Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Borrow Now, Borrow Later

It's local election season again and time for another Republican drumming. Should the Republicans choose to win an election rather than just run for the heck of it, here's a place they might try looking.

Aberdeen's Financial Statement to refinance its debt obligations.
  • From 2012 to 2016, the municipal tax rate increased 17% (Page A-6)
  • From 2012 to 2016, municipal spending increased 20% (Page A-7)
  • Municipal debt is $26.9 million, 144% of the annual budget (Page A-9)
  • From 2012 to 2016, municipal debt service increased 63% to $2.175 million per year and now accounts for 11.6% of the total budget (Page A-7)
Those numbers will worsen as interest rates increase. Now, you know why the township is so gung-ho on development. The money is already spent. 

Below is a letter I received that I'm re-printing with the author's permission.

N.J. "Oath of Office" or is it the "Oath of Abuse of Office"?

I _____ do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States and the State of New Jersey; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the Governments established in the United States and in this State, under the Authority of the people; and that I will faithfully, impartially and justly perform al the duties of the office of ___ according to the best of my ability, and that I will not use my office to grant preferential treatment, nor to seek personal gain, favor, or advantage not available to the general public. (so help me God* opt).

Keywords: I swear, support, defend, Constitution of the United States, true faith, allegiance, faithfully, impartially, justly, best of my ability, not use my office to grant preferential treatment, not seek personal gain or advantage not available to the general public.

Are any of these "keywords" the truth of the decisions, votes, and spending of our taxpayer dollars to not have truly brought community wide beneficial actions by our elected Democrat only officials "Oath of Office" in Aberdeen? Many in Aberdeen say "absolutely not" from simply looking around our town you can see that the "Oath of Office" sworn to by our Democrat only leadership was more truthfully an "Oath of Abuse of Office" that betrayed the entire Aberdeen community.

Many stores in Aberdeen have been closing up operations (despite an Aberdeen Economic Business Council supposedly formed to help all of the towns businesses equally). Our neglected beach areas promised to be improved that campaigns labeled "The Jewel of Aberdeen". More truthfully our "Jewel" of a beachfront areas have been ignored (despite 2017 campaign year "promise of a new Water Park). Over 15 years of photo ops and failed political promises.

More proof of the past two decades of Democrat only “promises” to bring our town senior housing and "lower taxes through "smart development" with constant campaign promises that "this next building development will finally bring a Main Street to Aberdeen". That Main Street "promise'' of course never happened for decades. The current building surge no doubt will also be used in Democrat campaign 2017 literature as "progress" but it will be very costly "progress" under the equally questionable and manipulated PILOT Program that strips our Schools of much needed tax monies from such politically controlled and approved building projects.

In Aberdeen was the "Oath of Office" so often taken by our leaders been a citizen betraying "Oath of Abuse of Office? Was the "Oath just empty words for decades with politicized photo-ops and political lies and tricks to maintain corrupt political control? We in Aberdeen

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New to Cliffwood Matters said...

Love the combination post is an understatement.

On the first part it is quite obvious the finances often hinted on here for years is a bigger problem than we know hidden by our towns so called leaders. Now we also know why we don't have broadcasted meetings of any type on our local school TV Ch. 15 that involves discussions, decisions, votes and actions taken by our town management.

On the second part that is also well stated and yes in fact by looking around our town we can see the priorities of the same management. Worst of all though this has been hidden as well and us here in Cliffwood are paying a terrible and much greater price for these developments than Strathmore where no low income is being placed at all. Traffic congestion alone should have been a serious consideration for our entire area, and it was not by those sworn to represent us as stated in the oath of office subject.

I have to read this a couple more times to fully grasp it and I will comment again.

Anonymous said...

Borrow? Waste and steal is more factual of our Corruptocrats in Corrupterdeen. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

Come on people it's only money after all, our money of course. I mean why should we have any problem with the millions and millions wasted and the millions and millions we taxpayers are paying annually in debt service. This is the democrats big secret and highlights the obvious democrat only financial mismanagement numbers shown expertly by Mr. Warren. We all need to realize that political campaigns are expensive and we taxpayers have lined the pockets of our democrats cronies and their so called professionals. Professionals who have long been in bed or more precisely stated in debt with our democrats. That is the very expensive truth of the financial mismanagement undermining our town from the top on down under our democrats.

Anonymous said...

Our municipal debt we read in Aberdeen are out of control
that happens when the town is run by a corrupting troll

First the spending is going up up up at an alarming rate
making our taxes per capita the highest in the entire state

What can we expect from our secretive lying democrats
those who hide all the information from us like evil rats

No broadcasts on local television some on here have complain
why then the illegal hiding of the processes that bring tax pain

Perhaps exposing of this hurtful high spending will bring change
all done to cover recent development building all in the illegal range

Nothing gets built unless it involves the democrats favorites CME
because that is who really pulls the illegal strings in this town you see

All these questionable building projects generate huge fees you see
all not surprisingly benefiting the democrats biggest contributors CME

This years campaign the immoral builds will be front and center in 2017
coinciding with the democrats approval secrets and lies never seen

You see when democrats don't put out agendas and minutes close to on time
and when you keep the public in the dark I will continue my toxic rhyme

Finally on the Oath of Office tome I also agree with the author
since our democrats are liars all not more that a political whore

I'm leaving again for a week or so to gather my thoughts you see
so I leave all of you less entertained for a week so Bon Voyagee

Anonymous said...

And this is another example of how Mr. Joey Warren cares for our town far more than our elected officials. His disclosing our town money problems is far more than an awakening it is further proof of the political corruption hurting all of us. Hats off to you Mr. Warren and a heartfelt thank you as well.

Anonymous said...

D Democrat
E Egos (run-ruin Aberdeen)
B Because
T Taxpayers (pay for their incompetence)

Vote these idiots out f office and save our town

Anonymous said...

Wait until you see Fred's campaign literature they're calling the Aberdeen quarterly newsletter. Once again taxpayer funded campaign propaganda. Right Greg?

Anonymous said...

$2.175 million dollars a year just to cover the interest on the democrat only leadership incurred debt?

More than likely it is just to just cover their crony based useless and wasteful spending?

That's a mere bag of shells to the towns engineers they get that for doing nothing in Aberdeen annually.

Now that I think of it that is how much they wanted to bill the town just for the athletic field lights over in Oakshades.

Just imagine what $2.175 million dollars could have done every year if properly managed?

Just ask the former Town Manager Stuart Brown (who got fired for stopping the engineers political thievery).

Right Democrats?

Anonymous said...

Great tie in with these two subject posts proving the corruptocrats failures to lead much less violating their oath of office in the process.

Anonymous said...

This woman Gayle Jackson out of Cliffwood is all in on Councilman Greg Cannon. Good for her is all I can say. She calls him evil in her latest Official Cliffwood Matters Facebook posting. Evil is the least of the leadership traits of our very hated Councilweedman and all around low life political scumbag named Greg Cannon. Right Fred

Anonymous said...

I'll miss the rhymer poet ripping on your politicians. Relax and hurry back is all I can say to him or her.

Anonymous said...

Incompetence? Millions in debt? Millions in debt payments annually? Political corruption? Building developments questionably approved to cover for decades of financial mismanagement? Interest rates rising? Taxes increased every year due to financial hanky panky? What do you expect they're democrat politicians that are hurting all of you? Right Ivanhoe?

Union proud said...

We just met up with a resident at Wawa who stopped us and complained about a property being a mess on her street. She said I called the town before and no one has called me back for years. Maybe I'll just move out of town she says as she drives away.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Cannons got a shark in his boat and she's hungry.

Anonymous said...

I got my first Democrat Aberdeen Campaign of Lies handout in the mail today. Lies all lies is all that needs to be said. Right Mayor Carmino?

Anonymous said...

McDonalds ceremony will be held on highway 34 to celebrate the rebuilding of that company restaurant. It says that elected officials and community leaders will be present. I got to ask what community leaders would those be? Would it be the AEBC group of democrat supporting miscreants who do nothing for most every other business in town? I mean the only businesses that benefit from the AEBC are in fact on the AEBC board of self serving scum. Next time you go into a business ask the owner what they think of the Aberdeen Economic Business Council. The reaction business owners in this town will be raised eyebrows or words from their mouth like F them or Who is the AEBC? Right Carmine?



Anonymous said...

Wife and I are heading out to the Savor Keyport restaurant and bar event tonight. Imagine that you assholes on the council and useless business group that an event is being held in our neighbor Keyport to bring people out to the restaurants and bars in a community. Way to go Mayor Aumack good job son.

Anonymous said...

Matawan has a new salt shed so good for them. Of course our town was warned years ago to replace ours and nothing was done, but we got a big 25 year old firetruck to sit in storage yard wasting 30 grand. Nothing but idiots calling the shots in this town.

Anonymous said...

Imagine how nice this town could've been if we did not have these losers running things and putting us so deep in debt? 2.175m a year just in debt is criminal.

Imagine said...


Anonymous said...

Matawan taxes are going down this year for the first time in seventeen years. Imagine that my fellow abused by democrats only Aberdeen taxpayers lower taxes. Don't worry though this year is an election year and our corrupt to the core democrats will promise us they'll lower taxes again in their campaign propaganda again this year. You see with all the highly questionable building approved by our democrats in a similarly highly questionable approval. Along with a building process that will rob the school system of monies the school administration will need to teach students. This will of course cause a tax increase in our school taxes due to our democrats freely spending our towns future down the road and pilfering our schools under the PILOT program. Vote these crooks out of office is all that can be done to stop the overspending by these democrats.

Town worker said...

Another week with Joe missing from work. Too bad those in charge think he's going away and won't be ever coming back to work. Joe is thinking otherwise from our conversation last night. I met up with him and his wife last night in Kohl's and looks like he is intent on getting back to work and soon. I hope he does come back and it puts the few do nothings against him on notice.

Anonymous said...

Matawans lowering taxes but their school tax will go though the roof because of our Corruptocrats. Shared services exemplified by our asshole of a mayor and his council thieves.

Anonymous said...

Will all this rain wash away the stink of democrat corruption and financial mismanagement? I'm amazed we have such debt in town hall with nothing really improved around this town for decades. So I ask where did all the fng money go?

Marshall Concourse house closing said...

Oath of Abuse of Office? How about Abuse of your law license as a public official? In Aberdeen?

Anonymous said...

Another month of lies under the democrats in Aberdeen is coming to a close. Too bad one man won't stand up and expose it. If only some town employees wasn't targeted to cover incompetence and loss of grant money. Hey wait a politically corruption democrat only town minute. What about..........

Anonymous said...

My Taglirini is so sweaty today.

Missing in Aberdeen said...

Calling for Honesty in Politics

Honesty is the best policy

To be honest means to be sincere, truthful, and without deceit at all times.

Honesty refers to a facet of moral character and connotes positive and virtuous attributes such as integrity, truthfulness, straightforwardness, including straightforwardness of conduct, along with the absence of lying, cheating, theft, etc. Furthermore, honesty means being trustworthy, loyal, fair, and sincere.
Integrity, uprightness, honorableness, honor, morality, decency, morals, ethics, principle, high principles, righteousness, right-mindedness, virtue, goodness, probity, high mindedness, fairness, incorruptibility, truthfulness, trustworthiness, reliability, dependability, rectitude, sincerity, candor, frankness, directness, bluntness, truthfulness, truth, openness, straightforwardness

implies a refusal to lie, steal, or deceive in any way.

Honor suggests an active or anxious regard for the standards of one's profession, calling, or position.

integrity implies trustworthiness and incorruptibility to a degree that one is incapable of being false to a trust, responsibility, or pledge

Antonyms for honesty
Corruption, disgrace, dishonesty, dishonor, disloyalty distrust, evil, falsehood, immorality, unfairness, artifice, cheating, deceit, deception, duplicity, fraud, fraudulence, lying

Anonymous said...

Shared services is another Tag-liar-weenie lie. He's promised to do that for years and nothing. He is for sure a 100 percent democrat through and through. Right Normy?

Anonymous said...

How can this woman Ms. Jackson or anyone else ever dare to embarrass Aberdeen's Councilman Gregory Cannon? He's done so much for all of us hahahahahaahahaha. Of course I am kidding since he's an asshole like all the others on the council and our supreme idiot Mayor Fred Tagliarini. The best thing is that most of the time Cannon embarrasses himself publicly trying to defend his failed leadership and the best thing he's arrogant and accusatory as hell in the process. After all we little people don't matter since he's Councilman Greg Cannon.

Johnny law said...

Stu Brown was great to us but you can't mess with Norms engineer money.

Anonymous said...

If you think Cannons bad try Toomey on for laughs. They both suck just cause they're so full of themselves. Neither of them have done anything substantive or that's benefited the town. Oh that's right they are both democrats down deep. So they both really suck so never mind. Back to waiting on my sewers. Another 20 years of democrat lies.

Anonymous said...

Transparency is another lie by Greg Cannon like when he said he'd bring more transparency to our town hall operation during his campaign. Just another liar is all he is and nothing more than he's a blowhard.

Anonymous said...

Honesty in Aberdeen aka Corrupterdeen now that's an oxymoron for certain.

Sinclair P. said...

Joey, ,What are your thoughts on Mayor DeBlasio's plan to close Riker's Island? Do you think this will negatively impact your neighborhood?

Anonymous said...

Borrow Now, Borrow Later is a fitting title citing all of the recent questionable decisions by our towns so called leadership and management. Of course they use the words like "Grant Money" to make us think the money is free, as they than violate the public trust with immoral and illegal "connected to the democrats" single bidding. Then of course we have the democrats on speed dial engineers who never saw a project they couldn't over bill us taxpayers for.

Don't get me wrong every town and city has debt, but this amount of debt with nothing to really truly show for it benefiting a community or instilling pride in a community is criminal. This significant amount of debt in comparison is higher per capita than the debt of New York City. If you don't believe me just ask our free spending manager, mayor and council since they've been lying to us for decades.

Right Normie?
Right Mark?
Right Bob?
Rigt Steve?

Anonymous said...

It's only money you stupid residents stop whining.


Mayor and Town Council of Aberdeen

Anonymous said...

MIA 3/31/17@4:01 post above is awakening us to some info for us to consider in what might be a best practices guideline for our political types before this years election. Of course our council scum ignore totally anything involving the word honesty. Right Councilwedman Cannon and the rest of you self serving democrat low life's? Honesty is as hurtful to our political crooks like Cannon as kryptonite is to Superman. Right Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen?

Anonymous said...

House closing on the street near me means what. Please don't be so mysterious like the crooked D's we despise.

Anonymous said...

Main street hahahahahahah

Never going to happen unless CME makes big money.

Right Freddy

Anonymous said...

Go see a doctor as soon as you can or your sweaty Tagliarini might turn into a Carmineroid.

Think about it said...

We have $26,000,000.00 in debt from democrat only incompetence and financial mismanagement

And people are worried about the national debt clock when the 18,000 residents of Aberdeen have $26,000,000 to pay off

How can our mayor and town council look any of us in the face ever again?

Anonymous said...

What do you do when you have won elected office three times and have nothing to be proud of? You smoke marijuana and get high.

To Aberdeen Mayor said...


Campaign 2017
has started earlier than previous years with the arrival of the first quarterly newsletter.

Newsletter paid for by us the taxpayers to get out the Mayor’s name in preparation for November election. Surely, the brain child of Aberdeen Democratic Municipal Chairman Greg Cannon. Since it is quarterly just think we have 3 more to go. At what cost? But, the big question is will we still get the 4 page newsletter with all of their past self-proclaimed accomplishments which we had seen before but of course they will try to ram it to us just before the election. Remember they think we are fools and the time has come to show them we are watching and will not stand for their nonsense anymore and wave bye-bye to them. Again, what is the cost of these things.

Does the mayor really think we believe him and the crap he is spewing? We are not buying his “story” of just more lies upon lies.

Mayor Fred is like the 3 mice – SEE-NOTHING when he drives around and sees the mess that our town is becoming, HEAR NOTHING except when he hears something to benefit himself personally and SPEAK only bull shit and falsehoods.

Typical that Mayor Fred Tagliarini is trying to blame the newspapers for not covering Aberdeen but the blame should be on the people in town hall namely the manager and public information person who are responsible for disseminating information via township website, Facebook, e-mail blasts and phone calls. Which is a laughable statement on his part because he apparently does not look at town website and see the lack of information, along with missing and outdated information. The manager and mayor think that Facebook is the answer to their lack of communications but again nothing much on Facebook. Rarely are there e-mail blasts and but often annoying phone calls. God help us this year with calls from Mayor Fred .

Mayor Fred failed to mention the Matawan-Aberdeen Patch which is where you will find much of the public information posted. From December 28, 2016 until March 30, 2017 there has been 31 items put on by an employee of the outside public relations firm connected and paid by the township NOT by the public information officer employed and paid a good salary by Aberdeen Township. WHY, we want to know? What is the PIO doing for her salary since not her job?

He asked us to drop him a line so here it is and let him know what we think. Truth hurts.

Taxpayers Remember this:

Propaganda is "information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote a political cause or point of view".

Even there done that said...

If Coren had been in charge the past 12 years there would not be such a level of debt. He rode us hard on bids and other financial actions for sure. Although bids don't seem to mean anything under the latest incarnation of political corruption called the Tagliarini crime family of democrats.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can park at the closed A&P building this summer and the basement guy can pay for a trolley to take people to the waterpark at the beach. Maybe the useless candidates running this year can give a tour of all they promised to do like improving the beach area that only took fifteen years to accomplish. Right Freddy boy?

That's some funny shit said...

I forgot it was April 1 yesterday so it is time warp time and we've gone back in time 24 hours

What are you people complaining about everything is wonderful in Aberdeen and we taxpayers have no financial problems and we residents have everything that a community can want from our trusted and honest hardworking ethical to a fault politicians.

April Fools

Anonymous said...

Love all the Cannon stuff.

Anonymous said...

Tagliarini crime group I assure you that you tax payers have no idea the crimes committed and hidden.

$$$$$$$ said...

Just drove by town hall heading home after work and town hall looks so peaceful. Of course very soon managerial incompetence and the now very recently disclosed financial debt and financial mismanagement continues under our democrat only leadership. I will no longer call them our do nothing democrats though as it is very obvious now from Mr. Warren's disclosure of the towns dire debt service that our democrats spending or misspending of our tax monies is something they are in fact doing to a now disclosed to all of us criminal level.

I am wondering though if the mouth that roars while saying nothing truthful Councilman Cannon will respond to Mr. Warren's disclosure? I ask this since Canon has a penchant for denying the truth with only bluster and accusation against those who dare to doubt or question him on any subject. This I find truthful from his back and forth on several community sites and from Ms. Jackson who seems to be making Cannon, shall we say very uncomfortable. Keep it up Ms. Jackson good for you.

Oh My Aberdeen Mayor said...

Look at the Matawan-Aberdeen Patch and see the Aberdeen Police Blotter.

In the past we would get these on “e-mail blasts” but not anymore. Why?

In the past we would get agendas for council, zoning and planning boards meeting but not anymore. Why?

Does the public information officer even think/know to send out to the newspapers the press releases?

You know as well as we do that your “story” is a joke.

Secrets and Lies is what you are about so stop the foolishness.

You really do not want residents to know what is really going on just your handpicked items so you look good and seem as if you are doing something good for our community which we all know is not the case.

Anonymous said...

Cannon helps drug users who screwed him when they relapsed and he does help his friends. Us taxpayers on the other hand cannon ignores, belittles and doubts. Must be nice to be smarter than anyone else.

Anonymous said...

Carmineroid 😀

Anonymous said...

Ever notice how the politicians purposely delay advising us tax payers of what they'll be working on at their official meetings? Same goes for letting us review in the typed up minutes of these meetings as to what actions were actually taken on our behalf. Not like they are acting selfishly or taking care of their cronies on our money and want us in the dark? No corruption their asses is the truth of course.

On another subject to the people questioning why the town has a media person on salary with benefits while paying a political cronies media group. It's actually very simple in politics you see theirs a simple rule as is often stated, why pay one person when you can pay two to do the same job.

On the employee often written on here that is labeled the party planner and while I've been reviewing her increases in the last few years those increases have totaled over 20k. Of course if you don't have a conscience or are bothered to know you're stealing from the taxpayers by only making coffee and kissing the politicians asses it's. Ice work if you can stomach it. Not bad work also if you don't mind selling your soul to the political devil that is evil incarnate. That is Greg Cannon Councilman at large or in his case not so large.

Anonymous said...

Are they hiding the street sweeper and the fire truck in the same place? Granted we don't have sidewalks but once a year is not enough.

Anonymous said...

I hear Joe M turned down the usual money offer to go bye bye. Good for him cause we are watching this one close.

Anonymous said...

April fools is right on as we are all fools to trust these crooks pretending to be our towns political leadership. Those crooks and their puppet management team of financial deceit and deception. $26M in debt is a fng crime and it is time for a spotlight on these crooks.

Anonymous said...

Marcia Marcia Marcia

McAleer McAleer McAleer

No one gives a shit about either of them anymore

Anonymous said...

Where could these idiots have spent us into $26,900,000.00 in debt?

Theres nothing they've done thats benefited any of us in two decades that should've cost us more that $1,000,000.00.

Couple park improvements over the years and a beach walk is about it.

This screams for an investigation in every ?nook and cranny? of town hall.

I forgot candidate Martucci promised that ?nook and cranny? search for savings the first time he ran for political office.

Must have been the same ?savings? he got for the school district on the athletic department buys that he singularly controlled.

Can anyone doubt that he was not an obvious choice for our self serving democrats with all that shakedown experience.

Martucci looking for savings in town hall is as laughable as OJ Simpson looking for the real killer of Nicole and Ron.

Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

Quarterly newsletter of lies is all that mailing is and Tag-liar-weenie knows it. They all hide their out of control spending and the insider only deals. These few examples along with the full and complete knowledge that recycling has been ignored. Misinformation is a constant as well as our officials responsibilities to report ether individually or collectively on the insider only deals to give favor to big donors. Right Attorney at Law Cannon?

Anonymous said...

Carmineroid I can't stop laughing at that one seeings how he is so far up Fred's ass. Maybe that is why the business council does-


Anonymous said...

La La Land post=Priceless post

Anonymous said...

Democrats are such hypocrites in DC from their actions since Donald Trump was elected. Unlike our democrats here that are just simply all total and complete assholes who fail us every day.

Anonymous said...

3 elections and no accomplishments for Cannon? Try 8 elections for the democrat only leadership in town and no accomplishments. Unless you count a 560k community bid that really only cost 200k and road improvement programs that paid big to CME for very little work and then the big studies on possible development applications that never went anywhere for over 20 years. No corruption my ass. Right Joey Mac?

Anonymous said...

April fools a day late was very creative.

Anonymous said...

AnP might be apartments so cliffwood matters better start watching closer.

Anonymous said...

You love the Cannon stuff because it's all true.

Anonymous said...

The letter sent to Mr. Warren which he printed leaves off with three words they were

We in Aberdeen

I'm thinking we get to fill in the rest after We in Aberdeen, so here is mine

We in Aberdeen "are so betrayed by our elected officials it screams for an investigation by the County Prosecutor".

Town worker said...

Joe was offered money and turned it down I heard today. They thought he would go away quietly and now they're worried he's sticking around. Stay strong Joe from those who know you're a good guy.

Anonymous said...

And the corruption rolls on under these self serving do nothing for us the community at large democrats. Right Swindle? Swindle? Can Joe Marticcu please wake up Councilman Swindle.

Anonymous said...

Cannon brings it all on himself so he deserves it.

9:14pm and No agenda as usual said...

Isn't there a council meeting tomorrow night? If so, Of course,there is NO agenda on town website.
Was there a zoning board meeting last night? if so No agenda.
What the hell!

Matawan guy said...

Please pray for the young shooting victim in my Matawan. Not much information is known in the early stage. It is my understanding medi-vac helicopter was called to transport the victim to the trauma center.

Anonymous said...

Question for Councilman Cannon

As an attorney who has sworn an oath aren't you supposed to report violations of the law?

So Councilman Cannon weren't you supposed to officially report the following occurring in Aberdeen

Single bidder cronyism
Political patronage
Abuse of taxpayer monies
Discrimination-Harassment-Rights Violations
Unethical behavior by elected officials
Violations of Rice Notice rules
Official Agenda and Minutes purposely delayed politically
Theft by public officials
Abuse of Office

Will your excuse be Councilman Cannon that you just "Got High"?

Anonymous said...

McAleer's just a rabid dog after all right Fred.

Anonymous said...

Just drove around Cliffwood Beach and it screams that Joe is no longer around cause it is obvious on each street. By my old house there's a full lawn business operating out of a house with plows and equipment trailers stacked in the backyard.

Anonymous said...

Cannon and McAleer are both often on here lately but the one about Martucci waking up Swindle was very funny. Then again Kelley, Montone, Martucci, Swindle and our second A section bafoon are sleepers when it comes to independent thought. Collectively they never add much to the meetings anyway by just doing what they're told to insure their full cut of the illegal bribery developer pie. They're all equally to blame though for their hear no evil, speak no evil and see no evil public service. All while they themselves are the silent evil destroying our town politically. Although we did get speed bumps installed because of that one family complaining down the way. So that's something I guess after the whole A section getting that stupid mailer for our opinions on traffic flow a couple of years ago.

Anonymous said...

Mcaleer is no little puppy dog and he's got the inside scoop of who did what over there. That the mayor better worry about for sure. As for the 26 million dollars we didnt get new equipment with that money to do our jobs.

Anonymous said...

And the corruption continues under the democrats emphasis on rats.

Anonymous said...

Drove around the beach you say. Did you go down by the 2.5 million dollar water park install that the democrats are giving us over here just in time for the election? Did you see any CME emblazoned vehicles overcharging for their services? They're making big money off that thing without a doubt. Of course it is a big waste of money but the democrats passed on buying the pool club for a million dollars. Votes are needed in the beach so that is the big campaign bribe for this election. Right Mayor Fred?

Anonymous said...

April fools was great

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shabatt Shalom to our Jewish Aberdeener fans.

Anonymous said...

They're blaming the wrong people if they're blaming Joey Mac. D's must need votes that he'd affect from keeping the town clean. I know my neighbor hates him for going after his old car that's been decaying on site for years. I hope he comes back to work for one. As for votes they're losing a lot off of the Cliffwood builds alone. The roads are going to be terrible and they don't care.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't the temple group buy the A and P property? It would suit their needs in total I'd think.

Anonymous said...

$26,000,000.00 just so happens to be what these corrupt democrat only politicians in Aberdeen paid CME since the democrats took office 20 years ago. Right Norm?

Anonymous said...

Look at that beautiful day inCorrupterdeen. It almost makes you forget the mismanagement, financial debt and self serving do nothing for the residents democrats are screwing us over so bad. Right Freddy boy?

Anonymous said...

That is so true except he is Fred's hemmiroid or more precisely Freddie's failure even as a hemmiroid having done NOTHING for our local businesses. Unless of course you're on the handpicked by Fred board of assdirectors because then you get protected. Right mayor Fred.

Anonymous said...

Hi everybody isn't it great living here while being in major debt due to crooked politicians? Isn't it like we live in Washington DC? It's similar except our incompetent free spending do little for us the taxpayers politicos are our neighbors living amongst us. No corruption in Aberdeen my ass.

Cannon's at it Again #1 said...

From redbankgreen.com

Former Red Bank Council President Cindy Burnham blasted borough Attorney Greg Cannon after he redirected a video camera she was using to record the governing body’s semimonthly meeting Wednesday night.

Mid-meeting, while others on the dais were speaking about unrelated matters, Cannon walked from his seat beside Mayor Pasquale Menna to the front row of the audience and re-aimed Burnham’s tripod-mounted camera before returning to his seat.

Burnham was seated away from the camera at the time, and the incident went unnoticed by some on the dais and in the audience. Menna said afterward that he hadn’t seen it.
But during the public comment portion of the meeting, Burnham, who lost her council seat in November after one term, called attention to Cannon’s action, which she termed “so bizarre.”

She said Cannon had approached her in the hallway before the meeting and “asked me to turn my camera away because Linda feels intimidated,” she said, referring to Councilwoman Linda Schwabenbauer, a onetime Burnham ally.

During the meeting, Burnham said, she had stepped away from the tripod when Cannon approached it and touched the camera.

Burnham said that in recording, she was doing nothing different than Morford Place resident Suzanne Viscomi, who both Facebook streams the council and other committee sessions live from a front-row seat and posts full-length meeting videos afterward on YouTube.

If Schwabenbauer feels uncomfortable being recorded “that’s your problem,” she said to Schwabenbauer, “but I don’t see why I can’t videotape this.”

Cannon disagreed that Burnham and Viscomi were doing the same thing.

“You have the right to tape the meetings,” he said. “What you don’t have is the right is to come into the council chamber and make people who are seated on this dais feel uncomfortable by zooming in on their face.”

“I didn’t zoom in on anybody,” Burnham shot back.

Unlike Viscomi, Cannon continued, “you are clearly doing it, in my view, for some other purpose that’s not valid.”

“I turned your camera to view the entire dais,” he continued. “I didn’t turn it off. We didn’t take it from you. But you’re not going to be allowed to come in here and point the camera at people and pan in on their face and make them feel uncomfortable in a public setting like this. That’s just the way it’s going to be.”

“Aren’t you just a bully,” Burnham replied.

“It’s my job to protect the validity of this process up here,” he said. “If you don’t like the way it’s done, that’s fine, you have recourse, but that’s the way it’s going to be, and we’re going to set a policy that that’s the way it’s going to be.”

“I’m just appalled,” Burnham shot back.

Cannon's at it Again #2 said...

Locust Avenue resident Ben Forest, a former journalist who was seated beside Burnham’s tripod, told Cannon he thought his action was “very inappropriate, and I was really shocked that you did it.”

A board of education member and regular attendee of council, planning and zoning board meetings, Forest said he had never witnessed such a scenario. A policy that says videographers must be at their cameras when recording “seems reasonable to me,” Forest said, if it is applied to everyone.

“But to go up and touch the device and to point it, that’s kind of bizarre to me, too,” he said.

Afterward, Burnham told redbankgreen she had been recording meetings for her own viewing and had not published any. She insisted that the camera was “always pointed at all” those seated on the dais, capturing the full width. She called the claim that she was singling out Schwabenbauer “bull.”

She declined to share her video with redbankgreen.

Schwabenbauer told redbankgreen that she had not asked Cannon to take any action against Burnham, who she said had been recording her for several months. “I just asked him a question: was it legal?” she said.
“I was objecting to being singled out,” she said, adding that the camera “was clearly pointed in this direction.”

Menna, a lawyer who has served as borough attorney in other towns, told redbankgreen that the courts have ruled that citizens have a right to record public meetings as long as the recording doesn’t interfere with the meeting itself. The issue of the videographer’s intent doesn’t factor into it, he said.

Cannon, a 33-year-old third-term councilman in Aberdeen who was appointed Red Bank’s borough attorney in January, declined to answer questions after the meeting, instead sending redbankgreen this statement via email:

“Ms. Burnham is seeking to confuse the issue and use the First Amendment as a sword rather than a shield. The issue is not whether a citizen has a right to videotape a public meeting – no one is challenging that right. Another citizen, Ms. Viscomi live streams and videotapes every meeting and posts the meetings online as a terrific public service. The issue is that Ms. Burnham has been using her video camera to target, intimidate, harass, and bully one particular councilmember, who also has the right to come to a public meeting and feel safe in conducting the public business.”

Anonymous said...

Comment from a Facebook page about story at groundbreaking for new McDonald's on
Route 34

Our take is that the comment is referring to Aberdeen Mayor and we agree

"Seems there was a clown and Ronald McDonald. (sorry, its a cheap joke and I couldn't resist)"

#3 FYI said...

See story


Archives March 23, 2017

Anonymous said...

A man who lost his twin babies from the Sarin gas this week in Syria thanked President Trump for taking military action this week against Assad. This man told the truth that Obama let his people down for six years. You'll have to find this on Fox News because no one else in the liberal media will show it. This man was on CNN and expressed his thanks to President Trump and America for decisive action. The CNN commentator could not shut him down fast enough so that will be hard to find but it's worthwhile. Find it is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

Wake up Aberdeen your politicians are screwing you.

Anonymous said...

Give me a D
Give me a e
Give me a m

Hell with it and to save time

Democrats suck

Anonymous said...

Another Monday of political do nothing beneficial for us taxpayers political corruption is about to start anew. Right Freddy boy?

IVANHOE said...

The Republicans are not running just for the heck of it in other words they aren't running at all this time. It took more that 20 yrs but it looks like they finally are done and your Democratic team will be elected by acclimation!
This is how it should be in our town, Aberdeen. The natural balance.
you remaining republicans should stop the petty futile name calling and unite with the Democrats for the good of our town, Aberdeen.
We invite you to join us in making Aberdeen a better place to live.

Anonymous said...

Screw more cowbell give us more Cannon

I sec said...

Mayor T must be going through withdrawals not giving us civics lessons recently. Pompous ass that he is.

Anonymous said...

You've got to know the pols are worried about Mcaleer doing whatever he's capable of. This money thing is even worse for us taxpayers though. So forget McAleer McAleer McAleer and start thinking debt service debt service debt service. McAleer will do what he does best no matter what anyway and that train won't be stopped. I'm just amazed Fred knowing him so long that Fred thinks McAleer will just fade away. That is not going to happen in this lifetime without a doubt. Good luck Fred with what you think you might be able to control but some animals of politicians like McAleer can't be bought off. I'm sure you'll try but I doubt it'll work. Say hi to Joey for me Fred as I miss the old days when our kids played together.

Anonymous said...

That's big money wasted by the dems with noting really to show for it. Of course they think you're working for them. Vote them out next election.

Anonymous said...

Cannon: defined as something that's shoots when properly operated; able to do great damage if improperly utilized or operated purposely or politically or improperly used: see also self serving, weed smoking douchebag with a big mouth; tends to attack others who question his political lies or Irish bullshit; see also napoleonic complex and balding neophyte

Answers forJohn Shea said...

Curious as to what sections of Aberdeen Township the Aberdeen Mayor and Town Council Members are from. I am not asking for exact addresses, but I am curious as to what sections, such as I believe Mr. Swindle is from the Cliffwood Section, what about the others? What sections are they from… Cliffwood Beach, Cliffwood, River Gardens, Oakshades, Freneau, & Heritage Heights. Or Strathmore, High School Area, Woodbrook Drive, Randall Way, Storyland, Santa Fe, & Heather Glen? Anyone know?

Mayor, Martucci and Hirsh -Strathmore
Cannon - High School, Montone- Freneau,
Swindle – Cliffwood, Kelly – near Aberdeen Train Station

More for John Shea said...

Phelps, Apostolou, Bycok, Falco, Forgione, Alternate 1 -- Strathmore
Bucco, Lower Main St Area, Phillips- River Gardens, Friedman,Town Hall Area
Chairman Lyle Phelps, Chair 12/21/17
Thomas Bucco, Vice Chair 12/31/19
Mark Apostolou 12/31/19
Michael Byock 12/31/17
George Falco 12/31/19
David Phillips 12/31/17
Allison Friedman 12/31/20
Alternates Joseph Forgione, No. 1 12/31/18

ABERDEEN PLANNING BOARD as listed on town web site under boards and committees with 6 expired dates of service
Tagliarini, 12/31/16 EXPIRED, Shenton 12/31/17 - Strathmore
Awafaloyu- 12/31/18 Cliffwood , Mirabal 12/31/17 Cliffwood,
Brady 12/31/15 CL, Montone, 12/31/15 Freneau, Sims (Gumbs) 12/31/16, Hirsch 12/31/15 ST, Vena 12/31/15 CL
ALTERNATES -Williams (Swindle) 12/31/16 CL, Vinci, 12/31/15
Aberdeen Township web site Planning Board Listing
Class I Fred Tagliarini, Mayor 12/31/16
Class II Robert Brady 12/31/15
Class II Margaret Montone, Councilwoman 12/31/15
Class IV William Shenton, Chair 12/31/17
Pedro Mirabal, Vice Chair 12/31/17
Akin Awofolaju 12/31/18
Arthur Hirsch 12/31/15
Wanda Elaine Sims 12/31/16
Joseph J. Vena 12/31/15
No. 1 Vincent Vinci 12/31/15
No. 2 Robyn Williams 12/31/16

Anonymous said...

Time is on my side


Greg Cannon
Soon to be inmate Cannon once convicted for Official Misconduct as an Elected Official

Come on you know there's an investigation into what's going on in this town and Cannon' going down.

Right Ivanwhore?

Mo funny shit said...

Rumor has it that Councilweedman Greg Cannon is opening his own drug counseling service having had such vast experiences with the MARIJUANA and possibly other illegal drugs like ECSTASY. Anyway the name of the treatment center or counseling center is rumored to be called A DOPE HELPING DOPERS.

Anonymous said...

Taxes going up is an eventuality
to not to go up for financial irresponsibility

That's just not right to cost us for idiocy
much less political corruption and insanity

Twenty six million is a lot to explain away
what Is it to us if they don't let us have our say

The democrats hide the meeting time and dates
much less the topics and increasing tax rates

Democrats counting development money to fix
treating us taxpayers like their stupid little hicks

Well very soon I hear a voice will be unleashed
then mayor and council votes will be deceased

My source says McAleer turned the $$$ down
we can all bet that left Mayor wearing a frown

Seems pride is not for sale at the current rate
and that the politicians fear may seal their fate

I can only imagine all McAleer will disclose
I just hope he stays here to bother these ho's

These sanctimonious miscreants aren't smart
soon they all be saying welcome to Wal-Mary

They'll need new jobs after their prison release
something with no pressure aimed to please

In prison they'll all be pleasing others you see
share and be shared traded for cigs you see

They deserve far worse we all will admit
Especially that arrogant bald little shit

He's above it all you see he thinks he is
pushed his boy I'm told is not good for 5-0 biz

Didn't matter though it's his way or the highway
soon he might be the prison Hershey highway

Minutes and agendas they hide from all of us
and don't ever expect video to be shown to us

Anonymous said...

Town hall is closed Friday so our money can't be spent by these crooked D's.

Anonymous said...

No one is going to disagree that Aberdeen cannot be run better than the Democrats have been doing. It has been years of their governing that has got us into this position in the first place. However, realize that this entire State is screwed up. We have had a dozen or so credit downgrades, which in and of itself is disgraceful. NJ is being slowly strangled to death by retiree pension and healthcare obligations which are completely unsustainable. Those of you who are unwilling to admit that, are not being honest with themselves. We cannot maintain our roads, bridges and tunnels. Drive on any highway and the medians are either filthy with trash and overgrown or there is graffiti all over the sound barriers and overpasses. Our elected officials know NJ is on a crash course with financial ruin. They choose to ignore the obvious and instead deal with nonsensical issues that get them good press and allow them to burn up good time. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO CHANGE ALL OF THIS. YOU DO. THEY DO NOT WANT ANYTHING TO CHANGE. THE STATUS QUO IS VERY GOOD FOR THEM. Did you ever notice how many of these people slowly move up the ranks of political office without ever having to run in a primary or election? Many of them were appointed to their current seat and when you factor in an encumbancy factor of 90% +, we are effectively appointing politicians and no longer electing them. This is not a democrat or republican problem. Both parties are doing it and have done it over and over. WE are the ones who pay the price. I have always said that if my government (state, county and local) are going to continue to screw me, why cannot they at least keep the streets clean, remove the graffiti, fill in the potholes, make sure public signage is in place, and make sure all of the lines and crosswalks are painted (this has become a challenge). In other words, put a program in place to make sure all of or as many of the quality of life issues are addressed. Trump was absolutely correct when he said our airports are 3rd world. Honestly, many of our towns are too. THE POLITICAL RULING CLASS HAS BEEN IN PLACE FOR ENTIRELY TOO LONG. YOU CAN CHANGE THIS. YOU CAN. What are you waiting for?

Anonymous said...

Did the recycling schedules change?
Section 1 has been the 1st and 3rd of month and Section 2 has been the 2d and 4th of month BUT the calendar on town website has it opposite. So, what 's the story?
We need to know the correct information!

Anonymous said...

Borrow is just another word for Slavery under these democrats. This like slavery is truly a sin except they feather their own nests with our money. Where the hell did they spend that much money? I don't see the major improvements or benefits of that large an amount of money where I live for sure. This water park thing over here will need to be secured and even have cameras 24-7 from the history of the area. Let me guess lawyers and other vampires all politically connected to the towns treasury and likewise sadly controlled by our secretive democrats cost us that much money?

Anonymous said...

Hello to the mayor and town council of Aberdeen. I think all of you are doing a great job on behalf of us residents and business owners here in Aberdeen Maryland. I must tell you though I've heard about another Aberdeen that is badly run that has only democrats on the towns leadership so there's no bipartisanship at all to justly represent all of the people fairly and justly. I'm just so happy I don't live in that Aberdeen.

Cliffwood Matters and Cliffwood Proud said...

Corruption campaign 2017 is underway and the dems are walking in my own neighborhood this past weekend. Too bad I was away at a funeral because had I been home the police would've been called to my house for criminals on my property. My neighbor described the walking candidates to me and one was definitely the mayoral liar we know on here as Fred Tag-liar-ini. The other three might have been Joe Martucci and maybe Miss Montone from across town. Then he described another walking liar that might be our own Miss Gayle Jacksons nemesis being Councilman Cannon, late of the arrested drug abuser that he is. Why he'd be walking looking for votes unless it was to answer questions like the blowhard he is for the two candidates that are more mannequin than politician. Mannequins from their lack of involvement in council meetings or procedural votes from reading the long in coming minutes on the website that is more a web of lies or confusion than informative. Then again I guess it's like walking a dog in case you need to scare someone off from asking any substantive or probing question you sick Cannon on them.

From my neighbors recollections it seems that the mayor when pressed said the the yeshiva for our Meinzer area was to not be built. This according to the mayor can be taken in a couple ways in my opinion. If I was a native American I would say "white man speak with fork tongue". If I was a toddler walking on the street and "was offered candy to get in his car and take a ride" i'd be afraid of the "scary man". But knowing our mayor this is a well laid plan of mice and corrupt men to shelve the yeshiva build until after the next elected.

I mean come on the dems see the numbers of us coming out to the planner meetings, much less the numbers on the Cliffwood matters and Cliffwood and Cliffwood beach websites, who are each a vote of course. So I'll call the mayor a liar since that is what he is pure and simple. Either way the dems are screwing us without a kiss and not a spec of foreplay to warm us up. They'll be a big grand opening press junket for the water slide thing by the beach for sure. I'd suggest they put the mayor and Cannon on the dunk tank seat to pay off some of the towns debt that recently was exposed on here. Thanks to Joe Warren for that one by the way. Keep it up is my other thought on this site and the great subjects exposing the dems free spending ways.

Town worker said...

Leaving the building and still Joe is not back with us working at his job. I wish him well as I am sure it is taking a toll on him and his family. It is so much more than unfair of those doing this to him while quietly gloating occasionally although they are quiet about it. Stay strong seems too easy to say to him after this long a period of time.

Anonymous said...

I put my recycling out last week and it was picked up. I saw the sign last Monday telling us it was recycling Wednesday so I put mine out and it was picked up. Now as I get off the bus I see the new green pails out in front of houses as I walked home. Now I recall the mayors message on how serious the town takes recycling. Well serious is right since recycling seems to be every week. Who are we paying way too much to screw up something as simple as recycling?

Anonymous said...

$26,000,000 in debt we are so screwed by the D's

Anonymous said...

Gayle Jackson for Mayor of Aberdeen just because she likes pissing off Councilweedman Cannon on a full time basis. You go Gayle!

Anonymous said...

Two million plus for a waterpark on the edge of town that will probably get destroyed like the old one is so stupid. That project makes the overcharging for the community center by the single bid big democrat donor seem so small. I mean small in the annals of our democrat horde corruptly giving highly questionable single bids to get big campaign kickbacks all the while using our tax money of course. Right Freddy boy?

Think about it said...

What are the chances Cannon is moving to Colorado now that they have a new

International Church of Marijuana

Sanctimonious scumbag that he is he'd probably end up being their head legal congregant

Anonymous said...

How much are the new condos on 34 going to be? They're going up fast and it looks like they'd be ready for sale by September. Anyone hear a price point yet?

Anonymous said...

There is no excuse to have spent us into debt
then again CME is the cause we can all bet

You see it's our money they've wasted on CME
repetitive studies on gong nowhere property

How many times they spent big on senior promises
only to not build again with only promised messes

Again and again the democrats baited the seniors
they'll build housing that will be unaffordable to seniors

Campaign after campaign the democrats lied to seniors
getting votes from the true political victims our seniors

Many waited as long as they could for democrat promises
hoping to stay close to loved ones they believed the promises

Lies is all they were just democrat campaign literature lies
only the seniors believed what they were told all just lies

So CME is again the big winner on our hard earned dime
not even stupid Ivanhoe can excuse it from being a crime

You see with our criminal democrats it is all the money
that is all they crave just like a swarm of bees to honey

Now the recent disclosure of this massive democrat debt
we can be certain they'll be campaign excuses we can all bet

Anonymous said...

It's only money the democrats are spending but it's our money.

Anonymous said...

$26.9 million is a sin with nothing to show for it.

Absolutely said...

The most disrespectful thing about our politicos is their lack of guilt. They need to be investigated and soon before our town goes bankrupt. Then again all they have to do is raise our taxes to cover their malfeasance.

Anonymous said...

More information put on patch by outside PR firm not by Public information officer employee of Aberdeen - we are paying
2 people doing the same job WHY? What is the PIO doing to earn her salary>

November 2017 Jolly Mouse Craft Show By Lisa Kreda Apr 4, 2017

Aberdeen to Begin Spring Brush Pick-Ups Lisa Kreda - Apr 7, 2017

Anonymous said...

More Cannon please.

Anonymous said...



Red Bank’s borough attorney apologized Wednesday night for a bizarre episode last month in which he redirected a video camera belonging to former Councilwoman Cindy Burnham.

Attorney Greg Cannon offered the mea culpa after being pressed for it by Locust Avenue resident Ben Forest.
In the midst of the council’s semimonthly meeting on March 22, Cannon walked to the front row of the audience and re-aimed Burnham’s tripod-mounted camera before returning to his seat on the dais. Burnham was not seated with the camera at the time.

Burnham told redbankgreen that Cannon had informed her before the meeting that Councilwoman Linda Schwabenbauer felt “intimidated” by the camera, which she believed was zoomed in on her.

Burnham insisted that the camera was “always pointed at all” members of the governing body, capturing the full width of the dais. She called the claim that she was singling out Schwabenbauer for harassment “bull.”

Referring to the episode as a “cameragate” during the comment session Wednesday, Forest called it “a bad night for our attorney.”

“I think he owes Cindy an apology,” Forest said. “You had no business going over there to touch the stuff.”

“It’s my job to protect my clients,” Cannon responded. “One of my clients felt uncomfortable, I felt the need to say something. Could I have handled it better? Clearly in the aftermath, I think that I could have.”

Cannon apologized to Forest for having been “short” with him during the public comments session three weeks ago.

“If Ms. Burnham felt offended, I still maintain that she was doing the wrong thing, but perhaps I could have handled it better and in that way if I offended her, I apologize to her as well,” he continued. “I’d rather just get past the whole thing.”

“I’m sure you would,” Forest said, but “you shouldn’t qualify it by as ‘if’ it offended her. It was offensive.”

Cannon then apologized directly to Burnham for touching her camera.

The exchange came after Burnham elicited from Cannon an acknowledgement that he had managed the campaign for Erik Yngstrom, the Democrat who displaced her after one term in November.

Cannon, a 33-year-old third-term councilman in Aberdeen, was appointed borough attorney in January, when Yngstrom’s arrival gave the Democrats 3-3 parity with the Republicans after one year as the minority party.

Cannon, who also serves as borough attorney in Allentown, won unanimous approval as part of a slate of appointments.

Anonymous said...

I'm told the pols don't like this site for the following reason

We tell the truth about their failures

Anonymous said...


Thank GOD it's Good Friday

Anonymous said...

That is not a financial mess this is a 26m recipe for financial mismanagement and criminality albeit politically corrupt self serving do nothing for us taxpayers and businesses in Aberdeen criminality. Right Greggy Weed?

Anonymous said...

John Shea said on Cliffwood and Cliffwood Beach facebook

And before ppl start complaining about most of the township council and the mayor being from the other side of township, keep in mind, they are the ones who got involved in township politics, the ones who are willing to serve on local govt. Seems only one from this side of township wanted to get involved on that level. And its pretty much been like this since the early 60's. Maybe why we have been forgotten about as some have said.
So True all over Aberdeen
Both the Democrats and Republicans should have publicized meetings and let residents know ALL are welcome and find out what they have to say.
It seems that all things pertaining to politics are behind closed doors on both sides.
residents do not have a chance to get involved since it appears that only handpicked
people who know someone at the top of the organization runs the show and they don't want us to know what is really going on. That way they can keep doing the things they want and to Hell with us the taxpayers and voters.

I knew him when said...

Greg "Councilweedman" Cannon apologized to somebody? You have got to be joking? That Big Toker has never apologized to anyone or for anything in his whole "he think he's above us all of us little since he's a special democrat" life. How can anyone who has a mother like that be so condescending?

Anonymous said...

I cant stop laughing at the towns website since it proves the lack of accountability in many portions of our town hall offices. Once again how many people are we overpaying to screw up. The worst of it all is that they know that we know and don't care one bit.

Anonymous said...

I got to wonder why Greg don't post his arrogance on here

Anonymous said...

Never a good Friday in Corrupterdeen because of our thieving Democrats. Right Freddy boy?

Had it up to here said...

It looks like the gold buying shop by McDonalds must be the newest business council member. I say this from watching how long his grand opening signs have been hanging above his storefront. I say that since that store, just like Demarco's have had business signs up for what is quite honestly almost a year now. We only got two weeks after our payment was processed last time we advertised so what gives. Maybe I should just screw over my fellow tenants and join the business council instead that way I can advertise year round. This town never fails to do favors for the few while screwing over the many.

Anonymous said...














Anonymous said...

If Councilstoner gets high in the woods and screams at the trees is it any less arrogant then when he disrespects his constituency as an elected democrat do nothing official?

Anonymous said...

Councilman in Aberdeen
Lawyer for Red Bank
Lawyer in Allentown
Lawyer Belmar

When does this guy sleep?

Maybe he doesn't sleep?

I got it Cannon is a f'ng vampire

He is sucking the blood out of four towns as a democrat killer of taxpayers

Anonymous said...

Sunrise over Aberdeen is just moments away
if only our political leaders would be made to pay

They will gladly tell you how hard they work for us
when in truth they all deserve to be on a prison bus

Loud mouth Cannon seems to be sewing his oats
except now in Red Bank he'll be costing them votes

What is it with this little man with the too big a mouth
did he grow up in the so dirty and abusive racist south

Seems a Miss Gayle Jackson has confronted him
and he reacts as though he is the King of All Mighty Jim

Cannon's never seen Diary of A Mad Black Woman on TV
that one with the hot tub scene would be enough for me

Questions on building density and abusive blockbusting
seems to anger Cannon almost to the point of busting

Suns coming up so it's time to go you see for me
onto my motorcycle and down the shore you see

Wind in what's left of my hair would be nice
but a helmet I must wear under legal advice

Speaking of legal advice that Cannon gets paid for
he better watch his words or he'll be out the door

Guess he can't help himself he's a dumbass you see
him and those on the idiot council are all me me me

Anonymous said...

I hope McAleer reigns hell down on these big spenders. Twenty six million in debt for what? The investigation begins at the voting booth this November as there is no excuse for that amount of debt in a town this size. We can all be sure it went to cronies for years in underhanded ways.

Anonymous said...

Joey Mac make them pay? No way he would ever do that? Think again is all I can say since he will be a thorn in their sides for years to come. Like they say it's nothing personal it's just business. Think again this was personal against him and whatever ends up happening they caused themselves.

Anonymous said...

Do you people think the likes of Cannon and the others ever read this blog?

Anonymous said...

Borrow now pay later typical politicians pay for improvements. So where are our improvements? $26,000,900.00 for what?

Anonymous said...

I will pray for our community today at services that we be saved from our evil politicians bent on spending us into bankruptcy. Amen

Anonymous said...

Hoppy Easter

F the council democrats said...

Where oh where has all that money gone? Down the democrat only rat hole that is the home of the democrat only self serving political crooks here in Corrupterdeen.

Cliffwood Matters team member said...

This much debt is unconscionable to say the least. I thank the blog host for outing the politicians hurting all of us from the dark recesses of dirty politics.

Anonymous said...

The political engine of democrat only corruption restarts at 8:00 Monday morning. Shit!

Anonymous said...

Typical democrats borrow the futures of our children's children's children.

Anonymous said...

You've got to respect the fact that our idiot of a councilcrook is a multiple municipal attendee abuser. I would have sued him for interfering in my exercising my constitutional rights by moving my video camera. F'n douchebag elitist scumbag that he is. and the town he represents for his conduct.

Anonymous said...

33 years old that's amazing to have lived such a political life. Even more amazing is to have been elected three times for doing absolutely nothing. Doing nothing that is unless intimidating older women at a council meeting in another town while doing multiple governmental jobs, jobs that you yourself have criticized and embarrassed others for. That is just a small example our own Greg " The Ultimate Political Hypocrite" Cannon.

Anonymous said...

The new buildings in our back yard on Hwy 34 are renter apartments and are not for purchase. No low income or affordable housing in them we were also told when the town was approving them, in record time I may add. After approvals were given we were told there's a political connection in the county seat that made sure no low income would be built. It is amazing what happens behind the scenes in this little hamlet of a town.

Anonymous said...














Anonymous said...

Come on people when your an elitist coddled politician and someone questions you there is nothing left to do but attack those who question you. Right Weedman?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Cannon is a big fan of the Roadhouse movie starring Pat Swayze who when instructing his fellow bouncers on dealing with difficult bar patrons Swayze's character said *be nice until you have to not be nice. With Cannon it seems he's taken that movie line to mean *be mean always be mean. Politics is a dirty business isn't it my fellow taxpayers? That is especially true when we are on the receiving end of a Cannon while he is defending his a do. O thing defensive tirade?

Anonymous said...

No budget yet should be no surprise since the dems are no doubt working (expensive to us taxpayers) overtime to not raise taxes in this an all important (to continue the single party political corruption in an important) election year. Right Candidates for reelection to continue to do nothing Tagliarini, Montone and Martucci?

Anonymous said...

Democrats Democrats Democrats
they don't care about any of us

Nothing but rats rats rats
and one balding little cuss

Millions in debt we are under only Democrats
they have betrayed each and every one of us

So what are we to do about these political rats
what we can all do is vote them out each of us

It'll take two election cycles to oust these rats
then we can rebuild what the rats left all of us

Many questions arise said...

From reading the above postings about our Councilman's improper conduct in Red Bank I offer up the following to consider.

Greg Cannon as the attorney said that one of my clients felt uncomfortable of the woman recording her.

What about the illegal moving of a Red Bank residents camera while she was legally recording a town council meeting.

It seems Red Bank is also where Greg Cannon is the town attorney.

I myself would ask Greg Cannon how about the residents of Aberdeen feeling uncomfortable for being politically denied advance notice on topics regarding our own town council meetings.

How about us likewise unjustly waiting months for the same meeting discussions or voting items to be publicized for our town residents to review.

So we could get a glimpse at what our officials did supposedly on our behalf.

I looked up whether it is proper to record a council meeting as a taxpayer and it is in fact legal to record a public meeting of any type.

I wonder if that woman in Red Bank has made a charge against Greg Cannon's improper action against his improper conduct as an attorney.

It does look like Gayle Jackson of Cliffwood who is a critic of Greg Cannon who has said that she is thinking something is wrong with Greg Cannon has some legs.

Maybe it is time that Greg Cannon's law license is reviewed along with his official and personal conduct.

Anonymous said...

Are you saying that our own Councilweedman has actually worked himself into a political job where he actually can get paid to abuse people?

Anonymous said...

Crooks is the exact word for these so called political leaders.

Anonymous said...

WANTED: Town Attorney Red Bank New Jersey (County of Monmouth)

Qualifications: College Degree, NJ Law Degree, minimum 3 years experience municipal law (unless you are questionably associated with the attorney son of a former mayor of a democrat only municipality where the mayor was a total idiot failure led around by the nose by Norman Kauff Esquire) Note: any prior arrests for drug possession and drug use do not have to be disclosed even if you have had a close friend (non lawyer) take the fall for you in all court proceedings so that you and the other two attorneys in the speeding marijuana filled vehicle speeding on a NJ highway did not lose their law licenses either; it will also be a plus if your road rage female confronting and harassing brother was arrested in the municipality where you yourself are an elected official and where you probably improperly and against your Oath of Elected Office and likewise your oath as an Officer of the Court you probably illegally influenced the outcome of your brothers through an idiot of a Prosecutor who was often still drunk during court proceedings from the night before.

Salary: Portion of inflated taxpayer provided salary must be kicked back to the Red Bank Democratic Committee.

Pluses or Minuses: Willingness to violate Civil and Constitutional Rights of citizens would be a plus if same can be followed up by a totally fake but believable apologyststed publicly just to placate a former public official who fell out of favor politically.

Please send all inquiries to Mayor of Red Bank Pat Menna c/o Pat Scudeiri IEI Plaza Why 36 Hazlet New Jersey

Note: Unless your name is Greg Cannon you need not really apply as Greg Cannon meets all of the handpicked qualifications.

Anonymous said...

Is there a service to help lawyers that are like Greg Cannon before he hurts someone?

Anonymous said...

The disease we know as Cannon of the weed is spreading. I now read that other towns are experiencing the I'm Greg Cannon and that's that phenomena. I wish them luck in their future with him as their attorney. Maybe they should invest in a new law firm. Might be cheaper than the next outburst of the Cannon of the weed.

Nj Tax info said...

we are # 1 - Highest in the US

1. New Jersey
Effective Tax Rate: 2.31%
Average Home Value: $367,036
Average Property Tax: $8,477
Highest Average Metro Property Tax: Trenton, $8,103
Total Single-Family Homes: 2,452,282
Total Property Taxes: $20,788,294,213

Anonymous said...

Can you guess what Allentown, Red Bank and Belmar have in common?
Greg Cannon as their paid town attorney.

Can you guess who is involved with Monmouth County Democrats?
Greg Cannon, Parliamentarian
Hon. Greg Cannon, Regional Vice-Chairperson (Bayshore Area)

Can you guess who the municipal chairman of the Aberdeen Democrats is?
Greg Cannon

Can you guess who is an elected official with a salary in Aberdeen Township?
Greg Cannon

Can you guess who is arrogant, egotistical, disrespectful, rude, crude, bully, condescending, indifferent, dismissive to name a few attributes?
Greg Cannon

Cliffwood Matters and Cliffwood Proud said...

We are told recently that the town manager was leaving soon. Is she still able to get arrested for her part in the 26m financial fiasco we are just starting to find out about? 26m that's a school for our overcrowded school district. Politics is such a dirty business isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Did the bank next to Shop Rite close. Never looks open as I go by.

Anonymous said...

I never know when recycling is so if you can tell me when it is please call me and let me know.

Thank you


The Public Information Officer
Aberdeen Township

Anonymous said...

This came from Aberdeen township

Do you know what section you live in? You must know what section you reside in order to understand the recycling pick-up schedule, the regular garbage pick-up schedule, the leaf pick-ups and the spring/fall brush pick-ups. Below is a break down of the sections:
Section I consists of Cliffwood Beach, Cliffwood, River Gardens, Oakshades, Freneau, & Heritage Heights.
Section II consists of Strathmore, High School Area, Woodbrook Drive, Randall Way, Storyland, Santa Fe, & Heather Glen

Who approved this to be put out to the public? We residents are not idiots!
Certainly is not a way to reach people and try to help them with the opening line.

My question to the person who did this "Do you know what section you live in?"

By the way,what Section RECYCLES tomorrow?

Anonymous said...

Come on you people know where that much money went under the D's. It went straight into the Kauff-Corren retirement account with a little taste to whomever was serving as the do only what you're told council puppets. Right Vinny?

Anonymous said...

I don't want to question the recent gift from our pols with same being the green recycling can we all got but.... I just went to use mine and opened the lid and there's gotta be 8 inches of water inside it. I am sure it was totally covered so this brand new can leaks fro the cover. I must have to consider that the new recycling cans were purchased at *corruption r us much like our pols.

Anonymous said...

What's the chance that two towns within 10 miles would both have the same attorney violating people's rights in a public forum. How long until disbarment? Right Steve?

Anonymous said...

What is the sloth not doing today

Matawan guy said...

$26,000,000.00 in debt to your town of Aberdeen proves that you have the best politicians that money can be wasted by.

AGAIN said...

What the hell is happening in Aberdeen that the town is still using the private pr firm to do press releases?
Why we want to know are we paying for 2 people for the same job? Employee and outside firm is crazy and must stop.

Aberdeen Township to Host Paper Shredding Event
By Lisa Kreda - Apr 19, 2017

Anonymous said...

Disbarment? Steve? Please clarify that post.

Anonymous said...

Heritage Heights WTF. As in where is Heritage Heights in our town? Wasn't there a big announcement by our ass of a mayor that our website would be improved? Another lie? Just like Councilman Arrogance promising better access to information and a more transparent town hall. If transparency is no advance warning of official actions, municipal spending and forget the legal publication of agendas for council meetings much less the timely printing of the contents of the same meetings for public review. Liars every fucking one of them. They would not tell the truth even our towns financial future was at risk. Wait I forgot our towns financial future is fucked because of the democrats our only democrats mis-leading this towns residents and businesses.

Anonymous said...

Best politicians money can be wasted by is true. I assure you that none of you have any idea how much gets wasted in this building.

Anonymous said...

Holy Shit!
Don't certain people who work for Aberdeen Township know that the taxpayers pay their salaries?
I was reading Clfiffwood and Cliffwood Beach Facebook page and see the information that was put on by John Shea and then a town employee put a comment:

Trophies & Prizes will be awarded in various age classes.
This Saturday 4/22/2017.
3:00 PM - 6:00 PM (3 hours)
Location: Cliffwood Beach
No registration required.

Brittany Shea-Turchiano You would not call the recreation department for more information. This is run by the environmental board.

She is downright rude. Isn't she the town Public Information officer and shouldn't she know the information to tell people? Shouldn't she put her phone number with extension so people can call. I believe the environmental board is a volunteer board of residents and do not have an office and would not expect them to answer calls since it a town sponsored event. Who does she report to over there? Who approves what she writes?

Join us for the 32nd ANNUAL BEACH SWEEP!
THIS Saturday 4/22/2017. 9:00 AM
Meet at Fisherman's Park, Cliffwood Beach _ Aberdeen Twp.
Help clean up the beach and see the progress of the New Beach Park.
Remember, every day is beach clean up day. If you are heading to Cliffwood Beach take along a garbage bag and pick up what you can. A lot of things are washed up along there, especially after a storm.

Department of Recreation: (732) 583-4200 ext. 134
Public Works: (732) 583-4200 ext.400

John Shea Considering what is usually left behind by fishermen, it would seem that the Beach Clean up would be better done AFTER the Fishing Contest and not before. Won't the fisherman mess up all the work done earlier?

John Shea According to Twnship Rep.. " The fising contest goes by the tides and the Beach Sweep is planned a year in advance." I guess they don't have calendars which posts the moon cycles a year a head like most of ou home calendars do.

Of course, there are employees in town hall that are knowledgeable, helpful and never rude to residents.

Anonymous said...

It seems our own Councilman Cannon pontificates
that's because through life he continually skates

I mean how many people get arrested for drugs
then due to a friend all gets hidden under many rugs

The facts of his arrest at election time the democrats did hide
is that honesty and ethics protecting their Jekkyl and Hyde

Moving a Red Bank woman's camera Cannon knew was wrong
seems that Attorney Cannon sees nothing he does being wrong

I guess we are all still yet to be amazed at Cannon's antics
he's never responsible for his arrogance or citizens he panics

Political deceit and treachery for Cannon to bully the citizenry
whether it be here in Aberdeen or Red Bank it's not at all pretty

The other thing that's highly questionable I think about Cannon
he's one man who thinks his sad conduct is allowed to go on

So it looks like Cannon is a big deal for democrat party to use
until the various democrat levels tire of his constant voter abuse

Let's hope Cannon gets a talking to or maybe some mental help
he might need to get treatment before the more citizen yell for help

Anonymous said...

The press officer post was hilarious and true I mean have you seen the website and mistake ridden press releases.

No wonder they have a politically connected media firm to cost us twice as much to get out the only positive press releases for the D's.

God forbid they fire the info person and offend or embarrass her political sponsor or the probable relative that got her the job.

That would truly show that the space she occupies on our dime and just making mistakes over and over.

I think it must be the mayors hire with so many mistakes like that covered up so often.

Anonymous said...

There are in fact republican candidates for this years election in Aberdeen

Now if they can only

Expose the 26m debt caused by democrats
Expose the hidden agendas and minutes for years violating Right to Know Laws
Expose the arrogance and deceit of the democrat only town leadership
Expose the patronage and inside dealings and single bids to political cronies
Expose the developer PILOT deals that hurt our town
Expose the managerial incompetence
Expose the do nothing political hires
Expose the decades of misspending of millions on the CME engineering firm and their kickbacks
Expose the greed and incompetence of our politicians
Expose the 300k road repairing machine never seen if even really bought
Expose the 25k firetruck we bought 2x that is not being used for anything beneficial to town
Expose the mayor possibly working for the democrats biggest political donor
Expose the handpicked business group that is doing nothing to help town businesses
Expose the mannequins on the council paid to only be political puppets
Expose the deals or firings made to cover for the incompetence of others
Expose the real costs of grants misused politically on the community center
Expose the comfy deal with old factory property owners on contamination
Expose the very high costs paid to engineers for road paving
Expose the insider deals that cost taxpayers so much money


Anonymous said...

Has the retirement send off started to be coordinated yet for town manager? I've got to figure they're interviewing prospective hires soon to have effective leadership in place? Yeah right cause we know who they're planning on bringing back from the rumored depths of incompetent history of our council idiots. Like they say give me an H?

Anonymous said...

Cannon to the right of them

Cannon to the left of them

Cannon to the front of them

Into the jaws of death and shell
Boldly they rode
Into the jaws of death
Into the mouth of hell

The mouth of hell that is

Greg Cannon

Paraphrasing Alfred, Lord Tennyson "The charge of the light brigade" 1854

Anonymous said...

County announces 2017 paper shredding days
Opportunities to dispose of old documents safely

FREEHOLD, NJ – Monmouth County has scheduled ten 2017 Paper Shredding events in local communities so that Monmouth County residents have opportunities to get rid of old documents and confidential files safely.
“Identity theft is a growing problem and a serious concern for all,” said Freeholder Serena DiMaso, liaison to the county’s recycling efforts. “By providing our residents opportunities to shred their sensitive documents we are helping them protect their personal information. By properly disposing of them, we are also making a difference for future generations by keeping recyclables out of the waste stream. We encourage residents to do their part by making use of these events and all other county services for proper waste disposal.”
All shredding events will be held from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. as follows:
• Saturday, March 18 – Atlantic Highlands; Parking Lot @ Municipal Harbor
• Saturday, April 1 – Monmouth Beach; 29 Ocean Ave. @Bathing Pavilion

Saturday, May 6 – ABERDEEN; Parking Lot @ 1 Aberdeen Square

• Saturday, May 20 – Keyport; West Front Street @ Fireman’s Park
• Saturday, June 17 – Upper Freehold; 314 Rt. 539 Cream Ridge @ Municipal Bldg.
• Saturday, July 15 – Spring Lake Heights; Rt. 71 & Brighton Ave. @Elementary School
• Sunday, Sept. 10 – Manasquan; Parking Lot @ Fourth Ave.
• Sunday, Sept. 24 – Marlboro; 1979 Township Dr. @ Municipal Complex
• Saturday, Oct. 7 – Neptune Township; 2201 Heck Ave. @ Dept. of Public Works
• Saturday, Nov. 18 – Oceanport; 440 Port au Peck Ave. @ Blackberry Bay Park

County residents may bring up to 100 lbs. to be shredded. The shredding event will stop once the shredding truck is full. All papers will be shredded on location in the mobile truck. Documents should be free of large binder clips; staples and paper clips may be left on documents.

This is a project of the Monmouth County Board of Chosen Freeholders and 2017 partner municipalities of Aberdeen, Atlantic Highlands, Keyport, Manasquan, Marlboro, Monmouth Beach, Neptune Township, Oceanport, Spring Lake Heights and Upper Freehold.
Information about these paper shredding events, recycling and removing other items from the County’s waste stream may be obtained from the County’s website at www.visitmonmouth.com or by calling 732-683-8686, ext. 6721.

Anonymous said...

61% of people think pot should be legal.
33% of people don't think pot should be legal.
Which side do you think our own disgraceful Councilweedman is on? ⏳🔋💉🔬💊🚬⚗️⚰️

Anonymous said...

Well lookee lookee here our egotistical mayor Fred Tag-LIAR-weenie has some competition coming out of the pissed off Cliffwood Matters anti-development folks. How long until they sick their mad dog AKA *also know as Greg Cannon* on the republican candidates? I hope the republican candidates have had all of they shots.

Anonymous said...

Notice how all those women who claimed Trump was a sexual predator disappeared as soon as he was elected. I'm thinking he wasn't as smart as Hilary to pay off the women she sexually harassed. Come on look at all of the pantsuits and comfy shoes.

Anonymous said...

Attributes being contributed to Councilman Cannon is more like attri-butt because Greg Cannon is a total ass. If I was that woman in Red Bank I'd sue him for violating my civil and constitutional rights and drag his employer into it as well. Pompous ass that he is always has to have the last word. That's a hard thing to do with our mayor anywhere close I guess. Speaking of our mayor you'd think he's an employee working in town hall. Every time I'm at town hall his truck is there. Not like we need another employee staring into space like most of them over there. When I'm there no one looks to be doing much of anything. Then again that's governmental service on our money.

Anonymous said...

4/20 is the day all tickets of the illegal drug often called Pot. The stoners all celebrate and smoke marijuana often in public against the law today. Guess we know is a very happy Councilweedman today. We can also bet the local stores are all out of munchies.

Anonymous said...

Happy 4/20 to our local political toker
the one we see only as a self serving joker

Today is the day his kind all celebrate the weed
like all the evil weed is all they ever really need

Celebrations and violating the law is there plight
just as long as they never have to put up a fight

They can't fight you see since their all toked out
that's why they'd all would only get knocked out

All the drive thru food windows are doing big business today
hard to wait for the stoners checking their car seats to pay

Stoners, dopers, and Councilweedman they're all the same
except our local political stoners conduct is just so lame

Maybe he's stoned all of the time and doesn't notice
the truth is that he does nothing but lie and promise

That you see is the democratic way to stay in office
Councilweedman is just too stoned to do his public service

Our Councilweedman was doubt listening to Bob Marley today
lighting up the evil weed that takes his lame brain far away

So proud Councilweedman he is of himself always you see
probably was stoned when he was forced to give that apology

Sure I was a toker when I was a young juvenile delinquent
Councilweedman grew up to be just an adult delinquent

They say he was a graduate of the big one Notre Dame
can't tell since he is just so arrogantly divisive and lame

So much for respecting ones record of achievement
when he might end up in the ocean with his feet in cement

You see the Aberdeen democrat MAFIA might be getting tired
of Councilweedman's toker conduct since he is always so wired

Is that you Dave? said...

Knock Knock

Who's there?

Its Dave

Silence no response

Knock Knock

Who's there?

Its Dave


Its Dave

Dave who?

It's Dave man I got the stuff

Dave is that you Dave?

Yeah its Dave man I got the stuff man

Dave you got the stuff man?

Yeah man its Dave and I got the stuff man

This is a moment in the life of

Guess who?

If you guessed Greg Cannon you win

Happy 4-20 to Aberdeen's elected #1 stoner politician our own Greg *roll em if you got em* Cannon

*If you'd like please feel free to change Dave to Greg it will be funnier citing his hypocrisy and ego

Anonymous said...

Saw a sign entering a shore town in North Carolina that we should have here. It said Shop small, live life, and enjoy our local businesses.

Anonymous said...

You want someone official to review Cannons personal and professional conduct? That would probably end up being another politician whose own personal and professional conduct would be far worse than cannons. Cannons a political scumbag and thats that so get used to it until he's voted out.

Anonymous said...

Gayle Jackson for the Mayor of Aberdeen 2017

Anonymous said...

Did our mayor actually say that his administration cares about recycling? That would be a true statement if the word cares was spelled I G N O R E D. This ass of a mayor wouldn't know the truth if it walked up and slapped him on the ass. Actually that would be a slap of the mayor and the AEBC chairman at the same time since he's up the mayors ass 24-7-365.

Cliffwood Matters and Cliffwood Proud said...

I love the anonymous poetry and find it to be so biting and creative. I mean come on the council and mayor deserve all that can be heaped upon them for their failures to lead and not spend our tax dollars wisely. From this subject that has not been the case to well over twenty million dollars. It is truly hard to understand by looking around this town where that significant amount of money was not spent to really benefit all of our community.

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