Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Aberdeen’s Cadillac Plans

Aberdeen’s town council must’ve thought it was pretty funny passing a budget nine months after the fiscal year had already begun because they recently performed an encore, posting the 2010 budget in 2011. Heaven forbid the taxpayers might want to know how their money is being spent.

These pages have detailed before the skyrocketing taxes and plummeting reserves but, with a budget like Aberdeen’s, it’s so chock full of surprises there’s always something new to discover.

The latest nugget is the township’s Cadillac group healthcare plans. At $1,604,000 for 85 employees, that’s nearly $19,000 per employee. (See sheet 14) Considering that’s just an average, we can only imagine what a family plan must cost.

Healthcare is also the fastest growing part of the budget, having doubled from $810,000 in only four years.

It’s all the more shocking considering the town council’s repeated claims of tackling healthcare costs. In June, 2009, Mayor Sobel stated, ”health insurance costs and contractual costs skyrocketed this year. That is why we changed our health insurance carrier to save $300,000 a year.“

Three months later, Mayor Sobel insisted, “next year we will see a savings from our health insurance.”

The town even issued a press release announcing, “Savings from this strategic move should be realized beginning in the first quarter of 2010.”

In fact, over that “next year”, insurance costs rose 35%, adding another $400,000 to the budget.

Thank goodness for the savings. I guess the next announcement will be about ending play-to-play. Oh, wait. Aberdeen already did that one too.
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Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't help myself...MYOB.

Anonymous said...

Joey, how much does the medical insurance of a NYC employee cost? Also, did you know that NYC pensions are based on a combination of salary and overtime? Not just base salary, like NJ employees. Guess you wish you still were renting in NJ huh?

Anonymous said...

Bravo Joey! This says it all. $19k on average for an employee of the Township.

And ZERO contributions from any of them. Please people, don't respond about someone contributing 1.5% of their payroll! What a joke.

This train is out of control.

Anonymous said...

And while we're at it Joey, what's the deal with those parking enforcement guys? I wan in Manhattan the other day, and they wouldn't let you park anywhere! I had to pay $40 to park!

Anonymous said...

$19k a year on average and not one of them ever take a sick day during their career with AT!

Gotta love it.

Anonymous said...

but does the council give 6.7% raises to those getting 19K in benefits and making over 173K like YOU gave when you were on School Board?

Anonymous said...

Joey, is it true they are forcing school students to pay bus and subway fare? What the hell is the MTA thinking?

Anonymous said...

Joey, is it true they are forcing school students to pay bus and subway fare? What the hell is the MTA thinking?

Anonymous said...

Go ahead! Bite the Big Apple! Don't mind the maggots!

Brian said...

Obviously many of these posters dont care about Aberdeen and just want to put down Joey and his blog. If you disagree with an idea or point of view, make your case. Venting about petty things doesnt help Aberdeen or its residents. Many of the things he brings up are actually pertinent to our lives.

Brian said...

Also, why don't the town employees pay their fair share of their benefits...like the rest of the working world. in the industry i work in it is typically 50-50 employee-employer.

Anonymous said...

Fasten your seat belts, we are coming in for a hard landing. The days of free healthcare and generous pensions are over. Lauro saw the writing on the wall and got out. Lord only knows what his sick and vacation time payout was!

fuck off ex benny said...

You got rats on the West side

Bed bugs, UPTOWN!

What a mess, this town's in tatters

I'm a shattered

Anonymous said...

Ask dickhead Vinci, he has plenty of money set aside for property tax he only paid $1 a year for. Hurry up Vin and put everything in your daughters name, people are gonna come a knockin anyday now. Practice lossening them cheeks my friend, they are about to get a work out.

Anonymous said...

The council should not be paid at all. Period.

the lloyd road ragu boys said...

It's all about the ragu and keeping the Lou meatballs in the sauce. The commissioners don't give a shit about fighting fires it's all about parades and glad handing as they get their family and friends to vote to keep the good old ragu boys in charge. Why don't you think they failed in their official duties and should have sen Lou the big ragu packing. All of them know all the crooked shit they have done the past forty years and if one falls they all fall. The human chimney is really the brains of the outfit since he probably makes the most legally and illegally. They pay the cancer stick over forty thousand just to answer the damn phone. He could not walk around the building and we pay him that much to sit and watch Lou play dominoes. Ash and Bellone lost the election but they did not lose their integrity like the asshole commissioners and the big ragu Lou. It is like a social club in Brooklyn that the gotti boys used to hang out at and plot crimes. The lloyd road ragu boys are no different.

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BIG RAGU LOU said...







Jersey Shore Crew won said...

Sure the Jersey Shore crew won in the firehouse elections held this past Saturday. It was a cinch. All they did was lie, ignore, promise and handout their typically corrupt instruction handouts that only showed the names that should be voted for while the information related to the budget expenditures were completely blank. These so called leaders and pillars of our community in this firehouse commissioners and their pets are nothing but scum.

Norm said...

Yawn...my Cadillac health insurance rules! Thanks to all of you.

FD just like the Mafia??? said...

The mafia is a closed members only secret criminal enterprise with illegal criminal strategies, abuses and violence often perpetrated against other members and the occasional citizen that is only allowed, condoned and permitted by the mafia criminal leadership often called commissioners that makes money often through very violent criminal enterprises and illegal unpublicized acts against the citizenry by criminal enterprises that never divulges their monetary holdings to the pubic at large while often eating only italian food while playing illegal card games in a social club type atmosphere.

Gee sounds like the Lloyd Road Fire House and the leadership called commissioners who have allowed all of the exact same activities to occur in a taxpayer funded building while condoning continual abuses and occasional violence against its own members while failing to act in the best interest of the public or its own membership while having only italian type meals to be served while playing illegal card games in a taxpayer funded building.

Right Lou?

Right fire house commissioners?

$$$$$$ corrupts said...

Volunteer: vol-un-teer one who gives service or time to a cause with no payment or return of favors to be owed for time or effort

Town Council paid $$$$$$$$$$

Fire Commissioners $$$$$$$$$

Board of Education no $

You can't make this up can you?

$$$$$$$ corrupts?

Right Vinny?

Right Jimmy?

Sheep or Shepherd? said...

The Christie political train is riding on the typical instant fodder that appeases the average dope for a while until they move on to the next earth shattering problem. The courts will ultimately side with the unions, and rightfully so. Collective bargaining agreements have been interpreted and defined by judges after competent negotiation from both sides, and lawyers to do not enjoy making themselves look bad.

Rather than going after the public servants who only make up approximately ten percent of the overall budget (yes, that means that if every public employee were to be eliminated it would only shave around ten percent from the overall state budget), why not focus on the illegal aliens who do not pay taxes yet are still entitled to the same services we are? Or how about those on Welfare, Section 8, and other handout programs that drive around in new cars and have the latest electronics? Or how about those who feign injury and illness that drive our insurance costs up? Or how about focusing on obestity (gluttony) remind you of anyone..., which leads to a host of health issues that drive up insurance premiums. Or how about the politicians (attorneys) who hold several low paying part-time public jobs as they climb the political ladder and then bump up their salaries in the last few years so they can receive large pensions? The list goes on and on and on.

Cadillac Plan is just another catch phrase that will be short-lived. What's more important to your family, an arm or an eye? I hope that Volkswagen sues the next person that makes the comparison for slander or libel.

Honest review of above posts said...

As to the above couple posts and the reality of the contents being honest, forthright and realistic.

10:01 anonymous is obviously a typical municipal employee and is probably a police officer and faithful union member. They are some of the most greedy and uncaring and will not give up a dime to help. The comments are the typical not me attitude and bull.

$$$ corrupts was outstanding and subtly points to the problems and corrupt influence the $$$ has over those who only want the $$$$. Lauro and Vinci are our prime examples.

Finally the FD Mafia thing was probably the most honest portrayal of the problems that rest once again at the money grubbing feet of Lauro and Vinci.

Nothing more needs to be said.

Anonymous said...






Norm said...


G R I P said...

Questions for our town citizens to answer since our town leaders hide this information from taxpayers.

Passing the budget 9 months late is legal-ethical?

85 employees is all Aberdeen has?

Police have how many employees total?

How many upper management positions in P D?

How many patrol officers in P D total?

Police need how many vehicles to do the job?

Police have how many vehicles at present?

Police personnel have what kind of schedules?

Police schedules are reviewed to be cost effective?

Police overtime costs over last five years were?

How much does the P D cost taxpayers annually?

How much does the P D bring in annually?

How many arrests and crimes get solved annually?

How often are P D members work results reviewed?

How many employees in public works?

How many employees in the municipal building?

How many council members get health insurance?

How much do all town attorneys cost a year?

How much do we pay annually for outside audits?

How much does CME get paid annually in total?

How often do town employees get reviewed?

How come Aberdeen never adopted Pay to Play?

Anyone know the answers?

Please share with those of us who don't know so we can be better informed.

It is time we take back our communities finances and make certain we get the best services for the least.

G R I P Get rid of incumbent politicians in 2011.

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code guy costs us how much said...

What does the big code guy cost us taxpayers just to issue tickets and ride around town telling people to clean up and take signs down. Answer that question our hide and seek town council.

Anonymous said...

With everything that has been disclosed on here the Code Guy is the constant discussion while the town goes to the dogs? You have too much time on your hands. I pray for you 7:55 today. Amen

Anonymous said...

The code guy should be a popular topic. Being one of the highest paid non sworn employees, he and the rest of the higher paid employees should be scrutinized.

Who makes what said...

Non sworn must mean non union, non police department and non popular for doing that job. Let the guy do his job I say. I'm gonna look at salaries in town on app.com when I get home from work this morning. We will see who gets paid what. Seeings how I am willing to bet the sworn part of the equation makes a whole lot more than the code guy ever could. I can only imagine that job gets no support either.

The Truth said...

"Honest review of above posts said..."

This must either be the glutton or the malingerer.

$haft said...

$19,000 cadillac plan ain't shit. My $100,000 plus, bad motherfucker plan is way better.

Anonymous said...

$$$$$$ corrupts does the volunteer services in Aberdeen collect a pension? They do in Matawan. Back in 2001 the council approved LOSAP. The town contributes up to $250,000.00 a year. Funny how the word volunteer has just gone down the drain also and is now just a money maker. I would love to know how much is in the savings accounts of all these "volunteer" services. Who has more $$$$ the public library or the Fire and First Aid? Bet the services beat the library. Someone has to pay for the booze.

Anonymous said...

"The latest nugget is the township’s Cadillac group healthcare plans. At $1,604,000 for 85 employees, that’s nearly $19,000 per employee."

This statement is not true. Aberdeen provides healthcare benefits for retired employees (councilmen) and their families as well as current employees. So the actual number divided into $1,604,000 is much higher, meaning the cost per person would be much lower.

Anonymous said...

The township provides coverage for active employees only. Thus the cost per Employee is correct. Believe me, if you knew the employee census breakdown between those receiving single, husband and wife or family coverage, you would vomit. It will vary greatly depending on the coverage you have. The town can no longer afford it.

anon @ 10:54 said...

Anonymous @ 10:54 this morning.

I'm so confused. An inside joke. I don't get it.

Larry C.

Aberdeener said...

Actually, Coren got health insurance for life as part of his severance so he may be in the township group plan. However, that 85 number is simply a rounded number, not an exact figure, taken from the township's manager wanted ad so one more wouldn't make a difference.

Regardless, you'd still need to explain how, after the township's purported savings, insurance costs went up 35% in one year and doubled in four.

Anonymous said...

Free health benefits should count as income to all employed as well as retired.

Anonymous said...

It is said that Coren also stuck his girlfriend on the town healthcare plan. Town leadership said not a word about that illegal, unethical and costly little ditty.








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Do something for all that $$$$$$$$$$$$$

Is CME on the list Mayor Fred said...

CME the expensive employee in Aberdeen. Sadly true.
Where are they on the town employee furlough or lay off list Mayor Fred?

Norm said...


Hey Norm said...

Hey Norm I forgot to tell you something.

Tell your wife that her Big Black Chocolate Man will see her in the morning as soon as you leave for work.

Norm said...

I'm retired, stupid.
Now, lick my taint.


Yawn won't cover it Norm said...

Out-ranked again Norm.

You never learn Norm do you?

Come on Norm the last post really says it all.

Norm your wife loves BIG BLACK MEN.

Come to the realization Norm you can't compete.

Norm I guess your wife has a whole lot in common with your asshole buddy Mark Coren when it comes to having a fondness for BIG BLACK MEN.

Save yourself Norm and just stay off the Aberdeener you just can't compete with the big boys.

But Norm when you leave Aberdeen I think Mrs. Kauff might want to stay with her Big Chocolate.

Yawn simply won't cover it anymore Norm.

Anonymous said...


"The township provides coverage for active employees only."


"However, that 85 number is simply a rounded number, not an exact figure, taken from the township's manager wanted ad so one more wouldn't make a difference."

Do so see how when the facts are presented, the instigators just simply deflect and deny?

The township does provide healthcare for every retired and even some "separated" employees and their families (not just one more) thus making the posted cost of the "Cadillac plan" completely inaccurate.

It doesn't matter if you agree or disagree with the content of the subject that is being discussed. What matters is the accuracy and truthfulness of the content and its relevancy to similar municipalities.

But I guess that it's just easier gfor the ignorant to throw crap on the wall and see who it falls upon.

Anonymous said...

Matawan schools recieve an extra $584,216.00 in state aid over last year from the state. This better be in the form of tax relief.

charles in charge said...

"Regardless, you'd still need to explain how, after the township's purported savings, insurance costs went up 35% in one year and doubled in four."

It's simple. The township was self insured for many years, meaning that it paid the actual cost of its medical claims up to a fixed amount. before a supplemental policy kicked in.

Yet rather than take the advice of an actuary, corn simply budgeted for what he felt was an appropriate amount. Then when the costs came in much higher, money was moved around from other padded line items long after the budget was approved.

Unfortunately the town can no longer do that because they now pay an actual yearly insurance premium to someone else like most companies do.


Aberdeener said...

Uh huh. So this year, after all the savings, the cost is $1.6 million.

Tell me - What was the "true cost" of health insurance last year before the savings?

As for retiree benefits, I invite anyone from the council or township to provide the full cost of that. I'm sure we'd all love to know how much we're paying for people who no longer work at the township.

TAXPAYER said...

"Tell me - What was the "true cost" of health insurance last year before the savings?"

The "true cost" should have been researched before the bogus numbers were posted. Isn't that what this "arena" is supposed to do?

"I'm sure we'd all love to know..."

"We'd" would apply to people who have a vested interest in the township. Not hit and run inciters who get their rocks off by posting lies.

Aberdeener said...

Yeah, I guess for a local "taxpayer", posting the actual town budget would be the equivalent of "posting lies".

Norm said...


This taint isn't gonna lick itself, get to work, boy.

Anonymous said...

Hey joey, how much did you say employee benefits cost up there in New York, where you live? I must have missed it when you answered that question.

Bud Fox said...

"Yeah, I guess for a local "taxpayer"..."

See how people tend to get down off of their high horses when confronted with the truth. If one wishes to see the "actual" town budget, why not make an OPRA request?

Anonymous said...

"By their very nature, Blogger.com and Blogspot.com may carry offensive, harmful, inaccurate or otherwise inappropriate material, or in some cases, postings that have been mislabeled or are otherwise deceptive."

At least the provider's terms of service are being met.

Anonymous said...

How much Joey? How much does medical cost for civil servants in that great city of yours?

Aberdeener said...

Bud, you boob, you can see the town budget by clicking on the link in my article which goes to the budget posted on the town's website.

No OPRA request required. It's just a click away. But I guess that's too much work for you.

NYC poster misses his Coren said...

The asshole who posts the NYC ???? is a busy boy.

Busy MASTURBATING that is.

Joey Warren has a gay stalker in this NYC idiot.

The NYC idiot must be really lonely with Coren gone.

Don't worry Joey Coren gets out soon enough and your stalker will be back home with his back door buddy.

Right NYC asshole?

Anonymous said...

That post above was very creative. By tying in the fact that Mark Coren is serving sex-crime time in prison and the N.Y.C. guy misses him and is playing with himself. Doing all of it while questioning the Aberdeener with the useless move away to N.Y.C. posts and questions. All drawn out of sexual frustration since he misses his gay lover Coren. Very creative is an understatement. That is very true with most of the posts about Kauff as well. They can't insult that crooked political puppet master enough as the corrupt Aberdeen political onion gets peeled and we learn from this blog. I hope there really is an investigation and he too gets a big chocolate boyfriend in prison. That posting was hilarious that Mrs. Kauff likes the dark meat. I love it.

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Anonymous said...

Let's not lose sight of the fact that healthcare costs for the township are skyrocketing and employees are paying nothing for their coverage.

Wake up Aberdeen said...

Does Kauff get a retirement and healthcare from Aberdeen taxpayers? From all the posts I read on here and that have never been officially and by real name denied. Kauff and his gang may steal an equal amount a year to pay all the health costs for the workers who do all the work in town and those that keep us safe. Wake up Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Hello DONOHUE. I gotta get this out quick before the white jackets get back and throw me out of this doctors office.
I wanted to remind everybody that you, WARREN and KENNY gave a 9 percent raise to an administrator in the district while 30 or so people lost their jobs AND while people in this town were losing their homes to high taxes. Also, that shortly after that vote your wife got a permanent position in the district WITH benefits.
BTW, you know they let us watch TV here so I decided to look at a podcast of the last meeting. Lo and behold as a gentlemen gets up to speak I here YOU say "Jesus". That wasn't very nice. The gentleman only wanted to let you know that the snow isn't being properly removed at the schools which creates an unsafe condition. Obviously you don't care and it shows your apathy and arrogance towards the working community. Were the illegals shovling snow over at your house?
I gotta go DONOHUE, the white jackets are busting down the door. Until next time, have a nice day.

Anonymous said...

Joey, how come New York allows the workers to calculate overtime into the pension formula? Do you think that's fair to the tax payers, such as your new landlord?

Cheeks said...


"Let's not lose sight of the fact that healthcare costs for the township are skyrocketing and employees are paying nothing for their coverage."


Every employee pays a portion of their healthcare costs.


"Bud, you boob, you can see the town budget by clicking on the link in my article"


That is a summarized budget report. Not the real meat and potatoes.

Anonymous said...

How much do they contribute towards their benefits?

Anonymous said...

Yes joey, enlighten us please, how much do New York City employees contribute towards their benefits?

Aberdeener said...


The posted budget is the one the town council voted to approve and it increased insurance costs 35% despite the repeated announcements forecasting a savings from the new insurance plan.

And the insurances costs doubled in just four years.

As for employee contributions, I don't know how much the average employee contributes but next week I'll be posting the police contract and contributions towards healthcare is part of the contract.

Anonymous said...

Gee Joey, that contract has been in effect for some time now. I believe your buddy, the martyr manager signed that one. you sure you want to post it? It might make the martyr look bad. By the way, why didn't you post it when you were renting a place here?

Aberdeener said...

Sorry but I'm unable to answer your question since I never rented a house in Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Posting the police contract? Holy shit! Wait till we get a look at that piece of sheepskin. Vinnie NUMBERS RUNNER Vinci will not be happy if we see that. Like the post before comparing the mafia and the fire department, that will pale in comparison to the info we may see from the some say very generous police contract. For years now police and fire people have used and been used by corrupt politicians and low life scum like our own vampire Norman Kauff. What we want to see is the rank chain of such a police force to see what and why it costs so much. it was said a while ago our force costs us over four million dollars. That cannot be the numbers spent in a town our size. Someone prove to me how much they do while we are at it. I know they wear a gun and all but it is said everyone of them makes over a hundred grand each. That cannot be true in this day and age. This is Aberdeen not South Central L A for christs sake. If I can get a ride to a council meeting I will call ahead and make damn sure that the man who really runs Aberdeen is sitting up there to answer my questions. Norman Kauff is like a shadow and it is time he is exposed for running the show from the crypt his coffin rests in.

Anonymous said...

The lady that owned the house let you live there for free? That's a sweet deal Joey! You must have been pissed when that fell through.

Anonymous said...

You are my idol. I want to start a blog about all the wasteful spending in the city of New York. I will run my blog from right here in Aberdeen NJ! I'm gonna call it the New Yorker, and dedicate it to you!

get really pissed off said...

You better not tug on supermans cape. You better not spit into the wind. Cause hes bad bad norman kauff. If anyone ever tells you that norman kauff does not solely corruptly control the entire leadership structure in aberdeen they are a liar and are taking you for a fool. I am a transplanted hudson county resident and know how things work in politics. My brother in law used to deal with the bayonne balloon joe doria. You think norman kauff is bad, that guy did not hide the fact he sold himself for the almighty dollar. He almost got grabbed a while back except that corzine put his nose in and just let the balloon retire. My brother in law was a prosecutor and had to pay the local ballon through the democratic party boss over five grand a year. If you know hudson county you know how the word corruption is spelled. It is spelled d e m o c r a t i c p a r t y. This new little town of mine is no different you can bet. We used to call it the democratic play book that the balloon had a list of jobs available and the required contribution. Everybody pays you see everybody. I'll bet the judge pays, prosecutor pays, tax appeal lawyer pays, council people pay you see everybody pays. I'll bet here the judge is good for five grand a year, prosecutor three grand, tax appeal two grand and council one grand each. It is quite the little campaign fund this guy controls all by himself. People need to ask questions and almost insult the faces of corruption that is the town council here. I agree it is time to wake up and get really pissed off.


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Poetic Norm said...

Today I spoke with the Aberdeener,

He asked, "My ex-wife, have you seen her?",

To which I replied,

She wishes you died,

'Cause in the divorce, you took her to the cleaner.

No rent for Joey, just alimony I guess...

Aberdeener said...

Fell through?

Either you're misinformed or you're a liar spreading false rumors. Which is it?

My guess is you're a bit of both.

Anonymous said...

Hey Anon @ 5:13 PM or "Polski,"

That's a crazy story you've relayed about Jersey City.

Just a quick question, do you always post under "Polski" or do you prefer "GRIP" or "THE HEALTHCARE??" or "the lloyd rd ragu boys"?

Quick tip dipshit...

Try taking your blackberry tag off when you're pretending to be different people...

Did you vote under all those names during the fire district election, along with the hundreds of others on this blog?

That must have been the reason Ash won... Oh wait, nevermind...

no free speach said...

Seems the NYC guy got bitchslapped. The NYC pussy did not even respond to the last insults. That is all right because I laugh at him with every stupid post. He does not get it that he is the only one that thinks he makes any laughs for us. He is about as entertaining as Milton Berle and he is dead.

I think that one funny fact is that the Kauff people blame all of this stuff on a only a couple people chiming in. I know they blame the big guy with the big mouth in town hall and that makes me really laugh. From one of the cops I know he says the council men he knows blame only a few people who speak there minds. So much for free speach if you work in the muni building.

Anonymous said...

The chances of getting eaten by a tiger in Aberdeen are one in a million. But it only has to happen once! Four million a year - pay it, it's a bargain. You have no idea what they see, do or who they have to deal with. When you finally do make that call you'll be glad they were there. And you know it!

I like Jack over ice said...

I was describing the bayonne balloon. You are right on one of the locations as I do work in Jersey City. I'm one of those overpaid cops people call when you need help and now want me to be put on the street rather than pay for what protection and service costs. I'm home now so stop on by since you know who everyone who posts on here really is. I'm waiting on my front porch. I like Jack Daniel's over ice so don't come empty handed.

Face reality cops please said...

Sure we will just pay you to work at an average of 90k a year for over 25 years while working. We should pay all your medical for that 25 years working for you and your family. And then we should gladly pay you for the next 30 years or more of your life when you retire. We should gladly pay all of your medical bills for the rest of your life because you took the job that had you do a somewhat dangerous. You took the job knowing it was possibly a dangerous one. I commend those who work in dangerous jobs and like the Governor said you will only have contributed about $250 thousand while you work and will take over $4 million of taxpayers money on average in your lifetime. That is no bargain it is the tiger that is eating too many taxpayers own futures. You took the job and I respect that. The costs are way too costly when the great majority of citizens can't afford to pay hundreds of thousands of retired government employees $100 grand and health when they retire on less than half of that amount. That is what is really unfair. Face reality please. Blame the politicians that lied to you and used you like pawns in a chess game before you take more from me than I make.

Ring Ding said...

Face reality cops please said...

Another whiner that forgot to take the police test. Doesn't matter though. You would have never passed the background investigation anyway. Go back to driving the Tasteycake truck and bitching about your bosses.

Anonymous said...

Joey, could you post the NYPD's contracts with the PBA and SBA too?

WALL ST $$$$ said...



Anonymous said...

Why is anyone busting Joeys balls. Who cares where he lives if he continues to shine the light on these cockroaches. The public needs to know where our money is being spent. The politicians are doing everything they can to hide were the money is being spent. The police salaries are out control and have been for a long time. Benefits and pensions have gotten out of control and must now be dealt with. We are the most taxed in the country. Keep it up, Joey.

Anonymous said...

Look at it this way...
You get what you pay for. If you pay a good salary, you will attract good candidates. Pay garbage, and you get some garbage, not all, but some.
Back in the 70's, when they paid the cops shit, a few of them started doing burglaries on local business. One of them apparently posts here on and off. I'm not saying that's why they did it, they did it because they were scumbags. But if salaries, and morale were higher, maybe they wouldn't have made the cut to get on in the first place. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

Cops! Firefighters! Teachers! Janitors! Code enforcers! Snow plow drivers! Thugs and low lives, all of them! But why stop there? Do you know how much of every dollar you pay for your food goes to pay truck drivers who sit on their fat asses all day! And the cashiers, how much skill does it take to drag a food item over a code reader? None! I don't let them check me out, so slow they are. I check myself out, but I have to pay for their salaries on my food bill. And old people! Sucking at the teat of socialisitc security, they should have saved their money. Invested in stocks, that's what Wall St. is for! And while I'm at it, the disabled, widows and their children...really, revive the old work houses of old. Does just having a pulse entitle them all to a livlihood on my dime? I hate people. I want all of their grubby hands out of my paycheck! So let's make sure that the tax cuts are entended beyond 2012 for the wealthy. Because we all know it, the cream rises to the top and they, at least, are deserving of it all.

Anonymous said...

Good cops cost money. Like I said, pay it, it's a bargain. Ring ding is right..6:12 is some 4f jerk who couldn't make it. And the WALL ST caps guy is not only stupid I'm amazed he can find his computer.

Some of us remember said...

Some of us old timers know how these supposed leaders and pillars of society are the old now retired cops who furnished there houses by stealing kitchen appliances, heating and AC units from the guys who built the town. People like me remember these things happened. I can remember driving by at night and seeing cops working security when the houses were being built all over town. I also remember something about a cop or cops in the area who got arrested breaking into houses some years ago. I don't remember if it was a Matawan or a Township cop or cops who got caught but it did happen. You can bet the numbers running councilman knows who did what or better yet he stood by and helped load all the shit the other cops walked off with. Now that same old cop walks around telling everybody how much he does for the town. When he dies i'll bet his headstone will be have been stolen. All the cops working have heard all the stories and I willing to bet my social security check that they all have stories of there own to tell about our present cops who may not be angels. Don't deny it or get on your high horses for my words are true. Old timers like me may have forgot what I had for dinner last night but we remember the things that happened even though it was years ago. I'm old not dead. This post is not about bad mouthing cops it is just about not whitewashing and letting the people think they are holier than though. Some of us remember the truth.

Medolla said...

Norm made me do it.

Anonymous said...

Everyone here talks so much shit about how the police are overpaid, don't deserve their pension, and all have free healthcare. Someone tell me what they should be making? They pay the most into the pension system then any other public employee and are now no matter what paying 1.5% toward there benefits. I am a Matawan resident and they have given back several times and they still lost officers. What are they worth? What should their pay be? Like the past posters said you get what you pay for.

I need to retire too said...

Anonymous @ 9:19 I will retire with a 401k that has gone up and down with no input or guarantees. I will work part time as long as i can. Will you really have to do that? Not on the taxpayer dime.

I myself will hold off as long as I can before I retire after working over fifty years not just twenty five. You all need to look at the real world not the municipal fairy tale world you work in. I went to college paid back my loans and have worked in my field for forty years this next October.

I looked at some of the salaries on the local force and see that the two most junior members are making over 70k plus with less than five years working as a cop. Your Police Chief and Deputy Chief cost almost 300k plus health insurance combined. The damn Governor of the state makes that and he runs the whole state. These two run a small department of maybe thirty policemen and policewomen. With these salaries its easy to see the 4m tax bill rack up quickly. We can't afford it.

It is time you all stop defending yourself and look around to face the reality that your salaries are way out of whack. I know I know you started with low pay and all that. I started low too and I work hard too. No I don't carry a gun or pull people over in the middle of the night. I just work my job and work twice as long as you for half of what you will get as I retire. Most of us are not wall streeters we are just folks. Folks who can't keep you in the lap of luxury as we also want to enjoy our lives after working much longer than you. Yes I could have been a cop. Yes I could have worked on Wall Street. I didn't I went to work in a job i liked.

The politicians in this state have traded you against us while cops, teachers and others are still being used by politicians. Except now the politicians are making it you against all of us. We who have to pay the bill for all the promises they made you need to live too. Whether the numbers suggested at 4m are real I don't know. If it is true thats a lot of money when you only put in 20%. And they jailed Madoff?

i respect most of the municipal workers. I despise the politicians that are using us to pay off their mistakes and political pandering. But the money is not there and rather than blaming and fighting amongst ourselves we should be sending the politicians who caused this to hell empty handed. Ever see what a politicians retirement looks like? Take a real good look. Those are the real criminals you should arrest for robbery.

Anonymous said...

What percentage do they really pay?What is the number? The real number. I pay 800 a month towards medical and 645 towards retirement with no taxpayer to pay me if my company closes or the owner gambles it all away. Get real copper.

Anonymous said...

It's over Johnny! The excessive pay, free healthcare for life, overly generous pension benefits, retirement before 62 - 65 and various other abused policies. You know, the guy who never took a vacation or sick day off. Aberdeen itself is carrying an accrued liability for earned time off in excess of $1.5 million! The TAXPAYING public has had enough. The shock and awe of a retooled pension plan and 30% healthcare contributions must be sickening to those who stand to take a hit. We finally have a governor who is trying to address problems that are rooted in archaic philosophy which is no longer valid. People are living much longer and the bottom line is the burden being created by the current payroll and benefits policies cannot be sustained.


School Board NO PAY

Zoning Board NO PAY

Planning Board No Pay

Recreation Board No Pay

Town Council member $8,000.00

Fire Commissioner $3,500 (?)

CM&E $1,500,000.00

Town Attorneys $300,000.00 (?) + or -

Town Planners $125,000.00 + or -

Norman Kauff real number stolen from taxpayers and kickback % from all of the above, developers and others is truly unknown (?) guesstimate $200,000.00 + or -


Municipal workers need to Fight Kauff not each other. Tell all that you know. Free yourself from Kauff. Free the taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Please God, give the Governor the courage to propose capping the maximum annual pension payout at $50,000!!! This would absolutely cripple every political lizard who has taken advantage of the system. Lastly, eliminate all pension and healthcare eligibility for all PART-TIME employees! The Senate and Assembly would be a good start!

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen should bring all engineering in house and flush CME down the sh*****. This would save millions.

Anonymous said...

That makes no sense. We've been complaining about how the town pays employees too much in salary and benefits, and you want to create an engineering departmnent with more employees. I think it's safe to say you're an idiot...

Anonymous said...

In February of the year of our Joey 2011, Joey once again encountered Shaft, who was just getting back from the celebration of the victory of the house of Louis, on the river Lloyd over the Warrenites. The party, given by the Kauffkins, also celebrated Louis' centuries of membership in the Barza Hose and Chemical Co.

"Shaft" said Joey, " I feel that your Royal Barzanian Police are overly compensated. I have been watching, from my mother's basem..scratch that, I meant, I have been watching from my place, next to my father, in the Kingdom of Brooklyn, and I demand that you reign in their pay. I say this in my holy capacity, as my Father's son, sent down to you from Brooklyn, to do his bidding on Barza."

Shaft was obviously stunned by this revelation. He stood and stared at Joey for several seconds, then put his head down, and fell to his knees, in a fit of convulsive laughter. Two hours later, when Shaft was able to regain his composure, he said "Listen you jive ass benny motherfucker! I run this shit! Not you! Now take your bitch ass outta here and put your punk ass on the proper side of the outerbridge crossing before I punt your ass over it!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, forgot

This is the word of the Warren

Thanks be to Joey


$haft said...

You can bet your ass, that bitch won't be trying to come over the bridge and tell me how to run my shit no more.

I'm a bad motherfucker

Anonymous said...

Where did you graduate from Matawan Aberdeen HS? We are pissing millions of dollars away each year with CME. It happens to be one engineer that I mentioned. If an Engineer was hired in house, he/she would be able to manage much of the business away from them. Just ask Stuart Brown what happened when he tried to do the just that. The fact that the town has overpaid employees is irrelevant. This also helps to dry up all of the make work projects that CME is paid in exchange for political contributions. Your fingers are hitting the keyboard faster than your brain could think its way through the issue.

The Duke said...

"I need to retire too said..."

Can we limit the length of the comments so the whiners can get to bed sooner and the cops can go aout protecting them.

Good luck Aberdeen said...

I don't know why everyone picks on CME? Give me a break. CME comes off like it is a not for profit corporation that takes all of its profits and gives it to the elderly. The elderly being the old political hacks surrounding Norman Kauff and the other similarly corrupt power brokers in similar communities all involving CME.

I thoroughly enjoyed the recent post where someone tried to say that CME is a great value at 1.5 million dollars a year to the taxpayers, businesses and us developers trying to do business in Aberdeen. All of us who know the real story of trying to do business in this community leaves us having to beg borrow and steal just to pay the almost criminal fees and escrows demanded too often for useless and made up charges, inspections and the ever present CME fee generating changes that never seem to be explained when questioned. It is almost required that CME be almost a partner in our development each and every step of the way as we try to build a quality affordable product.

The most disappointing thing in Aberdeen is the fact we don't deal with honest town representatives when we walk into that building. Too often the CME factor or meeting location is secretive and without any real bargaining points other than what CME wants or Norman Kauff outright demands as the overseer. I and others are leaving Aberdeen over these excessive fees, fraudulent charges and equally corrupt processes that I will no longer pay for or any longer be a part of the criminal enterprise known as Aberdeen. I will close out these final deals and walk away from the CME and the Norman Kauff control of the entire process.

I would like to thank the inspectors and office staff in Aberdeen who do a fine job under an obvious level of duress from the scrutiny and pressures to keep CME and Norman Kauff in the money. It is really time that the elected leadership in Aberdeen takes a long hard look at themselves in the mirror. The word is out in Monmouth County and I will not be the last to pick up and take my money elsewhere.

Goodbye Aberdeen

Norm said...

Goodbye Asshole.

Anonymous said...

After being told off by Shaft, Joey went to the chariot dealer owned by the apostle Gerald. "Gerald" yelled Joey "Thy flock is caving in to the Kauffkins. Thou must bring them back in to the good graces of the mission statement" Gerald replied " Fuck off, benny. Do you know how much business I lost over listening to your bullshit?"

Shocked, Joey left, and walked to the house of the apostle Todd, who was sleeping it off, but would have told joey off too, if he could.

Walking away from Todd's house, Joey encountered his nenesis, Norm. Norm was riding in a gold chariot being pulled by Vincent, who had really black hair for an old guy, and Ivanhoe, the rediculously loyal Democrat.

Anonymous said...

Don't you mean "the apostle Gerald, who sold DEFECTIVE chariots in the square."

Anonymous said...

Ah..the chariots with the square wheels! Zero financing! You've never seen such a bargain.

Anonymous said...

Used Chariots. Only when he stops lying will he be allowed to sell new ones.

















God knows and he will judge said...

God will judge all of them on Judgement Day. Until then they will ruin this town from top to bottom filling their pockets with the plundering of the taxpayers lives and the residents quality of life. That is the Democratic way from the White House to Injustice Lane. No right Norm is needed since the entire list above know it's true.


The truth forgot a couple of things who add to the most corrupted town in Monmouth County. I add the following to the list.

1. The $4,000.000.00 Aberdeen Police Department

2. The $64,000,000.00 annual School system costs

3. The Lloyd Road Fire House and their corrupt leaders

4. The hidden Lloyd Road Fire house budget overage

5. The Aberdeen Democratic Party

6. The Aberdeen Business Alliance

7. The Aberdeen Building Department

8. The Aberdeen Code Enforcer

9. The Building Department Inspectors

10. The Aberdeen Zoning Officer

11. The Aberdeen Tax Office

12. The Aberdeen Court System

13. The Aberdeen Water and Sewer Department

14. The Department of Public Workers who don't

15. The Aberdeen Health Inspector

Anonymous said...

You forgot the Public Library. The 64 million is the problem. Fix it and the problems go away. When I say fix it does not mean cut the teachers. It means get rid of the obscene amount of administration, secretaries, and I am sure there is some more spending that unneeded. As for the library. They should have no surplus accounts just like any municipal budget. They are being supported by the local governments then the surplus should be coming back to the municipalities at the end of the year. They are obviously getting to much money when a million plus is in surplus

I am not alone said...

The FD just sought $50k for a new truck. Never forget that the fire members and family being 98% of the voters approving the leadership and budget on something like a $350k fire truck that they don't really need. That is right I said that they don't really need. The town should take the money from the FD and cancel the tax levy for the new truck prettied up to satisfy the chiefs ego and for a couple parades. That is right I said prettied up and very costly to show up at parades. All the chroming with bells and whistles that are not needed at all to put out the occasional big fire in Aberdeen. Ever see a paid service fire truck like in Jersey City or New York City? Very little if any chrome is on these trucks in town chrome that is not needed at all. Chrome costs big money, big tax money. The Aberdeen FD should be proud of the equipment they have already gouged the taxpayers for over all of these years? It is impressive I am sure at the FD meetings around the state the chief abuser gets to pump his chest out at as though he matters any longer. Not really needed equipment may look nice in that big monumental building dedicated to wasting taxpayer money located at the corner of Lloyd Road and Church Street.A couple final questions that the soon to be posting fire guys will post after seeing this. How many paid commissioners in that building get paid and what do they do? A $42k commissioner secretary to answer phones? Why? $800k in FD reserves sitting idle for the FD volunteers to do what with that much money? Is there a mortgage on the building? Do they go out to bid for any work or services provided to the service or building repairs or improvements? Big FD reserves exist for what reason really? By the way did I see a new red trailer in the parking lot when I got off of the bus the other night. New trailer for what? How much is the value of all the equipment, FD building and property? I'm figuring $5m easy. I have looked at the budget that the FD prints in the paper just before the not so really public vote on the budget with the latest handpicked puppets to only march in lock step with the one they call the chief in that building. This town is a real joke when you look at what is purported to be its leadership and its costly volunteer services. Like a post before put forth the FD Commissioners get paid. The Town Council gets paid. That is all that get paid in town. Why? It is also insulting to anyone with half a brain that Vincy and Lauro serve themselves handsomely on both of the only two paid member boards that are so corruptly controlled and illegal. Crime does pay boys and girls if you can be lucky enough to be part of the few who sold their heart, souls and minds to the highest bidder. I am not an insider or lifer here in Aberdeen. I am just a taxpayer schlub who has reached the point where I feel like a slave to the corrupt unashamed that they rob the taxpayers blind. Anybody see my seeing eye dog? I may work in New York from 9 to 5:30 each day but I am just so tired of working just to keep these little corrupt closed member clubs in the lap of luxury while i wonder how to pay my taxes. I am not alone with my frustrations and it is time it stops.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

trailer look at it is a county trailer you scumbag

Answer the ???? said...

But you did not answer answer the FD ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Did your silence answer the questions?

Not answering the ??? makes you the real scumbag.

continued from this morning said...

"Joey" said Norm " Are you ready to kneel before me, and beg for my mercy?" " Never" said Joey " For, I am Joey, the Warren, sent by my father, from the Kingdom of Brooklyn, to do his biddings here on Barza. My father also gave me the power of the mission statement, to protect me from your Kauffkins"

Norm threw back his head in laughter and told Vincent to take Joey into custody. Vincent took a handful of dye from his hair and threw it into Joey's eyes, blinding him. Ivanhoe then hogtied Joey, and he was placed in the trunk of Norm's chariot (not bought from Gerald)and taken to the Barza jail.



*continued* doesn't get it still said...

While the above titled *continued from this morning* was creative it was once again only self amusing. Once again it is just like masturbation since only one person gets any a form of pleasure while everyone else ignores it like it never happened.

C and M in the I said...

Then I guess it must be masturbation for my husband and I too, because we think the Joey saga is hysterical.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Warren,
Please keep up the good work that is this blog. Do you have admin powers to delete the BS posts from the municipal shills?

Also, God Bless our current Governor.

Anonymous said...

It is very difficult to have a discussion about the high cost of living in NJ and Aberdeen for that matter without getting emotionally charged up. I think we can all agree that when it comes to health insurance, ALL state, county and local employees need to be paying a greater portion of the cost. The 1.5% that was recently enacted is quite low. I am of the opinion that some should not even be provided benefits. Specifically, our part-time legislature should have ZERO access to any health or pension benefits. As far as the state pension plan(s) are concerned, the notion that you can retire after 25 years of service at 60 - 70% of the highest 3 years pay is also generous. Has the the state dropped the ball from a funding perspective over the last 15 - 20 years by not making their contributions? Absolutely! Both Democrat and Republican. These plans need to be fundamentally changed to be more in line with those of the private sector. Retirement ages and the number of years that are considered in the calculation of the benefits to be paid must be changed. There are many long term employees who have worked many years who stand to get hurt the most because of years of fiscal mismanagement at all levels of government. We are going to see changes, that is a given. Christie and Sweeney are very close when it comes to pension and health reforms. Hopefully we see a reasonable plan put forward that helps reduce the cost of government in NJ, which has truly reached a level that is not sustainable.

Anonymous said...

C and M need to know that you and your wife will go blind if you keep masturbating. Then again that would be good for the two of you so you don't see how stupid looking, acting and really dead low stupid you two really are. Call Kauff Inc. for help with the masturbation addiction thing. Ask for Mrs. Kauff I hear that she has all the experience since Normans been out of service in the sack for a long time now. You might have to leave a message since Mrs. Kauff might be busy with her latest chocolate thunder.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:22 pm. Dead low stupid is posting a vulgar and racist comment like yours and not knowing how badly it undermines your position.

Anonymous said...

As a volunteer firefighter I am deeply offended by what is written on here some times. On the other hand I am deeply offended by the lack of leadership of the commissioners on the other side of town and the real problem the commissioners do not want to fix. They better takes steps to save the much needed members who respond. So unless the old time commissioners are going to respond in the middle of the night and start fighting fires they better restore the faith of the membership before the lack of real and effective leadership buries a truly great volunteer base of members. So say I.

Vulgar and offensive? said...

Undermine ones position? I really enjoy anything and everything written about Kauff and all his soldiers as it is the least anyone can do to keep Kauff and the rest in the public eye. Anyone and I mean anyone attached to Kauff is fair game and while not a politically correct term all of them who are involved in the political fleecing of Aberdeen should be in all of our sights 24/7/365. Norman Kauff is undermining an entire community so if anyone is racist or vulgar his defenders and those who feel insulted by a few words and laughable suggestions need to look at that residents and the criminal enterprise located on Justice Lane before they ever be insulted or offended. How can anyone even think of defending the man who is ruining far too many lives and futures through his political corruption and greed. Prove me wrong I say. I'm waiting and I am not alone in my contempt for Kauff and the rest.

Anonymous said...

Who is Kauff? Who in town is connected to him? Who on the Council, in the Fire Department, etc. are involved or connected to him? I wouldn't know NK if I was standing next to him. How does he manage to exert such influence in town? Is the Mayor connected to him? Planning or zoning boards? Are the stories about meetings in the parking lot of town hall true? Why was the previous town manager terminated? How about Criscuolo? What is Holly Reycrafts story - A tax assessor gets appointed interim Town Manager? Is she qualified? Please provide all of the specifics you can!

C Section checking in said...

Where have you been Sleeping Beauty?

Kauff runs Aberdeen. Controls all boards, politicians, lawyers, and more. He profits handsomely along with his handpicked groupies.

Previous Manager that Kauff hired as a political favor with the typical Kauff control was a real joke.

Manager before that one interfered with tax monies being illegally funneled to Kauff so of course he had to go.

Interim is unknown.

Hope that helps you.

Anonymous said...