Thursday, January 29, 2009

Will Aberdeen End Pay-to-Play?

The title is a rhetorical question. Nobody expects the all-Democratic Aberdeen Town Council to forfeit their patronage game whereby they exchange contracts for campaign cash. However, the town council’s draft pay-to-play ordinance would be a large step in the right direction and I support it.

The ordinance is quite simple – any campaign contribution above the threshold limits (currently $300 for an individual and $2500 for a business entity) during the preceding 12 months would prevent that contributor from receiving a no-bid contract.

CME Associates would still be the town engineer and the council’s largest contributor. They would still receive over half a million dollars a year in engineering fees from local residents, businessmen, and developers. They would still get virtually every engineering contract from the township. But, for the first time in over a decade, they would need to bid on a contract, at least during an election year.

Even though professional service contracts don’t need to be given to the lowest bidder, my guess is CME would underbid the competition and then seek additional compensation for those “unforeseen” circumstances that seem to crop into every project.

Why, then, not support a total ban on political contributors from receiving municipal contracts? Two reasons.

First, we can’t discriminate between serial pay-to-players like CME and the Average Joe. Should any businessman be forced to choose between supporting a political campaign and his livelihood? Aren’t campaign contributions an expression of political speech?

Secondly, if we create a total ban, we’ll simply be shifting the campaign contributions from mainstream political organizations to shadowy groups that have no accountability, like the Educators for a Quality Education who supported Rubino and Ruprecht during last year’s school board elections.

Yet, I support the draft pay-to-play ordinance because at least we will have some request for quotes (RFQs) and, for the first time in the 21st century, finally see what these engineering projects truly cost.

If the townsfolk want to end pay-to-play, they can elect people who don’t play and punish those who do. Until then, with or without a new pay-to-play ordinance, expect CME and their ilk to continue dining at the town council’s table.
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Anonymous said...

NO !

Anonymous said...

That's VERY funny !

Now according to the Asbury Park Press that landed on my driveway today the PAY TO PLAY at the Monmouth County level is once again alive and well and not so surprisingly YOU KNOW WHO has started to wield his power.

One name in particular stood out for some reason with me and so I checked through my paperwork. Just a little while ago I found it. There it was the name of the lawyer that handled my tax appeal with Aberdeen a while back. Aberdeen hired Attorney Mark Schram who handles their tax appeals. Now he has an appointment with the county power change.

Should any of us be surprised that in a country that has about one lawyer for every five people, we should expect that they all need somewhere to go on a daily basis. Why not some cushy lawyer position at the county level, a position full of arrogance and with unlimited potential for over billing and graft. What a special job for YOU KNOW WHO to give away it seems to 'special counsel' Mark Schram a position at taxpayers expense. Do you think Attorney Schram is another "close personal friend' of YOU KNOW WHO? Anyone know?


Maybe he will not have so much time to rape Aberdeen every day.
We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

I think Mr. Schram may have something to do with the court in Aberdeen as well. So many jobs does he do any fulltime or is it stacking for his pension.


Anonymous said...

There should be no donations allowed from businesses, as under Federal elections law -- all donations must be from individuals and limited to $300. Otherwise, the true business limit is rather unlimited $2,500 + $300 each from 10 partners/employees =$5500. Wake up! This is a scam.

Anonymous said...

Heard about this site at the school board meeting this week. Im impressed to say the least. This thing is addictive I have been goin over the past subjects since. I did not see much on our local reeresentive Ms. Gumbs though. If it aint making her money she dont exist. We all know that over here.

By the way it is not donations when you demand payment or exerte pressure on developers and business people for the demand that his law firm that is coincidentaly attached to Mr. Kauff is to be the only legal representation developers must use in order to do business with Aberdeen. Then you can be damn sure in this area you better use the right real estate agent who also just happens to be our Deputy Mayer Ms Gumbs. I heard of recent inquiries of a man I know who works in Old Bridge has them glad to have gotten rid of our latest manager. How long until the door closes on his career here. It wont be this year as that would be real embarasing to our council to lose another one so soon. They really screwed that last man they hired and then paid for his silence with hush money. Is that governement by the people for the people? Under Norman kauff Aberdeen shall perish from the face of the earth. If it is move away but where do you go to escape coruption?

Anonymous said...

His real name should be Mark SCAM! That is what he does best ... because he was taught by the best!

Anonymous said...

I checked and Mark Schram is also the public defender in Aberdeen. So this fellow is the public defender, tax attorney and now has a new job at the county. No wonder most lawyers suck they are too busy going from pension padding job to the next. Its a wonder Norman Kauff has time to breathe what with all of his towns to steal from. He may be Monmouth Countys busiest criminal.

Anonymous said...

ANSWER---When hell freezes over or Norman Kauff assumes room temperature.

That is the only true answer to when the taxpayers of Aberdeen and their corrupt leadership will end pay to play. It should really be called taxpayers pay and pay and pay and pay and pay...

When will Kauff have stolen enough of our tax money?

The blood sucking swine that he is must have a hard time hiding all of those illegal payoffs from the IRS.

Somebody with contacts should do a TRW on him and let us know how much he claimed last year. If you can do that check on Normans mentor Vic Scudeiri while you are at it.

Enough is enough Norman. Let Aberdeen's taxpayers free.

Anonymous said...

sotiredonArlingtonAve -


There are enough FACTS on this blog that create legitimate questions as to how Aberdeen is run, including the various connections through Norman Kauff, that we don't need to create new falsehoods and continuously repeat them.

There is absolutely no evidence whatsoever that any developer has ever had pressure exerted against them by Norman Kauff to use any particular law firm.

Even the Aberdeener himself has acknowledged there is no evidence of such an incident ever having happened.

This blog deals in FACTS! Not rumors and not innuendo. When you spread made up lies it makes all of us who believe in the mission of this blog look foolish and the whole basis on which the Aberdeener is built falls into jeopardy.

So, unless you can name the developer who was pressured as well as the law firm they were made to use, then SHUT UP!

Deal with facts and stop with made up crap. We are all better and more intelligent than this.

I'm sorry about my anger. I just love this blog and have grown to take what it stands for very seriously. TRUTH! Thats what we are about here!

When we say something here, let's make sure it has a factual basis behind it. We should always provide the facts, like the Aberdeener always gives!

Truth and facts are the only way the true evils of the township will be exposed.


As bad as things might be, and as great of a story it might be, there was no parking lot blackmail. UNTIL SOMEONE CAN PROVIDE the name of the law firm, the developer, well anything even resembling factual evidence ... well until then, please just shut up already about it and for now let's stick with the truth.


Just my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Opinion needs to know.

Within governments all around the world things go on that the people the governement is supposed to serve never know anything about.

This one thing is not opinion, inuendo, falshood, myth or a lie.
It happened and it is still happening all over. Other then your post here there has been no words from Mr. Kauff ever in regards to anything this blog or us has ever brought up or discused. For me and many more that is the proof I need. If you do not think that a former lawyer for this town whose power is so long and along with the ones he controls can keep his secret, pay candidates to vote or even run and worse but never denies anything. Is he not afraid to come forward and answer these things in court is all that I need. Dont denie it cause it happened. let Mr. Kauff denie it. He knows he cant and that is why others like you defend. They all know.

Anonymous said...

I for one cannot believe in this day and age and especially in this state that anyone could deny such a shakedown and criminal act could occur. Such a thing happens every day between lawyers representing political powerful people. So someone seeking to make millions of dollars on a property and seeking every kind of help would not hesitate to pay off to get what he needs.

I will believe it until it is denied by the man we hear so much more about denies it. Was that Mayor from Keyport any less guilty when his actions were reported to the Monmouth County Prosecutor. That servant of the people did nothing about those allegations and they were true. That Prosecutor should have gone to jail for incompetence in office.

Let him or his people deny it on the record, issue a public statement or put a denial for all to see in the news that it never happened. They think our numbers are few and that is there biggest mistake.

I truly believe the Aberdeener and all of us are the thorn in their side. Each and every damn one of them knows the shakedown happened and they just continue the lie.

Anonymous said...


Tell me ANYTHING other than "We know it happened because its not being denied."


No matter how I feel about Norman Kauff, why on earth would he ever come to this blog and post anything when a non-detailed rumor like this is allowed to exist.

I mean seriously, if "Norman Kauff" posted on here: "I deny I was ever involved in a shakedown in the parking lot." Are you telling me that is all it would take for you to believe it didn't happen?

Of course not, you would just say: "It is just a lie, we know it happened."

BUT HOW DO YOU KNOW IT HAPPENED? Not a single person on here has ever giving any thing even resembling a fact about this mythological occurrence. The story even changes depending on who recites it.

I've seen everything from (1) the developer gave in and used the attorney, (2) the developer gave in and gave Norman a ton of money, (3) the developer refused to give in and sent a letter to the Township Manager as to what happened and as a result of threatening to disclose the letter, the Township Manager was fired. There have been other versions as well.

All of those versions of the story can't be true because they are completely inconsistent. Either the developer gave in to the blackmail or he didn't. Which is it?

AGAIN, NAME THE DEVELOPER, NAME THE LAW FIRM, NAME ANYTHING!! If you can't go beyond: "We know it happened because Norman hasn't denied it." Well that displays complete ignorance on your part.

Even if Norman was to come here to deny it, you haven't actually cited anything for him to deny.

The Aberdeener says its just rumor without any factual basis. Excuse me Edgeview and sotiredonArlingtonAve -- are you saying I should believe the two of you over the Aberdeener?

The Aberdeener deals in FACTS and provides the evidence. The two of you are dealing with nothing but some nondescript rumor.

Believe the two of you over the Aberdeener?

Sorry, I don't think so.

Just my opinion!

Anonymous said...

Just my opinion, I agree with you 100%. I have stated the same thing before but give up with some of these blow hards on here.

Anonymous said...

To the non-believers all the rest of us can say to you is that whether it be ETed, Arlington, KarenS or anyone else. I feel sad for the people who choose to wrongly trust and believe the likes of a Norman kauff or the others in leadership roles in our towns. Such people will believe in them all the way to their hopeful indictment. Whether that bankruptcy be of their purported honesty or solid ethics or for other supposed political leaders or that of a financial management firm or even the President of the United States. It makes not one bit of difference for any of us. They run the whole show.

All of you who doubt and defend the likes of Kauff or the others who are supposed to serve the electorate, deserve what you are getting. ROBBED!

Just analyze the Madoff scandal that is just beginning to unfold. Many people trusted him completely and now they have nothing or what they may be able to recoup will be a very small percentage of their total losses. I ride the bus every morning with a man who lost over $650,000.00 with Madoff. Hhe is beside himself to say the least and it is taking a big toll on him and his family. I feel for him as he too was too trusting of such people.

New Jersey and its politically corrupt are in every nook and cranny of our communities and if you do not realize that I feel sorry for you. The truth of that plays out from DC to Trenton to Matawan and Aberdeen every single day.

People working for our towns and many within the democratic or republican parties all know the levels of corruption. Think of just the rumors that swirled around McGreevey for instance. The newspapers and their reporters knew all along and said nothing until it broke nationwide then they all said 'we knew all along'. Many knew all about his proclivities and it was well known in far more than just political circles. McGreevey' State Troopers knew, his political bosses knew and they all said nothing until the 'S' hit the fan. Similarly many people know what is going on in Matawan and Aberdeen alike.

Many of those in politics who swear to take an oath and to serve the people of our towns, fail us every single day in many ways. That is just reality pure and simple. So keep believing what they spoon feed you. One day soon you will not be so able to defend and protect those whose examples of contempt for the taxpayers is unlimited and will become far more public.

Of course Norman Kauff will never come on here and claim his innocence. Let even one of us go and ask at a council meeting if any of them know of the shakedown in the parking lot. They will lie to you. They will all lie to you right up until they get dragged into a court of law. Let what happened some time ago in Freehold happen in Matawan or Aberdeen.
Just let one of our politicians hear that early morning knock on the door and they will turn on each other like the snakes each of them knows they are. They probably do not even trust each other. Then again they all know their little Norman Kauff secret don't they?

Kauff, Gumbs, Sobel, Vinci, Mullaney and more do you really think they are in it to serve the people. They are in it to serve themselves and unfortunately not enough taxpayers know it, yet. Just look at Ms. Jen Gallo. She was the councilwoman Norman Kauff forced out of office last year. Don't even try and tell me she left on her own accord. Did Stewart Brown also leave and then make himself legally bound to not be able to say one word about his time as the town manager. That was all Norman Kauff you can be certain. More 'Kauff' proof is all around you if you think clearly.

The few who doubt the shakedown occurred, I wish you well. People within the Democratic party and even workers in our communities know what is really going on, you can be certain. Just try and ask one of them in Matawan or Aberdeen about what is really going on. They cannot answer you honestly as they would lose there jobs and more and they know it. Kauff uses that against them you can be sure.

So just continue to doubt all the things listed here week after week after week. The vast majority will think the truth of what many of us realize is politics as usual in New Jersey.

Ask yourself if you would buy a used car from any of them or God forbid have any of them manage your retirement money. Wait a minute they do manage your money and the giveaways and backflow of payoffs and veiled campaign donations, is out of control.

Norman Kauff is the poster boy for taxation without representation.
It is long past the time to tear that poster down.

Anonymous said...

Which law firm? Weiner/Lesniak represents the train station/ex-felon developer and maybe the Anchor Glass developer and who knows who else. Senator Ray Lesniak is the Scudiary of Union County and top Decratic mover-shaker in the state. What other developers are there

Anonymous said...

Let me chime in and also express my 100% agreement with "Just My Opinion"'s comments.

To "TRUTHABOUTKAUFF": Calm down before you burst a blood vessel. As far as I can tell, no one here is defending the actions of Norman Kauff.

All we are saying is you can't chastise the guy over some alleged incident in some parking lot that you can't substantiate in any fashion. I don't how this is moving into discussions of Barack Obama, Governor McGreevey and Howard Madoff. Is it your contention anyone with money, especially those who are politicians, are crooks?

How does that prove a shakedown occurred in a parking lot? You make no sense. Again, calm down before you burst a blood vessel.

To the previous anonymous poster. We can sit here all day and list every attorney who has ever represented anyone who sought relief from the Aberdeen government. That doesn't mean their representation was a payoff resulting from a shakedown.

I have no doubt Norman Kauff is bad for Aberdeen. That doesn't mean we need to make up stories to prove our case. Let's move on from made up shakedown stories and start talking about Pay To Play reform. That's what the topic of this blog is and that is what we should be talking about.

In the immortal words of Joe Friday: "Just the Facts Ma'am".

Anonymous said...

Just the facts and Just my opinion.

Do you not believe that a man with that much power, questionable connections to professionals and just so happens to be involved with every major developmental deal in recent history may not be guilty of some of these things reported herein.

I understand innocent until proven guilty and all of that bullshit but some have been put in prison for less than the travesty this man has caused the taxpayers for many years. In this state with its history of political indictments and more I go with the evidence presented so far along with not one denial from any of those involved.

I just find it ironic that when I went on it shows Norman Kauff living on Justice Lane. How ironic. You can't make this stuff up. Can you Norm?

Anonymous said...

I too agree that the information provided over these past six months if not longer, does in fact show that the leadership of Aberdeen is lacking of anything close to honest and ethical behaviors or practices.

My opinion is no different than many who post on the site. I just happen to agree that too much power and money corrupts. It has unfortunately been repeated continuously in this countries history, never mind Aberdeen. While the scope is of course smaller the monies and costs to us the taxpayers is deserved of far more than silence from the accused. Their silence on many toxic subjects is deafening.

Having been born and raised in London I find much of the conduct reported in this blog to be truly believable. That is in spite of the lack of denials in any form from those highlighted within the Aberdeener website.

I do respect the prior opinions and would respectfully ask them if there has not been enough instances of political corruption near and far to give credence to the topics and accusatory words and examples thrown at these same supposed leaders. Just because they do not deny it publicly or respond in any form does of course not make them guilty. It does then allow us to freely continue to discuss and delve for the truth as to ensure that our monies are spent honestly and not just spent to feed the pigs of the political processes.

Certainly my own countries monarchy is not the example for most of the world to follow, as it is outdated and at times seems to be just parades and a ceremonial show. But in my country we know where the tax money goes. Here in Aberdeen it seems to go to connected professionals for questionable amounts for the services rendered with wanton abandon. And when it is questioned the questioner becomes the one left to explain his assertions and outright accusations of improper conduct.

That for the life of me I do not understand about Americans. They question the one or two who are brave enough to stand up and be heard.

In 1776 there was a country of you who did that to my country. Now it seems you are not brave enough or too busy with your lives to seek accountability from your leaders.

Anonymous said...

Let me be clear,and I don't know how to make this any more clear:

I am not saying the stories of political corruption and backroom dealings are not true.

All I am saying is this one particular allegation of a shakedown in a parking lot has never been made with any details attached to it.

As inferred by "Just My Opinion", it has taken on almost mythical proportions in this blog. As he pointed out, the versions of the story aren't even always the same.

Finally, I give a lot of weight to what the Aberdeener cites.

If the Aberdeener himself says there is no proof of a parking lot shakedown, I am going to believe him before I believe a bunch of anonymous posters who can't even get their stories straight as to what supposedly happened.

Listening to some of you, you would think Norman Kauff had some sort of Anti-Christ like magical powers that have allowed him to take over the entire State of New Jersey.

Whatever Kauff is, he is only human. He doesn't have the power to move mountaintops.

Again - I assure you that I believe this town is corrupt. I just think we need to stick to the facts about that corruption.

There is so much corruption going around, as regularly revealed by the Aberdeener, that we do not need to make up incidents to prove our case.

I like to base my beliefs on factual evidence. Based upon the 100% lack of facts I've read on this blog concerning the parking lot shakedown, I have no choice but to conclude the incident never occurred. Or at least no one has ever shown me a reason as to why I should believe it occurred other than saying "Because we said it did, Norman is evil, and your asleep is don't believe us."

Political corruption - yes definitely --- a very specific shakedown in a municipal parking lot? No evidence I have seen.

Let's stick to the facts! There is enough evidence out there to prove our arguments. We don't need to make things up.

Anonymous said...

When it comes to Kauff and his shall we say persuasive way with developers and more in Aberdeen it is simple in regards to the Shakedown.

OK here it goes:

Norman knows.
The developer knows.
Council members know.
Twp. Managers know
and a very few others know.

The fact that all involved have said very little does not change one thing. It happened and Kauff knows it.

Anonymous said...

The proof is in the pudding has been said all along. You have to knowthat most of those listed knew that post was listed here. Anyone read any denials. Not one from those named has ever been posted. Once again that is all I need to know.

Certainly denials are like belly buttons and and everyone has one. But if it was not true and not something that all of those listed could testify to in a sworn court proceeding, then all you have left is a few men standing up against many and saying prove me wrong.

Prove to the world I am a liar and that Norman Kauff did not demand a payoff in the parking lot of town hall from a developer who was looking to do a major development in Aberdeen.

Kauff and his professionals are killing Aberdeen. From what I hear it is about to get worse. I was also laughing when I read how many projects are supposed to be done this year under the eco-stimulus package. That is bullshit too. All that means is 25% for Norman Kauff's favorite black hole C.M.E. the 2nd largets political donor in the entire State of New Jersey.

That some doubt the level of greed, corruption and ethical lapses in Aberdeen, boggles my mind. The F'n shakedown happened and Norman Kauff knows it, among others. Their constant silence is the proof.

Norman, it is not going to end. it will only get worse for you I can assure you. Time you exited, stage left. Take Vinci, Sobel and Drapkin with you.

Anonymous said...

I am sure Norman is shaking in his boots. He is being accused of a parking lot shakedown by an anonymous blogger who can't give any facts to support the allegation.

How is Norman supposed to take your assurances seriously when you can't even assure any of us that the allegations you are making are even true.

Your rambelings are almost comical in nature as they sound like the preachings of an obsessed madman.

They make a mockery of everything this blog stands for and they hurt our overall cause which is to rid Aberdeen of its political mess.

You know, as I write this, I have begun to realize something. Your messages, which always have the same insane tone are so crazy that perhaps they have been purposely designed to discredit this entire blogspace. Now who out there would have the most interest in discrediting this blog and making us all look foolish? Hmmmmmm I wonder who?

I think I've finally figured it out. TRUTHABOUTKAUFF or whatever he is calling himself at the moment is actually Norman Kauff himself.

It must be true. Only Norman Kauff would be so diabolical as to repeatedly log in here and post the same moronic messages repeatedly.

We've figured you out Norman. You won't fool us again. We've exposed TRUTHABOUTKAUFF as being Norman. The game is finally over.

Go ahead, prove to me you aren't Norman. Until its proved to me, I'll be reading all of your future messages with the knowledge the truth about TRUTHABOUTKAUFF has been exposed.

Anonymous said...

My husbands brother is a small builder who has been doing business in this area for a long time. We try to never discuss his work when he visits for several reasons. When he discusses building projects he has done in Hazlet or Holmdel or Keyport he is somewhat calm and complimentary. He has no problems as to inspectors he seems very proud of those who inspect his work for the town. When he even approaches discussing Aberdeen his persona changes totally.

The other day he started giving example after example of costs that cause him to stay out of Aberdeen. He said more than once that unless it is absolutely necessary and the property price is very low to cover his gifts. That day he gave an example of a house he had done in 2007 that cost him over thirty thousand in what he said again were his gifts to the town engineer. He calls them the Aberdeen town bank.

Something needs to be done and these so called gifts need to stop. It makes us wonder. How many gifts are taxes are used for?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous -

Can you give some examples of these gifts your brother referred to? Is he actually talking about having to pay off Aberdeen officials or he is talking about escrow fees to the town's professionals that he has to pay?

Anonymous said...

Are we to innocently assume that our leadership is beyond being corrupted? Are we to assume that Mr. Kauff is just being wrongly accused and is in fact innocent? Does he always work on behalf of the town and has always worked in an honest way? Are we to assume that a builder as described above is a liar and there were no "gifts"? Well then does that mean that there is then no need to have any suggested "gifts" looked into that may have been "gifted" to certain people, companies doing business in town or any specific political committees at present or in the past to guarantee and get things done in Aberdeen? Should no one look into the possibilities of such things to ensure there is no corruptible "gifts" having to be given within Aberdeen political circles before, now or in the future? Should we then just trust our leadership to work on our behalf without any questions or concerns? I for one think that has been our nations biggest mistake since our nation came to be.

I say this as respectfully as I can. Any of you who trust lawyers and political party leaders that are controlled by lawyers, I feel so sorry for you. You are then sadly nothing more than gullible. Example after example unfolds in our newspapers every day of wrong doings by politicians and the powerful people in politics. Politicians and lawyers are the problem in America and have been since its inception.

In my day working in Hudson County the "gifts" were called "tokens of appreciation". If you wanted something done through town hall you were told in no uncertain terms that you had to "token up". That was the Jersey City term for political expediency. It probably still is the term that must be used if you need anything done. If any of you think that tokens or gifts do not happen here, you are very wrong. It is business as usual everywhere or businesses don't get any business.

Politics and money, money and politics. Need any of us really have to say anything else?

Anonymous said...

Ok, so now we are back to all lawyers and politicans being bad people. Come on already!

This is 2009 not 1876.

Is there corruption in politics? Definitely. But does that mean everyone is corrupt? Definitely not.

When you stop trusting everyone around you, the world becomes a very sad place. I'd like to think we are better than that.

I have not seen a single person on this blog defend Norman Kauff. So I'm unclear why such an argument keeps being made. I think we are united in our digust of Norman.

I would like to hear the previous anonymous poster's answer regarding the "gifts" her brother indicates have to be made in Aberdeen. Are they actual payoffs or are they in the form of exhorbinent escrow fees.

I am truly curious.

Anonymous said...

One of my employees just called me who loves computers and told me to look for the builder post on here. I cannot take the time to read all of it today but I did read the one in regards to the builder that he told me about. My story about trying to do business here is not much different. When I asked what my costs might be for opening my business the answer I was given to was that it would cost between four and seven thousand dollars. That was reasonable I thought at the time.

With all of my costs and more for opening my business within Aberdeen it cost me fifty thousand dollars. That was between the costly engineering fees all my inspections and the constant changes thought up by C.M.E. and more that I was made to do that they also just so happened to gt paid to check. Most of my charges were from C.M.E. these engineers sent me bills that were at first thought to be laughable. If I had known that going in I would have never located my business into Aberdeen. I will not bother to identify myself due to not needing any unwarranted inspection by Stan or Tim on behalf of their thievin company. I am not alone as I know of another business in town for a very long time. The number he paid for his business to open was about the same and that was fifteen years ago. I pity anyone trying to start a business here all I can say is good luck.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute did I go through a time warp or something.Someone is asking whether politicians or lawyers are bad people. Isn't that the exact same thing. Like the old joke with a little bit of a change.

What is 1000 politicians and 1000 lawyers chained together at the bottom of the ocean.

A good start.

Come on people most politicians are either lawyers themselves or are controlled and beholding to lawyers.

Next lesson will be on how political parties fund such expensive campaigns.

Anonymous said...

Well Edgeview, I guess you don't ever vote then. Anyone you vote for would be a politician. If you are voting for a politician and all politicians are bad people, that means if you vote you are automatically voting for a bad person. So since you would never vote for a bad person, that means you don't vote.

But if you don't vote, that means you can't complain about what is happening in town. So oh no! No vote -- no complaining.

Since all you do is complain about our politicans being bad people, what is the answer? Please explain!

Anonymous said...

I cannot for the life of me figure out how you people can keep slamming on each other instead of paying attention to those who are robbing you blind.

I cannot myself go to a council meeting since a relative works for the town. For me it is that simple. People bringing to light what is listed on this site upsets the powers that be, you can be sure.

We have to know that they watch this site and see what we have found out. If the authorities are watching the aberdeener also and not doing anything, they too are also failing the taxpayers.

All they have to do is round up the Aberdeen leadership, swear them in, and ask each of them just a few questions off of the aberdeener topics. It is really just that simple.

Anonymous said...

KimsMomsHusband -

I agree with you. For the life of me, I don't understand why we are fighting with one another.

I like to think of myself as a common sense type of guy. I like to live in the real world, not in some type of fantasy world.

I've written a few of these sentences this day because I legitimately wanted to know what the original anonymous writer who brought up the "gifts" was referring to.

I think we are all united in our despise of Norman Kauff. What I refuse to subscribe to is the argument advanced by Edgeview and others that all politicians and lawyers are evil. Its just so absurd.

I guess since Kimsmomshusband has a relative working for Aberdeen, then that relative is evil as well, huh Edgeview? Guilty by association right?

A running theme on this blog for the past few days has been that we should stick with the facts and stop the name calling.

I agree with KimsMomsHusband. Lets stay united in our cause and stop calling one another names simply because we do not agree 100% with what someone else on here has said.

As another writer said, there are more than enough facts out there to prove our cause. Let us not get sidetracked with name calling and absurdities such as all politicians are evil. Please have a little more hope in the world.

BTW - I definitely think something is odd with TRUTHABOUTKAUFF. I honestly believe he is secretly Norman Kauff because his posts just defy any sense of rationiality.

Norman - as Kimsmomshusband said, we know you are out there and we will stick to our plan to defeat you. Seeing you post here as TRUTHABOUTKAUFF and TRUTHABOUTNORMAN will not protect you. We are all smarter than you think!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I took the time to check out this site since my husband and his friends have taken over my family room. I find it entertaining and very informative. I do agree with Edgeviewted and the Kauffknows type letters. I myself do not trust anyone who runs for or holds elected office. I especially despise people like this Mr. Kauff whose power is not an elected one and from some of the information written his power seems widespread and unquestioned. All that makes him or anyone like him is nothing more then a bag man for the powerful money types who want the inside track and favors done that in the long run hurt most every other person in that town.

Anonymous said...

The answer to this question as to ending pay to play is absolutely not. Come on this is an election year and you know what that means.

Money, money and more money.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

The Aberdeen "Pay-to-Play" ordinance is a joke. Take a look a real reform, as recommended by Common Cause, which has long been waging the fight for campaign finance reform:

$2,500 should not be separate from the aggregate of individual donations by employees and professionals under contract should not be allowed to make any contributions. The Aberdeen ordinance is subterfuge at its finest.

We need real reform - from both political parties.

Anonymous said...

I find it very sad to know people on this blog are so cynical about life that they no longer believe anyone who strives to run for office can be a honest person.

What is the answer then in your minds? Just abolish government and have anarchy? I really don't understand. There are definitely honest people out there. Sometimes you have to have a little bit of faith in humanity.

This is not to say that there aren't bad people in this world. There are most certainly corrupt politicians. To deny that would be foolish.

Believing an honest politician is an impossibility however, well that's just sad.

Anonymous said...

I really had to laugh at our Mayor David Sobel's quote in the Jan 29,2009 Independent. He is quoted as saying "our list of shovel ready projects are ready to go out to bid". WHO IS HE KIDDING, our projects NEVER go out to bid, they just hand them to their friends. If you read the entire article, you would think we had so much to look forward to, and that Sobel and the leadership in Aberdeen are the best thing since sliced bread. Too bad it is all a load of election year bull!

Anonymous said...

Amazing how all those shovel-ready projects are the same ones they touted in the last couple of elections. Also amazing is that none of those projects will have the 100s of thousands of engineering costs bid out. There will be nothing left for the projects after CME is finished.

Anonymous said...

News Transcript 10/2008

Both Cohen and Gennaro state in their certifications that they took it upon themselves to submit the documents because they are both of the opinion that the attorneys who are litigating the malpractice action for Manalapan against Moskovitz are not keeping them (Cohen and Gennaro) informed of developments in the matter. They allege that they are deliberately being left out of the loop.

Gennaro's term on the committee will end Dec. 31, 2008, and Cohen's term on the committee will end Dec. 31, 2010.

Cohen's certification blends opinion and facts that predate her service on the Township Committee.

At one point she writes, regarding Moskovitz, "In his capacity as Township Committeeman and mayor he was diligent in making sure that the appointed township professionals performed their services honestly and always had the best interests of the residents in mind."

Cohen also makes reference to an attorney who served as Manalapan's township attorney in 2001.

Cohen cites that attorney, Norman Kauff, as being a motivating factor for the Township Committee's litigation against Moskovitz because Kauff is listed as being "of counsel" to the firm of Daniel Mc- Carthy, one of the attorneys involved in the Manalapan v. Moskovitz case.

Cohen states in her certification that when Kauff served as Manalapan's township attorney, Moskovitz "disclosed that Mr. Kauff was overbilling the township and in 2001, Mr. Moskovitz exposed that Mr. Kauff was increasing his pension by being salaried as the township attorney. … Mr. Kauff is of counsel to the law firm of Rogut, McCarthy, Troy, whose partner, Daniel McCarthy, a major contributor to various campaigns in Manalapan, is the driving force for this lawsuit."

Anonymous said...

Here's a question: Why are Aberdeen's Township Engineer and and Township Attorney making campaign donation to State Senator Lesniak's campaign? [source NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission]

What makes this interesting is that Lesniak is a partner in the law firm, Weiner Lesniak, LLP, that happens to represent many of the developers who are currently doing business with the township.

I agree that the rumors of a "shakedown" are unsubstantiated; however, now we have a direct connection from Kauff, of Counsel to the current Township Attorney, to the law firm that some developers just happen to use a specific law firm when doing business with Aberdeen.

Follow the money.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Dems claim to have stopped pay-to-play by developers - but you find out interesting info when you dig deeper. Kauff and Sobel have publicly criticized Matawan Repubs for accepting money from a developer.

But, do they think that voters are stupid? Dean Development (owned by William Bocra - same principal as Silver Oaks, Aberdeen's Train Station Developer) has made over $5,000 in contributions to the Monmouth County Democratic Party and countless donations to specific races.

Follow the money..... more to come....

Anonymous said...

Which developers in the Township use Weiner Lesniak, LLP?

Anonymous said...

I didn't mean for that last message to be anonymous (yes, I realize this name is anonymous as well, but at least it puts somewhat of a face on me.)

I am very interested in the facts of which Township developers are presently using the services of Weiner Lesniak, LLP.

Anonymous said...

Anytime a law firm is used in Aberdeen you should check and see if any of our former Attorneys are listed on the letterhead of our newest law firm. I know years ago that was the case I think with Attorney McNamara. There was a complaint I think in Marlboro with a former Attorney they had as I recall.

Anonymous said...

The pieces of the of the corruption puzzle that is Aberdeen is starting to unfold and they hate the publicity. Most people using this site are really starting to understand THE TRUTH.

It is about time that is all I can say. So to the doubting thomases you are by far outnumbered. By THE TRUTH.

What will you fools have to say about the last five or so posts. Is everyone a liar and only Norman Kauff tells the truth.

You cannot be that stupid enough to believe that statement.


Anonymous said...

Look Truth Boy - Since you have taken it upon yourself to belittle those who don't take your uneducated words as gospel, I feel compelled to respond.

First, I have to agree with a previous poster that your messages get more and more insane by the second. You really do need to watch your blood pressure or something is going to burst.

Second, I have to admit at laughing at the suggestion by the earlier poster who indicated you might actually be Norman Kauff himself, or at least one of his henchmen, trying to lead us all astray from the true goal of this Blog.

I have to agree only Norman Kauff could be so diabolical as to flood this blog with messages such as yours which say absolutely nothing intelligent and share absolutely no information.

I've re-read the last five or so messages as you suggested. None of them contain any facts whatsoever other than the one item provided by "Follow the Money".

Otherwise we have some article from the News Transcript which quotes certifications of disgruntled politicians. If I've learned one thing on this blog, its that we believe ALL politicians are evil and can't be trusted. What makes these particular politicians any different? Why should we believe these three over any others?

(For what its worth, I don't believe all politicians are bad people, but this seems to be the general sentiment on this page)

Obviously none of the charges in that article have been substantiated. If they had been, the News Transcript would have focused on that story rather than merely reciting what someone wrote in a certification.

In fact, the article's writer even seems to indicate she is skeptical of the claims when noting: "Cohen's certification blends opinion and facts that predate her service on the Township Committee."

Anyway, the purpose of this blog is to expose the truth. You can only do that by bringing FACTS to the table. While I still believe corruption is out there (the Aberdeener factually establishes that on a regular basis) nothing you say, my dear TRUTH BOY (NORMAN), has ever established anything.

Your messages are more in the line of what a serial killer would write to a newspaper. I keep expecting you to start writing in zodiac code.

You disgrace this blog every day with your nutty messages. We are about FACTS not about obscure diatribes.

Turning back to the gathering of facts, which again should be our purpose here, I am very excited to see "Follow The Money's" post and look forward to seeing his follow-up to my question as to which developers in Aberdeen use Weiner Lesniak as their attorneys.

"Follow The Money" represents exactly what is good about this Blog. He is dealing with facts, not innuendo. He should be commended. Not mocked by someone like you who wouldn't know a logical argument if it were to hit him in the face.

Sorry to confront you with the real TRUTH my dear Truth Boy. Maybe its time you take a look in the mirror. Maybe the next time you will think twice before starting to mock others simply because they want to be educated by the FACTS rather than simply excepting the words of some madman as fact.

Anonymous said...

Just the facts Maam.

Why do you have such a hard time believing anyone on the blog? Have there not been enough examples of the connected to politicians type shenanigans and outright corruption and guilty please in the not so distant past to convince you that there is something amiss and we are being gouged by the scum that really work for us. How much proof do you need to see the whole thing stinks.

Just look at the Asbury Park Press and see how hard it is to get rid of a Police Chief never mind an Attorney for the town who also runs the show for the ruling class. The article on the Chief talks about the lack of inside employees within the town or Police Dept. who were able to say anything for years. Now the gates are open and the news is out there on the impropriety and costs.

Aberdeen and its ruling class are no different but that may soon change. Many towns are having problems with finances. Is Aberdeen any different? They start laying people off and people will come out of the wood work and spill there guts on what and who is cashing in at the Aberdeen ATM.

Just the facts may be all you want I think those accused through there silence answer an awful lot of our questions by not responding. They know they can't.

Stop questioning us and start questioning those you seem to have so much faith. Or is it your instructions from you know who that keeps you mucking things up on purpose.

Anonymous said...

My dear friend Mr. Truth - Nice to see you in a more relaxed mode for a change. Perhaps there is yet hope for controlling your blood pressure.

As to your allegations against me - If you have actually read anything I have written you would understand that I fully accept and fully believe corruption is alive and well in our Township of Aberdeen.

I have also made it clear that I fully believe Norman Kauff is a source of the ills we are suffering and that those ills need to be exposed.

I read this blog because I believe the Aberdeener is one of the greatest citizens our Township has. He takes his own valuable time and commits great effort to researching his allegations BEFORE he makes them and ALWAYS supplies evidence to the corruption he cites.

When the Aberdeener is confronted with facts that run counter to the evidence he has provided, he always retracts his statements. I have seen him do so on several occasions. Usually however there is no need for a retraction because he has done his homework to perfection before writing anything on this space.

My problem with you, Mr. Truth, is that you do not follow the Aberdeener's lead. Rather than ever provide evidence or facts in support of your allegations, you simply spout out bizarre ramblings about a shakedown in a parking lot, an event which no less than the Aberdeener himself has acknowledged can't be substantiated.

So why do you keep repeating it? I can't help but think you are trying to mislead us toward exploring a path which will lead nowhere. That is why I can't help but see some merit in the allegation you are actually Norman or one of his henchmen.

Only by sticking to the facts, like those presented by the Aberdeener and others bloggers, such as "Follow The Money", can the real truth be exposed.

When you repeat and spread information that has no factual basis, it does no one any good toward exposing the corruption of this town. The spreading of a non-factual event goes hand in hand with a danger that we will begin to search out false leads rather than following those which will reveal the true crime.

Simply because I question your actions in no way means I question the evil that is Norman. It simply means I don't believe your spreading an untruth is justifiable. Just because Norman does wrong doesn't mean it is ok for you to do wrong as well. Two wrongs don't make a right.

If you have evidence state it, otherwise keep it to yourself. We don't need your messages and your name calling against those who want to learn the truth. We are all in the same fight. And all you do by spreading events that can in no way be substantiated, is hurt our cause.

I'm sorry if my search for the real truth confuses you. I'm sorry if you are not accustomed to those who won't accept everything you say as divine gospel. I apologize for actually having a mind and not being willing to just follow your lead based solely upon pronouncements of "NORMAN IS EVIL".

Based upon the information I have seen on this blog, I definitely believe Norman is evil. However, none of that belief has come from anything you have ever posted.

Perhaps you should take a cue from the Aberdeener. He treats everyone with honor and respect.

Perhaps if you acted in the same manner, those of us who are interested in real information with start paying attention to your claims. But until you can start substantiating what you allege, you are nothing but a complete waste of space to me and a danger to the integrity of this blog and what it is trying to accomplish.

In the end, its the FACTS and only the FACTS that will ever truly matter.

Anonymous said...

I read your response and I pull one small sentence and that will put it all into perspective.

You claim two wrongs don't make it right.

I then ask you how many wrongs can be done to the residents of Aberdeen by Norman Kauff and his henchmen before you think that which is discussed here is right and true. Do you think Norman Kauff is just going to come out and tell us all that he gives our town away to his "close personal friends"? Be serious for once.

What you cannot yet understand and accept is that Norman Kauff is an evil man and his power over this council and town is wrongly costing all of us millions of dollars annually. That one fact along with the Sen. Lezniaks and the C. M.E. payoffs and more continues to allow this small group of crooks to feel it is without question their right to do so untouched and with no thought as to the costs or damages done to the people of Aberdeen.

Look around you Rome is burning.

I care little for your thoughts. I do only seek to irritate Kauff and his crooked "close personal friends" in hopes that one day the right question will be asked or the right person will see this and start a series of events that will allow Aberdeen to be free of his evil ways and his absolute hold over this community. All the rest of your whining and demonstrative responses wastes my time.

Prove me wrong. You do not have to believe me and I could care less. But Kauff has and continues to ruin Aberdeen with his unelected powers. I take great pride in being an irritant to Kauff and it should only get worse from here out. You do not have to agree with me and you do not have to read anything I write. I also do not need some lesson from you on that which many know is the absolute truth. The majority of which are Kauffs "close personal friends".

Which one are you?

Say what you will going forward "Facts Man" as I will not respond. You have not worn me down I am just not going to waste my time on you while many others do not doubt the damage and the millions that go to the undeserved. I will continue my work on irritating Kauff and his "close personal friends". They deserve the attention I garner on them and they do not want any of it. They know what I say is THE TRUTH.

My apologies to all the rest of you for this distraction.

Anonymous said...

I think I know who THE TRUTH is and I will call him today and simply ask him to tell THE TRUTH.


Kim I will call you first as per our discussion the other day. Thanks again for the recipe it was delish.

Anonymous said...

How much more proof is needed?

1)The township's attorney and engineering firms make/have made political donations to the partner of the law firm that represents a majority of developers doing business with the township (but only represents them in business with Aberdeen).

2)The primary company owned by the Train Station Developer, Silver Oaks, donated at least $5,000 to the Monmouth County Democratic Party through its primary company Dean Development.

3)Kauff was the Township Attorney when some of these donations took place (as with the Train Station developer) and is now "Of Council" to the current township attorney.

It could be that only two people know what allegedly happened in a parking lot, and they obviously are not talking. But the other dots are pretty easy to connect.

So, now they want to pass a phoney-baloney pay-to-play reform ordinance in an election year. Why not just do it right and eliminate pay-to-play. Otherwise it's just too easy to pay and play.

Anonymous said...

Follow the Money -

You've stated "the majority of developers" doing business with the Township of Aberdeen are represented by the Weiner Lesniak firm, yet despite my question you have not stated which developers those are.

This morning I took a glance at the recent and forthcoming applications pending before both the Planning Board and Board of Adjustment. None of the applicants that I could see are represented by Weiner Lesniak.

In fact, the only major development that appears to be on the near horizon in Aberdeen is the Centex Homes application (now called RCM Group LLC) and the developers there are represented by the firm of Giorando, Halleran and Ciesla out of Middletown.

So again, I have to ask, which developers are represented by Weiner Lesniak?

Is this actually true? Can someone please supply the facts? Does anyone know the truth?

Anonymous said...

I called and left a message with his daughter. He will call back later.

Anonymous said...

Train Station Developer

Glass Factory Developer

Other's? Wouldn't know.

This has been answered before and is no secret.

Or just keep your head in the sand.

Anonymous said...

My call was just returned and I just finished a 25 minute conversation with the man I thought might be THE TRUTH. He assured me he is not the truth as has been much criticized lately.

He has spoken out on other posts mostly about the schools and admitted openly to me that he is an alumni, which often drives his involvement as well as that his daughters attended the same school system that he did.

He said to me he is not the Aberdeener, which was suggested some time ago by some of the Matawan leadership. He is also not the author of many of the submissions, as was suggested not too long ago. He is as has been noted before and somewhat proudly from what I could tell very involved with the schools. He did say he will not be silenced on his involvement and criticism of our local school board. He listed a number of ongoing problems that need much attention and monitoring due to past problems. He said it more than once that history repeats and so does bad leadership.

On the subject of the town leadership he explained much as to his past involvement and the fact that he works for the town puts many like him in a very tough spot. Like most of us he is a taxpayer and has lived in the area since 1965 I think he said. He has seen many come and go and the damage that is done and the devastating costs need to change.

He does respect many of the people that he works with and finds the great majority of the Aberdeen employees to go above and beyond, most often without one compliment. He spoke of his respect for a couple of his co-workers soon to retire who he says can never be thanked enough for their many years of service to the town. He says too often many are quick to criticize municipal workers but few are there to compliment them he said. He openly admits he was one who complained about municipal workers and some he said deserved criticism. He said it is not the 99 things you do right it is the one thing you did wrong. Most people he said jump on you most often without allowing you to explain the situation first.

I found him to be very pleasant and said that anyone could call him just like I did. He does prefer to talk about what he calls the 70% factor, which is the school costs to taxpayers. He said the 70% is a damn shame on many fronts.

So finally I thought the truth was NSectionJoe. It wasn't and I tried.

Please do not jump all over this post. That type of thing needs to stop. It is what they want us to do as it takes us off subject.

Anonymous said...

I always thought it was that councilman from Cliffwood Beach John Garnley.

Anonymous said...

What is the point of actually identifyng a person's real name that uses a blog name? Yes it is helpful to follow the conversation by the blog name, but anything more than that is unnecessary. Maybe, they want to be anonymous since this town is known to be petty to those who don't agree with them. Why don't we just try to get the facts and expose the corruption we all seem to agree exist?

Anonymous said...

The former councilman was John Gartley. I remember due to the fact that he did absolutely nothing for Cliffwood Beach his entire term.

Anonymous said...

Pinehurst Don is right and it must be something that is contagious as the present councilman did nothing for his area also. Name just one thing that has changed in Cliffwood Beach. He must be busy or is it something else that has him working so hard.

Speaking of hard work. That same councilman just so happens to have his wife and daughter work for the local school system and he also just so happened to get himself a state job at the MVC in Hazlet. Yes that is the same MVC that is owned by Norman Kauffs 'close personal friend' and Monmouth County Democratic Chairman Vic 'No Pay to Play here' Scudieri. What a coincidence.

Who says politicians do not practice self service.

Anonymous said...

Can you hear it "Just the facts Mamm" and the anonymous Kauffkins are preparing their excuses to tell all of us that just because a councilman gets jobs for himself and his family is just the way it should be.

Or better yet as Mayor Sobel says "we would not want to take food out of his children's mouths".
But it is OK to not be able to vote on any school board approvals or budget reviews due to his family working for the school board. Other councilman I hear also have the same disease.
That disease by the way is called "hidefromthepublicviewbecauseof

It is not fatal except to the voters who trusted that this same councilman would act on the voters behalf and not on the behalf of himself and his family. I understand that it is treatable by the taxpayers giving all low life politicians a good dose of "kickingthemtothecurbinnovember" that hard to swallow pill for elected officials goes along with a tall glass of "bromoKauff" which takes away that "just got screwed again by self serving politicians and low life power brokers" feeling, that taxpayers get year after year from Norman Kauff and his band of miscreants.

See your doctor immediately if you think you may have been screwed by your local political leadership for the past 10 years or so. Hurry the line is forming and it is longer than the one you will be standing at when you cannot afford to keep your home and pay your bills, thanks to Norman Kauff.

Anonymous said...

The truth about Kauff was hilarious. I am in awe of the creativity used to piss them all off. Keep it up all of you.

As for the Aberdeen budget meetings, which are open to the public and may even serve a lunch, at taxpayers expense of course it may start tomorrow. I think read that in the paper. I am going to call today and see.

I hope JsectionKen is going as he asks the right questions. Thanks Ken.

Anonymous said...

I'm laughing so much, my eyes are watering. Great post. However, the last line brought me back to reality. Keep it up.
Thanks for giving me a laugh this morning!

Anonymous said...

The last line is very true and the dems better learn their lesson before November. They barely won the last two elections and this one is shaky off of the economy and other factors still unfolding.

Norman Kauff may have brought them to the dance but a different tune is playing on the juke box now. Can you hear it Norman ?it is playing low now but it gets louder everyday I hear it playing loud and clear "It's all over now". Doubt it Norman ?

You can be sure the strategy sessions are underway and the man who was once thought to be all powerful is now all liability. It will only get worse for Norman and those hangers on form her on out.

Anonymous said...

Listen and learn is absolutely right. The days of people like Kauff are coming to an end as the money whores are being watched very close and the amounts of leeches and lobbyists from DC to Aberdeen is shrinking. Aberdeen does not have any lobbyists but is has its cme, its lawyers and more that drink at the public trough and leave little for the taxpayer and residents.

A few years ago my husband wanted to put on an addition but the costs from this town to seek a variance they say we had to have was all bs in our opinion and just another tax in a different way. Why does our town do this to us. We pay our taxes keep our yards nice and yet all they want is more money.

Anonymous said...

I just read something in the paper about the developer in town John Ciagla not having to pay the sidewalk fund portion on a building they own. Aberdeener if you hear anything let me know. It was in the small town zoning or sheriffs sale listings in todays paper if anyone wants to look for it.

Anonymous said...

There is something out of the ordinary a Kauff connected contributor not paying their fair share of fees to the town. That never has happened before in Aberdeen because we all know that when it comes to developers in Aberdeen everything is always on the up and up. Right Norm ?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

To answer the title of this post.

Will Aberdeen End Pay to Play.

When hell freezes over.

Is all I can say.