Monday, November 30, 2009

A Modest Proposal for the Unfit

One of the perennial problems of all public schools is the inability to remove tenured but unfit teachers. New York City has resorted to the use of “rubber rooms” for teachers who actually pose physical threats to students but still can’t be terminated due to tenure protections. Although the number of unfit teachers is small, they incur huge costs to the district – their compensation, the opportunity cost to their students, and the additional cost to the district to help those students recover from their lost educational time.

Last week, the Middle/High School Director, Ms. DeLuca presented ghastly news to the school board but one that I believe offers a solution of what to do with our own unfit teachers. Following our district’s historical norm, over 30% of our juniors are at-risk of failing the state-mandated HSPA. Contrary to past practice, these students may not be afforded an alternative route to graduation.

The district had previously tried to offer before and after school programs, with transportation, but they were poorly attended. Ditto for Saturday morning programs. This year, the high school implemented a lunch program – 30-minute daily tutorials followed by a short lunch break.

The at-risk students were automatically enrolled in the program. Letters were sent to their parents stressing that, without the program, the students had a high risk of not graduating. The high school principal, Ms. Ruscavage, then personally phoned the parents to again stress the program’s importance.

Two-thirds of the parents withdrew their children from the high school lunch tutorial in full knowledge their children would likely fail the HSPA and not graduate from high school.

Two-thirds of at-risk high school juniors, 20% of the entire junior class, with informed parental consent, demonstrated they have no interest in learning the three R’s of reading, writing, and arithmetic. We’re talking about scores of 16-year olds, young adults, who don’t want to learn.

As a district, what is our moral responsibility towards the education of these young adults? None whatsoever. They’re not interested in learning. Their parents don’t care. Our only obligation is to provide the statutory minimum level of education in a safe environment and ensure they don’t poison those students who do want to learn.

Which brings me back to the original question of what to do with tenured but unfit teachers. I propose that any junior or senior at risk of not graduating who has withdrawn from all extra-help programs with the informed consent of his parents/guardians, be segregated into special classes and assigned those teachers who have been deemed unfit to teach students who want to learn.

Why subject real students to unfit teachers when we have so many lost students who couldn’t care less?
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Anonymous said...

Great suggestion. Can you make it happen? Do you have the support of the superintendent and other board members?

Anonymous said...

I think it is a terrible idea! These children are not trash for us to sweep aside! May Heaven Save Public Education from bean counter mentalilty!

Hold the Pickle said...

Will you be personally calling the parents of the unwanted to tell them that their children will be taught by someone who you think is unfit?

Anonymous said...

You are an unfit board member

Anonymous said...

I really like you point about the problems we face here. I really dont understand how someone of your education can propose such a strange solution, though.

But let me ask you this. As a retired teacher, I have seen what you described for years. SOME kids and parents just don't care. Dont go to free programs before or after school or on Saturdays and now not even on lunch time.

But please, please, please admit that as outrageous as these parents and students seem in their actions or lack thereof, will you admit that teachers see this and combat this behavior daily. And maybe, just maybe, some of blame of ineptitude you lay on the feet of the teacher could be spread to the homes of our students?

You can lead a horse to water..... is the saying. Please admit that everything gone wrong is not always the teacher's fault.

Anonymous said...

"If our students don’t excel, we have failed. If they don’t become life-long learners, we have failed. If they don’t become critical thinkers and creative problem solvers, if they don’t achieve success, if they don’t live honorable lives, we have failed."- The Aberdeener

So who is the "we" you speak of? Teachers? You finally admitted that some students don't want to learn and that their parents don't support education either. Why would you put teachers YOU deem unfit in with students who don't want to learn? Who is being "punished"?

Extra Cheese Please... (is appalled) said...

WOW! I don't even have words to explain how I feel about what I just read: A board of education member publicly abandoning the students who need the most effective teachers. Why not? They’re not “real” students anyway…

The following is from the State Department Website:

18A:12-24.1 Code of Ethics for School Board Members.

A school board member shall abide by the following Code of Ethics for School Board Members:

b. I will make decisions in terms of the educational welfare of children and will seek to develop and maintain public schools that meet the individual needs of all children regardless of their ability, race, creed, sex, or social standing.

Interpret it as you will. It seems as if you have forgotten your ethical obligations. I’m disgusted and embarrassed that you represent our community.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure who Mr. Warren is calling "unfit" the students or the teachers, either way, Mr. Warren seems to lack compassion for children.

Aberdeener said...

A sixteen/seventeen year old has decided he has no interest in learning even at the risk of not graduating. His parents don't care. We as a community have failed that family.

However, this lost student has also reached the age of responsibility. He has chosen to not learn. His parents have consented. They chose, not us. We have no moral obligation to teach a young adult who, with his parents' consent, has chosen to not learn.

Admittedly, the first time I realized we had such a problem on our hands was when I disclosed how few kids in our community were expected to graduate college and few cared. Still, that 20% of our high school should be like this is an absolute tragedy.

Anonymous said...

Teachers are taught to never give up on students.

In fact, Walden offers a few courses on how to reach the high/at risk child and how to diversify teaching techniques for ALL students.

It does not talk about giving up on them or placing them with sub par teachers.

If you want their number, I can get if for you Mr. Warren. YOU, yes you, might learn something.

Anonymous said...

Still going to try to make it mandatory for ALL students to take an AP class?

Aim for stars - I agree with you. But now you want to throw away students who obviously are a little off the good path?

Soap box, grand standing, dillusional.....= Warren

PS - please stop answering your own articles with anonymouse posts - i.e. the first response. It is so tacky and obvious.

Anonymous said...

Like it or not, Mr. Warren sixteen/seventeen year olds are still children. Their life is far from doomed because they have not reached your life expectations.

Aberdeener said...

We are an extremely generous community. Any child who wants to learn is provided extraordinary resources to learn.

However, to condemn a child who wants to learn to an unfit teacher so that a young adult who doesn't want to learn, who has refused the instruction he needs to graduate, should get a superb teacher is morally bankrupt.

Anonymous said...

My family helped out a student who had a daily struggle to find food and housing. He had a lot more to worry about than lunch tutorial. Aberdeener, you are very naive as to the lives of some of these kids. Maybe you need to start by focusing on how blessed you are. That's right some of these kids may not graduate HS but what have you still done to prepare them for life.

Aberdeener said...

As for those who love to catch me in an inconsistency, allow me to quote Keynes - "When the facts change, I change my mind. What do you do, sir?"

I never imagined that 20% of the high school, with informed parental consent, would withdraw from extra-help classes they need to graduate.

My priority is and always will be those children who want to learn. Up until the junior year, I assume that's every child.

Aberdeener said...


Remember the Chinese proverb - Give a man a fish, he'll eat for a day. Teach him how to fish and he'll eat for a lifetime. I commend you for your charity but let's not discount the importance of an education.

What legitimate reason is there for a student withdrawing from a needed lunch tutorial?

metoo0522 said...

I don't get it. How can you just give up? Maybe its the situation at home that is keeping the child from wanting to learn? Maybe this child has been told they are dumb and will never amount to anything? Maybe we should try to figure out how to get rid of the unfit teachers and bring in teachers that would gladly take on the challenge. Maybe that child has a learning disablity that has never been discovered. Maybe thier self esteem is low and they have given up on themselves. Its never to late to teach a child and at 16 and 17 they are still a child.

Anonymous said...

I have no words but REALLY??????????

Anonymous said...

WTF are you kidding? How in the world can you think that is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

I must be an idiot too! To a point I agree with the Aberdeener. At 16 and 17 years of age students should not be refusing extra help that is desperately needed. I think at that age students have developed their school/study habits and my guess is less than 1% would change. Just my thought.

Aberdeener said...

This 16/17 year old doesn't want an education. His parents don't care whether he gets an education or not. Why is it our obligation to force upon him an education he doesn't want, especially when that means taking resources away from those kids who do want to learn?

Again, two teachers, two students. Are you really suggesting we give the better teacher to the young adult who doesn't want an education?

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, The good student, by 16 or 17, has learned how to educate themselves. They are self motivated. The can survive an unfit teacher. The bad student has no study skills, no academic discipline. Your idea would comdemn them to being hopelessly walled off from any chance that an inspired teacher might spark some enthusiasm. I am not willing to give up on them, and I doubt our community is either. This is a very bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Well done. We could call this the SWIFT program.


Or maybe we could just grind them up and serve them in the cafeteria. It would save on food costs. ;-)

Aberdeener said...

Ah, someone among us recognizes political satire. I guess the gig is up.

Champ said...

Since the students parents were personally called, there is first hand reasons why 20% do not take advantage of the program. Can you list a few? Or is it just understood they don't care?

I don't agree we failed as a community. If we can honestly can say we put forth the effort to help even go the extra distance, the parents have failed.

I wonder at what age do the parents/students stop caring?

Perhaps we can have a Class choices program similar to NY's Choice Charter Schools.

Aberdeener said...


The main reason the students didn't want to attend was that they wanted a full lunch period for lunch.

The main reason the parents didn't protest was that they didn't believe they could impose their will upon their teenage children.

I agree drowning the kittens isn't our only solution. I intend to make some suggestions later this week.

Anonymous said...

20% of the junior class is about 60 kids. Why don't you make the lunch tutorial mandatory? Or Mr. (throw money to motivate behavior) Warren, why don't you pay the students to show up like a job.

Aberdeener said...

I don't know if we can make lunch tutorial mandatory nor do I believe we should since neither the students nor the parents want the tutorial.

I will not pay students to learn for a wide host of reasons.

Anonymous said...

Satirical essays must have been lacking in the high school curriculum for many readers of this blog.


Anonymous said...

If you have teachers that have been "deemed unfit" why are they still teaching in this district? Maybe thats the root of your problem.

Anonymous said...

If this was suppose to be a satirical essay, the Aberdeener would not have muddied his intentions further by posting five comments defending the proposal.

Anonymous said...


He is insane. His ideas proved it. He was called on it.

He retracts or was TOLD to.

Anonymous said...

like I said previously, that man is cwayzee. he needs to be removed before he does any further harm to this community.

THE TRUTH said...





Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, why are you drawing adversarial lines in the sand with the teachers in the district? This rash of recent pronouncements has an edge on it. What could be your plan? How can you expect to deal with the teachers union on substantive issues after you have created an untenably hostile environment? it verges on madness, my man. (Speaking of madness, someone out there must want to talk about Kauff for a while. Go ahead. I'll wait. ... Are you back? Good.)

Aberdeener, You've been pouring it on in recent days with all your picayune rule setting. Your tone has frankly become irresponsibly impolitic. Your latest ideas have no traction, bearing the characteristic of adhesion only in so far as they have become a sticky wicket for your fellow board members, who are facing a roiling body of angrier and angrier teachers. You've left them no goodwill to work with. Whence your movement for more responsible government when the teachers walk out in a contract dispute? You're playing with fire.

The last thing I'd like to see is for MARSD to replicate the New York City school system's "rubber room" concept for teachers they wish would just go away. Many of those NYC teachers have no particular deficiencies in the classroom. They have somehow violated the school district's code of conduct, like being overheard cursing. Or they've been accused of something quite serious, maybe even criminal, but there is no formal charge nor an opportunity to respond. Instead these unfortunate waifs land in a virtual purgatory with no chance of redemption. It is simply more convenient for the school administration to toss them into a room without explanation. Sure, pay him/her to sit idle for months or even years, all in the hope that he/she goes crazy and/or resigns before a decision has to be made what to do with him/her. Yeah, that's what we want here. Not.

The net effect of the persistently disruptive student is to deny his/her fellow classmates an education. I imagine everyone agrees that this loss of educational opportunity is to be reviled and despised. However, the child should not be mixed up with the behavior. Somehow the intemperate child must be loved, cared for, and educated despite the bad behavior.

Tossing the child away because he/she has made a bad choice as a minor is not an option. You might want to watch "The Miracle Worker" once or twice to get the feel of how teachers overcome difficult children.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aberdeener-

Can we put Mrs. Phillips in charge of the rubber room kids and teachers? Come on now-let's talk about someone that needs a rubber room!

Diana said...

Mr. Warren, I understand your desire to allow for as free a speech as possible. But would you consider retracting the prior comment by anonymous who slanders an excellent person and administrator.

While your posters are certainly within their rights to post or attempt to post anything they wish, you as the owner, moderator, or censor of this blog bear responsibility for the comments allowed. And permitting slander under the imprimatur of a member of the Board of Education bears a special meaning. It is dishonorable impugn the character of your employee base, beneath the standard of honorable people, and hopefully sir, this includes you.

Thank you.

Aberdeener said...


I share your concerns and your sentiments. However, the individual is an administrator. As a board member, I attacked a school psychologist who was previously a director. There have been a number of comments targeting the athletic director. I'm afraid that having a policy that discriminates between good and bad administrators would create an implicit endorsement of any comment I allow to stand.

I think it's better to have one policy for all administrators and distance myself from all comments but my own.

Anonymous said...


Ms. Phillips is an incompetent. Having worked with her personally, I can tell you that she is affirmative action personified...

Diana said...

Mr. Warren,
By allowing such comments, keep in mind that you are not distancing yourself.

You are endorsing the comments and or the results such comments are likely to elicit upon the people involved.

If the Board's risk-management technique is that of self-insured liability protection, you sir are placing a definite burden upon the tax payers.

There is no such thing as 'distancing'. You are essentially an agent of the opinions expressed. You earn solely the rewards for the good. Unfortunately, the district and the other board officers, failing to censure the bad, bear the personal and corporate responsibility for the fallout.

This places the people who pay school taxes at far greater remunerative risk than the ills you propose to alleviate.

Anonymous said...

Money has not solved the problem so now the blame lies in three places.





Who else with the teachers and staff blame?

Who will the parents blame for not paying enough attention to their children learning?

The student was failed by all of the above and themselves.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for using such big words to illustrate your non-point. You must be a friend of Ms. Phillips, as she too uses big words to distract from the fact that she is an incompetent and has no idea what she's talking about...

So, tell me, Ms. Vocabulary...

How does potential liability for the Board of Education ("BOE") arise from anonymous comments about a public employee on a non-BOE endorsed blog?

Don't you think the BOE would be far more open to a potential lawsuit if it sought to curtail free speech?

Also, don't tell me its libel and Joey is "an agent of the opinions expressed." By legal definition, opinions cannot be libel. Further, your agency argument has no legal basis whatsoever. Just as you have no valid point, but think big words will mask your zero-knowledge of the law, lawsuits or liability.

Anonymous said...

On many blogs, the owner of the blog controls the tone by either moderating the comments himself or appointing a moderator. Those who don't run the risk of being considered irresponsible,IMHO.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous three above my post. Is anyone ACCOUNTABLE for anything they do or do not do?

Discuss amongst yourselves. I'm verklempt.

Aberdeener said...


There are no school district liability issues on this blog so long as I do not divulge confidential information and speak as a private citizen.

As a matter of policy, it makes little sense to allow critical comments of some administrators but not others.

Regarding accountability, we are all accountable for the success of our students. Each person has a role to play and we all do what we can within reason.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12/2 @ 11:28 am:

"On many blogs, the owner of the blog controls the tone by either moderating the comments himself or appointing a moderator. Those who don't run the risk of being considered irresponsible,IMHO."

Agreed, but being considered irresponsible is one thing. Imputing legal liability upon MARSD for the opinions expressed on this blog is entirely another. "Diana" is dead wrong in her analysis...

Nevertheless, voters do impute the opinions on this blog to Mr. Warren. If you don't think a BOE member should run a blog like this, then vote him off the BOE when his term expires. That is your remedy, not a lawsuit...

Anonymous said...

Better supersize it!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren will not have to be voted out of office. He is going to be "asked" to leave.

Anonymous said...

Oh and I'm just sure he will leave cause you don't want him playing in your sandbox.

Aberdeener said...

From GMnews

Whether the MTEA members will be doing so under the terms of the new contract will apparently not be known by the public until the agreement is ratified and presented to the community.

However, in a chest-thumping statement that was headlined "Victory in Marlboro" and posted on the Internet website of the New Jersey Education Association this week, the NJEA wrote, "While details of the settlement await ratification by both parties, it was clear that the MTEA had convincingly prevailed.

"The settlement, mediated by state super-conciliator Marty Scheinman, produced reactions from both sides that made it apparent that the board had failed in its quest to extract contributions from MTEA members — and to deal a blow to NJEA."

Anonymous said...

Why put that up?
what are you going to get out of it?

You are drawing lines in the sand before a formal meeting has taken place?

It is obvious you are trying to rile up the public.

How can both sides agree to negotiate in good faith if you start with this stuff?

WHAT IS YOUR VENDETTA? Let me guess - you are on the negotiating committee? I think that is how it works???? I am glad I left teaching years ago instead of dealing with people like you...

A dose of reality at the NJEA said...

The pressure will be on Mr. Warren after all how dare he seek answers, accountability, actrual work with results from teachers and their union thugs.

No wonder the NJEA wasted $2 million dollars of their unions money backing their low life buddy and now soon to be 'thankfully" the sooooo embarrassed former Governor of the "Joke" that is former New Jersey Governor John Corzine. Don't worry about Corzine though since maybe the NJEA needs to hire another clown to help fleece the taxpayers under the false and placating guise of "for the children".

It seems Corzine has just the experience the NJEA requires. Corzine has the exact type of manipulating peoples money type experience from his time on Wall Street. Corzine is after all somewhat of a magician as he was able to leave Wall Street just before the indictments were handed out for the insider trading scandal and escaped without getting trapped by the FEDS.

Then again if Corzine needs a job he could also call his friend Obama. I mean look at his successful resume here in New Jersey???????????????????????????

Hold the Pickle said...

All he is attempting to do is distract the posters from his original post. Don't be fooled. Hold his feet to the fire.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, we love our teachers. Play nice.

Anonymous said...

We love our teachers BUT?

If teachers:

Actually lifted the in the basement test scores and actually concentrated on ensuring that our students are fully prepared to enter the college of their choice or the workforce, that would be great.

O'h wait isn't that what they are supposed to do ? That would be their, i don't know JOBS.

It seems all too convenient for teachers, the NJEA and others to blame administration and school board members that seek to ensure that students placed in their classes actually learn.

Maybe teachers need to explain how many students leave our district who were average students and even above average students who are not fully prepared or competitive upon reaching college, the military or our workforce. Explain that all of you so protective of your ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY jobs.

Finally Tenure is a curse and many in the teaching ranks know it is. That is unless the NJEA mandates otherwise. Got to go home with who brings you to the dance?

Not for long NJEA. You backed the wrong guy.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Warren - Here's what the Dr.O sent to his teaching staff. Seems like he thinks they're doing a good job. Why can't you ever say anything positive about the teachers?

I was informed today that all four (4) elementary schools in the district met all the indicators required under the NCLB Act and that we were able to achieve AYP in all the elementary schools. Combine this with the news that I shared with you on September 1st that the High School and Middle School also met AYP and both schools would not be under NCLB sanctions for the first time in six (6) years was a most admirable accomplishment. Now with the news shared with me today, I am excited to announce that all of our six schools that are eligible under NCLB HAVE MET AYP for the first time since the inception of NCLB.

This is an outstanding accomplishment for our district as we continue to embark on improving student achievement for all students in our district, and one in which I know you will agree is well deserved by all. I also wanted to take the time to thank you for working so hard, each and every day, to make this happen for our students. I wanted to thank you for all your continued support of the "many" initiatives put forth and your seamless implementation. I hope you can now can begin to see the "fruits" of your hard work and the tremendous impact you can have on students when we all focus on a common goal. Thank you again for all you do everyday and I hope you take time this holiday season to reflect on how blessed we are to be in the field of education and how important we are to shaping the lives of our future generations.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener is preparing the public for the news that the teachers will not have to pay contribution for health benefits because "their peers in neighboring districts don't." However, I still can hope that they picket on his front lawn.

Aberdeener said...


I'm aware of the good news and I'm hoping to get some positive press coverage. I've learned the hard way that the quickest way to keep stuff out of the papers is to break the news on this blog.

Anonymous said...

All the personal attacks by these geniuses will obviously improve the test scores that teachers have allowed to languish in the basement for years. Good work to all the "hard working tenure bullshit aside job security" teachers that get paid so that the "tenured job security" that tells all of them that they don't have to work that hard since nothing can be done to them anyway teachers in the state of NJ. You all should be so proud. You all should be fired for the dismal test scores in this district all of these years. keep setting the bar lower and lower so you can all pat yourselves on the back. Great job security though if you think about it. Right teach?

Anonymous said...

If tenure is universal and teachers don't work because they don't have to then why is there a discrepancy in test scores between our towns and other districts such as Holmdel or schools such as High Tech? If teachers that have tenure are just plain lazy then all students should be testing low. Low test scores must have something to do with other factors...gee, I wonder what they are?

Anonymous said...

From today's Asbury Park Press:

ABERDEEN: The New Jersey Society of Municipal Engineers has honored Aberdeen municipal engineer David J. Samuel for his work on the township's Brownfield Management Project, officials said.

Samuel, an engineer of Parlin-based CME Associates, was presented with the 1st Place award for Municipal Management Projects at the society's annual meeting in Atlantic City on Nov. 18.

The project consisted of the acquisition, remediation and redevelopment of an abandoned industrial site for the beneficial use of the municipality as an age restricted community.

Jim McConville


What other job anywhere is their such protected job security under the "political vote insurance approvals" that is TENURE?

There is no other job with such security. Tenure needs to go. Many teachers and others are negatively affected by the dead wood that is merely protected.

Don't get me wrong there is much to be said of leadership at the top being a contributing factor or negative influence, but too often TENURE and other considerations, fear of reprisals from outside agitators or even possible legal action or other threats that has kept this school district from getting rid of teachers, administrators and staff, who would have been gone anywhere else.


The award cost about #30.00 to give to Samuels at the biggest political graft and corruption convention held annually in New Jersey under the League of Municipalities Convention.

Dave Samuels of CME and his company also just just so happen to be the 2nd largest political contributor of $$$$$ in the entire state, each and every political season. Millions in overcharged taxpayer and business owner $$$$$$$ are given back to politicians and power bosses by Samuels and many others each and every election season.

That is why our elected officials and too many others ensure that the precious $$$$$$ connection is safe and secure by allowing the charging of exorbitant fees for muncicipal services and more are of course mostly paid with taxpayer $$$$$$$$$$$$. Our local representatives are no less guilty by allowing significant engineering fees on businesses and homeowners. Fees charged or instituted by our leadership is merely instituted to feed the political party in power, or those seeking to gain power on the back end. Such $$$$$$$$$$ contributions are the life's blood of people like our local power broker Norman Kauff ESQ. ESQ by the way stands for Every Single Quarter.

We taxpayers over$$$$$ for that award and the annual cost is far too high. It is time for the new council members to do the right thing and go out to bid for any and all services required by our community. That would mean that any and all services for engineering, legal, purchasing, accounting and more should be mandated to go out to bid. When ????? on this before the answers have been immediate and flawed. Prove it is what I say? Just because the Mayor said we tried that and it did not work is far from the answer owed to a community in fiscal crisis.

Just giving the likes of Dave Samuels and his ilk the keys to the taxpayer ATM, year after year, in Aberdeen is nothing short of highway robbery and a criminal enterprise orchestrated by Kauff.

Mayor Elect Tagliarini and his team all know it. Will they merely allow Norman Kauff to once again rape our community with the same professionals year after year after year? I hope not.

These professionals that Kauff has placed in Aberdeen for over ten years may as well just set up offices in the municipal building, they own it anyway. They own Aberdeen lock, stock and Kauff.

The inflated cost for this site that was the basis of the award has had engineering services done to it going back twenty years. How many studies does such a property need? It is obvious that every four years is the answer merely to fund political campaigns. That is the dishonestly true answer.

Engineering firms like CME owned now by the award winning Dave Samuels have probably been given in excess of $1,000,000.00 since Norman Kauff took over. Samuels gets such awards at conventions like that all of the time. He probably laughs at such trinkets all the way home in his chauffeured driven sedan. Can you almost hear the laughter as he leaves to return to his mansion on the hill.

What a bargain for the taxpayers?

Keep up the good work there Team Kauff! Just remember the oath you will take very soon says the following: "so help me God". Help the taxpayers who elected you not Norman Kauff and his politically connected and beholding cronies.

Anonymous said...

I think the above poster meant to say that Kauff has given in excess of $10,000,000.00 to CME not $1,000,000.00. I mean it has cost Kauff almost $1,000,000.00 just to run his puppets every election year in Aberdeen over the past ten years.

NJ deserves to be the national joke!

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah..your people lost, get over it already.

Taxpayers lost when Kauff ticket won said...

We will get over it when Kauff stops gouging us taxpayers for his political criminal enterprise. Until then all of you kauffkins can keep supporting all of the scum that surround Kauff. They may all need your support and visits to the BIG HOUSE real soon.

Blah Blah Blah this you idiot!


By the way whose abatement plan did CME use to win that award? The article says that CME's Dave Samuels was key to negotiating the COAH amounts on that supposed developemental site that was supposed to be developed years ago. Who is Samuels to negotiate COAH? Norman Kauff must have been away so Kauffs puppetmaster must have had to make a personal appearance in his stead. It seems CME has been known to use design schematics and other assorted paperwork from other agencies and individuals and just putting their company logo on such things and submitting an outlandish bill as though they did the work.

Anybody see the advertisements for the Township of Aberdeen seeking professional services? Yeah like that was not just more taxpayer money wasted.

It will be the same Kauff low-lifes all over again. Hey Fred thanks for nothing. How do you spell disappointment in Aberdeen? T A G.......

Anonymous said...

Ooooh get ready to get spanked by Kauff and Company.

Peachtree don't you know by now that no one is supposed to know about the insider deals for the handpicked Kauff professionals.
Peachtree you let the cat out of the bag.

Peachtree don't you know it is time for the Aberdeen Democrat Campaign fund raisers to start. Why do you think all of the road program money started coming out just as soon as the election is over. It is PAYDAY for Kauff and Company courtesy of the Aberdeen taxpayers.

Peachtree I suggest you put a book down your pants, it will not hurt as much when you get bent over Kauffs knee. I hear Mark Coren is trying the book down the pants thing though without much success.

Karma is a BITCH !

Right Coreena ?

Pleaseanswerthe10Mr.Kauff said...

Coreena putting a book down his pants. That is F'n funny. Peachtree while Norman is spanking you repeat after me:

Norman Kauff may I have another?


Norman Kauff may I have another?

And so on and so on and so on...

Norm is a strict disciplinarian after all. Just ask Stu Brown and Jan Gallo. Right Normy? Kauff sent them to the woodshed for questioning his precious CM&E.

Hey Normy it has been a while so just in case you forgot.

You suck!

guess i'm a kauffkin now too said...

Ahh, the old Big House Threat...How origional, you idiots have had those guys going to prison for years. Have they? No. Have they even been accused, other than on this rediculous site? No. You are an idiot.

THE TRUTH said...









Anonymous said...

Be loud and curse out Norman Kauff all you want. It is the newly elected that will fail to do right if they lock step and walk the Kauff walk. For now it is called the Kauff Walk. Soon I hope it will be called the Perp Walk. As in perpetrators arrested with Norman Kauff for crimes against the citizenry.


Retirement party for Jimmy Lauro tonight I hear. I say good luck and all the best to a man who truly has given his life to Aberdeen.

Too bad he has now aligned himself with evil in the presence of Norman Kauff. I certainly hope he distinguishes himself right off the bat. if he votes for the same professionals that Kauff keeps around like red headed step children. It will be a damn shame is all i can say.

For me that will be the biggest disappointment and will forever negate everything I have thought of Jimmy all of these years. He has truly been an asset to the citizenry and taxpayers of Aberdeen.

If Jimmy votes the Kauff way for these supposed professionals on his first chance to vote, all is lost.

FlashingLights said...

I agree with the Aberdeener's columnist. Those who do not wish to learn and whose parental units have also signified a support for this decision, do not deserve the public expenditure granted upon each student in the district. Such students should be placed in less then remedial classes or, better yet, simply be allowed to fail out of their respective grade. This would subsequently “trim the fat” of the district and possibly lower the taxpayer’s fiscal responsibility to each student in the district. By many accounts this idea and the similar ideals of others on these comments may sound callous, but this is reality- You cannot help those who simply do not wish to recieve help.

Unknown said...

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