Sunday, August 21, 2016

Questions for Hillary

Election Day approaches and Hillary is the strong favorite in Aberdeen. She's been stumbling on the campaign trail so let's help her with some easy questions.

  1. How would you protect female interns from Bill Clinton and Anthony Weiner?
  2. How much would you charge for the Lincoln Bedroom and should checks be made to cash or the Clinton Foundation?
  3. Which bathroom would you use to store your personal email server and will it be open to transgenders?
  4. On radio, you bragged of using a technicality to get a child rapist a reduced sentence and you accused the 12-year old victim of being the aggressor. Why brag?
  5. In Whitewater, you designed the sales agreements to strip the buyer of all home equity if he missed a single payment for any reason. The contract was legal in Arkansas but illegal in most other states. As president, would you seek to make it legal nationwide?
  6. You wish to increase the number of Syrian refugees coming to our country by 500%. Do you believe that will make us safer?
  7. Simon & Schuster paid you $14 million for a book that only sold 200,000 copies. Ebay paid you $315,000 for a 20-minute speech. Cisco paid you $325,000 just to sit on a stage with the CEO. Do you think these companies got their money’s worth?
  8. Can you name a bill you sponsored as senator?
  9. You have promised to create millions of jobs through infrastructure projects? In today’s age of technology, do you see road builder as a job of the future?
  10. The last 8 years has seen the most anemic economic growth in American history. What would you have done differently?
  11. What was your greatest accomplishment as Secretary of State?
  12. How is your health?

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Hilary ignored ISIS also said...

What is amazing is that Hillary gets a pass on everything but Trump is criticized for everything he says and does. I saw where trump was reported to have received a very serious governmental briefing on world events that is given to both candidates to keep them apprised. The liberal controlled media outlets said "Trump took the briefing very seriously". Well no kidding he should've taken it seriously but they sounded surprised yet on Benghazi Hillary is ignored. Maybe if Hillary and the others took their briefings seriously like Trump ISIS would not have grown to be the world terror it is now under those who totally disregarded ISIS for far too long.

100% truth is said...

Great subject again from our former neighbor Mr. Joe Warren. He still cares more about our town than our self serving political leadership and their incompetent puppet manager ever will. Never have so many been paid so much to accomplish nothing that benefits us their employers.

Anonymous said...

$315,000.00 for a speech that's nothing Taggy Tags gets that just for a grand opening with his a hole buddy from the aebc.

Karma is a Movie said...

And once again a movie night is cancelled disappointing



The real number disappointed probably is

If you take away the kiss ass employees, politicians and democrat hangers on maybe 50 people out of 18,565 residents maybe would show up that aren't they typical ass kissers, politicians seeking votes and their hangers on.

Anonymous said...

If an Aberdeen politician takes an illegal bribe from a developer and nobody knows it is it still against the law?

Yes it is and it happens all of the time in Corrupterdeen

Anonymous said...

Movie nights get cancelled all of the time and the democrats backup plan is? Town hall or the high school auditorium. Nah no high school or any school building can they use as a backup since they're stealing all the school tax money under the democrats PILOT criminal enterprise. Right Freddy boy?

I sec said...

Right back at the D's I see and that's great. Anything to piss off the civics lesson mayor.

I sec said...

Google Clinton body count

100% truth is said...

AEBC hahahahahaha they like their masters on the town council are just not so humorous do nothing beneficial for us clowns.

Thatsafactjack said...

Illegal bribes says anonymous 8/21@5:04.

Illegal bribes in Corrupterdeen?

Not in our town not under our responsible and ethical leadership?

Yeah right ethical leadership my ass cause these scum wouldn't know ethical behavior if they were given classes on how to conduct themselves as public officials that are possibly mandated when they're first elected.

Wait a corruption filled leadership in Corrupterdeen minute they probably had to attend those ethics classes.

Maybe our Corruptocrats need a refresher class on conducting themselves ethically?

With the history of democrat leadership here in Corrupterdeen over the past decades it looks like they need to just put the instructions on a DVD loop and play it 24/7/365 for our so called leaders here in Corrupterdeen.

Maybe they could use the ?solar savings? monitor since that was another lie by our Corruptocrats.

No corruption my ass is all I can say.

I ask anyone to show me one thing these Corruptocrats have done that has been a positive in our town in the last two decades.

Save your time Ivanwhoareyoureally cause you're a equally useless and mindless slave to the do nothing Corruptocrats.

Been there done that said...

Joey McAleerie is not back to work still I hear
so I wonder why his absence is so very unclear

I'm not around for the scuttlebutt to hear
guess i'll just have to wait until it gets over here

If he's gone for good cause that will be a first
cause everybody knows they all have a bloody thirst

If you make waves they'll make you look no good
despite being lies while they're all really all up to no good

So Joey McAleerie I wish you well
to your accusers they can all go to hell

They know they're no good it's clear for all to see
they hide from all of the real wrong doers they let go free

Do yourself a favor Joey McAleerie
go to the press of that they really are in fearie

So listen to one who's been there Joey McAleerie
you've done nothing wrong and that is very clearie

Cliffwood Proud dad said...

Way to go to our police for nabbing a drug dealer in town. Seems a beach area resident was arrested recently for dealing illegal drugs. I of one am glad our force is out there doing a great job.

Anonymous said...

Joey, in your opinion, does the mayor of the city that you reside in, meet the requirements of a good leader?

? of the day said...

Bribes in Aberdeen?

Progress in Aberdeen?

One is true and one is not

Can you guess which one is true?

Anonymous said...

Matawan is taking bids for a new salt shed I hear so its a good thing Aberdeen wasn't told they needed one years ago by the DEP..

Democrat reality is said...

If the Aberdeen democrats in town were a tree and you cut one in half how many rings of do nothing and self serving political corruption could you count? 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,19,20,21,? Time for positive change to come to our town by voting the democrats out.

Anonymous said...

I'll bet the Clinton Foundation bought 199,999 of those Hillary books and Ivanasshole bought the other one.

Anonymous said...

Silly wabbits bribes paid to politicians in this town are as democrats promising the world and getting nothing done. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

The Cliffwood Matters folks it seems have it together because they've got about 1477 members now since this religious school fiasco erupted in the democrats faces. That's a lot of asses for the democrats to kiss and to convince 1477 people that the democrats have not totally ignored us here in the beach and in Cliffwood for over 20 years now. I've got to figure with all the crooked building going on they'll have plenty of walking around money and without a doubt they'll tell us all they plan to do in 2018 that will never happen.

Of course and in typical democrat fashion the democrats who've repeatedly promised lower taxes and an improved beachfront and lower taxes and sewers and lower taxes and better access to information and lower taxes and more efficient town services and lower taxes and??

So like I said they've got a lot of asses to kiss before Election Day 2017. If course Cliffwood hasn't mattered to the democrats forever and now the Cliffwood Matters group is a force to be reckoned with. Good for them is what I have to say and I hope they stay on the democrats after the it's way too late Meinzer property deal is done. I say that since its been a done deal for probably at least a year knowing our lying democrats.

Anonymous said...

Hillary and Aberdeen's DEMONCRATS are cut from the same cloth - greed and corruption; how can I line my pockets and betray the public trust. Here's an example - go to Aberdeen's Facebook page showing Aberdeen's DEMONCRATS digging for the hidden payola in return for train station boondoggle.

Anonymous said...

14,900 more emails that were not disclosed to the FBI even after Crooked Hillary's lawyers said they had turned over all the emails. And the media will say what? Don't vote for this evil list who will say and do anything to get elected.

Bus rider said...

Late bus home tonight and there's lights on what looks like the driveway loop at the pool club. Just in time to illuminate the snow I guess. I just don't get it on how it took so long and it's still not done yet. Maybe it's an Aberdeen thing?

Over and out 10-4 said...

I for one agree with the been there done that post. Joe M should go public and he should go really public.

Anonymous said...

Demoncrats is so true right Freddy boy?

Dem bums said...

Speaking of Tag-liar-weenie and the vote trolling grand opening press releases we don't see them any longer. I also wonder what happened to the police reports being in the newspaper to keep us informed and warned. Let us guess the police publicizing crimes and grand openings vote seeking press will start up just before the next election kickoff by the dems. That'll happen just in time to make the voters think the dems really care about us. They don't care about us and the dems are so done this time around I think with this cliffwood thing. One post said it was a mistake the dems made publicizing it twice. If you know the dems and publicizing things about building projects they are never guilty of that because they keep everything secret until it's to late to stop it.

100% truth is said...

15k more emails showing major players seeking illegal and corrupting access in the democrat party on a national level all tied to the Clinton Foundation's selling of influence to the highest bidder. That type of illegal and corrupting influence peddling goes on in Aberdeen all of the time and it illegally buys an awful lot of fireworks, book bags, BBQ's and don't forget a shitload of weed.

Thatsafactjack said...



Democrats don't keep emails

Know why?

Because they can be used against them in a court of law

Anonymous said...

Dam Shame that this is what our UNITED STATES OF AMERICA has come down to these
2 outrageous people running for President!

God help us all.

They do not represent the middle income working folks. They just want to make their friends RICHER.

both of them make me sick.


Hillary's BIG payday said...

The post above about 199,999 out of 200,000 has to do with Hillary Clinton getting $14 million dollars for her memoirs. The fact is that she only sold 200,000 copies of the book in total and that is a boatload of money to only sell 200,000 books. Just in case you are wondering that works out to $70.00 per book.

Think about it said...

The Heyjackass website lists the Chicago shooting statistics in varying forms.

So here we go for 2016 so far.

August to date (until today)

Shot and Killed 56
Shot and Wounded 271
Total Shot 327
Total Homicides 62

Week in Progress 8/21-8/27 so far

Shot and killed 6
Shot and Wounded 30
Total Shot 36
Total Homicides 6

Year to Date

Shot and Killed 421
Shot and Wounded 2325
Total Shot 2756
Total Homicides 465

This the true historically democrat led urban city environments across the nation.

What will Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter do?

Matawan guy said...

A salt shed in Aberdeen like my Matawan is buying to comply with NJDEP rules and regulations? You don't know the half of your mayor and councils financial screw ups and continual cover ups. Your mayor and council it is said needed to buy a used firetruck and some paver machine instead that some say have never ever been used even once. It is said the costs were over 300k to you taxpayers in Aberdeen. So keep electing democrats Aberdeen if the above don't bother you

Bribes is the answer said...

Bribes in town is the true answer to the ? of the day above. In corrupterdeen it's called political Pay to Play and the PILOT program that robs our schools to fund the corruptocrats financial mismanagement. It seems the manager may hide an awful lot from the corruptocrats on the town council or maybe what they don't know they can't take the blame for.

Hypocrite Democrats and treasonous liberal media said...

Obama finally interrupted his taxpayer funded $10m+ vacation in Martha's Vineyard to go down and see the devastation from the horrible flooding in Louisiana. If it was a Republican that vacationed for almost a week before going to such an area so negatively affected you know it would be all over the news twenty four hours a day for weeks. One other thing how about the Clinton Foundation sending a big check out of the hundreds of millions of dollars questionably collected to Louisiana. Hypocrites like Obama and Clinton along with their liberal media are guilty of treason if you think about it. Really think about that before you vote on election day 2016.

It makes sense said...

Big campaigns like friends don't let friends drive drunk" and "Just say No to drugs" have been around for decades. Decades? Decades? We've had political corruption in Aberdeen for decades. How about we start a new campaign like "Taxpayers don't let politicians screw us all over" I realize in this town it would be a full time job full of hard work and would require the ability to research decades of lies, secrets and corrupt self serving political secrets that are killing this once fine community.

Magical Mystery Machine said...

Scooby Doo- Ruh roh Shaggy I hear there are even more people getting the heave ho out of town hall before Velma retires

Shaggy- I know Scooby I hear they are targeting anyone who knows all about what they've done illegal that hurts taxpayers

Scooby- Yes Shaggy I even heard a maintenance guy that works for the town was just caught dealing drugs

Shaggy- Scooby does that mean the egomaniacal Councilweedman will be getting that maintenance guy rehired then

Scooby- Come on Shaggy you know the Councildoper only does that for well connected to the democrats relatives

Shaggy- But Scooby didn't Counciltoker stand up for that Councilwoman's kid over not getting any help for his comm license

Scooby- No way Shaggy you know they wanted him to fail since Holly and Bob didn't want to hire him in the first place

Shaggy- Ruh roh do you mean Scooby that Bob and Holly set the guy up to fail on purpose to run him out of his job

Scooby- Come on Shaggy you know Bob said that no one was to help the guy out to help him get the license to keep his job

Shaggy- But isn't that really racial discrimination at its worst Scooby Doo and aren't people supposed to report that stuff

Scooby- Shaggy this is Corrupterdeen and the laws and racial discrimination is nothing to our politicians and town manager

Shaggy- But Scooby Doo you know that Bob and Holly made really big and costly mistakes the council did nothing about

Scooby- I know Shaggy but that fit what they needed to keep the illegal secrets they ignored all that Bob and Holly did wrong

Shaggy- But Scooby do all of that is against the law and costs the taxpayers so much money don't it Scooby Doo

Scooby- That does not matter Shaggy if they can force out the people who know the truth

Velma- Come on you idiots you know I've got the real damaging evidence on the mayor and council so I am untouchable

Shaggy- But Velma you know Scooby Doo and I know that other people have evidence against all of you

Velma- Now Shaggy and Scooby Doo you know we just pay people big money to leave and we've done it for decades

Scooby Doo- It is amazing how much corruption and criminal conduct goes on in Corrupterdeen right Shaggy

Shaggy- Nothing but a magical mystery machine it sounds like inside the Corrupterdeen town hall right Scooby

Scooby- I guess we don't have to wonder why nothing gets accomplished by the Democrats in Corrupterdeen right Shaggy

Shaggy- You got that right Scooby Doo that's why the Democrats in Corrupterdeen only deserve to be investigated

Scooby- Ruh roh Shaggy you know that is long overdue to save what is left of Corrupterdeen after decades of only Democrats

Anonymous said...

Perverts in the dems are you serious/ Have you seen the screwing we get in our tax bills?

Johnny law said...

It was not a town employee arrested for dealing drugs recently in Aberdeen. It was a former employee of the town that was arrested for drug possession and drug dealing.

Anonymous said...

Once again creativity expressed on here coupled with the lack of responses or defending retort from those so corrupt exemplified on here in a funny and biting way tells us much.

Matawan guy said...

The police impostor arrest has been passed on to the challengers in Matawan. Time to hit the links is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Reefer Madness is the movie the town should show next.

Anonymous said...

People knew about Coren and kept quiet about it so the two molesters there now don't matter to the democrats either.

Anonymous said...

No way they are pushing people out of their jobs in Corrupterdeen. What's next hiring political friends and family to fill those jobs that they forced people out of.

It's that bad said...

I'm so sick of the democrats in corruterdeen I rather watch the Kardashians television show for the rest of my life only.

Peachtree said...

Tried to talk to a worker at the Bruno's property today but no luck. Trying to find out if the build is being stopped for a legitimate reason or is it politics as usual or unusual in town. I learn more everyday about these officials that I have trusted and shouldn't have trusted even a little bit.

Union proud said...

Salt shed we need much more than that before next year.

100 true said...

The new owner of the Revel Casino property in Atlantic city says he's already tired of the corrupt politics in New Jersey. Got to figure this guy had to have stopped in Aberdeen on his way down the parkway and met up with our corrupt to the core mayor and council.

Anonymous said...

Tax bills isn't the only screwing the democrats give us. The people in Cliffwood are really getting screwed over and their silence has not helped them. Where is this Bruno property posted about on here? I'd like to take a look.

100% truth is said...

Summer is coming to a close and the democrats here in Aberdeen have really only lined their own pockets with developers money taken without fail or consideration of the residents and taxpayers or students in town.

Union proud said...

Here we go again to be unappreciated and abused.

Anonymous said...

They don't think Joe will go public I think. Think again I think.

Anonymous said...


Bruno's property development was voted down by the Zoning Board because they were trying to put up 60+ condominiums. Building can be demolished, but they don't have approvals to build. That's the reason for work stoppage.

Anonymous said...

Just because people get elected don't make them experts and in this town our politicians are not experts in anything but greed. Right Toker

Anonymous said...


1 from Matawan First said...

From First

Greg Cannon posted on August 8 at 1:28pm
Citizens, Please click below for how to accomplish beneficial, intelligent Transit Village development through the use of PILOT incentives. Please note the bi-partisan attendance of elected officials lauding the occasion. Of course, former Matawan Mayor Buccellato was asked three years ago to form a new joint effort between Aberdeen and Matawan on this specific project - of course, he took no chances and ignored us... Maybe the Restore Matawan Team will have the political guts to take a chance on a renewed Aberdeen-Matawan Transit Village. Sincerely, Aberdeen Councilman Greg Cannon (732) 904-8622.

Matawan First August 17 at 3:24am
Councilman Cannon, based on the available planning board minutes of all these high density developments - including those designated pilot- not once was the school district consulted about impact nor asked about whether the township's flawed impact studies were accurate or if the projected numbers they gave were absorbable without over burdening current district infrastructure, staff and educational programs. There was plenty of discussion on potential number of children as related to the need for tot lots at each development but none about impact to schools. Guess the tax levy isn't a concern when you don't plan to stick around long enough to pay it or give yourself a raise every year to cover your own property taxes.. and of course, why would they care what impact their ill conceived over development has on Matawan since they don't live here..., the Aberdeen mayor summed it up recently when responding to a Matawan resident asking for more cooperation between municipalities " Matawan doesn't tell us what to do..,"
Greg Cannon First, the Board of Education members have been at every one of those meetings - in fact, two BOE members were at our Council meeting three weeks ago and one member was there last week.

Greg Cannon Second, the notion that a commuter development of 1-and-2 bedroom units next to the train station requires new schools is laughable. The Glassworks of predominantly 1-and-2 bedroom units doesn't require new school buildings. The senior 55+ developmen...

Greg Cannon Third, here's a basic question that exposes your lies: If the BOE knew of these approved developments - in some cases, for more than a decade, then why would the BOE pass a multi-million dollar bond referendum in 2015 to enhance the existing buildings...

Greg Cannon Fourth, addressing another lie: In the seven years I have been on the Council, I have never received a raise - let alone voted myself a raise. That's a fact and you can look it up on APP Data Universe online.

2 from Matawan First said...

Greg Cannon Fifth, as to the implication that I'm "not sticking around" to pay the tax levy - more lies: I've moved twice since I first rant for the Council to accomodate my expanding family. My residences since returning to town after living away at graduate sc..

Greg Cannon Sixth, it's true, Matawan does not tell Aberdeen what to do, nor vice versa. In reality, if Aberdeen had been told what to do by Matawan, then Mayor Tagliarini and I might've listened to former Matawan Mayor Paul Buccellato's advice "not to touch the train station" because it's too politically risky. Then again, if we had listened to that advice in 2011, we'd still have two towns with abandoned buildings - rather than just the eyesores on the Matawan side of the tracks now... At least Mayor Paul is consistent - he's still banging the drum of "no progress" in both towns, which I guess is why he's no longer the Mayor...

Greg Cannon Finally, again, if anyone wants to know the truth about what's going on in our towns, please feel free to call me any time at 732-904-8622. Matawan First will never post a phone number for you here because it's easier to lie through the internet than face the truth of a failed GOP administration that has been in full control of Matawan for 9 years and still has 4-2 control of the Council in 2016, but must now pretend to be some kind of "reform" movement because the status quo reveals how badly they neglected the town for a decade. No one is buying it. --Aberdeen Councilman

August 19 at 4:02pm – An Aberdeen Resident said feeling heartbroken. 21 hrs · Cliffwood Beach, NJ

So I finally found Meinzer St. (it's right near Cliffwood School for those of you that might not know ), and I must say it is a BEAUTIFUL, QUAINT, LITTLE PIECE OF PEACEFULNESS. The trees are old and BEAUTIFUL. I cannot imagine just how many of these trees must be killed, nor how it is even POSSIBLE to fit that many buildings and people back there!!! frown emoticon
Matawan First It's sickening . As tax paying citizens you have 2 options . A) Attend meetings & voice your opposition. B) Vote your Democratic lawmakers , who approved the plans , OUT OF OFFICE , in November .

Greg Cannon Another lie - the plans are not approved. Nothing has been approved That's why there's zoning board meetings/hearings about this project in the first place. Kind of sad that you're this desperate, Paul. You have a legitimate policy issue to debate and you're destroying your justifiable position by lying for no reason. Again, if anyone wants to know the actual facts of this pending application for development (which has not been approved), then please feel free to call me at 732-904-8622. And, thank you Matawan GOP for entering my cellphone number into every telemarketing list you could find - that's actually pretty funny... --Aberdeen Councilman

Anonymous said...

Another corruption filled week with nothing accomplished by our corruptocrats.

More Matawan First Continued said...

If the Councilman does indeed actually stay in Aberdeen and send his children to the public schools, good for them! They will get a great education, in our opinion. Perhaps, then he may actually start to care about what the impact of the reckless development he and his council have slammed through actually will have on the district. Sadly his past favorite pass the buck phrase, "fire administrators" won't work then.... Even if the district could fire every administrator, the salaries "saved" wouldn't put a dent in increased costs these developments will make unavoidable. Our guess is the councilman won't be sending his kids to our district schools though... With campaign contributors like Carmine of Home Away From Home ... It is more likely in our opinion they will be going there. If we end up being right, then the councilman won't have to face what his actions will impose on everyone else and can continue to try blaming the district for everything rather than accepting responsibility for keeping them in the dark just like the constituents in Aberdeen. Guess we will all have to wait and see...
Clearly, the councilman is reacting poorly to having a light shown on his shady behavior, along with his fellow Aberdeen council members. Apparently people aren't as unintelligent as the deal makers thought and they have starting connecting the dots. Perhaps that's why the councilman has nothing real to offer and can only personally attack the former mayor in the end.
In our opinion, it seems rather pathetic really... Lies and personal family vendettas are the real " issues" of the Cannons( just ask them), not keeping Matawan's credit rating AA through fiscal responsibility, unlike Aberdeen's repeatedly reduced rating, negotiating sizable County funding for and saving money to pay for the Borough's share of mandatory dam repairs all through cost cutting measures and fiscally responsible budgeting, careful, NON PILOT development planning that will produce tax revenue to the borough and school district, renovate area parks through grants rather than 30 year bonds the taxpayers pay for like Aberdeen does, all of which happened under the leadership of that Mayor and the current majority council. Don't be mislead Citizens, all those accomplishments "Restore Matawn" and the Cannon brothers keep taking credit for are not theirs to claim. They can claim a phony 0% budget that is actually $453,000 higher than 2015. They don't want tell Citizens that the current Mayor raided the Dam fund just so he could pull off his smoke and mirrors lie of a 0% increase. We invite everyone to review the council minutes regarding the budget to learn for your selves. In the end, posting a cell phone number along with ranking Face Book posts can't fool the intelligent thinking citizens of Matawan. Apparently, from what we see, it's not working so well over in Aberdeen these days either! Go ahead and continue to screw your residents Councilman, if you wish, but kindly stay out of Matawan's government and business! We don't like what you are selling!

Anonymous said...

Bruno prop is on Cliffwood Ave just before the train tracks. Its on the right side when you drive from the parkway towards hwy 35.

Cliff wood Matters asks said...

Questions for Hillary?

How about questions for our Mayor and Council?

How about these questions for our liars like Hillary

Why would you concentrate 850 residences in one so small area?
Why would you disregard your responsibility to us the area residents?
Why would you overlook well known environmental problems on these properties?
Why would you not look into the dangerous traffic that will hurt the area?
Why would you take money from the school system that will raise all our taxes?
Why would you not put the areas residents first before monied builders?

Because you are all incompetent bloodsuckers that only think of themselves

/needs to be said said...

What is going on with this town when the elected officials betray us as a matter of cause. It is time for their idiocy and betrayal to be publicized for all to see.

Frankie said...

Unappreciated? Abused? Try paying my taxes in this corrupt democrat only town.

Anonymous said...

Reefer madness that was a good one. Don't you think so Ivanhoe? I mean Greg.

Anonymous said...

It's that time of year again I can see from the signs blocking many intersections. I say blocking intersections because where I work we wanted to put a sign closer to the highway in Puscataway two weeks ago and we were told no because it blocked visibility and was unsafe. Imagine that blocked visibility and was unsafe and in this town it seems to be allowed perhaps politically allowed I'd imagine. I'd love to own a property on one of the properties I'd go in and out in an application to put up a sign and see if they'd let me go out to the same area by intersections so heavily traveled. Do you think I'd get permission? I think not.

Keith said...

When as Mayor Fred a republican?

Anonymous said...

Stop the insanity vote the dems out.

Tru dat mi amigo said...





Our Aberdeen democrats are nothing but scum

Anonymous said...

It has been said that the taxpayers and residents have no clue on how bad Aberdeen is managed and they're right. It is in fact criminal while very typical of government too often run by amateurs. Here they think they have all of the answers and their answers are flawed and merely placate. The group in power fail all of you at every turn and only take care of their own inner circle. They trust those they fear or need to continue the charade all is well.

100% truth is said...

The following are guilty of treasonous conduct perpetrated against the entire community of Aberdeen New Jersey

Planning Board and their Attorney
Zoning Board and their Attorney
Aberdeen Economic Business Council
Mayor and Town Council and their Attorney
Democrat Party of Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

Aberdeen Day is coming

Where can I go instead?

Democrat mantra is said...

Never has so much been promised that was never delivered upon for so much taxpayer money

Anonymous said...

Cliffwood Matters signs state SAVE OUR TOWN


We can't afford to pay higher taxes in Aberdeen for this project!

Guaranteed said...

And soon the whole world will know

Anonymous said...

Is everyone excited about the start of a new week of self serving democrat only leadership? I don't know about you but I really can't wait to see what will get promised by the democrats this new week in August and then never get accomplished. Right Mayor Fred

Anonymous said...

Let's just accept the fact that our politicians are totally corrupt and don't give a shit about us. Maybe they should use the politically entrenched media firm and the family hire media girl to publicize the fact for all to see.

Anonymous said...

12 hours and 47 minutes until the D's get their greedy hands on our money.

100% truth is said...

Building in many communities is opposed on many grounds and in Aberdeen it is come on builders of questionable character build away. Just be sure to fill the coffers of our local corrupt democrats on your way to screwing over the taxpayers.

Think about it said...

In seven days God created the entire world

We've had to endure 21 years of democrats destroying Aberdeen?

Vote the democrats out next election and save our town

Anonymous said...

The more I read the madder I get from what I read on here. Certainly some of these seek to embarrass our towns officials and from what I've read here consistently it is necessary. On the other hand if the officials don't respond is it worthwhile?

Anonymous said...

What time is it it's corruption time of course this is after al corrupterdeen.

Time for change said...

In a land far far away leaders actually lead. Not here in Aberdeen under these democrats.

Anonymous said...

Cannon-bis as is cannabis cause he's a doper in more ways then one.

Anonymous said...

And another week of do nothing politics as usual being from thoroughly corrupt and self serving begins anew in our Corrupterdeen. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

What is this about a Reefercouncilman recall effort I just heard about?

Cannon is spreading his stupidity said...

Looks like Cannon is pissing off people in Matawan now on a full time basis. Does this guy understand he's an asshole?

Anonymous said...

Congressman Weiner cannot keep his junk out of the press. I guess Cannon is an angel for just being a drug using politician?

Anonymous said...

Looks like Cannon v/s Buccelato is going to be better than Ali v/s Frazier except one is the winner and one is obviously a liar.

I present the following to prove that Greg Cannon is nothing more than a liar.

Let us see why Cannon is nothing but an egomaniacal and self serving political lying politician

Did Greg Cannon not get arrested for drug possession and hide it from the voters in Aberdeen? Yes he did and he knows it.

Did Greg Cannon post that the zoning application for the Meinzer St. build is not approved? Yes he did and if you know anything about Aberdeen the democrats control the approving boards and stack them with family and friends or useless mannequins and despite him saying the approval process is underway it is routinely approved long before the zoning board members are told to approve it because the entire process is rigged politically and violates each and every procedural rule and has been so for decades in Aberdeen under the democrats hurting the citizens and costing them greatly.

Did Greg Cannon post his telephone number for people to call him so he could illegally discuss the building or developmental approval processes while violating the law? Yes he did and from his long winded responses along with the so laughable defending of his ignorance and uselessness as a politician it is because he can't help himself. Being a politician and even worse a lawyer all Greg Cannon does is a learned arrogance so he can't help himself. You can bet Greg Cannon's main puppeteer, the similarly lying Fred Tag-liar-ini is not happy about what Greg Cannon is doing in Matawan.

Did Greg Cannon repeatedly criticize other officials (republican only) in the county for holding multiple official positions? Yes and Greg Cannon himself holds at least two paid positions in governmental service making him a typical politician and hypocrite. No one should be surprised that Greg Cannon is a hypocrite he is a democrat after all.

This is much more than one political taking on one politician. This is Greg Cannon having so much guilt for his leadership failures that he cannot defend himself enough, lie enough and definitely has not one accomplishment as a politician in Aberdeen to be proud of or run on again much less criticize Buccelato on.

I am just glad Greg Cannon is a useless politician in Aberdeen and not here. As for his candidate for council brother he has a long road to go before he gets elected and the Cannon brothers maybe need to look in the mirror and think long and hard before thinking of running for election again or the other brother for the first time in our town of Matawan.

Just look around said...

100% truth you should know it is far more than treason the corruptocrats are guilty of in this town. Never has so much been misspent or funneled politically to cronies producing absolutely nothing to benefit an entire community.

Anonymous said...

Much like Jan Brady tired of hearing Marcua Marcia Marcia I'm tired of hearing Cannon
Cannon Cannon. Yes he's a mindless jerk everybody knows it so get over it already and vote him out if office when you can. It's your town take it back by voting.

Anonymous said...

Weiner? Don't you mean Tag-liar-weenie?

Anonymous said...

He's not a drug user just ask him πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

Get over it already the democrats screw you over every single day and they don't care one bit about any of you.

Johnny law said...

Signs and messed up properties are everywhere I hear. I guess it is worth it to get rid of Joe and let the town backslide. And the sloth gets to do what?

Anonymous said...

And another month with nothing benefiting us taxpayers of Aberdeen has almost ended. All thanks to the do nothing democrats.

Kim said...

Weiner seems to be that guys forte :) damn politicians are disgusting no matter what.

100% truth is said...

Treason one of you say so I ask do you know what treason really is in Aberdeen?

Think about it like I do

T Treacherous
R Repugnant
E Egotistical
A Arrogant
S Self serving
O Obnoxious
N Nothing accomplished for decades

That is the truth regarding the corrupt to the core democrats profiting illegally while also destroying and burdening us taxpayers here in Aberdeen for far too long now.

Vote the democrats out of office and save what is left of our town.

They've done nothing for decades.

Just look around and see what looks exactly the same for over 20 years now.

What have they done to benefit our community.

Ask one of them that question and you'll see what a non-answer answer really sounds like.

Matawan Guy said...

Off to the links in a few minutes since I have been playing all I can this summer. On the other hand very soon golf will be replaced by politics as I have been brought into the Brett Cannon candidate for council fray. We in Matawan do not need or want a mirror image of the ego and arrogance that is Greg Cannon in his brother. A Cannon in Matawan screwing things up or more truly doing nothing as is so typical in our neighboring Aberdeen. Nothing ever done is well known to be Greg Cannon and Aberdeen's councils truth for years and we like things getting done not getting spent unwisely as is obvious. Former Mayor B. is fully involved in a to say the least spat with Greg Cannon and while it is getting nasty. While much more needs to be done and soon many more people are against the brother being elected here in Matawan and it is soon to kick off. Fore is all I can say to candidate Cannon and he better learn to duck.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Aberdeen you're so screwed

Over and out 10-4 said...

Johnny Law you know that that job was a no win just like ours is. Maybe he will be a force as they push him out the door and put it out there finally.

Anonymous said...

Use the asphalt machine yet hahahahaha

Sell the fire truck taxpayers bought twice hahahahahahaha

This is Corrupterdeen hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Cannon deserves all of this just for being a pompous ass.

Anonymous said...

CME No Longer makes political contributions to candidates. Why, you ask? The answer is simple. A political donation or contribution is non-deductible for income tax purposes, so the donor has to pay with after tax dollars. This is a huge problem for many of the politically connected. This was made even worse by firms having their principals or even some employees make donations which the firm would eventually reimburse or worse yet, issue a bonus check to the employee which was in fact reimbursement for the improper political donations to the employee or the employee was issued a bonus (think Birdsall).

However, fear not, a solution has been found. It is called the "Speaking Fee" - Something perfected by our current DemoRATic candidate for President.

Coming soon to a theatre near you. Eventually all NJ Mayors, FreeLOADers, Councilmen etc. will be in demand on the speaker circuit.

Only in NJ.

Anonymous said...

Looked up properties on county road and only one I think might be used for a recycling plant. It's right across from the new townhouse project. Imagine if that happens and you spent big bucks and now will get to put up with a noisy recycling plant right next door. It's alright it's only Cliffwood. Right Mayor Fred

Anonymous said...

You deserve what you get for electing no good democrats.

Pompous ass+ said...

What is it you call a person that's more accurately descriptive than a pompous was? Because what ever it is that is our greg cannon. {;eat take the time to read the very long texts of what looks like Facebook banter with Greg Cannon and others. This guy is an A#1 asshole. Then again he is a democrat and a politician even possibly a lawyer it is said and that is the icing on the cake.

Cannonpoetry said...

Matawan guy to you and you compadres I wish you much luck
Cause Greg Canon is a useless self serving fuck

Now not only has Greg been arrested for drugs
Now his brother betrays real cops the two are both slugs

It is truly a shame they think themselves above the law
When both of them deserve to be punched in the jaw

Maybe the two of them will get what they truly deserve
Two trips to prison I hope they get with a lot of time to serve

Thatsafactjack said...

Sept. 1, 2016 a day that will live in infamy.

Know why?

Because the democrats will do nothing again today to benefit our town.

Vote the democrats out of office to save what is left of Aberdeen.

Been there done that said...

Go public Joey McAleeree go public no way he would never do that he loves the leadership in this town and they love him so much. Can't you tell how much they love him. It is just a big message to all the other workers don't rock the boat and you will be left alone. You have no idea what goes on in their and the last thing any worker in town needs is a memory or a conscience.

Anonymous said...


Duck duck goosed is a game Cannon may be playing in prison soon. Most people go to prison for breaking the law and he's no different except he and his cohorts on the council deserve to go to prison for doing nothing but break the law hurting the citizens of Corrupterdeen.

Aberdeen democrat truth is said...

Top 10 things that happened in Aberdeen under the democrats

1. Higher taxes
2. Higher taxes
3. Higher taxes
4. Promised train station improvements 13 years
5. Promised senior housing 20 years
6. Promised development-sewers in Freneau 25 years
7. Higher taxes
8. Promised factory development 15 years
9. Promised beach improvements 20 years
10. Business group created-does nothing to help businesses

They're not special said...

I guess we can assume the Cannon brothers don't get it? If you break the law there's a price to be paid you two boys.

Anonymous said...

I guess Mr. Fred doesn't remember the days he was an R before he sold his soul to Norman Kauff and became a heartless D. It's a shame what happened to the man who was such a good person for our league and kids.

Anonymous said...

One of the current losers on the council told my neighbor that the people who put things on this site don't know what they're talking about. I guess that's why the current losers won't come on here and defend themselves. And IvanCannon don't count cause he don't want to get yelled at by Boss Tagliarini and that asshole that runs the business council PAC for the democrats in town. F all of them.

Anonymous said...

Heading out for the weekend I'm sure nothing will change but the amount of money illegally taken from crooked developed by the democrat whores in Corrupterdeen. Right Freddy boy?

Town worker said...

Questions for Hillary will be nothing soon I hear. Wait until the questions for the mayor and council start up from the lawsuits soon to be coming their way. They'll try and explain away all of the suspicious firings and retirement deals. They made those to cover up the big money mistakes by those they let slide or retire quickly to avoid charges. or embarrassment for being unaware Some say the mayor and council don't want to know what the manager and others have done or more precisely failed to do. I don't think that will be an excuse that will be believed by many.

Bus rider said...

And still the pool club as we pass it does not look even close to being done. Maybe they're going to bring in giant freezers and use the place for ice hockey. Are you sure this is not being done by the town.

Anonymous said...

100 million people are expected to watch the first Clinton Trump debate. That is the exact number of people our town democrats have hit up for illegal bribes in the past 20 years. Right Mayor Carmino?

Anonymous said...

It's the last weekend of the summer is true

And to our scummy democrats I say F YOU

Anonymous said...

McAleer will get his pound of flesh except with all he knows it will be a ton of flesh. Mark my words he knows what he knows. Right joe?

What the f said...

No bullshit Cannons bro got arrested? If this is true I am going to laugh in his face when I see him at my door running for council. Anyone know where can I get a fake police badge to give him when he shows up at my door seeking votes. What a family that is boy oh boy.

Cliffwood Matters said...

Love this site and am proud of my neighbors for the support for us in Cliffwood. I'm sitting here enjoying and meeting all negatively affected by our who cares about Cliffwood leaders. They have ignored us until now that is. and they know we are a force now not to be ignored.

Code Red system abuse said...

Holy Shit

I don't believe it

This is unbelievable

A historic new occurrence

I actually got an emergency warning on my answering machine today from the town

No mention of movies, canceled movies, softball games, cancelled softball games, movie nights, cancelled movie nights........

Need I say more?

Stay off the emergency phone system unless it is an emergency you fucking morons ruining not running Aberdeen

3 said...




Where be da police? said...

No way you're saying our towns democrats have illegally taken bribes for decades? What's next you're going to tell me one of them has been arrested and is a known drug abuser? What's next the leaders selling out the citizenry to developers?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous here and anonymous there
No responses the democrats don't care

People anonymously post things on here
Since they have the right to be in fear

The democrats they criticize on here don't care
I think that's about to change more than a hair

Assholes like Ivanhoe defend the undefendable
Ivanhoe won't use his name so he's a fable

Some say Ivanhoe is really Greg Cannon
I don't thing so he is more like a total moron

Now Brett Cannon wants a chance to play
In the political cesspool he can't stay away

Like his brother it seems he wants to be
Then he needs to start doing drugs immediately

Anonymous said...

And the winner of the most selfish politician in the United States of America is

Drumroll please



I can't believe it

Once again

With no one even close

The winner is

Excuse me ladies and gentlemen

The winners are

For the 21st year in a row

The winners are

The Townsjip of Aberdeen New Jerseys


Self serving

Morally corrupt to the corp

Taxpayer betraying

Student betraying

Resident betraying

Business betraying

All encompassing



Mayor Fred Tagliarini

Deputy Mayor Maggie Mobtone

Councilman Martucci

Councilman Hirsch

Councilwoman Kelley

Councilman Swindle

Councilman 'Weedman' Cannon

Anonymous said...

Let the storm come cause it can't be any worse than the damage the dems have done to us. Right Fred

Anonymous said...

Big blow coming through town today.I her the democrats are jealous because they're the big blowhards in town. Right Freddy boy?

New on here said...

So in less than one half mile ver 750 residences are being put up and our towns management and elected officials don't have a problem with that. What assholes is all I can say self serving assholes.

Anonymous said...

You know the dems as in dem bums had spies at that picnic last night. Soon they'll start calling the leaders of the opposition to cozy up. Tell them no fng way.

Anonymous said...

Got my first real phone today so here goes my first emoji ever being sent courtesy of Verizon


Can you guess who I'm sending it to?
Look below after you guess who

Greg Cannons stupid egomaniacal ass

Is that what you wanted Mayor Fred?

We know you don't like him a Mayor Fred

Anonymous said...

Recycling plant in Cliffwood no way let's find out where the mayor lives and put it next to him. See how he likes it since we are getting all this building without a say.

Anonymous said...

AEBC absolutely everything becomes corrupt

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunset tonight thank you Lord

Charles street said...

You gotta figure we will get told we will get sewers next year since its an election year.

Anonymous said...

Oh what a beautiful morning
Oh what a beautiful day
Oh what a beautiful morning
If only our Democrats would go away

Cliffwood Matters said...

It finally happened the community day is for all of the community areas from the activities listed so far. I just hope the politicians let the people enjoy the day and not turn it into a vote grab.

Charles street said...

Big meeting on Sep 7 at the old first aid building in the beach. Come and support the Cliffwood residents the D's are screwing over. At least they're not waiting for sewers as long as we have waited here in Freneau.

BIG $$$$ wasted said...

I don't know about you but I am so glad that our town took advantage of the military giveaway of vehicles a year or so ago. It has been such a great benefit. Or has it? I know many shore communities took possession of really big trucks, huge snow plow vehicles, deep water removal pumps and even giant electric generators on rolling trailers.

Here in Aberdeen all we took in two were two small humvee SUV's that don't ever get used. Have you ever seen one around town. Maybe they brought it over here for the backpack giveaway I wouldn't take my kids to ever.

More stellar moves by the towns politicians you see is the above purchases with our tax money. It's just like the possible $40k spent on the used fire truck that I hear is still rotting away. When they bought that truck it was going to be such a great benefit according to the mayor and council. And don't forget the paving thing that has not been used even once in the almost two years we've had it we keep reading about on here. The machine that is said to be hidden away from the public I think like out of sight out of mind. We are talking about over 300k for these two idiotic purchases alone by our Einsteins.

You know how it is in this town when they let the do nothings making way too much money make such stupid choices. Towns all around us made great choices on the military surplus freebies, but not this town. Funny though the mayors big donor guy took in big military trucks with plows for his business to use. Maybe that guy should be hired to run the publics works garage that is in such a mess.

Larry said...

In a little over a week the so laughable Aberdeen Day will just be a bad memory. I say laughable and bad memory since it is the only thing that the town really does once a year for the community. And by community I mean the less than 7% of the town that attends the entire event. Think about it like I do. Take away the politicians and their puppets. Take away the kiss ass employees who work it on overtime or are asked to volunteer their time. Take away the volunteer groups the town mandates attends and the finally take away the out of town people who show up and it leaves you a maximum of maybe the towns residents very real number of less than 1,000. I will attend the talent event since my daughter was in it years ago and that is all we go to. I remember the town didn't even like the talent show lady in charge the year she was in it. I'll bet it was a control thing they didn't like about the talent show. I get the towns calls inviting us to movies and such and that's not going to happen for my family. Plus most time it rains and that is the lord messing with our crooks we call our do so little politicians. If you do right by the people you'll be rewarded it is said. If you don't do right by the people you get rain. This town gets an awful lot of rain when they plan these things.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the marina fishing area the democrats promised off of Matawan avenue that never happened.

Anonymous said...

Keep the pressure on the dems

Anonymous said...

A holiday the democrats is all mocked up
Because the taxpayers safe is all locked up

Norm said...


Anonymous said...

We don't know anything? That's why the manager and council are monitoring this site constantly. Right Freddy boy?

Thatsafactjack said...

Labor Day is a holiday for workers not freeloaders and politicians.

Look around said...

It is a sin that these overpaid athletes and musicians think it just alright to sit on their asses disrespecting hard fought freedom during our nations National Anthem. Then again the democrats in Washington are tearing apart our America to set their liberal freedom hating everything for everyone liberal giveaways whether they work for it or not. Think not look around and watch close who Hillary caters to this fall just prior to the election. She is courting the takers in society on the hopes that they'll vote for her to get more free stuff without working for it.

100% truth is said...

We don't have lying democrats ruining our once fine community

We have lying self serving no good arrogant thieving democrats ruining our once fine community

Clic my name... said...

...because here is another Aberdeen pedophile arrested.

Anonymous said...

The big day is almost here
when the democrat faithful will cheer

The community day is almost here
when booth #1 is the democrats I fear

Of what do they have to be proud of i ask
since the democrats never really finish a task

They'll point to the new building starts next year
as if they will really ever be a positive to bring a cheer

The democrats promise away and promise away
yet all that we taxpayers get is higher taxes to pay

The worst one it seems is that little bald corporal
his ego they say is the only thing that's tall

Now his brother wants to join the political thing
when being a costumed village people cop may be his thing

How can two in one family be so f'n stupid
maybe misunderstood by lack of loves cupid

One they say always protects the incompetent few
while the other plays cop after having more than a few

Some are looking into if the costumed cop thing is true
and if it is true some may go down for who really knew

A court case result may also be under review
for special favors done and who did what for who

Maybe disbarment might cast a shadow soon
for the little corporal who might be the real loon

Anonymous said...

To Cliffwood Proud all I can say is shout them down when the hired guns for the developers try and pull a fast one. No way all this hurtful building should only be in Cliffwood.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember laughter πŸ˜€

Anonymous said...

12 hours and 41 minutes and our tax monies are once again at risk from the democrats.

Anonymous said...






It must be so f'n hard to get done

Town worker said...


Anonymous said...

Do you think the corruptocrats will have to make good on the illegal payoffs they took for the development they glossed over to approve that is getting so much attention lately? I think that money has been spent long ago so will they have to betray another area besides cliffwood to cover the money they'll need to give back due to the public outcry. No corruption here in corrupterdeen my ass.

No doubt about it said...

Good luck to the CM people at tomorrows zoning meeting

They will need all the luck they can get for when they go before the council puppets

The boards are stacked with mindless puppets and family relations to ensure they only approve what they are told to approve

It's been years and years that these boards so improperly controlled routinely failed our community with questionable processes

Every question and every vote is unethically controlled by equally unethical lawyers who violate fair and just public processes

This is the truth about the democrat only town leadership in Aberdeen

Next chance you get vote the democrats out of office

Unless of course you're a mindless asshole like Ivanhoe and you refuse to face reality

Anonymous said...

Can't you see all that the democrats have done? It's everywhere you look. The empty food store over here close to the dilapidated beachfront and then there is the low income housing projects but not where the mayor lives for sure.

Anonymous said...

13 killed and 52 wounded in Chicago over the Labor Day weekend holiday

That's not all though

in 2015 the total of people violently broke down to history setting deaths

That's not all though

So far in 2016 the following has occurred

Year to date Jan1-today

Shot and killed 461
Shot and wounded 2521
Total shot 2982
Total homicides 510

In all of the year 2015 the following occurred

Shot and killed 447
Shot and wounded 2559
Total shot 2996
Total homicides 509

Democrat run towns all across America have very similar violence statistics

What will the next president do?

If it is Hillary Rodham Clinton the citizenry will be ignored like the past 8 Obama years

Keep electing democrats because the violence is spreading and growing

What time is it? said...

It's self serving democrat political corruption time in Aberdeen.

Anonymous said...

Looks like there's a new head on the chopping block in the town managers office. Better put in a revolving door from what I hear because other employees are wondering who's next. I'm sure the kiss asses don't have to worry as long as they keep up the charade that the offices run properly and there's no exposure of the financial problems gets out to the mayor and council.

Anonymous said...

Pay money for our asshole politicians to give speeches or better put politicians simply lying to people for money. Don't they already do that as the mayor and council for Aberdeen?

Keith said...

Back from vacation yesterday so what have the democrats not done

Anonymous said...

It's useless Ivanhoe to try to defend the dems they do nothing unless it's for themselves if their buddies and you know it. So Ivanhoe join us in criticizing and exposing the democrat criminals and drug users and help us make Aberdeen a better place to live. Since under your dems it sucks.

Anonymous said...

September 11 is soon to be upon us. Please remember all of those we lost fifteen years ago and those whom still suffer with terrible loss and medical side affects from that day and the days that followed. God Bless America

Anonymous said...

Love the poetry whether it's good or bad you know utnoussesboff the D's and that's all that matters.

Civics lesson said...

So many millions spent and for what right Fred

Channel 12 news van said...

And as I drive up to the zoning meeting channel 12 news van is here and man the council liars are going to be so pissed off.

Anonymous said...

Sitting here and all I hear from the panel is blah blah blah and bullshit excuses. It's as if the mayor and council are talking in the ears of the panel. No corruption my ass.

I sec said...

Matawan guy please post anything you find out about either of the Cannon brothers..

No pushover this time said...

Wikileaks disclosure about Hillary Clinton is coming in October

Wakileaks disclosure of the criminally corrupt Aberdeen democrats is coming really soon

Get em all Joey Mac

Decades of lies said...

Now November will be yet another zoning meeting in regards to Meinzer street building. This is the typical Aberdeen democrats tactics to keep moving the decision down the road while less and less attendees come out to oppose or question the approval processes. Processes that are the well known historic deception that the zoning approval process that is supposed to be fair and balanced and erroneously is in the publics best interests. In Aberdeen nothing the democrats do is in the publics best interest ever and the proof is in the dormancy for decades of progress, improvements and community benefit.

More exactly it is an unfair and unbalanced process since the entire approval process has been corrupted politically for decades under the single party democrat leadership that is and has been so hurtful and costly to our town. From the infamous shakedown under the lights in the municipal parking lot of the senior housing developer . That illegal shakedown years ago by the then town attorney Norm Kauff coupled with the highly questionable *development czar* placement of the then *just retired Mark Coren* who was only placed in his position to ensure the local and statewide democrat cronies along with Kauff's self serving interests were monitored by Coren. There was a sweetheart deal for big money to be funneled to the favored law firm of a state senator for each unit sold. I would suspect that immoral deal is still in place with the tear down and building going on at the old factory over off the parkway.

Having lived here since the late 80's I've seen it all with these democrat criminals. I can also honestly say that many who knew or were directly involved or who should have reported so much politically corruption to the proper authorities failed in their sworn duty likewise for decades. From the so many years where nothing happened here in Freneau due to secretive meetings where the illegal *gifts of developers* were the priority and ultimate cause for developers to flee meetings while nothing was built again for decades. Those illegal dealings also caused us to not get the sewers facilitated by proposed developments to give us relief from our failed and saturated septic system properties. Also ignored by the democrats was and remains the contamination of lake Lefferts with fecal matter effects likewise for decades.

This is the reality of the democrats here in Aberdeen since the early 90's and that is why the Meinzer street approval is a done deal as it is the corrupted to the core of the towns democrat manipulation of the zoning process. I wish the local residents good luck in what will eventually be an approval set in motion with a wink and a nod and lots of cash illegally given to a corrupted approval process that betrays the residents like our area except the lies to us by the towns democrats are decades old.

Cliffwood Matters said...

Appreciate the turnout last night and I do know many residents had t go to the schools for their children. It was a mix of excuses and promises that fell far short of truth. We kept saying it was professional doublespeak devoid of truth. They pay these so called professionals for the builders and the town whose representations are far from believable. As they say the saga continues and that saga is unfortunately due to the greed of politicians in this town. See those who can make it at the next meeting.

Anonymous said...

And we continue to lose under the same corrupt self serving losers we call democrats.

Anonymous said...

A tisket a tasket don't put all your eggs in one basket Joey Mac. You might want to learn from Sisti to.

J section said...

Sounds like it was some meeting last night over in the beach. I hear a news truck was there even. Too bad the deal is done and the people most affected did not have a chance to be heard. The big picture is still the projects and low income housing is being shoved over there by the mayor and council. If not why aren't the supposed luxury apartment going up behind my neighborhood going to have a big portion be low income.

Unknown poet said...

Another meeting last night that was a joke
I wonder if boy wonder was there after a toke

Those poor people thought they had a chance
More like a 1,000,000,000 to 1 slot machine chance

The democrats will tell you the process is fair
From their evil devilishly corrupt town hall lair

The people in the area thought they deserved to be listened to
In truth the developer gave envelope$ to only a political few

That's the way it works in town under the democrats
With an emphasis on our immoral democ-rats

The council and mayor know they are no f'ng good
For all they are is an self serving unethical brood

Just say No Aberdeen Day said...

I've decided on taking the family to Cape May this Saturday for a get away from Aberdeen Day day. Know why we are going to Cape May? Cause it is the farthest away we can go from Aberdeen and still be in jersey.

Anonymous said...

I've been turned onto Matawan First on Facebook and boy the duo of the brothers Cannon are just as popular on there for being politically incompetent. Looks like Fred better get out the strap for Councilweedman Cannon to keep him in check.

It Figures said...

Aberdeen does it AGAIN!

Where oh Where are the stops for the trolley or buses?

Shall we just ride around and hope to see something that says trolley/bus stop.


and for this we pay someone a good salary.

Tell neighbor Fred T. take a hike!

Anonymous said...

And the pickup and drop offs for the community day are where?

Anonymous said...

And another week of ignoring us taxpayers comes soon. I dn't count Aberdeen day cause its just political shenanigans. F em all

Anonymous said...

Early bus today and I thought cardboard had to be recycled. I passed a house that got new appliances and there's a big pile of cardboard at the curb. Let's see if it's gone or still there when I get back tonight.

Anonymous said...

Only one more day until the only held for political vote getting by our do absolutely nothing democrats community day. Too bad it's not really held for the enjoyment of the residents of the town. Look for the most prominent tent of democrat scum and walk away as fast as you can. No corruption my ass.

Anonymous said...


Just a thought said...

There it is yet another call from the mayor question;y inviting us to attend the aberdeen day event on the emergency call list. Except this time the mayor includes a second invitation to a Sept. 11 remembrance ceremony on Sunday. This as I recall is the first time ever the town is doing anything on the anniversary of that tragic day.

Are you sure this is not an election year? There seems to be a lot of public vote getting things going on in town all of a sudden. Maybe that asshole Congressman Pallone is fully funding the local democrats to get out the vote for him as a payback for his support of their self serving political corruption.

100% truth is said...

What idiot are we paying way too much money in town hall that didn't put the fact that the town is having a 9-11 ceremony on Sunday in the local newspaper for us to go to? Today I get a annoying phone message on my answering machine and at the end Tag-liar-weenie informs me of the 9-11 ceremony. So as I look in the asbury press just now I see that other towns have listed all of the services being held all across the county. And not so surprisingly Aberdeen is not listed along with many other towns. So again I ask what idiot are we paying way too much money in town hall to not inform the public of such a patriotic thing? Wait a corruption filled Aberdeen minute. Don't we employ two politically connected media people to do a job the town could do without for way too much money? I mean can't the people who don't do the agendas and minutes to properly inform us the residents and before I forget their employees that they ignore could put out the information about the 9-11 thing? This town is so fucked up.

Anonymous business owner said...

It's here

It's here

It's finally here

What's here?

Aberdeen Day is here

The day for our community to come together and celebrate all of the accomplishments of our political leadership

The day we taxpayers can see on full display all of the pride we should have in our community

Should have in our community?

Yes should have in our community I said

Ask yourself the following

Will they have on display any of the following?

1 Total real and actual costs paid to connected cronies to not develop the old factory,senior housing, train station much more for over 20 years and the donations from said cronies funneled illegally to the Aberdeen Democratic Party coffers

2 Environmental impact for the Freneau area for the failed and leaking septic systems over the past 25 years

3 Costs of lost development opportunities in Freneau caused by political greed and corrupt practices

4 Costs to not properly develop the beachfront area like many other communities have proudly done all over the county

5 Costs paid to the connected engineers and attorneys for studying properties that never became a positive for the town

6 Costs paid in lawsuits with Matawan for Matawan not wanting to team up with the axis of evil that was or is Kauff & Coren

7 Loss of tax benefits from properties not developed by political cronies paid off through green acres funding paybacks

8 Loss of community pride for the complete and total failure of our single party self serving democrat only leadership

9 Loss of grant monies over 20 years due to lazy administrations too controlled by the corrupt self serving democrats

10 Total failure by town administrations to study efficiency and overall cost analysis to possibly lower the taxes of the most over taxed town in the county

I wonder if they'll put on full display the brand new pavement milling machine that cost us over $300,000.00 and don't forget the used $40,000.00 fire truck we had to have according to Mayor Tagliarini

Remember how Mayor Tagliarini said the fire truck would be such a great thing to have for our community and remember that we taxpayers bought that same fire truck twice and have never seen because it has been hidden all over town I keep hearing

I also hear the fire district is owed over $25,000.00 still by the town despite a $5,000.00 a year pay schedule not adhered to

This my fellow Aberdeen taxpayers is the corrupt truth of the democrat leadership in Aberdeen

Sadly I get to pay twice as a business owner and resident here in Aberdeen or as it is more truly called Corrupterdeen

That's right I'm back after a long medical episode and it looks like nothing has changed but our tax bills going up to cover the incompetent self serving democrat so called leadership in this town or as is also said our once fine community

I may have been out of commission for a while but to quote a famous movie character

I'm back

Anonymous said...

Let the lying begin at the high school and all over town today cause it's Aberdeen day. Right Freddy boy? Because everything is fine financially in town hall right Freddy boy? I mean raising or better yet raiding utility fees to fund asphalt for connected road projects so you don't raise taxes in an election year was legal. Right Freddy boy? Speeding approvals through for the politically connected builders of the Gateway to Aberdeen projects is legal. Right Freddy boy? Everything the public don't have any idea how illegal it really is legal. Right Freddy boy? Giving away town owned property to developers who contribute big money to the democrats is legal. Right Freddy boy? Working for a local business donor who just so happens to be the only bidder on numerous town contracts is legal. Right Freddy boy? Anything you have to do no matter how self serving or illegal or immoral or unethical is alright since you're Mayor Fred Tagliarini aka Man of the People. Right Freddy boy? To quote another contributor on here I too say no corruption in Aberdeen my ass.

Anonymous said...

So, it is not just Aberdeen that is trying to ruin our town. Read on and know we are all Doomed with these Politicians

from a local facebook page

So, with Anchor project, projects along Cliffwood Ae and now this one along Laurence parkway... our area should be nice anfd congested.... The following is from A Dave Merwin from Laurence Harbor........ Folks, I need to make you aware of an ordinance that is being voted on September 26th calling for 529 APARTMENTS on the old brickyard property. the Mayor and our local Councilman are trying to sell this as COAH (council on affordable housing) that is pure BS. I told you guys over 3 years ago that this was coming and now it's here. This Administration passed master plan amendments which called for this well before the COAH numbers came out (years) this has been their plan since back in 2013. As far as I can see this must be for paying back for some political contributions because there is no sensible reason anyone would do this to their town. This will have devastating effects on our community. You need to come to the Council meeting on September 12th to voice your concerns or they are going to ram it down our throat at the following meeting

100% truth is said...


A Arrogant
B Belittling
E Elected (officials)
R Repugnant
D Democrats
E Erroneous
E Egotistical (officials doing)
N Nothing (unless democrats get big $$$)

Middletown day or nothing said...

I got to tell you this community day is outstanding. Of course if you've ever been to Aberdeen day you'll know I'm in Middletown for their towns day. It'd really behoove the town manager to come here and see what a very well run and very well attended community event looks like.

I sec said...

Wife wanted to see the neighbors kids perform at the high school and I luckily avoided seeing our civics lesson ass of a mayor. My son enjoyed the fire trucks and the men in uniform. Other than that in and out unscathed by political lies and liars.

Anonymous said...

First reports from the corruptocrats has the attendance of the community day at 854,987 people. You know the corruptocrats overstate everything they hold to get votes only to make people think they're doing something positive for our community when the truth is they are self serving scum. Right Mayor Carmino?



Unbelievable said...

The 9/11 memorial being dedicated today in town was paid for by?

That is right my fellow oppressed taxpayers

None other than the democrats cash register of greed

The democrats biggest donor thumb on everything illegal (it's not CME they are really cheap)

The company owner business across town on 35

Of course he'd pay for it he can afford it

You see I'm told he's the biggest donor and also gets all the municipal contracts for all kinds of work

Seems the democrats repeatedly say he is the only bidder to illegally funnel him all of the big contracts

Like they say democrats give big contracts to get big kickbacks

So today he paid for the 9/11 memorial being dedicated today really with our tax money

And the democrats think it is just the greatest thing

F them all because even this thing they can't do honestly or legally

Think about it said...

Hillary Clinton felt ill today at ground zero. I imagine many people felt bad at ground zero today because Hillary Clinton's husband had the opportunity to kill or capture Osama Bin Laden twice and did nothing. That lack of decisive leadership by Bill Clinton allowed the tragedy of that day to be planned and executed under the direct leadership of Osama Bin Laden.

Think about it said...

The media onslaught defending of her regarding todays medical episode of Ms. Clinton has commenced in earnest. Watching the coverage it is amazing that the excuses made by the media was devoid of truth once again. This woman left the ceremony smartly and I understand that totally. She literally stepped out of her shoes and her knees buckled. The woman is not well and while that should not be the primary thing the media should ignore totally it is just more proof of the medias complicity with the lies and questionable situations surrounding her.

Anonymous said...

How is your health is Joeys last question in his article if he could interview Hillary Clinton. It's kind of ironic citing todays medical incident incident involving her. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Hillary is just fine her handlers say
I think the family has to come clean today

It's the presidency she wants to attain
when we have concerns in regards to her brain

They'll tell us Trump can't lead us through
when in truth it's Hillary that needs a close review

Anonymous said...

Now it's pneumonia that she's lying about when she almost collapses to the ground?

She goes to her daughters apartment rather than an emergency room?

Does this seem like the conduct of an honest person or much less an honest campaign?

Hillary Clibton is dispicible as a human being.

Her and her whole family of conspiratorial liars.

Where was Bill today by the way?

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