Friday, September 14, 2012

Shame on You, Shame on Us

Every resident of Matawan-Aberdeen should be disgusted and disgraced by the below story.

What kind of staff does the district employ that nobody is willing to loan $2 to a five-year old boy in our schools so that he can eat lunch? Shame, Shame, Shame!

The following - as reported by ABC Eyewitness News

MATAWAN, N.J. (WABC) -- Parents in New Jersey are outraged after learning their autistic son was forced to go hungry all day at school.

That's because the school denied the boy his lunch over a billing issue.

So the 5-year-old just sat there at Cliffwood Elementary in Matawan and watched others eat.

It was John Robert Caravella's fourth day of kindergarten in a new school.

But no one, not the principal, not the teachers, and not the aides, helped this 5-year-old autistic child get his lunch Tuesday. So he sat in the cafeteria and ate nothing.

"Really, for $2, you couldn't feed the kid?" said Silvia Caravella, John Robert's mother.

John Robert left for school at 8:45 a.m. and didn't get home until 4 p.m. And all that time, all he ate was a bag of mini muffins his parents packed him for a snack.
John Robert is a non-verbal autistic child. I pray someone in the administration find someone for that school who cares enough to notice a 5-year old child doesn't have lunch and does something about it. >>> Read more!


Anonymous said...

The teachers don't have $2 to give such a child since they are to busy paying their union dues to the teachers union hierarchy to blast Governor Christie and Mitt Romney and everyone else who is tired of the too rich union giveaways politicians have freely given away for union blck voting that is bankrupting America. The teachers, cops and firemen would rather support the liars then the realists tired of sacrificing themselves to the greedy unions. Keep blaming Governor Christie all you teachers as you drive your luxury cars and take your vacations twice a year.

Anonymous said...

This is just a sign of the times of how out of touch our school system has become. As a parent of 2 school age children in the township, this truly saddens me to hear this, but doesn't surprise me one bit. Considering the confusion going on at Strathmore with the opening being pushed back to 9:10 from 9:05, and the parents then getting rushed out of the parking lot, it just makes you wonder who is running the show?

Warren Drive said...

Who sends a child like that to school with just a snack or without meeting with the school lunch program coordinator, school nurse and the principal?

I understand the parents frustration but they share some of the blame also. Teachers cannot instruct as if they are every child's parents or should they be expected to do everything for every child including feeding the child as a back up to the parents. Again I say back to parental responsibility. Did the child have an aid or para-professional?

Teachers need to teach but should not be policing children about what parents should be telling or preparing their own children for life themselves. No easy situation either way but the parents need to be accountable not merely the school being crucified by the one sided media.

k said...

Happy Rosh Hashanah to our Jewish friends on the Aberdeener. May you have a safe and happy holiday.

Aberdeen the comic book coming soon said...

There are some really nice luxury cars in faculty school parking lots nd at firehouses, police headquarters and town hall buildings also. Coincidence? I don't think so.

By the way I loved the Vinci as Mo post also. As far as Vinci being the Mo character Coren and the two Kauff inner circle pervs have a three way tie going for the part of Mo. By the way the other two members of the three stooges are Mayor Tags as Larry and Normie Kauff is Curly for sure.

On the subject of other comic book characters surfacing so far the parts of Mr. Freeze and The Penguin are being played by Rob Axlerod and Stevie Robinson respectively. By the way just so you know our corrupt political dictator Normie Kauff is always looking for more characters to play parts in his comic book. The comic book of course is our Aberdeen political structure.

Right Normie?

Next to attack the union reality is said...

Union dues is R I G H T! Slamming Christie is all these spoiled unionized workers know how to do. Its far easier to throw daggers at those who want to change and also save the unions impossible guarantees enslaving the middle class enslaving political patronage process. For way too long politicians have been robbing us taxpayers to keep the unions voting for those self serving politicians who knew they gave away the farm years ago. Time for the greedy unions to realize that the middle class tit is dried up. There is nothing left for these greedy unions and the spoiled workers they supposedly represent in a war against us taxpayers. My brother is a cop and he laughs at how much he gets paid and how little he is expected to really do. Sure every so often something serious might happen. It's no less scary for us paying our exorbitant taxes I assure you.

Anonymous said...

Spellcheck people.

Anonymous said...

I think a teacher, lunch aid or even the overpaid principal who could not come up with lunch money or feed the child and send a note home to the parents is all too telling of the truth that it is not all "for the children" like the too political school elections tell us with tear jerking signs along the roadways put out just prior to school elections.

NO SHAME said...











Anonymous said...

You can see the actual note sent home in this article. I would have complained loudly as well--the casual mention of a child not eating lunch is stunning. The superintendent's response sounds stiff, formal, and insensitive. How exactly will he ensure this does not happen again? How did it happen in the first place? What is the policy that should have been followed? Will there be staff training? An apology and some more information would go a long way and prevent problems from being escalated. How does someone in such a high position of responsibility not recognize that? Lunch payments are outsourced (mealpayplus). What if Internet access or the web site itself is down and the account can't be updated? As parents we have to provide the basics which the school should provide: pens, pencils, paper, folders, tissues..a long list of items. The school can't provide a lunch when a mistake happens? Outrageous. No sense of team/communitiy spirit here.

Anonymous said...

Town leadership? Not in Kaufferdeen. All we get is corruption benefiting Kauff, CME and the D's at taxpayers expense of course.

Anonymous said...

The only team spirit is the Kauff team that is #1 in the game of political corruption. Right Coach Fred?

Anonymous said...

Anyone see that article about solar power cutting the towns electric bills? So with the usual engineer fees and lawyers getting involved the solar panels will cost us taxpayers plenty despite the Kauff mouthpieces in the article proclaiming extraordinary savings. When has our government ever save its money on anything? The answer of course is never.

Tax payer ATM pull the plug said...

Political corruption in Aberdeen?

The tax payer nemesis that is Norman Kauff has raised the raised the game of costly tax payer gouging political corruption to an olympic level with our Norman Kauff hacks eagerly crowding onto the olympic medal platform to get their gold medals for political corruption. Or better yet that we overpay for through inflated and unnecessary engineering projects and supposed engineering supervision and monitoring.

Like the Governor says constantly political corruption in New Jersey starts at the municipal level. Aberdeen' dictator Norman Kauff and his easily manipulated cronies are the taxpayer gouging proof of that.

We can also all bet this new solar project cost us all plenty with engineer and legal bills well hidden. Also proven when all we hear is how much of a savings and benefit this will be for us business owners and tax payers. Tax benefits really just like the senior housing and the never seen and too often promised developments that are publicized every election season for years. Promised of course with nothing to see from the corrupt political promises except higher tax bills. My latest tax bill is a doozie to say the least. From my latest tax bill you would think we could all get driven to work in a rolls royce much less see more police officers near our businesses.

The only savings my fellow business owners and my fellow Aberdeen tax payers will ever see is when the Kauff gang get hauled off to jail where they can't corruptly and illegally use the Aberdeen tax payer ATM machine any longer.

Right Norman Kauff and you corrupt Kauff hacks?

Get those signs out there now said...

Put those signs up town business owners cause there is no sign gestapo around. I was at the Shop Rite yesterday and heard the gestapo himself telling his buddy he was taking time off this week. Get out there with those signs now and save your businesses before the sign gestapo gets back.

Anonymous said...

Kauff and all you Kauffkin scum need to know


County Rd. is back in town said...

Cliffwood has the most free lunch kids in the district and nobody could feed this youngster? Sounds like "somebody got some splaining to do" ala Ricky Ricardo.

If this was Ravine Drive or Strathmore do you think it would have happened? No way! The leadership of the school district must have learned a few tricks from Norman Kauff along the way. You see under the illegal and thoroughly corrupt Norman Kauff controlled leadership and this was a school election year the student would have been fed and there would have been newsprint to prove it.

It's just Cliffwood people and it's just like Norman Kauff whose Democrats ignore Cliffwood routinely until it's time for that community to vote. Then Norman Kauff throws out his "street money to get out the vote" and all is forgiven until the next election season. Then they'll be a new park ride or Kauff will change the basketball nets. It's Cliffwood people so the elected leadership don't care about us unless it's time to vote.

Anonymous said...

Site has been down since the Jewish holidays started. I wish all well. I await the return of the posts when Mr. Warren finishes his holiday celebration. He deserves the time off. Too bad Kauff and his criminals don't take any time off from robbing us residents through the corrupt politics Kauff spews.

Solar projects makes money for? said...

Anyone have an idea why solar panels in Aberdeen is different than the ones in the newspaper this morning? The news article describes tens of millions in overspending by the political leadership in Brick. Political leadership like ours that put millions into solar projects that were labeled "risky investments".

I think we will find out really soon that our projects only put money into the pockets of Kauff, CME and the Kauff lawyers. At taxpayer expense of course as always. Maybe Kauff, CME and the Kauff lawyers have slithered their way into Brick? Snakes all of them who feed on us taxpayers and business owners like me.

Warren Drive said...

4 days until Aberdeen Day!

Know what that means Aberdeen taxpayers?

Only 4 days until the Kauffkins politic the event and tell people how much they care about them.


Care about who?

The town engineers and Norm is all they care about.

Only 4 days left.

I'd suggest you make plans to leave Aberdeen unless you want to witness this mess first hand.

I'm taking the family to Cape May because that is as far south as I can get away from Aberdeen without leaving the state.

Anonymous said...

Any news on Casa De Corruption having a FOR SALE sign up yet? So many questions with so much corruption surrounding Norman Kauff. Right Coach Fred?

Anonymous said...

Got the official unofficial word today and the trench to nowhere cost over 1.5m out of our taxes to fix. Don't give sewers to us though. Hypocrites all if you for not helping us with this environmental hazard not of our own making. This towns politicians suck and only help the squeaky wheel. Well guess what? Squeak squeak squeak.

Anonymous said...

My dogs just left Vinci a present in his dog park. What's that it's not a dog park? Oops I mean poops my bad.

Anonymous said...

Hey Norman

You suck!

There goes that Eyewitness News van said...

Way to put us on the map you geniuses.

I can only hope the next time WABC News is in Aberdeen they bring the big Eyewitness News van from the commercials and it gets parked right in front of Normie's house on Justice Lane. I hope they don't miss a step and they film Normie when he does the perp walk all the way out of his house and into a tinted out unmarked FBI sedan.

In Aberdeen corruption has a name and its name is
Norman Kauff.





Anonymous said...

Casa de corruption that's great.

Anonymous said...

All Kauff all the time! Kauffkins also! F them all!

Anonymous said...

Its In-justice lane get it right.

Aberdeen bust tour coming soon? said...

How about a bus tour of the Normie political corruption spots in Aberdeen? I think it would be fantastic myself. I'll be the first ticket holder for sure. Imagine it the first stop and pick up location could be town hall. May as well start with town hall since it's the spot where most of the democratic corruption and illegal political activities started with Normie.

The tour will depart from town hall and go past the sewer-less Freneau area to show the ticket holders the illegally owned property said to be partly owned by Normie and his gang of thieves. Property by the way that Normie illegally and corruptly controls the uses and density levels of by the way.

Then a quick ride over to the devils den at CME where Normie holds his illegal meetings away from the taxpayers held at CME so as to not be on anything close to an official recording. You see Normie really isn't supposed to be seen by the taxpaying public the bloodsucker that he is.

Shhh it's a secret Normies a vampire you see.

Next a ride past the old factory property so often promised to be developed that is a big black decaying mark on Aberdeen. Unfortunately sI can see that daily on the horizon from my house in the I section.

Then a ride through Cliffwood to see how Normie really cares for all of Aberdeen? That part of the ride will be quick cause there's not much to see as far as improvements from Normie on that side of town. On the way out of Cliffwood there could be a quick stop at the supposed projects Normie approved for low income housing.

Then a quick turn through Lawrence Harbor but at this point the bus windows go black so ticket holders don't see the millions spent on improving the beachfront in Old Bridge. Old Bridge you see unlike the so often Normie promised improvements politically promised in that area of Aberdeen never happened. You see the beach area in Aberdeen is only good for photo ops for democratic campaign literature. A quick stretch of the legs on the seawall that nobody uses but that Normie and his CME made a ton of money off of.

Then down the highway with a quick ride past Vincie Park and I do mean a quick ride because if you blink you missed Vincie Park. Should have been called Numbers Runner Park if the rumors are true. i think they are true myself. Aberdeen and Normie should have made a big money deal with Grecian Formula hair dye to sponsor the park. Another missed opportunity for Normie that was and that's not like Normie to miss squeezing a penny out of Aberdeen for his democrats.

Then comes the final couple of stops by the train station. Another area that also has supposedly been on the Normie developmental corruption block for years. Strange as it seems and despite CME study after CME study the area never gets developed.

Then down past the high school and back to town hall. IAt town hall I highly recommend buying a ticket to the latest tour time possible on a Tuesday night for a very special reenactment of the Normie developer shakedown is said to take place in the dimply lit town hall parking lot. What was that again Normie said to the developer "It's $50,000.00 and this is the Law firm you will have to use". To which the developer replied *I don't use outside counsel I have my own". No approvals for that developer from Normie that night. The reenactment I hear really brings tears to your eyes. Tears to your eyes that is if you want to be a developer in Aberdeen that is. You see if you are willing to pay Normie for his illegally controlled and corrupt developmental approvals you can build in Aberdeen under Normie.

At the end of the tour back at town hall O Mrs. Kauff could sell souvenirs in the parking lot at relating to her Normie. After all like it has been posted on here so many times before "Normie is just a retired old man living on a pension".

Right Normie and Mrs. Kauff?

Anonymous said...

PRICELESS is all I can say to the above Bust Tour post. Under these crooks like Obama the nation and Aberdeen are sure to go bust. BUST TOUR I love it.

Warren Drive said...

Don't take the tour on a Friday night since the brain trusts in Aberdeen have night time football games now. Football games and fans that start arriving at the start of rush hour of course. You see taxpayers and residents of Kaufferdeen there is this little thing called the train line and hundreds and hundreds of cars use the exact same area by the high school for commuting and in that exact same time frame that makes a really big mess. At least it really did last Friday night on Main Street when I tried to get home. Bet there is an engineers bill for that traffic mess as well. Right Norm?

Get ready Kauff said...

Every night if you listen really carefully you can hear Kauff screaming over and over again


It's really simple if you think about it Kauff

So many people you screwed over all of these years during your illegal, unethical and corruption laden politics hate you so much that they use every opportunity to rat you out on the Aberdeener

The list is long if you really think about it Kauff

Republicans, former Democrats, retired employees and even presently employed ones, business owners, builders, taxpayers, school board members, residents and so many more hate and despise you Kauff

So like they say get used to as it will only get worse

Know why Kauff????????????????????????????????????????

Because you hurt our town and we're tired of you

Tired of you and your corrupt horde of miscreants and fools that betray their own families, neighbors and friends doing your corrupt, illegal and unethical bidding in the name of politics and flawed unethical political leadership

We who are tired of you will take you down

So to paraphrase the song title

People get ready because the pain is coming

Everyday letters have been sent to the following individuals begging for an investigation into you and your parade of fools that purport to be our leaders

Governor Christopher Christie
Attorney General of the State of New jersey
Monmouth County Prosecutor

I forgot one important thing Kauff said...

I forgot one thing Kauff

We've got the letter about the parking lot shakedown

Get ready Kauff your corrupt ride is almost over

Football said...

Want an idea to save some money? How about Saturday daytime football games? If the game is during the day, and assuming it is not overcast or rainy, couldn't we save some money by not using the lights?

The letter said...

Oh no you didn't get that letter? I hope you really did though because that will seal the fate of the towns taxpayers nemesis Norman Kauff and his Kauffkins. I like the sending of letters every day though and think sending the same form letter every day will get the right persons attention eventually. Good luck is all I can say. I hope Kauff gets his in the end. Ouch!

7:00 train said...

If I may recommend another stop for the Norm Kauff corruption tour. I suggest a long stop at Airport Plaza in Hazlet.

You see the Democratic Party Chairman and big money benefactor Vic Scudeiri who owns the Democratic party and he is Norms puppet master. Vic is the one pulling the strings on Norm like Norm pulls the puppet strings on our town council. Vic owns the whole office plaza where not so surprisingly our Norm Kauff has law offices, Congressman Pallone has his offices, Fallon and Fallon accountants have offices. All have offices right near Norm but we are to believe there is no collusion or nothing illegal about that. Right taxpayers? Who is Fallon and Fallon you may ask? You see they are the Norm accountants and they play a big part of the Norm Kauff taxpayer reign of terror that is in Aberdeen. Fallon and Fallon oversee our towns financial reviews and are listed on our budgets and various financial reviews.

Quite the close little corruption laden group in that building it seems. As as a former manager told me once in a store it was one stop shopping for all your democratic political corruption needs in one location. But there's no corruption in Aberdeen?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Nick is playing tour guide with the post above. They did not need you on the ticket Nick get over it. Move on Nick you'll get subpoenad soon along with all the other Kauff tools of corruption. Right Fast Freddy?

Anonymous said...

my sons public defender in aberdeen court awhile back gave me his card and his office is in airport plaza to. thats some busy building with that many people attached to kauff all in one place. but there is no corruption in aberdeen they say i dont think no one believes that. still waiting on our sewers magaret.

Anonymous said...

Need Nick on the ticket? Look what we got instead just losers who allow CME to run everything. Right losers?

Do you remember Coach Fred? said...

Looks like more people on here voicing their opinions about our town and its politics lately.

I am sure the Kauff faithful will deny that.

Right Coach Fred?

Such a disappointment you are Coach Fred.

You know that already right Coach Fred?

Do you even remember the man you used to be?

The man you were before the Kauff koolaid took hold of your soul.

How about it Coach Fred?

Do you remember?

Anonymous said...

Wow yours son public defender?

A poem that Kauff will hate said...

Once upon a time in a land called Aberdeen

There lived a man named Kauff and his not so secret any longer right hand town manager queen

He padded his own retirement and that of only a few others

While others who didn't get taken care of in a similar fashion called them all mothers

You see that is how it works under Norman Kauff

Unless Kauff squeezes you hard and asks you not to cough

Many know the truth about Aberdeen

And how it is now not being under the closet queen

The corruption that everyone know does really exist

Will soon be the end of Kauff from which there is no reason for hurtful political corruption to exist

Anonymous denials have not come around lately

While others claim Kauff is being squeezed out but that's not being denied on here either lately

Some say we are all wasting our time

By pushing for the corrupt Kauff and the Kauff faithful to do lots of hard prison time

They waste lots of our money taking care of their friends

While many of us who can't afford to pay and pay plan our moves sadly away from family and friends

The political leaders will claim they all care about us as they walk around at Aberdeen day

While those of us who know of the costs of their corruption hope they are then arrested and led away

I know I am no Shakespeare

But one thing is very clear

Norman Kauff and his Kauffkins are the real problem not us on here

While none of those named will by name or official title deny or confront all of us on here

Norman Kauff they say is selling his abode

While many who post on here hope he goes to prison and has to share a diseased filled commode

No for sale sign they say is on his front lawn

While I think that is mostly a big yawn

As long as Kauff moves out that is all I can say

While many others hope Kauff instead passes away

In prison would fitting for him to take his last breath

Away from his loved ones he should take his last breath

As for the Kauff faithful they can all rot in hell

For hurting all of us taxpayers who the truth of the Kauff corruption they know they cannot tell

Some will say this poem is just so lame

Well to them I say stop playing a part in the political corruption game

To the people you swore an oath to as well to our God

They all should know not us but the Lord above will judge them in the end as their Kauff is not a God

It is not too late to change your corrupt ways

Just call the Attorney General and do what he says

Remember the ethics classes you had to go to

That can save you from rotting in prison because you know what you ethically are really expected to do

Do the right thing and rat Norman Kauff out

Save what is left of Aberdeen before the last person left who can't afford to pay Kauff turns the lights out

The End

Kauff speaks said...

The public defender does have offices in the same building. It is a Kauff directive. Just like do everything Kauff says. Vote the way Kauff tells you to vote. Answer the questions the way Kauff tells you to answer. Don't ask any questions about CME ever. You know all the typical Kauff corruption laden demands to keep Kauff corruptly and illegally in control of Aberdeen. But there is no corruption in Kaufferdeen remember.

Anonymous said...

the poem was just ok. it will irritate Kauff and his marionettes and thats all that matters. sewers town council we still need sewers. you spent a million paying pack fiorino and we cant get get sewers. why is still the corrupt question. answer that margaret please you hack.

So many questions said...

No for sale sign for Casa de Corruption?

Typical move if true of the ghost of Aberdeen.

As long as Kauff sells and gives up his corrupt control.

Will Aberdeen ever be free of his and CME's control?

So many questions with so much corruption.

Right Aberdeen's town council?

Anonymous said...

Town employees can't say anything about Mr. Kauff because they would get fired for sure. It's laughable how so many towns around ours have been investigated. No investigation as yet that is here. I guess as far as past investigations in the area we could only hope our towns leadership is on the short list to be looked into. Once the investigation starts it won't take long. Just follow the money trail all the way to Justice Lane and Mr. Kauff's politicians he controls like an his personal army of corruption.

TAhe truth cannot be denied! said...

Not one official by name denied the corruption!

Not one planning board member denied the corruption!

Not one zoning board member denied the corruption!

Not one town lawyer denied the corruption!

Not one democrat club member denied the corruption!

Not one Aberdeen Democrat denied the corruption!

Not one of the Kauffkins denied the corruption!

Not one manager of the town denied the corruption!

Not one employee of the town denied the corruption!

Know why?





Kauff=corruption said...

That was a great post.


They all know it's true that's why they cannot deny it.

That and they don't want Kauff mad at them.

Takes a lot of begging I hear to get back in Kauff's good graces.

Right M- - - - - - ?

5:00 train said...

All Normie all of the time. Keep it up people.

Not one more dime from me said...

Rain rain go away don't stop the corruptly engineered
Aberdeen day. Engineered that is funny. With all of the money CME steals from all of us they should pick up the bill for the whole thing. Don't look for my business to be advertised since they get too much of my money already. They had the nerve to ask for money for small signs while the connected six as we call them come to us over and over again.



Wheres Norman Kauff game said...

Heading to Cape May in an hour just as soon as my wife and boys get up. I really was hoping to go to the Aberdeen Day event this year but after my tax bill arrived in my mailbox this year I realized Aberdeen belonging to us taxpayers is truly a lost cause.

Governor Christie proclaims this 2% cap rule that municipal officials must use to stem out of control spending and tax increases. Must use the Governor says but that is not happening in Aberdeen as I look at my tax bill again. 2% restrictions in Aberdeen is a pipe dream with this corruptly manipulated political leadership here in Aberdeen.

I really wanted to go to Aberdeen Day this year although going south in New Jersey with the weather forecast today is a much better idea. I probably would've stayed home and attend the even if they had a taxpayer mystery search like a treasure hunt around town. You know like a treasure hunt of Aberdeen corruption locations that all the oppressed taxpayers suffering in this economy could find.

The search could start with the houses that are for sale on Cambridge by my families home. Onto the town offices for that solar panel monstrous structure that cost a big number. A couple of other locations around town could be included showing the wasteful spending. Maybe a a part of the tour could be find the property the town bought for open space from a big democratic political donor. Then a search with a tie in like the game Where's Waldo except it could be titled Where's Aberdeen's corruption live. So instead of Where's Waldo it could be Where's Norman Kauff.

Got to go soon family is almost up and ready. Next stop the Cape May Zoo. Ironic we are leaving the political zoo in Aberdeen for one where animals and birds live care free. All we have in this town under this corrupt political leadership is taxpayers kept in cages of corruption with Norman Kauff as the zoo keeper.

Aberdeen Day is here! At what cost? said...

It's here!

It's here!

The big event is here!

What big event is that you ask Aberdeeners?

The big event that is Aberdeen Day is today!

It's supposed to be a day for the Aberdeen residents?

What do I mean supposed to be a day for residents?

Today is the day the politically corrupt leadership in Aberdeen that they will use to make the town residents and taxpayers think that their political leadership really cares about them. If you think really that your towns leadership always works on the behalf of you taxpayers I have a house on Justice Lane that you can have for free.

Now that I think of it you Aberdeen taxpayers really own Norman Kauffs house anyway. All of you Aberdeen taxpayers paid that corrupt little troll for far too long anyway.

Think about it!

On Aberdeen Day all your town leadership wants you to think that they care about you is bullshit. Bullshit on a day like today if you really think about it what do you really get from your leadership. All your political leadership does is conspire every single day to keep Norman Kauff and his hangers on like CME flush with taxpayer cash.

That is what your Aberdeen Day really is!

It's just one day for you out of 365 days that is supposedly for you.

Think about what this one day costs you.

Think about it Aberdeen really think about it!

So enjoy yourselves Aberdeen residents if you go and i'll stay here in Matawan with crooks nowhere near as greedy as Norman Kauff and his soldiers of corruption called the town council of Aberdeen.

If you're lucky maybe Senator Menendez that crook will come to Aberdeen Day and he'll shake hands at Aberdeen Day. Maybe Menendez will put Senator Lautenberg in a wheelchair and you can watch Lautenberg drool on himself. If you are really lucky Obama will show up and it would be a trifecta of Democratic ignorance and corruption.

That's right it's Obama because he is not nor will he ever be recognized by me and many others as the supposed leader of our once great country. I say once great country since he and his socialists ruined America in less than 4 years.

Think about that before you vote in November.

God Bless America or what's left of it anyway!

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen day SUCKED nuff said

Anonymous said...

How long does Vinci think people respected his service to the community? I heard Coach Fred almost threw up giving that speach for him. Those two did not get along I hear. Trouble in Kaufferdeen with those two. All of them walking around like big shots today like they did anything for us business owners and taxpayers. They didn't do anything but self congratulate themselves today walking around with those fake smiles. They all suck everyone of them. Didn't see Norm today either. No surprise there right Coach Fred?

Anonymous said...

Shook hands with the Mayor today I did. I've washed my hands 50x and can't get his corrupt stink off of me. Didn't see Kauff though. No surprise there I guess he was probably home planning legal strategy for when the shakedown letter gets put on the Govermor and the Attorney Generals desk this week. Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

Kauff at an event where the public was present? No way. Kauff likes dimly lit parking lots, diners for fake democrat club meetings so as to not violate rules of quorum and of course the conference room at CME headquarters are Kauff's favorite spots to do his corrupt, illegal and immoral work.

The time for justice is quickly approaching all of you corrupt bastard children birthed of corrupt Kauff spawn.

Tick rock Kauff tick rock.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Day was nice day out to enjoy with family and friends. To the hand washer why shake his hand?

Corruption rules the day in Kaufferdeen said...

Corruption on Fast Freddies hands PRICELESS. And so true as well. All Kauff and Kauffkins all of the time.

Shook hands not by choice said...

I tried to avoid the two of them but couldn't avoid the Mayor and another disciple of the local Norman Kauff controlled corruption as we walked by them. As is often the case with politicians hands go this way and that along with fake dripping statements and smiles. So I considered myself political collateral damage as I got caught being gracious when one of them shook my wife's hand I was left standing and having to shake hands with Norman Kauff's mayoral puppet so as not to embarrass my wife.

I can also assure you washing my hand that many times was the lesser of two evil options. Option 1 was to desperately try to get the Mayors stink off of me from his handshake by washing or option 2 was to cut my hand off. Yes I said cut my hand off for fear of the disease of the corrupting Norman Kauff control also overtaking my body and having myself ending up a corrupt political zombie completely dead of feeling, opinion or individuality. Just like our town council representatives are that is. In other words ending up a political zombie. That proof of zombies is on display in Aberdeen every time the Kauff controlled puppets meet to supposedly do the peoples business. Peoples business? Not in Aberdeen unless you spell people K-A-U-F-F.

What was stated to be the so called political leadership on display yesterday at this supposed community event was all too typical of the entire democratic party in our country. Public officials with the democratic mantra of do as I am told to do by democratic party puppet masters. Puppet masters who demand the do only what I tell you to do, vote and approve only what I tell you to do and only spend money that benefits the party and the party benefactors. I can assure you what was on display as a day for the residents, businesses and visitors to Aberdeen was just an orchestrated display a democratic facade if you will hiding the reality of the out of control free spending and political leadership style that is just a theatrical political show that looks good, makes people feel good momentarily and ends up costing them very big in the end. That was the reality of Aberdeen day in Kaufferdeen yesterday.

This was shown to me when fully when I asked a former official about Norman Kauff during the event. I asked him if Norman Kauff is being pushed out of the local or county democratic party as has been stated on here. His statement to me told me all I needed to know. He said Norman Kauff will not leave the democratic party until he is carried out dead. I fear Aberdeen will be dead financially long before Norman Kauff takes his last breath as he holds onto the last taxpayer dollar left to be spent corruptly by him to line his cronies pockets.

That was the reality of Aberdeen Day despite the politically manipulated feel good show that was on display yesterday. Aberdeen Day was just like a ride I went on as a child. It starts out fun with a little fear and uncomfortable laughter only to end up so scary you never want to take the ride again. That is the political ride of corruption in Aberdeen with Norman Kauff in control of the ride.


Actually I think it could have been called Fred Day. Yes Fred it was a nice day now get back in line to kiss Kauff's ass with all of your fellow Kauffkins. So much for being your own man. Right Fred?

Tim said...

I agree the day was great for us. My family went down to the beach for the fishing and my son struck out but he tried very hard. We stopped in at the high school and toured that part of the day as well. As far our as politicians that most we would not know if they were right in front of us them we steered clear of. As a long time family of Cliffwood we know that our side of town gets the scraps that are left over from the other side of Aberdeen. Save time denying that truth please.If you must slam my post with your denials that Cliffwood and the beach get taken care of the same we know better.

How about this one how about you name five things they've done on this side of town that bettered my area since the dems took over. Just one thing please and don't include the seawall or the woods bought for open space by where I take my recyclables and get mulch on occasion. One rule though any improvement you name must not have included fees to any of the towns connected friends. Long time now anything the town does seems to be based on the connected and not the residents. The truth sucks don't it. I will not hold my breath waiting for the five.

Tim from River Gardens

Warren Drive said...

Tick rock? What the F? Explain Tick rock please.

Anonymous said...

As a former prison guard from Colorado we prison guards used the term tick rock to describe the time inmates did. Time being represented by tick while combined with time on the rock as in tick rock. The rock part of the term from being a veiled reference to Alcatraz Prison in California that was called the rock by many.

I am a relatively new resident here in Aberdeen having moved to be near my children in Hazlet. As one who has dealt with many prisoners and criminal type personalities I can tell you from what i've seen on this blog the prisoners I dealt with were far more honorable than what seems to be our local politicians in my new town. Sorry for the tough time I give to politicians. Politicians hate honesty whether it be Colorado or my new town.

Not one red cent from many of us said...

Spellcheck really people forget that just keep putting the political corruption out there. The political corruption and the excessive costs so easily given to the associates of Normie. Excessive costs with Normie always getting his piece of the politically corrupt taxpayer pie. You can also forget our Normie controlled town council doing anything against Normie. They have their heads in the sand when it comes to our monies being funneled to Normie and his connected political criminals. For years that is the expensive politically corrupt truth. The work done anywhere in town does not get done for us taxpayers. It's either gets done to keep the political machine well taken care of or gets done at voting time. We taxpayers never matter in Aberdeen under these Normie clowns.

Aberdeen Day and this business group I and other business owners ignore is proof of that. Show us business owners that ignored your sign requests over and over again the cancelled checks from the businesses that were on the big signs around town. I'll bet they did not pay one red cent from me and i'll bet that the town paid for the signs. Not one red cent from me and many other business owners. The politicians act like Normie doesn't exist. We know better don't we Aberdeen business owners?

Anonymous said...

People its called Kaufferdeen Day geeez already.

Count Kauffula said...

Aberdeen Day was yesterday?


Dammit I missed it!

I screwed up and took the family to Great Adventure for frightfest. You know that amusement park where people are paid to put on masks and costumes to pretend to be something they aren't and scare people.

Wait a damn Norman Kauff minute.

Dammit I could have saved all of that money by just driving across town and just gone to Aberdeen Day. That event is no different since the political Frightfest at Aberdeen Day also had people who put on masks and costumes to pretend to be something they aren't. At Aberdeen day those people in masks and costumes were our so called political leadership a.k.a. our Aberdeen town council who on a daily basis put on fake smiles and costumes to make people think they truly care about them and their families while robbing them blind under direct orders of Count Kauffula.

Isn't that right you Count Kauffula controlled town council corruption monsters and Kauff controlled puppet freaks?

Anonymous said...

I hear that Superintendent Healy will have some 'splaining to do at tomorrow night's board meeting.

Anonymous said...

Norm cares about us over here after all we got








Anonymous said...

Had enough yet Kauffkins? Is it really worth it? We're not ever going to stop don't you get it yet? Norm will be your downfall don't you get it yet? Right Norm?

So many questions with so much corruption.

Right Kauffkins?

Anonymous said...

Frightfest post was great. All kidding aside and despite the politicians being there it was a great event. I especially enjoyed the talent show and the food at the italian place by taco bell was great too.

Returned mail card is back Kauff said...

The Kauff faithfully corrupt don't care about this site.

They're Kauffprotected.

Right Kauff?

Think again Kauff.

Just got the return cards off of the shakedown letter being received in Trenton Kauff.

Know what that means Kauff?

It's only a matter of time now Kauff.

Then you'll have a lot of time to think Kauff.

Think about what put you in prison Kauff.

Think and worry about getting slammed up against the wall and taken violently and against your will Kauff.

Just like us taxpayers you screwed over Kauff.

Right Kauff?

Warren Drive said...

Anyone hear that the extra monies from Aberdeen Day will be given to the fire houses for some reason? Something about school safety programs or something. How about giving the extra money to the local food pantry so people can be fed. I think the fire houses get enough money already from our taxes. I realize they volunteer and all but people need to eat. My neighbor just texted me I have to look at the Matawan Patch. Something about the mayor gushing about some new business paying for something. I'll be back after I read it.

We love our Kauff right up until said...

Kauffkins reply NEVER we are Kauffkins FOREVER. We are prepared to die for our Kauff. We will never betray our Kauff. Our Kauff is our Lord and Master. We will goto prison for our Kauff.

Wait a minute.

Never mind we will tell you everything you want to know about how Kauff has screwed over the residents of Aberdeen.

We don't want to go to prison for Norman Kauff.

Boom now pay up or else said...

Boom! Seems the Mayor got a guy who just bought a property across town to ante up for the fireworks. Fireworks? Wait until he wants to advertise his new business in Aberdeen. Got to be something in it for the elusive Norman Kauff for his Mayor to be so generous with his gloating. I did hear that the day went great for the businesses near mine. I have to admit I had more foot traffic on a Saturday until the food got put out down the way. I'm just glad they didn't get any money from me and they won't next year either.

Warren Drive said...

I'm back and guess what it seems the mayor's got a new business to soak for Kauff. Looks like a basement waterproofing supply company is the mayors new target for cash in town. I've even been amazed lately that town business people have been voicing displeasure on here about the event and some sign display costs to be involved.

Now a businessman not even here yet really springs for fireworks. Our mayor is some salesman it seems. Wait until the new guy tries to do anything after the fireworks grand finale fades. Everything after that will cost a pretty penny with this town council and their puppet master. Good luck to the new guy.

7:00 train said...

Too bad Aberdeen day was not a not for profit. You know the politicos made money off of it. I also think those signs with only a few businesses highlighted put a bad taste in most business owners craws. Too many bosses I heard from one business owner I talked to on Saturday. Typical of the Kauffacrats running anything actually. A few get highlighted while those who pay get ignored. Just like us taxpayers now that I think of it.

Anonymous said...

Salesman? He could talk the panties off of Mother Theresa. By the way did the mayors trophy game have Coach Fred giving trophies to everyone? Coach Fred likes to make everyone feel good for that one brief moment just before he bends you over in the name of Kauf and CME. Winners or losers everybody gets a trophy under Coach Fred you see.

Anonymous said...

Trophies for losers so I hope all the Kauffkins get trophies for their corrupt work on behalf of Norm. Prison trophies that is.

Anonymous said...

Oir Mayor could sell ice to the Eskimos for sure as long as Normie got his cut and CME got a big check for doing nothing. Doing nothing or taking the paperwork and putting in a big bill with their moniker like they did the work. Right Mr. Brown? Right Mrs. Gallo? Right Norm? Right CME? So many questions with so much corruption. Right Mayor?

Right Norm? said...

Where's Kauff instead of Where's Waldo.

F'n priceless!

Again I love the creativity of those exposing all of the Kauff corruption.

All anyone needs to know is this one thing.

The deafening silence from the Kauffkins is proof.

The Kauffkins who cannot defend all the illegal goings on in Aberdeen corruptly feeding Kauff and his corrupt political cronies.

Right Kauff?

Right Kauffkins?

Right Governor Christie?

Right Attorney General for the State of New Jersey?

Right NJSP Ewing Barracks?

Ice to Eskimos said...

Ice to the Eskimos I bet Freddy boy could sell fire in hell. After all Freddy boy is trying hard to sell the fact that according to Freddy boy Norman Kauff has nothing to do with the corruptly and illegally running Aberdeen.

Come on Freddy boy Kauff runs the whole show from the D HQ at Casa de Corruption located as we know on Injustice Lane. By the way does Kauff really think he can get over $560k for Casa de Corruption. Maybe Kauff got some stimulus money for being a good corrupt immoral D for Obama.

Right Kauff? said...

No one believes the authorities are coming for Kauff.

No one believes that Kauff illegally controls Aberdeen.

No one believes CME gets too much of our tax money via Kauff's corrupt control.

No one believes the town lawyers are crooked.

No one thinks Kauff controls the planning board.

No one thinks Kauff controls the zoning board.

No one thinks Kauff tells board members stay home.

No one thinks businesses didn't pay for the big sign.

No one thinks the business council is a joke.

No one thinks Aberdeen Day was all about Fred Tag.

No one thinks our police don't do the minimum.

No one thinks the town leaders ignore Cliffwood.

No one thinks the town is not well run by politicians.

No one thinks the parking guy don't hunt old ladies.

No one thinks we pay too much in taxes.

No one thinks Freneau should not finally get sewers.

No one thinks Ms. Gallo was pushed out by Kauff.

No one thinks Mr. Brown was pushed out by Kauff.

No one thinks developers have to pay Kauff to build.

No one thinks Kauff runs illegal meetings at CME.

No one thinks Kauff meetings violate the law.

No one thinks Kauff tells elected officials how to vote.

No one thinks Kauff tells elected officials how to answer questions from the public.

No one thinks Kauff is not just a retired old man living on a pension.

No one thinks any of the above is close to being the truth because Kauff does in fact illegally, immorally and unethically control every aspect of Aberdeen.

Right Kauff?

Anonymous said...

Kauff all the time works for me.

CBeach said...

Like Adolph Hitler Norman Kauff thinks he too can rule


No he can't

6:30 train said...

Is it true that Norman is selling his house or just a joke?

Anonymous said...

put your affairs in order kauffkins tick tock tick tock. sewers maggie we all still need those sewers now.

Anonymous said...

Obama says he created 4m jobs. Really 4m jobs Obama. Where? I'd sooner believe Norman Kauff was honest before I'd believe that bullshit. Right Kauffkins?

Fairies, chocolate and Kauff said...

There's no corruption in Aberdeen politics?

If you believe that then you also think that:

Santa Claus is real

Easter Bunny is real

Leprauchans are real

Fairies are real

Elves with pointy ears are real

Rainbows have a pot of gold at the base

If you are gullible enough to believe that there is no corruption in Aberdeen you can go hang your stocking, hunt for chocolate easter eggs and walk to get your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. By the way when you get back from getting the pot of gold at the base of the rainbow the illegal, immoral and all the rest of the Kauff corruption in Aberdeen will still be our unfortunate reality.

Right Mr. Alien?

6:20 train said...

Holiday observation and worship stop updates on this site and we understand that. Too bad it does not stop the Kauffruption in town hall.

School Board happenings said...

School Board meeting update: What happened?

7:00 train said...

It's really long overdue that Kauff gets arrested.

Anonymous said...

It's not illegal it's kauffpolitics and kauffcorruption.

Anonymous said...

Is Aberdeen Day over. Where's the sign gestapo to make sure those signs are taken down on time. He was right there to tell me to take mine down. Just another example that the sign Gestapo he only sees what he wants to see or what he's told to see. How fair is that Mayor.

All Kauff all of the time said...

Rain rain go away

Please let the sun come out today

And please let the FEDS take Kauff away

7:00 train said...

A few keep saying Norm has nothing to do with the leadership in Aberdeen? Liars all is what they are. Norm runs Aberdeen. Into the ground that is of course.

Anonymous said...

F you Norman Kauff

Anonymous said...



Aberdeen don't allow no stinking signs.

Not unless you pay that is.

Hypocrites all of them.

Anonymous said...

Wow here we go again.

Arrests this is the longest investigation in history, over 8 years.

Anonymous said...

Things worth waiting for take time. It is soon to be visited upon all the corrupt Kauff horde of miscreants under the spell of corruption that is Norman Kauff.

Anonymous said...

Once upon a time in a town not so far away

There lived a man and corruption was his forte

He and his kept denying that which they know to be true

You see lie they will for Kauff the corrupt midget so true

He will get his you see in the end

Despite the denials of those we hope to push over the end

Cry they will over and over

When Bubba bends them over and over

Anonymous said...

F Norman Kauff and his little dog like Kauffkins too!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Love it! Keep it up! You know Kauff can't anymore!

Anonymous said...

I start my second job today Norm. You see Norm you are so greedy I have to get a second job just to pay your taxes. Thanks for all the promises to cut spending Mayor do nothing .

Anonymous said...

When a police car sits in a shopping center for two hours what are they really doing? Doing for all that money that is. Just a thought after all.

Anonymous said...

Kauff is evil

Kauff is the devil

Kauff is the root of all evil in Aberdeen

Right Kauffkins?

F you too!

Anonymous said...

There is nothing more important for any of us to do then to take Kauff and his low life's out. If embarrassing them is not enough proof the letters sent and interviews with the authorities will work for certain. I agree good things worth waiting for takes time. For certain the corruption that surrounds Norman Kauff was not built in a day. Dismantling it and bringing justice will take time. John Gotti thought he'd never be caught either. He like Kauff deserved the date he brought upon himself. Kauff also deserves to be seperated from his family and also die in prison.

Ooh I'm telling said...

Ooh you said something against the police I'm telling? You are in big trouble now? No one can say anything about our police? Don't you know they risk their lives for us everyday? Sure they do? If they idle the police cars for that long they risk their lives? They risk getting lung cancer that is from the car exhaust coming into the car interior area? So many questions for something that costs taxpayers way too much money in Kaufferdeen. Ooh I might be in trouble now because I said something bad about Kaufferdeen. So many questions with so much corruption. Right Kauffcouncil puppets? Ooh I said something bad about the Kauffcouncil? I'm so bad!