Thursday, September 13, 2012

Obama the Small

Ronald Reagan famously said, "Of the four wars in my lifetime, none came about because the U.S. was too strong." The projection of power is critical to America’s national defense. People around the world knew there was no better friend and no worst enemy. How then do we explain the Obama Doctrine?

As America’s newly elected president, Obama launches his “World Apology Tour”. He apologizes to the French (the French!) for the times “where America's shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive.” Obama also promised to slash America’s nuclear arsenal so that we would have "the moral authority to say to Iran, don't develop a nuclear weapon, to say to North Korea, don't proliferate nuclear weapons."

Obama then stripped Poland of its promised missile shield, and remained silent as Russian invaded Georgia and Iran brutally suppressed the Green Movement. He later told then Russian President Medvedev to wait until after the U.S.  elections for more treaty negotiations when Obama will have more “flexibility”.

In Cairo, as part of Obama’s outreach to the Muslim world, he said the trauma from 9/11 sometimes “led us to act contrary to our ideals”.  

Obama’s justice department then investigated and threatened to prosecute the CIA interrogators who got the information that lead to SEAL operation that killed Bin Laden.

At the United Nations, Obama declared "No world order that elevates one nation or group of people over another will succeed."

Obama refuses to lend any support to Iran’s Green Movement in their attempt to overthrow mullah rule.

During the Arab Spring, Obama refused to support the democratic parties in opposition to the Muslim Brotherhood, has refused to intervene in Syria, and only agreed to “lead from behind” in Libya after Gadhafi threatened to annihilate an entire city.

Obama ran from Iraq without leaving any American presence. That country has now turned towards Iran and refuses to block Iranian arms shipments to Syria.

Obama is running from Afghanistan and that country is refusing to detain Taliban insurgents.

Obama warned North Korea “will achieve nothing with provocation” and, a month later, North Korea tested an intercontinental ballistic missile

Obama is silent as Argentina threatens the Falkland Islands and China invades disputed territories in the East China Sea.

Obama says nothing as Putin crushes democracy movements in Russia.

Obama parties in Vegas the night after our Libyan diplomat and personnel are murdered and our sovereign embassies are attacked in Libya, Egypt, and Yemen.

Secretary Clinton tells the world America “is not setting deadlines for Iran” and Obama refuses to meet with Israel’s Prime Minister as that country faces an imminent nuclear threat.

Obama refuses to negotiate with Republicans to block half a trillion dollars in cuts to defense that Obama’s own Secretary of Defense says would be a disaster.

Nor has Obama been making any friends on the world stage.

Obama told the Israelis that negotiations with the Palestinians “should be based on the 1967 lines with mutually agreed swaps” when Jerusalem was cut in half and Israel was only 9 miles wide at its center.

Obama rejected the Keystone pipeline and thereby forced the Canadians to sell their oil to China.

Obama stalled the free trade agreements with South Korea, Colombia, and Panama that were negotiated under the Bush administration and hasn’t initiated a single trade agreement of his own.

Meanwhile, Obama is one of the only American presidents in a century to not have a single major foreign policy accomplishment unless you include winning the Nobel Peace Prize.

In a dangerous world, Obama’s legacy is a diminished America. As we retreat, our enemies advance and our perils increase.
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Anonymous said...

America is weak and Obama is the weakest of all. Our government apologized yesterday APOLOGIZED once again. These Muslim countries take our billions and kill our diplomats and the Obama regime apologizes. Time to stand up and stop apologizing for our way of life. Don't look now but it will all be Romneys fault. Obama said that Romney shoots before he aims. At least Romney would put a gun in his hand to protect The America that Obama seeks to enslave and embarrass in font of the world. Vote or die America.

Anonymous said...

Your previous post complained of too much debt and now you want us to intervene everywhere. You can't police the world without spending billions of dollars. Which one do you want? Remember that Congress has a say in these matters too.

Not my p _ _ _ _ _ _ _ t said...


Obama the small?

This is a man that was little more then a community activist ala Reverend Al Sharpton.

Obama is just a a man nothing more a man elected to be a Senator for Chicago Illinois the most politically corrupted by politics big city in our recent history. JFK's father bought all Chicago union votes in 63 to elect his son to the oval office.

Obama whose wife stands before the world at the DNC Convention and perpetrates the fraud that they struggled with school loans? School loans really? Obama went to prep school, Harvard and more. Obamas wife who went to Princeton. Princeton university where the largest university endowment pays almost every students school loans off. So who really struggled Mrs. Obama?

So we are supposed to believe that the Obamas struggled? when Mrs. Obama had a $350,000.00 a year, minimal show up job ala NJ Senator Wayne Bryant, a job at a big Chicago Hospital where the main patient load of the poor and indigent were systematically sent to other hospitals, to maintain the hospital profit margin and the criticize Romney on Bain Capitol?

Obama has done little more than apologize to the world for u being proud Americans.

And don't forget the democratic media, democratic party and the 46% of Americans on welfare or other types of assistance who think Obama deserves another four years to continue to F up our once great country. Don't forget the 2,000,000 illegal aliens brought or birthed here illegally will no doubt vote for Obama for that very expensive to the middle class Obama giveaways.

Don't even get me started on how the one man who sharply and immediately stood up for us who is Mitt Romney who immediately criticized our attackers and our weak Obama response, while Obama now says that Mitt Romney shot off his mouth before the true facts were known. True facts? The media can't keep up with protecting Obama with the body of the diplomat as stated by Clinton and Obama who said the diplomats body was being carried to the hospital by our supposed Lybian brothers? Carried to the hospital? They stripped his body and that is not carrying a body that is carrying a trophy. That is also what Obama and Clinton know to be the 100% truth.

This would be the same diplomat killed who only one day later non protecting Obama news agencies was found to have been brutally abused and sodomized by these animals for nine hours. Hospital? What hospital? But now Obama, Clinton and every person in Washington who knows full well that the Lybian government sold us out to the Muslim Brotherhood and betrayed our diplomats and embassy to the Muslim Brotherhood while taking $2,000,000,000.00 of our money every year.

Now Obama and his Obama reelection media can't keep up with the covering of his most recent screw ups for almost four full years. A media that cannot keep up with the Obama lies to cover, politically cover the brutality inflicted on our diplomats and our other embassies since attacked that are in fact US government property no different than the White House in DC.

Our Marines and security forces did not even have loaded weapons to protect themselves under Obama policies. Protect themselves was not an option they were sacrificed for political cover and international policies where we buy their cooperation. That payment once of cash is now paid with bodies of our diplomats and servicemen protecting our own property.

Face it America

Obama is a joke.

Obama has been a joke.

Obama and his" joke" style of leadership must go.

Like Clint Eastwood said

If a person is not doing their job

You got to let them go.

Obama and his socialist agenda must be let go on election day 2012.

What happened to my America?

Obama happened to my America sadly.

On election day let Obama and his socialists go!

Obama who while a Senator barely showed up or voted as was his duty.

This is the man who is our leader.

I cannot use the word P_ _ _ _ _ _ _t to describe Obama.

He is our national joke!



Aberdeener said...

Anon 4:38,

We're vastly richer, stronger, and more technologically advanced than the Russians but you never hear of their embassies getting stormed. It's not about money. It's about projecting great power and the willingness to use it.

Face the facts said...

National joke?

How about universal joke?

That's Obamess!

Right Kauffkins?

Before I forget about Aberdeens joke.

F you Norman Kauff!

Anonymous said...

vinci would have been a great mo was great. sewers margaret just get us the sewers your master kauff promised us and you over and over again. don't fail us or yourself. kauff spent big on the trench over by holmdel. how about us getting some kauff money margaret.

Anonymous said...

Did you really compare us to the Russians? We are much stronger than the Canadians and you don't hear about their embassies being bombed? How do you explain that?

Aberdeener said...

Anon 9:32,

Since you've forgotten, I'll remind you. Russia was a super power and is still one of the world's major powers. Russia has been fighting Muslims in Chechnya. Russia fought the Muslims in Afghanistan. Russian conquered and oppressed several Muslim states. Russia has been actively supporting the Syrian oppression. Yet no one ever storms a Russian embassy. But you think it's because, on the world stage, the Russians are as harmless as the Canadians.

Anonymous said...

Don't you dems get it yet? America is in debt to china and borrows 40% of ever dollar they spend supporting the welfare voters they oppress. But keep blaming George Bush and now Mitt Romney you idiots.

Anonymous said...

Welfare they oppress is so true and just to get the checks to continue they will vote for the oppressors like Obama and that idiot Biden.

Anonymous said...

Small describes evey Democrat. Small minded that is. Right norm?