Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Does the Blogger Have No Clothes?

“My friends are not worth the powder and shot it would take to kill them! ... If there were two Henry Clays, one of them would make the other President of the United States!” – Henry Clay

Okay, that quote is a bit harsh and unfair to the Aberdeen Republicans.

Although my name wasn’t on the ballot, the local Republicans’ sound thumping at the polls is being characterized as a defeat for the Aberdeener. Well, those who know, know better. I’ve been quite restrained this year because my first responsibility is serving on the school board, I happen to like Tagliarini and Lauro, and my only hope was to break the democratic monopoly by electing at least one republican. Although the gap was wider than expected, the result was not; the Republicans ran a poor campaign.

Does that mean this blog’s role in local politics is an illusion? Au contraire. Last year, I endorsed Ken Aitken for the school board and he lost by a larger margin (percentage-wise) than the Republicans did this year. Then site traffic dropped precipitously when I barred anonymous comments. By autumn, everything was in full swing again and the rest is history.

Since I’ve been serving on the school board, I haven’t submitted a single OPRA request. I haven’t been to a single town meeting. I haven’t met with a single town official. But there’s nothing stopping me. If the need arises, I can return.

For now, I will keep crossing items off my to-do list.

To Fred Tagliarini, James Lauro, Margaret Montone, and Gregory Cannon, my congratulations. May God’s grace direct you on the path of honor. You have my support to uphold your oath of office.

A vigilant citizenry is the best guarantee of prosperity. Aberdeen’s best days lie ahead so long as the people hold their representatives accountable.
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Steven in Strathmore said...

I WANT TO KNOW what the new leaders' view is on the the ANTI-pay to play idea that was kicked around a few months back.

Show us you are not doing what you are told to do and not let CME get every job and dollar from us without looking at all bids first.

That seems to be the biggest complaint on here-

what will freddy, jimmy, maggie, and greggy do?


Time for change said...

For far too long the truth of who controls this town has been widely known. The secret that is not so secret has caused the loss of jobs, elected positions and more at the hands of an unelected and unaccountable man. This is not right and this is not fair to those whose concern about the tax monies in the millions that are spent for engineering, legal and other assorted supposed professional services. The questions and decisions by one former town manager and Jen Gallo all paid a great price for merely inquiring about the monies that seem so easily given to the exact companies or firms year after year. The other and most unsettling fact is that Norman Kauff shares significantly in the distribution of these monies. It may be legal in the purposely confusing world of political pay to play but that does not make it right or cost effective. The laughable and almost robotic answers by our Mayor is no less incredulous when he has been pressed on professional services being bid out. Our soon to be former Governor John S. Corzine said it best when he said "local corruption starts with the developmental approval processes" and likewise when he said "professional services provided year after year by the same firms and professionals does not allow for true analysis and is often too comfortable for too many involved". What was once whispered about in private needs to be made more public in Aberdeen.

matawan advocate said...

We in Matawan hope the new faces on Aberdeen's Borough Council will be receptive to joint services with Matawan. Our Mayor has reached out in previous years to Aberdeen. Perhaps putting past problems behind us, we could work together for the benefit of Aberdeen and Matawan.

Best wishes to your Council members elect.

Anonymous said...

You know who would have to share power and that he will never allow. I agree with Time for change as an Aberdeen resident. I also am very glad that Mr. Lauro and Mr. Taglearini won. Let us hope they run you know who out of town. Otherwise I wasted my vote.

Anonymous said...

Christie 3,128 in aberdeen
Aljian 2,406 in aberdeen

2005 Aljian ran a primary fight when he was only offered a councilman slot - he said he had to go for Mayor because he already made comittments to people - that doesn't sound good - he lost

2007 he ran he lost

2009 he ran he lost

Hey Tom WAKE UP you got 722 less votes then christie - Christie ran on change - you ran on change - people don't like you and that means they won't vote for you. Do the aberdeen GOP a favor and never run again!!!!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the above posters. I voted for Laura and Tags. I also voted for 2 repubs. I didn't vote for Aljian because I didn't like him two years ago and still don't. Please don't try again, give Aberdeen a chance and don't try again.

F U Norm said...

Christie pulled so many votes yet the Kauff corruption $$$$$$$$ stayed in control???

Aberdeen residents now have to hope that Mayor elect Tagliarini and Jimmy Lauro do the right thing and reject the crypt keeper demands and controlling orders of the corrupt demon that is Norman Kauff.

F U Norman

Anonymous said...

Aberdeener, this blog's role in local politics has to be raised up. You've got to do something about it. I have to be honest, I care more about civilized behavior and decent discourse then I do about my property taxes! Much, much more. And I don't think I'm alone in my deep dislike for the mean spirited and low attacks that seems to be the mode of operation here.

Anonymous said...

On January 1, 2010, Tagliarini becomes Mayor of Aberdeen Township.

On January 1, 2010, the same line-up of pay-to-play professionals will be appointed.

Norman Kauff won the election. Tagliarini and Lauro are just the puppets that will put their names to his handiwork.

Wake up!

Pat said...

No one in particular dragged down the Republican ticket. The candidates drew between 45% and 47% of the voters across the board. Aberdeen historically votes for opposite parties at the state and local levels. Everyone seems to agree that it would have been good to have had some Republicans on the Council. Melisa McLeod, President of the Cliffwood Homeowners Association, summed up my concerns in Tuesday's APP article about township plans to build COAH housing on County Road. She asked, "When are we going to be involved in the process?" With a single party Council in position for the next couple years, we all know the answer to that question.

Anonymous said...

Pat I like your bolg very much BUT you no nothing of politics

Christie got 3128 votes and aljian got 2406 thats 722 less votes for aljian.

Corzine got 2042 votes and Taglairini got 2825 thats 783 more votes then Corzine.

Pat stick to pics , restaurants and events cause Politics you don't know.

Regular folks don't like Aljian or his message.

Anonymous said...

hi gus

Anonymous said...

Yes, I agree. Most of those posts under Anonymous are Gus Toomey. Gus, YOU are the one that needs to fade away into the sunset.

Anonymous said...

The next two month are going to be very interesting. Typically Norman runs everything thru that he needs between elections and swearing in on Jan 1, as all the opposition stops showing up at meetings. My guess is all of the coah decision will be made now, the development at the train station, Anchor glass and Freneau will be pushed thru – this will fund Noman for another 4 years - AND Not to mention who has been a good boy and will be rewarded with Lauro’s $140,000 job.

CTYRDAINTHAPPY (still) said...

It looks as though 2009 has been a very good year for CM&E and of course it goes without saying, our own local corrupt political "Boss" Norman Kauff and his forty thieves.

This weeks Bayshore Independent has given more proof of the true corruption $$$$$$$ that exists in Aberdeen.

On page 8 in the Independent is a well written article by Jacqueline Hlavenka. It is entitled


The true title of that article should be


It seems that with all of the other environmentally ignored hazardous sites in Aberdeen like Anchor Glass, Lloyd Rd. School, South River Metals and other sites in Aberdeen monies in the hundreds of thousands are once again being gifted to (not so shockingly) the second largest contributor in New Jersey, as well as the number one political contributor to Norman Kauff and his corrupt cronies right here in Aberdeen, that not so coincidentally is of course CM&E and Dave Samuels.

It is obvious that Norman Kauff is starting to already reward CM&E for this years campaign win? CM&E should be careful with all the money that Kauff gives so freely to Dave Samuels of CM&E, which you can bet all the way to our last controlled by Norman Kauff taxdollar, will continue to be the main money train to CM&E with a significant amount of these monies also will make there way into Kauff corruption account#s 1-10 via Dave Samuels and CM&E.

It will be interesting Mr. Aberdeener to keep track of all of this tax money that Norman Kauff will be giving to CM&E for study after study after study after study after study on such sites as in years past with NO RESULTS. The latest being some site by the train station that is supposed to have some SUPPOSED BENEFIT to the taxpayers of Aberdeen. BULLSHIT! The only benefit this will bring will be to CM&E and Norman Kauff.

You see people that is how CM&E works all of us over and over and over and over under PAY TO PLAY. Repeated studies like South River Metals have been done repeatedly going back OVER twenty years. By the way Mr. Aberdeener could you find out exactly how many studies have been done over the last twenty years on the South River Metals site for us and by who with total monies spent as well of course?

The shredded developer sign that is nothing more then an insult to the taxpayers of Aberdeen and is little more then free advertising for a company that has shown the community NOTHING for years, while the sign remains a stagnant reminder of the true Norman Kauff and CM&E mission, which is to soak the state agencies for all of the monies it can and then let Sen. Lezniak and his law firm walk hand in hand with Norman Kauff, CM&E and the forty thieves. Thieves that suck on the nipple of our own fat pig and political "Boss" Norman Kauff this as he feeds at the trough of the taxpayers dollars in Aberdeen in his insulting "unofficial capacity" as Of Counsel, Developmental Czar, Legal adviser and all around political "Boss". WITH NO ACCOUNTABILITY TO ANYONE! Nice work if you can get it?

Don't forget us in Cliffwood Norman Kauff it seems we now have some hope since Chris Christie has been elected and is going to, what was it our new Governor said he would do today? That is right he is going to "GUT COAH".

So Mr. Kauff don't try and pull any fast ones before the swearing in as we will be at every meeting so you cannot pull one of your back-door (NO CORREN REFERENCE INTENDED) deals in advance of your Bullshit developmental deals with the Cifelly family.






PythonFan1 said...

I for one hope that Mr. Aljian and the others on his team continue to show up at council meetings. I hope they push for accountability and a fair process on behalf of the taxpayers who did vote for them in an effort to have all professional services provided to Aberdeen go out to bid in a fair and cost effective process. I also think they should push for all council and zoning and planning meetings be shown on television at least once a month. They work for us not Mr. Kauff.

Damn Right ! said...

Damn right they work for us!

Lloyd Rd. school contamination? said...

What contamination at Lloyd Rd. school?

I also agree that COAH under Kauff implementation would be a plague on all our houses. Kauff may have won the election but he will not profit along with his friends under the excuse and ignorance of COAH.

KAUFF MUST GO! said...











Kauff86 said...

Kauffkins do not get lazy. We have not gone anywhere and we are still coming after Kauff. We will watch every trick and will force accountability. This recent election victory at the hands of popularity based name recognition candidates beholding to Kauff will be ????? at every turn. It seems to have also awaken the sleeping giant that was Joe Mcleer. Welcome back Joe we missed you. Get to work.

A coalition has been formed of a few very concerned and watchful residents. names you will know and faces you and Kauff will remember. We have two months to plan unless Normy tries to pull a fast few before things change in Ttrenton. I hope he does what he says and shakes things up. Burn it to the ground with all the leeches and political hacks inside for all we care. Yeah we are pissed that Kauff won. It was masterful to head the ticket like that. Jimmy and Fred out front with the Freneau witch who can't keep her own house in order never mind her connections to the schools. She is like Raymond and Drapbum who her connections to the school may have gotten her some votes but makes her equally as ineffective.

Then we have the Notre Dame kid and a lawyer to boot, PRICELESS. Who cares about him? Not us. Education with too high a price tag is what he got if he is stupid enough to drink the Kauff kool-aid. He is supposed to be so smart yet he latches onto Kauff to start his political career? He may in fact soon be the smartest guy in prison with the illegal and unethical stuff Kauff will soon cram down his throat.

By the way we are now and forever to be known as Kauff86.

Anonymous said...

You will not see Aljian at council meetings until the next election nears, show up and see. The only way he shows if something needs to be done on his block and he wants to complain about it.

Good morning Councilman Drapkin said...

Previous post was by Councilman Drapkin.

Pat said...

Anonymous - I'm glad you enjoy my blog but I think I analyze politics well enough for this room.

We can all agree that Aljian lost the election. We can also agree that he wasn't pulled along by the Christie win. I was simply making two points about Aljian's defeat:

1) People in Aberdeen often vote opposite parties into office at the state vs local levels, and

2) Aljian didn't do any worse than the rest of his team, so he wasn't a particular drag on them.

You evidently believe that the entire Rep team did less well because of Aljian's presence on the ticket. I think you're wrong. Since people obviously voted their favorites (Vail did marginally better than Balavram, for example), it seems to me that Aljian's vote count would have been much lower if he was a weight on the ticket.

As for voters not liking Aljian's message, nearly half the voters (47%) liked his message well enough to vote for him. The Council will have to deal with this large opposition throughout the coming years. I doubt Aljian will lead that opposition. Maybe Vail will step up?

Ultimately, though, less than half the votes doesn't win an election. The Reps will have to raise more money and conduct a better campaign next time if they want to gain some seats in the Council.

Just a few reasons R's lost said...

The Republicans have done the exact same thing for the last three election cycles. It is very simple as to the reason they lost this and the previous elections.


They knew exactly what questions to ask. They did not ask them.

They knew exactly the person to highlight and blame for the ills of the finances of Aberdeen among other things unfortunately soon to unfold. They did not go after Kauff.

They knew the developmental approvals that are in the offing. They did not bring the very real and devastating costs, overcrowding and traffic congestion that soon to be questionably approved development will have on all of us, our school system, its students and more to the attention of the voters.

They trusted an idiot and former Kauff confidant who rubber stamped all things Kauff to lead the Republican party.

They knew the corrupt companies and ethically challenged professionals to go after that use Kauff and his taxpayer funded ATM machine like their own personal bank account. They did not go after and highlight the Kauff connection and gifts to all his henchmen.

They did not go after Vinci and the $850,000.00 intersection and the Vinci Land baron land grab done with NO RESTRICTION to say nothing of the signage that was put in place to ensure Vinci's privacy.

They did not go after the legal fees for unneeded arbitration in the past years over minimal items that should have been easily handled by management at varying levels without legal fees and settlements that NEVER go Aberdeen's way.

They did not highlight the Kauff mandated removal and hush monies to at least one former manger of Aberdeen, much less the ouster by Kauff of Councilwoman Janice Gallo for questioning the fees and card blanch control that is obviously given to CME.

They did not go after Kauff's handpicked auditors who have failed to find anything even during the Coren years while he lived 'high on the Kauff' with his unchecked trips and expense accounts that were never questioned much less reviewed by the town council.

They never went after the lack of an effective PAY to PLAY ban while many other surrounding communities enacted that exact same ban while corruption arrests encircled Aberdeen.

They did not highlight the tax dollars to CME over the last twelve plus years, while little more then roads were improved with outlandish CME fees and oversight.

It was the Republicans race to lose and they did just that, AGAIN. They came on to late with some of the information that should have been highlighted at every turn over the past twelve months. It did not cost anything for letters to the editors or to bring reporters to Aberdeen to see the democratic self interest and stale development or to provide the newspapers with more then they get spoon fed by the town leadership and its questionable management.


Diana said...

I agree with Pat on the election results. Name recognition plays a very large role at the polls when most of the public doesn't attend council meetings, much less know the council candidates through other means. For example, one time a candidate ran successfully after their family surname had been on the back wall of the Strathmore Lanes bowling alley for having a perfect score for nearly a year.

Other candidates are known for their work as township employees, or for working in high visibility positions on zoning boards, planning boards, environmental boards, etc. Obviously, to get these positions, it is helpful to get appointed to them by friendly decision makers. A full democratic council would have the opportunity to shut out its potential 'competition' for office if it chose to do so.

I suspect that, this blog and a few others notwithstanding, the number of republican candidates that the "general" public did NOT know was something on the order of the Total Population minus a couple hundred people. The likely result is that people voted along both party lines and on name familiarity.

There is no way to know that any of the candidates dragged down their tickets. The incumbent governor could have been as much at fault for losing his office as Christie's name recognition was in assuring his election victory. At the town level, the social cohesion of the candidates' communities are fairly low.

Everyone wants their known friend, neighbor, or responsible citizen to be elected, and will take the time to 'get out the vote' for them. What it takes to 'sweep' into office in the face of incumbency at the town level is much less dependent upon party affiliation than it is upon social capital.

What we need are more people like farmer Sam Jones of Mayberry RFD, than we do candidates who are legends in their own minds (and blogs).

Pat said...

The Anti-Kauff is an ever-present fixture on this blog, spewing venom at the man, listing accusation after accusation of illegality, and blaming everyone but himself for the fact that the man still holds sway and isn't behind bars for his supposed crimes. Maybe the Anti-Kauff has the evidence stored in a vault in his basement? Maybe the Anti-Kauff should get off his butt and present his case to federal officials, maybe do something respectable with his accusations for a change instead of endlessly posting his anonymous vitriol here? Go ahead, Sherlock, and blame the Republican candidates for not running their campaign against your damned Moriarty.

Kauff86 says to Pat and Diana said...

Diana & Pat may need to join Kauff86?

They are more then welcome as they think responsibly and merely need to be given an opportunity to know the real facts and costs of the Kauff corruption.

Consider the offer.

Kauff must go!

The Payback Begins said...

Amazing - Two major engineering contracts for CME Engineering on the agenda one week after election day. That's a pretty quick payoff on their $40,000 pay-to-play investments: At least $500,000 of engineering contracts after one week. Where else can you get a 15 to 1 return on your investment?

New names, same game: Pay-to-Play

DATE: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2009 – 7:00 PM
Drapkin, Perry, Raymond, Tagliarini, Vinci, Deputy Mayor Gumbs, Mayor Sobel
1. Presentation: New Jersey American Water Company
2. 2009 Appropriation Transfers, see proposed resolution.
3. Elimination of State-Imposed Unfunded Mandates, see proposed resolution.
4. Insertion of an Item of Revenue, Drunk Driving Enforcement Fund, see proposed resolution.
5. Professional Service Contract for 2009 Road Improvement Program, see proposal from Tim
Gillen, CME Associates dated October 26, 2009.
6. Professional Service Contract for 2009 Road Improvements to County Road – Phase III, see
proposal from Tim Gillen, CME Associates dated October 26, 2009.
7. Memorandum of Agreement with Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders for the
Administration of the Manasquan Indigenous Need Owner and Rental Housing Rehabilitation
Program, see proposed agreement and resolution.

Kauff86 said...

Normy it seems your popularity or more precisely the disdain many people have for you has not been lost on the election results.

You still suck.

Anyone hear from Mark Coren lately while we are on that subject?

Anonymous said...

Diana should have a blog too!

Corruption in NJ poll results said...

Nearly two thirds of New Jerseyans believe there is " a Lot" of corruption in New Jersey according to a new poll.

903 respondents were polled across New Jersey.

Anonymous said...

Political corruption is in every nook and kauff (cranny) in NJ.

Democrats could not say thanks? said...

What the F? The Dems win the election and not even a THANK YOU BANNER is placed on the signs to thank the voters who elected them. Are they saving them for four years from now? Not likely. Can't the winners of the election won of course on behalf of Kauff and CM&E even say thank you before they rip the signs out of the ground and store them away in the headquarters of corruption. It is obvious that such disrespect for the voters is so central to Kauff Corruption Inc.? What the F?

Norm said...

Thanks. Feel better now?

Anonymous said...


Yes, now I feel better. Thanks Norm.

How Coren says good morning said...

Hello Bitches!

That is what Mark Coren says every morning to his bunkies in prison. I hear he is very popular, if you know what I mean. Good!

Anonymous said...

I agree with the post above in regards to the D's not thanking the idiots who voted for them. I hope Vinci and the "Oakshades family" are proud of themselves.

They know not what they have done!

I hear Jimmy Lauro recently said the following:

"Just when I thought I was out, they drag me back in".

Jimmy there is a way out. All you have to do is question the outlandish bills to CME or the corrupt Kauff controlled legal eagles that we overpay with our hard earned tax dollars. If you question their bills Jimmy knows full well what happens then. Like Stewart and Jen before him he would be quickly be forced out of office.

Right Normy?

Film at 11 said...

Kauff86 news bulletin.

Tatatatatatata (news ticker sound)

Norman Kauff and all those attached to or beholding to him in Aberdeen are corrupt.

Film at eleven.

Anonymous said...

Forced out of office would also come along with a berating by Mayor Sobel for daring to question bills from CME along with angry phone calls from Wilemina.

Typically disgusting conduct from these laughably arrogant and ignorant supposed leaders of our community.

Right Normy?

Anonymous said...

This is getting real boring. The Kauff thing is real tiring, why not start something new so all you jerks that write on this blog have something to do, and destroy Aberdeen more.

Anonymous said...

If having 2 million dollars of our money improperly used and stolen you find boring. Move. But those of us tired of corruption and the likewise corrupt elected officials who profit off of that same corruption are not letting go. MOVE

Anonymous said...

I'm content about the Township I live in and am happy to call it home.

You are a constant complainer who makes allegation after allegation about how corrupt your Township is and how horrible a place it is.

Who should be the one to move?

Anonymous said...

How is it destroying Aberdeen to keep our eyes open to corruption and choose to not tolerate it?

It is because of a love of this town that some do not think it is okay to spend millions on overpriced engineering and legal contracts when we can't afford to pay the employees that actually work hard.

Don't bury your head in the sand!

Anonymous said...

Dear Content Anonymous,

I hear they are selling property that you can build upon in Small Minded USA. If you need help moving let us know. We will take a little time off from seeking accountability from our elected officials and their hand picked professionals who are overpaid and who in turn contribute greatly $$$$$ with our tax dollars to Kauff and his corrupt horde.

Anonymous said...

I could tell you how it is hurting Aberdeen first hand. I am a Realtor in town and I was going to sit and write a contract on ahouse in the A section. My client decided to do some research on her own and found this site. After reading the coments from the majority of posters the decide not to by in our town. Not because of the corruption or officials here but because of the content of the posts. Thet tought that they were degrading and put a bad look on Aberdeen. I just wonder how many other people found this blog before decideing to come here or not. So if you think youa re doing a good thing for Aberdeen your not. As for Engineers, since I work with them in other towns, T & M in Holmdel, Mazur, Birdsall etc. They are all alike, it would not make a difference who you hired the fees are the same. You should check with Aberdeen building dept. you may be surprised to find that CME hourly charge is cheaper thann most. So stop bashing the township so I could selll some houses.

PinehurstDon said...

If you are a Realtor I am Nakita Kruschev. Your spelling is horrible as well as your lies. If anything keeps people from buying in this town it is the taxes, which Kauff and Company have a lot to do with. The council has the duty and responsibility to slash every school budget but do not.
Two of the council members cannot even hear anything having to do with the school taxes or cuts due to their family members NOT SO SURPRISINGLY getting jobs in the district.

Realtor my ass.

Anonymous said...

Funny you should use the word "ass," Don. It's usually the word I think of when I see your "name" on this blog...

Anonymous said...

P.S. It's Nikita Khrushchev, but then again, I wouldn't take you for one to worry about correctly providing names...

"Don" on Pinehurst my ass...

Anonymous said...


PinehurstDon said...





Anonymous said...

Just read the Independent mailer - if Union Beach does not want their wind mill off the coast to make energy -

why not put it in cliffwood beach - it is obvious that nothing will be done there - why not put one down there - ABERDEENER?

Aberdeener said...

I've changed my position regarding windmills. There is some evidence that the constant background noise may induce stress and windmills tend to be giant bird killers because they're positioned along the same wind streams that birds prefer.

Play ball said...

Wind Turbine would just be another opportunity for CME to put their names on more schematics that they had nothing to do with and then overcharge Aberdeen for work they did not perform.

Can anyone say just like the


Defend that Kauffkins ???????

They can't Kauff and CME know it.

Right Norm????????????????????????

Right CME ????????????????????????

Right Mayor Elect Fred Tagliarini?

Anonymous said...

play ball, pinehead and truth good job, 4 more years for the Dems, you guys did a GREAT JOB GETTING THEM OUT!

Anonymous said...

The title of this blog involves *no clothes*. If Kauff and CME are not stopped we shall not be able to afford any clothes. Rapists they are.


Rapists of the trust and hard earned taxes that many of us are having difficulty in paying is what CME and Their Kauff are.

Let us hope that Fred T, Jimmy L. and the others newly elected to lead our community do the right thing and finally go out to bid on all professional services. That would be a proud moment in the future of Aberdeen, as well as to finally enact a solid NO LOOPHOLE Pay to Play Ordinance.

Anonymous said...

I think the truth saw what was coming and finally hung himself. What a terrible loss to the anonymous blogger community.

Anonymous said...

The blogger has plenty of clothes, just no friends...

Anonymous said...

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