50% remark, the point is obvious - there's abundant evidence of wrongdoing, too much to ignore.

But keep attacking. I can take it.

And if you find anything inaccurate, let me know. I'll correct it.

Anonymous said...

Now it's my turn to burst your bubble. Gallo certainly CAN speak, if she chooses to. Aberdeen is a civil service department. Once someone completes their 1 year probation, it's pretty hard to mess with them, and if they did, they would end up getting bit on the ass for it.

Aberdeener said...

I hear ya but I still don't blame her for keeping quiet. Look how few people are willing to post non-anonymous comments on this blog. For Councilwoman Gallo, I'd imagine it's exceptionally difficult.

Anonymous said...

Some more fun facts about Mr. Warren:

1) He is the joke of the school board, who can't even get a second for his ridiculous motions;

2) He's only on the shool board because he ran unopposed;

3) Everyone who meets him in person finds him to be a grating, annoying, little weasel;

4) His grass is overgrown because he's too effeminate to start a lawn mower;

5) He's not the breadwinner in his own household, which is why his name is not on the deed to his home;

6) As if that wasn't emasculating enough, his wife won't even use his last name unless there's a hyphen.

Can't say I blame her!

Aberdeener said...

Thanks for the laugh. I'm enjoying this. :)

Pleaseanswerthe10Mr.Kauff said...

A new all time low for the anonymous scum. But does he/she say anything about the millions stolen by Kauff and Company? No. Do they say anything about the NO BID CONTRACTS? No. And there is so much more they refuse or better yet are told no to comment on. What good little scumbag soldiers.

They are all just puppets and are waiting for their little white envelope from Norm. Payment for this months sucking up. I could use a little extra money how much do they pay for me to let them put a Tag-liar-weenie sign on my lawn. Looks like a good bunch of people need some extra Vinci cash. Then again Vinci is the King of Cash. How many candidates get paid to run for elected office.

As for Gallo she was maligned, criticized, was belittled by Sobel at a council meeting for daring to ask questions and berated by those who were her former brethren on the council. But worst of all she has felt the WRATH OF KAUFF. You can be damn sure her son-in-laws job was put out there as well. At a time when towns are facing layoffs and worse Gallo's
son-in- law would be the first to go. He is the junior man.

Be proud of yourself scumbags once again you did not answer any of the facts!

Anonymous said...

Bet you are, Joey. That's the kind of person you've always been. You enjoy those stinging insults because it means someone is paying attention to you. Someone seems to care about what you're saying because for nearly all of your life, no one has. You have virtually no friends of your own and few acquaintances who really listen to you or take you seriously.

But, here in this blogosphere, people react instantly to what you say. They appear to take it seriously, and some may even act on your words. I know, firsthand, that this has never been the case for you. I know that this blog and the twenty or so people who read it make you feel important, wanted, even needed. Indicative of your sad existence is that while all the other BOE members' online profiles talk about their education or family or career, the main focus of yours is this blog.

As a result, your posts have become increasingly spiteful and sensational, and less supported by fact or documentation. I understand your need to post rumor and innuendo to appease this blog's hateful and vindictive audience, which fulfills your need to feel important and worthy.

You've always been a nobody, overshadowed even by your own wife, but this blog makes you feel important... finally. It's just sad that your insecurities and delusions of grandeur lead to the slander and smearing of bystanders' good names. (See John Cherry and John Samaha, and that's only most recently)

Anonymous said...

Smaaha's connected to Vinci.
Samaha's taking advantage of farm tax
Smahas's let the corn go to seed when they are supposed to pick and sell it. NJ Tax V I O L A T I O N.

Samaha's got Kauffcredit$ = sign loc.

Past Democrat Lies Exposed said...

Go to the website:

and look under the section on the bottom left side that says:

Past Democrat Campaign Propaganda.

Check out some of the lies they have spent lots of money with Councilman Owen Drapkin Printing Inc., printing up nice glossy brochures. Check out the lies listed under "Paving the Way" how the Route 34 intersection and Lloyd Road is mentioned to be improved starting in 2008.

"Fake Republican Leaders Endorse" also mentions Route 34 and Lloyd Road being improved in 2008. It also mentions the beach, imagine that! Look at the people who signed that piece - Dennis Devino - didn't live in town in 2007 and doesn’t live in town today, yet somehow he signed as a Republican leader. Fred Tagliarini – hasn’t been involved with the Republican party in over 10 years, yet he was listed as a Republican leader. Linda Rossi – incorrectly listed as past chair of the party which is wrong, and the story goes that she didn’t sign this letter anyway.

That brings me to my favorite, the “Senior Center”, the awesome new Senior Center the Democrats brought to us here in town – see the nice photos?! In fact, you can go back as far as 2005 to see the Democrats touting out the new Senior Center they are bringing us.

“Don’t Forget Us” post card, Wilhelmina signs her name to the card that says “the municipal tax rate has remained stable for approximately 10 years…”

Look at the Mayor Sobel letter – the Mayor wrote this letter in 2007 and a similar one in 2005, to make sure you all know how good the Dems are on: saving money, no tax increases, and yes that Senior Center again. More lies!

Councilman Owen Drapkin Printing Inc. – STOP THE PRESSES!
I have a feeling all your 2009 pieces will look and feel the same as they did in 2007 and in 2005, and in 2003, etc. You better change your campaign literature, now that the past is captured here. You don’t want to roll out the same old stuff so the public can really see what the Democrats have and have not done, do you?

Stop the madness, the LIES, and end 14 years of TYRANNY!

Elect the Republicans!

Aberdeener said...

I don't see it that way.

Samaha had the opportunity to develop his property at the height of the market and the town said no. He also didn't qualify to sell his land (my understanding) to an open space fund. He's essentially stuck with prime real estate that he can't use.

To take 3,000 sq ft of roadside property as part of a deal to help him qualify for a tax break seems to me like adding insult to injury.

Anonymous said...

Vinci and Samaha are two of residents of Aberdeen who have lived and worked in town for more than fifty years.
I don't doubt that they are "connected" through friendship, acquaintance or otherwise.
However, Samaha owns a bona fide farm.
Samaha is entitled to a property tax break if he owns five acres and sells $500 worth of agricultural products from his land per year.
This is a New Jersey state law, over which town government has absolutely no control.
Samaha clearly sells at least $500 worth of corn, pumpkins, etc. per year.
Samaha could let $1 million worth of corn rot in his field and it makes no difference under NJ law.
If Samaha wanted to subdivide his property and build houses in compliance with the town's Zoning and Planning regulations, then it would require no approvals, be his personal property right and no one could prevent him from doing so.
So, do me a favor, read the controlling law before you scream TAX VIOLATION, moron...


OK genius the tax thing for farms probably says that the land has to be used for that specific farming purpose. Unloading commercial brand fruit and vegetable boxes that they may buy or bringing pumpkins and the like from another farm property, where they probably also have a farm tax deal, may not qualify them for the tax deal for this Aberdeen property. By the way what is with the sign for the excavating business and the big garage with all of those snow plows as well that is tucked into the back of the property. How about the landscape company by the old barn on another part of the property. What is up with all of that? Does all of that just get them another Kauffcredit for the big political sign location or maybe its for political handouts at the register during the Mr. Pumpkin show? This stinks of Vinci!

Anonymous said...

That's great, Aljian. You posted all the Dems' campaign literature on your website? What are you, an idiot?

I just went to the site and it has all the Dems' literature under the heading "propaganda." But, there is no explanation as to why it's bogus or why it can't be trusted. To an uninformed voter (which most are), you're basically advertising for them. I knew you were at a disadvantage to being with, but now I know you have no chance with this bush league stuff.

By the way, the Dems' website isn't advertising your literature, bonehead...

Anonymous said...

Ok, moron. Not "probably," it definitely doesn't say anything about farming purpose. Once again, the only requirements are: 5 acres of land and selling $500 worth of agricultural goods produced on that land.

Samaha sells his own corn and that's about it. Everything else appears to be brought in. But, he clearly sells $500 worth of corn that he grew on the land. It's that simple...

I don't understand your infatuation with Vinci, unless Vinci was an assemblyman when the law was passed in Trenton or he picks and sells the corn for Samaha...

Anonymous said...

Hey uninformed moron, here you go:

"Many of those who own the largest pieces of farmland are not doing much farming, a newspaper has reported.

Of the biggest owners of property assessed as farmland, and therefore eligible for significant property tax breaks, only a small fraction list farming as their primary business.

But the rest, including builders, property developers and other corporations, still benefit from a law that was enacted to give struggling farmers a break on property taxes, The Star-Ledger of Newark reported yesterday. Of the 66 landholders who own more than 1,000 acres assessed as farmland, only 22 have farming as the primary business, the newspaper reported.

The Farmland Assessment Act of 1964 classified a farm as having at least five acres and producing at least $500 in agricultural or horticultural goods. Owners of farmland pay much lower property taxes than they would otherwise."

The problem is in Trenton, not Aberdeen. But, I bet you think Samaha should not take advantage of the law as written because it's "not fair." Well, there's people that don't think child tax credits and a progressive income tax are fair either. It is what it is. Vote or run for office if you don't like it...

Anonymous said...

I don't know Samaha, and I don't like Vinci, but it is clear that you are on a witch hunt. Its also clear that the Republican slate in Aberdeen is doomed, partly due to the idiots here.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what position the Aberdeen Republicans promised Joey Warren for his vindictive witch hunts and spreading of half-truths?

It's pretty coincidental that Aljian is on this blog all the time, but he let's Warren spout all the outrageous garbage. Plausible deniability, huh?

Township Manager, Joey Warren, maybe?

Aberdeener said...

Township manager? That's child's play. I'm angling for the engineer's job. :)

Anonymous said...

The Aberdeen Democrats have a website? Yeah, right! Please post the link so we can check it out. I doubt Kauff would allow a webdsite.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could run the Department of Public Works - I hear they are paying close to $150,000 a year and you get a Ford Bronco to boot!
But, then you would owe future favors to Kauff and the like.

Anonymous said...

joey - who are you voting 4

Anonymous said...

Just found it. Not hard to find... It's the same as, but it's

TandB said...

Seniors have had enough so don't count us out. I am tired of the corruption that some on here ignore. Don't spare the rod on those types. Although they see many who write in point out the truth, they maintain their faith and beholding to Normy. I am a gentlemen and would like nothing more then to really give a piece of my mind to these corrupt Normy supporters. I'd be wasting my time unfortunately. They are already in his pocket. I have better things to do. One will be to vote republican on election day.



Know why?

They don't address facts. They only offer insults never any proof of their leaders purported innocence. They know that we know the name of the developer who was shook down FOR A SPECIFIFC AMOUNT AND THE SPECIFIC REQUIREMENT TO USE A CONNECTED LAW FIRM (LESNIAK AND LESNIAK) by Kauff in the now infamous ABERDEEN MUNICIPAL BUILDING PARKING LOT SHAKEDOWN.

But the KAUFFKINS deny it was their corrupt leader. They know Kauff did it but they still deny it.

They will say we know nothing.

They will say we have no proof.

They will say no developer exists.

They will continue to deny, deny...





A Discussion on Justice Lane said...

When is Tagliarini going to debate Aljian?

Since Tagliarini is too much of a weenie to debate in person and is anonymous on the Aberdeener, I was just wondering when he's going to debate.

Kauff: Who's your daddy?

Tagliarini: You're my daddy

Kauff: What?

Tagliarini: Mr. Kauff, You're my daddy, Sir!


It seems that some of the Kauffkins are getting frustrated.


Start looking at all of the $$$$$$

Start looking at all the lies??????

Start looking at all the development?$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Start looking at Of Counsel Kauff?$

Stop drinking the Kauff Kool-Aid.

Then you can get frustrated.

Anonymous said...

25 days till the election, I have not got one piece of mail form either side -- has anybody else got anything in the mail?

Anonymous said...

Nice try, Gregy, er, I mean Anonymous at 12:37, I see that you created the Dem' website on Oct 7. Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Got my first piece of weenie mail from the dems today. It's the usual we lived in Aberdeen or Matawan all of our lives so vote for us glossy that the dems send out.

It went right into the recycling bin.

Anonymous said...

Let me guess, it looked just like the one from 2007 posted on I guess Councilman Owen Drapkin Printing Inc didn't stop the presses in time.

F U Kauff said...

Sorry for being a little late this morning. I closed down the Meadowlands Stadium with my 60,000 new friends at the last concert in that venue. Great time was had be all.

Back to Kauff.

F U Normy!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Some more fun facts about Mr. Warren:

1) He is the joke of the school board, who can't even get a second for his ridiculous motions;

2) He's only on the shool board because he ran unopposed;

3) Everyone who meets him in person finds him to be a grating, annoying, little weasel;

4) His grass is overgrown because he's too effeminate to start a lawn mower;

5) He's not the breadwinner in his own household, which is why his name is not on the deed to his home;

6) As if that wasn't emasculating enough, his wife won't even use his last name unless there's a hyphen.

Can't say I blame her!

October 9, 2009 10:05 AM

LisaSFe said...

Personal grudges? Be a man walk over to his house and tell him what you think of him. Afraid?

Democratic mailer is good for said...

Does the glossy mailer mention any of the following:

Kauff controls us as candidates

Kauff controls all the tax money

Kauff controls the Zoning Board

Kauff controls the Planning Board

Kauff controls the Twp. Manager

Kauff controls all town Attorneys

Kauff controls the Accountants

Kauff controls all engineering fees

Kauff controls all of Aberdeen

If they did not put all of that in their literature then you can wipe your _ _ _ with it.

Flush those candidates on Nov. 3rd.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps, the last anonymous did attempt to walk over to Aberdeener's house.
Perhaps, he was driven back by the overgrown jungle in front of it.
Perhaps, not having a machete handy, he saw that it was futile to attempt to make it through the jungle to the front door, and decided to go on his computer to get his point across.

Vinny said...

I never dye my hair, it's all natural.

The Frog said...

All natural? Nyaaahhh, see. It's as natural as Elvis's was, see. Nya-aaahhh. How about Drapkin's hair, see? All natural too?

LisaSFe said...

Is the length of someones grass really what you need to worry about? If that is the case I feel so sorry for you.

I commend the Aberdeener for having enough respect for his community, time and concern, contempt and questioning of our communities leadership to put a site like this together and maintain it.

You on the other hand only seek to drive the one point about his grass to an ignorant and laughable level. I am not laughing with you. I am laughing at you.

Please leave this site to the grown ups. Perhaps you can start your own kiddie website if your parents will let you.

You should go now as the cartoons are on. This weeks episode has the worlds supposed Nobel Laureates giving a peace prize to a man that has proven himself barely worthy of being a dog catcher. Once again the world is laughing at us. This time not for something we did but for an award that was not earned.

I agree with a previous post.

We are doomed.

Anonymous said...

President Obama is not worthy of being a dog catcher! You've revealed your level. You belong right here with the other gutter snipers.

Anonymous said...

President Obama is the President of the United States and was elected by a majority of voters, in number and electoral votes. He is our President whether you voted for him or not and the disdain that some show for the leader of our country is disgraceful.

Put aside your bitterness that you have for whatever reason and respect our President whether or not you'll vote for him in three years.

Either respect our president or take down your flag.

KoreaVetC'WoodBeach said...

President Obama

It still bothers me when I hear it. It bothered me when many names have been attached to that title for many years.

Wonder why?

Obama as an example was in governmental service for a very short period of time. He did not distinguish himself and if anything he showed his prejudices in some of the choices and items he highlights of statements he has made and continues to make today.

I am a clear thinking person. I like all people and judge them mostly on their efforts. President Obama did not have much efforts to list nor did he have any real and substantive accomplishments. That is factual whether you agree or not. Look at the world stage and see what many other countries are saying. Castro likes the idea? That is the type of person who likes an Obama presidency.

While I was in the service you had to respect the officer even if you did not respect the man or woman who held that superior rank. I do not respect the man that is titled our President of the United States at this time. I do respect the office. He may have been elected President of the United States but his accomplishments towards peace are significantly far less then many others who were far more deserving of such an award.

I am a democrat, a republican and an Independent and will not vote any party line. I will not vote any party line in Aberdeen either. Those who will blindly vote for party only have done a great disservice to many people for many years. Much like a dictatorship the democratic party has kept its people down. The poor they think they have helped with their programs and more have kept the poor right where they are, beholding to a party that keeps them down. Throwing money at the problem is the democratic way. It does not work. It is not working once again under the choices and bailouts President Obama and his democratic party have thrust upon the taxpayers of America. We will pay for these mistakes for generations to come.

I'll take my flag down? NEVER!

Anonymous said...

Just a few questions for you Joey...

1. How much did the person who owns your house pay for it?

2. How much of a down payment did the owner of the house you live in put down?

3. Did the person who owns the house you live in take out a home equity line of credit? If so, how much? and what are the terms?

If you are putting other peoples business up for all to see, the least you can do is post your own.

Anonymous said...

Going after Joey is not the answer here. All he has done is shine a light on some people who may or may not be in power for our best interest. That is for you to decide and he should be aprreciated for his views and this site. His one mistake was getting on the board of education where they have really made him a lame duck. Resign Joey and get back to really helping the community with the effort you once displayed.

Read this anoymous racist at 3:08 said...

Your ignorance and obvious hatred know no bounds. You should hurry up as it is all to obvious that your KKK meeting is about to start.


repuiblican literature looks good said...

Just got my Aljian and the other Republican candidates political literature. Looks good. But here is the shocker, it actually says what they want to do for us.

That is of course in stark contrast to the dream sheet that Tag and company, sorry I mean that Kauff will be putting out. I can't wait to see how many lies Kauff can put in one political mailer.

Get ready Aberdeen because the Aberdeen newsletter should be coming out just before the election. Will we have to endure Fred Tag pointing to another ball field again? Or Vinci in a police car. What was he looking for old bookie notepads of his?

How about a picture of Tag pointing at the foreclosed homes, ugly Anchor Glass buildings or the sign that promised seior housing? That is one picture you will never see.

Does CME get paid for the newsletter also? Kauff's neighbors do. One writes the newsletter and one prints it. Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

anonymous @ 2:50 believes the type of person who likes Obama is a Castro loving communist? I stopped reading after that, ignorance might be contagious! Run away!

Anonymous said...

OOPS!!! Looks like someone dropped their race card again! You should know better!! If you don't like Barak, that automatically makes you a card carrying Klan Member, what a joke this country has become.

Anonymous said...

aberdeener aka dweeb - A person regarded as socially inept or foolish.

Anonymous said...

I just received the Township's email blast with the October official "Newsletter"for Aberdeen: What a joke. It's a piece of campaign literature that has Lauro and Tagliarini in a photo op on the cover taking credit for the County project to fix the Route 34/Lloyd Road intersection.

Inside, the Newsletter plays to every interest group and makes the phony claim that 500 people were at the Doo-Wop concert in July. Maybe 50 or 100 people, but not 500 since it was raining, as I recall, and I was there.

These people are despicable.


On another subject, President Obama is our elected President. The other guy lost. He actually had more votes than the other guy, won more states, and like it or not, he is our President. Why not hope for his success, for the good of our country, rather than his failure.

I am a Democrat, a proud union member, and veteran (1st Irag War) and proudly voted for President Obama. He was the better of the two people who made it through the primaries. I am thankful that he is giving careful thought to how the armed forces are deployed rather than using terror threat levels and unnamed soldiers lives to build up his poll numbers. I am thankful that he is seeking to address major long-term international issues rather than inflame and empower this country's detractors so that he can appear more powerful at home. My flag flew proudly during Bush's years (both Bushes) as well as during the Clinton and now Obama years. I stand with our President as I did with my blood and sweat for past ones. Be an American.

I am also a Democrat who is voting down the Republican line for Governor and Aberdeen Council this go-around because in these cases the Democrats have proved themselves to be more interested in helping themselves than the people they were elected to represent.

Anonymous said...

Come on Joe were waiting...
you seem to be of the opinion that it is perfectly acceptable to disclose the financial information related to elected official's homes.

You are an elected official (by default) so let's have it...what kind of mortgage does the person who owns the home you live in have?

4:52 anonymous-way to go said...

Good post sir. Thank you. Semper Fi

6:12 anonymous your an idiot said...

You are an A-hole.

Kauffkins never said...

They never ever discuss the realities of the thievery of Kauff.


How is it that Jimmy and Fred can take any sort of credit for the 34 road improvements. That is right they will be able to get a little extra in their envelopes since CME will get to cash in on the project. It may be a county or state road but you can bet that the Kauff Gang will get their shares. Right Normy? That newsletter will go right into the trash. Just the exact place for crap like that.

it goes both ways said...

I'm no fan of Vinci either, but if Warren wants to put the spotlight on Vinci's home equity loan, then he should not catch feelings when that same spotlight is put on him.

Anonymous said...

My Warren's name is not on the deed to his home. So therefore it is highly unlikely that he would know what type of mortgage is on the property he lives in. Lucky for him, renting allows him to quickly leave town when the rest of us get sick of his lies.

Anonymous said...

Joey Warren has explained before that his wife's name is on the deed.

What is shameful is that you post these mindless innuendos on the Jewish sabbath when you know that he won't respond.

What is shameful is that you're more interested in shooting the messenger than in seeing the truth that is before your eyes.

The reality is that we all know that all the stink around Kauff's people means that something is rotten.

Anonymous said...

What does any of this have to do with Sabbath? But, since we're already on the subject, I prefer Ozzy's solo material myself.

Anonymous said...

Hey everybody, let us all deflect the topic and the spotlight from the Democrats, their lies, their claims of fixing Route 34 and Lloyd Road (claiming that since 2007),etc. Lets all pick on Joey, under anonymous names so that people will forget about the Democrat lies, Democrat false claims, Democrat corruption, etc. Deflect, deflect, deflect!

Anonymous said...

Its not deflection to question the bona fides of any originator of accusations. In fact, it often leads to new vital information on the subject in question. But if you can't stand the heat, better to stay out of the kitchen entirely!

Anonymous said...

Deflect, deflect, deflect! No accusations here, just facts, all verifiable via public information. Look it up for yourself. Now back to the deflecting comments away from the corrupt Democrat administration and the 4 puppets running under the blue and yellow. Deflect, deflect, deflect.

Anonymous said...

Another example of deflection is putting peoples personal business up on a public website, then, having your minions attack when asked to display your own for everyone to see.

Anonymous said...

The silence is deafening. You really don't like when you get called out yourself do you?

Maybe Vinny isn't the only one with something to hide...

Anonymous said...

I did not visit the aberdeener web site when Joey Warren had explained that his wife's name is on the deed and not his or both. Please explain....

Aberdeener said...

So, once again, my critics want to investigate me but refuse to do the five minutes of research. And they post their "questions" at a time when I can't respond because of the Jewish holidays.

My mortgage and heloc are public record. I purchased the house with a 10% down payment. Last year, I refinanced the house to get a better rate but didn't withdraw any equity.

The house is under my wife's name because I run a small business that manages confidential information and I'm concerned about liability issues.

If people were really concerned about the truth, they could have looked this up online but I guess the truth isn't the point. Nor do I expect them to ask how others were able to purchase a home with an under 2% down payment. Perhaps we have a loan officer or mortgage broker who can explain how it's done.

F U Kauff said...

Wow it seems that real estate 101 is in session. So lets ask Norm, Coren and disgraced lawyer Steve Robinson how they ALL managed to get SWEETHEART DEALS on the multiple condos they were in power and approved years ago. Then we could fast forward to Minutol and his condo purchase. Probably learned a few tricks from Kauff and Company.

But this will not be responded to by the Kauffkins. but look at who gets what real estate SWEETHEART DEALS this time around with the Ciffellis, Anchor Glass and other developmental projects soon to enslave the taxpayers. That is to happen just as soon as the election is over. Right Norm?

Norm you are a low life rat bastard and a scumbag! I forgot to tell you that lately. Just in case your mirror dud not tell you when you exclaimed MIRROR MIRROR ON THE WALL WHO IS THE MOST CORRUPT ONE OF ALL.

The mirror never lies Kauff. You are the most corrupt one of all.

Norm said...

FU Kauff,

Your wife looks real good in my mirror when she's riding me.

Joke is on Kuaff: Very soon! said...

Norm don't kid yourself you cannot even be honest about the fact that your plumbing has not worked in a very long time. Even the little blue pill won't help Kauff. It like kauff is a hard pill to swallow.

Nobel Peace Prize is CRAP now said...

To be submitted and considered for the Nobel peace prize requires that your name be submitted by February of the same year as the award is given.


That means that Obama was President of the United States for less then a month before some IDIOT submitted his name.

Talk about a free ride,
preferential treatment or sending a mixed message to the world.

Here is the message.


If I am Nelson Mandella or any other person that has gotten a Nobel Peace Prize and is still alive I would burn my Nobel Peace Prize in front of the White House.

I Know this post is far off subject, but it is not like the Kauff cronies are going to respond to their facts we put forth time and time again of their corruption and their Svengali like corrupt leader. their Lord and Master Norman Kauff.

Kauff and his people sicken me!

I agree with above post said...

To say that I agree would be an understatement. The Nobel Peace Prize is worthless now.

THE TRUTH said...




County Road voting Republican said...

I see more signs for the R's going up. Great! Good luck to those who can help break the taxpayers of Aberdeen from the cruel grip of Mr.K.. I live near the County Road area and hope that the projects and dumping ground for Section 8 type housing Mr. K. has in his plans does not happen. What is needed in Aberdeen is age restricted or some type of senior housing or better yet commercial businesses and the like that can be added to cut the school tax costs. God knows the school taxes are over the top already. I am also concerned over Mr. K. getting his hands on the developers and trying to steal away the tax money or diverting it from the schools putting more costs on all of us. I think Mr. K. tried that before and that project went under for some reason. The costs of Mr. K. and his pipe dreams are too high. It also seems Mr. K. only scares off potential developers unless they ante up to him and his friends. Mr. K. may not be running for office like my husband says, but he does run the show. Mr. K. is like the ringmaster of a circus. We are not your clowns Mr. K. to be used and abused for your entertainment.

TO ANONYMOUS IDIOT at 6:54 said...

Good morning you ignorant ass.

County Rd. voting R.

THE TRUTH said...




Anonymous said...

Please explain a bit more. Even if the house is in Mrs. Warren's name, if you two are legally married, she is liable for your actions. I don't think the fact that her name alone is on the deed will protect you...I believe Florida is the only state where primary residences are safe from lawsuits. Thank you for clearing this up.

Go ahead and file suit genius said...

FREE SPEECH is the answer to your ignorant and specific claims. Frustrated? Too F'n bad!

Aberdeener said...

To clarify, the house does constitute part or our marital assets. However, not being an attorney, my understanding is that under certain scenarios, there are advantages to having the house in the spouse's name.

Anonymous said...

Hey, "Go ahead," I think you're getting a bit too testy. I don't believe anyone was saying anything about filing a suit against Mr. Warren. A person asked a comment to be clarified. Take a pill, "genius."

Anonymous said...

Up date of our previous election analysis - 23 days til election

1.We have reviewed the NJ Elec reports on line and we can find no filings for any the Aberdeen republicans organization or candidates to show that they have any money.

2. A review of the Democrats sign location on the various houses in strathmore - along with the voter registration list show that 19 % of these sign locations are republican homes.

3. Election History shows that when the republicans have won, they have won strathmore big to counter the dems annual big win in cliffwood.

Lack of money and popularity of the democrats as long time friends to attract votes from republican voters indicates that this election is already won by the democratic party.

Upcoming Aberdeen election analysis

IF, and that’s a BIG as the dems are full of money and the republicans have none at the time, but if all things were equal, this is how our crack team of researchers see the Aberdeen election proceeding

Taglarini vs Aljian

Taglarini does have some negatives as evidenced by him getting considerable less votes then one of his running mates however he is a know person thru his many years of service in the little league and present and past council service

Aljian’s bio only concerns his experience in somerset county, he is involved in st joseph’s school however the enrollment is very low and 60 % of the those familes do not live in Aberdeen

Prediction Taglarini wins 2651 to 2098 mostly thru name recognition due to Little League years of service

4 year council seats

Lauro and Montone vs Garaguso and Balvaram

Jimmy Lauro has lived in town his whole life and has run the DPW department in town for 40 years. There are very few people in town that do not know Jimmy

Margaret Montone served on the board of education for over ten years, Long time resident of the town and her husband works for the school system

Garaguso’s bio says member of cert team and recently married, this is thin

Balvaram – unkown - no bio available – we googled and searched the internet but can find nothing on her.

Lauro and Montone win big, mostly due to Jimmy Lauro’s popularity
2745 - 2020

2 year council seat
Vail vs Cannon

This one is closer

Vail is a CPA who previously ran for board of education. He campaigned hard in that election but lost

Cannon. Not personally well know but his father is a councilman in matawan and the Cannon name is well know in Aberdeen

Prediction - This will come down to who campaigns harder. Aberdeen voter have a long tradition of splitting votes

The vote will be 2425 -2475 but we are not sure who wins.

matawan advocate said...

After reading some of these comments, all we can say is, as long as people vote party and NOT person, they get what they deserve. People, this is not the days of our Grandparents, who swore if they voted anything but Democrat, they would lose their Social Security checks! And if they voted Republican, Goldwater was going to drop the bomb! C'mon make informed decisions based on research and facts. You wouldn't buy a puppy without checking its character. Why not take the same time when it comes to who will be responsible for your tax dollars?

Vote for the person not political affiliation.

concerned parent said...

Mr. Warren,

Has enough time passed, or has whatever was needed to allow you to comment on the coach situation happened yet? Or, if not does anyone know what, if any action was taken pertaining to this individual?

Anonymous said...

64 percent of my tax bill goes to the BOE. That is 4 times more tax dollars than what goes to the township. The BOE recieved additional state aid and federal funds last year, the township did not.

Mr Warren What are you going to do to make up for the lost of those one time grants?

Anonymous said...

To all the Obama haters, read this to feel instantly better....wait for it....American lost the olympics. Ahhhh! Feel good? I knew you would!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, we voted for Joey and he awarded us with a big fat raise for the Super. Vote for the man! And get hosed!

Where is NsecJ been ? said...

Hey NsceJ where have you been ? Mayoral candidate got your tongue ?
Your good buddy Tag keeping you under wraps ? We have not see you around lately. When will they cut your chains and set you free ? We need you in the beach more often for sure. Especially on North Concourse and with you know who. That pig sty is a mess again. Can you help us out

Thanks from The Electric Man.

Just makes sense said...

Thoughts for the day:

Politics is a dirty game.

Politics is corrupt.

Politicians are corrupt.

Party leaders are corrupt.

Kauff runs Aberdeen and we all know that he is corrupt.

Yet your wondering who to vote for.

Give anybody else a try but Kauff.

We already know the corruption that we have in office is no good.

So vote the present corruption out!

Anonymous said...



I agree it is time to send the present corruption and too costly corruption that we already know we have to the curb. I will vote for anyone else except those controlled, faithful or beholding to Kauff.

Democrats and their boss O U T !

Anonymous said...

COAH and Section 8 are just another *legislations from the bench* type fiasco. It has been forced upon the hard working taxpayers and the costs in many areas are too high. We cannot afford to *take care of everyone* just to appease a specific section of society and their voting block.

That segment of society is a very large segment of people who have been coddled and taken care of for far too long and at an extreme price. It is not black and white issue it is a societal problem that is not and has not been working for a very long time.

The crime and other assorted problems with these type of housing mandates is also a very negative component within the communities it has been forced upon. Take the time and find out about those costs as well as the other real costs borne by the taxpayers in these communities.

Those facts along with the effects on safety and the negative effects on the areas residents quality of life issues must be learned before you trust what you were told by someone in Trenton. You trust Trenton and its politicians? Next thing you will tell us is that you trust Norman Kauff also.

Anonymous said...

I trust Norman Kauff also.

Anonymous said...

Look at the legal bill amounts for this years budget versus last year?

That will give you the answer on how much it costs to maintain the corruption that is Norman Kauff much less fund his campaign to maintain control of all things Aberdeen. This town is a joke!

Campaigns and Of Counsel representations ain't cheap.

Right Norm?

Don't waste your vote said...

What type of things do our town attorneys have to get involved in that costs us so much tax money? What is absolutely necessary and what pads their and Kauff's paychecks unnecessarily? Perhaps the soon to be elected can get to the bottom of this thievery at the hands of Kauff?

The answer we can all be sure is mired in 'legalese'. No different then town and school budgets that Einstein would have difficulty understanding. Such budgets are prepared by our school system and local municipality each year.

Of course such confusing budgets are all done that way on purpose. Right Bruce Quinn? Right Norman Kauff?

Your contempt for the taxpayers is insulting to any honest person.

Anonymous said...

Above is sooooooooooo true.

Anonymous said...

I posted this before the Township attorney, did not get a bump, last year the Municipal Prosecutor and public defender was being paid for out of a defferent line item in the past and now gets paid out of the legal department.

The public defender line item for 2009 is 0. The court has been reduced. The Prosecutor and public defender are now budgeted under the legal department, it should have never been under the court not an increase in legal.

Anonymous said...


BIG $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Anonymous said...

This election is about turnout. There are plenty of reasons not to vote for the Tag/Lauro team - The Aljian team has to give people a reason to show up and vote. The dems win if people just stay home because they're disgusted with the status quo. Voters have to believe that the other team will be better.

It is all simple for me, I'd rather vote for an unknown than for anyone who has signed up for the Kauffed Team. Aberdeen has been Kauffed quite enough.

Anonymous said...

The Aljian team says they are going to cut taxes,,,, but don't say how. Peopel want all the services that they currenty have. So how are they going to cut taxes without cutting services.

Right Norm? said...

The Republicans have no idea says Owen or Fred in their latest anonymous blast of lies posted here.

All the Republicans have to do is ask Kauff how to do budgets and convince the residents that they know how to cut taxes. Norm knows just how to also make people think that town leadership is working hard on their behalf. In the past tax increases have been lessened by robbing the town surplus, and more smoke and mirror magic tricks. But don't cut the road program? Never cut the road program. Right Norm?

You see in the world of *taxes according to Kauff*, Kauff does not pay the half million dollar plus pension obligations, which will only cost us taxpayers much more next year. Then in 2010 Kauff will certainly lay off and furlough the same employees who have been pressured to put campaign signs on their properties this year for the Democrats. These will be the same employees who Kauff will take the budget axe to in 2010. He will lay off and furlough the people who really do the work, rather then cut the fees paid to the *handpicked by Kauff professionals*. The same professionals who never seem to have their budgets cut, or better yet checked for accuracy or real need.

Also in the *tax world according to Kauff* the other thing you do is get the *Kauff legal eagles*, who of course are his handpicked town attorneys, in Aberdeen and elsewhere, to do more unnecessary legal work so that the Kauff *Of Counsel legal fees* or more precisely to be known as *just more taxpayers money for Kauff* are increased every year unnecessarily.

All of these little digs at the Aberdeener of the Republican candidates are not much more then Fred T. and Owen D. jumping onto their computers and just stirring things up to try and deflect the readers. They are the idiots about the Aberdeeners lawn or his finances. Fred T. is definately the one offended by the Italian realities as to sign locations. Problem with the truth Fred?

That local tactic is not any different then the Corzine financed commercials, which suggest that Chris Christy is eating the heads off little children. Chris Christy will not let your Mom and Dad have any children. Chris Christy will not let you buy a new car or retire. It is ignorant and insane the lies that the Democratic Party is putting out there. It shows real desperation on the part of Norcross and Corzine.

Perhaps they are justly afraid that all the money and the *greasing* of the political wheels and the *ministers councils* will not work this year.

Lies all lies from the top of the Democratic ticket on down. It is of course no different then our local scum. Right Normy? Right Fred? Right Owen? We await your next anonymous posting.

23 days left. How many more lies?

Just remember Fred the fact that they put up a sign does not mean they will vote for you. By the way do the signs for the Democrats say on the Bottom. *paid for with stolen taxpayer money funneled from inflated bills from CME and Rogurt Mccarthy Attorneys? They should have that printed on each and every one of them since that is the 100% truth of where Kauff gets his corrupt campaign monies.

What am I saying the Democrats have not told the truth for over twelve years now. Right Norm?

F the Kauffkins said...

Don't leave out candidate Cannon. He is a computer 'anonymous' as well. The SNAKE that he is. Mamas boy too!

Random thoughts on cutting taxes said...

Maybe the Aljian team will cut taxes by cutting off the pipeline to CME and the other pay-to-play professionals.

Maybe they'll work with the PBA instead of needlessly going to arbitration.

Maybe they'll stop paying Kauff's neighbor to put out a campaign propaganda piece, disguised as a township newsletter, three weeks before the election.

Maybe they'll stop giving away tax abatements to friends. Maybe they'll get rid of extra public works supervisors.

Maybe they'll actually get some ratables rather than talking about development and getting nothing done for over 12 years.

Maybe they'll stop paying the Aberdeen building inspector to work in Matawan.

Maybe they'll get rid of unmarked vehicles for civilian staff.

Maybe they'll stop making sweetheart zoning decisions for friends of Kauff.

Maybe they'll stop paying a child predator to make weekly trips out of state on the town's dime.

Just some random thoughts in response to Anonymous at 6:55PM.

readthispleasewhoamI? said...

Maybe we should all vote for the Aljian team just to give someone else a chance.

The past twelve years of Kauff have been filled with serious corruption at every level of our local government. Kauff has run the show and given preferential treatment and sweetheart deals to his "close personal friends" *right Mayor Soble?* all at taxpayer expense of course. How else do you explain over $20,000,000.00 in less that twelve years going to just a handful of SUPPOSED PROFESSIONALS all handpicked, controlled and beholding to Norman Kauff Esquire.



Someone who is local to Fla. shall I say, has just called to say that Mark Coren our favorite CONVICTED SEXUAL PREDATOR AND ON LINE SEX FIEND, WHO WE SHOULD ALL REMEMBER PROPOSITIONED A BOY UNDER THE AGE OF 16 FOR A SEXUAL ACT, has been moved to a facility for SPECIAL PRISONERS WHO NEED TO BE, shall we say SEPERATED FROM THE GENERAL POPULATION.

I am told the new facility Mark Coren now calls home is called THE GLADES. At first I though the guy said "Gay Blades". I nearly peed my pants I laughed so hard.

Separated from general population? And here I thought that Mark Coren was making lots of NEW FRIENDS.

I don't miss you Mark and hope you spend every waking moment thinking what a BITCH YOUR LIFE HAS BECOME. Then again maybe Mark Coren has become THE BITCH? Of course Coren should also think about all the hurt and pain he caused all of the employees and us retirees all of the years he was here.

Mark Coren should also be thinking about all of the people who put themselves out there for him when you got picked up locally and out of state. I bet they are all so glad they came to Coren's aid time and time again.

Coren is where he deserves to be!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I'm a democrat who'll be voting for Aljian. Time for a change around here.

Anonymous said...

In response to F the Perv

I'm sure that he hears that often these days


Mr. K. you still are not going to build those houses on County Rd. without a fight. We are not your dumping ground. Nov. 3 you will see.

Anonymous said...

It seems the dems choose their candidates by whos on the planning board. All 4 candidates have current or previous ties to the planning board.

What are some of the qualifications a candidate have? Just curious to what people think.

Normy at a convention? said...

Once again no response to RANDOM THOUGHTS post. Maybe Normy is away and he cannot tell them what to post. Is there some 'low life rat bastard lawyer convention' he may have been honored to attend? Maybe he was invited to give the keynote speech on the subject of 'how to run a town into the ground and retire rich?

Notice that the Kauffkins said nothing about Normy getting those old fools on the board to put off any vote on the Caffelli developments until after the election. Normy thinks we are that stupid to not see through that one. Think again Normy. Bring me a shot glass from the convention for my collection? Thanks Normy.



It is really called


All you have to be is;

Deaf Dumb and Blind

Able to take orders without???????

Not show up when Norm tells you

Vote exactly the way you are told

Ask no questions unless told to

Deny applications who don't $$$$$$$

Allow for CME study after CME study

Waste legal $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Waste the taxpayers time and $$$$$$

Wait that is also the town council

Oops my bad!



Anonymous said...

Well I would like to see some community based service, people who have volunteered and are active in the community. It is a good question, it is too bad these idiots on here respond so negative to everything on here.

Anonymous who hates corruption said...

The truth can be negative. We notice how another anonymous poster how you said nothing about the corruption, vast amounts of money wasted and funneled improperly to you know who. Sweetheart deals and more corruption by you know who.

How about being critical of the corruption and you know who?

It is the corruption stupid!

Sorry you are disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Haven't we all had enough yet!!

I'll be voting for Aljian it's time for a change!!!

Anonymous said...

Its gonna be funny as hell the day after the election reading all your sob stories about how Kauff "stole" the election. They will also probably cry foul and say voters were "intimidated" to vote the Dems in.

I'll be honest here, I don't care personally who wins, they all suck in my opinion, but, the way the douchebags on this site rant and rave, it will be worth the price of 4 more yrs of Dems, just to see them cry some more.
Go ahead now with your anonymous democrat plant ravings. I don't like the Dem slate,or the Rep slate, but most of all I don't like the crybaby,conspiracy theory assholes on this site, and want to see THEM lose.

Anonymous said...

As an anonymous Dem plant myself, THE TRUTH of the matter is the Dem slate of candidates is more qualified, more experienced and more popular than the GOP clown car driven by Bozo-Aljian. I can't wait for the crybaby tears and allegations of fraud on November 4th...

The delusional idiots on this blog will claim that the Dem landslide is the result of malfeasance and strong-arming of town employees. All 80 of them will make a huge difference in a 700 vote victory!

My favorite delusion is this one from Anon @ 10/13 8:03 pm: "the fact that they put up a sign does not mean they will vote for you." LOL, may be true, but it certainly makes those residents more likely to vote for the Dem candidates. And, at a 600 to 100 Dem sign to GOP sign ratio, you can do the math (maybe). Moreover, half of the GOP signs I've seen are on township property, NJ Transit bus stops, vacant lots, unregistered voters' homes or multiple signs on a few staunch Republicans' lawns. In those cases, it probably is true that "the fact that they put up a sign does not mean they will vote for you."

They're doomed if the GOP is relying on idiots like:

1) Anon @ 10/13 10:04 pm, who is so informed on the Dems' malfeasance that he/she doesn't know how to spell the mayor's name (Sobel, not Soble); and

2) Anon @ 10/13 8:03 pm, who is so in touch with NJ politics that he/she doesn't know how to spell the GOP gubernatorial candidate's name (Christie, not Christy); and

3) The Aberdeener, who spent two years on this blog criticizing every line of the Town's $15 million budget and vehemently opposing Councilman Vinci's $300 per year pay raise, but then voted for $50,000 worth of annual pay raises for all BOE administrators in an already bloated $65 million BOE budget. Notably, he did so less than three months after being elected to the School Board.

So, get you white GOP handkerchiefs ready for Nov. 3rd because you're going to need them to either signal surrender or wipe away your crybaby tears...

P.S. For the record, Obama did not deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, even as a stauch Dem, I can agree with that...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 8:20: Mama's boy? How old are you? I don't know him but recently talked to someone who knew him at school. They hold him in such high regard, they will be voting for the ticket on the sole basis that he is a part of it. man's mama's boy is another man's person of integrity with an excellent upbringing!

Anonymous said...

Since you mentioned signs, I will bring this up.
The Dems have in fact put signs on the property of people who didn't ask for them.
I know this because I found one on my property, and took it down, not because I oppose them, but, because they assumed I wanted one, and put it there without asking.

Anonymous said...

Who drives Lauro around all the time in a township truck? Did Lauro lose his license or something?

Anonymous said...

A man of integrity would not associate with Kauff. Next denial non-denial. I can't wait for the next lie..

Anonymous said...

The guy with the beard?

Kauff You Suck said...

You know why the R's might lose? Because they took the high road. They did not deflect anything like the Kauff people. Don't get me wrong they did not listen to many who told them how to win. They did not get out early enough. They did not ask the right questions. they did not use the newspapers. And worst of all they put their faith in Nick M. which is more then enough.

I do hope they win. They do have the four votes in this house that is certain. That is just because we hate Kauff so much.

Too bad Councilman Perry will not stay. My Dad was a west Point grad and know he is a man of honor for his service to the country. On the other hand just because Cannon graduated from Notre Dame does not give him integrity. The fact that he is under the Kauff umbrella makes him a snake in the grass.

The only thing that could give our the Aberdeen King Snake Norman Kauff any integrity would be if he ate his gun.

Anonymous said...

Perry and Kauff get along?

Anonymous said...

We here the same thing every year that the Dems can't lose. They have the CME/Kauff money, they have the signs, they the people.
Sobel only won by 80 votes in 2005 and the Dems won by a little over 200 in 07 with the Greens taking alot of R votes. Given the universal hatred of Corzine this year and the tax increases we continue to see, I see no reason Aljian can't win.

Aljian came to my door, discussed issues and his plans with my wife and I and seemed capable of doing a good job, which is more than I can say for the incumbents.

Our house is voting him.

thatsafactjack said...

Its In-bum-cants not incumbents.

In: as in they have no independent thoughts of their own only Kauff's.

Bum: as they are all bums.

Cants: as they cants do anything on their own.

Lke the name says. thatsafactjack

Kauff and Perry answer said...

Kauff and Perry get along like oil and vinegar. Right Norm?











Anonymous said...

Haven't checked this site for a while. Glad to see the same ten idiots are still spewing ignorance about the same old nonsense. Only now, the Webmaster has his panties in a bunch because people really don't care what he has to say. Imagine that, people not giving credence to a short-term, non-tax paying, Strathmore resident who bullied his way onto the school board of a district where his children will never attend school. Has he ever even seen Cliffwood Beach? What about Genoa or River Gardens? Two years of ranting and guess who's still in control, and will be come November 4th, 2009?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, that guy with the beard that chauffeurs Lauro around all the time. Why can't Lauro drive himself? And how much do we pay for that?

Isn't Lauro part of the problem, even if he has lived and worked here forever? Change is a good thing.

Play ball said...

It is ignorant to claim that only ten or so people post or read the Aberdeener. But you go with that one if you want anonymous.

I see we have a few more lies from Fred or Owen or both in the last few posts. Shouldn't those two be reading their political Bible the one titled "My Life As A Corrupt Political Scumbag" by Norman Kauff Esq.. We can be sure that Owen and Fred did get autographed copies from their Jim Jones like leader. Their copies probably even had personal notations inside the covers. Probably something like "ALWAYS Do as I say or else" Love Normy.

Normy you suck!

Anonymous said...

So my two neighbors have Dem signs on their lawns, I have a Rep sign. I ask both of them yesterday why Dems sign? The first says he wants lower taxes, the second the same. The second says he has no ideas who these guys are, they knocked on the door and he agreed to put the sign up. Lower taxes? Are these two sleeping? It just goes to show you what people think, they just vote for the dems every year, sad, very sad. And yes I did try to explain to them about taxes in town and our inflated township budget.

PinehurstDon said...

Norman what do you think about when you close your eyes at night? Having broken so many ethics laws and more do you not fear the knock on the door you know that you deserve. Norm you have to know that Codey, Roberts, Corzine and Vic Scudieri can only keep you safe for so long.


Norm you know the day of your judgment is upon you.

What was that sound Norm?

Norm was that a knock on the front door?

Norm look outside quick are there any dark four door sedans out front?

Mrs. Norm you better pack his toothbrush. This ain't sleep-away camp in the Catskills like little Normy used to go to.

It IS JAIL that your little Normy deserves.

Norm knows it.

The council knows it.

His Kauffkins know it.

And we know it.

Pack his toothbrush WOW thats funny said...

Summer camp in the Catskills that kills me. Pack Normy's toothbrush Mrs. Kauff. Great stuff.

Norm said...

Welcome back Pinecone Douche!!! I have missed your amusing rantings.

I expect to hear from your other mentally impaired friends the truth and edgeview turd soon, since you usually post in tandem.
Once again, welcome back...I missed you buddy.

Norm said...

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention Dave the soccer mom, who claims to be a plumber. Sorry maam, I won't leave you out next time, promise. XXOO :)

Anonymous said...

Sorry Dave's not available. He's out in his Mercedes plunging toilets and beating people who disagree with his simple-minded views...

Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain said...

The last three ignorant posts were a surprise. My bad as I thought the ignorant posters like the 3 above this post were at the "Ignorant 2009 Convention". No that would also be known as the League of Municipalities Convention. Talk about self serving politicians and their benefactors like Kauff and our council attending such a thing. You can bet Kauff and the rest will sit at a place of honor if CME or any of our other overpaid and undeserving professionals are there and holding court. All on our dime.

They all suck !

Speaking of sucking---up how many of our candidates will be attending this that swinefest this year. The Aberdeener should do an article on that convention and tell us who attends on our dime.

With all of the monies being thrown around down their you can be sure a cast of the local dems will be in attendance and taking all they can carry from the trough of suet aka greed and corruption.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't Mark Twain a pedophile just like Mark Coren?

Letthewordringoutfromthistimeandplace said...

Mark Twain was a celebrated author. I have never heard of the castigation that he was supoosed to have been a man who sought to or may have inflicted his sexual perversion on children in a similar manner that Norman Kauff's personal lap dog, Mark Coren did.

We can be sure that all of Coren's "close personal friends" in and around Aberdeen have distanced themselves from him.

? Does he still get his pension? Better yet is he still a consultant for the company named

The Norman Kauff Corruption Enterprises That Is Solely Based On Stealing All Of The Taxpayer Money They Can Inc.?

Probably the answer is yes to both questions. It seems that Kauff does not forget his "close personal friends" just because they are convicted felons. Then again he openly works and saddles up to convicted felons in some of his to say the least questionable and unchecked and sadly "never seems to go anywhere" type developmental discussions that Kauff controls. Developmental discussions that seem to do little more then let Kauff's CM&E Engineering do more studies upon studies upon studies that do nothing but spend our tax dollars to fatten the wallets of the various corrupt Kauff entities.

Aberdeen and its leadership is?

A joke! A sad joke on all of us.



Aberdeener said...

I think the prior poster confused Mark Twain with Lewis Carroll, the author of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Anonymous but CORRECT said...

Aberdeener are you trying to tell me that an "anonymous" poster was WRONG?

That cannot be true. I mean that could mean that all of the "anonymous posters who defend the corrupt might also be wrong.

Mark Twain is an American ICON!

Norman Kauff is an embarrassment!

That is not an anonymous mistake by me. It will however be a mistake if Kauff is allowed to maintain his corrupt control over the Aberdeen taxpayer ATM.