Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Government For The People

"[T]hat we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain -- that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom -- and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth." – Abraham Lincoln, Gettysburg Address

Are we still resolved to have a government of the people, by the people, for the people?

Are we resolved to have a government of the people or single issue interest groups who sell their votes and support to the highest bidder? 

Are we resolved to have a government by the people or professional politicians and lifelong bureaucrats who shield themselves from the consequences of their decisions?

Are we resolved to have a government for the people?
  • Are rising taxes about investing in our future or bloat, incompetence, and greed?
  • Are our schools’ priority education for our children or job security and benefits for the staff? 
  • Are traffic and parking tickets primarily used for law enforcement and public safety or revenue?
  • Is the Veterans Administration hospital system dedicated to providing the best care for our most deserving or a corrupt organization cooking the books?
  • Are we a nation of laws or are some people more equal than others?
  • Does our government promote hard work and savings or dependency?
  • Do our public officials prefer the unpredictability of the free marketplace or the power to pick winners and losers?
  • Do we have a government that has earned our trust?
This election will test our resolve. This election is not about our two imperfect candidates, it’s about us. What kind of nation do we want? What kind of government do we want? And who will get us there? 

Are we resolved to vote for freedom, safety, and prosperity? Are we resolved to vote for competence and dedication to the public good? Are we resolved to vote that government of the people, by the people, and for the people shall not perish from the earth?
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Democrats=Hypocrites said...

Jeff Sessions spoke to a Russian diplomat twice and the democrats want him to resign.

Where were the democrats demanding resignations during the abysmal Obama years?

1. Benghazi
2. Fast and Furious
3. VA Scandal
4. IRS Scandal
5. Politicization of the Stimulus
6. Atty. General Holder messes
7. Bill Clinton airplane meeting with Obama Attorney General
(Bill and Hillary and Clinton Foundation scandal)
8. Tea Party targeted
9. Benghazi video lies by Susan Wright
10. Bernie Sanders undermined by Debbie Wasserman Schultz

And the list goes on and on and on and on

Anonymous said...

I really think our town needs to become a Sanctuary city for illegals. I mean it's not that much of a stretch since the towns run by self serving do nothing that benefits the community democrat politicians that do everything illegally anyway. Right Freddy boy?

Town worker said...

Another month without Joe has ended. Stay strong Joe you know the truth of what we all know goes on around here.

Anonymous said...


100% truth is said...

Another corruption filled week is coming to a close under our self serving democrats who promise the world and only deliver higher taxes, minimal services and disappointment in flawed democrat only political leadership.


Found on Aberdeen Township Facebook BUT as usual incomplete information put out, we are guessing, by the Public Information person.

Can’t anyone in the town do their job?

Why is this piece not on town website? Do we always have to be told by friends what is being put out by township on other sites than the supposed Official town website?

Question: Since we have more than 1 parking area does this refer to train station or bus parking?

"Aberdeen Township has an abundance of annual & quarterly parking permits currently available. A quarterly parking permit must be renewed every 3 months with a cost of $120 each quarter. The annual parking permits are currently pro-rated at a fee of $400 for March through December. For more information please contact our Mass Transit Secretary Susan Schneider at (732) 583-4200x125. Susan is available Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 am & 4:30 pm".

Why is there an abundance of parking permits available?

Thought there was always a waiting list.

We have heard there was a change in procedures and that things seem very lax with enforcement and wonder if this prompts people to do as they please and not pay since they realize no consequences are coming their way.

Why has the town waited so long to publicize the permits availability" this when such permits one would think are renewed prior to the end of the year. So we who watch the constant democrat messes wonder why now 2 months have passed and the town is losing money.

Once again it is fair to ask who is not doing their job or is it, as we conclude the same person who's messed up so often in the past, although protected of course we must consider since there have been so many errors since being hired. Also since we have 2 media hires, one politically connected to the democrats for decades and one hired under the democrat’s political friends and family program, we must ask which one messed up this time and won't be held accountable once again.

Anonymous said...

Love the D's fake outrage to alarm the citizenry over Russia and Donald Trump. It shows the idiocy of the D's who sat silent on Hillary and her major errors in judgement for years. Of course none of the D's had anything to criticize her for as they all stood beside her with the D standby of blaming the R's Right Wing Conspiracy. Fools is all I can call all of the D's as they continue to block true leadership and beneficial results they all know are coming under Trump and the Republicans. Of course there is going to be some mistakes but nothing that has occurred so far is going anywhere. I mean Conway's shoes on the couch to the D's is a big problem. How quick the D's forget the D disgrace that was and remains in Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

If I'm a Aberdeen corruptocrat what bathroom do I use?

Anonymous said...

****News Flash****

Headline NY Post 2/3/17

Titled Dead man found under huge pile of porn

So we who know the secrets of our local dems must ask If the two old pervert molesters inside the town democrats alive still? On the other side of the local known to our democrat pervert coin has anyone checked on Marc Corren lately?

Anonymous said...

Who in town hall would say this? When you don't do anything you're sworn to do as an elected official just sit back and roll another fattie.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Rogers the TV personality well know to children was known to sing a song entitled "it's a beautiful day in the neighborhood" well he wouldn't sing that song in much of our town. We've got to vote these current politicians out and we need a total change where all areas are represented equally.

Anonymous said...

I'm back so what did I miss while I was gone
I had so much fun and sun now it's time to go on

Let's see democrats still doing nothing to help
really hoped the law would finally be a help

The democrats for years told us what they'd do
except all they did was help their connected few

The guy on the highway their big donor was one
i'm told they gave him everything under the sun

I'm told select payoffs and bribes or jobs he gave up
and us taxpayers paying the bills with our hands up

Our wallets and pocketbooks the democrats will pilfer
even after they hire their next mindless puppet manager

You see independent thought they don't like to see
it's do as I say or you'll be sent away and it'll be costly

Seems one stood up to them a few years back
he refused you see to take blame for the slack

Down south to Florida that one went I am told
he refused to be one they would freely scold

Another one in their sights they had back a few
he I'm told they allowed to move on for what he knew

Now I'm told yesterday that Joe stood up for himself
and they're very afraid he won't sit quiet on a shelf

My contact hopes he blows the roof of the place
several fear they'll be outed for only taking up space

This town politics is very costly to those who won't bow
can't wait to see what they'll do with one who won't cow tow

My contact is getting slow now to give me the inside dope
says the one driving force looking hard likes the dope

Like they say glass houses and stones don't mix
problem is the one with the big mouth they won't fix

He pushes his fellows on the council no doubt
when most of them would like I bet to push him out

It is what it is in politics some in the know might say
problem is we taxpayers are the ones to always pay

Anonymous said...

Dems are showing us every day how they like having nothing but a confused constituency fighting against each other. Then sadly for us they merely get to referee while betraying all of us while blaming the man who wants to Make America Great Again. Obama and his democrats eight years of failure cost us greatly and we must support President Trump. Do not allow these trivialities on display in the liberal media to stop the one man in government who knows that our government is in fact a swamp of selfish egotists who like keeping us at each other's throats rather than looking at their failed leadership.

Anonymous said...

Saturday in the park how many 4th of July's will pass before this new beach park promises happen? In other words how many campaigns of democrat only lies will our democrats in town make us endure before it's built? No corruption my ass. Right Fred?



Aberdeen Township has introduced a new sponsorship program that will offer a wide range of opportunities for businesses on a yearly and event-by-event basis.
The sponsorships, which range in price from $500 to $6,000, provide sponsors with exposure in print, Huskievision, posters, flyers, banners, signage, the township's website and Facebook page.

"Aberdeen's shops and restaurants attract patrons from the township and surrounding communities who also come to Aberdeen for the diverse special events that we offer throughout the year," said Mayor Fred Tagliarini. "Sponsorship of these events is a great way to reach these individuals and help provide this outstanding programming to the community."
For more information on the program, contact Brittany Shea, Public Information Officer, at (732) 583-4200, ext. 130.

So, what happened to the Aberdeen Economic Business Council that should have and
Never did promote the businesses in Aberdeen?

Why don't we have a listing of businesses in Aberdeen on town website?

How insulting can they be to ask for amounts $500 to $6,000 with a 50% discount for Aberdeen businesses. That is typical of Mayor Fred Tagliarini aka Bull Shit salesman trying to make a deal.

Speaking of the mayor be careful since he is up for re-election this year and guessing he will us these events as free campaign time to promote himself and running mates.

Just know that Huskievision is free to the town, township's website and facebook are a joke and cost nothing since the PIO who they claim does that is severely lacking so
hold onto your money.

Why don't they send this email to all the developers who are building in Aberdeen now?
Get money from them since they (town council) have provided more information out in public about them than our local business.

Anonymous said...



He's our man

If he can't hide from his responsibilities

No one can

Go Weedman

Absolutely true said...

Come on our political leaders are A#1. That's if A#1 is short for Self Serving Assholes. You too Carmino you're A#1 while I am at it.

Anonymous said...


They're democrats that's what they do best.

Anonymous said...

Good morning sunshine

Think about it said...

In the subject wording Mr. Warren asks

Do we have a government that has earned our trust?

The answer is a resounding no in this town

The answer is a resounding no in Trenton

The answer is a resounding no in Washington DC

Anonymous said...

Democrats suck

What the Hell said...

WHY are we getting email updates intended for businesses?
We did not sign up for this kind of propaganda.

Home page on Aberdeen Township has email updates sign up so residents can receive information on any from the following list plus it also has Stay up to date and informed on what is happening in Aberdeen. Sounds good but town is not up to date nor does it keep residents informed.

Aberdeen Day
Community Events
Council Meetings
General Interest
Hurricane Sandy Updates
Planning Board Meetings
Police Blotter
Police Press Releases
Recreation Programs
Senior Trips
Summer Adventures
Zoning Board Meetings

Anonymous said...

Joey Mac sighting at Shop Rite he lives 😱

Anonymous said...

It is f'ng amazing how anything and everything Trump does gets criticized, publicized and overanalyzed by everyone who has failed us for the past eight years. I guess that's nothing to the past 20 plus years of our own democrats that are complete and total failures.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

You cannot really imagine how low democrats and liberals will go except now the queen of liberal ignorance Barbara Streisand has sunk to an embarrassing low even for her. Streisand now blames Donald Trump being elected President of the United States for her gaining weight. How long until Schumer and Pelosi jump in front of a camera seeking an investigation by the government blaming President Trump? The liberal democrat ignorance is overwhelming.

Anonymous said...

New sign idea for entrance to our town

Welcome to Aberdeen
(Our politicians suck)

Anonymous said...

Early to bed and early to rise
makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise

An honest days work for a man
makes for an honest man

The words above for most are very true
if you don't look at them thru a political hue

Words on here probably been over a million
pointing to empty words of our every politician

Words of our politicians here are most often lies
we know they are not honest nor are they wise

All we've heard for decades is what will be coming
except it's just been decades of big bills reigning

Every costly project or improvement we've heard about
all allowed the dishonest and corrupt to have clout

The big new donor in town it's said gets the inside track
has now allowed the donor seems to just have a knack

Reported on here three bid proposals used to have to be
one "insider's" bid is not prudent spending for you and me

How then are the words any politicians oath to include
or have anything to do with sworn words when only rude

More promises of a big beach improvements after a decade
just big money for the same few offering very little shade

Parking is the big question with the areas size and space
we can be sure costly revision after revision will be the case

Like the word "extra" used in design, construction and labor
be sure the money our democrats will spend not in our favor

The list of campaign promises that ended up as democrat lies
housing projects and a transit village and more are not wise

Paraphrasing a movie line heard years ago would show
"show me the money" is what our politicians will never show

Millions spent on so few with little taxpayer benefit to show
only a dishonest democrat future we will continue to know

Nothing gets done in our town hall unless they all pay the price
past projects went down democrat drain over the bribe price

So developers and builders went elsewhere on the shore
those who do business here pay corrupt bribes for sure

It is called governmental Pay to Play engineered to please
while politicians ignore our costly taxpayer pain and pleas

Nothing this democrat only town gets done without a bribe
that's from our politicians are just an organized crime tribe

Union proud said...

Here we go again.

Anonymous said...


Is it that hard we ask the board members of the AEBC?

Is it that hard Carmine?

We know you look on here so do something and stop betraying us whom you are supposed to represent. .

Anonymous said...

When our leaders do nothing the people suffer

Anonymous said...

Where is straw man where is straw man? Is he hanging with The Sloth and Vinny? Or maybe Straw Man is having lunch with the supposed only 4 people that are on here?

Anonymous said...

Two poems a day is not my thing
I picked up my phone on the first ring

Seems the two is looking for more money
from businesses the ignore not so funny

When I heard the amounts they wantto sponsor events
it'd have most of the business owners living in tents

Isn't that what the business council supposed to do
oh that's right they help only a select board few

This towns politicians really have a lot of F'ing nerve
it's like it is us not them who are supposed to serve

If you want to sponsor everything the two does it's 6K
all I can say to that is absolutely not no F'ing way

Anonymous said...

Now I hear the meeting for the dormitory and temple is not happening. Do these a holes think we are going away. Losers all of these people are and they've got another thing coming if they want our votes.

Anonymous said...

Major drug by st of cured today in Warren NJ it has been reported. Seems 11 pounds of marijuana were found involving a motor vehicle. So I gotta ask if anyone saw our 3 local lawyers and their fall guy today?

Over and out 10-4 said...

If you know Joe you must know he's been working hard all of these months on what he has yet to disclose. Of course the ones who are putting this upon him are squeaky clean and beyond reproach. That is of course not the truth by far if you worked where we work. It is strange how they know the job he did and that we do comes with public anger and accusation. With what we do and those we encounter it is easy to blame us instead. At least our union is there for Joe flies in the wind all of these months.

Anonymous said...

Pass the dutchie for Cannon won't ever happen he's selfish. That greedy jerk don't share anything except his useless opinions while hiding from his many failures in his own town.

Anonymous said...

I was recently told about this blog and am hoping somebody can tell me what is going on.
I heard about this Cliffwood Matters group and their mission and was planning on attending the meeting listed on Aberdeen Township website main page as Thursday, March 9, 2017 but then I checked the town calendar and Zoning Board meetings are listed as being held on Wednesday nights. So what is the real date of these meetings?
The subject matter should be concerning to all residents of Aberdeen because the group
that is proposing developing on Meinzer Street is religious which means they pay no taxes. Which means we all pay more taxes.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous it is.

Anonymous said...

Obamacare was a democrat mess from the start and now that it's failing miserably and as the GOP and the governments own accountants and experts said it would, the very same democrats have the nerve to blame the republicans. The nightmare that was Obamacare and Clinton lives. Too bad for those of us that pay the bills for sure.

Aberdeen democrats truth is said...

Wait a minute you people think our towns website and community sign should be used to inform you?


You think we should inform you people of all of the important meetings held in town hall that affect you?


You want us to properly inform you about the tens of millions of your tax dollars we waste on our political cronies?


You people expect us to inform you of the meeting dates and times to inform you of our decisions we make that affect you?


Yeah we aren't going to ever do that.

You see we like our short timer meetings with not many people in attendance for being purposefully uninformed.

We don't want people to bother us with questions we won't really ever honestly answer.

Inform the public?


That's not going to happen because that's how we stay in office and keep robbing you people blind.

Don't forget to vote for us your trusting democrats on the next election day

Anonymous said...

Today is National Day Without Women so I've got to ask when is the National Day Without Weed for our do nothing Councilcrook who's a big fan of the marijuana?

Anonymous said...

Our ego driven mayor is not so clean
afraid of testimony from any who've seen

Could it be the rumored no show job he had
of that if he's caught he'd be so very sad

One insider said the job was short lived
long enough until his big next single bid

Single bid some have said was to have been 3
not good enough to get an illegal payoff fee

Others sat silent knowing they were to report
the little bald one i'm sure had a witty retort

The single bid awards are there to see I'm sure
if you ask to see them it'd be made difficult for sure

You must ask for info so exactly in order to see
because they pay people to block you and me

No corruption my ass is said often on here I agreed
when all our politicians are nothing but pure greed

That is the truth of our once fine town of Aberdeen
where our politicians are not anything close to clean

Anonymous said...

Of course Aberdeen's mayor had to send a second email since the first did not have complete information regarding recycling pails. Nothing new.
Outside public firm had the second notice on the patch early today. Why are we paying a private company for work that we have a Public Information Officer on staff to do who I heard is making $42,000 and does nothing as far as the residents can tell.

How does a local person get a job in Aberdeen without connections? My friend's daughter has several degrees and is a sharp young lady who would be a benefit to the township and do the job flawlessly and would certainly fit nicely in the position of Public Information officer for such a nice salary and then we could end contract with private company so we are not paying twice.

CliffwoodMatters always said...

At breakfast with my neighbor read me some face book posts about low income housing coming to town. It is no doubt coming to our town in a way we should not trust. While I am not on face book myself due to my husbands position in the government, I found what she read me to me most telling. She mentioned a woman employee by name who was listed in the post from town hall who once advised of the dormitory possibilities and concerns claimed she would look into it.

Our areas concerns about dormitories being a part of the new buildings up the road at Anchor Glass leave many questions still. As for looking into anything by someone so close to the build processes I could only so don't hold your breath. Like my farmer of a dad would say you never ask the fox to protect the hen house. Anyone in the town buildings know full well of that deal and every other one we've read about or checked on regarding developments is not good for us the taxpayers.

As for dormitories just drive by Ken Garden apartments near me and anyone can see that while they are not dormitories in structure they are being used like them. I for one have no problem with anyones religion on the other hand I have a real problem with our towns politicians keeping us out of the loop or confused by delay after delay in the processes and approvals. Postponing meetings it is in this town what seems a too often used political tool that violates the public trust. We here in Cliffwood are going to be far more involved in this years election.

Anonymous said...

That she blows my recycling tub has been delivered to my house just now. I do have a large amount of recycling every two weeks from my family so I guess if I want another one I can buy one from the town. Let's see I guess I make this check out to

Township of Aberdeen
Attention- Democrat Party Campaign Treasury
Airport Plaza
Hazlet New Jersey

Actually with over two decades of deciete and outright lies this is the very first time the democrats have actually come through.

I got to figure one of the politically connected to our democrats must have very recently gone into the recycling can business. God knows that's the only way anything gets done in this townnunder our dishonest democrats.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous rules

Anonymous said...

Another missed opportunity I see at the hands of the incompocrats. So i get home from work just now and I see I got my recycling tub. Of course and not so surprisingly due to managerial incompetence the tub did not come with exacting instructions on what to recycle and what not to recycle much less when to recycle. So let me guess the towns recycling coordinator was not in today. Either that or the clean communities coordinator was indisposed. I know maybe the family connected printer didn't get the no bid job done on time. I'll use it now for the first and I'm sure not the last time no corruption my ass.

IT FIGURES said...








Anonymous said...

Great idea putting these recycle cans out on a very windy day. All around my neighborhood there are cans and lids blowing all around. Just so typical of our council assholes that think they know what they're doing. Of course they have no idea what they're doing unless you count shakedowns. At that little illegal ditty they're geniuses. They think they know everything right up until they get caught, and then the cry like babies.

Anonymous said...

Google 'remain calm all is well' are words and a 20 second video starring Kevin Bacon from the movie Animal House. I got a strong feeling that if you find the 20 second video on youtube you could imagine our idiot of a councilman Greg 'weedman' Cannon standing similarly outside our local voting locations in town on Election Day. Just imagine Cannon just trying to convince the voters that are tired of him and his democrats that they deserve to keep their posts. They most certainly do not and worse yet they know it also.

Anonymous said...

It is so funny how the recycling container I found in my driveway is a green color. I mean that's the D's favorite color just like the green color of the illegal bribes from developers and single bidders. And the businesses that get ?help? from town enforcement people? And the list goes on and on and on. Right Freddy?

Democrat still don't get it said...

Try as they will the democrats still can't get over the fact that they lost the house and senate and the White House in 2016. Maybe they can figure that out and then figure out how they lost over 1300 elected seats all across the country since 2010. Then they can figure out why most governors in the USA are republicans.

Who's the Recycling Jerk? said...

Why am I so excited to get a recycling can?

It's like the movie The Jerk starring Steve Martin.

His character got so excited when the phone book arrived with his name printed in it.

It is as though he finally arrived and he was in fact somebody.

Speaking of somebody it seems that somebody forgot to include a notice to advise the public of what to recycle with the can.

So who is The Recycling Jerk in town hall this time?

Who was The Jerk for not thinking outside the preverbal box this time?

What Jerk did not think to kill two birds with one recycling container and notify people:

What to recycle.

What not to recycle.

How to recycle each type of recyclable materials.

And finally and most importantly when to put your recycling out for pick up.

Once again our democrats, their puppet manager and their assorted cronies failed us yet again.

Nice to see that the democrat failures continue past two decades now.

I just hope they don't have the mayor do another correcting phone call.

I'm waiting for an honest one from our mayor to tell you the truth.

You know an honest one like:

Hi this is Mayor Fred Tagliarini and I'm calling you on this very expensive, to you the taxpayers of Aberdeen, reverse call system to give cover to yet another big screw up by our town hall offices and employees. This latest screw up is due to the total incompetence of our management and recycling team to do their jobs even minimally.

Anonymous said...

I'm giving 10 to 1 odds that the trash cans was another single bidder taxpayer betraying crony awarding typical corruptocrat illegal kickback move. Side bet will be taken on who will get brought up on bullshit charges next. That's for you Joe so stay strong brother👮

100% truth is said...

Anything the republicans say or do is wrong right out of the gate since Trump was elected president. Amazing how all of the mistakes, scandals and far worse under eight years of Obama had the democrats silent and sitting on their hands.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with our political leadership?

I give you one of the latest confusing examples

Some of our congress people actually stood up and on the floor of our congress praised and complimented the life of the music Rapper Christopher Wallace knows Notirious BIG yesterday.

These democrats of course playing to their outing base glorified a man who while musically talented and innovative sang of drug dealing, abusing women and more as related to crime and violence in his society. Wallace was in fact a convicted drug dealer who our congress people wasted time on honoring him in the hallowed halls of government.

This is our America and our American politicians?

What the F is all I can say.

Makes our disgusting do nothing politicians in Aberdeen the cream of the crop or better yet crime of the crop of ignorant politicians.

Anonymous said...

I hear the weed loving politician only has one song he likes. It's a song by Afroman called Cause I Got High. It darn sure isn't a song about accomplishing anything that benefits the people.

Anonymous said...


Been there done that said...

They don't care one bit about Joey, but they will.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit the dems kept a promise as I got my green pail today. One promise out of a hundred kept isn't bad for a dem.

Anonymous said...

It's finally the weekend so yeehaw!

Anonymous said...

One more day until the typical Sunday Chuck *look at me I'm over here* Schumer press conference of nothingness takes place.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if deep down inside Fred does misses Vinnie Vinci? I mean he was easy to get along with compared to Councilweedman.

Is it True said...

the there is another Cannon brother and he lives in Aberdeen and the talk is he will run in November for Aberdeen Township space replacing either Montone or Martucci?

Anonymous said...

Snow is coming they say from all reports
hurtful Greg Cannon's useless abusive retorts

If you disagree with Greg it seems the case
been quiet lately about Matawan goings on

Brother with the similar hidden arrest history
seems the norm for the two have lousy story

Holier than though they think they are
they should be dressed in feathers and tar

Typical politicians so involved and self serving
looking for any results they're so undeserving

Arrogance while ignoring the taxpayers concerns
makes them think residents are brainless ferns

There seems to be many recognizing Greg's truth
unlike the Babe of old Greg never a hit like Ruth

He swings away and never hits a tax payer home run
like Greg his buddy Fred should not again ever run

Anonymous said...

Big storm coming so bring it on I say to the men and women of the DPW. They always do a great job clearing the snow from our streets.

Anonymous said...

Am I the only one tired of winter?

Anonymous said...

F the dems

Anonymous said...

Trump is still the President of the United States and the Democrat liberals and their liberal media can't get over the fact that THEY SUCK, their candidate Hilary Clinton SUCKED and President Obama's eight years in office was an utter failure of leadership.


Make America Great Again will happen despite the divisiveness of Democrats and their media lackeys.

Anonymous said...

Big snow coming to Aberdeen tomorrow but that's not to be confused with the political snow jobs we get from Councilweedman and the other lying assholes that call themselves our elected officials.

Anonymous said...

If you live in Corrupterdeen and want to know the latest of the upcoming storm to be properly prepared take a look at the Matawan Office of Emergency Management website, it is great.

Once again our Corrupterdeen elected officials, management and emergency services are clueless and despite big salaries and multiple useless media personnel Corrupterdeen has failed us once again despite political promises and millions wasted. Right Mayor Carmino?

Anonymous said...

February 1, 2016
New Jersey now requires homeowners to shovel snow from fire hydrants

Has Aberdeen notified residents of this law?

Is Aberdeen enforcing this law?

Anonymous said...

Where is the list of streets on Aberdeennj.org about snow regulations?
Can't find it. Tell us where to locate.

Anonymous said...

A big storms a coming my inside source said today
hurricane Joe he said and he said Joe don't play

He was told a deal was in the works like others had
he said Joe said no way and he said he's glad

He wants to see all Joe knows get exposed for once
he said he don't know him well be he's no dunce

He said the ones with Joe in their hateful sights
are the ones who should be under interview lights

Great amount of hate he said is the driving force
especially for two he knows on the police force

He says others are elected are often mingling
thinks they are the worse ones pulling the string

Others he knows have done far worse in years past
saved by whose ass they might have been kissed last

From listening to him about goings on in town hall
punishment light or firm depends on the mayors call

We shall soon see he thinks from what he's heard
go public with far more than what he's inferred so far

Hypocrite democrats said...

The Atty. General under Clinton requested and got the resignations of states attorneys. Same occurred under Bush and Obama. So how hypocritical is it for all the democrats and their media to act as though Trump doing it is a sign of unethical leadership. The democrats are disgusting and are the opportunists of hate and interference. What happened to our America?

Thank You John Shea said...

for doing a great job posting important information on your Facebook page Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach
we wish the township would hire you as the PIO
The following lists the different things you have put on
Natural Gas Meters
Snow Plow Info
Ice and Snow from Vehicles
Fire Hydrants clearing and the new law requiring homeowners to clear
Snow Removal ordinance
snow shoveling techniques
Aberdeen Police Dept information on Drug Use and Dealing and how to report
Smoke alarms
aberdeen Township should take note and direct someone to do their job and get some of this out to residents
Keep up the good work.
Thanks again

Anonymous said...

Snow sucks

Anonymous said...

And on the eighth day god created democrats and everything went to shit. Right Freddy boy?

Reality bites said...

Snow forecasters said 12-18 inches of snow and we got 5 we got 5 heavy, wet, hard to move horrendously heavy to shovel snow. I'd take the light fluffy stuff at 24-36 inches instead of the 5 we got anytime.

Been there done that said...

Squeaky clean and beyond reproach. Not the truth by far. If you worked where we work. What we do comes with public anger and accusation. Joe flies in the wind all of these months. If you worked in government you'd know that's how they wear people down to get frustrated so they give up. People who know Joey also know he won't give up and this will get very public long before it's over.

Anonymous said...

Who enforces this

Ordinance 3-2.10 Prohibiting the Deposit of Snow, Ice, Brush in Streets

" It shall be unlawful for any owner or tenant in the removal of snow or ice or in the cutting and removing of vegetation, brush or tree growth, to deposit the same or cause the same to be deposited between the curb lines of the public street. It shall be unlawful for any person to deposit snow or ice, whether removed from any driveway, parking area, sidewalk area or any privately-owned property upon any street with the Township " (Ord. No. 25-1982)

Anonymous said...

I can't believe you Cliffwood people don't trust our town leaders and town management to do the right thing on our behalf.

Man this new Cannonweed is the best stuff.

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen is an 8 letter word

Democrat is an 8 letter word

Failures is the 8 letter word that best describes our Aberdeen democrats failures as in failure to lead, failure to spend taxpayers money efficiently and finally failure to not be self serving.

Thais is the truth of our Aberdeen under these democrat failures who betray the public trust.

Think not?

Look around Aberdeen

Look at the closed storefronts and businesses

The failures of leadership is everywhere

Think about it said...

So Trump ends up in a rap video looking like a clown with a gun pointed at him. I guess that's just fine in the world of liberal democrats and the democrat controlled liberal media. Of course Trump pointing out if that was Obama in such a video there'd be hell to pay. Just imagine if a country music star put Obama in a music video and pointed a gun at Obama. Hypocrites all of them.

Anonymous said...

Trump tweets he thinks Obama wiretapped him and maybe even his campaign. The liberal democrat ruling class has given Trump a week to offer proof. A whole week are they f'ng kidding me. The democrats are idiots one and all is obvious. Speaking of idiot democrats our own idiot mayor and his idiot council have another taxpayer betraying meeting tomorrow night. Right Greg? Good thing they switched all of their schedules to allow you to keep your multiple politically connected government jobs. Multiple politically connected jobs of course that you've criticized republicans for holding. There is a name for that and I can't think of it. Moron is a good start but that isn't it but is a good lead in for now.

Anonymous said...

The big snow that wasn't is over now
spring to be soon upon us somehow

We see snow and slush frozen on our lawns
still our town officials play us like pawns

Pawn is a word for games that gentlemen play
our town has no gentlemen under Pay to Play

Pay to Play was politically approved by a few
it's dirty filthy politics and that is nothing new

In Aberdeen the democrats play it well for now
building projects so long in coming somehow

Promises made but never kept until now is true
problem is at great expense to grease only a few

Anyone think this building is a benefit think again
politicized stealing by democrats only brings pain

Long ago we taxpayers stood a chance at honesty
our leadership now is only democrat dishonesty

TV station at the high school broadcasts meetings
not of our democrats as it would bring unseating

Our democrats like operating in the pitch black dark
with any questioning of their actions seen as a lark

Questioning democrats actions is often met by Cannon
reading the towns months late minutes if recording is on

Other big mouth that really says nothing is the mayor
he it seems is a egotist switch hitting political player

Neither of them answer the questions posed i read
one about heavy truck traffic from residents in need

Seems from reading other issues like that little is said
is that why PILOT is greedy black ink covering the red

Tax money unwisely spent for years with nothing to show
unless it involves the favored political job donor no show

The other dirty lil secret seems to involve ignoring a wife
who works for donor that could cause democrats strife

Some say often in town there's no corruption my ass
obviously our self serving democrats have no class

100% truth is said...

Trump was a joke to the D's when he promised to Make America Great Again

The spin doctors and poll takers said Trump was never going anywhere politically

Trump was a joke to the liberal media controlled and in bed with the Democrats

Trump was a joke when he said the Republican Party needed him to win

Trump was never going to be a serious candidate for elected office according to all of the above

Trump was never going to be any good at the Republican debates

Trump was never going to be able to win a debate against Hillary Clinton

Trump was never going to be able to defeat Hillary Clinton in an election

Well guess what happened?

The Democrats were wrong

The Democrat controlled and beholding liberal media were wrong

The spin doctors and poll takers were wrong

And Donald J. Trump is our President of the United States for the next four years

And guess what

President Donald J. Trump will make America Great Again despite all of the above treasonous actions

Anonymous said...

My teen is on facebook and shows me a woman from Cliffwood who took on Councilman Cannon. Seems he verbally attacked her maybe at a meeting. Look into this for yourself on Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach Facebook page.

Anonymous said...

Anyone hear anything about an honest politician being seen in Aberdeen?

I didn't think so


Anonymous said...

Someone got to my inside contact I fear
told no more info will come why is not clear

I called about an old politician once a cop
said pressures coming down from the top

Was looking for inside info on town hall work
said he thinks pressure on to cover for a jerk

Won't name who is looking can't risk job
the one looking for leak does not do the job

Seems he is a long time lackey for democrats
one of those long time protected tell all rats

It is amazing the time and tax money wasted
it is long overdue democrats are devastated

Out of office they need to go for their betrayal
they use their positions like bad actors portrayal

Many say the proof is all around in what is not done
while the cronies and connected think it just so fun

Big money spent to put these new buildings up
costly political payoffs as our taxes go up and up

The taxpayer damage from political incompetence
to many clear thinking people it makes no sense

I thank the insider for the info was able to provide
now I understand that they must now surely hide

I'll find the deal on the old cop dealings somehow
seems he's still protected just don't know how

Possible improper actions for a bar owner to protect
it is as though town hall is some kind of evil sect

It amazing how much illegal goes on in this little town
taxpayers are betrayed by more than one corrupt clown

Cliffwood Proud said...

We are still hear and we are paying attention.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how all the people complaining about what Trump wants to do are all a big part of the failures of the past?

Anonymous said...

Google the video by George Carlin titled "The ruling class". It is about what the elitists and politicians do to us either together or independently.

Anonymous said...

Wait until you hear how much a membership is at that pool club in Strathmore.

Anonymous said...

Snoop Dog the rapper does a video shooting President Trump. Then his nephew a rapper named Bow Wow says that he would pimp the First Lady Melania Trump out as a whore and the democrats and their media say nothing. This is truly a slap in the face by hollyweird types. They should be in jail bith if these rappers.

Anonymous said...

How is it normal now for one man to be vilified by liberals when all he wants to do is Make America Great Again?

Anonymous said...

These minutes I can find are truly amazing and disappointing at the same time.

I wonder what was really said though because I feel as I read them they may be shortened.

One thing that is certain is that Councilman Cannon says an awful lot and it never seems to be important when all is said and done.

No surprises there from what I have read before about him.

As for most on the council their names seldom come up as being anymore involved than acknowledging they are present at the meeting.

I guess that is like their time clock registering as being present and other than that not much is said by the rest.

Anonymous said...

Heard there is a woman running the Public Works in Aberdeen and someone should direct her to speak to former PW person in charge. James Lauro always did a great job directing his staff so they knew how to plow. The plowing this week was not good. think she needs to learn how to plow so she can give the information to the staff. They need to come out sooner and plow.

Here's why politicians suck said...

If Obamacare is so great why did al the politicians in DC exclude themselves from having to use Obamacare?

Anonymous said...

So many out to get one man that only did his job. Sound familiar George?

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Aberdeen Township Council do this?

Story in Asbury Park Press today
Jackson council approves ban on dormitories

“The reality is this ordinance is not against any race or religion and only a bigoted person would think as much,” Councilman said. “It’s an ordinance that would preserve our current suburban culture, reduce suburban sprawl and limit wanted overdevelopment in our township.”
Supporters have propped up the ordinance changes — which would also limit school construction — as a way to preserve quality of life.

Time for our council to do something for the residents!

Anonymous said...

Shabbat Shalom Mr. Warren and thank you for allowing us to express ourselves.

IVANHOE said...

I hear there won't be any Republican's running for office in our town, Aberdeen, this year in other words the Democratic team will be elected by acclamation. this is as it should be, the natural order of our town. The accoplishments of Mayor Tagliarini and his council are numerous!
The republicans must of realized that they have no issues to run on. The accomplishments of the Democratic team are too overwhelming for them. with more to come.
Republics have no issues. They know there won't be any investigation no indictments and no 4AM knock. No "BIG DISCLOSURE from Joe". He isn't disclosing anything because there's nothing to disclose. That is just the venting of a few disgruntled empliyees.
We invite you to join us in making Aberdeen a better place to live.

Congrats Gayle Jackson said...

Gayle Jackson is a member/poster of Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach Facebook

Good to read that you see Cannon as the bully he is.He does not like when anyone does not agree with him. It is his way or no way. think you might be right about some sort of hanky panky going on in the shadows. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

More democrat hypocrisy on display today. So trump claims he was bugged two weeks ago and the democrats claim he's wrong after only two weeks. These of course are the same democrats who said almost nothing about Hilary Clinton deleting 35,000 emails. Maybe it is just me. Maybe it's really the Russians? Democrats are such assholes interfering and criticizing Trump.

Anonymous said...

Great day for everybody

Bus rider said...

Off the bus in 5,4,3,2, thank god almost home.

Anonymous said...

1 Councilweedman+1 Egotisticalmayor+5 Silentcouncilcrooks=Nothing beneficial for Aberdeen residents, taxpayers and businesses.

Anonymous said...

Early bike tour tomorrow of the way too corrupt building projects going up in town. I'll give a report tomorrow on the progress as soon as I get back. Of course these projects are not connected to any illegal payoffs to our local crook politicians to push these through or to allow huge engineering fees. If you believe that I have some oceanfront property in the Arizona desert to sell you.

Anonymous said...

Know another word that describes the ignorant and quite telling label of "Deplorable" cast upon many of us during the past campaign by Hillary Clinton?


Works fine for this proud Deplorable

F Hillary Clinton and all of those like her

Anonymous said...







It is amazing the continual betraying of our community by its so called political leadership.

Why even have a business group that won't even advertise its businesses?

That's right I forgot the business group only works for our self serving democrat political whores.

I guess Shop, Dine, Enjoy, Live, Love Local is just too hard to do?

Anonymous said...

Hilary Clinton gave a speech where she said she was "eager to come out of the woods". If she would only be honest first and "come out of the closet" first. Right Senator Booker?

Anonymous said...

Give me a D

Give me a E

Give me a M

Give me a O

Give me a C

Give me a R

Give me a A

Give me a T

What does it spell?




Anonymous said...

Cannon is high on the Cliffwood Matter list of do nothing politicians. Too bad he's in office a little longer. They need to target Tag-liar-weenie and the two muppets. Yes I said muppets since puppets are much smarter than muppets.

Anonymous said...

Is it true there's a real cemetery in the backyard of our Mayor? I'm serious about this question so please respond if you know the answer.

Anonymous said...

How come traffic is a concern in Jackson but us Cliffwood are toldvtraffic cannot be considered in the building approvals. Are our politicians liars if Jacksons politicians consider it in their denying dormitories.

Anonymous said...

The sloth has got to know he's never going to sit in the big boy chair. He may as well get the job in the schools coaching baseball next year.

Anonymous said...

Government for the people? Not in Aberdeen under these democrat crooks.It is me, me me and mine as in the mayor and council robbing us blind. Think not? Look around and tell me why the only things getting done in town will make the democrats big contributors at CME engineers very rich.

Anonymous said...

So politicians lie and that's nothing new
but our politicians really know how to screw

The mayor and council do what exactly I ask
since accomplishments is not ever been their task

Promises and lies is truly all they've ever done
and once again it's not fun for any of us

Grant money for this and grant money for that
with single bidding procedures out of the mayors hat

Heard some time ago mayor might have a no show job
the democrats big donor who gets the single bid job

Other questionable handouts get questionably awarded
meanwhile us taxpayers others wait so long end up dead

Senior housing is one long time lie of the democrats
finally getting built with connections to political rats

We heard senior housings been coming and never did
and now it is going up with affordable units that got hid

Same goes for the old factory across town that'll hurt
but not one affordable on 34 and that's the real dirt

Is it true the project rats are only being built in Cliffwood
but not the project connected to mayors buddy should

Nice to have friends in politics to smooth the rails
in truth the mayor and his friends should be in jails

Matawan guy said...

The community group called Cliffwood Matters wants the truth about the insider only, back room and immoral dealings of your politicians and developers except they are probably way too late. To quote a famous move line by an equally famous New Jersey actor from Manasquan: "You can't handle the truth"

The truth is that anything and everything your democrats have done since they were first elected in the mid 90's has been carefully crafted to only benefit themselves, their political party, their political party treasury and their political friends in the county and beyond. This all has come at a very high immoral cost to all of you in the community of Aberdeen. This goes back to the corruption based tag team of Mark Coren and Norman Kauff whose negotiations and outright illegal demands for developers in order to build in Aberdeen have come with such a high price that no developer would build in your town for a very long time. Three maybe four attempts over in the Freneau area of your town failed miserably. You see when the Coren and Kauff negotiation tactics included demands of a 450K fire truck paid for by the developer, only specific law firms to be used by the developer, per unit sold disbursements to said law firm and much more in order to garner the required official sign offs. Such actions and political corruption fueling demands are not going to end well for any developer, much less move such projects forward. The word was out there that your Aberdeen was open for business and the cost was very high to build in Aberdeen.

Such negotiation demands questionably were often held in out of town offices, restaurants and even under the lights of your own municipal parking lot, where the developer brought in to build the senior housing so long promised bucked at the Kauff pressure onslaught to get the building approvals from on high. What was the exact words the developer used to answer the Kauff demands? "I have my own counsel I do not use outside counsel". Exit one honorable developer who stood up to Kauff. Of course no official recordings for the public were ever made or maintained of such meetings to prove or prosecute the taxpayer hurting collusion of Coren and Kauff. These few examples are the absolute truth of your so called democrat party leadership back then and that probably continues today in some form since your own Norman Kauff is still breathing.

As for your current building boom while exemplifying the past corruption based demands and your democrats failure to get anything built for over two decades, you'd have to ask why all of a sudden is the transit project, senior project, factory project and other assorted building projects going on with such fervor. The answer could be the power of new political connections or the lessening of the democrat way too costly monetary demands in order to grease the wheels of their carefully orchestrated and controlled approval processes. Processes of course that care little for you the oppressed residents, taxpayers, business owners and students so long abused and ignored by your democrats. You've all been ignored since the first day their immoral practices took hold. This is the truth about your Aberdeen and your democrats know it and worse yet they don't care as long as they get theirs. Finally to the Cliffwood Matters folks. You are I fear way too late to the democrat only political corruption buffet in your town. Good luck with the fight though and remember to bring change you must vote. Not that our last election did much for stopping political corruption. At least we have the Cannon brothers connection.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Is it to late to return to Matawan Township because the name Aberdeen is the laughing stock in the county seat. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

There's a great amount of building going up and it's going to cost our schools plenty when kids start enrolling.

Anonymous said...

P politicians
O obnoxious
L liars
I ignorant
T tyrannical
I idiots
C corrupt
I incompetent
A arrogant
N nincompoops
S selfish

Town worker said...

This terrible thing going on with Joe is not anything close to fair. We have all seen or heard of other real offenses and nothing happened to those people or they were paid t leave. I guess it is who you know after all. It sends a very clear message to the rest of us still working here. I guess do not rock the boat by doing your job every day just exist quietly.

Anonymous said...

I guess the alarmist DC politicians that erroneously think that the evil russians influenced our last election were big fans of the James Bond 007 movies of the 70's? Idiots one and all is all I can say. That and while Rome burns they ignore the damage to our military and the middle east from the last 8 years of Obama.

Anonymous said...

I've got a comment for the Aberdeener alright its that our democrats are selfish greedy losers who are hurting all of us.

Anonymous said...

If a political party does nothing beneficial or important costing taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars are they embarrassed for betraying their constituency?

If you live in corrupterdeen you know the answer is absolutely not.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the people against all the construction on Cliffwood avenue got weedman in their sights. They better concentrate on Fred and the others running this year since they're an no fng good.

Anonymous said...

How many towns in the county have such greedy politicians? Ours does so F al lthe rest of them. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Illegal deals in secret locations? Developments that won't give money to school for developments children? What do you expect they're loser democrats?

Anonymous said...

The silence for the towns leaders is criminal.

As in hiding all their criminal activities, illegal bribes, shakedowns, hurtful spending and all around self service at the taxpayer funded drive through of political corruption and deceit.

In other words another day in Corrupterdeen.

Anonymous said...

Where's the weed smoking politician today?

Bus rider said...

Pool club is looking closer to being open and fully functional soon let's see how popular it will be.

Bee there done that said...

Joey Mac you had to know his would happen eventually. Too many people not doing their jobs who protect each other so they could continue to do nothing. If you did drugs you might have stood a chance of getting your job back or if you drove a town vehicle drunk then they would have sent you for treatment. Don't count on any help so do what they fear you might do and put them into the fire while they make you wait until you give up.

Anonymous said...

Who I am i'll bet some want to know for sure
I can say freely I live real close to the shore

How I know so much is from years in town
I speak out for I am tired of wearing a frown

I'm far more than a bit of a criticizing poet
around so long inside info I know hot to get

Seen politicians come and go without a doubt
as a lifelong democrat I know ours need voting out

Our town has suffered for years with only lies told
us paying the bill taxpayers are kept out in the cold

Sure there is some building finally going on finally
decades of promises and at what cost to us really

Our leadership decide and hide behind a closed door
5 of 7 on the council at meetings try hard not to snore

Cannon and Tagliarini do most of the talking for sure
not saying much worthwhile as they rob the store

What's the true cost of the decades of democrat lies
study after study that hides the CME big $$$ ties

That is the truth of over 2 decades of democrat lies
while little if anythings accomplished only more lies

Anonymous said...

Ivanhoe is back and as stupid as ever from his latest suggestions. I read his typical rant ending with help to make Aberdeen better again. I did find it ironic that he said Joe Mc won't do anything as if he knows him. I think the other is true and there are a few people who will go up against evil and win. So standby Ivanhoe or better yet Ivanwho and see what happens to who.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Jackson who is taking on Cannon is on the official cliffwood matters website.

Anonymous said...

Joe is not going to disclose anything. He's the typical playground bully - all huff and bluff but no action. Pussy with a capital P.

Anonymous said...

Hey CERT Commander - how's the diet going you lard ass

Anonymous said...

Freddy, Freddy, Freddy ... the more you lie the more you sweat. Civics 101 Freddy

Anonymous said...

Looks like the 4 people have been busy. 4 people my ass.

Anonymous said...

Republicans should have let Obamacare implode.

Anonymous said...

Come on people the democrats got to allow insider only single bidding. You see household votes for cash payoffs in that part of town isn't cheap lately. Kauff used to drop a hundred most of the time and that was good then but no longer. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

The local Patch site listed the best to worst towns to live in New Jersey and out of over 500 towns has listed our corrupt to the core town is number 318. Don't worry we still know the town being the #1 most corrupt town politically in all of New Jersey all thanks to our self serving democrat scum.

Anonymous said...


Town worker said...

We heard today Joe had his discipline hearing and he was sold out by a friend. Expected better is all I can say about that I guess now we know who has joined the ranks of the afternoon tea. Stay strong Joe is hard to say now if that is true though since they were close.

Anonymous said...

Took a walk just now on the sea wall and I don't see where people are going to park to use the area being put forth as a water park. It's that simple from this novice although I'm not an engineer we can be sure was paid way too much. Then again it's an election year for our dems.

Anonymous said...

Another great Keyport St. Pats parade and now it's time for some icy cold ones. Of course it would be nice if our only liar democrats here in Corrupterdeen had actually provided the Main Street instead of promising it time after time after time and never bringing it to completion. Another cause and effect of political greed and corruption. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Meeting after meeting no public notice in advance is a violation of our public officials duties. Meeting after meeting of meeting agendas not publicized as required in advance of meeting for public review prior to meeting. Meeting after meeting of meeting minutes not publicized as required by law. No corruption in Aberdeen my ass is all that needs to be said. 'I hope it is soon to get very loud against the democrats in Aberdeen and they have no one to blame but themselves. Right Joe Mc? Come on people you know that he's not ever going to stop going after the democrats in Aberdeen for what is going on.

Anonymous said...

I witnessed all an effective business development council could do for a community today in Keyport at the parade. On the other side of the coin our business group in Aberdeen still does nothing to really help its local businesses. Maybe they should change the name from the Aberdeen Economic Business Council to the We Ignore Our Local Businesses and Really Only Help Our Self Serving Democrat Politicians.

Cliffwood Beach matters also said...

More democratic progress or more truthfully lack of progress is now on display in Cliffwood Beach once again. A fire in a huge house occurred just after hurricane Sandy with floors falling in on themselves and roof collapsed inside the walls. In years since and despite many complaints about the burned out shell blighting our area the house was a very ugly mark on our neighborhood this disgraceful building stayed. Our workers and politicians ignored many in our area calling to complained with even a woman on the next street over going to see the leaders at meetings to complain. Promises made to her I heard with her told that the building was being removed soon. This ended up being more promises ignored, as the house sat for a very long time hurting our area. We beach area residents can be sure such a house would not have been allowed across town for that long a period of time. Now word is spreading that three houses may be built on the exact same sized property. This our leadership may questionably allow to happen and that if allowed is an insult to us after letting our area be blighted by this burnt out structure for so long. None of the current politicians should allowed to ever make any decisions regarding our area ever again. Quite obviously their needs to be an independent citizens advisory committee to have serious input on such building allowances. It must be almost another two years now since a madman burned the house he was living in on Malden. If things go as planned or ignored by our leadership on since that burned out shell should be an ignored blight on our area for another two years. I cannot be the only one tired of being ignored and betrayed much less lied to. We deserve better than to be ignored and the overcrowded I say.

Anonymous said...

Do we have a government that has earned our trust? Not in this town when our towns financial future depends on politically corrupt self serving democrats who sell themselves to the highest bidder. Right Freddy boy?

do you know about this said...

Technology News | Thu Mar 23, 2017 | 1:50pm EDT
U.S. Senate votes to overturn Obama broadband privacy rules

50 Republicans voted to repeal web privacy and 48 Democrats rejected

Look this up and read story


Anonymous said...

Did Castle of Dreams pay for the retnal of the Cliffwood Community Center for a pasta dinner? If so,how much?
We heard the Cliffwood Matters group had to pay a hefty rental fee for the use of the buildin for just a meeting. Is this true and how much did they pay?

Anonymous said...

I sure hope that they limit the distance the train whistles can blow as they approach those new apartments by the train station.

Anonymous said...

Look at that another week of our do nothing democrats wasting taxpayers money is once again upon us. Then again we are also about to closeout another month of democrat only promises and lies. Why is it nothing ever changes but our tax bills increasing in this town? Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

A water park we get promised but this town needs far more than a waterpark that can be used for only 1/4 of the year.

Anonymous said...

I wanted to honor my oath as a Councilman

But I got high

I wanted to tell the taxpayers the truth

But I got high

I wanted to honor my sworn duty as a lawyer

But I got high

I wanted to report that I got arrested for drugs

But I got high

Lyrics related to a disgraceful councilweedman

Anonymous said...

They don't care about Joe but they will. I worked there years ago and Joe will be heard one way or another. He cared far more than any of them without a doubt. I say good for him and that's that.

Anonymous said...

Business council hahahahaha

Anonymous said...

More hanky pinky it seems is being allowed in a controversial development application. Let me see there wasn't enough property and SHAZZAM somebody seems to buy another property for way too much money. Now the board can SHOCKINGLY approve all that is wanted in the original application. Let me see the candidates up for election will tell us it's a coincidence like we are supposed to think it's just happened without them. Vote these crooks out of office even if it takes the next three elections. No incumbents and don't let them lie to you and say they had no control over any applications cause they control it all. Liars they are nothing but liars.

I have had enough said...

More proof found today that the developers run the politicians here in Aberdeen. Did we elect politicians to look out for our communities best interest or to bend over and take it in the ass from developers who grease them with illegal payoffs. It is a disgrace what is happening in our town.

from Matawan patch said...

If you've noticed a slight chlorine smell in your water

Changes in Water Supply

On April 10, New Jersey American Water will resume using chloramines in water treatment at its Swimming River Water Treatment Plant in Colts Neck and its Jumping Brook Water Treatment Plant in Neptune, the company announced.

In early December, as part of an annual maintenance program for its water distribution system, New Jersey American Water temporarily changed the water treatment process from a chloramine (combination) residual to free chlorine residual. Chloramines have long been effective method of water disinfection that meets all EPA and NJDEP drinking water standards and have been used in Monmouth and Ocean counties since 2012.

The treatment change applies to New Jersey American Water customers in the following communities: Aberdeen Township, Allenhurst, Asbury Park City, Avon, Belmar, Bradley Beach, Colts Neck Township, Deal, Eatontown, Elberon, Fair Haven, Highlands, Holmdel Township, Interlaken, Keansburg, Lake Como, Little Silver, Loch Arbor Village, Long Branch City, Matawan, Middletown Township, Monmouth Beach, Neptune City, Neptune Township (incl. Ocean Grove), Ocean Township, Oceanport, Point Pleasant, Red Bank, Rumson, Sea Bright, Shorelands, Shrewsbury, Shrewsbury Township, Tinton Falls, Union Beach, Wanamassa, and West Long Branch.

The three-month changeover to free chlorine residual enabled the company to perform routine maintenance on its chemical feed systems and remove any residual ammonia from the water distribution system.

During the transition to free chlorine residual, some customers may have noticed a slight chlorine taste and odor in their water. With the resumption of the chlorination process, the taste and smell of chlorine will subside.

For more information about water quality, visit newjerseyamwater.com.

I sec said...

More people expected to attend the anti-powerline event at Brookdale University. We can expect our mayor to press the flesh if he's running this year. He loves giving us civics lessons after all.

Anonymous said...

All of these insults against our town officials and not one of them says a word. Not even from Cannon who is prolific with being on other sites. Wonder why Cannon runs his mouth but will all the truths on here he is silent. Could it be the truth of all that is on here that is the problem? Cannon needs to know the truth shall set him free or at least it will set him into a cell in prison for violating his oath of of office or more truthfully profiting illegally from his office. Right Fred?

Anonymous said...

The mayor and council work for us. I think it's time the whole group was fired.

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