Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Upcoming School Board Elections

I write this piece with some reluctance.  If Aberdeen residents won’t protect themselves from their elected leadership, why should I?

Last February, two-thirds of the Matawan-Aberdeen School Board voted to strip residents of their right to vote on the school budget and nobody showed up to protest.

Last July, the school board voted to approve a Memorandum of Agreement with the teacher's union regarding the terms of a new teachers contract and nobody asked to see the memorandum. No residents, no reporters, nobody. Nobody but me, that is, and I no longer live in Aberdeen. At first glance, it's a good deal for the district with 7.5% increases over a four-year period and the lion's share of increases going to new teachers. I'll comment further once I see the signed contract.

Nor did anyone complain when the school board voted to increase spending by $1.64 million during a sustained period of high unemployment. Or when the school business administrator comment he could have cut $200,000 from the budget but preferred to spend that money rather than allow the residents to keep it.

While on the school board, I worked hard to implement new goals, such as how to objectively measure progress. Now that I'm gone, so are those measurements. No longer do we report where our graduates go or how likely they are to complete any post-high school education. No longer do we compare ourselves to high-achieving districts.

Still, I have many dear friends in Aberdeen and I continue to hope someone will step forward to lead.

Regarding the upcoming school elections, it's sometimes hard to determine who will better serve the community but it's relatively easy to look at a candidate's experience and determine if he was part of the solution or part of the problem.

This year, Aberdeen is fortunate to have more candidates than available seats -

  • Kenneth Aitken (I), of 65 Juniper Place, Aberdeen
  • Elizabeth Hayword (I), of 11 Iona Place, Aberdeen
  • Patricia Phillips (I), of 321 Edgeview Road, Keyport
  • James Macomber, of 50 Jubilee Circle, Aberdeen
  • Tara Martinez, of 408 Shady Nook Street, Cliffwood Beach
Ken Aitken has always been part of the answer. Aitken helped unseat former Superintendent Quinn and usher in a new era of accountable governance. Aitken also voted to protect the public's right to vote on a school budget. And he's been a consistent voice for fiscal restraint. Ken Aitken is part of the answer.

Ms. Hayward was once my running mate despite long odds and almost certain repercussions. Her victory cemented the Barza regime's demise. People forget what Ms. Hayward undertook. Her child suffers from autism and the school director of special services was closely aligned with Barza and had a reputation of retribution. By running, Ms. Hayward was literally risking her son's care. But she ran and won, not just for her child, but for every child in the district. And I remember when she was a swing vote to ensure some of our custodians reached their 25th year of service even after the teacher's union hindered our efforts. And I remember when she voted to re-write the school guide to give new emphasis and encouragement for high school students to pursue advanced placement classes. Liz Hayward is part of the answer.

I can't comment on Ms. Phillips current tenure as a school board member but she worked for the school district for 33 years, 7 years as assistant principal. I think her years of service in the school district should guide your decision.

James Macomber was the popular JV basketball coach. I don't know why his position was not renewed last year but I trust his candidacy is in the spirit of service and not revenge.

Tara Martinez is president of the Lloyd Road School PTO. As president, she fought to preserve the PTO's oversight of funds raised by the PTO for the school and she fought to keep Tyler Blackmore as the middle school principal.

The school board is important. I hope the voters will be informed voters. Personally, I think this is the best crop of candidates we've seen in a long, long time.

My deepest thanks and best wishes to Gerald Donaghue for his many years of service. Honest, caring, and focused on the needs of the community, Gerry was a critical voice on the school board and will surely be missed.

Note: I intend to begin a series of articles on the upcoming presidential election that will be harshly critical of President Obama. Following the election, I will return to local politics. In the meantime, my offer is open to any qualified person who wishes to take over the blog.

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Anonymous said...

Gerry Donohue put in his time and will be beat up as he always has from anonymous posters who fear outing themselves like Coren did. Yes even in stticlr subject about the school district the louses that are Coren and Kauff make it onto this subject post. Why? Do you know how many students were added to this school district from the crooked developmental approvals the corrupt team of Coren and Kauff gave? The number is significant I can assure you. Worse yet is that right now Kauff and his puppets are looking to approve a massive development for the old factory across town by the tracks. Then there is the condos on highway 34 and over by highway 35 that could add another 150 students easily added to the track development we could be adding 500 students if not more. This is coming our way and this school system and it's controversial and angering leadership better get ready for Kauff to steal every dime away with his P.I.L.O.T. Program of corruption. So if you think this is not the place to put Kauff and his corrupt team of tax gouges you can settle in and watch the DNC for some giggles. Maybe you'll see Kauff and Coren on TV? Coren will have to register as the sex offender he is. Complain away now. Good day!

Anonymous said...

Slanted as always Mr. Aberdeener. Aiken got in on 20 write in votes. He talks so much he can't hear what the public is saying (or anyone else for that matter). Liz represents Special Ed. at the expense of the tax payers. We can't afford her priorities. Phillips did not fill in her paper work correctly so won't be on the ticket. Speaks for itself. Macomber is running out of anger. Probably justified anger but anger not the less.

Aberdeener said...

Aiken served a full term before I was on the board and he was one of only two former board members who attended the school board meetings.

Hayward and her family have been pillars of the community for over a generation. I'm sure you're not going to hold it against her that her son requires special attention. All of our children require special attention.























4:20 train said...

With the tax bills they just mailed to all of us and the big percentage going to the schools in that bill breakdown you really can't blame people for getting upset. I don't think they should point fingers at those who served or are willing to serve. Unfortunately idiots like anonymous @1:53 don't have a government that can legislate stupid people like them. Bet they vote democratic to boot.

Anonymous said...

anonymous 1 53 today could not spend even five minutes with a special needs child. But he or she hides in the shadow or on the old stratolounger eating cookies. Angry coot they are and very selfish. God will forgive you but I won't though.

Right Normie? said...

Check out NJCAP Program. Looks like Councilwoman Montone got a nice government job. I don't know for how long or if Normie is involved in getting it for her or not. That is the way Normie rolls. Right Mrs. Gallo? Let me guess Kelley is next to need a job for a much needed vote for Normie. You never hear anything from or about her do you? Maybe she is still living off of the league credit cards and refreshment stand money she stole from the kids. Aberdeen deserves to be the laughing stock that it is with leaders and hacks like these. Right Normie?

Such a disappointment said...

Ken Aiken is an intelligent man. I wish he would take over the blog myself. It of course would be a conflict of interest. Just like Kauff illegally controlling all things Aberdeen. Right Coach Fred? Such a disappointment!

Such a disappointment Mayor Tags said...



Tags drank the Kauff-Aid peopleit's that simple.

Enough said right Tags?

Right Boss?

Aberdeen jokes by number said...

Train station getting developed is the second longest joke in Aberdeen. It's second only to the political joke that is senior housing being built in Aberdeen.

We know you really hate it Norm said...

Come on everyone knows the longest joke in Kaufferdeen is the Kauff controlled town council.

New Aberdeen joke is said...

Hacks? Puppets? These people were handpicked by Norman Kauff for their experience, honesty, ethical conduct and dedication to their community.

Now that is the latest joke in Aberdeen.

My slumber was peaceful until said...

i think a train station development would be great.

Maybe A Main Street for parades?

Maybe some more taxes paid from retail tenants?

Maybe a parking garage to stay out of the rain?

Maybe a hotel for visitors to our area?

Maybe a chain restaurant or two to visit and enjoy?

Maybe this would be good for our community?


Slowly I realize I was only dreaming.

Once awake I unfortunately remember.

Kauff still controls all things Aberdeen.

Never mind residents, taxpayers and businesses.

Back to the political corruption that is Kaufferdeen.

Somethings never change.

Anonymous said...

I hope and pray Councilwoman Kelley reads this blog and stating she stole money from the Pop Warner, that is so not true.
To bad she cannot sue Air? And of course Mr Warren should check the facts, but he will not..

Anonymous said...

The thievery of the leagues is well known and ignored by shall we say connected individuals. It continues today and they all know it. Try asking about last years trip to Florida mess and which coaches wanted to take their girlfriends on the leagues money. Kelley was no different and it gave her the experience to join Team Kauff. Just ask Coach Fred he knows all about it and he also knows its far more than a rumor on this blog site. Just like all of the corruption since Kauff slithered into town that snake.

Anonymous said...

Kelley won't do a thing. Just like on here the guilty cannot defend their guilt. They are all just crooks. Thatsafactjack

Anonymous said...


Is an understatement by a far way.

Anonymous said...

I just remembered getting a letter from the Aberdeen Business Council a while back offering me the opportunity to be on the Aberdeen Day banners located in various locations around town for a mere $500.00. To say that the business council have some nerve in this economic climate to try and squeeze that amount of money shows me that this whole business council is a joke and an expensive one at that. I've looked at these signs since mud August and am highly insulted that only a few select businesses were allowed on the signs and it is also highly questionable that only the business council members are on the signs along the roadside.

So I am left to ask if Melanie's Florist, Demarcos, livotis, and the other business council only members paid the $500.00 fee that I was offered to pay in order to be on the Aberdeen Day sign. Knowing the one business council member who called me repeatedly to get my money he did not pay the $500.00 and the others are only on the business council for self preservation. That is obvious from the makeup of the questionably anointed and obviously self serving business council members just adds to the well deserved reputation that the political leadership has in Aberdeen.

When I go home tonight and see that sign on 35 I will be glad to have not contributed my $500.00 to these leeches and the equally laughable business council. I would like to suggest the following be considered to raise money for Aberdeen Day. I would suggest the Aberdeen Day Business Council consider taking turns as the targets for an old fashioned Pin The Tail On The Jackass game and perhaps to Norm Kauff and his corrupt council members in a Dunk Tank. I expect they could fill the towns tax surpluses they've drained covering the much publicized and widely known political corruption. They should only know how tired many of us business owners are of the harassing phone calls from Carmine and some of the others on this laughable Aberdeen Business Council as they come begging for money for their self serving motives. Finally don' t even get me started on the Mayor and the other bloodsuckers who always seem to have their hands out. I myself am a few years from selling and I will have a limousine pick me up on my last day do I can drive out of Aberdeen with my ass hanging out the window so that Aberdeen can kiss my ass for allowing the pervasive corruption to ruin this once fine community.

Look for my limousine ride goodbye on December 30, 2014

Pop Warner Dad said...

Maybe you should check her guilt. Pop Warner management and that trailer have too many stories like missing monies, who is doing who, alcohol use on school and town property and cursing in front of kids and too much more to list. Misses Kelley and Coach Fred all know it is true and they are no less guilty for their involvement or disregarding the rules. Now you know why people hate them so much. They are not nice people and care only for themselves. All they care about is self congratulation and the almighty dollar. They are useless hogs wallowing in the Kauff trough.

Anonymous said...

Wow what happen on the Florida Trip?

Did you see the red van Norm? said...

Secret meetings? They're not that secret really. Hope they looked out the window in the parking lot in Parlin at the red van in the parking lot. Smile really big all you corrupt bastards you're on candid camera. And candid recorder don't forget. Good things take time Norm remember that when you start liking being bent over the sink by Bubba.

Warren Drive said...

How much do you think the Norm engineers charged us taxpayers to design Vincie park? Vincie park should be a dog park to let taxpayers walk their pets on. He shit on all of us all those years so its only fair. Speaking of shitting on a political hack Normies next to have a park built in his honor. Wait I mean built in Normies dishonor.

Anonymous said...

Once again the creativity on here against our oppressors is amazing. Actually truly amazing. I keep forgetting though there is only one or two of us on here. Another political lie. Speaking of political lies and political liars get your popcorn ready kids because the best fiction you'll ever see is about to take place on the DNC coverage when former idiot in chief Bill Clinton tries to convince us that he really thinks Obama is the man to be our leader for another for years. Forget the fact he said in a campaign ad for his wife the following. Do you really want to elect a man who has only been a Senator for a year. Bill Clinton willlids tonight for the good of ghe party and tell us that Obama has done a great job and is deserved of being reelected President of the United States of America. I'd sooner believe Fred T. Telling me that he's not Normies puppet. Both are liars and that is the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help us God not elect this idiot Obama again.

Anonymous said...

did you ever see the mayor on the lavoti business website and what a loser he looks like. that stores food is bad anyway so maybe the mayor gets the kauff discount.

Pinehurst said...

Why do we even have a recreation department in town we pay for everything and look who is left in charge. Mrs. Kelly types and I know the prior post is true about the hanky panky in those trailers also.

Most of the kids don't even pay to join and don't look for the parents of the freebie kids to help out either. I only have one year left and i aint giving them any of my money this year. To many chiefs in the trailers and not enough indians to do the work.

CBeach said...

I thought I saw the cme office over by Bordentown Av that is not far from the old sunshine biscuit company. Isn't that Sayreville and not Parlin.













Warren Drive said...

Police blotter printed in the Asbury Press today! I guess you're right Kauffkins do read this blog. I'll bet the Kauff engineers even made money on that news article since they drive the political machine. The corrupt machine with Kauff sitting in the back seat thinking he is riding safe and secure. For just a little while longer Norm. For just a little while longer.

Anonymous said...

Again check your facts.

1 No longer Pop Warner
2.Recreation Dept never had anything to do with the football program.
3 You really think Mrs Kelley needs to steal money please.

My problem with football program everyone sits on the side line and never volunteer to help. There are men who never played the game and men who come straight from work to work with our children.
Mr Donahue is just one of many but he has coached for the past 40 years. So do not get on this blog and start attacking our children and parents who work so hard for this program.
If you think money is missing file a police report.

Coaches who have played who want to give something back to the community Thank you...

Anonymous said...

Waaaaahhhh people found out we rip off the league and that we wanted to have the league pay for our girlfriends to go on a trip. Waaaaaahhhhh you are guilty as charged.

Anonymous said...

If a parent lets their kid be a part of these sports teams good luck. They scream and curse at kids all the time. They don't account for thousands of dollars no different then the Martucci Family run crime syndicate named Maroon and Steel. They were told annually to properly account for the groups finances and NEVER DID. Now I see that the Aberdeen Alumni is putting Mrs. Martucci on the wall by the school auditirium that I will watch my sons play instruments in. This is just more proof of the clicks and cool kids thinking they run the show and we tax payers don't matter. Don't even get me started on that swarthy Tagliarini either. He's not in my church and I don't think he is even aware of the fool he is known to be all around Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Swarthy I love it! By the way anyone in the know knows it's Maroon and Steal. As in stealing everything that's not nailed down. These people make me sick to my stomach.

Anonymous said...

Not another member of the Gumbs family for the wall? How about the one convicted with Senator Joe Vas? So much corruption with so many questions right Tags?

Anonymous said...

First of all the Gumbs Family are part of the Hall of fame for accomplishments.

Judge, Lawyer and Director of the New Jersey Dept of labor. Accomplishments is what the Hall of Fame is all about, not this blog.

Please do not start attacking them they have nothing to do with Joe Vas and if you are post they are a copy of this will be sent to Attorney Robina Gumbs-Shaw ESQ.

Why not post the process instead of attacking the honorees..

Anonymous said...

Wrong again the person convicted with Mayor Vas is not a relative of the Gumbs family here in Matawan.

Do not take my word for it call them and ask the question their number in the phone book.

Anonymous said...

The process is connected, cronies and the corrupt. Next!

Anonymous said...

And you know that how?

Mrs. Gumbs?


Tthe alumni wall is a joke and to be on it is not a badge of honor for anyone politically connected or married to a gym teacher who spent too much time behind locked doors with??????

No hallway secrets at that high school said...

Obviously a teacher who has it in for Joe Martucci posted that one with all the question marks after it. I graduated in 1983 and saw things like that with all those gym teachers much of the time. It was well known even to young minds of mush like mine.

Anonymous said...

Mr Warren can you please post the process of the selection of the Hall of Fame.

For the men and women honored on the Hall of fame Wall thank you. Your accomplishments in Law, Business Education and community service is a great accomplishment.

Anonymous said...

Mr Warren writes about issues that are important to him and the community. What happens just look at the above posts not one person concerned about the BOE Elections so sad..

Retired and loving it said...

The BOE is no less important and is run by paid, responsible and accountable to all persons. Norman Kauff is unelected, unaccountable and thoroughly unethical. The costs of the Kauff corruption pales in comparison to the school leadership that does for all its faults and troubles in fact educate our children.

The corrupt leadership controlled by Kauff only benefits Kauff, Kauffs engineers and other people with no less questionable characters that live off of the taxpayers and do not educate children and of course do not in any way, shape or form benefit the taxpayers.

So I apologize for that reality and the honest look at why this site should remain all Kauff all of the time.
Every single day the Kauff faithful monitor this site as is quite evident from the recent and very laughable Gumbs family defense postings.

The Kauff gang hate that this site still exists. They hate what is posted on here weekly. And most importantly they know what we say is truthful, honest and details the Kauff corruption for all to see. I can assure you the people that the Kauffkins think are doing most of this are not the ones actually doing it. They don't think that this many people hate Kauff and his corrupt group of followers this much. We are residents, taxpayers, employees, former politicians and many more who despise Kauff and his corruption. They know it so hate away Kauffkins
just hate away. That hate will be your downfall.

Business owners matter said...

Don't forget us business owners who despise the so called political leadership in this town. Well said Retired and loving it poster.

Business owners don't matter said...

Forget the busine$$es in this town?


Never I $ay!

Bu$ine$$e$ in Kaufferdeen=new corruption target$.

We are the new target$ of team Kauff operative$.

Forget the fact we are all $truggling in thi$ toughest ever economy!

Forget the fact that we get little for our high taxe$!

Forget the fact that we have to jump through hoop$!

Forget the hara$$ment a$ we try to operate and adverti$e to try and get the word out to cu$tomer$!

And mo$t of all forget thi$ new bu$ine$$ board!

A$k your$elf one que$tion my fellow bu$ine$$ owners$ in this$ unfriendly business community.

When wa$ the la$t time thi$ town$ politician$ or anyone el$e from the town ever came into your bu$ine$$ and a$ked how are you doing? A visit without a$king for a donation or wor$e yet a campaign contribution before they left your $tore?

We know too well the an$wer in thi$ town i$ never!

Finally from reading a previous post I consider myself very lucky that no business board people came into my store to hit me up for money to be on those signs. I hope I did not speak to soon though? Money drives this towns leadership and that's no secret by far. Neither is the political corruption!

Anonymous said...

Talk about hitting the nail on the head. Well said to say the least. Don't worry though Aberdeen day is coming. Ha!

What happened Coach Tagliarini said...

Political corruption

Not in Kaufferdeen

What do you mean business council

Oh the humanity is all I can say

What is next to happen in Kaufferdeen political shakedowns of developers by the towns lawyer in the dimly lit municipal parking lot immediately after a council meeting

What was it the developer told Kauff

Oh yes he said I have my own in house attorneys I don't need any outside attorneys

Exit one developer from Kaufferdeen for not paying

Can't be not in Kaufferdeen

Not with Coach Tagliarini in charge

Coach Tagliarini wouldn't sell out the taxpayers

Not just to satisfy Coach Tagliarini' own ego

He knew about Kauff' reputation

He knew CME was ripping off the taxpayers in town

Coach Tagliarini would not allow that to happen

So what is Coach Tagliarini to do boys and girls

Oh hell Coach Tagliarini just give everybody a trophy like you did before when your kid was not on the winning team

What was it you said Coach Tagliarini everyone deserves a trophy just for trying

Was the Kauffcorruption kool-aid really that good

Such a disappointment you are Coach Fred

Such a disappointment you are Mayor Tagliarini

Such a disappointment as a man Fred Tagliarini

But you knew that Fred Tagliarini the minute you sold your soul to Norman Kauff

You're not alone Coach Fred

The list of those under Kauffs spell is a long list

A long corrupt taxpayer gouging list

J said...

Remember there is only one or two people posting on this website according to the Kauffkids. That's right I typed Kauffkids not Kauffkins because that's what they are. Just easily impressionable kids being lead around by the nose by Kauff.

So back to there only being one or two of us posting on here. Sure there is Norm you keep thinking that you old fool. Come on Norm retire already there's no tax money left. You and your engineers got it all.

What happened Coach Tagliarini 2 said...

Exit one developer from Kaufferdeen for not paying


Just to set the politically corrupt record straight

Right Norman Kauff?

Aberdeen day suggestion said...

While I am only an occasional reader of the Aberdeener I am a business owner who along with my partner think the multiple site locations could be good for us business owners where the days events are planned. The multi site location choices as advertised gives us a chance to be seen and interact with our existing customers as well as interact with potential new customers that day. We are both anxious to see how it goes this first year and if a benefit to residents and business owners alike springs forth. While our store traffic on a Saturday is steady I would suggest that employees and owners alike consider parking our vehicles away from the center to avail more spaces. A little walk that day by all of us would open up spaces for more customers for all of us. Good luck to all of us.

Repent your evil ways! said...

Know why Norm and his brood hate weekends?

Municipal offices are closed so they can;t steal our $$$

Right Kauffkins?

Too bad I say to you crooked political hacks!

Repent your evil ways.

Go to church or synagogue and confess your sins against all of us taxpayers for once.

You can be saved.

Say Amen!

More lies are expected said...

Is there not one thing this town does that does not corruptly pay Kauff and the others? Does Kauff and his engineering firm make money on everything the town does? Does anyone think that the same engineers, lawyers and accountants submit bills for the real work they do? So many questions with so much corruption.

Saturday poem please enjoy said...

There is a man in Aberdeen

Who thinks he is so squeaky clean

We who know him know the truth of his crimes

Versus those who follow him also commit crimes

They all do what he says without question or pause

Knowing he is far from Aberdeen's Santa Claus

The corruption we all pay for is in millions they say

This political corruption is true we all say

They will continue to hide from the truth we know

Not will come forth and deny all we tell and know

Come to their council meeting is all the can say

So what we will do instead is make them all pay

Their neighbors and coworkers know it is true

Their families profit son they will stay corruptly true

It is for so little they betray us for little in graft

Soon they'll be planning their escape in a raft

To prison they need to go to today all of them

For stealing so much from us for all the rest of them

Anonymous said...

When are you going to wake up and see that no one cares about what you write? Anyone with any intelligence would see that anything of substance that you post turns into Kauff, Kauff, and more Kauff. Even though I rarely agree with you I do applaud your attempt to educate the masses. The fact of the matter is the masses are stupid. They are more concerned about The Real Housewives and Honey Boo Boo than they are about politics ang your opinion. I think it is time for you to give up. People are no longer listening, which is evident from the comments that follow your posts. You fought the good fight but you no longer have anyone in your corner. I will end by quoting Junior Soprano. He said, "Sometimes people are so far behind the race that they actually believe they are leading." Joey, you have been lapped. The people have moved on past you and they are not looking back. Enjoy your life in Brooklyn and realize that you had a small impact in Aberdeen but the people are no longer following you.

Face the reality said...

Two things in life you can count on 100%. Weathermen or women are not always right and second Norman Kauff and his political operatives are corrupt.

Kauffkins can't stay away said...

The anonymous poster at 12:50 forgot to tell us to go to council meetings if we want to question the council on any subject.

People are no longer following you?

No one has ever followed Mr. Warren.

Norman Kauff, CME and the Kauffkins are the ones who are being followed.

Lapped you say of Mr. Warrens website?

The only thing that will be lapped is Kauff lapping up what falls on the prison floor from his cellmate.

Think about it.

Anonymous said...

God hates Kauff for his corrupt ways and illegal control.

Anonymous said...

School board spending educates our children but all town hall tax money takes care of is Kauff and his CME.


Prison awaits you Kauff said...

ThatsafactJack is right and here's why. Has a town employee or even one of the managers ever come on here to stand up for any of them? Has the mayor ever come on here to defend himself or kauff or any of the others hurting all of us? They want us to think this site means nothing to them. Even though Mr. Warren knows they cannot stay away for this site. They could never deny the truth of all of their corruption and misspent tax monies. Roads is the democratic gold here and we are stupid to think that is all they should do for all of us. It is not all they should be doing but those little treats work on most of the residents. Not on those of us who know better who Kauff and the others despise for posting their politically corrupt activities. Ignorant people say that it is just New Jersey politics. That excuse won't work during testimony. Right Norm?

It's just politics Aberdeen style said...

The Mayor come on here and defend himself , Norman Kauff or the others? No way is all that ever going to happen since that is Rule#1 in the Norman Kauff Political Corruption Instruction Manual for Corrupt Followers as Copyrighted by the Corrupt Printings for Idiot Political Hacks Company. Feel free to get your own corruption tactics filled copy by writing to the Corrupt Printing for Idiot Political Hacks c/o Justice Lane, Township of Aberdeen New Jersey 07747. You can also attain a copy if you want to develop any property anywhere in the Township of Aberdeen as one will be provided to you free of charge with your first of many corruption financing bills that you will get from CME Engineering and all of the similarly needless and overly expensive Legal bills that will be sent from the new Attorneys group that Norman Kauff will insist you have to use in order to attain and maintain any and all developmental approvals under his sole dictatorial control. You may also be able to get a copy if you seek to develop any property anywhere in the Township of Aberdeen as you will no doubt get visited by operatives of the democratic machine and so called democratic club as they offer to *smooth things over* in regards to your developmental approval application process that is also under the Norman Kauff singular corrupt and illegal dictatorial control.

Anonymous said...

sewers margaret we still need sewers. to those who say we should pay for it i ask how do you like your newly paved street courtesy of all of us. my area has not gotten a new street and never forget our politicians lied to us over and over telling us sewers were coming to our area. did they lie to you about your roads. if it was not for the costs of the kauff corruption we would have had sewers long ago. kauff stopped it because of his greed and many things positive for aberdeen have been stopped by kauffs greed and corruption. and our mayors silence tells us everything right margaret.

No corruption in Aberdeen except for said...

You people just don't listen do you?

There is no corruption anywhere in Aberdeen?

Did you not get the memo?

No corruption anywhere in Aberdeen?

Except for the managers office, tax office, police department, town clerk, court room, construction and zoning and of course the town council room.

That is all.

Right Norm?
Right Mayor?
Right Town Council members?

CBeach said...

Don't forget where we pay our taxes and utility bills that is where they really get us.

Anonymous said...

Tara Martinez was the reason that many girls did not participate in (or quit from) Girl Scouts. Her inability to work with others is legendary as is her nastiness if you don't go along with her agenda (which is usually based on what's best for her, not the children of the district).