Sunday, November 1, 2009

New Faces, Same Democrats

This election season has been quite a disappointment. Election campaigns have only three objectives – 1) Build your support 2) Demolish your opponent 3) Get your supporters into the polling booth. Looking at both campaigns, it’s impossible to say that either the Republicans or the Democrats made any major advances on any of those fronts. As the opposition party and underdogs, the Republicans failed to educate the voters. As the party in power for over a decade, the Democrats had to either run on their record or break from their past policies.

For the last few months, I’ve been waiting for some sign, anything, suggesting the Democratic candidates would break from their party’s history. They have not. Despite Tagliarini’s and Lauro’s stellar personal histories, all evidence suggests they have been engulfed by the borg that is the Aberdeen Democratic Party.

  • Rather than disassociate themselves from Councilman Vinci, they used his deep connections to garner support from longtime residents
  • Rather than defend or criticize a $457,898 pension deferral, they have promoted it as a spending cut
  • Rather than refuse pay-to-play, they’ve taken money from all the usual suspects but circumvented financial disclosure rules by running each candidate as a separate campaign
  • Rather than apologize for having never developed the Church St. senior center, the transit village, Anchor Glass, or Aberdeen Forge, they again issue news releases that development is just around the corner
  • Rather than issue an action plan for shore development, they use it as a photo op for their campaign literature
  • Rather than congratulate the library for funding its capital budget so that it can eventually move to larger quarters, they accuse the library of being over-funded
During Tagliarini’s short tenure on the town council, he never broke with his party or initiated any action. He supported appointing as lead developer an ex-con who attempted to bribe an IRS auditor and cost Matawan hundreds of thousands of dollars in a vindictive lawsuit that had no merit. Tagliarini also allowed the township’s powers-that-be bury the draft pay-to-play ordinance.

What’s most disturbing is that Tagliarini and Lauro didn’t need to do any of these things to win the election. Given their name recognition and reputations, they could have bagged the election by just using their rolodexes.

Therein lies the problem. Have Tagliarini and Lauro given us any reason to believe they’ll govern differently from their predecessors? Once in power, they’ll have a lot of IOUs to cash and, being men of honor, you know they will. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

Fred Tagliarini and James Lauro have already showed themselves to be little more then Kauff's newest puppets. To say that I had hoped for more would be an understatement. To say that the first thing they should both do at the reorganization is move themselves away from Kauff and all the corruption that RAT BASTARD has brought to our community. Will they? They better. Things are in the works that will confront the two of them on the very night they take over that will shake them to the bone and embrrass them immediately as they take control. That last statement will of course be scoffed at but it will happen and those involved will be the type that the Democrats know full well mean what they say. That is if they win of course.

I myself think that Fred and James will win but I also hope that they will stand up against the Kauff-Vinci and complacent leadership that has allowed corruption and excessive legal and engineering fees and Kauff's shares to ruin Aberdeen.

The election is upon us and I only hope that NsecJ is happy as he is one of the main reasons we have had Kauff and the others all of these years. Are you proud Big Joe?

If you listen you can hear his silence. Someone who stood up to so many but in the end sold out.

Up in the air is it a plane? Is it a bird? No its Big Joe bought and paid for.

Duke said...

Why no incumbents? Could it be that the Mark Coren scandal may be hitting too close to home for them? Were they involved in a cover-up? What did they know and when did they know it?

paytoplayansweris said...

Coren was mostly ignored. It was very much ignored by his supposed friends on the council. I don't think it meant much due to his length of time out of his position. It was very disappointing that the local paper did not cover it. I did see something in the APP but not a word in the Independent. The Independent used to be informative and now it seems that the paper is mostly about issues in Holmdel. The number of reporters at local council meetings is minimal if any show at all and it seems as if they get their updates from the agenda . No interviews with residents or council people on spending or appointments.

The papers know about CM&E and the lawyers connection and beholding to Normy, but say nothing. Will the soon to be elected new council people say something? We will see?

Anonymous said...

With 14 years of corrupt control, two "popularity driven" candidates heading up the Democratic ticket and the obvious Kauff corruption and $$$$$$$$$$ not given the attention it deserves by the Republicans in a timely manner, the question that rings in my mind is will the so concerned Republican candidates continue their concern and drive to get clear and transparent government into our town even if they lose?

Mr. Aljian if you get the chance let me know the answer to the long question above. I want to know that even if you lose you will still highlight the Kauff $$$$$$$$ along with the corrupt complicity of our council leadership. Kauff must go to move Aberdeen forward Republicans or not on the council that needs to happen.

frmrshorecasinodem said...

Kauff laughs at all of this. he knows that people are sheep and are so easily led. No one brings him up at council meetings with and ferocity so Sobel just plays the typical political puppet with the pat Kauff answers. Mayor Sobel has been such a disappointment to so many in our community. Just a tool of the process is what he is. At least Norm won't have his hand up Mayor Sobel' shirt much longer. Thanks for nothing Mayor Puppet.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the letter from the Mayor? It was laughable at best. His final act, spewing more Kauff written dribble....

Anonymous said...

Brown-noser does not even begin to explain Soble. They sell themselves so cheaply. Bon Voyage Mayor Liar.

Anonymous said...

After the review of my tax bill over 60% is school tax, yet no one on this blog address that issue at all. No one runs for the Boe, How many people cast their vote during the last election. We need elected officials that are going to work together to serve Aberdeen.
Who ever wins this election I hope the form a team for a better and stronger Aberdeen. Enough of the child like comments and behavior.

Anonymous said...

Is the thievery and corruption perpetrated by Norman Kauff childish? If so it is childish at
over $2 million dollars annually.

Stop kissing Kauuf' ass and look around as your friends and family are forced to move away. Sure the cost of education is expensive. So too is the Kauff corruption.

Anonymous said...

Childish behavior is the life blood of this blog. You can make up any far fetched story you want, as long as its about Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Childish behavior is the life blood of this blog. You can make up any far fetched story you want, as long as its about Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Wake up no one wants to touch the Teachers Union! I recall the Teachers picketing one of the School Board member's homes in Matawan. That made it a little too personal for me. That wasn't right and I trust it will never happen again. But if you want to fight them give it a try and see how long you last. The only way to see any tax relief is for the County to take over the Schools. Enough of the home rule crap. It went out with the Colonists.

Mr. Warren, you did a brave thing by running for the School Board. It appears to be a thankless job. Don't see any others running to be on the School Board.

Aberdeener said...

You're correct that two-thirds of our property taxes go to the school district. That's why I focused my efforts on the school district, attended meetings, and ran for the BOE.

However, we're not among the highest taxed in Monmouth County because of the school district. For that, ask the township why we don't have any commercial ratables to lower our property taxes.

Anonymous said...

Because everytime the township tryed to get any commercial ratables in town, the residents came out and complained not on my side of town (not in my backyard). You can't have your cake and eat it to. I want to know how come SJV high school cost per student is so much less. Lets close shop and send them there.

Ode to Norm said...

How's this for childish:

There was a mamzer named Kauff who liked to think that he was a Gantseh Macher.

He led all around and made Tagliarini and Lauro clowns

In the end all knew he was a Schvitzer

So they said to this Norm, Gai tren zich

And then everyone knew he was a Shtik drek

or in English (without the Yiddish)

There was a bastard named Kauff who liked to think that he was a great big deal.

He led all around and made Tagliarini and Lauro clowns

In the end all knew he was a liar and untrustworthy

So they said to this Norm, Go F yourself

And then everyone knew he was a cheating piece of sh_t.

I was a child 60 years ago and now being taxed out of town like Sobel and many other.

Norm's Best Friend said...

DC Number: C03366
Hair Color: BROWN
Eye Color: HAZEL
Height: 5'10''
Weight: 306 lbs.
Birth Date: 12/12/1949
Initial Receipt Date: 04/29/2009
Current Facility: GLADES C.I.
Current Custody: MEDIUM
Current Release Date: 09/10/2011

06/03/2008 INTRNET/F.S. (Luring an underage boy using the internet)
04/23/2009 ST. LUCIE 0802533 2Y 6M 0D

06/03/2008 L/L EXHIBIT. V<16 OFF 18+ (Exposing himself to a minor boy) 04/23/2009 ST. LUCIE 0802533 2Y 6M 0D

Anonymous said...

O'MALLEY $173,000 
GLASTEIN  $151,892 
RUSCAVAGE  $126,710 
OLSEN  $126,710 
RAPPAPORT  $124,710 
SPELLS  $124,710 
O KEEFE  $124,710 
SMITH  $124,710 
ZITAROSA  $120,710 
BERA  $120,210 
SCESNEY  $119,909 
MARTUCCI  $119,909 
IRONS  $119,889 
DE LUCA  $117,710 
FARRELL  $117,710 
PHILLIPS  $117,409 
JANOVER  $116,210 
SIEGEL  $114,159 
LIOTTI  $112,534 
ABRAHAMSEN  $112,534 
CARTER  $109,284 
UGLIALORO  $109,284 
STACKHOUSE-KE  $107,250 
LUKENDA  $104,750 
CHAS  $104,750 
WEISSMAN  $102,750 
GOLDSTEIN  $92,040 
KAPLAN  $91,040 
BURKHARDT  $91,040 
TURNER  $87,540 
HUTNIK  $87,540 
WEST  $87,540 
BARBATO  $87,540 
FRIEDL  $87,540 
GAROFALO  $87,540 
EOVINO  $87,540 
VALANZOLA  $87,540 
MATTERN  $87,540 
LLOYD  $87,540 
FORTI  $87,540 
SAKIN  $87,540 
SAKIN  $87,540 
VIEL  $87,540 
COLLINS  $87,540 
KISSANE  $87,540 
HORGAN  $87,540 
GORMAN  $87,540 
BRESLIN  $87,540 
SYKES  $87,540 
DORFLAUFER  $87,540 

Guess who these fokes are and where there work (hint some only work 9 months a year (181 days))?

Aberdeener said...

If someone knows of a school district that's prepared to take our four thousand students and give them a better education for less money than we can, by all means, please let me know where this Shangri La exists.

Aberdeener said...

I think those salaries are from last year and that everybody's gotten raises since then. Also, I believe all administrators work a full year, though summers are certainly a lighter load.

Anonymous said...

Anon with the salary guide...quit crying about teacher salaries and the number of days they work. Go back to school, get your teaching certification, and get a job in education. No one put a gun to your head and forced you to take the job you have or the career you chose.

Anonymous said...

With the exceptions of Glastein and Rappaport most of the individuals on the list are paid for a job well done. Are you trying to prove you know how to look up salaries on Where do you work?

Anonymous said...

A vote for the democrats will be a vote for 1500 more homes in Aberdeen in 2010. Ask yourself if we can afford to fill our schools and roads with 1500 more families. You think your school tax is high now, just wait.

Anonymous said...

All four of the Dem candidates have ties to the Planning Board, thank them all for their Planning Board decisions, by voting R this year.

NSecJoe says good luck to all said...

Good luck to all the candidates in tomorrows election. My ballot was mailed in some time back and I await the results of this election with much anticipation.

Much has been said by many about the candidates their party leadership and the suggested control over the candidates of both political parties, by unelected people or others.

Those elected tomorrow will soon swear an oath and assume the role of leadership after the election results are counted.

Leadership is a word that must be earned by whomever is the victor. An election win does not immediately make a winning candidate a leader.

It is my hope that whomever wins the election tomorrow will earn the term leader commencing on day one.

Once again I say good luck to all of the candidates in both parties.

Anonymous said...

It is not just about salaries for the teachers. What about tenure, health benefits, etc? Not all of us with college educations are cut out to teach. Not all teachers currently with tenture should be teaching. Simple fact. Where is the quality control? It is called tenure.

We all know if you are reading this blog, you should thank a teacher. Personally, I can name every teacher who impacted my life.

Realistically, it is not easy to get a teaching position in our schools. The comment about "how no one put a gun to your head," teaching is a noble profession, they nurture the minds of our children, it is not a profession just anyone with a degree should undertake. Questioning the quality of our children's education and those who teach is no joking matter.

Anonymous said...

It is not just about salaries for the teachers. What about tenure, health benefits, etc? Not all of us with college educations are cut out to teach. Not all teachers currently with tenture should be teaching. Simple fact. Where is the quality control? It is called tenure.

We all know if you are reading this blog, you should thank a teacher. Personally, I can name every teacher who impacted my life.

Realistically, it is not easy to get a teaching position in our schools. The comment about "how no one put a gun to your head," teaching is a noble profession. They nurture the minds of our children. It is not a profession just anyone with a degree should undertake. Questioning the quality of our children's education and those who teach is no joking matter. It is time teachers join the rest of the working population when it comes to deductibles on medical insurance/prescription coverage, salaries, tenure. That is all I was saying....

By the way, how many of you voted for the School Board Elections and the School Budget?

Anonymous said...

4.5% offered, 10% of people in NJ are out of work and they are STILL complaining. Unbelievable! Let them strike, there are plenty of qualified people that would leap at the chance to work again.

Todays Asbury Park Press Editorial

November 2, 2009

Teachers' union oblivious to poor economy

Marlboro Township Education Association members, who have been working without a contract since June 2008, picketed Friday outside the K-8 district's eight schools before class to protest the Board of Education's rejection of a fact-finder's recommendation for a settlement.

It's perfectly understandable why the board rejected it. And it's mind-boggling the teachers haven't accepted the board's latest offer — before the board concludes it is too generous and withdraws it.

In a classic example of how the collective bargaining system in New Jersey is stacked against management and taxpayers, teachers, who contribute nothing toward their health insurance premiums, originally sought raises of between 5 and 6.5 percent for the three-year contract. The school board offered 4.5 percent the first year and 4.25 percent in the second and third years.

A state-appointed fact-finder in August recommended salary increases ranging from 4.1 percent to 4.4 percent for the three years, but the school board rejected the proposal because it failed to ask employees to contribute anything toward their health insurance premiums. That's outrageous given that for each teacher with family coverage, the district's package of health benefits costs taxpayers $22,405.

The school board wants teachers to contribute $950 annually to the health benefits package — 4.2 percent of the cost of the premiums. The union has said no. In a last-ditch attempt to head off a possible teachers' strike, the two sides will meet Monday with a so-called "superconciliator," who will make another nonbinding recommendation.

Hopefully, the superconciliator will do something the fact-finder failed to do: Take into account the dismal state of the economy, New Jersey's highest-in-the-nation tax burden and the negative rate of inflation over the past year when determining what kind of salary increase to recommend. We also hope the superconciliator will consider the $22,405 average cost of family health coverage and the additional burden that places on local taxpayers.

The contract standoff in Marlboro again demonstrates the urgent need for the governor — whoever that turns out to be after today's election — and the Legislature to bring public employee salaries and benefits under control, including mandating all public employees make contributions to health insurance premiums in line with those in the private sector.

In the private sector, higher health insurance premiums, smaller raises — if any raises at all — and other belt-tightening measures are a way of life. They must become a way of life in the public sector as well if New Jersey is to ever get its fiscal house in order and bring taxes under control.

Tryy clicking mouse only once said...

Try just clicking the mouse only once to post you input. The same person does this routinely. Yes it is annoying.

Anonymous said...

"In the private sector, higher health insurance premiums, smaller raises — if any raises at all — and other belt-tightening measures are a way of life. They must become a way of life in the public sector as well if New Jersey is to ever get its fiscal house in order and bring taxes under control." Lower taxes are just not the be all and end all of economic health. The american people have rejected their credit cards, finally! They have stopped spending on anything but essentials. They do not have sufficient income to sustain our consumer economy. If we keep wages the same, increase insurance premiums, they will never buy anything. So much for the free market. So much for the middle class standard of living. No sales, no profits, end of story, Bub. Increased wages and more jobs are the answer now, if you want people to buy and spend.

Aberdeener said...

Higher wages and more jobs come from business investment. If we increase incentives for businesses and people to invest locally, more and better jobs will follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Who rented the VFW hall? The lot is full. Three people voting. Can you say voter suppression?

AberdeenD campaign is a joke said...

I am anxious to see the breakdown on voters by regional area this election. Cliffwood is probably not going for the D's because of Kauffs developmental greed and his good o'l boy network bullshit. The beach is up in the air. Oakshades will go Vinci like always. I know Vinci is not in this election but he has worked so hard you would think he is running for office. How much was his consulting fee this year. probably enough to cover his higher taxes off of his house additions and increased land holdings since he is the Oakshades land baron now. The next Vinci race is one I wait for with great anticipation. The Vinci intersection and Kauff $$$$$ that are routinely paid to Vinci along with his secret and non restrictive land deals, will showcase his low life stature and self serving greed. That election will be BIG and Vinci will not win that one. GUARANTEED!
Freneau probably won't go the D way either as Montone has done nothing for the sewer problem with her slave-like Kauff association and her dismal ties to the school board fiasco, which she seemed to not want to highlight in the political fluff pieces. The laughable D's fluff pieces left little to substance and issues. The misuse of the Aberdeen newsletter was also a shame and was very wrong and all too typical of Kauff. The fluff piece pictures at 34 and Lloyd with Fred and Jimmy was laughable. Like the D candidates had anything to do with that intersection under their watch. That has been in the planning stages for fifteen years or longer. Willing to bet CME gets their piece of that pie for sure.
CME and Kauff must go no matter who wins this election. Aberdeen otherwise is doomed to repeat the Kauff corruption and deceit again.


I effing told you you were irrelevant. You and your 20 followers can go stuck it! By the way. It's very well known that one of the reasons for the large Democrat win, is because YOU, Mr Warren, are an absolute idiot, a disgrace, and a burden to your party. Get out of the way of the people that are serious in your party,you pathetic little thing you. Politics aren't your thing. Loser. :P


Stop ruining local politics in the Matawan-Aberdeen area. and please.... don't take the loss out on your poor family.


Anonymous said...

That last msg seems to be from Joey Ciaglia -- "don't ruin politics in Aberdeen" ???? What -- let the corruption roll on!

Nostradomus said...

I told you so :) Never doubt me!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I did not vote for Corzine but I REALLY HOPE he enacts his combined school districts idea.

It really makes sense. For example combine Matawan Aberdeen - Keyport - Union Beach and Raritan. = 1 super, 1 Asst super, 1 accountant, 1 BA and such. It would save all of us millions and GE THE POLITICS OUT OF THE BOE... and the self serving.

Anonymous said...

Mayor - Aberdeen
13/13 100.00%
Under Votes 368
Over Votes 0

Vote Count Percent
REP - Thomas Aljian 2,292 46.09%
DEM - Fred Tagliarini 2,678 53.85%
Write-In 3 0.06%
Total 4,973 100.00%

Councilmembers-At-Large (Full) Aberdeen
13/13 100.00%
Under Votes 847
Over Votes 0

Vote Count Percent
REP - Anthony Garaguso 2,284 23.22%
REP - Sheila Balavram 2,203 22.40%
DEM - James V. Lauro 2,696 27.41%
DEM - Margaret M. Montone 2,652 26.96%
Write-In 0 0.00%
Total 9,835 100.00%

Councilmember-At-Large (Unexpired) Aberdeen
13/13 100.00%
Under Votes 427
Over Votes 0

Vote Count Percent
REP - Michael Vail 2,330 47.42%
DEM - Gregory J. Cannon 2,583 52.56%
Write-In 1 0.02%
Total 4,914 100.00%

Anonymous said...

Greg won? I am moving.......

Aberdeener said...

I saw the breakdown. Although the township went for Christie, the local vote went completely according to party lines. Between mayor and the council members, fewer than 5% split their votes.

The surprise in Matawan is that Bud Mullaney, who served on the council with his daughter, lost by a wide margin.

As for those who claim I'm irrelevant, tell that to those who resigned this year. I've only run one campaign and I won. :)

steve on Lloyd said...

Be fair -

you ran a campaign unopposed.

If you ran a 5k against no one - would youn consider it a win? NO ONE ELSE RAN.

But at least you cared enough to run!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, boy! Who do we blame now. I got it - Alien intervention, yeah that's the ticket - alien intervention, yeah, see. Spacemen were against us, see. Yeah, spacemen, that's the ticket!

Anonymous said...

It just goes to show that this blog is not as influential as all the haters think. I voted yesterday for Lauro and Tagliarini and Vail and Garaguso. I personally felt that Aljian was not a good candidate and Tagliarini would be better. Lauro has been involved in the community for a long time and stood in as "acting" township manager at varies times. Vail is smart and Garaguso cares enough to attend council meetings all year round. Cannon brings nothing to the table, people just vote down party lines. People in the community need to pay attention to what is going on around them and find out about these candidates. Oh well TRUTH, you were wrong again. I guess we will just have to wait for you, egghead and the others to bring down Kauff! Now that's funny.

Anonymous said...

It just goes to prove that REVENGE is not the answer in this town. The republican Chairman was only out for revenge and himself he didn't care one thing about his candidates. His only motive was to bring down the democrats out of REVENGE. The republicans only loss by around 400 was only because of the race for Governor, if it wasn't for Christie a lot fewer residents would have voted for the republicans and it would have been a slaughter. Except for Vail the republican candidates did not offer anything. As for the Aberdeener all I could say is start working with the democrats instead of just mouthing off about everything and work to make this community whole. You have torn this township apart, now start the healing process.


CM&E WON $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

Corruption won$$$$$$$$$$$!

Kauff $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$won!

I congratulate the winning candidates. It truly shows what money and popularity driven candidates can do in an election. No real issues based platform can win. No real individuality can win. "Boss" control can still win.

"Boss" Kauff won this round. Congrats Normy. Enjoy your victory.

To Fred I say to you that each taxpayer, each business owners, each resident lost today by the outcome of this election. If as a resident you want to improve your homes and properties you will continue to pay for the Kauff and CM&E corruption in Aberdeen. If you want to open a business in Aberdeen you will continue to pay for the Kauff and CM&E corruption in Aberdeen. If you want to move into a senior citizen complex or low income housing property soon to be approved by Normy you will continue to pay for Kauffs' and the CM&E $$$$$$$$$$ corruption in Aberdeen.

What Aberdeen needed most desperately was to rid itself of Norman Kauff and all his $2,000,000.00 a year Kauff $$$$$$$ professionals.

Fred Tagliarini made the following statement this morning in the paper:

"The sweep is a reaffirmation of Aberdeen residents' confidence in their administration".

What administration Fred? "Boss" Kauff runs the show, the whole show and nothing but the whole show. Fred you know he does.

Fred, I ask you would that be the "confidence" that the large number of "Aberdeen residents" those who don't really know the true cost of the Kauff corruption is what you speak of? Is it the cost of businesses that do not want to come to town because of the cost of the Kauff corruption that you speak of? Is it the residents of Cliffwood, Freneau, and other areas who are about to get dumped on with 1300-1500 low-income housing, townhouses, and other housing projects and more with all its traffic congestion, BIG ENGINEERING FEES and the Kauff corruption $$$$$$$$$$$$ that are sure to come along with such approvals? Is it because "Boss" Kauff runs Aberdeen from the dark recesses of the shadowy title of unelected and unaccountable political "Boss" with his self profiting and dictatorial control, that you know in your heart of hearts Fred is ruining Aberdeen? Get real Fred and tell the "Boss" thanks for getting us here and now it is time for the "Boss" to go! Aberdeen cannot afford "Boss" Kauff any longer.

To Normy I say the following. We are not going anywhere? You may think we are few, but we are many.

By the way Normy, a little hint for yo. CHRIS CHRISTY WON! Normy the republicans are back in control in Freehold! George Norcross your idol lost the entire state control he sought to "buy" for himself. So we now shift our pressure and identification of your corruption to shall we say a "MORE PUBLIC VIEWING". The local republican candidates failed to highlight the Kauff "Boss" connection. Sadly the republicans seem to never learn or listen to what would win an election for them. But Normy you enjoy your victory, you plan your same old reorganization "appointments" and most of all keep looking over your shoulder. We will continue to seek your ouster from without and within.

So Normy put your sign up for now.





Enjoy it while it lasts Normy!

Anonymous said...

Shut up, we have heard this before, its getting boring. Here is your crying towel. Start getting involved in something instead of mouthing off.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above poster. It is tiring listening to the cry babies on here about how things are going to change. SHUT UP! YOU LOST!

Anonymous said...

Correct election results:

REP - Thomas Aljian 2,406 45.95%
DEM - Fred Tagliarini 2,825 53.95%
Write-In 5 0.10%
Total 5,236 100.00%

Councilmembers-At-Large (Full term)
REP - Anthony Garaguso 2,404 23.22%
REP - Sheila Balavram 2,311 22.33%
DEM - James V. Lauro 2,850 27.53%
DEM - Margaret M. Montone 2,784 26.90%
Write-In 2 0.02%
Total 10,351 100.00%

Councilmember-At-Large (Unexpired term)
REP - Michael Vail 2,465 47.57%
DEM - Gregory J. Cannon 2,714 52.37%
Write-In 3 0.06%
Total 5,182 100.00%

Anonymous said...

It is sour grapes the majority of the post above BUT it is true nonetheless. Kauff does run Aberdeen. Kauff is corrupt. And CME rapes the residents and town coffers. It is not crying over spilled milk is it is crying over the corruption that still remains a lesion on Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

By the way former candidate Garaguso. You are an ASS ! Your exploits were ignorant and all too telling of the type of leader you fortunately will not be.

Anonymous said...

Feel that breeze rushing through Aberdeen this morning?. It is either the congratulatory winds of corruption swirling around team Tagliarini or from Vinny patting himself on his back for a corrupt job well done. Guess Vinny can cash his campaign consultant check now? Consultant? Hack is more like it. Vinny go back to running the illegal numbers in town.

Anonymous said...

I hear Councilman Vinci had to be ru$hed to the ho$pital thi$ morning. Doctor $ay Kauff$ favorite Councilman Vinnie Vinci di$located his arm patting him$elf on hi$ back for all hi$ shall we say 'connection$'.

Norm said...

HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Norm did you hear this joke?

Who won the Governors race?

Chris Christie "Corruption fighter" won.

Tick Tock


Tick Tock

Lets see what Fred and Company will do seeings how 45% of the taxpayers did not vote for them. Will they represent the needs of all of the taxpayers and kick CME to the curb and enact REAL PAY TO PLAY REFORM or will they be the latest puppets.

What am I saying?

Kauff still runs Aberdeen.

For now anyway.

Tick Tock Norm Tick Tock

Anonymous said...

Up coming election analysis

We think we did pretty good with our prediction

Thomas Aljian (R) — 2,292 Prediction 2098
√ Fred Tagliarini (D) — 2,678 Prediction 2651

Borough Council (2)
4-year terms
Anthony Garaguso (R) — 2,284 Prediction 2020
Sheila Balavram (R) — 2,203 Prediction 2020
√ James V. Lauro (D) — 2,696 Prediction 2745
√ Margaret M. Montone (D) — 2,652 Prediction 2745

Borough Council (1)
2-year unexpired term
Michael Vail (R) — 2,330
√ Gregory J. Cannon (D) — 2,583

The vote will be 2425 -2475 but we are not sure who wins.

Norm said...

I repeat...HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

F the Kauffkins said...

Hey Owin did you let your buddy the one who is incarcerated in Florida for crimes against children, know the election results? Good riddance to both of you. Correne is getting jammed and slammed in the joint and elsewhere, and you get to retire now. MOOOOOOOVE with Sobel. Don't worry Kauff will forward your corruption checks to your new addresses. Maybe you can get a job working for CME? Take Mark Schramm with you since he is OUT OF A JOB in Freehold now to. There is a GOD.

F the Kauffkins said...






That is #d NUMBERED for you people in Rio Linda.

Anonymous said...

yeah, yeah, we have heard it for years now, "there time is coming", blah, blah, blah! You guys lost and are still crying, move, do something, anything!

Anonymous said...

The people of Aberdeen lost yesterday. They will continue to be ruled by Norman Kauff Esq. ruled with more excessive costs borne by all of the taxpayers to the Kauff lawyers and of course CME.

It may be called Pay to Play Mr. Kauff but that does not make it right. CME just financed Kauffs latest $50,000.00 campaign and now the taxpayers will be forced to pay CME over a million dollars for that $50,000.00 donation/ Money given to finance the "Continue the Kauff Corruption Campaign" the 2009 version.

Kauff and others will also continue to profit off of the legal but obvious unethical loopholes that are placed and enacted by those Kauff controls. This as he doles out the developmental approvals that are already in motion. Just watch how many site investigations CME gets this year in town that go nowhere. More CME work that will only have to be investigated again in time for the next CME campaign next election season. Watch how many new fees are placed on homeowners for useless and often unnecessary plan reviews by CME. It is a joke.

Ask yourself one question. Who is running this insane asylum? Norman Kauff is unfortunately still the answer.

CME Engineering Wins Big In Aberdeen said...

Now they'll have to make up for their $40K investment by padding their next bill.

And soon they'll be out of a job in the job Kauff appointed them to in Hazlet. That will also equal additional billings in Aberdeen.

We'll see if Tagliarini and Lauro have spines.

Anonymous said...

Gee! Now all the cry babies on this blog have to wait two years for another election in Aberdeen. Just think, you have two whole years to sell your house and get out. Stop crying and leave! No one wants you here, listening to all your b***s*** and sour grapes. YOU LOST AGAIN! GET OUTTA TOWN! SEE YA LOSER! The word of the day FRUSTRATION defined: you just can't beat him! LOL

Anonymous said...

The word every day in Aberden is


and you know that for sure.

Anonymous said...

It is disappointing that a member of a school board would create and maintain such a website as this one. Children can read this. This is no way contributes to a better anything. In fact anyone who can google Aberdeen can read this. I think this website actually brings down the value of our homes.

Anonymous said...

Their is only one way you spell CORRUPTION and that is MINUTOLO. Christie will get you, Commerce Bank, Kara Homes, Insurance Fraud. Its all coming for you. This is who they wanted to run the town. What a joke.

Anonymous said...

To the poster of the last item -- Party bosses like Kauff and Minitoulo should not run towns. They are not elected. Minitoulo was the leader of a losing political party and had no role and would have had no role with the town.

Kauff is a unelected, formally appointed and now retired township attorney, boob that approves appointments to township boards and positions, controls development, and attends many meetings with developers and township professionals in representation of the township.

Kauff's dual role of political hack and ex-officio town kingpin is what is corrupt.

Minitoulo is just a former Kauff lackey, just like Sobel and Tagliarini, and now Lauro.

Anonymous said...


Shut the F up already. You lost. Fair and square. Get over yourselves! You are irrelevant, and no one cares what you think!

Anonymous said...

People still criticize the angst and aggrivation posted on this site. So i ask the anonymous idiot who criticizes free speech one question.

Q) Does Kauff and his cronies deserve two million dollars a year for the same type of professional services that many other towns pay far less for?


Tick tick tick tick tick tick

Is the phone busy at King kauffs' house so you can't respond without the "Boss" telling you what to say?

Hey Greg Cannon while we are waiting for the answer I need to ask how much did Mommy and Daddy pay for you to go to college to only end up a political puppet? I hope you put up a better fight for the residents of Aberdeen then you did in that local bar fight.

You went to Notre Dame and some Law School but now your just a hack for a corrupt scumbag power broker who fleeces the people you will soon take an oath to represent. Mommy and Daddy should be so proud of you? So much for those classes on free thinking and legal ethics. You will soon risk more then you think attaching yourself to Kauff. Prison is not a pretty place for guys like you. Right Mark Coren? Excuse me I mean Coreena.

Anonymous said...

Anytime the Township goes to arbitration with any Union, the Township loses. Why, I don't know, strength in numbers perhaps. The system needs to be amended. Don't blame the teachers, if you were in their place you would want every thing you could get too. No one wants "givebacks." Change the system.

NsectionJoe said...

To the victors in the elections in Aberdeen I say congratulations. To the unsuccessful candidates I thank you for your effort.

To those who criticize the postings, information and facts on this site I say look inside yourself. Quite often the information that is posted herein is informative, beneficial and amusing. On the other hand there is much to be said for some of the outlandish postings and often insulting posts on each side of issues, which often stemmed from the far too numerous postings by anonymous person. Sure we all enjoyed the posts and stirred things up from time to time. But that all needs to stop now in my opinion.

Yesterdays election needs to be looked at in a different way since the many problems with leadership from Trenton down to local town councils and even school boards is that no one checks the checkers. I think that is about to change. I hope so for the benefit and relief of taxpayers across the state at every level of government.

Governor Elect Chris Christie says he is going to turn Trenton upside down. I hope he does exactly that and rescues all of us taxpayers. We taxpayers too long ago lost any sense of true and responsible leadership under the gold dome and elsewhere. Backroom deals, good old boy networks like George Norcross and others like him need to be shown the door. The cost of corruption comes at too high a price for most of us to pay any longer. Communities like ours are no different as we are a community of made up of mostly middle class taxpayers who years ago lived comfortably and who for some time now have had their lives and households strained
by two working parent needed incomes with latch- key school kids coming home to empty homes.

I have been for most of my life a very outspoken and some would say overly concerned resident of Aberdeen. I for the last six years have been an employee of Aberdeen in what I feel is a crucial and important position which adds greatly to the quality of life and look and appeal of Aberdeen. In the past six years I had been somewhat restricted as to my involvement and my published letters of interest and criticism in the past on issues related to improving Aberdeen. As a town employee I worked under a supervisor who in the past hade restricted such rights and opinions in violation of many of my rights and civil liberties, that I did not give up merely because I work for Aberdeen.

Between now and with the swearing in of Mayor Elect Fred Tagliarini and his team, which I hope brings a very positive change to Aberdeen is soon to occur. It is my sincere hope that a change has come and that Aberdeen will move in a new direction away from mistakes and stale practices of the past. Things need to change in my opinion to benefit and involve the taxpayers and residents far more.

So between now and that 2010 swearing in ceremony I will come to terms with my being an employee of Aberdeen while also being a taxpayer and long time resident who will be involved and watch this change in our town leadership. I will be at every council meeting I can attend and as a taxpayer I will watch and be involved as I have been before. This time however I will not be told to curtail my opinions or to not express them as I see fit.

This is still America and I proudly live in Aberdeen. Please do not see this as some kind of prelude to my concerned behavior of the past and involvement that recently was suggested helped to bring the present political party into power. Far more then my actions and involvement brought that much needed change during those turbulent and to say the least arrogant leadership.

I look forward to the change that is soon to be brought forward with this election. I voted for Fred and Jimmy as I said I would. I voted for two Republicans as I said I would. Now I will be involved as a resident and taxpayer as I am also allowed to do.

Good luck to Fred and his team.

Anonymous said...

Cannon --

Kauff's friends have a habit of getting disbarred or going to jail ...

Steve Robinson - disbarred

Mark Coren - jail

Bill Boccra - jail

.... who's next?

Anonymous said...

So Joe N Section supported the Kauff team. Well, they pay the bills.

Billy732Jane said...

Did you read the post Big Joe wrote some time back when he said who he was voting for. He told us up front that he would cast votes for two republicans and Fred and Jimmy. Big Joe said that he feels that R's need to be represented here as well. I thought it simple enough. Maybe your comment about paying his bills was just a mistake. Otherwise it was unfortunately all too typical against people like Big Joe who stand up. What do you stand up for anonymous?

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Tom Perry received any write in votes.

Anonymous said...

If people on Social Security can live without a cost of living increase, why can't the employees of the State and Townships do the same. Next year the people receiving SS will see no cost of living increase, but will see an increase in their Medicare and other health insurance payments. Retirees also pay a deductible. Better start saving your money now!

Forgive me if I have no sympathy for the Teachers who want to go on strike!

Let us pray said...

New faces, same Democrats.

Same Kauff, same corruption.

The only thing we can hope for is that Fred and the rest do the right thing.

Let us pray.


Fred and the rest do the right thing?

I love having my day start off with a joke like that.


We can all be certain thatMatawan and Aberdeen will not be laughing soon enough. The others who will not be laughing will be the employees in Matawan and Aberdeen who will be on the chopping block due to the fiscal spend downs of municipal surpluses year after year along with the typical smoke and mirrors and political hocus pocus by the powers that be.

All of the above and its negative effects gos right along with *campaign donation driven $$$$$$* professional fees that go unchecked and are often only put in place to assure those campaign donation $$$$. Such fees and added charges for supposed professional reviews are most often unnecessary and are only put in place to feed the campaign coffers most generous contributors.

What is that word that spells that process out most clearly?

There it is I remember now.


Matawan needs monitoring said...

As the sister of a long time municipal employee who is soon to retire in Matawan the decisions and practices that brought our town to this fiscal situation is nothing short of criminal. The mere fact that Matawan should have been closely monitored by the county or state for some time now is likewise a necessity.

Maybe that Bud M. did not win election there might be a chance. Then again Bud will now be able to do municipal work again. No great savings there you can bet. Isn't that right Bud ?

F U Kauff said...

Kauffkins seem very quiet now. No attacks and lies about the Aberdeener lately merely seeking to distract everything away from Kauff and his handpicked candidates.

Anyone see the Ddictator Normy lately? He is not missed I assure you. Is it visiting day in the Glades for Mark Corren and Normy is bringing salami, wine, good bread and provolone? Sorry wrong nationality. Is it Salmon, bagels and a schmear then? Maybe Normy needs some advice for how to handle the COAH disintegration that Normy hoped to get rich off of? So many questions and so little Normy and Corren quality time. It used to be so easy for Normy. All he had to do was shine the spotlight with the dollar $$$$ signs into the sky and Corren would come running like Batman and Robin. Of course he had to log off of www.Ilovelittleboysinfruitofthe loom website first.

Such honorable people Normy surrounds himself with.

F U Normy !

Kauff86 said...

That kills me us and we are all laughing so hard at that one.

Sadly it is or was probably true.

Where has Norman been by the way?

Anyone know?

Maybe Norm and Mrs. Norm are vacationing with the extra CME campaign donation money that Kauff did not have to use since the top two candidates won by knowing people. It is not like the Democratic campaign was based on issues or explaining away the Gumbs or Vinci land grabs, the Vinci intersection, the bills from CME or the overpriced "arbitrating prone" legal eagles and much more they have to hide. Then again they could count on some. There was Oakshades, the intramural sports leagues and shall we say the Democrats "religious connection" in Cliffwood Beach.

We hear their was some initial panic when the "boys" did not show up to the democratic satisfaction and some rushed calls had to be made. We are sure they will be looking for your, shall we say "HELP" not long from now for those 80 votes or so?

Frisbees all around.

What will that "religious connection" cost all of us for those shall we say "God given votes" down the road? Any plans for an annex or anything else in the works for those votes? Maybe some promise of "HELP" may have ensured their votes went your way?

So many questions for 2010.

Get ready Fred. We suggest you spend some time with Mayor Dave as he is an expert in not telling the truth at council meetings. Right Dave?

Kauff86 said...

We all hope that Norm was in AC today to hear Governor Elect Chris Christie speak at the NJLM conference in AC. Governor Elect Chris Christie spoke concerning the devastating financial problems that have festered within the state of New Jersey, under both political parties for far too long which has brought us to this grave financial crisis.

To recap what was broadcast on NJN news tonight, although we should all look for it on NJN tonight or on Ch. 12 in the morning, the news report showed a strong and decisive man in Governor Elect Chris Christie telling all the politicians, lobbyists, power brokers, leeches, and hopefully some of the CME executives who unashamedly rob from our pockets and pocketbooks were present to hear Governor Elect Christie state the following:

In part we report the following:

Governor elect christie said

"It is time that all of us from both parties realize that the time of WHATS IN IT FOR ME is over.

Governor Elect Christie also said

"It is time for all of us to meet in the center of the room and we need to all come together to fix the grave financial state we are in. If you choose to not join us in this effort then know that we are coming for you and we will drag you out of the corners that you will be hiding in".

So we say to Norm and Company it is time for a serious and long overdue change in leadership in Aberdeen. The time of the political machine soaking all of us with excessive fees under the guise of questionably imposed by Kauff planning, zoning and building charges along with legal fees for nonsensical, unnecessary and trivial matters that have been put in place merely to feed "OF COUNSEL" Kauff and his professionals and legal teams at taxpayers expense.

We strongly feel that if the taxpayers are paying significant $$$$$ at present to management and that management cannot deal with such issues internally, then management should be replaced immediately. Legal fees for trivial problems, violations, personnel issues or union contract negotiations should be able to be handled in house and should not include expensive legal briefs, counsel representation, contract negotiation presence just to merely tally fees. Legal fees of course, which a significant portion Norman Kauff profits off of. It also goes without saying that the Democrat Party coffers of the Aberdeen's Democratic Party, which just so happens to also be controlled by Kauff, which is just short of warranting a RICO investigation, is also very questionable.

The above $$$$$ paid to and through Kauff, along with the Planning, Zoning Boards all also controlled by Kauff similarly requires more overpriced and often indecisive legal representations. Legal representations that often end with muddled results. Quite often this legal billing of significant $$$$$ is billed while knowing from the start that their legal actions or representations were not really needed or that they would end in Aberdeen's favor. Can anyone say CELL TOWER in the I section as one expensive example? Kauff and all the rest of them all knew from the start that Aberdeen would lose that fight.

Candidates 2009 do you get it yet?

The taxpayers of Aberdeen are your "BOSS" NOT KAUFF. Remember that!

Is Kauff86 meeting still on ? said...

Is the Kauff86 meeting I was e-mailed about still on for Sunday night? Please advise as I have been away all week.

Please let me know as soon as possible.


Anonymous said...

BAHAHAHA! I don't know "Jason"... Maybe you should have replied to the "e-mail" you received about the "gathering" of the Kauff86 group, instead of posting it on here to let everyone know there's a supposed meeting...

HAHAHA, I don't know whether "Jason" is Aljian or Minutolo, but that was the phoniest post I've ever seen on this blog. I hope Aljian lists Kauff86 on his resume next election, right next to the Watchung Rescue Squad. HAHAHAHA... What a bunch of clowns! HAHAHA

Aberdeen Whispers said...

We find it very funny that aberdeen republicans used this quote in their political mailer -Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results - yet they continue to run the same candidates and campaign, election after election

Handicapped my ass said...

Owen you need to take it easy after all you have a handicapped permit now and there must be a medical condition to get one of those in Aberdeen *?*. Did Vincy let you borrow the one he was not supposed to use? Amazing what you see when you pay your sewer bill.

Gobble! Gobble! said...

I hear that turkeys all throughout the nation will be bound and trussed up and have all manners of things stuffed inside them. Just like Coren will until he gets released to be a perv again. Payback is a BITCH. Call it Karma or anything else if you want. It always comes back on those who do wrong.

Your day is coming Norman. Gobble! Gobble!

Post above is PRICELESS said...


Post above is said...

Post above is PRICELESS ! I LOVE IT !